FBI took the hard drives of IMC servers in the UK

The FBI issued an order to Rackspace in the US (Indymedia's provider with offices in the US and London) to physically remove one of our servers. The order was so short term that Rackspace had to give away our hard drives in the UK.

The servers hosted numerous local IMCs. If you find a site is down: that might be the reason

The reason why the hard drives were taken are unknown. check here for more (and regularly updated) background information.

homepage:: http://

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additional background information.

Sascha Meinrath 07.Oct.2004 19:03

more information at: www.ucimc.org

Quote from BoingBoing is full of crap the way it jumps to conclusions

Waldo 07.Oct.2004 19:18

Here is the quote about this from the blog website BoingBoing...

Rackspace complied and handed the server over to the FBI, but they must have felt bad because they are building us a new server that will be online as soon as possible, oh and they apologized for the abruptness because they think that they are "required to comply with all federal orders of this nature". The servers hosted numerous local IMCs including Belgium and African imcs, Palestine, UK, Germany, and Brasil, Italy, Uruguay, Poland, Belgrade, Portugal, and more. We are unaware as to the reasons for this at this time. We suspect it has to do with an FBI request that we take down a post on the Nantes IMC that had a photo of some undercover Swiss police. They claimed there was threats and personal information, but there was nothing of the sort. The undercover police that were photographed on the page were photographing protesters. Rackspace is a US company, but have colocation in the UK where these servers are (err, were) located. So this is about Swiss police, on a French site, on a server in England, taken away by American federal police... can I be the first to say WTF?!

What a bunch of knee jerk crap that turns into by the end. He goes from "I have this theory" to "WTF?". He completely talks himself into making a conclusion, basically with no facts.

for Indymedia UK go now to: http://uk.indymedia.org/

kwik thyme 07.Oct.2004 20:04

Indymedia UK replacement now up on  http://uk.indymedia.org/ till something better is found.

Time To Decentralize

@ 07.Oct.2004 20:09

Time to invest in more decentralized IMC servers to keep one attack on free speech from taking down so many IMCs.

Courts issue orders

Devin T-O 07.Oct.2004 20:12

Just to be clear: the FBI does not issue orders. Courts issue orders. The FBI may request that a US Attorney seek a search warrant or subpoena from a court. If Rackspace is not commenting, this probably means there is a gag order, as there was the last time something like this happened in 2002.

CMI Brasil

Brasileiro 07.Oct.2004 20:41

O endereço  http://www.midiaindependente.org ainda não está levando ao site do CMI-Brasil.

Porém, a URL  http://brasil.indymedia.org já está funcionando.

Até alguns minutos atrás, as duas URLs estavam sem funcionar.

FBI does give orders

Anonymous 07.Oct.2004 22:05

The FBI does give orders like that without a court involved. The PATRIOT act allows the FBI to issue such orders without having to bother with a court (no, not even a FISA court). I expect the other servers, including backups, to go down at any time. This would be a good time to set up a system where all indymedia sites are also on Freenet, which is immune to this kind of thing.

So, what have we learned?

synonym 07.Oct.2004 22:49

At least something, i hope?
Encrypted partition next time? GPG? Data haven?
Backups using SSH + Rsync? Failover?
Configured failover? Proper backups?
Sensitive data + encrypted archives on P2P? 'Freenet'?
Non-sensitive data in archive on P2P? 'Freenet'?

Whatever Indymedia learned i hope its at least something useful...


link 07.Oct.2004 23:07

Slashdot: Your Rights Online: Indymedia Server Raided by FBI

The iron triangle strikes back

c 07.Oct.2004 23:16

bring em `ome
bring em `ome

whos behind the conspiracy?
whos behind the conspiracy?

may the force be with us

re: court issues orders

shantyhag 07.Oct.2004 23:42

It's true, American's used to have that thin line of security that was judicial review of subpoenas, but the "Patriot Act" has given wide latitude to the FBI to act without a subpoena.

Can you imagine a US judge demanding-- or even thinking they had the right to demand-- that a server hosted in a foreign county be surrendered to US authorities? It seems like overzealous g-men overstepping their bounds... or at least what used to be their bounds.

FBI Rules....

insurgent against indymedia 08.Oct.2004 00:14

It's about fucking time (hee hee)

Why do you think?

Sgt. Rock 08.Oct.2004 01:05

Why do you think the servers were taken? It's because you're a bunch of radical anarchist/socialists - which seems to be a contridiction - who have done violence in the past and advocate violence in the future. Plus, you guys like to flaunt your support for terrorists. That makes you someone to watch.

Google's Cache of the Nantes IMC Web Page

@ 08.Oct.2004 01:38

Google's cache of the Nantes IMC web page in question. (Sorry, no pix!) If anyone has the pix, please post a link.

FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK

link 08.Oct.2004 04:06

FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK
07 Oct 2004 22:00 GMT

Legal basis in UK

D 08.Oct.2004 07:04

What legal basis do the FBI have to do this in the UK??

original nantes post

upst 08.Oct.2004 08:05


swiss cops

made_up 08.Oct.2004 08:15

i copied the nantes page with the swiss cops from somewhere in the US. i am posting it here, zipped together as one package, about 500Kb. seems like this has been spread all over the net in the meantime as i've seen it in 4-5 sites already.

se ha logrado poner el sitio en marcha de nuevo.

nebur 08.Oct.2004 09:24

de indymedia esukalherria:

Por orden federal de los EEUU requisado el servidor que albergaba a Indymedia Euskal Herria y otros webs de indymedia
Indymedia Euskal Herria, 2004-10-07 22:59

Última hora - 01:00h: El sitio tras cuatro horas caido vuelve a ser plenamente accesible gracias al trabajo arduo del equipo de indymedia global

00:00h: Lista de todos los indymedias afectados - Ambazonia, Uruguay, Andorra, Polonia, Western mass, Radio, UK, Antwerpen, Nice, Nantes, Lille, Euskal Herria, Liege, Oost-vlaanderen, Belgrade, West-vlaanderen, Portugal, Prague, Marseille, Galiza, Germany media, Italia y Brasil

00:00h: Publicadas de nuevo en un nuevo sitio web las fotos de los policías suizos que puede haber originado esta intervención:  http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/mtoups/nantes/copsinnantes.htm

El FBI ha requisado los discos duros de la empresa Rackspace que ofrecía sus servicios a indymedia. Aunque no se saben los motivos, ya que no han sido expresados en la orden federal, se sabe que el FBI informó al proveedor de Servicios de Indymedia en los EEUU que las autoridades Suizas habían denunciado las fotos de unos policías suizos.

Hoy jueves 7 de octubre, el FBI ha enviado una orden a Rackspace, una empresa que tiene oficinas en EEUU y en Londres. Debido al poco tiempo que ha tenido la empresa, esta ha entregado sus discos duros y ha dejado invisibles en la red a muchos nodos locales de indymedia, entre ellos Indymedia Euskal Herria. También han caido, los indymedias de Bélgica, África, Uruguay, Palestina y Brasil entre otros.

El origen que ha motivado esta acción del FBI procede de un mensaje publicado en Indymedia Nantes en el cual aparecerían fotografiados varios policías encubiertos de Suiza.

A principios de octubre el FBI se dirigió al Proveedor de Servicios de Indymedia. Querían informar sobre la denuncia de la policía suiza por el artículo identificatorio aparecido en Indymedia Nantes. Al responderles qué tenía que ver el gobierno de los EEUU en un litigio entre las autoridades suizas un sitio web francés, los agentes del FBI respondieron que se trataba de cortesía con el gobierno suizo. Los agentes del FBI aclararon que no se trataba de ninguna ilegalidad y que ningún crimen había sido realizado. Al no pedir que se realizara ninguna acción se dió el asunto por cerrado.

El martes 5 de octubre los responsables de rackspace enviaron una nota a indymedia explicando que habían intentado ponerse en contacto con Indymedia pero no se había recibido respuesta ninguna. Al no saber que ocurría se especulaba por el asunto de la queja de los policias Suizos sobre lo aparecido en Indymedia Nantes. No obstante los responsables de rackspace pensaron que el tema quedó cerrado.

El jueves 7 de octubre, Rackspace recibe una orden federal de urgente cumplimiento pidiendo los discos duros del servidor ahimsa donde estaban albergados Indymedia Nantes, Euskal Herria, Bélgica, Uruguay, Brasil....

En un tiempo record se ha logrado poner el sitio en marcha de nuevo.

alternative network concept

oli.w 08.Oct.2004 12:55

perhaps it's time to think about more redundant network concepts at indymedia to avoid state-controled forces to attack indymedia. at heise.de, a german it information site, someone postet a comment to do some p2p-styled network, to publish content redundant - than no one can crash the system again, because all contents are spread over multiple computers over the network. at least one should think about if its useful to trust your servers to commercial providers or if it isnt more useful to build up own autonomous infrastructures...

for the germans:
vieleicht sollte man jetzt darüber nachdenken ein redundanteres netzwerk bei indymedia aufzubauen, um staatlich kontrolierte kräfte daran zu hindern, indymedia derart anzugreifen. bei heise.de hat jemand im forum einen beitrag gepostet, in dem ein p2p-ähnliches netzwerk vorgeschlagen wurde um die inhalte zu redundanter verbreiten, so kann bei einem angriff niemand eine solche lücke reissen, da die inhalte über das ganze netzwerk auf vielen rechnern verteilt angeboten werden. wenigstens sollte man darüber nachdenken, ob es sinnvol ist, seine server kommerziellen providern anzuvertrauen oder ob es nicht sinnvoller wäre, eigene autonome infrastrukturen zu schaffen...

regards / grüße
oli.w, berlin, germany

Festpletten Beschlagnahme

Meier Klaus Freier Internationaler Bürger Interessen Vertrter ( kurz B-I-V ) 08.Oct.2004 13:03

Hallo Leute,

könnte mir vorstellen das die Festplatten nicht das einzigste ist was die wollen.

