Barcelona: Euromediterranean Econo

Stop the Mediterranean recolonization!


PosterBerlusconi, Mohamed VI, Zapatero, Mubarak, Blair -as temporary president in the European Union-, Bouteflika... will be in Barcelona November 27th and 28th because of the Euromediterranean Economical Summit for business leaders, Barcelona +10! A economic-govermmental meeting with the aim to relaunch the so called Barcelona process: an initiative that serves the financial elite and european multinationals interests that search markets and natural resources in the mediterranean south bank. A process that legitimates dictatorial regimes and violates human and cultures rights.

[26Nov] 12h : Palestina Critical Mass + 17h : Protest Action: To nail against the door of the Catalan Parlament "The Open Letter" with measures against real-state and urbanistic violence ->> Pester to the Parlament and shack contruction + 18h : Debate Conferences + 19h : Starts: audio stream (cancelled) from a shack + 20h : Video projections about urban conflicts + 22 h: Concert (video stream cancelled)
[27Nov] 12h : Protest + 15h : Support to shacking BCN + 16h : Protest

follow up :: sms cast : bcn+10 -- shaking_txabolear [ca, es, en] video : One nit in the Opera withOvidi -- Shacking_Txabolegem BCN fotos : One night in the Opera with Ariadna Pi -- One night in the Opera: Photos from squating the Liceu -- Come wht us -- BuyNothingDay difussion of Txabolear stream : Streaming from Txabolear? -- explanation of problems with the stream emission (ca, es, en) galeria : >>>real state speculation and squating
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