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US Torture Exposed, The People Respond

In response to a report of prisoner torture and murder inside prisons across Iraq, which was leaked to the media recently, people are standing up across the globe to decry the US and UK's use of torture. The graphic images have been shown on media outlets across the country, but some are still claiming that they're being censored.

As the evidence of torture grows, many are calling for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. In a senate hearing where Rumsfeld was questioned today, a group of concerned people stood up and chanted "Fire Rumsfeld" while holding a banner saying the same.

Full text of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the treatment of prisoners of war by coalition forces in Iraq, Feb. 2004 (PDF format).

Independent contractors have been implicated in the toture as well, creating a growing discussion fo the private war going on in Iraq. A demonstration of around 100 people was held in front of one of the contractor's, Titan Corporation's, headquarters, as well as a press conference. More demonstrations are planned.

Amid all this, there is still very little discussion in the media about the fact that this kind of torture has been going on in Guantanamo Bay for years. As in Guantanamo, a recent Democracy Now show discussed how in Iraqi prisions "there was no process for determining who was innocent".

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Powell/Iraq/My Lai

a 08.May.2004 17:01

"In 1968 during the war against Vietnam, the then major Colin Powell was dispatched to investigate charges of a massacre in My Lai. He concluded that while there might have been a few isolated incidents of killings of civilians there was no massacre. A letter from a soldier involved in the incident contradicted Powell's conclusion. Later investigations revealed that about 500 civilian men, women and children were murdered by American soldiers. Oddly enough, Powell on a visit to the Middle East in 2002 made similar remarks about a reputed Israeli massacre in Jenin (New Republic 17 April 1995 and Zunes 2003: 31)."

It's something that the United States does not do

AmigaPhil 08.May.2004 18:20

It's something that the United States does not do
It's something that the United States does not do

It's something that the United States does not do - Donald Rumsfeld;prev=nowar11.jpg;alt=nowar11b

Democracy nation-building ?

AmigaPhil 08.May.2004 18:26

Democratic nation-building ?
Democratic nation-building ?

"The record shows that democratic nation-building is among the most ambitious and difficult of foreign policy undertakings for the United States. Of the 16 over the past century, democracy was sustained in only 4 countries ten years after the departure of American forces." - CEIP;prev=nowar19.png;alt=nowar19b

About patriotism...

AmigaPhil 08.May.2004 19:06

To stand by the president right or wrong...
To stand by the president right or wrong...

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." - Theodore Roosevelt;prev=nowar15.png

Wow.. I thought this was a legit news site

Heehuhree 14.May.2004 00:46

I find it disturbing that while you wail about some embarrasment or discomfort inflicted on these combatants, you say nothing regarding the slaying of Nick Berg. Should they feed them milk and cookies perhaps? Of course, in your twisted psyche, that is assuredly just duckey. No other country in a military conflict adheres to the Geneva convention (see video of Nick Berg). This site is a disgrace. I am as anti-bush as they come, however your exaggerated rhetoric and inflamatory language discredits you and the cause of those wanting to change things for the better. Morons.

sexualized violence

emma 14.May.2004 14:03

has anyone seen any analysis of the specifically sexual nature of this torture? while humiliating and abusing people, why does it follow that soldiers make them perform sexual acts? then we displace this sexualization onto "traditional" Islamic practices, but the rape of prisoners seems to have more to do with the way the helpless appear as sexual objects to the guards. i'd really like to know if there is press coverage of this aspect out there... has anyone come across it?

You're sick

patriot 14.May.2004 18:48

You people are sick bastards!! You're gonna write this huge article about how terrible Bush is, and how evil our country is because 5 or 6 idiots in our uniform carry out this abuse. But when the terrorists you love so much capture one of our CIVILIAN INNOCENT contractors for god sakes, and make him say his name and the names of his parents?? Then they hold his head, carve his head slowly and grusomely with a knife, you pretend it didn't happen, I don't see a single article on that...WHY?? Why is there no article on the featured articles you sick hypocritical bastards!!??

Is it just me?

Howard Stern 15.May.2004 05:53

Or do these pictures turn anyone else on?
Can’t we like buy Iraqi prisoners on EBay now or what?
Man, I would love to show these diaper-heads how to salute old glory

Is it just me?

