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It has become clear that the Republican Party is attempting to suppress the vote of people in marginalized communities from Florida to Arizona. A Republican legislator in Michigan has said that they need to "suppress the Detroit vote"--the city of Detroit is over 80 percent people of color--while the head of (flawed) voting machine manafacturer Diebold has promised to deliver the swing state of Ohio to the Republicans.

In response, thousands of activists are traveling to swing states to help protect the hard-won right of marginalized communities to vote and human-rights NGO Global Exchange is sponsoring an international team of election observers.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is conducting their own state by state campaign to keep third-party candidate Ralph Nader off the ballot.

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don´t fucking vote!

kevin 04.Oct.2004 03:05

the image with this article is riduculous. the reason for "their" corruption isn´t because "we" don´t vote; voting is an integral part of that curruption. or, inversaly, curruption is an integral part of the vote. voting is the sign which signifies nothing more than the alienation of each citizen (registered voter) from the system in which they live. the system doesn´t change by voting for someone to change the sysetem (this is especially apparent in the lack of any real difference between polictical canidates, and the impossiblility of any difference appearing on the ballot.

voting will not disolve corruption; it reinforces it by reinforcing dependency and alieanation.

the article itself isn´t sooo bad, it at leasts mentions corruption on the part of the "liberal" party. but fails on all counts to offer any analysis of the reason people don´t vote. apathy is a cop-out.

Garbage from the Isolationist Left

CheisDead 04.Oct.2004 04:44

So the Repulicans all of a suddent are trying to "supress" the vote! Give me a break. Where are the righteous voting rights activist from the bay whenever any election is held in Florida. Are they really interested in voting rights, or just wanting to make sure their priviledged leader ("Kerry") is illegally voted into office like they tried to do with Gore.

Give me a Break

Finally I am giving another comment 04.Oct.2004 07:25

"voting will not disolve corruption;"

You are right!! There will Always be a corrupt government in certain ways. Theres no problem with voting but the way it is Done, is the Problem! You vote a person in office and Leave him THERE with NO accountability for his Actions and just let him DO just anything he darn well pleases and NO Wonder you have LOTS of demontrations and Protests!!!??? Another problem is OF Course the Presidency and the Polical offices attract bad or evil people is Because look at ALL the MONEY $$$$ we paid him!! I've heard of All the vacations he's had and I just am weary with almost constantly looking after my roommate and the house and Not being able to go anywhere and Guess What? I would Love even a week just to go and do nothing but what I want to do!!
I blame the system and the people who Don't change things like for instance - put in law or in a contract that if the Official or President doesn't toe line - in a reasonable way then he is Fired; as simple as that!!! Give him a 6 months or a year even and see what he does and then he is accountable to real Honest People that have OUR Best interests at heart and then if he doesn't lets say take care of the Environment...then get someone else in there!
Thats NOT too hard to do is it? Maybe you can spread the word and put this suggestion up before a lot of Officials. It may help, you never know!
As for the Garbage comment:
it won't work what you said - NO ONE is that stupid to fall for your LIES!! Yes, the Republicans are trying to Stop people from going out to vote! I've read it on the Internet news myself!
Kerry will be voted into office illegally??? Unbelievable what you said! It was Katherine Harris who removed voters from the voter rolls! So then it would appear that bush got more votes then Gore!!
See it for yourself and you will know the Truth(as if you care about the Truth):
Most of the Republicans want is to lie, cheat and steal their way to the White House to take care of the corporations and if Kerry got in, then the corporations would be put in their place and NOT get all those "special" priveledges they think they want and are entitled too?? You know, we can just STOP shopping at those corp's and then we'll see who Really Has the Power! They treat US like we are a nobody, but WHO gave the money to them in the 1st Place...da da

Vote for Kerry

FOS 04.Oct.2004 16:34

John Kerry shot old men, women and children in the back in VietNam because they were minorities who were inferior to white Americans, and he admitted it. It is documented in the Congressional Record. So maybe he is a better choice for the next President of The United States of America!

Easy, vote Nader.

a swede 05.Oct.2004 13:30

There really is a choice.
So simple, vote Bush or Kerry and you get more of the same thing.
Israel are killing palestinians and tearing down homes borderline to ethnic cleansing. Israel has WMD.
Kerry supports Israel. (See 'Check point' The film was first screened at Amsterdam's International Documentary Film Festival, where it received the prestigious Joris Ivens Award for best documentary.)
The military idustrial complex gets 500 billion dollars a year. Kerry wants to spend more, not kill off the military idustrial complex.
He is for the idea of pre-emptive strike.
Deep down I think he is a Bush wannabe. It's his wife...

