Hong Kong New Media and Social Transformation Conference

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About Conference

December 2005 will be a month for both governmental and non-governmental gathering in Hong Kong. We expect many independent media will gather in Hong Kong to report on the WTO ministerial meeting, as well as the anti-WTO NGO forum and demonstration. Independent media in Hong Kong has started to flourish in the past few years, after the July 1 demonstration in year 2002; educators also start to explore new media as a mean for civic education or critical pedagogy. We would like to seize this international occasion to organize a series of discussion for independent media groups from all over the world to share their experience in using new media for engaging with the society, and to explore potentials for border-crossing cooperation.

About Panel

Most of the mainstream media are very limited in cross-border perspectives, the so-called international news are mostly about the West or highly international relation which is dominated by governmental or nationalistic concerns. Many of the new media aim at creating an international community among people and they are more aware of the communication among non-western world. In this session, we would like to share the experience in the initiative for border-crossing dialogue: How can the new media facilitate border-crossing dialogue? How to transgress language barriers and contextual differences in communication? What are the major challenges for such initiatives?

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