Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION


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Followup article to Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: License Plates and More!!!

There is a new, old phenomena in America. It is cause stalking by vigilante groups. These groups are usually supported by police and fire departments, and have spread all accross America.

A groundbreaking book that will reveal the details of these groups is:

Terrorist Stalking in America
By David Lawson
Copyright 2001
Published by Scrambling News
915 N.W. First Avenue - Suite 2903
Miami, FL 33136-3541 USA
ISBN 0-9703092-0-1
73 pages, indexed

Purchase source:

My personal account is below:

To whom it may concern:


Sporadically since 1998 and continuously for the last 7 months, I have been harrassed and tortured by what appears to be an LA Street gang, but turns out is something far more sinister.

I have been tailed everwhere I go, by car and on foot. Everytime I enter or leave a building, or enter or leave my car, there is a car horn that honks twice in the distance. I have been tailgated at extremely close range by vehicles that shine their bright lights on me, and I am often blocked, by several vehicles, when leaving any parking space. I am also shouted at from passing cars, honked at when being passed by certain vehicles, and followed on foot into and out of every building I go into, including my work place. Also, fire trucks pass my apartment in the middle of the night and sound their sirens, (Primarily from Eng Co 35, but the locals always pick up the chase), and this also takes place where I eat breakfast, take my acting class, and go to the gym. I have been subjected to sleep deprivation for extended periods of time and cars have sounded their horns outside my apartment at the exact moment of my waking for weeks on end. I have also had a man, who has tailed me on more than one occassion, place a puppy under the rear wheels of my car, then suddenly slap the rear end of my car to retrieve the animal, when I tried to back out of the parking space, as well as other strange forms of behavior. BTW, very often when I am in Burbank, NBC Channel 4 vans, always seem to be in the area. I BELIEVE I HAVE SOMEHOW BEEN CHARACTERIZED AS A TERRORIST, AND THAT THE PATRIOT ACT IS BEING ABUSED FOR THIS PURPOSE. I strongly suspect that my phones and email have been wiretapped permanently and illegally for years. **The contents on my emails and voice audio from my apartment are being shared with the local community,**

This is definitely POLICE SPONSORED. The vehicles are usually white with black trim, many are Nissans, and either white or black SUV's. Over the last couple of months, many of these vehicles are now solid grey. These vehicles also have uniform markings. Many have had the following:

Rear window American Flag Decals, and red union 76 antenna balls; Red fire helmet rear window decals; Raiders footbal rear window decals, and antenna balls; praying "Calvin" rear window decals, and many have no license plates, or no front plate, both of which are illegal in California, even for undercover police cars. BTW these markings are also appearing on LAPD, LASD, CHP, LAFD, Parking Enforcement, LADWP, MTA, SBC Communications, Access Paratransit, Checker Cab, and private vehicles from, LA SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION, 11-99 Foundation and TEAMSTERS local 399.

Many of the individuals involved wear black or grey stocking caps, (Now, also other colors), many with the Raiders football logo. Most are young latinos, between the ages of 18 - 25, male and female, and many often travel with children.

The previously mentioned behaviors have had a devastating effect on my state of mind, and I have been driven to the point of suicide at least twice, which I believe is the point of these behaviors. I have also been run off the road once, with (now) 4 other attempts, I was involved in 2 rear end accidents with similar timing, circumstances and vehicles. I have also been subjected to what appears to have been a malicious felony stop in October 2000, by the LA Sherrif's dept. The day after the second suspicious rearending, while traveling through Griffith Park on the way to work, a white panel van pulls infront of me from the Park-Ranger's station. Hand painted on the rear doors is a picture of a man standing by a wrecked car. Underneath the painting are the words: "DON'T BE A VICTIM." About six months later, the day after I have a suspicious flat, while making a delivery at the Beverly Hills Hotel, The same van pulls in front of me again, with a slightly different painting. This time it is of a man changing a flat tire, again the words: "DONT BE A VICTIM," are written below the painting. It sure seems like the Park-Rangers are claiming responsibility.

After asking questions of local retail merchants and neighbors about cars with no plates and Raiders decals, I was confronted by a neighbor in my building, a Mr. "Washington Sotomayer" (1248 N Kenmore Ave. apt 4, LA 90029) who stated that he worked for the police, and that he had a "problem." The police never came as I had done nothing wrong, but Mr Sotomayer's claim that he works for the police is credible, as I have seen him being chaufered to and from the building in the same type of vehicles involved in my harrassment and torture.

Let me explain what I know of my tormentors: They are a vigilante group of law enforcement, firefighters, and non-law enforcement security "professionals" and non-law enforcement citizens & shopkeepers that have been recruited and trained to use theoretically non-lethal TERRORIST tactics, to terrorize and control people, they believe need extra-judicial treatment, who have not been charged with or convicted of a crime. (This as well as the fire truck 'gag,' would require the existence and use of a secret database of targeted individuals) Why bother with a trial, in this POST 911 world, when you can just punish someone.

