Don't Stop At Malkin, Aim at Other Right Wing Sites

Malkin needs to be stopped.

Michele Malkin is the filthy right-wing fascist who posted the addresses, photos and pictures of anti-war activitsts that she happened to disagree with. This is fascism, clear and simple.

Background here:

Now she is getting support from the right-wing. We need action now! Here is a list of addresses of other right-wingers. Please do your best to be "nice" to all of these reichwingers:

405 Northcrest Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

1547 Us Highway 212 S
Laurel, MT 59044

4816 Old Dixie Hwy
Forest Park, GA 30297

215 2nd Ave Sw
Cullman, AL 35055

903 Belvidere Street
Waukegan, IL 60085

2405 West Stadium Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

1701 S Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66612

10459 8th Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

8598 Market St
Boardman, OH 44512

706 S County Road 5
Springfield, MN 56087

1727 Houston Street
Columbia, SC 29203

Note: Use to find their phone numbers and maps.

For more information:

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Chuck Pelto 20.Apr.2006 17:30

TO: Whomever
RE: Bring It On!

So... wanna come out and 'play'?

Fine by me. I've been a player since 1970. But, be advised....I play (1) rough and (2) for keeps.


[God is alive...and airborne-ranger qualified. And so am I.]

P.S. Wear body armor. You'll need it. Colorado is a 'Make My Day' state.

Link to the evidence

Synova 20.Apr.2006 18:16

I think you should link to the offending posts. But I don't think you can because
I read several of those blogs and none of them have posted people's private
information lately, but hey, maybe I missed it, huh?

Though I'll admit that this "this is fascism so let's all get on board"
logic is just priceless. No high-roads here! LOL!

Hi chuck(le). *wave*

This is fascism, clear and simple.

dkidd420 20.Apr.2006 18:32

You people are the facsists.....she posted numbers and names from a PRESS RELEASE...therefore it is intended for PUBLIC CONSUMPTION!

What you people have done is take the private information (never released for public consumption) and posted them to have them harrassed because they pointed out the truth about those poor, misunderstood children at UCSC who are guilty of sedition....every one of them should have been arrested and every penny of my tax money should be cut off from that shit-hole institution!

And as far as harrassing right wingers....come on down to Texas (San Marcos)....we'll put on our Sunday best and lay on the red-carpet treatment for you idiots!


Starboard Attitude 20.Apr.2006 18:53

Let me see if I can get this right: Posting an anti-war PRESS RELEASE, disseminated by an anti-war group, is FASCIST??? That's absurd! Malkin did not hunt down private information, she merely republished a PRESS RELEASE in which the idiots disclosed their own information!!! So now you retaliate against right-of-center blogs?

You're a bunch of moronic hate mongers.

Don't be muffled!

Hairy Byna 20.Apr.2006 19:03

I strongly think that everyone should go protest at Stephen Green's! He is trying to quiet us all! It's un-Constitutional the way he is trying to muffle everyone!

I demand the right to make as much noise as I can!



skate 20.Apr.2006 19:45

You not only got the original story wrong, you've also attributed this "nasty" behavior to the wrong folks and you've gotten most of the contact information wrong. But hey, have a great time ... B-)


Justnoticing 20.Apr.2006 19:55

Let's see, MM posts someone's contact informmation, so that makes her fascist, vile, whatever. Just for the sake of argument, let's ignore that this was publicly disseminated information.

So, In retaliation, you all post contact information on a bunch of people. Again let's leave out the obvious facts that most of these people did NOT publicly release this info, and also had nothing to do with MM's posting, but basically you just don't like them.

In short, here's your reasoning:

She posts contact information: She's fascist, vile, scumbag.

Here is the reasoning of anyone that can think internally consistently, USING YOUR OWN RULES (obviously not you):

You post contact information: You are ?.

try this on

kfcwork 20.Apr.2006 20:01

keep in mind tards that most if not all of the folks you name here are more likely than yourselves to be armed. So please be careful. wouldn't want any of you to get hurt.

There comes a point

tim maguire 20.Apr.2006 20:49

where one needs to stop reveling in the vile stupidity of the left and realize--so long as these people are the opposition, we are essentially a one-party system. The Democrats will never win an election and the Republicans will never be forced to behave according to their principles.

It's clear liberals are never going to play a responsible role in politics. We need to figure out another way to keep our democracy from suffering.


Ben 20.Apr.2006 21:47

I would like to thank the authors of this site. I love blogs and blogging, and I have been looking for a resource that I would list sites I might be interested in. I have been reading for over a year and thanks to him and you I now have a host of others to read. I really can't thank you enough for this!!


Andrew S. 20.Apr.2006 22:36

I don't know which poor Jonah Goldberg you're listing up there. The one who writes for NRO lives in DC, not Georgia. You know, in a country this size, there are probably at least a dozen folks named "Jonah Goldberg".

I'd be very interested (and amused) to hear just how you came up with those addresses...


MF 20.Apr.2006 22:47

Why does the Instapundit live in an auto repair shop?

Disgusting, to put it mildly

Bird Dog 20.Apr.2006 22:59

Malkin copies information from a PRESS RELEASE and she's called a fascist. You, on the other hand, publish private information that none of the parties have publicly releasd. If you don't understand the difference, here's a hint: THE FASCIST THUGS ARE YOU, not Malkin.

Bogus Addys

Someone 20.Apr.2006 23:11

These addresses are all bogus, most of them auto shops
Check out TexasRainMaker for more info.

