FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK

Thursday morning, US authorities issued a federal order to Rackspace ordering them to hand over Indymedia web servers to the requesting agency. Rackspace, which provides hosting services for more that 20 Indymedia sites at its London facility, complied and turned over the requested servers, effectively removing those sites from the internet.

Since the subpoena was issued to Rackspace and not to Indymedia, the reasons for this action are still unknown to Indymedia. Talking to Indymedia volunteers, Rackspace stated that "they cannot provide Indymedia with any information regarding the order." ISPs have received gag orders in similar situations which prevent them from updating the concerned parties on what is happening.

It is unclear to Indymedia how and why a server that is outside the US jurisdiction can be seized by US authorities.

At the same time an additional server was taken down at Rackspace which provided streaming radio to several radio stations, BLAG (a GNU/linux distribution), and a handful of miscellanous things.

The last few months have seen numerous attacks on independent media by the US Federal Government. In August the Secret Service used a subpoena in an attempt to disrupt the NYC IMC before the RNC by trying to get IP logs from an ISP in the US and the Netherlands. Last month the FCC shut down community radio stations around the US. Two weeks ago the FBI requested that Indymedia takes down a post on the Nantes IMC that had a photo of some undercover Swiss police and IMC volunteers in Seattle were visited by the FBI on the same issue. On the other hand, Indymedia and other independent media organisations were successfull with their victories for example against Diebold and the Patroit Act. Today however, the US authorities shut down IMCs around the world.

The list of affected local media collectives includes Ambazonia, Uruguay, Andorra, Poland, Western Massachusetts, Nice, Nantes, Lilles, Marseille (all France), Euskal Herria (Basque Country), Liege, East and West Vlaanderen, Antwerpen (all Belgium), Belgrade, Portugal, Prague, Galiza, Italy, Brazil, UK, part of the Germany site, and the global Indymedia Radio site.

[ Updated Background Information | press contact: imc-press(a)indymedia.org ]

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US government harrasment is evil

prometheuspan 07.Oct.2004 22:47

i just wanted to offer my support, and say that this is an information
war; and of course, since the truth is about to destroy Bush Junta; Bush Junta
is doing what it can to supress the truth. Any officer or person aiding or assisting in this unlawful and patently politically motivated action should
seriously think about wether they want to be the evil fingers of the government;
or maintain a semblence of ethical dignity and refuse to commit crimes against

I am shocked and dismayed that it has come to this this soon. Now that this
new level has opened up, I am sure they will start controlling information the
same way with other sites.

paris is still working

from france 07.Oct.2004 23:38

just, it's not (all france), it's (all france) exept paris.

This is serious mum, be grateful for updates on this.

Ann.Other 08.Oct.2004 00:07

Am spamming mainstream media here on the issue, tho no known 'take downs' down under (wait till after the election?). Dunno relevance, but a number of oil depletion sites have reportedly been dis/re/appearing in last week.


lost in translation

yetzt 08.Oct.2004 00:39

sorry, i forgot to translate this clause:

"Zur gleichen Zeit wurde ein weiterer Server entfernt, auf dem BLAG (eine Linux Distribution), Radiostreams für verschiedene Radiostationen und diversen Kleinkram liefen."

Algo es seguro

Dante 08.Oct.2004 00:49

si algo es seguro que no es una coincidencia, que empiesen a allanar y llevarse discos duros de sitios como indymedia en estas fechas, en las cuales se encuentran cercanas las elecciones en U.S.A, creo que veremos mas actos de este tipo en los meses venirderos

Please more information

Carlos Reis 08.Oct.2004 00:54

This is very serious!

Please, I *need* more information about Brazil in this issue!
I want to take this to the press and to the Senate.
If this is true, we're gonna do something about it.
Brazil constitutionally protects freedom of the press and it would be
*outrageous* if FBI autohorities raided a server facility here!

Please post more info!!

Thank you.

its not a coincidence

Dante 08.Oct.2004 00:59

its not a coincidence the fact the elections are close, someting is for sure,the close are the elections the more thing like that we gonna see...bush administrations is goin to do everything they can in order to shut-up all de dicidency.

wrong about swiss

Mark McCarron 08.Oct.2004 01:25

I had some these guys (UK version) in my home tonight, its about 911. I was demanding to know why the work was censored.

The swiss thing, is just a decoy.

