Team in Fusionsverhandlungen mit CBS/Viacom



George Soros, Vorstandsvorsitzender von Ltd., hat Fusionsverhandlungen mit dem CBS/Viacom Nachrichten-Unternehmen (USA) begonnen, um mitzuhelfen, dass Redaktions-Team des Independant-Netzwerks mit den Betriebsmitteln und der weltweiten Verbraucher-Reichweite von CBS zusammenzubringen.

Dies ist das Ergebnis einer Sitzung des Indymedia-Vorstand und seiner Haupt-Aktionäre, in der entschieden wurde, dass Indymedia sich über seine traditionelle liberale Leserschaft hinaus ausbreiten und mehr Mainstream-Nachrichteninteressen und -leser erreichen muss.

Shayne Brown, Präsident des Asia-Pazifik-Indymedia-Konsortiums erklärt: "Es ist gut, dass wir unsere loyale Leserscahft haben. Ohne sie wären wir nicht, was wir sind. Aber unser Wachstum wird behindert durch unsere Unfähigkeit, den Werbemarkt der oberen Mittelklasse zu erreichen."

Ein Sprecher für CBS/Viacom, bestättigte: "Dies stellt ein aufregendes Stadium für CBS/Viacom dar. Der Indymedia-Name stellt eine fantastische Marketing-Möglichkeit dar, mit der unsere Kunden ihre Produkte auf dem "alternativen" und "Hip-Hop"-Jugend Markt, den Indymedia darstellt, vermarkten können.

Anderen Nachrichten zufolgen haben Indymedia-Anwälte eine Unterlassungsklage gegen das Urbana Champaigne 'Indymedia' Center eingereicht, nachdem dieses sich geweigert hat, die Benutzung des Indymedia-Logos zu stoppen. Urbana Champaign ist ein ehemaliges Mitglied des Indymedia-Netwerks, das aufgefordert wurde das Netzerk zu verlassen, als es sich weigerte bestimmte Zielgruppen zu akzeptieren.

"Indymedia ist vom Gedanken an Geld besessen. UC-IMC findet, dass diese Besessenheit, den Indymedia-Markennamen zu vermarkten, Indymedia von seinem ursprünglichen Ziel abbringt: alternative Nachrichten für die Fans von Indepent-Musik.

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I hope this is a joke

mike 01.Apr.2004 03:26

I really hope this is a joke from the onion. If you guys sell out we will have to rebuild all over again. I really hope this article is a joke.

april fool?

carl 01.Apr.2004 03:42

a joke, of course - isn't it?

No man. Its deadly serious

Shayne 01.Apr.2004 04:23

I thought it was a joke, but theres an anouncement on Reuters somewhere about it too.

Of Course It's a Joke

Today is My Birthday 01.Apr.2004 04:33

This is a joke and a fairly clever one at that. It is April Fool's Day after all.


marco 01.Apr.2004 04:48

see title!

let us be the radicals indymedia cannot be

Blackbeard 01.Apr.2004 05:09

to the barricades, brothers and sisters...if our only hope has abandoned us, it should only strengthen our cause to struggle boldly without hope!!! it was inevitable that, as the indymedia network grew to be "to big for its britches," as we say here in texas, that it would ultimately surrender to the lucrative pressures of the capitalist market. i say who needs 'em! we will make our media of scraps of homemade hemp paper, scrawled upon with our blood sweat and tears, and delivered passionately by our molotov-charred hands, from one comrade to another! this does not deter me in the least--it only fuels my rage, a rage that can only be quenched by the rising tide of global revolution!!!

Mixed reactions from thei Indymedia Community

Joshua Jones. 01.Apr.2004 06:46

Indymedia/CBS Merger talks spark mixed reactions.
By Joshua Jones.

The announcement earlier today that Indymedia CEO had entered
into talks with Viacom over a CBS/Indymedia merger have sparked
mixed reactions from reporters and readers of the Indymedia network.

"Car" , a member of the Ithaca IMC said "I think we should of looked around
more for a corporate partner. We put up a motion at the shareholders meeting
that we wait for a while , but it was veto'd by Rogue representative 'Dick Darstardly'.
If only we had taken a vote on it".

"Chucky", Proprietor of the Home shopping network however welcomed
the move. "Alot of our products are well suited to the Indymedia Demographic. Our
range of Che Guevara shirts look really groovy on these kids. Unfortunately We
have just not seen eye to eye with the Indymedia network. Its almost like its run
by bomb throwing Anarchists!"

"Sean", from Perth replied; "I think Chucky is wrong.
The acusation that some of our representatives are anarchists is scurillous. Indymedia
has always been a team effort. Free wheeling bomb throwing individualists would never
succeed in our corporate structure. Furthermore, With our new Employee shareholder scheme,
More voices are now allowed at our meetings. Even communists like Chucky!"

"Linda", a reporter from IMC-Belgium said, "I agree with Chucky. Just because myself and him
enjoy the theories of Lenin and Stalin, we have been excluded from marketing our red flags
on indymedia. I hope this will change".

