Indymedia asks: "Who took our servers?"

Indymedia asks: "Who took our servers?"

Two weeks after the hard drives of two Indymedia servers were seized from the London office of a US-owned web hosting company called Rackspace, Caroline Flint, UK Home Office Under-Secretary, answered parlamentarian questions by stating that "no UK law enforcement agencies were involved." (1) The seizure shut down around 20 Indymedia websites, an internet radio station, and other projects. The servers were returned a week later because "the court order had been complied with", but still no information is available to Indymedia as to who seized them and who now might have copies of all the public and personal information they contained.

An FBI spokesperson originally suggested to Agence France-Presse that the FBI issued a subpoena to Rackspace, but that it was "on behalf of a third country." Later he denied that the FBI had any involvement whatsoever. (2)

A few days after the seizure, a senior federal prosecutor for Geneva, Switzerland, also confirmed that she had opened a criminal investigation of Indymedia. - But that she had not asked for the servers to be seized.

A Italian judge from Bologna confirmed that she issued a request to U.S. authorities for the server's IP logs concerning certain posts published on Italy Indymedia. - But she says that she did not request the seizure of the server hardware, either.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who is representing the interests of Indymedia, has contacted all the likely suspects in the U.S. - including the FBI, the State Department, and the Federal District Court in Texas - that could have issued the subpoena referenced in Rackspace's public October 8 statement concerning the Indymedia server. But none of them did claim responsibility for the seizure.

"Were our servers abducted by aliens?", asks Clara, an Indymedia volunteer from the Netherlands. "Two weeks have passed and we are no step closer to knowing who took our servers, why, or even on which continent they were."

The only thing that is known is what Rackspace volunteered in their statement: that they received a court order in the U.S. Efforts are now underway by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to unseal that court order.

Meanwhile, the international outcry continues. 5,000 individuals have signed on to Indymedia's solidarity declaration (, and numerous others continue to contact Indymedia offering their support to help insure that secret court orders and mysterious government agencies don't shut down Indymedia's websites ever again.

For more information, visit,, email press(a), or call:

Tomasso at +39 3383903806 (Italy) Andrew at +44 788-4282-077 (UK) Hep Sano at +1-415-867-9472 (San Francisco) David Meieran at +1-412-996-4986 (Pittsburgh)

Notes to editors

(1) Indymedia


(3) Indymedia is a global media network consisting of 144 autonomous Independent Media Centers that provide openly accessible newswires with the capacity for anyone to publish texts, images, audio, and video, particulary concerning political and social justice issues.

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Time to go viral

Spider Jerusalem 22.Oct.2004 13:22

They're like bloody six-year-olds, pushing the boundaries, seeing how far we'll let them go before we stop them.
And so now they play the "wazzinme" game. And if they simply... never admit to it? If the courts obey their Emperor and reject all appeals and requests? If no one ever claims responsibility? They're thumbing their nose at the free peoples of the world and whining, "And just what are you going to do about it, eh?"

"Good corporate citizens" cannot be trusted. Rackspace can kindly go to hell. Spammers have for some time been operating viral, self-propagating, self-changing content delivery systems - and the US gummint hasn't been willing nor able to to a damned thing to stop them. Granted, this is a bit more complex than "BUY V14GRA NOW!!!111!!!1!" emails - but the proof of concept's already been built. Now we just need to scale it. And if it's limited to "volunteer" nodes, there's nothing illegal about it - not that that ever stops the Gummint....

The FBI wants to play infowar? Fine. These are people who are seriously conisdering Billy Gates' whispering in their ears that Windows is the best choice for a secure Gummint system. The network IS the computer, biznatch...

Seeking Damages?

Collin Baber 25.Oct.2004 07:26

Reads like IMCistas have more than enough ground to file charges on those who snatched the gear.

- CB


EMBOSCADO 26.Oct.2004 08:31

La guerra soterrada que estamos padeciendo no ha hecho más que comenzar y tener una agencia independiente de noticias no gusta ni lo más mínimo...! compañeros al loro !.
Lo que estais explicando ocurrió en el Foro de Hay Motivo, ante mi asombro vi desaparecer la información de los harddisks del 13 M al 9 S y volvieron aparecer con modificaciones..., es una táctica de guerra como otra cualquiera y debería hacernos reflexionar sobre ¿ A qué ? ¿ A quienes ? nos estamos enfrentando.
Nunca debemos perder el refente del Holocaustico Plan del 11 S y de todos los acontecimientos terribles a los que el mundo esta sometido.
Sobre la conspiración Sionista del mundo ya no cabe ninguna duda tan sólo fijemos atentamente en la siguiente jugada. Que nadie tenga miedo de ser un paranoico, porque ni la imaginación más despierta puede llegar a comprender de que son capaces estos asesinos.
Este mundo necesita de ciudadanos despiertos muy despieretos.

indymedia nl

nn 28.Oct.2004 12:57

what happend to indymedia today? it seems that the server is out...

I concur...

ydfe34nf8/cypherpunk 30.Oct.2004 05:21

I concur with Spider J on this. Some action must be taken in response to this outrage. If the government can steal our property and not inform us where it is or what is being done to it, much less inform us when we will recieve it back, I say that this warrants a response. To anyone who attempts such a measure, I may be interested in helping, although I probably have not the technical knowledge to do very much.

Didn't you know?

Jack 03.Nov.2004 21:20

read the patriot act. the u.s. now reserves the right to look anywhere and do anything and no country on the planet has the right to say other wise, and they dont have to tell you a dam thing. read the patriot act.

could always be the Mossad, you know

duh 04.Nov.2004 01:33

If it's not US intel, then who would likely be next in line?

legal steps?

eitan 05.Nov.2004 13:41


Why IMC isn't taking any legal action against "rackspace" (at least)?
Is it planned?

BTW, I just tried to send email to the "general" email address and it was rejected as an "unknown user". check this out.


shaynemonster. 28.Nov.2004 08:26

NL probably just had a tech glitch, but shes back.

We are certain it isnt mossad. However we do know mossad have harrassed israel indy pretty bad.

distributed is good. we are thinking about it :)

And finally, legal action is being looked into on many levels, but it requires lawyers, and laws are kinda complex and stacked against us.


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