Protests greet Halliburton Shareholder Meeting

500 pig-snout wearing activists raised hell at Halliburton's annual shareholders meeting in Houston, Texas, USA on May 19. Chanting "corporate invasion is not liberation" and "Halliburton, Kellogg, Brown and Root, Go to Iraq and Loot, Loot, Loot" they disrupted the Halliburton meeting to send a message that not all North Americans support the war profiteering and corporate favortism that Halliburton epitomizes. Halliburton is U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's former company and has been the number one financial beneficiary of the war and occupation of Iraq with $9 billion on contracts.

A 25-foot inflatable pig called "Hallibacon" greeted shareholders as they entered the Four Seasons Hotel for the shareholders meeting, and anti-Halliburton banners were dropped all over Houston, including one from a Four Seasons Hotel window. Activists on the street outside the Four Seasons hotel conducted a blockade of the driveway and held a die-in at Halliburton's headquarters just two blocks away from the shareholder meeting. Five activists handcuffed themselves to railings inside the hotel and shouted "your profits are bloody and your hands are too" at the shareholders until they were arrested for trespassing.

Photos 1, 2, 3, 4 | listen to audio reports from KPFT news and Free Speech Radio News | watch video of Houston Police riding horses into protestors | Download the new report, "Houston We Have a Problem", on Halliburton by Corpwatch and Global Exchange

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imc 21.May.2004 12:49

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OJ 21.May.2004 17:34

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test 21.May.2004 20:29



test2 21.May.2004 20:30


How Much Media Attention?

E Miesner 21.May.2004 21:33

Can anyone report as to how much press this protest got in the corporate media, in the US and the rest of the world?

Corporate media coverage of demonstration

Perica 22.May.2004 21:48


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indefensible CBS Marketwatch


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Journal, Globe and Mail, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, etc.)

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Five Protesters Arrested at Halliburton Meeting
Wed May 19, 2004 02:05 PM ET

By Matt Daily and Erwin Seba

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Five people were arrested as hundreds of protesters
chanting "war profiteers" converged on Iraq contractor Halliburton Co.'s
annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

The four men and one woman arrested were charged with trespassing after
they entered the downtown Houston hotel where the meeting was being held
and handcuffed themselves to railings, a police spokeswoman said.

In a prepared statement, Halliburton said it respected the rights of
protesters to demonstrate, but said it would continue its work in Iraq
under the U.S. military contracts.

"Even if they don't have the facts right, they have a right to speak up,"
Halliburton spokeswoman Wendy Hall said in the statement.

Mounted police pushed back a group of about 30 protesters who were trying
to block traffic in front of Halliburton's executive offices about two
blocks from the hotel.

Halliburton's engineering and construction arm, KBR, formerly known as
Kellogg Brown & Root, is the U.S. military's largest contractor in Iraq,
with contracts that could eventually be worth $18 billion.

In the past year, 35 KBR employees have been killed in Iraq and another
100 wounded, Chief Executive and Chairman Dave Lesar told shareholders,
but the company would "stay the course" of supporting the U.S. military in
the field.


"Halliburton continues to be in a very unique position, I believe probably
the most scrutinized company in corporate America today, and certainly a
lightning rod for a number of issues," Lesar told reporters after the

On Monday, military auditors said they would suspend $159.5 million in
payments for food services billed by KBR because of incomplete files and
bills submitted by its subcontractors.

The Pentagon is also investigating whether KBR overcharged for fuel
brought into Iraq.

Protest organizers said the company had become a symbol of the U.S.
occupation in Iraq, and questioned its relationship with its former chief
executive, Vice President Dick Cheney.

"I think this is the worst example of cronyism. It sends a terrible
message around the world," Medea Benjamin, co-founder of women's group
Code Pink, told Reuters.

At the meeting, shareholders approved a proposal to allow the company to
increase its authorized common stock by 67 percent to 1 billion from 600
million. The company currently has about 440 million shares outstanding.

Halliburton has not indicated whether it would issue new shares, but said
the measure would give it the flexibility to issue or reserve common stock
without calling a special shareholder meeting.

The proposal also authorized the issuance of 5 million preferred shares.
The company currently has no outstanding preferred shares.

A shareholder proposal sponsored by the United Association S&P 500 Index
Fund requiring the chief executive officer and chairman positions be held
by different people failed to gain approval. Dave Lesar currently holds
both titles.

Another proposal brought by New York City Police and Fire Departments
pension funds for the company to address financial and reputational damage
from its operations in Iran also failed to pass.

The company has said its Iranian operations did not harm the company's
reputation, and were run through a foreign subsidiary and so did not
violate a ban on U.S. companies operating in states the U.S. government
has designated as "sponsors of terrorism."

© Reuters 2004. All Rights Reserved.

your pig is a petroleum product

Bob 26.May.2004 14:00

Hey guys, the plastic in your pig is a petroleum product. Why didn't you use a natural substance? How are you going to discard that thing? It is not biodegradable is it?

Thank you for your creativity!

Portland Activist 02.Jun.2004 16:22

Nice work up there in Houston. Wow, 500 pigs! Your visual images are inspiring. Thanks for being creative and involved!