My tormentors are composed of the following groups: LAPD, LASD, CHP, LAFD, Griffith Park Rangers, Parking enforcement, LADWP, MTA, Access Paratransit, SBC Communications, Checker Cab, LA SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION, 11-99 Foundation, TEAMSTERS local 399, Walt Disney Co Security, Securitas, Universal Protection Services, Command Guard Systems {(Ramon Rodriguez, Hawthorne California), this guy runs a real Gestapo} and local retail merchants and neighbors that have been recruited as vigilantees. (I have been told, by word of mouth, that the police also recruit gang members for this type of work, that have had a conviction and want to escape jail time). I also suspect that a source of personnel for these vigilante groups could be the family and friends of Police and Firefighters. These could serve as a primary cadre or officer-corps, then moving down from there would be Police and Fire civic-booster organizations, then shopkeepers, locals, and gang members. (This is only one possible organizational scenario.)

I have been subjected to an enormous amount of "STREET THEATRE," and everywhere I go, local shop keepers, and others simply go along with it without asking questions. Everyone down the line is willing to follow illegal orders, without the slighest question of my tormentors claims, authority, or the legality or morality of their actions.

Let me explain how this works: The entire city and county of Los Angeles appears to have been organized as a "TACTICAL UNIT," meaning that all mobile city services have been, or appear to be trained and are performing surveillance and harrassment. (This may simply be undercover police officers using vehicles from these other departments, but the drivers appear to be the "real thing.") So, the broader implications for society at large are enormous. **This means that when a high level city or county official gives the order, an individual can find that he is being harrased, and stalked, by what will appear to him to be the entire world, overnight and without warning, or possibility of mitigation** This can happen repeatedly over the lifetime of the targeted individual, and since the perpetrators can usually not be identified, (read no license plates), and the "blood" has been spread around, the victim will find himself immediately isolated and helpless. (This is called straight jacketing, in police jargon). **THESE PEOPLE HAVE ALSO INFILTRATED ALL OF MY SOCIAL NETWORKS AND WORKED TIRELESSLY TO SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROY ALL OF MY RELATIONSHIPS AND HAVE DONE SO REPEATEDLY OVER MORE THAN THE LAST 5 YEARS. {There goal is to make sure I don't get "STARTED" ANYWHERE IN THE COMMUNITY. The method they are currently using is to get my friends to help them "SETUP ME UP." They will use verbal tricks of one kind or another, to try to get me to say something, anything of an antisocial nature, in the presence of witnesses. And, in my case, they will diliberately get my friends to sit and dress in a certain way, to let me know they have been there. In my case they have had two of my friends dress in red, white and blue and will get local shop keepers to wear the same WHITE sweater with a big piture of the American Flag on the front. THESE ARE NOT PATRIOTS THEY ARE NAZIS.

What disturbs me most is that my friends will continue to help them even after they have gotten NOTHING over periods of months and years. They must be getting externally pressured on an ongoig basis. **This amounts to nothing less than a LIFETIME INVESTIGATION, that will not take NO RESULT for an answer.** Make no mistake THESE PEOPLE ARE EVIL!!!} To the best of my knowledge, there is not yet any above or underground resistance movement against this yet, so a targeted person will have no where to turn, and many, I have read on the internet, commit suicide. This amounts, in many cases, to nothing less than a nonajudicated summary death sentence for the victim.

Knowing what I know, and having been put through what I have, the "historical" comparisons of George Bush to Adolph Hitler are seeming less like angry rhetoric, and more credible; although, my situation started around May or June 1998, and other victims report their experiences as having started within a similar time frame. I suspect that these tactics started showing up, at least experimentally, at least that long ago; but may have come to full bloom, under the current administration. This leads me to my next, and most important point for your organization and society at large. According to well respected sources, "JR Hobson" being amoung them, police organized vigilante groups, are turning up all over the USA, and amoung our allies in Canada, and overseas, and are already well established. This is more than an imminent danger. The enemy has already invaded our soil, "from within." I can't help wondering, if this is how the Sturmabteilungen, got started in National Socialist Germany. I have to believe it is. Also, according to other credible sources, HUD's Operation 'Weed and Seed,' may be playing a definitive role.

One of the things which I believe has led to my current predicament is a love of antique Militaria, primarily German, (which BTW I keep to myself for the most part, and was only discovered, when my internet browsing "Habits," were surveilled in my workplace). The second situation, is more sensitive, and there have been countless attempts to "Set-me up," so I have a greater need to protect myself here. I am, however; willing to discuss it in an appropriate confidential setting. Also a great deal of 'STREET THEATRE has been used to create some FALSE memories, as well. I believe my interest in antique militaria was used as an excuse to characterize me as a terrorist. Although, it may simply be a combination of my situations that have led to my current predicament.