Meine Theorie, es soll Indymedia zerschlagen werden, mit dme Hintergrund der neoliberalistischen Gesellschaft
und den Regierungen mehr Freiheit zu geben, in dem man die Beweiße die Indymedia ja un wiedersprochen liefert.

Ich würde vorschlagen das wir möglichst viel Daten erst mal sichern, den ich denke die kommen bald wieder und machen Indymedia ganz Dicht.

Gerade jetzt in der Fase des Umbruchs ist das ein Taktischer Schachzug, um eben auch Zeit und Raum zu Gewinnen.

Zum Hintergrund warum ich so Denke ist zu sagen, wir weißen immer auf den Demos in Europa darauf hin das bei Indymedia die Richtig Wahren Zahlen der Demos zu erfahren sind, und weitere Hintergrund Informationen zu finden sind.

Wir müßen uns schnell etwas überlegen um hier gegen zu steuern, sie Arbeiten mit allen Tricks diese Säcke.

Ich schlage vor wir machen eine einen Scan um die geldenden Daten aus den Knoten zu sichern.

MfG Mk B-I-V

more discussion on infoshop

link 08.Oct.2004 16:33

Infoshop discussion

Head Punk

Lloyd Hart 08.Oct.2004 17:29

I just got off the phone with a person in the FBI press office who did not want to be identified who claimed the FBI knew nothing about this matter but when I dug a bit further he admitted that other news agencies had been calling about this matter.

When I stated that Rackspace was a US owned company and that the subpeona had been served in the UK offices of Rackspace he told me that I should call Scotland Yard because the UK is outside the FBI's jurisdiction.

Lloyd Hart

Write People, like congress

jaynicks 08.Oct.2004 18:08

Write your senator and congressional rep.


A note might look something like:

Dear ....

Would you be so kind as to start looking into why and how the FBI siezed two IndyMedia servers in England? More information may be had from Rackspace.com and from  http://www.indymedia.com and  http://boston.indymedia.com

On the face of it it would seem an egregious violation of jurisdictions and a thuggish assault on the free press.

Thank you for your consideration,

your name...

what about web logs?

a paranoid geek 08.Oct.2004 19:21

It is not clear if the disks taken contained "only" the websites, or also the access
logs for the websites. This latter information would allow the FBI to know who/when/how
is surfing Indymedia. By the way it all sounds so strange: if they only wanted to remove
ONE ARTICLE, why should they take away all those IMC's ???

If they had enough power to do that "legally", I'm sure they could just as "legally"
impose Rackspace to remove just that single article!!

BTW I totally agree, there should be thousands of servers, not just one. Freenet
could be an interesting idea, as well as any other method to just offer some space
if you have a server running, I'm sure enough people would do that. Another possibility
would be to periodically publish backups for people to download, divided in small chunks, such that lost sites could be quickly restored.

I'm really shocked, I never realized it would be so easy to bring down something as
huge as Indy!!

Go on guys, we need you!!

To the person recommending encrypted partitions

me 08.Oct.2004 19:39

Indymedia exists solely to give independent news reports the widest publication possible. The information security needs of the network are thus:

Protect the anonymity of submitters
Prevent denial of service
Prevent Unauthorized changes to the system
Prevent impersonation

Protecting anonymity of submitters can easily be handled by using SSL (with a properly signed certificate) for submissions and comments, and not keeping certain log information
Prevent Denial of Service
There are basically two threats to consider: Network flow based attacks, and disabling of servers.
Network flow attacksAre when someone employs a large number of computers to exceed the available bandwidth of the servers, disrupting legitimate communications.
Disableing of serversWhenever an act of god or an act of man cuts power or communication lines to the computer, damages it beyond use, or removes it from the datacentre.

Both types of denial of service can be countered by having multiple redundant servers geographically seperate, in different jurisdictions. It may also bear considering keeping features and the open newswire in seperate datacentres lest someone give law enforcement an excuse to seize the open newswire server by posting a threat against a head of state etc.

Prevent Unauthorized changes to the systemThis implies all the usual advice about firewalls, IDSs, SSH, etc.
Prevent impersonationThis can be achieved by encouraging people to upload GnuPG signatures along with their stories as an attachment.

I don't see how encrypted partitions could possibly help Indymedia. Indymedia has nothing to hide.

More coverage

Anon 08.Oct.2004 19:44


Bloggers have started too.


Henry 08.Oct.2004 20:15

This is horrible. To where shall we direct protests and demands for return of the materials? A time to be angry, rather than afraid.

New FBI Quote

Lloyd Hart 08.Oct.2004 20:20

An FBI Agent who would again not identify himself entirely provided the official quote from the FBI PR dept. at this phone number 202-324-3691.

The official FBI Quote at 2:00 p.m.: "Not our matter, we're not involved."

Lloyd Hart

The hosting industry has taken notice

Anonymous web host 08.Oct.2004 20:55


Certainly, the hosting industry is watching these events unfold, and our industry pubs will cover it, as they have otehr instances of servers being seized.