They thought I was receiving info across the web, not that I already had the info and was just performing a controlled release.

It has not been censored, its just an examination of the posted material and comments, for further investigation.

indymedia.org still has copies online.

My protest

Canadian 08.Oct.2004 02:36

I am not a regular vistor of IndyMedia but anyone who believes in the freedom of press ought to be outraged. My protest is my website:  http://www.altlondon.org


The Nantes IMC Article In Question Recovered

@ for Free Speech 08.Oct.2004 02:39

Google's cache of the Nantes IMC web page in question. (Sorry, no pix!)

The photos allegedly in question are (allegedly) posted here:


In Google's cache, the four photos in question were named doc-1636.jpg, doc-1637.jpg, doc-1638.jpg, and doc-1639.jpg. The photos on this site are numbered differently, however, a comment at the bottom of the original article in Google's cache states that the Nantes IMC blanked out the eyes (or faces) of the two undercover cops in question following a request by the FBI to do so. Pathetic. The photos in this link do not have the faces blacked-out, and are numbered doc-1594.jpg through doc-1597.jpg, so these are probably the photos from the original posting of the Nantes IMC web page in question, before the identities of the undercovers was hidden.

Someone please post these pictures all over Switzerland. Thanks.

The gov is out of control

anonymous coward 08.Oct.2004 03:58

God this government is out of control. I can't believe this when I read it on Slashdot.

Next thing you know its broadband over powerlines and they get rid of shortwave radio. Than what do we have left? Regulated internet, no free over the air comm, controlled TV, controlled print media. This is so out of control. I don't even know what to say but this government has got to go that's for sure.

The thing is I don't even care anymore. I'm out of my teen angst stage. I pretty much watch a good amount of television, use un-free software, work a shitty job that I hate which sells support for non-free software, eat meat, smoke, all that shit. Has anyone else lost their vision? I don't know what the fuck has happened to me personally. I wish something would spark in me to revolt, but as long as my heat/ac works, beers in the fridge, I can go to mcdonalds for lunch whenever, I really don't care about shit anymore. I know it's wrong but its the truth, and it's hard to combat. The days of reading chomsky for fun are over for me. I'd rather watch MTV really even though its so vapid and useless and I realize that in the act of watching.

Oh well. I'm going to smoke this last cig, finish my coke, turn off the tv, go up to my bed, sleep, wake up, eat a burger king breakfast, drive to my job were I fix computers running windows, and than probably cash my check and order some pizza, stay late at work and play some counter strike online on my friday night at work (they have some fast internet!).

OMG im crying. Will someone smack some sense into me? It's like realize my own complacency but I can't do anything about it. Kinda reminds me of this quote I just googled of Malcom X. I remember it from when I read his bio back in the day.

"It's like when you go to the dentist, and the man's going to take your tooth. You're going to fight him when he starts pulling. So he squirts some stuff in your jaw called novocaine, to make you think they're not doing anything to you. So you sit there and 'cause you've got all of that novocaine in your jaw, you suffer peacefully. Blood running all down your jaw, and you don't know what's happening. 'Cause someone has taught you to suffer -- peacefully."

Im out. Good luck. I'm not really a true revolutionary like I thought in High School. LMFAO! (no this is not a troll post) PEACE!

FBI took the hard drives of IMC servers in the UK

link 08.Oct.2004 04:08

FBI took the hard drives of IMC servers in the UK
07 Oct 2004 18:10 GMT

RE: "The gov is out of control"

Anonymouse 2 08.Oct.2004 09:10

Woah there bro, relax a little. The system is designed to make certain levels of participation inevitable.

Take it easy, do some volunteer work with a decent local group for a while when you have some spare time and find folk you enjoy working with. Swinging from one extreme to another won't be good for your health or create much change, working on what you can, when you can, without wearing yourself down just might (what with the rest of us pitching in as well).

Random tips that I find useful - Habitat for Humanity, "Don't think of an Elephant" (book), cut out the red meat, don't stress imperfection.

Outside of US juridiction ??!!!

Romain 08.Oct.2004 09:11

Rackspace is a US company, if it owns server in UK, its server have to respect the UK & US legislation...

The US company is responsible of his server whereever they are !!

so *these servers are not outside of the USA juridiction* because the company who owns them is in the USA !