Howard Stern 15.May.2004 06:49

Or do these pictures turn anyone else on?
Can’t we like buy Iraqi prisoners on EBay now or what?
Man, I would love to show these diaper-heads how to salute old glory

Indymedia is endangering Red Cross workers

Brahm 15.May.2004 21:19

I'm concerned that Indymedia includes a link to the leaked ICRC (International Red Cross) report. This is irresponsible, and ICRC has made their position clear on their website.

In order for the ICRC to continue it's humanitarian work in countries all around the world, the ICRC relies on it's ability to preserve the confidentiality of such reports. When Red Cross workers come to be viewed as potential witnesses their volunteers and their humanitarian work is threatened.

There is already enough evidence out there to prove critical breaches of the Geneva convention, without recklessly releasing the ICRC report. Indymedia needs to show some discretion, and respect the International Red Cross.

Berg might be a NAZI

killkillkill 15.May.2004 23:12

but the neocons sure run out of money. Neocons were unable to pay for a good Hollywood producer. The beheading was a fake. Not a single drop of blood dropped from the fresh cutted head.

Well isn't that precious...

Fucking Anonymous 16.May.2004 03:17

Why is there no similar uproar on this so-called news site about Americans who were captured and dragged through the streets of Iraq? Or that guy who was beheaded? I suppose you fuckwits think that's justified when it's them doing it to our people.

Open letter to Michael Berg

Steve R 16.May.2004 04:04

Dear Mr. Berg,
First of all I would like to express my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your son, Nick. I was outraged when this tragedy came upon us all.
I am very sorry that you would see this as an opportunity to blame our government and bring politics into this tragedy instead of blaming the terrorists that did this. You said "My son died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld." Are you God? Only God can say that his son died for other’s sins.
You have also said "I am sure that he only saw the good in his captors until the last second of his life." Is there really any “good” in a human being like these killers?
I am sure that Nick would not agree with that statement.
I believe that your son was murdered before the prison abuse pictures became public, the media claims it was “revenge”. From my point of view this couldn’t be a revenge killing for the prison pictures because of the timeline of events. If it was revenge for the pictures then 60 minutes and CBS are the responsible parties. They were asked to withhold them for fear of endangering lives, they showed them anyway.
I am also sorry for the media “dropping” the story of your son in favor of the prison pictures. Nick and this tragedy are far more important than the “mistreatment” of terrorists and criminals.
This has shown us Americans just how our enemy values human life. I will personally remember Nick and Daniel Pearle for the rest of my life because it will remind me that this war on terror must be fought hard and until we have destroyed terrorism around the world. We should treat the terrorists with the exact same treatment that they have shown to give us.
You said "It's not the same America I grew up in." You are right, Mr. Berg. This is a new era. We were attacked on 9-11. Everything changed. We were awoken to the fact that some “people” in this world want us all dead, you and me, Mr. Berg. Take it personally. Some people in this country say “If we would just be nice to them they would leave us alone” I would bet that your son tried to be nice to his captors. They will not stop killing until the whole world is Islamic, period. No room for negotiation.
Steve R


MOWHAMHEAD 16.May.2004 04:48




There is Always more to a Story then its Headline

Ted Forsyth (re-posted by AmigaPhil) 16.May.2004 20:58

I was thinking about the Boston Herald headline the day after
those “contractors” had been butchered in Iraq. That headline
read, “Savages: Iraqi mob kills and burns 4 American civilians.”
(Boston Herald, April 1, 2004,
My mind raced. There had to be more to the story then what they
were telling us in the headline. I mean, could the very people
we were there to liberate suddenly become the savages the papers
wanted to see massacred? Was there more to this story?
Well, indeed there is always more to any story.

Read the full article on Boston IMC:

Hey wow! last the american (etc) 'abuse game' is being outed!!!

King Amdo 20.May.2004 21:43

..interesting article in the UK guardian reveiling the 'top down' (Bush new/ordered this) ideologically driven nature of this sexual abuse trip (can't be bothered to do the search)....a fundimentalist christian 'thang'. Perverted racist scum! They still don't really realise that anythings wrong with this behaviour...that makes then (and the british probably even more so) MENTALLY ILL FOR REAL.

(By ritual design!)

We know.

Blessed be,

King Amdo.