Nader is change.
Vote Nader!
A Federal Budget that Puts Human Needs Before Corporate Greed and Militarism
(  http://www.votenader.org/issues/index.php?cid=14 )
The United States needs a redirected federal budget that adequately funds the crucial priorities like infrastructure, transit and other public works, schools, clinics, libraries, forests, parks, sustainable energy and pollution controls. The budget should move away from the deeply documented and criticized (by the US General Accounting Office, retired Admirals and Generals and others) wasteful, redundant “military industrial complex” as President Eisenhower called it, as well as corporate welfare and tax cuts for the wealthy that expand the divide between the luxuries of the rich and the necessities of the poor and middle class.

Ask to Chavez

Dante 05.Oct.2004 15:23

que le pregunten al presidente de venezuela chavez, como se hace eso de robarse los votos, el seguro le puede dar unas recomendaciones a los republicanos ;-)

If you must play the game at least try to win it, if only in a subtle way!

ray of hope 05.Oct.2004 19:07

I do apologize, but you all must look at the bigger picture here, and be a bit more rational.

Nader will not win (simply impossible), but he will asuredly take votes away from John Kerry.
Do you remember what happened last election at all?!?!?!

You can not stop the government and voteing procedures, get over it.
If a revolution is to happen it's not going to happen because some people decide to "throw in the towel" and not vote at all. (look at the power they took back with Chavez)

At least we are able to vote this year, vote now or you might not have the chance to fairly vote or vote at all ever again!!! They ARE trying hard to corrupt this election on an even larger scale than the 2000 election....why? because they have to, people are wisening up and pissed off!!

Simple huh?

Fascist Is As Fascist Does

Lloyd Hart 05.Oct.2004 23:16

Head Punk
Head Punk

Fascist Is As Fascist Does!

A petition drive to demand Senator John Kerry, Ralph Nader, the Green Party and the independents file a lawsuit declaring that unless these electronic voting machines are removed and replaced with paper ballots there will be no free and fair elections in America in 2004.

The Election Is Already Stolen.

A Petition Drive.

By Lloyd Hart

So if the election is already stolen, why bother right? Wrong! There has never been a moment in America's history (a history of stolen elections) when the opportunity arose so fortuitously to actually instill democracy into what has essentially been the buying and selling of power in America that began with the buying and selling of the so-called American Revolution.

>From propertied white men to Jim-Crow through Suffrage to the Dixiecrats to the blacklists to the assassinations to the covert and not so covert white supremacy of the U.S. Senate. To Democratic poll workers in Roxbury Massachusetts telling black voters in election 2000 that they only had 10 minutes to vote so that they would only vote the top of the ticket leaving the local white supremacy intact. To the ethnic and political cleansing of the voter lists in Florida along with false military absentee ballots nation wide to the creeping but most successful form of election theft in America's history the decades in development computerized voting machine that has been proven wide open for the instant changing of tabulations of the of vote by talented and bribed election software workers through hands-on interruptions or wireless laptops with the necessary communications devices and key codes installed or even possibly by satellite transmission. If you think Jeb Crow Bush won election 2002 by 13 percentage points or for that matter won Florida (where 62 percent of precincts have these electronic voting machines) after what happened in election 2000 just put your head back down go back to work and stop worrying about your democracy or your children's future. Happy happy America!


Just for the sake of argument suspend everything you've been taught about democracy in America since you were a little child and imagine that a group of men with huge sums money developed computerized voting machines to better steal elections with and then had the tenacity to have the taxpayer pay for them with the Help America Vote Act signed into law by George W. Crow Bush (  http://www.commondreams.org/views04/0225-05.htm ) placing them in voting precincts across America enough to affect the votes of 50 million Americans.

So let's say this group of men have control of the election regardless of how many more votes are put into the system through voter registration and voter drives that bring millions more voters' into the game as Congressman Wexler has discovered:


 http://www.wexler.house.gov/pressreleases/060804.htm .

Let's just say the election is already stolen and that no election no matter where these electronic voting machines are used these elections that are being stolen are rigged not to come close enough to automatically trigger mandated recounts (renderings any paper trail printout mute) and that the theft across-the-board is rigged to make the election look as though it turned on the percentage captured by so-called spoiler seemingly making the election look as though the challenger could not bring together his coalition to win the election.

An outcome that fits perfectly within the plausible deniability program that rattles around the lead poisoned brain of the nation, Washington D.C. which will then be regurgitated by the brain's PR rep the corporate media. This outcome would explain why Republicans are aiding the spoiler (OK I will use his name) Ralph Nader to get on the ballot.