I hope someone from your organization is willing to speak to me or meet with me. Regardless of whether or not you believe my issues can be addressed, or should be addressed by your organization, I believe the broader implications for society which I described to you should be.

****Please come to me first for any additional information****


PS., Here are some other symbols and codes: Trunk lock covers flipped up, radio antennas with a hook bent at the top, cars that run with one headlight or none at all (contrary to urban legend, I believe these have always been cops), also two horizontal yellow bars on a blue rectangle. Also, look for Spiderman and Blue Baseball helmet antenna balls, Round AAA bumber decals, Tweety Bird decals. Cars with stuffed toys or hats in the rear-deck area between the rear seat and windshield. Another thing that really bothers me is that a lot of these people have disabled-persons license plates. These start with the letters DP on the left and either 4 or 5 numbers after that., i.e. "DP 1234 or DP12345." Those vehicles that do have plates have them attached by only one bolt, so that the plates hang down on one side in a unifrom way, usually left to right. Be aso on the lookout for vehicles that have one fender painted a different color than the rest of the vehicle, esp., black on white vehicles and esp., when the vehicles appear to have no body damage. In Los Angeles and Orange Counties, be suspicious of out of state plates. These only started appearing enmasse around May of '03. Be especially suspicious of FLORIDA PLATES. Many PERP vehicles will also have plastic license plate covers. Baseball caps, with white-pipping along the edge of the visor are also popular with this group. 'Securitas' uses this type of hat for their uniformed personnel. Have you noticed all the cafe racer motorcycles riding around town lately, especially in large groups? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if these were all motorcycle cops. It seems as if Bratton and Baca, have taken all or most of their officers, out of marked units, and put them in unmarked units. And with the police now dispensing extrajudicial punishment without restraint, I believe what we have now is nothing less than a full flegged GESTAPO. This is now no longer just angry rhetoric.

**Most of these vehicles have rubber whip antennas appx 1 foot long that have replaced the standard AM/FM antenna supplied with most vehicles. I am told they use Business Band, but a trip to your local Radio-Shack should be enough to identify which frequencies they use.**

**** Can someone, maybe EVERYONE, do this: Everyone who can, please carry a digital camera with you. When you see one of these vehicles with the foot long rubber WHIP antenna. Photograph the FACE of the driver, and write down the plate number, (if there is one), and save these on your computer. When you have as many as you think you can get email me, and SO HELP ME GOD, I'll upload these to my website, (under construction). We'll have a National, perhaps even International database of PERPS. The usefulness of this is that given enough motivation, the authorites can then track them down, and also potentially their leaders, since there will then be no shortage of PERPS for the autorities to question.****

**If, my memory serves me correctly, California State Assemblyman "Gil Cedillo," was once quoted, on AM Radio, as saying, ""Drug Dealers and Gangs better stay away from "The New Hollywood."" While nobody wants gangs or drugs, a private army of vigilantes committing acts of terrorism against American citizens hardly seems like a desirable replacement. IMHO, he knows PLENTY-PLENTY about this. I also suspect Rocky Del Gadillo and Antonio Villa Ragosa may also be in the know about this group, since they always seem to be the first ones to go along with any constitutionally questionable police programs and tactics.

Since, I have been emailing this info to news and other organizations, I have now been tailed openly by marked vehicles on a regular basis. I work as a courier, and they often show up in either a marked or unmarked car, either just before or just after, I arrive at my delivery destination.

PPS., I drive a dark green 1996 Hyundai Accent, lic 4KYY712. If you would like to have your own people follow me to verify what I'm saying, I would appreciate this. Please document everything, I would like to have access to your findings to use in a massive civil rights abuse case

PPPS., Based on the number of personnel and vehciles involved, I have estimated the cost of this operation to have been at least $500,000 mo, durring the most active period. Based on this premise, the entire operation would have to cost at least $5,000,000 of taxpayer funds, if not much more. State and Federal auditors should be able to locate this.

John Wakefield
(818) 726-7186 cell

Phyical Address:
1246 N Kenmore Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Alternative mailing address:
10061 Riverside Dr., 237
Toluca Lake, CA 91602


**NEWS AGENCIES: If you would like to INFILTRATE this organization, please come to "HOUSE OF PIES" 1869 N Vermont Ave Los Feliz, CA 90027, phone: (323) 666-9961. This appears to be one of their hangouts.**
Also try: Lancer's Restaurant 697 N Victory Blvd Burbank, CA 91502-1628 Phone: (818) 843-3433.
Lastly, their is a shopping center parking lot on the corner of the 101 Fwy, and Mulholland Dr in Calabasas CA, that seems to have lots of activity on Friday night. Bring your video cameras...

