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Venezuela: Demarcation without land, criminalization and death for indigenous struggle

Cmi Venezuela Centro, 22.10.2009 16:24

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Old man Antonio used to say that the struggle is like a circle.
One can start anywhere.
But it never ends.
-Subcomandante Marcos

This past October 12 what we have been denouncing for a long time as the ethnocide and ethno-devouring strategy of the current State-government of Venezuela took place: Chavez’s ministerial team came to award so-called title deeds to three indigenous Yukpa communities in the Sierra of Perija, with the pretense to finish the process of land demarcation in the habitat belonging to these people. It is noteworthy the absence of President Chavez in an event long awaited in the Sierra since the year 2002, when, by constitutional mandate, the State was supposed to finalize the process of land demarcation in all the indigenous territories in the country. Instead, an enormous deployment of soldiers blanketed the event, supposedly for the security of the ministers (Interior and Justice, Indigenous People’s, among other functionaries present), and who, at the slightest sign of protest by those communities not favored by the event, went immediately into action to repress their demands. It was, in the end, an event by which the Yukpa had to forcefully accept the receipt of NOTHING.

Puerto Rico: Paro Nacional del Pueblo

CMI-Puerto Rico, 17.10.2009 20:29

Toma del Expreso las Américas en San Juan

- CMI-Puerto Rico

Más de 150,000 personas marcharon el día del Paro Nacional contra las políticas neoliberales del gobierno de Luis Fortuño y los ricos. Hoy por hoy el país se prepara para organizar la Huelga General.

Como parte de las actividades programadas para el día del Paro Nacional del 15 de octubre, hubo dos grandes concentraciones: la de la coalición Todo Puerto Rico Por Puerto Rico comandada por el liderato de la Coalición Sindical compuesta de sucursales de uniones burocráticas estadounidenses, y la del Frente Amplio de Solidaridad y Lucha comandado por la UTIER. Pero en el Expreso Las Américas, en el área del elevado que pasa por encima de la Ave. Roosevelt, se dio una tercera concentración de manera improvisada.

Ver foto reportaje

Además- Del Paro Nacional a la Huelga General (Foto reportaje de las marchas y concentración)

Solidaridad en Nueva York- Foto reportaje y Comunicado | Video de manifestación

Videos- Marcha en la Milla de oro y concentración en la Ave. Roosevelt | Tensión en el Expreso Las Américas | Entrevistas en el Expreso bloqueado | FMPR dice Presente en el Paro Nacional

Costa Rica: Popular March, For Dignity in the South

pequeñas hermanas, 14.10.2009 01:39

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On Tuesday, October 6th, two years after the Fraud that decided the approval of the Free Trade Agreement with the U.S., a Popular March for Dignity in the Southern Region of Costa Rica was held. More than 150 activists marched from the entrance of the Indigenous Territory of Térraba, towards the center of the county of Buenos Aires. One step after another, they covered 13 kilometers in total. Different communities from all over the South face struggles against the expansion of pineapple plantations, the building of Diquís Hydroelectric Project, an international airport that would be built on the land of “Finca 9”, the plans to develop marinas and industrial tuna farms in Golfo Dulce and in favor of the Indigenous Autonomy Bill.

South Africa's Shackdwellers Under Violent Attack

29.09.2009 21:01

DURBAN — On Saturday, September 26, about 40 heavily armed men ambushed a meeting of the Kennedy Road Development Committee of Abahlali baseMjondolo, South Africa's shack dwellers’ movement. The men were apparently shouting, “the AmaMpondo are taking over Kennedy. Kennedy is for the amaZulu!” The ensuing violence has resulted in between two and eight deaths, and hundreds of homes burned. As of Sunday night only leaders of Abahlali baseMjondolo have been jailed --- many of whom are members of the movement's security team and some of the youth who were not present at the time of the attack. Many have fled the settlement and people's homes are being destroyed, including the home of Abahlali President, S'bu Zikode.

It is clear that the attacks have been on political and ethnic grounds, and there is growing concern regarding the involvement of local authorities including the police, ANC, and ward council. The violence appears to be a planned attempt to break this peaceful and democratic movement. Please read and sign a petition demanding an end to the violence.