More details on the FBI's theft of IMC news servers

Cryptome Repost 08.Oct.2004 21:37

The following reply from Rackspace was posted at Cryptome.org (along with more discussion and details) at:

8 October 2004. Ms. Drusch responds for Rackspace:

Subject: RE: Media Inquiry on Indy Media
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 13:45:30 -0700
From: "Annalie Drusch"
To: "John Young"

Hi John--

All I am able to provide is a statement we've prepared:

In the present matter regarding Indymedia, Rackspace Managed Hosting, a
U.S. based company with offices in London, is acting in compliance with
a court order pursuant to a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), which
establishes procedures for countries to assist each other in
investigations such as international terrorism, kidnapping and money
laundering. Rackspace responded to a Commissioner's subpoena, duly
issued under Title 28, United States Code, Section 1782 in an
investigation that did not arise in the United States. Rackspace is
acting as a good corporate citizen and is cooperating with international
law enforcement authorities. The court prohibits Rackspace from
commenting further on this matter.

For additional information on the MLAT, please visit


Annalie Drusch
Director, Corporate Communications
Rackspace Managed Hosting



Luke 09.Oct.2004 00:49

When I worked at Seattle IMC, they were deploying a decentralized publishing system called Mir, resistant to these kinds of attacks. This kind of thing shows the necessity of such decentralized systems, and of strong decentralized cryptosystems for protecting data. Every time the FBI does something like this it reminds programmers like me how important it is to participate in these projects. The only way to respond to this is to create more secure and redundant systems...Perhaps dicussions about integrating indymedia content into peer to peer networks is in order, so people can download software that automatically mirrors Indymedia content on p2p networks, creating more vast redundancy than systems like Mir provide.

Seizure of logs

jaynicks 09.Oct.2004 02:34

Perhaps explainng the seizure of the servers for the purpose of getting who posted the Nantes photos is too simple. If the FBI could get Rackmounts's complicity for stealing real and private property, did they not already have the logs? Doh! I mean, what is the FBI going to do with an Id? Send in CIA assasins? Sue in Jacksonville, Florida? Naw.

To me this seems a simple assault on the free press, like sending in thugs to trash a dissident press in Russia, Zimbabwe or any other corrupt third world country like the US or the UK.

Portugal back online

kya 09.Oct.2004 03:24

After a night of hard work Portugal indymedia is back online

Who are the people photo'd

jaynicks 09.Oct.2004 04:19

The background information on IndyMedia says that the basis for the seizures were

"In the present matter regarding Indymedia, Rackspace Managed Hosting, a U.S. based company with offices in London, is acting in compliance with a court order pursuant to a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), which establishes procedures for countries to assist each other in investigations such as international terrorism, kidnapping and money laundering."

So the question is, "Which are the people in the pictures: international terrorists, kidnappers, or money launderers?"

Such scuzz should be arrested and confined for life, n'est ce pas? IndyMedia should be glad if the servers help arrest them.

Thank you, Rackmount, for helping to get such slime off the streets.


p.s. Everyone loves sarcasm, n'est ce pas?

no justice no peace.

peacefull citroen 09.Oct.2004 08:08

no more. no more.


p.s.: fight capilizm worldwide.

pp.s.: boomerang

ppp.s.: london

pppp.s.: barcelona

ppppp.s: world.....rizom

pppppp.s.: r for revolution now (democracy)
to the dem9rts.

das lassen wir uns doch wohl nicht bieten.



NICE.INDYMEDIA << version francaise (Nice+Lille+Nantes après saisie du serveur)

anonymous 09.Oct.2004 11:43

Toutes les infos en français et autres sont aussi
publiées sur le site de  http://nice.indymedia.org,
qui vient de ressortir ses backups après la saisie du serveur.
C'est un site qui converge NICE, LILLE et NANTES.

C'est important de les soutenir, de les aider et de publier car Nice
est une ville très proche de l'italie (voire un peu italienne),
et rappelons que c'est une ville qui souffre d'un fachisme à
peine déguisé marié à la mafia proche du
paradis fiscal, blanchisseur d'argent sale : Monaco.

Comme d'habitude, ce sont ceux qui ne sont pas sous les feux de la
rampe qui bossent le plus : un theme  http://nice.indymedia.org/rubrique_theme.php3?id_mot=12
et un récapitulatif  http://nice.indymedia.org/article.php3?id_article=7079

Leur message :
[09/10/04 : LE SITE EST
ACTUELLEMENT COMMUN AUX IMC NICE + LILLE + NANTES ] | fil thématique sur la situation |
(((i))) Nice vous prie de bien
vouloir l'excuser pour cette Interruption Momentanée Indépendante
de sa Volonté.
lL se peut que certaines Contributions des 30 derniers jours ne soient
plus en ligne. Nous remercions leurEs auteurEs de bien vouloir nous en
excuser et les prions de croire que nous mettons tout en oeuvre pour
les y rétablir au plus vite.
[imc-nice] Rétabl(((i)))
 se propose d'accueillir tous
les imc qui le désireraient
 tient à saluer le collectif politique d'intervention qui
désormais l'héberge.
N(((i)))zza Rebella

GO and sue the Creator filth.