**4/3/04 - I paid a visit to the only place I know in town that would sell the kind of radio gear such a group would need. And, sure enough, a PERP is pulling out of a Handicapped parking space, with the kind of disabled persons license plate mentioned above. The driver was a white male in his late 40's clean-cut, and did not appear to have any disability. **The store is "HAM RADIO OUTLET," 2416 W Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506 (818) 842-1786, (800) 854-6046, (818) 842-5283 fax Eric J. Christensen, Mgr. This store also has affiliates in Anaheim, CA; Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO; New Castle, DE; Oakland, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR; Salem, NH; San Diego, CA; Sunnyvale, CA; Woodbridge, VA.**

**There have also been reports, by other victims, that the above mentioned vehicular assets have been seen in other areas. I suspect they are using a third party vendor to recycle these assets, once they have been discovered in the previous area. One company I believe that is capable of doing this is:


(913) 631-0450 Phone
(913) 631-1385 Fax

Primary Contacts:

William M. Smith, President
Phil Simco, Vice President mailto:

Postal address
P.O. Box 16150
5720 Reeder Rd
Shawnee, KS 66203

Electronic mail
General Information:


**I've stumbled onto what appears to be a very effective tactic against the PERPS. It seems that whenever I send out an email describing PERP VEHICLES, they remove these assets and associated personnel from the road, but only for a little while, usually 36 hours to be exact. This seems to be a magic number for them.

My best guess is that it takes 36 hours for them to assess public awareness of their operations, and to redeploy these assets. As an experiment I've tried emailing every 24 hours, and oddly enough this has kept them immobilized contiuously for the last two weeks. In my last group of emails, I even mentioned the FOOT LONG RUBBER WHIP ANTENNA, seen on many of these vehicles, and the next morning they were gone. I MUST ASSUME THAT THIS DISRUPTS THEIR COMMUNICATIONS. That was Friday 4/2/04 and this is Wednesday 4/7/04, and I'm seeing some return of these.

**Does this mean that the rest of us will have the same luck? Who knows? I do know it is our Constitutional right to observe-and-report, and for those of you who are so inclined and have the time, I encourage you to do so. This is peaceful and lawabiding resistance. The only kind I support! And apparently, the only kind necessary!

Also, another victim in Santa Cruz recently stated that she's seeing some of the GREY vehicles that have dissappeared from my area, Los Angeles, in the Santa Cruz area. She also, described black Bobtail vans, with a horizontal tricolor emblem on them, and I saw one of these here just this morning. (Top stripe Orange, Center Stripe Blue, Bottom Stripe Orange), also seen have been BLACK, WHTE, RED in the same tricolor configuration.

5/5/04: A victim form Costa Mesa, CA states that she has seen the NISSAN FRONTIER PU'S, with silver non-skid tool chests, that were working in the Los Angeles area, around June & July of 2003, in her area recently. THEY ARE DEFINITELY RELOCATING ASSETS!!!

5/10/04: Most of the decals and antenna balls have come off most of the vehicles, there are however a few die-hards; but these are in the minority. What I am seeing the most of now are simply solid grey vehicles, many still without license plates.

5/12/04: Hatchback vehicles are now running with open hatchbacks.

****Please see attached image files for vehicle symbols****

To whom it may concern:

I have strong reasons to believe that my phone have been illegally wiretapped on an ongoing basis. My Cingular cell phone number is: (818) 726-7186. The account is annonymous, for this reason. My home phone number is (323) 906-XXXX. It is under the name of William Holmes, or Possibly Frederick R Johnson. My previous home phone number was: (213) 484-9902. I believe the wiretap to be illegal for these reasons: The wiretap has been on an ongoing and roving for more than 120 days. I believe it may have been ongoing for several years. Also, my private emails are being read and shared with select members of the local community. I know this because some of my breakfast companions quote details from them that I have never discussed publically. To the best of my knowledge it is illegal for Law Enforcement to share information gained form a wiretap with civilian third parties, but; this indeed is what has been happening. I use my home phone to connect to the internet and I believe the email wiretap is taking place at the LEC. My ISP is Surfside communications (877) 873-7433. I give you complete authority to investigate this within your own organization, and with outside entities.

I also believe the wiretap is illegal, because I have never used my phone or Internet service for any illegal activities, so; there is no legitimate investigative purpose for the wiretap. In fact it has been used only as a means of terrorize and harrassment. My Internet browsing habits especially those of a sexual nature have been shared publically and used to harrass me.

I am also being stalked by a gang that appears to have a corrupt municipal influence. I believe the wiretaps are also being used to help this group stalk me. I believe they call themselves "The Raiders." I currently have an open file# 0053 with Kroll Associates Inc, and this was escalated to the primary independent monitor of the LAPD, Mr Michael G Cherkasky.

Please investigate this thouroughly. It is my intention to follow up on this matter until I get satisfaction. Also, I believe an audit of your organization will turn up Individuals who have access and may have received large sums of money to provide the wiretaps. Any change in the lifestyles of those with such access should be noted, esp., those who appear to be living outside of their means. If the bank statements of those persons with such access are reviewed, I believe they will show some unusual activity. It is also possible that those performing or permitting wiretaps by law enforcement agencies may have been lax or negligent in requiring proper documentation, and department autorization of those who claim a need for the wiretap. I any case, the nature of this does not reflect any kind of legitimate law enforcement operation and should be agressively scrutinized, and prosecuted.

