Czech freetekno party ended by police assault



A 'Freetekno' Party was stopped during the weekend by a series brutal and irrational actions of the Czech Police. Around 6000 people were attacked by the riot cops while having a party. The Highway was blocked and people entering the Czech Republic were turned away at the border, discriminated against on the basis of their looks.

Czechtech 2005 is the 12th Annual Freetek Party in the open air. This years, self-organised, event met unusual hostility from the Czech Police.

The first soundsystems and visitors gathered, on legally rented land, near the city of Milec, on Friday Morning (29th July). From the early hours the police blocked the exits from the highway, D5, causing an 8 km long traffic jam. Eyewitnesses reported police trying to stop people leaving the highway based on their looks. Around 150 people sat on the road requesting to continue on their way to Milec. After 6 hours, following an ultimatum, at 13:00 the police used water-cannons and heavy force to clear the blocked highway. Abandoned cars were towed away. The police continued to block exits to the highway, as well as several routes around Milec.

Official statements from the police said that the legal contract between the owner of the land on which Czechtek 2005 was to take place were invalid. The Czech Minister for Justice, Frantisek Bublan, a member of the social-democratic CSSD, also stated that the contract was invalid and claimed that the owner of the land had revoked it. Later on Friday the contract got to the media, as well as several inteviews with the legal owner of the land. These confimed his support of the event and the validity of the contract. Following his statement, Senator Jaromír Štětina and the Czech Green Party requested that Minister Buban stops the raid against citizens of Czech republic who have not commited any crime by gathering on legaly rented land. Nevertheless, the police continued to block the area without reason.

During the night several thousand visitors managed to pass the police lines, leaving cars behind on the road. The police received reinforcements from Pilsen, brought in vans and buses. By Saturday morning, the party had 5000 visitors and around 300 cars that had managed to make it. Music started to play from the soundsystems.

A spokesperson from the Czech police claimed that the visitors had damaged neighboring land whend trying to pass their blockade. The landowners filled a legal complaint against the organisers of Czechtek 2005. Citizens of �jezd pod P�imdou, a small town near the event signed a petition and handed it to the Police Commander requesting that the participants be allowed to continue on their way. The streets of the city were filled with cars and people who failed to go through the police street cordons.

Police redirected cars coming from the German border in Rozvadov to other border crossings. According to their statistics 105 out of 249 foreigners were turned back at the border on the basis of "coloured old cars, haircuts and tatoos". The D5 Highway was closed on both sides between 128 and 135km.

At 16:25 the police requested the participants, now numbering more than 6000, leave the gathering. If they failed to comply the police action would follow. The assault started at 16:30. Around 1000 riot cops using masses of tear gas and trying to push visitors away from the place. The assault was answered by objects being thrown at the police cordon and people shouting "gestapo" at the police. According to eyewitnesses police used water to damage the soundsytems. There are also unconfirmed reports of the use of gum projectiles and mobile phone disrupting frequency-jammers.

The Shadow Minister Ivan Langer sharply criticised the police attack saying it was a political decision imposed by the Prime-Minister, Jiří Paroubek (CSSD). Czechtek's weblog published a request for solidarity asking people to join a demonstration in Prague at 19:00 in front of the Ministery of Justice.

The police assault ended around 19:20 (before the evening news) with 50 people injured on both sides, police and participants. The organizers of Czechtek 2005 stated that they are going to appeal to European Court for Human Rights in Strassbourg.

On Sunday 31st July at 14.00 another demonstration took place in Prague. The number of the people reached 5000, requesting that Minister Buban steps out. The Czech Leage for Human Rights also joined this request, qualifying the police actions as illegal and the means used against the participants as inadequate and brutal. The Prime Minister Paroubek defends the police actions as "adequate". He also mentioned short-to-be-prepared legal changes to the Czech law of assembly, so that "an event like this will not happen again".


official page of Czechtek 2005 | Photos from the highway blockage | IDnes news timeline (czech) | Photos from the Saturday demonstration in Prague | Brno | Videos from the police assault | More videos from the action | more updates

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Photos from the night Assault

czt 2005 01.Aug.2005 09:48

Tear Gas canisters thrown into the cars:

Polizeistaat Tschechien? - CzechTek mit massiver Gewalt beendet!

at.IMC 01.Aug.2005 20:46

Artikel, Bilder und updates auf deutsch:

yeah, I used to go to free parties....