King Amdo 09.Oct.2004 12:50

You're in very very serious trouble.

What are we up against?...

King Amdo 09.Oct.2004 13:08

For the overstanding read the second comment by me...


Allah Akbar

King Amdo


DIESELPUNX 09.Oct.2004 16:16

F ate
B ig
I dioten!!!

here's something ...

... 09.Oct.2004 20:41

Indymedia is not and never has been intended to be a repository for "sensitive information" of any kind. It's a PUBLISHING MECHANISM. The nuisance factor in having servers seized is entirely in their loss to us as tools for this purpose. If you're worried about the Man getting his hands on your secrets, keep them off the internet in the first place. IMHO.

Write to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

@ 10.Oct.2004 00:06

Write to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to cover this attack on free speech. They cover first amendment issues. You can e-mail them at  rcfp@rcfp.org or visit their web site at:
to submit comments, leads, tips and other information on the FBI theft of Indymedia's news servers.

Let Ask the italian Minister of telecomunication

ALe 10.Oct.2004 22:42

Let's ask fos some explenation to this email address:


More Clues Point To Italy's Role In UK IMC Shutdown

@ 10.Oct.2004 23:45

Article (in Italian):

You can get a poor translation of the Italian article (above) here:

Just plug in the URL above and be sure to select Italian->English option. If someone can translate the article from Italian and post it here, it would be much appreciated.

Swiss Prosecutor Behind Theft of UK IMC Server Identified

@ 11.Oct.2004 03:43

An english translation of a Swiss news report which identifies the Swiss prosecutor who requested the seizure of Indymedia's servers. Someone should sue this free-speech-hating thug. The claim that the name and address of the police officers pictured had been posted on Nantes IMC is a flat-out lie. Anyone can check the original article in Google's cache from nantes IMC and see that no personal information was posted there: only pictures of the undercover Swiss pigs.

Translation of Swiss news report at:

Indymedia site closed by the FBI - investigation open in Geneva

GENEVA - the server which hosts Indymedia's local antiglobalization web sites was closed by the FBI on request of Italy and Switzerland. The Geneva prosecutor opened an investigation after the identities of police appeared on the web sites sites. "I opened an investigation but I will not say any to you more", declared prosecutor Daniel Zappelli on Saturday. Wednesday, the two Genevese police in charge of investigating the G8 riots in 2003 had their photographs posted anonymously, including the address and the name of one of them, on the French site Indymedia-Nantes. The Attorney General of Geneva did not want to confirm if the FBI had acted with its request. The American ISP which hosts several local Indymedia web sites was closed by persons in charge of the American ministry of justice at the request of Italy and of Switzerland, an FBI spokesman declared Friday. "It is not an FBI operation. The assignment was made in the name of third country (Italy and Switzerland) by persons in charge for the American ministry for justice against an ISP, Rackspace, which provides of space to Indymedia", added the spokesman. On its side, the international Federation of journalists (FIJ) required an investigation into the operation carried out against the site. It claims the seizure appears to be an attempt "at intimidation", it indicated on its Internet site. The FIJ, whose seat is in Brussels, calls for "an investigation into the police operation carried out in Great Britain in co-operation with other agencies, which involved the temporary closing of 21 of some 140 Internet sites of Indymedia in the world".


encrypted disks

ole 11.Oct.2004 13:21

Sad thing,

but I think, you will get things running again and prepare better for the next time, right ;) ?

[I don't see how encrypted partitions could possibly help Indymedia. Indymedia has nothing to hide.]

Well, if the FBI was interested in, for example, the Server logs - then it would be a pain in the ass to get the information for an FBI-Punk, if the disk is encrypted.

The distributed network, i don't think it's a good idea, because those small isles of indymedia good be smashed the same way - and then ? All the information lost again ?

May be an central indymedia mirror would be a good thing.

still wondering why they do that - I mean, it doesn't really harm indymedia, or ? Another Host provider could be found easy - and even the documents/images (can be)/(are) found again. When they want information - what can be found there ? I can only think of the logs...

Don't let your time get stolen by FBI-Bots. :)

Best wishes and greetz,

distributed networking

Babyboomer 11.Oct.2004 16:40

When I first read the article about Indymedias hard drives being confiscated my emotional reaction was one of fear. I have read several pros and cons on using freenet or something like it. I have tried freenet at home on a moderately slow dialup modem connection and on a very fast network connection at work. Both are very slow. I think that people would be frustrated and impatient to use something at that speed.

However, it might be a good idea to look for alternatives. The day might come when the power elite may really try to restrict news. I have seen this in the cards for some time. This not paranoia but common sense. There is also the issue of annonymity that we need to be concerned with. Did these drives have user logs on them? Even with a dchp connection, my name, etc. can be traced. Is this paranoia? No, I don't think so. Not with Bush, Cheney and Rumseld in control of the reins.