If upon investigating this matter you do find evidence of foul play, I would appreciate your sharing your findings with me and naming any individuals who are involved. In return I promise not to take legal action against your organization.

You cooperation is Sincerely appreciated,

John Wakefield
1246 N Kenmore Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(818) 726-7186 cell
(323) 906-XXXX home

SSN: 437-06-0716
CDL: C1450886

Between May and July of 2003 I was employed as a long haul truck driver for CRST International. I attended truck driving school in Fullerton, CA and then went on the road across country for one month of training. I was followed by as many as 30 vehicles enroute to school from LA to Fullerton. I was followed and harrassed at school every day (my driving instructor heard the bird call whistles) and I was followed home to LA from Fullerton by as many vehicles.

This behavior continued at every pickup and delivery accross country. I was followed accross state lines from coast to coast at least three consecutive times. Fearing for my life I failed to return to my job, and was terminated by CRST for failure to return to work. As a result I incurred a $5,000 debt to CRST for training whch I have yet to repay. If it were not for the position I currently have as a courrier driver for XXXXXXXXXXX, I would have become homeless.

I was hired as a driver for XXXXXXXXXXX full time, and I also took a part-time position at Teletech as a customer service agent:

Teletech Customer Care Management 12215 Victory Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91606 (818) 755-8100.

The maximally invasive surveillance and harassment I was subjected to followed me into the workplace at Teletech. I was followed into the men's room at the end of my shift by a lead agent, I believe his name was "James Smith." About five minutes after entering the mens room, he would then enter, call out my name and start screaming at me. He did this on two separate occaissions. This appeared to be a code-red, which I believe was ordered by the facilities manager Angie Dworsky. Also Angie Morua has had some involvement There is also a trainer there by the name of Craig (middle age caucasion), who surveilled my internet browsing habits, read my email, and attempted to subject me to an interrogation. He also shared the contents of my emails, with other members of my team, specifically a Sarai Odom. Several days when I arrived to work the Supervisor for the AT&T Worldnet project would wait in his car until I left mine, then follow me into the building. He did this for at least a week. On days when he didn't do it other employees would fill in. I believe the name of one of them was "Fred Kelley."

Below are some plates from vehicles I believe were following me accross country. The first group of plates were from vehicles that not only stayed with my truck for extended distances, but; also displayed some other noticable behavior, such as; passing my truck at high speed, then
exiting the freeway heading in the opposite direction, then reentering the freeway again in my direction and passing my truck again: The first group of plates should yield the best results:

CT0028, KJ98_R, 815 GAP, 557 ABF, G13 MYC (TX), 8899 KD, 4JG (6)548, 4COJ466, 211 BUA (CO), 3TTK702, 128 CFC

*SECOND GROUP: (I believe I took these down while on the truck driving job for CRST).
004 NAS, 222 HTW, EUP 552, 18A8377, 558 GH8, 073 NJY, 633 TKR (OR NTR), 89_ HUA (CO), TBU 482 (KS), QIQ 138 (KS), 4XU559, 624 KVF (NV), WHQ 625, G6289Y, RUDBOY1, MBW112, SAW RED7, 234 MBT (IA), 38-B-28, 870 HYR, 5BTU146, 593 CRB, 2BG X01 (TX), 691-LE-B, 760 GCS, WU5 023, 437 MRK, 3EB703, 4GFS282

*THIRD GROUP (These are from LA, when I returned from CRST training):
4G49993, 4RHP531, 3XDJ568, 4BTB589, 3JMY129, 4MT(E)624, 6S42551, 4CNE962, 4XIM715, SANG8, 4NDM504, 6R63533, 4VXR217, 4VEG508, 3UPM243, 4YIC642, G60QUW (FL)

**[Saturday: 5/15/04 appx 10:00am]: I arrived at "Alvarado Pawn & Jewelry" 2015 W. 6th St. Los Angeles, CA 90057 (213) 413-4440. Already inside was a slender black man 30 - 40 years old, short hair, clean shaven who saluted me as I rang the bell to enter. I have never seen the man before, and I asked if I knew him and he just remained silent. I told the Pawn shop manager that I suspected he was a member of the group stalking me. The manager completed his transaction with this man and he exited the shop. When I left this black man again saluted me, got in his car and followed me to the intersection and to where my car was parked on Westlake. The man smiled at me and revved his engine as he drove past. He was driveing an older gold mercedes. License#: "1MAC360."**

From my research, I believe one this group uses what is called F.A.C.T., First Amendment Chaos and Tactics, which is supposedly borrowed from the militia movement. Apparently this group believes the first amendment protects their "right' to use car horns, shouting and other forms of harrassment to terrorize their targets.