Independence of IMC in question

Strypey 08.Oct.2004 10:11

It really is a shame that the 'democratic' governments currently dominating the world are behaving like Nazis and Stalinisist at their worst but those of us who have been involved in Indymedia since the battle of Seatlle should not be surprised. The question has to be asked why are Indymedia sites being hosted by a commercial server who are so willing to hand their boxes over instead of digging their heels in, standing on their moral duty to defend free speech and challenging the FBI to see them in court? Where are the EFF? To busy defending virus writers to stick up for Indymedia?

This is precisely why Indymedia site hosting should be as decentralized as possible. No more than 3-5 sites (preferably no more than 1) should be hosted on any one box. That includes the irc, wiki, lists and streaming systems as well as the sites. Each IMC should be hosted in another country - preferably one that has the frostiest diplomatic relations with the country that IMC serves. Ideally the Indymedia network should work like FreeNet with the sites and services striped across the global server network with built-in mirroring (multiple copies of all information) such that removing one or two boxes does not stop even a single site from operating. Ideally there should be a backup network of servers that can step in if authorities co-operate to take a number of servers down.

I realize the incredible amount of programming and organisation this will take to achieve but it is becoming more and more obvious that it is the only way to defend freedom of speech as our 'democratic' governments and their corporate controllers become more and more indistinguishable from a global fascist takeover.

Putting it on Freenet

ZwiSter 08.Oct.2004 11:40

This means, this article in question swiftly (more or less) travels to freenet, to be safe.

Das heißt: der Artikel landet schnell und sicher im Freenet.

Ich hoffe er findet sich in ein zwei Tagen da. Schaut einfach bei  http://freenet.sf.net vorbei. Das wurde genau für solche Fälle entwickelt.
Es wird der mit den Bildern. Ich hoffe, sie sind die richtigen

retaking the means of production??

milli kaewth 08.Oct.2004 13:40

It looks like overwhelming evidence that the Indymedia network needs to do something to develop the infrastructure on which their sites depend.

It's a little hard to ride a bike with a few servers in your basket, but someway of eluding the autorities has to be divised. It's obvious that they want to shut IMC down, any way they can, all at once or little by little.

I believe the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (ACC) wanted to get a working server a while ago, but the plan went bye-bye, as I think did ACC.

What about an extensive plan of mirroring local IMCS? Or retaining copies of the sites to throw up on other servers in the event of an attack?

Just throwing out some ideas....

American stupids

Jupp 08.Oct.2004 14:14

The americans feel like kings of the world. Why can this sh** american government catch european servers? These stupids (not the american peoples !!!) are frightend about their job's and their PR. IMC has shown illegal and bad work of the US Govern.

These action has to be shown to the world!!!

Who has give these power to the U.S??? ---> NOBODY

This is a new sign for me that the U.S. government is a stupid community.

Die Amerikaner fühlen sich wie die Könige der Welt. Wie kann diese sch*** US Regierung einen Europäischen Server requirieren? Diese bescheuerten (nicht das Volk!!!) haben Angst um Ihre Jobs und ihr gutes Ansehen. IMC hat den Leuten viele dieser Ungerechtigkeiten und illegaler aktivitäten der US Regierung aufgezeigt.

Diese Aktion muss der Welt gezeigt werden.

Wer hat den Amerikanern diese Macht gegeben --> NIEMAND

Dies ist ein weiteres Zeichen für mich, dass die US Regierung nur ein bescheuerter Haufen ist.

Temporary setback

Just another UK cypherpunk 08.Oct.2004 15:33

The internet treats censorship as damage and routes around it.

Next time we'll have mirror sites in more countries.

No Comment

Lloyd Hart 08.Oct.2004 16:58

I just spoke with someone at the FBI who did not want to be identified and who had no idea what was going on and could not varify whether or not a subpeona had been served to Rackspace. He did however say that other news agencies had been calling about this matter prior to my call but could not give them any info as well. I will pound on the FBI's door until they talk.

Lloyd Hart

@ jupp

someone from germany 08.Oct.2004 17:44

we dont need your nazicomments. george bush is NOT "THE americans".