More Info: Sept29 Press Release from Durban Action Against Xenophobia | Sept28 Video & Story from Media Mobilizing Project | Sept 27 statement from Abahlali baseMjondolo | | | UPDATES: South Africa’s Poor Targeted by Evictions, Attacks in Advance of 2010 World Cup from Democracy Now! | Armed Guards and Checkpoints As Repression Continues in Durban South Africa from MMP

Massive popular resistance as Micheletti dictatorship revives 1980's death squad

13.08.2009 20:30

The Micheletti dictatorship in Honduras, which prominently includes 1980's death squad "Battalion 3-16" [1] [2] members Billy Joya [1] [2], Nelson Willy Mejía Mejía [1] [2] and Napoleón Nassar Herrera [1] [2], has suspended human rights since the 28 June 2009 coup d'etat, has "disappeared" at least three people, has extrajudicially executed nearly ten people, and has detained hundreds of people [1] (es) | [2] (en) (es) | [3] (en) (es). Despite this, unprecedented grassroots protests have culminated in the arrival on Tuesday 11 August 2009 in Tegucigalpa of over 70,000 (es) demonstrators and of thousands of others in San Pedro Sula, coordinating through the Front against the coup d'etat. The Front's 19th Communique states that unless the Micheletti regime resigns within the next few days and restores Zelaya to the presidency, then the Front will further extend massive civil disobedience actions (es) that have already paralysed the economy and will file for national and international criminal proceedings against those responsible for the extrajudicial executions and other human rights violations.

The mainstream Western media have with very few exceptions failed to report the participation of the Battalion 3-16 death squad in the Micheletti de facto government, they have not reported on "disappearances", they have severely underreported the number of extrajudicial executions, and they have almost entirely hidden the unresolved context of the 1980's death squads. The Zelaya government also contained death squad members (es), which CODEH and other Honduran local human rights organisations objected to. The Obama-Clinton-Lula so-called "Arias" plan has glaringly omitted any mention of whether or not it proposes to exclude death squad members from any "negotiated" coalition government.

PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
INDEPENDENT MEDIA: IMC Honduras | Front against the coup d'etat | Revistazo | Honduras Resists (en)+(es)
RADIO: Radio Liberada mirrors: [1] - [2] - [3] | Radio Es Lo Demenos | Association of Radios and Participating Programs of El Salvador
SUPPORT GROUPS: Quixote Center | SOA Watch | Via Campesina | Honduras Resists! (support group)
HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS SUMMARIES: COFADEH, 15 July (es) | FIDH and many others, 6 August, preliminary (en) (es) final | Quixote Center (en), 7 August (es)

Please smile, all is going ok!

11.07.2009 13:20

From July 6th L’aquila is hosting the most cynical G8 summit in the history.

Even if works at Maddalena (the first site) were already started, Berlusconi Government cleverly decided to exploit the “Earthquake emergency” situation, moving the whole G8 organization to an area close to L’Aquila, a town which was hurt by a strong earthquake on 6 April 2009. “Opportunities and advantages” of G8 are still unclear. Even the G8 organization has been highly criticized. But Berlusconi government does not care. And on the last day of the summit still release optimistic declaration, while all over the world there is an harsh critic. The government is trying to avoid any possible protest, putting forward the emergency state to keep the population quiet and stop any kind of demonstration. The only “Emergency state” in a town where the population still live in campsites, is due to the protest, and spending 500 millions euro stolen from L’Aquila reconstruction to rearrange the buildings of “Guardia di Finanza” (Finance Police) station which will host the meeting, is not a problem.

In spite of cynicism and government manipulations, this G8 has been marked by protests and initiative both in Aquila, where people is still protesting against the help given for the earthquake, and in the whole Italian territory.

Picture from L'Aquila - Corteo Last Ladies | Coverage from Italy IMC

Listen to Radio Liberada, from somewhere in Honduras, after the military coup

29.06.2009 22:27

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In the morning of this Sunday, Honduran president Mel Zelaya was kidnapped by the military and transferred by force to Costa Rica.

