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Mexican legislators open the door to genetic privatisation

During the media screen generated by the presidential succesion, on the 27th of April the Mexican Senator opened the door to the privatisation of genetic resources by means of the unanimous approval of the "Initiative of federal law for access and exploitation of biological and genetic resources", which will no doubt gravely affect, amongst other things, the food sovereignty of Mexico, as in the case of corn which has already been contaminated from its center of origin.

This is a legal proposal originally presented by senator Jorge Nordhausen of the far-right and governing Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) party in 2001 and was suspended in 2004. Amongst his "motives" Nordhausen put forward that: (...) For living beings and their derivatives to be transformed into resources with economic and social value, the constant contribution of relevant knowledge is necessary.

This initiative was approved at the "last minute", as is common for mexican legislators before the end of their legislative period.

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This is a far worse case, than just a "food sovereignty"

Daniel Keleti, Writer 06.May.2005 21:18

What we are talking here, future-wise, seems to be a door-opening to privately owned human-cloning factories, which shall be able, for example, to manufature - yes, just like that! - legions of slaves, striped of any human-right - "what do you want, they were manufactured, not borned!!" - and legions of violent soldiers, to keep an eye on them - AND US, and to ensure the current, and future, social-structure...

The actual situation is far more grave, than being suggested in this brief article. I wish it would have only summed up to "corn".

Mas informacion sobre Ley Monsanto en Mexico

indyMEX 07.May.2005 00:57

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Una Programa de base o nada de importancia ?

trotskui-guevara 09.May.2005 17:32

And yes - where is Obrador, el PRD, Los Zapitistas, Chavez?

Porque no hablas de estes cosas mucho del tiempo. Y las otras cosas como el Refinery en Arizona que estare robando dinero Mexicano pare ayauda de gringos - Que? - Porque?

Y tambien el ACTA (FTAA) el NAFTA y el mundo de mentiras capitalistas y piensas mezclados con obscura de la izquierda vieja - Donde estamos los del futuro - los luchadores fuertes??

donde esta un dialogo real - de toadas cosas importantes - de una sistema nueva - ?? Donde??

narrow thinking enviro perspective is dead dead dead

plain jane 09.May.2005 21:17

Hugo Chavez is really the only leader worth listening to anywhere in the world on GMOs - only Chavez has really banned them.

Lula sold out, Argentina is a GMO nightmare and the disease is psreading from Argentina and Brazil all over the Amazon -

Stupid environmentalist fight tiny battles - when on by destroying capitalism and re - instotuting a peasand-based agriculture and revolutionary democracy can any hope exist...