Activists mobilize for Hong Kong WTO


Trade ministers, NGOs, and social movements are all converging on Hong Kong, China, for the 6th Ministerial meeting of the WTO (World Trade Organization), which will take place from December 13-18th, 2005. A network of movement activity is bustling, with hubs including the Hong Kong People's Alliance on the WTO [en | chinese] and the Stop the New Round Coalition (SNRC), among others.

Peasants and small farmers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea are getting organized to come to Hong Kong, mobilize against corporate globalization and present alternative proposals. Conferences, cultural events, mass mobilizations, and direct actions are being planned between December 11th-18th, with the majority of activity during The People's Action Week, opening with a Public Assembly of the movements on the 13th and closing with a mass march on the 18th.

Organizing momentum has increased with a string of strategy meetings and declarations by Asian regional NGO and social movements, including the Colombo Declaration in June: "We, workers, organized and un-organized, peasants, dalits, indigenous peoples, fisherfolks, women, students, migrants and other marginalized communities of Asia in solidarity with other peoples of the world will stand at the forefront of the global struggle against the Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting."

Media activists will also be arriving from around the region and across the world to hold workshops and skillshares, to strategize together, and to plan independent coverage of the mobilizations and events in Hong Kong. The media conference and workshop is called New Media and Social Transformation. The major purpose of the conference is to have more in-depth discussion on the independent media movement in Asia, and plan possible long-run collaborations. However, a workshop will be organized for independent reporters to cover the WTO, and a sharing and exchange workshop will be organized by the end of the WTO mobilization. Here is an update of the New Media and Social Transformation conference plan . [inmediahk site in chinese].

More background: ZNet | Third World Network | Declaration of conference on WTO, Development and Migration | Colombo Declaration
Mobilization Links:

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Mi primera traducción

Colaborador_anónimo 23.Oct.2005 18:33

Hola. Sólo quería decir que esta ha sido mi primera traducción, así que disculpad los fallos, como la frase del subtítulo, no sabía que se vería así. Espero que sea de ayuda. Saludos

SNRC Website

anonymous 24.Oct.2005 21:52

The url for the Stop the New Round Coalition is now:


Edwin Lee 25.Oct.2005 07:18

If anyone is interested in making a video/documentary of the WTO rallies in Hong Kong please contact me at
It will be an independent project and/or collaboration with other NGO's and non-mainstream media outlets.
Edwin Lee

sadly thesite in englishis unaccessable from the mainland

Anti M 30.Oct.2005 09:06

sadly thesite in englishis unaccessable from the mainland

new article on WTO in Hong Kong

Tran Do 22.Nov.2005 14:41

Disneyland, Doha and the WTO in Hong Kong: The Spectacle of Corporate Fear, Absurdity and the New Universalism

by Hidayat Greenfield

It's fitting that the Sixth WTO Ministerial should arrive in Hong Kong only a couple of months after the opening of Disneyland. In both cases reality is abandoned at the door, while fiction and fantasy take over. The magical Doha 'Development' Round promises an end to global poverty and a new prosperity for all -- based on an agenda that boosts transnational corporate power and demolishes the remnants of political and social barriers to corporate profit. Like a rollercoaster ride through a fictional world, we set off to alleviate global poverty and arrive at greater impoverishment as the destination. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors and dazzling special effects, but we end up where we began. We end up with US$545 billion in global agricultural exports co-existing with eight million people dying of hunger and hunger-related diseases every year, while tens of millions of small farmers and agricultural workers who produce the food that feeds the world are themselves living in hunger. In the fantasy world of the Doha Round 'market access' is the magical solution: small farmers and workers must compete harder, producing more for less, while pinning their hopes on access to overseas markets so they can sell more of the stuff that's impoverishing them.....

continued here...

Alguna informacion?

Cesar Bah! 30.Nov.2005 14:35

Hola me encuentro en china y participare en la contracumbre de hong kong; me gustaria, si fuera posible que alguien me diera algun contacto, para entablar relacciones.
Nos gustaria presentar nuestro proyecto agroecologico y conocer otros proyectos.
Nuestro proyecto es el BAH!, trabajamos en Madrid, llevamos anios creciendo y haciendo esto posible, creemos en nuestro proyecto y consideramos importantes cualquier otro que se demarque en esta linea de cooperacion y trabajo.
Gracias a todos.

