The Personification of Les Avant Garde


Josophine Baker Les Avant Garde
Josophine Baker Les Avant Garde

The personification of art was initiated when early man used his own image as symbols to depict action on cave walls. It is here were we should also start.

Les Avant Garde

Extension and Introductions

Art today is the personification of the perceptual world in which artists projects into their various art forms. There is both rhythm and timing involved in their processes of interpolation of realities.

Nonetheless, early mans use of artistic renderings of the his image on cave walls was to tell a story. Thus art and communication was inseparable, and it here where unity existed. The preceptions and saga these symbols conveyed was clearly understood by those who live in that time era, but not necessary those of us who live today.

Was is now being proposed is the reunification, thereby giving images of depth in the overall artistic processes of interpolation. There are clear social, cultural-most certainly, political, and spiritual implications which will result in re-establishing unity. And it is unity in which we are being focused on.

On webpage symbolisms are experiences are clearly laid out, and it is not necessary to repeat them. There are great human movements which are gaining ground within the growing world of technology in which email this year passed the use of the telephone as the main form of communication ( a side bar observation---that is alot of typing going on as a result if you really think about " do " ). Art has of yet not caught up, and this is the first era since the middle ages that this ever happen. What this webpage, and its Website suggest, is that there are other experiences which should be taken in and in an example enter sports. You will note of Website the combat of two epee fencers. Here is dynamic movement of the lunge, and the action depicted in this photo graphic.

Then back on you will note the article on Josphine Baker whose art was so well defined to where her life became significant enough as to invest her own life in others, as she did, and an American black woman dance stood along side the French Resistance in France itself to fight the Nazi occupation. With European Jewry being rounded up for the slaughter, this was in itself a historic moment of real courage.

Thus taking this as an example and the flash of all the images on a movie screen, you will not necessarliy find the magic trick. Nevertheless Josephine Baker did, and as result she extended herself beyond her art, and found history awaiting her to steer events. And for black women at that time her life became significantly important too!

In your various browsings of all the links attached you will come to an end, and then reflect, and suddenly undertand the conscious backdrop of a personal foundation in which the vision, cultural democracy is objectively significantly important-with very real political implications wraped into an art form.

As a result, you will become increaingly aware of the implication in bringing back a sense of unity.

Note too other articles and webpages in this website, and well as others website which are linked, and then you have begun your journey into Les Avant Garde. Thus a relook and see, and one of the means could be sports.

Just as important is a balance found in the cultural democracy website

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