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If you would like to be part of a new palestine imc project, join the discussion list, restarted in April 2006.

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Anticapitalist video: Memory, Dignity And Struggle

La Plataforma 17.Feb.2007 15:48

The Spanish “Transition to democracy” was simply a way to fortify the capitalist economic model. With such Transition, the Spanish dominant class eliminated all sort of social resistance and opened the way for business; they made a Francoism without Franco and presented the Transition as a triumph of the people. It was a history written by the owners of money and their fascist sentries.
But Memory, Dignity and Struggle continue

Documentary produced by La Plataforma(2006)

Watch video:

Download video in high quality:,_dignidad_y_lucha.avi

Download Soundtrack:

More info, subtitles and instructions for using them:

New DVD by La Plataforma: Video-Chronicles 2006

La Plataforma 22.Feb.2007 23:10

We include in this release the video-chronicles we have produced during the last year, trying to give voice in an audiovisual format to different moments of the anti-capitalist struggle.

1- Demonstration of students against the Bolonia Plan
2- Demonstration supporting the 3rd Republic
3- Demonstration: “Stop Repression”
4- Demonstration in Móstoles supporting squattering
5- Fascist-named street plaques removal by the Madrid Antifascist Coordinating Comitee
6- Social fight week’06: antifascist and migration axis
7- Demonstration against the agression to Lebanon and Palestine
8- Demonstration in Valencia supporting the squattering
9- Demonstration for the right for a decent house
10- Concentr-Action supporting the arrested in the anti-LOU actions 2001: Madrid Complutense University Rectorship Building
11- Demonstration in solidarity with Iñaki de Juana and the basque political prisoners
12- Antifascist demonstration: Solidarity with Popular Culture Association “Estrella Roja”
a) Demonstration of July 26th: Solidarity with Cuba
b) Trailer: “Unenployed Workers Movement” (Argentina)
c) Trailer: “Regla Neighbourhood” (Cuba)

More info:

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palistine = murder

Raymond Fraga 12.Feb.2010 09:57

for self appointed suicide bombers to blow up schools, hospitals and public buildings with the expresses intent of killing women & children as primary targets. Is the most Shameful thing I think I have ever heard of. You have no HONOR? You have no decency? this is the behavior of savage animals.
May your families live in shame of your actions for generations to come

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