"Brown", a Skiing instructor from Ithaca also felt more time was needed. "As it stands, indymedia
has been run well by the technical department. Really they should of consulted the technicians.
When we ran the place everything was great. I'd really like a pay rise however."

"Clarence", a member of the "Indymedia Young Womens Conservative Auxillary" agreed. "Indymedia
has been taken over by feminist politically correct people!. The old boys heirachy of the tech
collective did a much better job than these liberals did! And I'm a woman!"

A lawyer for Urbana Champaign Indymedia said "Well , once we bail out Sascha we'll make a statement.
This has all gone too far. We have evidence now that Indymedia lawyers have been harassing my client. Why just the other day one leant over and started to pull his leg like I'm pulling yours."


Phaedrus 01.Apr.2004 07:54


Wow, some people are really dense, though.

Si el equipo de indymedia va a vender nuestros sueños al Capital

cabreado! 01.Apr.2004 09:34

Si el equipo de indymedia pretende vender nuestros sueños al CAPITAL, demostrémosles que indymedia se les ha ido de las manos, que esto ya no es suyo, que el concepto de propiedad privada se ha diluido y que si nos traicionan sufrirán la más amarga de las VENGANZAS!

Fuego a los traidores!

RE: Mixed reactions from thei Indymedia Community

Jack 01.Apr.2004 12:12

"Linda", a reporter from IMC-Belgium said, "I agree with Chucky. Just because myself and him enjoy the theories of Lenin and Stalin, we have been excluded from marketing our red flags on indymedia. I hope this will change".

Just a little precision, it doesn't exist any "Linda" at indymedia Belgium, this is a perjury...


to be fully insightfull. 01.Apr.2004 13:25

There isnt a leninist called chucky at either. Its a joke. Laugh :)

That's funny.

Remigio Torres 01.Apr.2004 14:19

Wow, very scary, but also very funny. If it weren't for the April 1st date on the article I would have started crying. But obviously it is a joke. I didn't even know indymedia had a CEO, does it really?

mr flong

no. 01.Apr.2004 15:44

Nah. Indy doesnt have a CEO. Its sorta a spokescouncil type arangement. Consensus collective and all.

As non heirachical as logically possible. Actually I think your the boss!

information belongs to everyone

green'nblack57 01.Apr.2004 15:58

see, that's the problem I have with people who maintain sites like this, or the crimethinc distro kids...they preach to the converted...and that brings no social change. general public...minorities in poverty traps...exploited workers...not just some punk rock kids need the flipside of the conservative media.

wake up

john 01.Apr.2004 20:53

Black and Green:
What are you talking about? IMC is "maintained" by an interactive audience. It "preaches" to those who are interested in knowing about whatever people are posting media about, being "converted" is not the point. It is not about "punk rock kids". Have you even taken a look at the network? Indymedia is playing a significant role in social movements all over the world. Thats why "preaching to the converted" as you put it, is important, because media can be seen by people all over the world, activists that actually want to DO something. Maybe you should read into the IMC project in Africa for example, to see how serious people are about the IMC network, and what it means for ordinary people to access to a worldwide media network. Sometimes I think primitivists exist in a vaccuum.

I think it's interesting that people were fooled by this prank (which was hilarious by the way!)It shows that its very difficult for some people to really understand what it is for us to "become the media". It really is a new paradigm in media. Because we are acculturated to modern notions of obejectivity, etc. it's hard to understand that we have no board of directors or CEO! In this sense, it was a very thoughful April Fool's joke!

one more thing..

john 01.Apr.2004 20:57

Lumping IMC with the Crimethinc distro makes no sense and I'm sure that the people at Crimethinc would tell you the exact same thing.

call to

action 02.Apr.2004 02:59

The newly formed anarcho-syndicalist-primitivist collective will be taking direct action against the blatant capitalist leanings of IMC (Who have just announced a merger with CBS/Viacom and who have known ties to the Crimethinc Workers Collective, a CIA front group)
We will be at the brand new offices of CBS/Viacom/Crimethinc/Portland IMC at 11:59 pm tonight April 1st.
The brand new offices of CBS/Viacom/Crimethinc/Portland IMC are at 436 NW 6th at Gleason in Portland.
Bring flags, bells, whistles, horns, Clown suits-whatever might disrupt the late night broadcasts of CBS/IMC Portland.
Who's IMC?


anarcho 02.Apr.2004 05:15

"or the crimethinc distro kids...they preach to the converted.."

What rock have you been living under? Of all the anarchist projects out there, this is the most off base criticism one can make. The reason why people like CrimethInc is because it is successfully doing really cool projects that take anarchist ideas to ordinary working folks. If you want to see an example of preaching to the converted, just pick up one of the anarchist magazines that contains articles about other anarchists.

Sorry, but this is so off base that I laughed when I read it.

Had me goin' there for awhile!

Mashaw 19.Apr.2004 17:11

yeah when I read the quote about the "soccer mom demographic" I knew---I looked at the date of the article, and I knew. Funny! Scary, but funny!

guess what ?

action 16.Apr.2005 09:02

you all are ignorant jackasses :)