According to Honduran newspapers, the president of the congress, Roberto Micheletti, will be assuming the presidency.

Previously and soon after the coup d'etat in Honduras, Radio Liberada is transmitting an alive chronicle than it is happening in Honduras, of the opposition and the mobilizations of the popular and indigenous organizations against the coup d'etat, by the accomplishment of a new constituent assembly, and writing a new page of the independent means movement in Central America.

Listen the transmission of Radio Liberada from some place of Honduras:

We encourage the national and international independent means groups to broadcast in your free radios or make a mirror of this transmission.

Mirrors: 1 | 2 | 3

More information in the Independent Media Center of Honduras Indymedia Honduras: http://honduras.mediosindependientes.org

More information in Radio is the one of less:


Minute by minute by Kaos in the Network: http://www.kaosenlared.net/noticia/secuestrado-presidente-honduras-militares

Information and transmission by the Association of Radios and Participating Programs of El Salvador (HARPS): http://www.arpas.org.sv/

We know that there are been closing free media in Honduras. This morning the Radio Progreso, one of the older communitarian radios of the continent has been closed by the military. Other communitarian radios have decided to protect their equipment.

The electrical energy, the telephone and the Internet have being interrupted by the coup participants trying to block the communications and make the informative censure.

And the situation worries to us in that the networks of communitarian radios of the Lenca town and the Garífuna town stay, as well as the free media: COMUN, Revistazo, the COFADEH and the rest of groups of the independent and communitarian media movement in Honduras.

Climate Emergency: Thousands march for Climate Action

15.06.2009 12:20

Thousands march in Melbourne for Climate Action

Thousands of people around Australia rallied for emergency action on Climate Change on June 13, calling for 100% renewable energy by 2020 and demanding that Australia must make the shift from fossil fuels to wind, solar and other available renewable technologies. The National Climate Emergency Rally was held in capital cities around Australia, with people siting down outside Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's city office in Sydney and a sitdown protest in front of the Melbourne Town Hall where the ruling Australian Labor Party were holding their State conference.

This comes as progress on climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany, were blocked by the US Administration, with the US still talking about zero per cent reductions by 2020 on 1990 levels. "Industrialised countries need to assume their historical responsibility and pay back their climate debt. Developing countries must stay strong in calling for climate justice. By ignoring calls to repay their climate debt and hindering progress in these talks, rich countries are jeopardising the lives and livelihoods of millions of people." said Meena Raman, Honorary Secretary of Friends of the Earth Malaysia in a media release.

Climate IMC | Perth Indymedia | Melbourne: Report, Photos: 1, 2, Videos: 1, 2 | Sydney Report, Youtube Videos: 1, 2, 3 | Brisbane Report

June 2009 Indymedia Newsreal Released

11.06.2009 13:32

The June 2009 Indymedia Newsreal is complete and on its way to airing on Free Speech TV. This month's episode features dispatches from the anti-war movement in Colorado, the immigrant rights movement in Arizona, a performance by the Raging Grannies, and more. The program is downloadable HERE and DVDs are available to subscribers who sign up by emailing newsrealsubs at gmail.com

Newsreal is a longstanding IMC project, the show has been produced for over eight years. The newsreal team would like to take this opportunity to open up the project to the broader network, most of the material is currently produced in North America but we actively welcome contributions from other parts of the world. All producers, and future producers, should sign up to the imc-satellite at indymedia.org list. This is the main way we all communicate about this project. Get those videos seen!


Massacre in Peru

Matt, 11.06.2009 23:55

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08 Jun. Peru (CMI Sucre) .- On June 7 the ambassador of Peru in Bolivia, Fernando Rojas, called Sunday for intervention in internal affairs of his country condemning the statements of some Bolivian authorities on the bloody slaughter of peasants and police department in the Peruvian Amazon. While the government refused boliviano possible interference and requested the Government of Alan García to assume their responsibilities on that fact.

