Women's Reproductive Rights Continue to Crumble

Last week, President Bush signed legislation which created legal “person” status for fertilized eggs, embryos or fetuses, separate from the biological mother, making it a federal crime to harm a “child in utero.” Supporters claim it will allow for increased protection of pregnant women and stronger punishments for those who would harm them. Many similar state laws, though, have repeatedly been used to stifle a woman’s right to choose an abortion. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America was unable to stop the passage of S. 1019, the so-called “Unborn Victims of Violence Act (UVVA),” despite a rigorous campaign. As of this week, PPFA is also fighting in federal courtrooms in California, Nebraska and New York City to challenge the “Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act,” signed into law by Bush in November.

The ban criminalizes a procedure called intact dilation and extraction, which can be used to terminate pregnancies after the first trimester, and has been labeled by many in the medical community as one of the safest procedures for second-trimester pregnancies, as well as necessary in many instances. Any "overt act" to "kill the partially delivered living fetus" is banned, punishable by up to two years in prison. The law fails to make any exception for a pregnant woman's health though and lawyers argued that this makes it unconstitutional. Many women will be making their way to Washington, DC on April 25 for the “March for Women’s Lives,” to demonstrate for their right to reproductive freedom and control of their bodies – in addition to protesting the Bush administration’s continuing efforts to access their medical records.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, women’s rights activists are still trying to get the government to repeal the Abortion Information Act 1955, which limits a woman’s ability to obtain information about abortions abroad.

For more on women’s reproductive rights: Bay Area IMC|Planned Parenthood Federation of America|Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project|National Organization for Women|NARAL

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want a radical way to show that this sucks!?!

radical cheerleaders of DC 12.Apr.2004 20:04

--please circulate, post and distribute widely--


APRIL 25TH, 9:00AM
the radical cheerleaders of DC and YOU! this action is open to EVERYONE!

in response to the liberal and reformist action plan of the March for
Women's lives, the radical cheerleaders of DC have called for a radical
pro-choice cheer/noise bloc. we will assemble, eat some yummy free
breakfast, and have a feeder march from Stanton park, in Northeast DC, to
the national mall where we will join in solidarity with over 1,000,000
other pro-choice supporters. when we reach the mall, we will join the
main march and show them what radicals can shake!

because abortion access and women's autonomy is under attack. because
these problems cannot be solved in the courts, in a voting booth, or
through your local member of congress. because the recent signing of the
Unborn Victims of Violence Act and the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, has
confirmed our suspicions....there's a fucking war on!

we will meet this challenge by showing our support for abortion access and
women's autonomy without turning to the State for permission. we know
that true liberation cannot be won by asking permission from the police to
dissent. while we fully support the March for Women's Lives, we want to
show our politics in the streets! so, while they have their rally and
promote electoral politics as the key to emancipation, we'll have our
march. then both marches will join at the mall and we’ll show our
solidarity and strength together.

april 25th, 2004. we will meet at Stanton park at 9:00am (NOTE THE TIME
CHANGE) and begin serving breakfast. from 9:00 to 10:30 we will serve
food and people can hang out, listen to some live music, and get ready to
move. by 11:00 we're going to begin marching towards the national mall,
and by 12:00 we should reach the main rally/march. from there we will
join the main march with over 1,000,000 people.

we will meet at Stanton park at 9:00am. Stanton park is located on C st.
NE between 6th st. NE and 4th st. NE. the closest metro's are eastern
market or union station. check out the DC metro website for more
information at:, for a map of Stanton park, check
for more information, check out:
for questions, comments, endorsements and other correspondence, email:

--please circulate, post and distribute widely--