Holger Terp 08.Oct.2004 20:19

Keep FBI and other agencies busy.
They might get an information overload some day.
I'll add the story to the Danish Peace Academy and have mailed it to Danish news agencies.
Keep up the good work.
Holger Terp
Editor of the Danish Peace Academy.

like in a B-movie

Ulla 08.Oct.2004 20:50

The FBI, one of the poodles of the US government, acts as if they were the masters of the universe.
Since the current government of the US is in charge, the world has become a place of fear, mistrust, hate and agression.
So it is logic, that freedom of press, freedom of speech and freedom of demonstration are fighted .
I pray for the good outcome of the November election.
May Bush and his Club of the Evil be beaten by their own weapons :-))))
I hope they suffocate on their lies and I hope to see them all in Den Haag

Hacktivists ?

F4A 08.Oct.2004 21:35

The first time I read about Indymedia in the common (mainstream) news was with this story : "FBI took Indymedia's HD's !" ... What a publicity ... ! or Indymedia's core poeple are in cause or there is some error/desinfo in the newz ... How can a current of counter intelligence (indymedia is a free counterintelligence program against the "press" system) put its datas in ... the hands of the giant ennemy ??? what ? 20 sites on the same server owned by a US private company in the UK ??? is it a joke ??? where are the hackers here ? those who should have secured those data nodes that the sites are??? I hope that behind, some new strategy is at work ...

what about netizenship ? about the idea of taking care of some part of the big-hole-buch-of-data by everyone of us by sharing some HD and bandwith with P2P strategies like bitorrent could let think about ?
Democracy is now clearly defied in it's core : the freedom of press and the freedom of speech, as well as intellectual property. FBI is in the shit ...

Complaints from outside US

jaynicks 09.Oct.2004 04:11

Inside the US people should send a WTFIGO (what the f*ck is going on) message to their congressperson or senator as above.

Outside the US send by going to Colin Powelll's email, sort of, at the State cepartment,


Send them in any language.

Americans are not all like that

americangal 09.Oct.2004 05:27

OK not all Ameicans are high on themselves and please stop thinking that we are all like Bush. A lot of us are getting sick of that. we don't necesarilly have to agree with what Bush says or does. What the FBI did was wrong. I totally agree with freedom of speech and freedom of press. Frankly I find myself looking at other news areas including this to see what really is going on because Bush does have a hold on the American media.

indymedia servers seized

Gloria Fortier 09.Oct.2004 16:21

I as a member of the global community and I am outraged by this total disregard of our citizen’s rights. The perpetrators responsible for the seizer of the servers must be punished to the full extent possible. Let’s unite and send a clear message back to the perpetrators that their actions will not go unpunished.

Who issued subpoena and search warrants?

K. Hammond 09.Oct.2004 17:08

What judge ordered this search warrant? Out of what federal court? Do you have photos of the seizure? Can you post a scanned in version of the warrant, as it is a public document?

FBI must be resisted

Daniel C. Boyer 09.Oct.2004 19:33

The FBI, clearly acting in every respect, in this case, as a secret police agency, and now with extraterritorial sweep, must be resisted with all possible means (all possible means must include, but is not limited to, the dissemination of information about the seizure by the widest available channels) when they conduct such blatantly illegal activities destroying the free flow of information that is the bedrock of, and indispensible basis upon which, all liberty is founded. On an "information diet," such as the FBI would impose, the notion of "freedom" is utterly meaningless, and when the acts themselves are protected by gag orders, it is impossible to distinguish such acts from those that would set, have set, into motion the most ruthless dictatorships of history. Without the light cast by the transit of ideas, expressed in words, expressed in pictures, expressed by the printing press, at the ends of markers and pencils, and carried by the electrons of the World Wide Web, the smothering night that now more than ever is enveloping the United States is empowered to descend.

No news is no news

Jules 09.Oct.2004 20:45

Fascinating - this story hasn't appeared in even the liberal media in the UK (well, OK, it's not been in the Guardian) but it really highlights to me about how (in the UK) the debate about national sovereignty is so focused on Europe and the EU, that they are missing the backdoor we've given to the US - if it's true that it's the Italian's that would be hilarious - might actually focus attention on the real dangers to UK 'Independence'

Thank You F.B.I. !!!

T K Wilson 10.Oct.2004 00:50

I'd just like to thank the bumbling fascists at the FBI for doing their part to rip our constitution to shreds. Such finesse, such savoir faire. Apparently there are not enough "terrorists"(sic) to keep you busy. This is both good and bad news; good because terrorism is a bad thing, bad because now you must have time to terrorize us.
Keep up the good work boys and girls; we should have a revolution on our hands before you know it. I'd venture to guess your approach is not accidental.