CMI Perú | CMI Sucre

The Angola Three: Torture in Our Own Backyard

11.05.2009 10:55

Together, Herman Wallace, Robert King and Albert Woodfox have spent more than 100 years in solitary confinement (pictured, left to right).

They are known as the "Angola Three," a trio of political prisoners whose supporters include Amnesty International, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Congressman John Conyers, and the ACLU. Kgalema Mothlante, the President of South Africa says their case "has the potential of laying bare, exposing the shortcomings, in the entire U.S. system."

“My soul cries from all that I witnessed and endured. It does more than cry, it mourns continuously,” said Black Panther Robert Hillary King, following his release from the infamous Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola in 2001, after serving his last 29 years in continuous solitary confinement. King argues that slavery persists in Angola and other US prisons, citing the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, which legalizes slavery in prisons as “a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted." King says: “You can be legally incarcerated but morally innocent.” READ MORE with VIDEO & PICS

RELATED: One of "Angola Three" speaks on prison experience from the Daily Pennsylvanian | Mother Jones series on the Angola 3 | Spanish article translation at Kaos en la Red | Angola 3 Resources for Action | Color of Change Petition | Free Zulu! UK Website

PAST COVERAGE: Black Panther and Former Angola 3 Prisoner Robert Hillary King to Speak from Rochester Indymedia | Youngest ever British person visits longest serving men in solitary at Angola Prison from New Orleans Indymedia

Barrick-Recommended Military Force burns down hundreds of homes in PNG

01.05.2009 16:43

Hundreds of homes in the Porgera valley of Papua New Guinea are being set aflame. Local human rights organizations in Porgera claim that these fires are part of a strategy to clear people out of the way for the expansion of Barrick Gold's Porgera mine.

On April 27th, without prior warning, the indigenous land owners of the villages surrounding Barrick Gold’s Porgera open pit mine were violently evicted by a police and military operation with 200 troops. “Operation Ipili” was launched during the middle of the day to allegedly make way for the expansion of a Barrick gold mine. This effective State of Emergency in Porgera was motivated by situation reports presented by Barrick (PNG) Limited, according to Laigap Porgera Member of Parliament Phillip Kikala. Read More | protestbarrick.net

Past Coverage:
Apr09: Smoking ceremony, blockade and protesters occupy open cut pit halting mine operations | Dec08: Thousands raid Barrick's North Mara mine, destroy $15 million in equipment | Nov07: En Santiago de Chile y en Tanzania: Protestas y huelga preceden a reunión de Barrick Gold | Oct07: Protests and a Strike Precede Barrick Gold’s 3rd quarter shareholders meeting | May07: La Rioja, Argentina vs. Barrick Gold Corp | Apr07: Anti-Gold Mining Conflicts Spreading Throughout the Americas | Feb07: Interview: Mining & Developing World: Barrick Gold's Porgera Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea | Jan06: Pascua Lama, Bulyanhulu, Lake Cowal and Cyanide - Barrick's Hunt for Gold

In Wake of US Supreme Court Decision, Abu-Jamal's Appeal Supporters Mobilize around New Book, Birthday

19.04.2009 11:14

On April 6, the US Supreme Court rejected radical journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal for a new guilt-phase trial. The Court has not yet decided whether it will consider the Philadelphia District Attorney's appeal of two lower court rulings that Abu-Jamal deserves a new sentencing hearing if the death penalty is to be re-instated. This means that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the DA, Abu-Jamal could be executed without a new sentencing hearing.

In response, Abu-Jamal's lead attorney Robert R. Bryan will be filing a "petition for re-hearing" at the US Supreme Court. Emergency meetings have been held in several cities (1, 2) to coordinate grassroots response, and over 3000 people have signed an online petition in an effort coordinated by anti-death penalty activists from Germany. Photo from December 2008 protest in Pittsburgh, PA.

