Alternative summit starts while police raid private home

While activists in Dublin (en), in Italy (it) and in Barcelona prepare for EuroMayday 2004 on 1 May, constructive events such as the "Sensitivity Theatre" [1 | 2] and the Alternative Economic Summit [1 | 2] have successfully started in Warsaw despite systematic police and governmental harrassing activists and frightening hosts of events (en). (pl) (fr) (castel). However, the police have continued to use repressive tactics, and on 28th April 2004 just before 22:00 local time, carried out a Hollywood action movie type raid (en) (pl) (es) on the house of an anti-repression activist, with weapons in their hands, shouting "Fucking bastards!" etc, handcuffing everyone present, and illegally searching the house without any independent witnesses present. A journalist's house was also raided. More multilingual reports about Warsaw events (including links to alternative media sources in Poland) include One day before the summit (en) (pl), (fr), Report from the surrounded city (en) (pl), (fr), and Relation from Warsaw streets 28.04.2004 (en) (pl) , more photos [1 , 2, 3]. See also live reports of demo 29.04.04 (en) (pl) (es) (fr)

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Nederlandstalige artikels over EEF in Warchau

joeri 29.Apr.2004 21:58

Duizenden demonstreerden tegen het WEF in Warchau

Inhoud WEF-conferentie Warchau

Vakbondsleider over Poolse toetreding tot de EU

(gebrek aan) Recht op vrije meningsuiting in Polen

Het Wereld Economisch Forum (WEF), een machtig elitair clubje

Please take supportive action!

toruń 02.May.2004 23:26

Statement by Torun alterglobalists Toruń 20.04.2004 01:34 Statement - Torun

As representatives of anarchist and libertarian groups in
Torun, we would like to express our unease at the actions
of the Bydgoszcz District Police Command whose aim is the
surveillance of the Torun alterglobalist community with
regards to the 28-40 April protests against the European
Economic Forum in Warsaw. The methods used by the police
(including visits to private homes without warrants,
attempts to engage in "private" contacts with participants
in the movement, psychological pressure exerted on third
parties) are a threat to the fundamental democratic right
to free expression of one's point of view and free
speech. If this type of police action were to escalate,
then the alterglobalist community of Torun and the whole
Kujawsko-Pomorska district would be interested in the
situation and in reports by colleagues in the Helsinki
Foundation for Human Rights.

Alterglobalist groups, Torun

email: partizan79 at o2.pl
tel: +48 603 248 845 (after 16:00 GMT+2)

Please send polite but carefully worded emails to the
local politicians and to the police commander
with copies to corporate media organisations below,

* [to both] expressing your discomfort at the fact that
the Kujawkso-Pomorska police are returning to systematic
scare tactics against independent political groups in
Poland just as they did during the Communist epoch

* [to politicians] requesting political leaders to
guarantee that this systematic scare campaign ceases
immediately and that a public apology is made to the Torun
alterglobalist community

* [to corporate media] expressing the hope that the media
will expose these systematic human rights violations

Michal Zaleski, Mayor of Torun
fax: +48.56.622.1670

Jozef Jaworski, Chair of Torun City Council
fax: +48.56.611.8688

Nadkom. mgr Marek Echaust
c/- mailto: webmaster@kujawsko-pomorska.policja.gov.pl

 redakcja@nowosci.com.pl,  gp.redakcja@gpmedia.pl,
 redakcja@torun.agora.pl,  rt@radiotorun.pl,
 a.pietrzak@rmf.fm,  m.friedrich@rmf.fm,  www@byd.tvp.pl


Oświadczenie alterglobalistów z Torunia toruniaki 19-04-2004 21:43 oświadczenie OŚWIADCZENIE

Jako przedstawiciele organizacji anarchistycznych i wolnościowych w Toruniu wyrażamy swoje zaniepokojenie prowadzonymi przez Komendę Wojewódzką Policji w Bydgoszczy działaniami, mającymi na celu inwigilację środowiska alterglobalistycznego z Torunia w związku z planowanymi na dni 28-30 kwietnia protestami przeciwko Europejskiemu Forum Ekonomicznemu w Warszawie. Stosowane przez policję metody (wizyty w domach bez nakazów rewizji, próby nawiązania "prywatnego" kontaktu z uczestnikami ruchu, wywieranie presji psychicznej na osoby trzecie) są zagrożeniem dla zagwarantowanych przez demokrację praw do swobodnego wyrażania swoich pogladów i swobody wypowiedzi. Jeżeli tego typu działania policji będą się nasilały środowisko alterglobalistyczne z Torunia i całego województwa kujawsko-pomorskiego zainteresuje sprawą naszych współpracowników z Helsińskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka.

Grupy Alterglobalistyczne, Toruń


+48 603 248 845 (po godz.16/after 16:00 local time)