My purpose in providing you with the license plates is to attemp to prove that this is an organized group, and that the individual actions of this group are not simply individual expressions of freedom of speech, but rather organized acts of terror.

BTW, this behavior has continued unabated since I originally contacted you. I could really use some 3rd parrty assistance and advice.

Sincerely, John Wakefield

PS., I will provide you with more license plates as soon as I am able to enter these into Wordpad.

Dear Mr Salazar:

Here are some more of the plates I promised. The vehicles were either following me, "travelling with me" for unnatural distances, waiting for me either just before or just after I made a delivery, blockading me in a parking lot, tailgating me, attempted to stage an accident (those vehicles are so noted) or some other harrassing behavior. Again, I must reiterate that my methods were as scientific as possible under the circumstances. I may have cast my net too wide at times, but; the benefit of that strategy in my mind was not to leave anything out. The vehicles with numbers only as plates I believe were either marked or unmarked police cars, or from some other municipal agency. I do have lists of more vehicles, but; this is all I can handle for now.

I hope some of this is helpful.

Sincerely, John Wakefield file no. 0053






7B91708, 2PHX588


1800711 (TAXI), 4YQT562, 4X94202, SWEEPER, THE GUS


3SVZ174, 6V04216, 5AYH613, 4PJF503


5EP1755, 3UET498, GO DROWN, 3DKA445, 16Z1021, 3STA138, 6L03811










2NZP651, 4BFL607, 4MVE232


3LMC452, 3XMA297, 4CBJ974, 4EDT696, 4JLT436, 7F1850, 4JFK922 (ONE HEADLIGHT), 2PLT526, LA DAD, 5CLC219, 4VLH756, 3XNC574, RRT 868 (OR), 4JK65587, 4VRE879, 3VAV141, 2VON186


3VCT167, 3WNV662, P60KDK, 4WVG799


(FIRE DEPT) 37, 1003902, 4XCF206, 4MEPJ59, EVN STVN, 4WRK450, 1108672 (BURBANK PD), 7D97829




4RIM873, 6K27736, 6R29697, 4MXM795, 4TTM227, 1052571, (FIRE DEPT) 27, 80E, 88


2JQJ508, KHD684, 46MH347, 4MHW247, 5625511, 3NNY540


4URH695, 5DIJ795, 2UTL078, 535TNF (mo), 1814, 4ZBB443, 6L62445, 460RHT (NV), FAZE II, 591943, 5BDX463




4WPY303, 1014806, 1057830, 4CRK070


1156149, 4RHK640, NU STUFF, 1 4 GOD, 4PQM317


















5CNJ450, RYE








ILL GET U, (FIRE DEPT) E82, 8, 97,E12


(FIRE DEPT) 52, 13, 26, IN WORDS




(FIRE DEPT) E1, 86, 30

Dear Mr. Salazar:

Yesterday 5/26/04 was an unusually hard day:

Got quite a parade following me yesterday. I wish I had video tape... BTW, I do have 15 VHS tapes which are unedited. Please let me know if these would be of interest to you, and I will have them copied.


Also, the day after I last contacted your office by email, I was walking toward the AMC 16 theatres in Burbank, and I was approached by a camera crew that claimed to be interviewing people on the topic of "Death & Dying." I was asked which would be the best & worst ways to go. In view of present circumstances this seemed a bit unusual for me. I asked for the name of the production company and they provided my with:

Mindfully Open Productions:
(818) 516-5485
5445 Balboa Blvd.,
Encino, CA 91316

"Bess G Willita"

Could be nothing, I just didn't want to leave it out.

Sincerely, John Wakefield
(818) 726-7186 cell

PS., My current living situation is not safe, there are cars waiting outside of my apartment on a daily basis. I could use someone to look over my shoulder when I come home and leave for work. My car has been vandalized four times in the last 6 weeks; I did file police reports with the LAPD. My stereo was stolen, and my car broken into three times to turn the lights on to drain my battery. The last time destroyed it and I was forced to replace it at a cost of about $80.00. Do you have access to safe houses? The Raiders Nation people, have infested my neighborhood, and some have been moved into my building. These folks can start coughing or whistling campains at a moments notice and turn anyone's home or especailly apartment into a prison cell or torture chamber at will. BTW, this group can print & deploy license plates in less than 4 hours, and the DMV actively assists this group by providing them with ongoing temporary registration, without requiring documents. This allows them to run without license plates indefinitely.