The rejected appeal (technically called a petition for a "writ of certiorari") was based primarily on the US Supreme Court's 1986 "Batson v Kentucky" ruling which stated that a defendant deserves a new trial if it can be shown that the prosecutor used peremptory strikes to remove otherwise qualified jurors simply because of their race. At Abu-Jamal's 1982 trial, prosecutor Joseph McGill used 10 or 11 of his 15 strikes to remove otherwise acceptable black jurors. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to death in the shooting death of police officer Daniel Faulkner. Listen to Abu-Jamal's own response, interviewed by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio. More Coverage: KBOO Radio, Uprising Radio, and DN! | WBAI | Democracy Now

Abu-Jamal continues to file news dispatches from death row (including John Hope Franklin: The Passing of a Griot and Summitry and Punditry on the G-20 meetings in London), and supporters are working to get the word out about his new book, Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v. the USA, published by City Lights Books. Events will be held in the US around April 24, which is Abu-Jamal's birthday. In Philadelphia, two supporters were arrested on April 11 while putting up posters for the book release event — read report from Philly IMC. Events are planned in the following cities: Philadelphia (including a Revolutionary Week of Events) | New York City | Oakland | Los Angeles | Boston | Portland | Seattle & Olympia, WA | Houston | Washington, DC | Baltimore, MD | More Info & Updates from Abu-Jamal-News.Com

The Demarest Factor: The Ethics of U.S. Department of Defense Funding for Academic Research in Mexico

Simón Sedillo, 16.04.2009 04:08

On October 23, 2006 the Lawrence Journal World or LJ World published an article which silently uncovered a funding scandal within Kansas University, in Lawrence, Kansas. In 2005, the university’s department of geography received at least $500,000 in Department of Defense funds to map communally held indigenous land in the states of San Luis Potosi, and in Oaxaca, Mexico.

As a result of this original story, on November 26th, of 2007 elenemigocomun.net published a feature follow up story on the funding scandal titled “The Road to Hell”, which elaborates on the the potential dangers of this type of militarily funded mapping project. Since the publication of this 2007 article, myself and a growing number of community members and students from both sides of the U.S. Mexico border, have engaged in several extensive investigations into the details of this particular research project. Our growing concern has revolved around, academic ethics violations due to improper transparency with communities about the research funding, and serious U.S. Army violations of Mexican sovereignty, and of indigenous autonomy. Our collective research over the last year has resulted in several key pieces of irrefutable evidence, demonstrating both academic ethics violations, and serious violations of Mexican sovereignty and indigenous autonomy.

Protest Halts Barrick Gold Mine Operations at Lake Cowal, Australia

13.04.2009 13:16

Occupation of Lake Cowal Gold Mine run by Barrick Gold. Photo by Fiona Lee.

Protests by the Save Lake Cowal campaign have halted work at the Barrick Gold open pit mine at Lake Cowal, New South Wales, Australia over the Easter Weekend. Lake Cowal is an ephemeral lake lying in the Lachlan River plain within the Murray-Darling Basin, home to many migratory water birds and sacred sites of the Wiradjuri people.

Twenty Eight people were arrested on Sunday when protestors walked onto the open pit mine closing it down. They were authorised to enter the mine site by Wiradjuri Tradtional Owners.

Sydney Indymedia | Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia) | Save Lake Cowal | Protest Barrick Gold | Background - Lake Cowal Video (2006) | Rainforest Information Centre - Lake Cowal Campaign | Photos (Flickr)

Protests target profiteers, "war at home" on the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

06.04.2009 04:01

March 19 marked the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. That week, protests took place across the United States expressing outrage at the continuing destruction and connecting the dots between the war abroad and profiteering and racism on the home front. Many events took place on Saturday, March 21st, sponsored by the ANSWER coalition and coinciding with a march on the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Marchers also targeted the Veterans Administration and four companies who are making money off the war. [Read Report]

Image: Die-In at Hollywood and Highland from Los Angeles Indymedia.

Looking ahead, a national memorial project was launched in Olympia, WA on March 20. Over the next few months, the effort will build memorials in cities across the country, commemorating civilians whose deaths have been documented to be a result of US aggressions. On the east coast, anti-war groups are joining forces to target the commodification of war at a huge shopping mall in Pennsylvania.

Make NATO History!

Autonomous Mediacollective Freiburg, 29.03.2009 22:53

Documenting Revolution - Against NATO!

