Des sympathisantEs d'Indymedia remettent leurs vieux disques durs à la police fédérale


Des activistes indignés par la saisie multilatérale des disques durs d'Indymedia le 7 octobre dernier remettront cette semaine de vieux disques durs à des agences de renseignements du monde entier pour protester symboliquement contre ce que beaucoup dénoncent comme une grave violation des droits à la communication. L'action mondiale est appelée Operation Hard Drive-By [en].

La première vague d'actions de solidarité a démarré la semaine dernière aux Pays-Bas, où des activistes ont remis symboliquement du vieux matériel informatique au consulat italien à Amsterdam. Le lendemain, des activistes de San Francisco, États-Unis, ont remis du matériel informatique au FBI. À Houston, des membres de l'IMC local ont organisé une action de protestation devant le consulat suisse.

[Hard Drive-By à Amsterdam [nl] | Hard Drive-By à San Francisco: photos | vidéo | Action à Houston: audio [en]]

Les autres actions de protestation Hard Drive-by débuteront le 18 octobre, le Media Democracy Day [en] et se succéderont toute la semaine. Des actions sont déjà prévues à San Francisco et Pittsburgh (États-Unis), et à Perth (Australie). À Lille (France), une lettre ouverte sera remise aux consuls des États-Unis, d'Italie et de Suisse.

Les sympathisantEs d'Indymedia affirment que l'opération Hard Drive-by s'intensifiera et s'étendra jusqu'à ce que leurs demandes soient satisfaites. Une déclaration de solidarité qui a déjà recueilli plus de 2000 signatures réclame la divulgation des noms des organisations et personnes impliquées dans la saisie, une copie de l'ordre de justice et une enquête indépendante pour mettre à jour toute violation de la procédure.


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Statement in Support of Operation: Hard Drive By

QC Indymedia 17.Oct.2004 17:34

The Quezon City Independent Media Center (QC Indymedia) stands in full solidarity with the Operation: Hard Drive By activity that is being organized in protest against the Oct. 7 seizures of the hard drives of two Indymedia servers in London at the request of the US Justice Department, apparently in collaboration with Italian and Swiss authorities.

The seizures led to the closure of an Indymedia radio station and around 20 Indymedia websites including those serving Ambazonia, Uruguay, Andorra, Poland, Western Massachusetts, Nice, Nantes, Lilles, Marseille, Euskal Herria (Basque Country), Liege, East and West Vlaanderen, Antwerpen, Belgrade, Portugal, Prague, Galiza, Italy, Brazil, UK, and parts of Germany Indymedia. While the hard drives were returned on Oct. 13, the entire Indymedia community is still in the dark as to the legal reasons for the seizures, as there has been no explanation from the US, Italian, and Swiss authorities involved.

But one thing is for sure: the hard drive seizures had among their objectives the intimidation of a media network specializing in reportage and analysis exposing the canards behind the US-led war on “terror.”

The “borderless war on terror” launched by US President George W. Bush in 2001 has received increasingly stinging condemnation not only from the alternative media community but also from a growing number of mainstream media practitioners. Which is not surprising since the continuing attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, to this day, have nothing to show for themselves except the annihilation of non-combatants on a massive scale and the pointless destruction of infrastructures – including historical heritage sites – while at the same time oil companies with direct links to the Bush clique are cornering juicy business contracts in the two extremely oil-rich countries.

The US-led imperialist-terrorist war is not limited to the military arena. It has, as should be expected, also made itself felt in the media field, with US authorities harassing in various ways anti-war journalists and pro-war “think tanks” like the Project for the New American Century and the American Enterprise Institute pampering “media” sycophants of the US military-industrial complex.

From the start, the global Indymedia network has stood among the fiercest opponents of the US-led imperialist-terrorist war. It is thus not surprising that the US military-industrial complex would seek to silence it.

We in QC Indymedia condemn the US-led international genocidal war and its perpetrators in the Coalition of the Willing, among them Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In our particular capacity as media-makers, we stand against the suppression of press freedom led by a government that claims to defend democracy, especially in furtherance of a war that sheds blood for gold.

We support Operation: Hard Drive By and are committed to the defense of press freedom and democracy against imperialist terrorism.


anonymous 18.Oct.2004 14:42

I disagree with the biased slant of almost every article that comes into this site, but I agree that the government investigation of this site from what I've heard about it, is unjust! I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriot Act gave them leverage as well in this case, dispicable! Keep fighting the good fight guys!

Operation Hard Drive-by

acquaroyale 19.Oct.2004 04:54

Thank you for your donation.

I hope you used some stupid disk destruction utility.

I could use the overtime.

But alas, it's not gone.

"They vanish tongue-tied in their guiltiness."

'Julius Caesar' - Act 1, Scene 1


Environmental hazard

Bob 20.Oct.2004 19:30

Hey Polluters, do you realize the harm to the environment you are proposing? Think about all those heavy metals in the circuits that you are going to be dumping into the environment! Shouldn't you recycle the drives or give them to the poor!?

What's Going On in Canada?

link 01.Nov.2004 14:44

Jack Action writes "Up in Canada, the Privacy Commissioner of the province of British Columbia is recommending an immediate freeze on all outsourcing of public data to US-connected firms, Reuters and the CBC are reporting. After extensive consultations, the Privacy Commissioner has found that the USA Patriot Act threatens the private data of citizens even if they don't live in the USA (repeat: non-Americans are at risk). You can visit the Commissioners website, and download a summary or the full report." And reader digity writes "The long-standing Canadian battle on grey-market satellite dishes took a surprising turn in a Quebec courtroom yesterday. The grounds: freedom of expression. Yet another reason to come to the Great White North!"

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