Special Presentation by the 3rd Social Movement Film Festival (Hong Kong)

terry narcissan 01.Dec.2005 16:18

Special Presentation by the 3rd Social Movement Film Festival (Hong Kong)
Organized by the Video Power and the Social Movement Resources Centre, HKFS

From 2 October 2005 to 20 November 2005, we have presented the 3rd Social Movement Film Festival (Hong Kong) in preparation for the WTO MC6 hoping to call up the local awareness on the issues.

Knowing that friends of all colors will join hands here in Hong Kong in December for the WTO MC6, we want to open our windows and take this chance to get together to share our dreams. After the WTO WC6, we have arranged to present two movies and the platform to converge and weave our web to further all ours struggle before we say our farewell.

Let’s join together on 19th and 20th December, 2005 so that ours struggles will be joined!

19 December 2005 (Mon) 7:00 p.m.
Agnes B Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre,
2 Harbour Road Wanchai,
Hong Kong Island,
Hong Kong

Movie Title: Let it be
Directed by Yen Lan Chun, Cres Juang (Taiwan, 2004)
In Mandarin, Southern Fukienese with English subtitles, Running Time: 110 min.

WTO - this invisible giant monster is showing its teeth; waving its claws, just like the time when the sky was overcastted by the dark clouds of the evil, and these old farmers are just like defenseless orphans ...... Would the mainstream society cares about them? Is the government aware of them? Let us ask ourselves, have we ever thought of their existence ...... Have we or have we not sometimes filled our rice bowl with more then we would have needed, have a couple of scoops, and then left 1,500 rice grains to waste in that lonely rice bowl ...... Even so, I still believe that the farmers shall survive, simply because they know how to feed......

20 December 2005 (Tue) 7:00 p.m.
Agnes B Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre,
2 Harbour Road Wanchai,
Hong Kong Island,
Hong Kong

Movie Title: Home where the Yellow Banners Fly
Made by Video Station of the Old Districts = Video Power + Urban Renewal Monitor (Hong Kong, 2003-2005)
In Cantonese with English subtitles, Running Time: 128 min.

No matter how is it being portrayed, the concern of the anti-globalisation movements is to acknowledge and to actualize the local struggles and their distinctive characters. Therefore, for the closing of the festival, we located and screen this documentary about the experiences, livings and growth of the residents of Wanchai in their years of struggle against the "urban renewal" project in Wanchai which challenged their livings......Right where the yellow banners fly......Their home within the H15 renewal plot.

On the Movies:

Let it be

The 75 years old rice grower said
Working the fields is ascetic to him
The gusty wind, the scorching sun ......
Sometimes, the thundering storm
Farmers have no way to resist
Zen - teaches you how not to resist
You accept it willingly
Farmers always accept it so
Sitting silently, meditating silently ......
Like a Buddhist monk practicing Zen
The labor of the farmers is practicing Zen silently
Season to season
Winter to winter, good or bad
Expecting for the harvest to come
Just like those who catches fishes in the past
If there is no catch in this pond, then change to another pond
There is always a chance for a big catch
Expecting so
Farmers are expecting so ......
Let it be, let it be
Relax your heart, not too much worries
And we say ......Let it be
In Taiwan, we have a saying, "Money is flooding up to the ankles of Taiwan", which is to tell of how rich Taiwan is. We want to invented a new saying, "Rice is flooding up to the ankles of Taiwan" to celebrate the maturity of the agricultural technology of Taiwan.

In this mountainous island of Taiwan without many plains, the population density ranked first around the world, how are these 2,000,000 mouths to be fed? Maybe not many people have thought of this question. Rice is the main food provision in Taiwan. Not only just produced enough for its own demands, Taiwan actually supplied more then its demand, did anyone appreciate such an extraordinary achievement? We should thank the dedicated rice farmers who always work industriously.

Let it be, documented the hard work and livings of three old rice farmers at the Houbi Village of Tainan County which is one of the largest rice growing region of Taiwan. Sparkling drops of sweats and grains of rice have been with them for decades. Through their hard work and livings, we could appreciate the wisdom of life. Also, we come to understand how subtle it is between, human and human, human and animals, human and gods, human and heaven, human and earth, to share this world, between heaven and earth, between sadness and happiness. Eventually, they shall be accomplished.