If I am right and this is the game that's a foot for this fall's election here in America then America needs more than outside international election observers. Democrats, Nader's Raders, Greens along with all the independent political parties in the U.S. must either join and change congressman Wexler's federal lawsuit to have these electronic voting machines removed from this year's election or even better have John Kerry, Ralph Nader and the Greens etc. file a lawsuit declaring that unless these electronic election machines are removed and replaced with paper ballots there will be no free and fair elections in America in 2004.
Not that there ever was I know but like I said we have never had a better opportunity to instill democracy in America by proving that the election systems in America are so completely broken that they must be completely swept aside and replaced by simple paper ballots which would separate local election days from federal election days as well as making ballot access to independent parties much easier making it easier for Americans to actually be responsible for the nation in which we live.

I recognize that the Democrats will be the immediate beneficiary of the removal of the machines but the removal of the machines will spawn a movement for greater reforms such as easier ballot access for independent parties which is the single most important reform that can occur in America's Faux democracy.

And there is of course the other scenario that presidential candidate Senator John Kerry has already made his deal with the conservative elites to leave them in control of the oil in Iraq in exchange for the election and that Senator John Kerry will not lower the Pentagon's budget and that he will only go for repealing one-third of rich people's tax cut off, he signs the Patriot Act 2 in its present form etc. etc.. And as for health care? He will faux a try but just won't be able to get it through Congress. This might explain why Kerry is running such a right wing campaign.

This is why I propose a petition to demand Senator John Kerry, Ralph Nader, the Green Party and the independents file a lawsuit declaring that unless these electronic election machines are removed and replaced with paper ballots there will be no free and fair elections in America in 2004.

Here I'll start it:

Lloyd Hart

Send all lists to me and I'll update them and post them on  http://indymedia.org and  http://dadapop.com



The Fight Is On In Ohio

Clamor Magazine editor 06.Oct.2004 00:01

From the Clamor blog: Sound familiar: a swing state, some improper ballots, and a very partisan Republican Secretary of State issuing directives designed to minimize voter participation. This Florida 2000 scenario is looking increasingly likely to play out in Clamor's very own home state of Ohio. Read the full article

Beyond Voting Campaign

Beyond Voting Campaign 06.Oct.2004 07:47

The Beyond Voting Campaign [ http://www.beyondvoting.org] is calling for our election year debate to expand beyond Democrats versus Republicans to the larger issue of whether the U.S. will be a Democracy or an Empire. We will be helping communities mobilize from the ballot boxes on November 2nd to the streets on November 3rd with a national campaign of mass non-cooperation if Bush is elected, if the elections are canceled, or if there is overt election fraud again. No matter who wins, we will be uniting to open up a new political space to define democracy as grassroots and participatory.

If we want to live in a real democracy voting at the ballot box is not enough! We have to vote with our feet, our hands, our voices and our imaginations every day of the year. What can you organize in your community?

Outdated and Unsubstantiated

CheisDead 06.Oct.2004 18:33


Followed the link. Nice presentation, nothing more. The opinions stated are not corrobated. Followed the links the outdated (2001) article of any interview.

The civil right abuses alleged by the NAACP were dismised. The numbers, and the conspiracy behind them are baseless and exaggerated. The premise of the argument would have you believe that had all those "purged" off the voting rolls the outcome of the election would have been effected.

Hell, if Gore would have won his own state the outcome of the election would have changed. The nice "promo" is nothing more than hyperbole. No facts just a lot of "what ifs"

AFL-CIO Terror Squads

CheisDead 06.Oct.2004 18:34

I guess any election where the outcome is not what you expected must be rigged, or stolen right? Are you so naive to think that the majority of voters on any single issue may actually disagree with your opinions?

GWB didn't steal the 2000 election any more than Gore did. Gore, and his psychic lawyers wanted to "interpret" the intent of the voter in only 3 democratic heavy counties because it wasn't the outcome they wanted. In my opinion that's no better than GWB.

On the issue of theft, the socialist Nazis at the AFL-CIO organized a mass criminal act to intimidate, harass free speech and voter in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. AFL-CIO members violent harassed and criminally trespassed Bush campaign headquarters. The AFL-CIO terror squad is unhappy that people may have a disagreement of opinion. The terror squad actually wants to suppress free speech and assembly through physical intimidation. What's next? AFL-CIO death squads!
' http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/9845252.htm

Where are Bay voting rights activist? Where is J. Carter condemning such acts of voter intimidation and affront to civil rights? Narrow-minded, fascist hypocrites.

There is a choice!

"Radical, Pacifist, Libertarian, Nut-Job" 09.Oct.2004 21:41

There is a choice in America other than Bush/Kerry! You can vote for Michael Badnarik the Libertarian candidate.

Visit the site and learn about true freedom.

Michael puts the "FREE" in Freedom (my catch-phrase inspired by: Trey Parker and Matt Stone).