As for the alternative press;
Any of you socialist pinheads ever hear "don't keep all your eggs in one basket"?
(FYI; This site linked from  http://www.SierraTimes.com/alert.htm You never know who your friends really are do you?)

use anonymous offshore hosting, private money

anon 10.Oct.2004 01:33

Please be safe. These govts are out of control. Worse than King George that we overthrew for independence. It will soon be worse than Hitler. Same situation - piles of defict unbacked paper cash to buy a military - use it to take over international assets (like oil countries), or fail in hyperinflation.

0. Secure your computer - use Linux with loop-aes or OpenBSD/FreeBSD.

1. Secure the IP layer, surf safe: following are safe afaik: metropipe.net anon-online.org (anonymizer.com cannot be trusted, inside USA) Other untested providers: ultimateanonymity.com

2. Use private encryted communication:  https://www.hushmail.com - less trusted:  https://ssl.mailvault.com - use cypherpunk type II remailers with gnupg.org for max privacy, choose your first hop with care.

3. Safe private money: pecunix.com (works great with hushmail), evocash.com, netpay.tv, 1mdc.com private e-gold, e-gold DMT certs (Digital Monetary Trust certs - only use e-gold certs). Cannot trust e-gold with real info- offices in usa, although you can access their servers via metropipe, use secure private email address and fake personal data for effectively private money.

4. Exchangers who use PGP: goldage.net. Offshore exchagers: icegold.ee goldnow.st Buy digital money with cash:  http://anonymousgold.com/ (use certified mail)

5. Safe anonymous hosting accepting private money: www.katzglobal.com www.havenco.com

A little insight...

Mois 10.Oct.2004 09:54

I don't know. After looking into this a bit, I came up with...

Apparently not anything Indymedia or Rackspace are directly responsible for, but the government seems intent on tracking this to its source, and is unfortunately being typically heavy-handed in doing so.

Servers taken probably because of Dilby.com

Anon 11.Oct.2004 05:06

Someone told sources that the Govt took servers because of a website called www.dilby.com or The Dilby News Monitor. I don't belief they are directly responsible but the website has come up in discussions before. I heard about it. I'm not sure if it's so but I keep hearing this website on the Internet.

It's www.dilby.com

Suppression Strikes Again!

Richard Kobzey 11.Oct.2004 07:33


Something is moving

Vendemmia_di_Paella 11.Oct.2004 10:04

In this incredible wrong, something gives a little hope. Italian left-winged politics are taking action with an interrogation to the government. An italian newspaper, "il manifesto", has made its sunday's first page on this problem.
Check it out at  http://www.ilmanifesto.it choosing the 10th october's edition (in italian).
From manifesto's first page:
Giovedì l'Fbi, sequestrando gli hard disk presso il provider Usa, ha chiuso venti siti di Indymedia tra cui quello italiano, chiarendo però che «l'operazione non è Fbi». Si scopre che invece è partita dalla magistratura, italiana e svizzera. Nessuno rivendica. Il governo tace su questa grave violazione della libertà di stampa. Ma il portavoce di An, Landolfi, canta vittoria: «Cosa buona e giusta». La sinistra unita chiede che il governo riferisca subito in parlamento

A few thoughts

Coofer Cat 11.Oct.2004 17:06

As a Brit, I can't believe this has happened so easily. Helping countries out is one thing, but this doesn't pass the usual "reasonableness" tests built into UK law.

Being a techie, I have a few suggestions for the future (some of which I can help with):

1) co-publish everything onto Freenet (or other P2P if you prefer)
2) Develop a "freenet proxy web server" that fetches the Freenet pages of your choice and then dishes them up as ordinary web pages.
3) Distribute (2) to as many people as possible
4) Have those people host this "proxy", and thus copies of the content.

Whilst this wouldn't see any greater resilience in your servers, it would mean any content is safe from the FBI, and easily available at a number of other sites around the world. If nothing else, Google et al. will make the distributed content accessible.

why would FBI do this? information control during election

batoche 12.Oct.2004 16:18

Here's my theory: Dubya and minions etc. want to win the election and so have issued a directive to shut down as many news outlets and websites as possible with accurate info about 9-11. It is easier for them in terms of public relations to take down Indymedia sites(as IM are not at all well known outside the activist, progressive, & non-profit communities), than it is to take down Michael Moore's website (which was out for a while after he won the Palme d'Or at Cannes). Also probably American sites are pointing at the sites the FBI took down. What I want to known is how in hell an American gag order can hold for UK - but hey, Dubya seems to have Blair by the short and curlies... so maybe someone is leaning on MI5.