Under the sun, with the straw hat on his head, the old farmer is walking on the dyke with his bare feet. This path, this is the path he has been trekking, day after day, year after year. Pulling the weeds while stepping on mud, drops of sweat are flowing down his chin, through his body and finally melted into the earth that he has just fertilized yesterday. Looking at the setting sun, his eyes were filled by the luscious green of the stem and the sparkling gold of the budding grains in the glory of the sun, and the winkled face of the old farmer is expecting ...... Such a scene, maybe if we turn around carelessly, will never be seen again ......

Home where the Yellow Banners Fly

Throughout the experiences of, buying off; eviction; demolition, re-development seems to have become the standard practice for "urban renewal" in the past years.
However, the Urban Renewal Authority have turn a blind eye on their proclaimed mission to, to revitalise through enhancing and strengthening the socio-economic and environmental fabric for the benefit of our urban communities; to preserve by maintaining and restoring buildings of historical and architectural value, and to sustain local characteristics.

On the other hand, the Wanchai residents believe that there must be a way to actualize the "People Centred" urban renewal strategy introduced by the Urban Renewal Authority. The looked to different directions for information and inspirations, consulting views and ideas from different professionals; visiting universities and institutes; looking for examples local and aboard, and they found that successful development experiences actualizing "preserve and renew" is everywhere to be found.
Therefore, they organized, neighborhood assemblies, town planning workshop with specific details; public consultations; open exhibitions on the street; cell group meetings and visiting families and shops in the area. With these, they come to understand the problems that the neighborhood is facing in this "urban renewal" and their hopes on the development of the district. Finally, after numerous consultations; discussions and modifications, they submitted their own unprecedented town planning proposal for the area to the Town Planning Board worked out by the neighborhood.
The Town Planning Board had not accepted their proposal on technical reasons while acknowledging the participation of the neighborhood. But we think: a society where one cannot even have a saying on their own home cannot be a truly "democratic" society. And we also believe: a true "civil society" could only be realized when every citizen are actively expressing their thoughts and enter into discussions. Thus, the foundation of democracy will then be concretely based with authentic local meanings.

Down with the WTO!

A Seattle anti-imperialist 09.Dec.2005 14:30

Down with the WTO and its manipulation by the big powers to force the masses of the developing countries into poverty and ruin!

International trade relations are a main focus of imperialism in today’s world. With the founding
of the World Trade Organization (WTO), these relations have become more and more contentious
as the conflicts between the industrialized countries of North America and Europe and the
developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America sharpen. The upcoming ministerial
conference of the WTO in Hong Kong promises to be a new arena for these conflicts to show how
the industrialized countries use trade relations to exploit and oppress the developing countries,
especially in the areas of trade in agricultural commodities. In the past, many countries have
protected and subsidized these commodities in order to develop their economies. However, for
international trading partners, such protection is an obstacle to their access to the internal market.
The industrialized countries have highly mechanized and extremely productive agriculture sectors,
enabling the production of much lower-priced agricultural commodities. Importing large amounts
of low-priced food products from these countries into an economy could depress the prices of
agricultural commodities below the cost of production, driving the subsistence farmers of the
developing countries out of business on a massive scale.

Agriculture is a main focus of the Hong Kong WTO meeting from December 13-18. The US
proposals going into this meeting are a very complicated attempt to manipulate the developing
countries and the European Union and Japan into making the most cuts in their agricultural policy
programs while allowing the US to make minimal cuts in its programs and gain the most market
advantage as the Doha Round objectives are met. This approach is dishonest in its adherence to
the supposed goals of “free trade” and will ultimately result in enlarged advantage for the US while
increasing the impoverishment of subsistence farmers and family farmers in developing countries
and the smaller developed countries. This approach is doomed to failure and should be exposed as
a total fraud before the eyes of the world.