On the 3rd and 4th of April - right after the G20-meeting in London - in Strasbourg, France, and Baden-Baden, Germany, a summit meeting of the NATO members is taking place for NATO's 60th anniversary. No less than the very continuance of this military alliance is at stake. Expect broad resistance from all section of the left from labor unions through to extra-parlimentary radical leftists – as well as heavy state repression.

In Strasbourg a resistance camp is under construction, while the Convergence Center (CC) in Freiburg is already in use by activists getting ready for the summit protests. Another CC will open in Strasbourg on the 31st of March. The Infopoints have published an infosheet to support the campaign.

US References Supposed Human Rights Violations in Bolivia

Conor H., 04.03.2009 00:25

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La Paz 26 Feb. (CMI Sucre).- According to the Annual Report on Human Rights by the US Department of State, presented by Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of that country, there have been problems with respect to human rights in Bolivia. According to the report indications of human rights violations have "been detected," mentioning "arbitrary" detentions, threats to civil rights, attacks by the executive branch on judicial power, and poor jail conditions, amongst others in the government of President Juan Evo Morales Ayma.

The Whale Wars – Sea Shepherd Returns From Antarctica

12.02.2009 21:46

Boat crew deploy butyric acid on a harpoon ship. Photo: Adam Lau/Sea Shepherd

The flagship of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the M/Y Steve Irwin, is heading back from the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary where it has been on patrol to enforce international conservation regulations in protection of the area's great whales. Since its departure from Brisbane, Australia on December 4th, the ship and its crew have been involved in various confrontations with a Japanese Whaling Fleet, which continues to operate a commercial whale hunt in the area illegally.

On December 26th, the Steve Irwin confronted the Japanese vessel Kaiko Maru. The ships collided and Sea Shepherd crew deployed butyric acid on its decks. From 1st February the whaling operation was shut down for 8 days straight with both sides of the conflict accusing each other of dangerous manoeuvres and tactics. On February 6th, the Steve Irwin had collisions with the harpoon ships Yushin Maru No 2 and Yushin Maru No 3, when it tried to block the ships from offloading dead whales onto the factory ship Nisshin Maru. As an international crew of 40, activists from Australia, America, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Sweden, Bermuda, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, New Zealand and Japan manned the Sea Shepherd vessel during the campaign which was dubbed operation Musashi.

Photos: Photo Report – Onboard Sea Shepherd Operation Musashi | Videos: Ramming the Japanese whaling ship - Sea Shepherd | Sea Shepherd collides with whaling harpoon ship (Indybay)

International Features: Nicola Paris - Reporting From Antarctica (Perth Indymedia) | Sea Shepherd chases Whalers into New Zealand Antarctic Territory (Aotearoa IMC) | Ships Collide: Whalers and Sea Shepherd clash in Australian Antarctic waters (Sydney Indymedia) | Sea Shepherds sail out to confront whalers (Portland IMC) | The Whale Wars - Sea Shepherd Returns From Antarctica (UK Indymedia) | Various newswire articles (Indybay)

Links: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society | Institute For Cetacean Research (Japanese pro-whaling PR) | Ocean Defence Topic page (UK Indymedia)

Hosting Indymedia Servers is Illegal?

11.02.2009 12:35

This Monday, Kent Police arrested a man in Sheffield under the Serious Crime Act 2007 in relation to the recent Indymedia server seizure. His home was raided, all computer equipment and related papers taken. He was released after eight hours. The person had neither technical, administrative nor editorial access to the Indymedia UK website. He was only associated to the project by hosting its server.

The arrest took place under Section 44-46 of the Serious Crime Act, which was passed into law on 1st October 2008 to combat serious international crime like drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering and armed robbery. Sections 44-46 refer to “encouraging or assisting offences”.

Kent police claim that they are after the IP address of the poster of two anonymous comments to a report about a recent animal liberation court case, which included personal details of the Judge. The IP address of the poster is not stored as Indymedia does not log IP addresses. This was acknowledged by British Transport Police in 2005, after the Bristol IMC server seizure.

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