It sucks.

I think it is important for as many indymedia sites as possible to have servers they run themselves, then that avoids the problem of ISP's being forced to do hand over equipment while people being left in the dark as to why - at least the warrants (an international warrant? I doubt such exists... it must have come from Blair's crew) would be given to Indymedia.

Oh, does it suck.

to take out the radio stations during the election

batoche 12.Oct.2004 16:37

There are a mess of American stations that go through indymedia's radio network. I think that is who the main target was.

decentralised but not anonymous network for indymedia

pir 12.Oct.2004 16:37

Yes, I agree with the above poster: Indymedia needs to develop a completely decentralised infrastructure. Freenet is very interesting, especially in brutal dictatorships, but I think it needs to be adapted for indymedia. The problem with Freenet is that you are hosting material which you have no idea what it is. I would bet that a lot of it is actually child porn, videos of "al-Zarqawi" cutting thorats and other snuff porn. To that I say: no thanks! If I'm going to host stuff on my PC, I want to know what I'm hosting, I want to make the decision. So if someone could write an application (probably based on Freenet) which is completely decentralised (like P2P networks) but *not* anonymous, one could probably easily organise an international network of hundreds of thousands of PCs that host indymedia. So no way for the FBI or David Blunkett or anyone else to take it down!

possible answer for decentralized design help

velvet 12.Oct.2004 16:44

This place is run by some progressive geeks who maybe able to help:



Texposé 13.Oct.2004 00:01


Lawful, unlawful legal, illegal, right, left, wrong or indifferent - as the UK's unwritten Constitution is all about precedents, this sets a dangerous one with, apparently, nothing written anywhere forbidding such odious behaviour.

Well nothing, that is, but a few little things like criminal statutes regarding theft. Whilst, individual protections afforded and accorded by Habeas Corpus were all thrown out with the imposition of European (Corpus Juris) Law. Now transnational 'jurisdiction, means the New World Order is doing just fine - and just flexing it's muscles ...

We wonder why over 60% of Americans do not vote. Many have
simply given up on the so-called “democratic process”. Many simply
cannot be bothered to expend the time or energy - when the:
Right/Conservative/Industrialist/NATIONALIST party
Left/Democratic/State-ist/SOCIALIST party
in Washington DC to be - guess what(?) -
National Socialists.

That’s right. National Socialists. Fascist. Yes. F-A-C-I-S-T!
Also Known As - QUOTE, “Fascism, (which) “is a combination
of industry and the state,” - as stated, agreed and practiced by
Mussolini and Hitler.

The world has been there before, and had “no comment”, and
“no comment”, again and again - over and over - until W.W.II
erupted - then millions suffered.

Bit by bit, they took over - and all hell broke loose.

Guilty as accused - with no evidence what-so-ever, neither supporting nor offered. You ownb nothing now. Everything can be conmfiscated at will. Doesn't anyone remember the 3rd Reich, the Soviet Union and the 'Cultural Revolution'???


Anyone notice how they did not seize HOTMAIL or MSN or YAHOO etc. servers?



my analysis

agent humble 13.Oct.2004 03:34


Forget the Nantes undercover cops pictures theory.

There are two major reasons that the servers were seized:

(1) "They" wanted to dissect an real working Indymedia server to see how they tick, look for holes, etc.; pour over the logs to see what can be gleaned in terms of who's doing the work, how many connections they actually get, etc.

(2) "They" wanted to send a clear message that they can do whatever they want, whenever and whereever they want, and there's practically sweet FA we can do to prevent it.

Welcome to the information warfare big leagues, Indymedia ;-)

Warum kein richtiger Protest???