We could have to revert to some other type of technology to protect ourselves and to issue the flow of information which is vital to our empowerment.

Mirror and backups are the answer

admin2 11.Oct.2004 19:03

Simple measures are available to help back up and distribute indymedia sites. The simplest is
wget -m

This mirrors the web site, if possible, run it from a web-accessible directory.
wget is available for all Unix distributions and also windows at  http://wget.sunsite.dk/

This simple solution has its problems but we need to do something right away and not wait for pie-in-the-sky solutions like freenet.

I agree that encrypting the filesystem is unimportant. Logging should turned off on the webserver anyways, or redirected to /dev/null. In the worst case scenario all sensitive logs could be securely deleted by a cron job every hour.

Obviously everyone's password on the server is now officially cracked. Anyone who had an account there should probably change ALL of the their passwords.

Write your Congressman, huh. What are you gonna say?

KOBE 11.Oct.2004 19:46

Dear (right wing) Congressman,

I am writing to complain that the Indymedia Network is not being allowed to print scathing articles against the government, to promote anarchist protest events, or print private information about people we dont like. You should DO something about it. We have been diligently deleting all right wing commentary, or anything that remotely resembles patriotism or pro-American sentiment, and our servers were siezed. What gives? Please address this problem immediately so that we can slam the FBI and the President, and the US Government all over the world as usual, okay?

GIVE US ALL A BREAK.......nevermind, the Feds just did that for you.


Val 12.Oct.2004 01:08

típico de los páises imperialistas querer imponer la ¨libertad de prensa¨a la fuerza barriendo cualquier derecho que tengan los medios o paises capaces de desnudar las tantas contradicciones y atrocidades que cometen

Praise Be For Long, Hard, Sobering Thoughts

Zippo 12.Oct.2004 04:50

Forgive my syntax or not, I haven’t the time for 66 page reports, nor even 23 pages.

The seizing of that server is probably directed at babbling US Americans, Brits being a major contender for number 1 world wide babblers. Somehow, someway idiocy needs to be addressed.

(about 1/6 of pcs are on North America. Add that to the fact that conscience isn’t really a matter of choice, but what one does with it is, and there is some basis for my assertation. )

You didn’t know that I have a bitter side ? Get used to it because you do not have to like it.

A US American,


P.S. I found my candidate. Vote For Squid

Are you sick of politicians who are all talk and no action?
Do you wish that there was someone with BACKBONE who would stand up for what you believe in?
Well now there is - VOTE FOR SQUID!
Ok so he might not have an actual spine and his cabinet ministers look pretty silly in a suit, but he is big enough - and ugly enough - to stand up for what he believes in: a moratorium on high seas bottom trawling.

Best to also address the narrower focus, me thinks…

Zippo 12.Oct.2004 05:09

Me, I got no system password and don’t really want one; I don’t really give a damn what big above board org knows my “vital” statistics. Ya, there be the yahoos in EVERY corner who carry a grudge like it’s their personal cross; for that reason I post anonymously and perhaps for that reason back up mirror catches are in order, too.

P.S. Them big orgs start sending me junk mail then I start caring big time; that’s a fact.

My four dollars, Our world,


Hey ! What Happened To The HTML ?

Zippo 12.Oct.2004 05:16

That Vote For Squid part was supposed to contain a couple of links !

Well, here the links be, just in case anyone can still give a toot out of either end :



Boycott Rackspace

anonymous 12.Oct.2004 13:09



Managed Indymedia

Johnny Beans 12.Oct.2004 14:51

They photograph us obligatorily for the identification card,with included data.
They also request us this cards in many differents moments, and we have to show them,... why the citizens
won't be able to recover information on them and their activities?... meanwhile, we pay their salaries...
For the right to the información.For a better world.
Unit in our media,diversity in the fight.
Collective reivindicative actions are recomended
They maybe want to enter the fear,but what really happens, it is that they are in fear of the massive exposing of all their cruel gibberishes.

Indymedia intervenido

Juanito Habichuelas 12.Oct.2004 15:27

Ellos nos fotografian obligatoriamente para hacernos el DNI,con nuestros datos incluidos, claro.
Ademas nos piden la papela y la tenemos que enseñar,...¿por qué los ciudadanos no van a poder recabar información sobre ellos y sus actividades?...Siendo los que les suplimos el sueldo...
Por el derecho a la información.Por un mundo mejor.
Unidad en nuestros medios,diversidad en la lucha.
Ojala puedan emprenderse acciones reivindicativas colectivas.
Quiza quieren meternos el miedo,pero lo que pasa es que ellos estan cagaos del desenmascaramiento máxivo de todas sus crueles jerigonzas.