The WTO meetings are supposed to work out the “rules” for trade relations between the various
capitalist countries. But the people who speak for these countries are members of the rich ruling
classes and these delegates put forward the interests of the ruling classes and leave the interests of
the working masses behind. This is why there are never any serious calls for the defense of the
right to form trade unions and engage in strikes for higher wages at these meetings. And since all
decisions about trade relations are driven by the desire to establish the “rule of the market” over
everything, matters like the reduction of environmental pollution get left out as well, because the
market does not consider the environment as a factor. The effects of outsourcing on the jobs of
working-class people in the developed countries is another factor that never will enter into the
discussions of trade relations under the WTO because the capitalists who carry out these
negotiations view these effects as a good thing and want this process to continue. And the cries of
protest from the many workers downsized out of their jobs fall on deaf ears.

In industrialized nations such as the United States, workers have many times fought against
attempts to outsource work, or to stop plant closings, or to demand large benefit packages if an
employer moved production overseas. These are just and necessary struggles against the effects of
capitalist globalization, a globalization that increasingly throws the workers of all countries into a
competitive “race to the bottom”. But the trade union leaders have repeatedly betrayed these
struggles, most notably by uniting with the employers to force through concessions contracts that
would allegedly “save jobs”. (Hence, they had nothing to offer the workers other than that they
should join in the race to the bottom.) Moreover, in industries hard hit by overseas competition
they’ve worked hard to line up the workers behind their own exploiters’ demands that duties be
levied on their foreign rivals’ goods.

The trade union leaders’ service to the American steel magnates during the 1999 Seattle anti-WTO
protests is a good example. They cried about American jobs going overseas but were silent about
the fact that American plant-modernization has caused the layoffs of many hundreds of thousands
of workers during the last few decades. They supported the employers’ demands for duties but
were silent about the unemployment and suffering this might cause the workers of Korea, Europe,
or China. In short, their politics were to have an alliance between the capitalists, government and
workers to save American jobs, and to hell with the workers anywhere else! Moreover, they
“forgot” that duties or tariffs can never for long shield the workers of a country from being forced
into the downward spiral of competition with their overseas comrades. No, retaliatory duties are
imposed, etc.

Mass unemployment in all countries is the result of the economic laws of the capitalist mode of
production itself. As capitalist production develops in agriculture it uproots tens of millions of
people from the land, leaving them nothing to sell but their labor power. And everywhere, the
capitalists are driven by competition to introduce new productive techniques and equipment which
replace living labor with the products of past labor---resulting in more unemployment. As a
system, capitalism creates a "surplus population", the unemployed, much faster than expanding
production can provide jobs. But the AFL-CIO and Change to Win Coalition (CTWC) leaders are
diehard defenders of capitalism in general, and of “their” (American) capitalists in particular.
Their outlook is reformist and national-chauvinist, and from this outlook they betray the
immediate struggles of the workers against the effects of this system of production. Moreover,
they’re a tool of the capitalist political establishment that continuously works to hide that
capitalism is the cause of the effects the workers are struggling against. And the consciousness that
there is an alternative, that another world is possible, immeasurably increases the fighting capacity
of all the working people.

The present doctrine of the WTO is neo-liberal free trade. The results are ruining small farmers all
over the world, throwing the workers into increased competition with each other, and wrecking the
environment. Nevertheless, beneath this doctrine, a system of government subsidies, duties, and
protected markets still exists---especially concerning agricultural products. Moreover capitalist
governments ultimately always want free trade for industries where they have the advantage on the
global market, and protection of those that are at a disadvantage. But protectionist measures,
although they may temporarily shift the burden between who suffers more and who suffers less, are
no solution. They only lay the groundwork for increased international competition and rivalry,
and, during past periods of protectionism in international trade, trade wars (with their resulting
unemployment, etc.) have developed that ended in real wars. The solution for the working class
and all oppressed humanity is to continue to rise in struggle against the devastating effects of neoliberal globalization while also building up the movement to overthrow the cause of these effects:
the capitalist system of production itself. With each passing day, history is proving that instead of
the reformism and national chauvinism of the AFL-CIO and CTWC, we need the revolutionism and
internationalism of the proletariat.

Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee, December 5, 2005

Direct Action Activist Website to Organize in Hong Kong Against the WTO 10.Dec.2005 03:10

An autonomous group of direct action activists have launched Target: WTO | Derail, Dismantle, Destroy as activists across Hong Kong, Asia, and around the world unite to destroy WTO for once and for all. With WTO Ministerial Conference 3 disrupted in the Battle for Seattle and the 5th one in Caucun derailed by activists and poor countries, a global resistance movement has built from all corners going in all directions to ensure WTO is derailed, dismantled, and destroyed for once and for all. The WTO 6th Ministerial Conference is happening in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from December 13th to 18th, 2005. Poor people, people of colour, women, migrants, activist allies and other groups struggling to survive under the neocolonial empire of rich nations are UNITING to hold one of the biggest demonstrations for a capitalist event with the tightiest security. Stay Tune to Target: WTO!

As The Tide Rushes In: Four Days Before the WTO in Hong Kong

Puck Lo 10.Dec.2005 03:12

New article on the WTO protests:

December 9th, 2005

In Hong Kong the sixth World Trade Organization Ministerial meeting fast approaches, and preparations are under way. Organizers, trade unionists, farmers, migrant workers, students, and other global justice and community activists from all over Asia and the world are converging in Hong Kong to organize against, derail and shut down the summit. More than 10,000 protesters—mostly from Korea, the Philipines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Thailand—are expected during the convention from December 13-18.


Tom Grundy 13.Dec.2005 14:11

I am a British citizen protesting in Hong Kong – I have been dressed as a chicken with a sign dubbed ‘WTO – More Dangerous Than Chicken Flu’, demonstrating and distributing leaflets to raise awareness of the WTO’s true nature.

Journalists are meant to be passive observers not instigators of violence – yet tonight I was assaulted by staff from Hong Kong’s two major TV news broadcasters, ATV and TVB.

I performed some peaceful, verbal direct action against ATV during a live report. Using a megaphone I stood next to the reporter and shouted that 99% of protestors are peaceful, that they should cover real news and film where most protestors are (rather than against the dramatic backdrop of riot police). I said their journalism was lazy and scare-mongering.

Two ATV employees then violently tackled me away, preventing me from talking, using excessive force. I repeated the action when TVB took to the air live, also questioning why their reporter had dramatically donned a riot helmet. Their light operator violently pushed me a way, prompting several other people to protect me.

I repeated my actions with TVB during subsequent recordings. All those involved in both channels refused to show their ID proving they are WTO-approved reporters.

On Monday, both channels reported rumours that protestors had stolen security uniforms and that gas masks had been purchased in mass. I found this to be an attempt to create a climate of fear to undermine the message of the protestors, and tried to take action.


The WTO needs to be scrapped or totally reformed, incorporated into the UN and based around the UN Convention of Human Rights – not corporate profit.

The WTO is an undemocratically run organisation which affects the lives of millions of people, yet we don’t get a say in it. It undermines the sovereignty and independence of countries as it overrides any laws bought in to protect workers or the environment.

videos on ministerial conference

kanalB 13.Dec.2005 23:57

under you can find videoclips on what is happening inside and outside the coference and on the WTO in general

videos - WTO Hongkong

kanalB 15.Dec.2005 19:03

please take a look at
and watch videos of actions and demonstrations as well as interviews with the NGO
representatives from Hong Kong.

here are two clips out of 40:

title: SEAFish for Justice

Hongkong, 15.12.2005 - during the project "Hub Hongkong"
two activists from the southasian network SEAFish for Justice talked about their struggle
agains liberalisation on fish commerce.
--------: -
---------: -
----: -
further informations:
---: -
language: eng
length: 5 min
team: Bärbel Schönafinger
created: 2005-12-15
format: rm
datasize: 4 MB
-----: -
------: -
kanalB replaces ordinary television:


title: Christmas gifts

Hongkong, 14.12.2005 - OWINFS network action on GATS . The evil Santa Claus brings gifts to the corporations, i.e. water for SUEZ, an european corporation who controls 8% of the global water resources.

--------: -
---------: -
----: -
further informations:
---: -
language: eng
length: 3,30 min
team: Bärbel Schönafinger
created: 2005-12-14
format: rm
datasize: 5 MB
-----: -
------: -
kanalB replaces ordinary television:

Please create weblinks on your website. It should be a great opportunity
to show those at home what's going on here in Hong Kong.

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