4FUR936, 4C0X713, 6G96930, 1158589 (LAPD), 962231 (HP), J24-HSM, 1631, 4T0V082, 109767D (HP), 15776, 14T9611 (LAPD mc), 5HCD174, 4HCZ987, 95K16 (LAPD mc), 1017456 (LAPD)


10:30 AM (1097345 - HWY PAT), 12:40PM 1086763 (ACCESS SERVICES), 12:50PM 981315, 3UEL220, 4JOY573, 4NHT865, 5BBU343, 5DTJ294, 4XXP411, 4TNT255 (SCHOOL BUS), RBNS RCN, 6B26274, 114201 (HWY PAT), 4HDJD069, 3W0V133, 1086687, 3:15PM 1061301 (HWY PAT), 3:20PM 1096982 (HWY PAT), 3:30PM T25189 (CUSTOMS), 47G131M, 4MBH5766, "4", 6L65321, 1112543 (PARKING ENFORCEMENT), 3PQN233


4XYL282, 5BAF801, 4WMG423, G1240399, 6A49566, 2FPR680, 2XGT816, 364847, 5BIB972, 4GGF034, 5G99538


5DLC054, 5DDS727, 4MYY982, 4JCR676, 10:25 AM 1074954 (LASD - FOLOOWED ME ONTO FWY), L0930 (DP), 4UUK278, 286 KUH (WA), 9R6983 (mc), J1464, 4DSN788, 3XIA008


5Y22347, 1115961 (TRANSIT SECURITY), B8203, 4VXG225,


1158843 (LAPD), 1097600 (LAPD), 2FVA291, 4XDU750, PRNZNA, YETF248



DE76, 4COA763BUD, 5DQM691, 4EYN121, 378694 (FD?), 10:22AM 1113725 (LAPD), 4REM725 (LAPD), 5AWW078, 012178, 55855, 5A0U466, 3GGU065, 16V8085 (mc), 6s75033, 7C7596, 5L17510, JMUBFT, I05FYY (FL), 2MCN880, PASSED BY PARADE OF AT LEAST 20 mc COPS WHEN ENTERING 170 sb AT VICTORY, 5BRD969, 3CJR838, 4S0H757, 7:20 PM 4VIU438 (PULLED BEHIND ME WITH BILNKERS ON WHILE I WAS TRYING TO GET A NAP ON "BOB HOPE DR" IN BURBANK, 8:55PM 4VUY182, 11:00PM 4KTV088

4XLL738 (PRIME TIME SHUTTLE), 6K67247 (NEWS VAN), R78BKD (NJ), 1131791, 1051884 (WATER & POWER), 7B66280, BUH8681, BOIZ, 111519, 995105, ST 4 R1, 4AVU125, 4YTK221, 1103687, 4SZX707, RON52, 4MWD747, 4WUL873, 5AQR095, 3TLM780, 4CYL798, 4TQT896, 4YFV588, 3AVC015, 3XGB865, 1156938, 3VAX023, 4VV7290, 1040254, 1040039, 6X39457 (TAXI CAB), 4HAT833


4WRL669, 4YNT562, 314 (mc), B57FPW (FL), 980ZSI, 6X39591, MEDEX 05, Z4 "ASSAEL (NO PLATE), 5CFL743 (ADT SECURITY), 1016574 (LAPD), 6W51187, XDC 594 (OR), 2ARL262, 5CNR629, 4WHA452, 102993 (LASD)


135220 (LAPD), 6896 (DP), 4WFK218, 4HYV848, 1126972 (LAPD), 5CMC162, 2KWX780, 4HPX639, F543045, K6SMF, 5BAW752, 6K90750, 2RBT983, {4NCN975 (SECURITAS) - (CHASED THROUGH VERNON, CA BY 30+ CARS & FOLLOWED TO EVERY PAY PHONE)}, 735JRU, 3GGX649, 4MYZ246, L6420 (DP), 5FCJ849, GREEN BEETLE (NO PLATE - SANTA MONICA VOLKS WAGEN PLACARD),




5ARR043, 1077117 (LASD), STR PTZ, B11976, 4FWH828, 5U89085, 4WNH189, 4WXR644, 1010202 (LASD), 1040220 (LASD), 3RKE415, JL-N-DOIT (2:35PM TRIED TO GET ME TO RUN INTO HIM) 2:50PM (NEARLY CRASHED AT BEVERLY/VIRGIL 5PTS - LIGHT TIMING CHANGED?)


2HBJ242, 4ZDG809, 5CPP681, CHEVY SIVERADO (NO PLATE), 5ARP168, H3600 (DP), 7A17349, 5FEAR, NSEAL - T6, 4KDJ947, 87AC28 (HWY PAT mc), 4VML414, 4JUX833, 5ARR162, 4YXK704, 6R66758, 5CXG484, 5W95704


BLACK MONTE CARLO (NO PLATE - RYDELL CHEVROLET), 5S69875, 1016433 (LAPD), 295568. DT66367, 7D18531, 5V11888, DTHUDER, ***LIF INS***, 4TMZ325, 6Z64450, 4DRT458, 1092537