King Amdo 01.Aug.2005 23:22

...(mostly in Oxfordshire)....a few years ago (cira 1990-1992). We lived on one 'hippy traveler' site...and went to the rave parties on another to avoid this sort of end of party retrospect and with knoledge drugs should be shared and not sold...there are very very good reasons for this. Do want me to explain these to you?

1/ Postive reason...shareomlove

2/negative reason. Arh, well 'babylon' (that is to say christian) vampire system is a function of ritual child abuse.


reaction from Czech PM

Fero 02.Aug.2005 12:09

you can read tghe reaction of teh czech prime minister to the event (translated into english) at

It was published in Czech daily Lidove Noviny and clearly resemples the texts used by the communist regime in the past...

Support demonstration in Helsinki, Finland

Toni Aittoniemi 02.Aug.2005 17:15

In front of the czech embassy
In front of the czech embassy

On the street
On the street

Close up
Close up

A support demonstration was held in Helsinki, Finland against the human rights
violations which took place at the CzechTek2005 festival on 29.7-31.7 in the Czech Republic.

This demonstration of a few activists took place tuesday 2.8 at 16.00 until 18.30 before the
Czech embassy on Armfeltintie 14 in Eira, Helsinki.

The agenda of the demonstration was unacceptance of human rights violations conducted by the
czech police force at CzechTek2005. The demonstrators demanded that prime minister Jiri Paroubek,
foreign minister Josif Bublan and the Czech government be held responsible for their actions.

The demonstration was peaceful and talks between the demonstrators and the representants of the
czech embassy were conducted in good spirit on behalf of both sides. Internet site addresses
containing video, still picture and written word material were given to the head of the embassy
by the demonstrators. The police were present but left after 45 minutes and the demonstrators
continued their peaceful protest for another hour and 15 minutes.

A friendly local person supplied the demonstrators with refreshing beverages and interesting
conversation, thanks to everyone who attended!

More information

kolouch1701 03.Aug.2005 17:55

More information about police assault available:

You can see noncenored videos there. You will be really surprised.

speak up!

filip 07.Aug.2005 17:31

Demonstrations and protest actions:
- in Prague on Saturday, August 6 2005 beginning at 15 PM on Letná
- in Brno on Saturday, August 6 2005 beginning at 15 PM on Moravské square
- in Havířov on Sunday, August 7 2005 .Meeting in front of KD Leoše Janáčka KD Leoše Janáčka at 15 PM, followed by march to the town square.
- in Berlin on Saturday, August 6 2005. More info here
- in Paris on Saturday, August 6, Ambassade de la République tchèque en France 15, Avenue Charles Floquet, 75007 Paris at 15 PM
- in České Budějovice on Monday, August 8 on Přemysla Otakara II. square at 17 PM
- in Olomouc on Monday, August 8 on Horní náměstí at 17 PM
- in Mělník on Monday, August 8 on Náměstí míru at 17 PM

On Monday, August 8th 2005 at 17PM, protests will take place in ALL TOWNS AND CITIES in the Czech republic. Meet at the town square, show videos, photos and join our petition (downloadable from our website). Inform the public of what has happened!

Police KILL raver at CzechTek

r2d2 08.Aug.2005 18:49


In all history of festival there were no significant damages or problems, participants while leaving clean the land and take responsibility for
their action.
The contract with the owner of grass plain was clearly shown to police. There is no indicaion that festival was in any way illegal, every aspect was according to law of Czech Republic.

Although police stated throughout friday 29th several different reasons for blockage of access to the place of festival, all were later shown as lies or desinformation. The final reason for brute attack was "threat of damaging the surrounding private pieces of land".

The presence of attending young people on surrounding land was caused by police blockage of all roads and the police action was not taken against this people, but against the people on legally borrowed property.