Translations -

Zippo 12.Oct.2004 16:20

Translations – Spelling is important! -  http://babelfish.altavista.com/

¡Traducciones - el deletreo es importante! -  http://babelfish.altavista.com/

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More Links for Researchers

@ 13.Oct.2004 01:57

See "Information highway Robbery" from the Tuesday, Oct. 12 blog:

On a more positive note, Reporters Without Borders has issued a letter of support for Indymedia:

Also, the Association for Progressive Communications has condemned the act:

This article (in Italian) names Enrico Di Nicola as the prosecutor of Bologna, Italy behind the server seizure:

Another article (in Italian) confirming much of the same:

Seems the Italian neo-facists couldn't take the criticism of their occupation troops, following a massacre of civilians in Iraq. It seems criticism of an illegal occupation constitutes, ahem, "terrorism."

A very poor translation of the Italian articles can be generated from the URL above here:

Lastly, an article in Spanish on the Indymedia shutdown:

Can any IMCistas translate and post these, please?


ANONYMOUS 13.Oct.2004 10:38

Dear friends:

Although many people are still oblivious, and steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the obvious, there has been a secret form of near-global government for a long time. For the sake of discussion, you may refer to this invisible network as "the consortium." You may also consider the "Skull & Bones" a microcosmic version of this organization. In both cases, the purpose of these entities is to maintain the power of a wealthy, elite ruling-class while projecting an outward illusion of democratic reform in the mass-media. Many members of these secret organizations are bloodline relatives, including numerous congressmen, parliamentarians, high-court judges, presidents, prime-ministers, and corporate CEO's. The relevance of this should not be underestimated. Bush and Kerry are both members of this "family," and of the Skull & Bones. Neither will publicly debate an independent presidential candidate on network television, for if they were to do so, it would become perfectly clear that there is no meaningful, substantial difference between the two of them. It is crucial for you to grasp the reality of the situation; and to understand why they will not discuss their membership in these secret societies. When the 'Skulls' refer to the common people in private, the term they use to describe you is "barbarians." They honestly believe they are superior merely by virtue of inheritance or "noble birth." Connect the dots, folks — the aristocracy did not disappear, it merely went "underground." Furthermore, those who are really "calling the shots" do not address the people on TV... it is "beneath them," and their time is occupied with far more "important" matters. It is necessary for you to have this background information in order to understand the nature of what you are up against, and it is necessary for you to have the terminology to describe its machinations.

At the top, both ruling parties in the U.S. are under control of the consortium, and their public posturing is all just for show. As the Romans said, "bread and circuses..." To some extent, the same is true in other nations, but the U.S. has a particularly cooperative power-structure profile. Directly or indirectly, the consortium exerts a significant influence over any news medium which reaches a substantial percentage of the population, especially in the U.S. This is relatively trivial to accomplish, and the degree of censorship proves it... but that is only possible because the common people are stupid and uneducated: they eagerly trade their labor and property for inherently worthless paper money distributed by the consortium. In this manner, virtually any person or corporation can eventually be "acquired" as an "asset" simply by running a money press. The consortium relies on ignorance and disinformation to maintain its power, and the greatest thing it fears is exposure. Moreover, a detailed analysis of the bloodline connection would lead directly to verity on an unprecedented scale.

The consortium employs many thousands of low-level members as "agents provocateur," who are paid to write books full of disinformation, spread false rumors, infiltrate and disrupt 'grassroots' political movements, mock/slander or blackmail activists, feed disinformation to the mainstream press, discredit journalists who cannot be "bought," and stimulate conflict within any organization which opposes their attempts to dominate the world's economic and political systems. (The FBI ‘COINTELPRO’ manual is required reading here.) These are very old and reliable methods of quashing dissent, but if you want to understand the motive of the "provocateurs," it is only necessary to recognize that greed is the lowest common denominator. Those who become their prime targets will often be attacked from many directions simultaneously, and as a result, they will often begin to believe they are going 'crazy,' because while it may reek of conspiracy, it would also appear that no conspiracy of this magnitude could remain in the dark for so long. However, the level of interference which you attract is generally a reliable indicator of when you are "on the right track."

When you stand-up for the truth, you are going to draw some "flak." Nevertheless, always aspire to maintain absolute integrity; give them nothing to use against you. When you interact with others, and cooperate on various projects, it is also advisable to carefully consider if you experience others as honest and sincere, or if they are really just flattering you. The intent of these attacks, in cyberspace and in real life, is to sabotage and discourage you both individually and as a group. The objective is also to convince both you and the public that you are incompetent, that your effort is wasted, and that you do not have widespread support or acceptance. Of course you realize how childish this behavior is... they act like gangsters and school-yard bullies; but in a spiritual sense these people ARE children -- and they are selfish beyond your comprehension. Pure capitalism is not the enemy, either: it is selfishness which manifests in the form of a corporate or state MONOPOLY; regardless of the label it wears. The consortium does not tolerate competition, and there are many corporations controlled by the consortium which only APPEAR to be competing in the free-market, including the pill cartels.