Overkill16 13.Oct.2004 13:20

also ohne jetzt um denm heißen Brei herumzureden:

Mich regt das tierisch auf was die Behörden,speziell die US-Behörden,so alles tun!
Ich finds nicht richtig,dass man in dieser doch angeblich so freien Welt nicht mal Fotos auf einer HP haben darf nur weil denen das nicht passt.ich gebe hier mal das Beispiel rotten.com. Wer hat sich darüber aufgeregt?Genau niemand! Und weil wir auf unserer HP etwas gegen den Irak Krieg und weiteres sagen,was die Staaten in ein (sehr!)schlechtes Licht rückt,wird da einfach zensiert ohne Ende.
Bitte,ist sowas in Ordnung?Meines erachtens nicht.Was hat denn bitte das FBI,geschweige denn diie US Behörden,überhaupt mit Organisationen aus Deutschland zu tun.Jaja,kriegen ihren Scheiß nicht auf die Reihe und wollen sich aber um uns kümmern.

Danke daruf kann ich und bestimmt viele andere gut verzichten!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aber genug,ich reg mich schon wieder zu sehr auf.
Warum geht denn nieand dagegen vor?Man kann doch einwende erheben,oder wollen die uns dann auch gleich löschen?
Ist ja nicht so das es mir um die Bilder geht.(Obwohl ich die schon gerne gesehen hätte)
Demnächst dürfen wir keine Beiträge mehr posten die sich gegen die USA wenden,oder was?
Und was da zu alles gehört entscheiden die dann wohl selbst wie?
Soweit darf es nicht kommen!Wenn wir jetzt nichts dagegen tun,machen die immer schön weiter. Und das liegt bestimmt nicht in unserem Interresse!!!!!!!!!

Kampf dem Faschismus!!!
Vive la revolution!


Defending against attacks on data

anon 15.Oct.2004 09:17

Shouldn't it be possible to defend against this sort of shit using some sort of file sharing or distributed backup approach? The internet is supposed to be robust from local attack because of its distributed nature and it seems to me that use could be made of that. The best way to secure data against loss is to duplicate and distribute it as widely as possible. Ideally, use would be made of the idle time on many users' machines in a similar sort of way to the SETI 'look for an alien' thing and anyone running the software would be able to set a small amount of disk space they were willing to donate. Don't know if the software exists to do that (if I had the time I'd write it!).

Disk Seizures Game

Mr. Demeanour 15.Oct.2004 09:54

Play a Flash game based on the Indymedia disk seizures (via LaughingMeme. The game is here.
Courtesy Indymedia Italy

Worth it.

Post it. 16.Oct.2004 22:52

Not worth it.

"Why do you think the servers were taken? It's because you're a bunch of radical anarchist/socialists..."

So much for political freedoms then. No, a dictatorship is so much better - why bother attempting to call it 'anarchist/socialist'?

"...which seems to be a contridiction."

Indicating only that you have never read a single socialist or anarchist text, are completely ignorant of their twinned history, and lack any conception of the broad left. Of course, the first statement ('bunch') indicates that the distinction is somewhat meaningless, since you apparently don't subscribe to any conception of political freedom, human rights, &c., anyway.
Obviously, you want to avoid research, (on say, marxists.org). I understand some sites, like Privacy International, are operating mind control rays actually propagated through the screen.

"- who have done violence in the past and advocate violence in the future."

Close of the Paris commune? Massacre at Manchester? Miner's strike? Eh? Oh, Bay of Pigs? Grenada, who he? US and UK arms manufacturers? Iraq, invasion of? "Bring 'em on." ~ G.Bush Jnr

"Plus, you guys like to flaunt your support for terrorists."

Not that the US Gov. has ever been known to give logistic, practical or financial support to paramilitary organisations, or even those finally regarded as 'terrorist'.

USA Faction Silencing America, War in USA imminent

Kinda Kraut 19.Oct.2004 12:10

The USA governments are controlled by factions who are abusive and horrible. Let us support suicide bombers and kidnappers who help to rid us of the regime in control and their abusive billionaires.

We are attacked America by the fed and they do not protect us . We are at war. The communications war is not a war because our enemies in the USA have taken control of both the government and the media.

Germany, just as the USA, is under the control of the terrorist regime in America. Since millions can not vote and thousands can not attend government meetings, we should view ourselves as Palestinians under the cold and self-righteous paw of Ariel Sharon.

The time has come to draw the line. WWIII is approaching. Genetic warfare will be the last assault.

Let us hope all damage is limited to the factions key players and their criminal or ethics-less owners with enormous financial wealth.

Caste setting is happening in America. America and Germany are bad bets because our enemies in Washington D.C. and in the seat of power of local government have turned against us.