A woman from near willage, owner of adjoining land, said she had been woken up by police friday morning, long before people began to arrive, taken to police station and by false arguments encouraged to sign complaint.

Most of the people did not hear any appeal to leave the place, many of them had drunk alcohol-containing beverages and could not go away with cars, many of them believed that by taking part on legally organized festival they cannot be targeted by police.

The first police action on saturday 30, 16:30PM took several hours and was badly coordinated. On the place was 1000 policemen, water cannon, armoured tank and low-flying helicopter.

The second night attack at 22PM was led with extreme brutality.

Police in heavy suits without identifying numbers refused to give
identifying information, information about their command and information about first aid location.

Police used massive amounts of tear gas and desorientation grenades, in many cases they threw tear gas granade into a car and did not let people inside for long time get out, in other cases they broke car windows by iron bars, threw grenade in and forced people to get out. All people were beaten up, including teenage girls, which cried in pain. Witnesses described attack on lone staing girl, who was pulled down by her hair and kicked on the ground by four policemen.
There were hundreds of injuries, including cuts, bruises, burnings, broken arms, shock. Many people were in shock still the next day afternoon with
red faces from tear gas.

Police intentionally damaged cars, electronic equipment and other
property. Attack was led with clear intention to cause injuries.

People were forced to go to near highway, which was closed several hours and then the waiting trucks were allowed to go dangerously among the desoriented people.

Police confirmed death of young man attending the festival. Reportedly he was killed by a truck which left. The reason of this death can be manipulated by police, no witnesses were found to [verify] the police statement.

Police brutality continued on scattered people till the sunday morning.

Czech state television Czech TV did not inform about the night attack, it's news were not balanced, mainly repeating police statements. Czech TV in its news also under estimated political value of call of freedom and resignation of minister of interior on sunday's demonstration in Prague, reporting briefly about techno-goers.

This is a call to foreing media to publish information about unlawful
police brutality and state of democracy and human rights in Czech

indymedia link:

Below are links to websites with endless photos clearly showing the extreme police brutality.

Below is a film taken at one of the road blocks where police beat a traveller to the ground for no apparent reason and then threaten the rest of the crew with guns:

League of Human Rights condemns illegal police intervention against CzechTek

31.07.2005 | and calls for the immediate resignation of Interior Minister Bublan

On the basis of information from news reports and participants in the event at Mlýnec pod Přimdou in Western Bohemia, the League of Human Rights must express its condemnation of the brutal police intervention there.

The police have encroached upon rights guaranteed to all by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms (1) in a manner which is completely unacceptable for a democratic state:

1. Without any legal justification, the police restricted the freedom of movement of persons who were peacefully in transit on the public roads.

2. The police as an agent of public authority illegally and brutally infringed upon the private contract between the lessor of the property and the organizers of the dance party. By so doing, the police made it impossible for the purpose of the lease to be achieved and thereby caused damages to both contractual parties.

3. By erecting an illegal barrier to the lawfully leased property, the police artificially escalated the situation. This resulted in conflict which could otherwise have been avoided.

4. The police used completely inappropriate methods, given the situation, and during the intervention injured several dozen people.

In contrast to the organizers of the event, who leased the property in good faith as a result of last year's problems, thereby demonstrating their desire to meet the legal requirements, the police decided to place themselves above the law for reasons which are neither understandable nor acceptable. Under the rule of law the police may not presume that participants of a private event are going to behave illegally.

The League of Human Rights calls upon Interior Minister František Bublan to recognize his responsibility for the completely inappropriate and illegal intervention committed by the police and to immediately resign.

The League further demands that all police officers responsible for this illegal intervention be held accountable and their victims compensated. The League recommends all victims of police brutality to contact other witnesses as soon as possible, to have any injuries examined by a doctor and a medical report issued. Victims of this illegal police intervention who want to file criminal charges against the police may contact the League lawyers on +420 608 719 535 or by e-mail at .

For further information, please contact:
Mgr. Jiří Kopal, lawyer, League of Human Rights
Mobile phone: +420 608 719 535

League of Human Rights - Liga lidských práv
Bratislavská 31
602 00 Brno
Tel.: +420 545 210 446