Protests in Belgium Continue Anti-War Momentum


Anti-war protests in Brussels on 19 January
Anti-war protests in Brussels on 19 January

About 10,000 people demonstrated on Sunday, 19 January in Brussels. The protests were against US aggression and its war on Iraq, and against the hypocrisy of the Belgian government that allows US military transports through the port of Antwerpen. It was organised by StopUSA, which mobilised 5000 people on November 10, and was the Belgian contribution to worldwide protests against the war. At the end of the demonstration, the police arrested Karim Hasoun of the Arab European League (AEL), who helped handle security at the peaceful protests.

There were also protests [ nl/fr ] on 13 January against US military transports in Antwerpen, the main harbour used by the US military in Europe for transport to the Persian Gulf region. Currently, some 800 US soldiers are in Antwerpen, and another 2300 are expected in coming weeks, along with about 35 trains containing war materials.

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