Do not be discouraged when you are attacked, when your laws and your rights are violated, and there is clear circumstantial evidence of a conspiracy against you: it is like a medal of honor; a badge of courage -- you have forced the beast to come out of the closet and expose itself to public scrutiny. Their strategy never changes, it is ALWAYS "divide and conquer": perpetual chaos, perpetual conflict, and perpetual war. Humanity must learn to see the predator in its true form. It is time to completely "clean house," to enact term-limits, to abolish prohibition, to dispense with every manner of license & privilege at every level of society, and restore an honest medium-of-exchange. It is time for the people to take back their power, to set aside their petty differences; to stop wasting resources fighting each other over superficial issues based on emotional triggers which are spoon-fed to them by consortium-controlled media conglomerates and religious institutions. The spectre of global terrorism is a manufactured illusion, and the consortium is behind it -- including the deliberate, contrived "intelligence failures" in the U.S. This is part of the last great push for world domination... it is a drive for the total elimination of civil rights; for the institutionalization of hatred and fear. The greatest terrorist is the one who terror. The people must be kept in a constant state of fear so they can be herded towards ever-finer degrees of control. The ultimate objective of the consortium is to attain complete control of absolutely EVERYTHING. What they desire is a world in which a privileged class enjoys the right to due-process of law, while the rest live as peasants and slaves. That is nothing new; it has been going-on for millennia, and it did not just 'disappear' with the invention of indoor-plumbing. They can allow you a few luxuries, provided that you have no real power, and no control over your destiny.

Now, the assassination of U.N. weapons inspector David Kelly and the rest of the worlds' senior microbiologists was orchestrated at the highest levels. At this time, it is advisable to boycott any arena-type sporting event or public holiday celebration which is large enough to necessitate extensive crowd-control measures: there are plans to create mass-panic by any means necessary, including scripted and coordinated acts of violence, germ dispersal, and various other methods, in the hope that the common people will be coerced into welcoming the permanent imposition of martial-law. When the right to due-process is no longer "on the table," and legal recourse for civil-rights violations has been legislated away, all websites that the consortium regards as a threat to its power will be summarily closed-down. It is an ambitious plan; one might even call it insane... but you are not dealing with a rational group of people. A common characteristic of psychopaths is that they cannot conceive of failure. Even so, they are very afraid of you now -– they are afraid of you and others, because your numbers are growing, and they are rapidly losing control of the dissemination of information, which is the very foundation of this grand deception. The internet is the greatest surveillance system in the world; but it is also the greatest threat to their stranglehold on the mass-media. The consortium has been thrown off-balance; it has lost the initiative... there is dissension and confusion within the ranks; they did not expect the resistance would be so determined and resourceful. Truly independent news services are a tremendous threat to the credibility of their media outlets; you just cannot imagine the embarrassment this kind of exposure creates -- it even has the capacity to turn the children of the aristocracy against their parents before their courage and youthful idealism can be swept away; before they can be easily bribed and blackmailed, and that cannot be allowed. You must take advantage of this: it is time to move forward, boldly and with confidence, but also with caution and eternal vigilance. There are dark days ahead, and "conspiracy debunking" will intensify... but great (and peaceful) political victories are well-within your grasp, and you have many, many allies of which you know nothing. A new era is upon us, and victory is assured, if you have the will to persevere.


ANONYMOUS 13.Oct.2004 12:34

FYI: Your website has a flaw in the manner in which it processes text: it omits all text between brackets (the greater or less-than symbols). Please correct my post to reflect the omission. The correct quote is:

"The greatest terrorist is the one who preaches terror."

Thank you.

Not worth it.

Slimecasm 16.Oct.2004 20:39

"Why do you think the servers were taken? It's because you're a bunch of radical anarchist/socialists..."

So much for political freedoms then. No, a dictatorship is so much better - why bother attempting to call it 'anarchist/socialist'?

"...which seems to be a contridiction."

Indicating only that you have never read a single socialist or anarchist text, are completely ignorant of their twinned history, and lack any conception of the broad left. Of course, the first statement ('bunch') indicates that the distinction is somewhat meaningless, since you apparently don't subscribe to any conception of political freedom, human rights, &c., anyway.
Obviously, you want to avoid research, (on say, marxists.org). I understand some sites, like Privacy International, are actually operating mind control rays actually propagated through the actual screen.

"- who have done violence in the past and advocate violence in the future." Close of the Paris commune? Massacre at Manchester? Miner's strike? Eh? Oh, Bay of Pigs? Grenada, who he? US and UK arms manufacturers? Iraq, invasion of? "Bring 'em on." ~ G.Bush Jnr

"Plus, you guys like to flaunt your support for terrorists."

Not that the US Gov. has ever been known to give logistic, practical or financial support to paramilitary organisations, or even those finally regarded as 'terrorist'.

"That makes you someone to watch."

I say it beats tv.

Where are the comments?????

deleted 25.Dec.2004 21:33

Where are the comments that had been here? Indymedia censors selected and deleted them?

Oh, let's complain more about the FBI censoring the poor indy censors...

Call mee`

Calll ,e 15.Oct.2007 01:27

As conspisiries gtoqn i guess more are needed and you guys are shit i don't catr what country you know where i am spotty


Jensen Mott 02.Jan.2014 16:49

Is it legal for them to physically take the hard drive like they did? It doesn't seem right to me. Can anyone explain?


Jim 07.Feb.2014 23:10

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