2WGC714, 4JTK171, 10:15AM 1016560 (LAFD), 995612 (LAPD), 4SNZ056, 3SKN351, TURSTY, 3PCW812,


3MVZ309, 4S44767, 4ULW516, 4DUG492, 4PEB958, 5DTV565, ZEPOLL, 88A01 (mc), 4YJ4721, 3P42709, 4RGW962, 5BBE906


GREEN F-150 (NO PLATE), SATURN OF WHITTIER (NO PLATE), 4PLN838, C6896 (DP), 4WAD310, 1010477, 4UXP432, 16G6935 (mc), 3PYL966,




g0 AWAY, MYMOVE, N2CHESS, 3STRKSOUT, LWOP, GR8RPWR, LIV HVFN, RUFFEDUP, GATCHU, BCK AGN, JUST1WRD, BST SLLR, AWAKENED, 11SIKES, LA BOOT, NO XCUSE, MR PLOW (This guy tried to RAM me from behind), HOPE4LF (This vehicle pulled in front of me while leaving Steven Yagman's office)


Thursday night 7/1/04 when I broke for lunch at about 8pm, at Carney's hotdogs on Sunset, after making a delivery in the Sunset Plaza area, a Sheriff's deputy pulled into Carney's about 10 mins after I arrived and utterred the same words to one of the cashiers as I did and then left. (I believe he is from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station). His words and mine uttered 10 mins before was: "do you have a restroom here." I used the restroom and ordered food. He used the restroom and then left. His patrol car, parked in a conspicuous place where I could see it had the #9 painted in front of the light-bar. The following evening, a gold toyota p/u pulled in front of me, with no plates, but with the #9 printed on a decal afixed to the rear licence plate recess on the rear bumper. I pulled up to get a look at the driver and it appeared to be the same deputy from the night before.

I realize that this is not an LAPD employee, but; I expect that he will be a very useful individual to question, and it appears he did every thing he could to identify himself, so he shouldn't be hard to find.

Also, when I went to TRIMAR, in Reseda, to donate plasma the next morning, of all things, a white van from Renzenburger, inc showed up: lic. 7E07193, unit 2692, DOT 210768, 800-722-9050. A black female waited in the van from 10:00am until at least 1:30. There was also one black male who came up and talked to her, wearing a Hawiian shirt, and a white male who followed me into a bar accross the street called "Sneaky Peat's," who was also wearing a Hawaiian shirt. It seems I get tailed very heavily whenever I go to donote plasma at this location.

Also on Friday 7/2/04, after makng a delivery downtown, three motorcycle cops, of the LAPD, flashed their strobe lights, and sounded their sirens, but; simply circled my car without pulling me over; the drivers of other cars in traffic were dumbfounded. This was in the vicinity of 700 E 7th street.. After watching where the first cycle cop pulled in, and taking a moment to physically assess the location, it occurred to me that this might be an undercover site. This was located behind a car wash..


PS., They have thrown everything they've had at me for the past three days. It's been quite a crucible to endure..


I was the victim of two rear endings that had suspiciously similar circumstances. It could be nothing, be again it might be something. It at least seems worth including.

Both rear-endings occurred within 1 week after starting work for a courrier service. Both rear endings were from white vehicles with black trim. I thought nothing of it at the time, but; the events seem connected to me now.

The first rear-ending took place on 6/9/2000. This was exactly one week after I started work for Music Express Messenger. The vehcicle was a new Toyota PU, white with black trim. The driver was a young, clean cut latin male with mustache appx 25 years old. He claimed to have no "Driver's License," and no insurance. I thought this was very strange, since he spoke english like a native, appeared well groomed, definitely middle class. He simply handed me a registration card for the vehicle, and I took down the plate number. He pleaded with me, not to use my insurance. I told him I would think about it. When I tried to call him, he was never home, and his roomate had to always take a message. I believe he may have tried to call me back, because, I sometimes would get a call back the same evening, but; I screen my calls, and no one would ever leave a message. Why was this guy so hard to reach, and why if he called back, would not leave a message? This guy sure seemed to not want anyone to be able to reach him. I don't recall his name or license number, but; I did file an accident report with the DMV and my insurance company:

Harleysville Insurance/
Access Claim Administrators, Inc.
PO Box 250087
Atlanta, GA 30325
(800) 817-9744 ph
(770) 220-6585 fx
(800) 533-7439 claims

The second rear-ending took place on 8/29/03

I believe this was within a short-time after starting driving for XXXXXXXXXXX, Inc. I don't recall for sure, but, it also seems like only a week after, I started driving for the company full time, on a regular schedule. Oddly enough the vehicle was also white with black trim. I've been rear ended 5 times in that vehicle over the last 4 years, however; only the two times mentioned here caused damage, and required me to get the other driver's info."

Second rear-ending:

Levon Nadzharyan
11828 Lemay St.,
N Hollywood, CA 91606

2002 Honda Accord Special Edition, 4YXG102

As, I said it could just be coincidence, but: seems kind of fishy to me... Also, one of the gangs that threatened me was AP11, and this young man was Armenian.

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