Not all Americans are like Bush and the crew in control. It is as if we in the USA were invaded by criminals, with factions who can support them in the various communities of color.

I would rather have quick death than to live under the abuse of the American government and their caste setting. The line is drawn and we see where we are going. Straight to the bone yard and their prison state.


Re: FBI seizes Global Indymedia Servers.(we told you this would come)

told you before! 25.Oct.2004 09:31

Re: FBI seizes Global Indymedia Servers.(we told you this would come)

we alerted you to the fbi raiding individual servers across the US. we told you that s/fimc equipment and staff had vanished for weeks. and you called us crack pots. when s/f finally reopened under "fed" supervision, you told us we had lost our minds. as we can now see some of the staff have cut a deal for them selves by providing Intel for the feds. which have resulted in the raids we are seeing here and now. it is time for all IMC members to sit down and do some long hard thinking about what they want for a future.
you only get to decide once, make it a wise decision

The attack on Indymedia servers in the UK and US

El Diablo 08.Nov.2004 18:25

We are now seeing the results of the US government gradual take-over of the world, by the suppression of honest and just criticism. It is as if the long term plans for total world control by the US is coming to a head. If Iraqi oil was a first part of that plan, you can be sure that Iran and Libya are next on the list of US imperialist ventures.

The situation in Fallujah, Iraq, proves once and for for all, that those who sit on the sidelines today will pay a heavy price for their own freedom tomorrow. In order to stop US imperialism, there is no other choice but for groups to plan attacks on the US mainland. This is not a war on the Iraqis or Arabs, but a war against humanity launched by the US, to take control of the world's natural resources.

What the Iraqi patriots are fighting today, is no different to what the Mexican people fought in protecting their homeland from US expansionism. Thus any war made on the United States, must also be lanched on American interests world-wide.

The Right to Free Speech

William Meadows 14.Nov.2004 05:11

It would seem that the right to a free press and to free speech is being threatened in a lot of different places. Which is why IMCs need to be more moble and more than one cell in one place. That way if one IMC is seized other IMCs can keep on functioning.
May the Energy of the UNiverse help you out in this situtation and give you a clear direction in which way to go. Maynit also Keep you safe and sound from all harm and injustices.


non-english antifascist 19.Dec.2004 18:56

Hey IMC censors, you are real funny

Imdymedia are the worse censors themselves WHILE complaining about "FBI-censorship".
Now you get back own medicine !

p.s. not be surprized if this post of mine will be deleted soon.

FBI Seizes - Duhh - Same thing w/ Rush Limbaugh's Medical Records

Neal Rame 04.Apr.2005 01:18

I hate it when they do that!


BUSH IS A BIG SHITT 10.Oct.2005 17:10

YOU 'will back in the hell man !!!!

United Nations Laws are the Culprit for Shut Downs!

REAL NAME: Johnny (BoxcarSlim) Bernays 16.Jan.2006 12:48

I shall refer those who find the post to the "UN Law Regarding Hate Speech" Now, as Background, I am a Ham Radio License Holder, in 2 Nations, and a "Baby Boomer-'49er!" and a "Old Hippie." This trans-national OPPRESSION of dissent is the result of UN laws against "hate speech!" How so? one may ask...because of the very operative nature of the World Wide Web! Transmission of "intelligence" across international borders & into Outer Space by means of Satellite Up-links, the VOICE of ONE free-thinker may cross international borders into nations where the sentiments contained therein are considered HATE SPEECH. United States President Bush signed, into LAW, a few days ago a "Harassment on the Internet-go to prison" law.

By this means, The United States of AmeriKKKa has given their GOONIES power to cross borders, to jail dissenters, to lock up anyone who cares to critise anyone...it seems flagrantly obvious that the covert reason for this law is to "squash" those who "annoy" them in High Places///

However, the UNITED NATIONS paved the way for the EU to let the FBI/CIA to cross over the seas to SEIZE the SERVERS of a "Independent Voice" of "FREETHINKERS!"

The WONDERFUL thing about the INDIE VOICE is that posts I made several years ago, very psychotic & incomprehensibly disjointed, ranting & raving about Nazis in America & Homeless Holocausts & repression of freedoms...these posts are still there...BUT UNFORTUNATELY they were CORRECT! I can understand them...& I wish I had been wrong!


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