Not too bright

Chris 21.Apr.2006 00:54

Anyone who has spent more than about two minutes at Instapundit knows that the guy lives in Knoxville, not Nashville. Anyone who has spent more than about two minutes at Vodkapundit knows that he lives in Colorado. Just how little research went into this list?

I Just Love the Left

Howard Veit 21.Apr.2006 08:08

I have a great idea for you guys: join the left wing rabble down at Duke and cheer the lynching of those two LaCrosse players. Publish their addresses, the addresses of their parents complete with instructions on how to burn down their houses. When you've done that there are at least a million snotty Jews you can go after.

Your Logo Problem

Duke of DeLand 21.Apr.2006 13:26

Sorry to be a complainer, but having read your idiocy I must point out that while the "I" in your logo is placed to the left, it should, in truth, be hard against the left side so as to portray accuracy in presentation of your slanted presentations.


How charming

Bostonian 21.Apr.2006 13:48

Malkin posts contact information that was in a press release, the same information that several lefty sites posted, and you consider that "fascist."

To retaliate against this "fascism," you post private contact information about a bunch of unrelated people whom you just don't like.

And this makes sense to you?

Maybe, just maybe, there is a reason why you are LOSING ELECTIONS.

Information is wrong

King of the Cows 21.Apr.2006 15:23

Everyone knows that Rusty Shackleford lives in Arlen, Texas.

Get a brain, moran.

hey there, you forgot one!

avm 21.Apr.2006 15:24

hey, check out my blog

And how did all of you indymedia geniuses know that all of us right-wingers are mechanics.

If fact, I am currently blogging from a dumpster behind a jiffy lube.

if ya drop by, can you bring some leftovers?

LOL! Jokes on you, idiots!!!!!!!1

How does it feel to be exposed as an idiot

ROFLMAO 21.Apr.2006 15:48

I'm not a blogger and I don't live in an auto shop so I didn't make your list.

This is just another example of a left wing idiot throwing out information without any research like you do with everything else.

The world is moving on without you, idiots.



Just admiring your style. 21.Apr.2006 18:33

How. Spectacularly. Unimpressive.

Fight the power maaaaan.


not a tard 21.Apr.2006 18:56

hypocritical, incorrect and overtly lame.

Might I add "typical?"

fucking 'tards.

Agreed on the point that there's no surprise why Dems can't win elections - 'tarded.

And I apologize to those people who are actually 'tarded, as I've connected them to moronic liberals.

Though, if the fake 'tards can't see their mistakes, real 'tards won't see mine.

Oh my. This could be ugly

wondertrev 22.Apr.2006 02:09

Reminds me of the times the Black Panthers, et al, decided to protest in Dallas, They'd show up at the school board meetings, but were loath to face the locals at other venues, Toby was'nt willing to get up at the time that a real job starts, zo he slept in to protest the adsurd demands of the man,

Can't you guys get anything right?

Russell Wardlow 22.Apr.2006 04:14

Reynolds lives in Knoxville.
Goldstein lives in Colorado.
Goldberg lives in DC.
Ace lives in NYC.
Green also lives in Colorado.
Hewitt lives in Los Angeles.
Sowell lives in CA.

Those are just the ones I know off the top of my head. My God, you people are retarded.

But you're oh so precious!

Thank you

Steph 22.Apr.2006 16:54

I'm driving across the country this fall. I just got a nice list of places to go if I have car trouble.

Ms. Malkin published information that you could get from these Bin Laden loving students on their website.

This is something someone who goes to the school these worthless piece of trash students go to:

All but 1 of these group members ARE AT COLLEGE ON GOVERNMENT HELP


Jaxebadt 23.Apr.2006 22:21

Say steph,

How do we know that YOU aren't the one who loves Bin Laden?
Bin Laden, is, of course, a religious theocrat who hates freedom of speech.

It's wrong....... so we should do it

jacklumber 24.Apr.2006 03:11

It's just wrong, so we should do it. In fact, wait, if we do MORE of it, and do it harder, well, maybe that will make it right. Or if we put on our moon-hats, that will make it right, maybe.
But wait again, Michelle Malkin only reproduced these guys' press release, therefore it's not wrong, ergo, whatever we do can't possibly be wrong, that is, if we're wearing the moon-hats. Sheesh, I forgot, we're idiots.

Now, now people

T.S. Garp 26.Apr.2006 01:58

While I firmly believe that posting phone numbers and addresses serves no purpose than to attempt to intimidate those who engage in open discussion, I am quite concerned about the number of those on the right who point out that they own guns.

Count me IN!

Ward Gerlach 26.Apr.2006 03:48

Uhh...guys? How come I'm not on the honor roll?

Mebbe 'cause I'm an old fart with a bad attitude?

Why don't y'all come on down, see if you can dance?

Ward Gerlach
"Old Wierd Ward"

Street address supplied upon specific request. Be advised, the cranky old fart living at the address has items of individual destruction, starting with a 2x4 and ranging up to - and a willingness to use them. He's also known to be intolerant of fools, cantankerous, fond of good food, a swiller of beer, and a notorious teller of preposterous tales.

I like Michelle Malkin because:

1. She can write rings around you.
2. I agree with most of what she says.
3. Her "head-shot" photo indicates that she might have good legs.
4. She uses logic - which you guys are lacking.

Grow Up!

Rightwingladyguntoter 29.Apr.2006 21:37

Posting stupidity on the internet should be a crime.

Having to read your neurotic drivel should be a hate crime.

You all should be candidates for the first brain transplants.


Yogimus 01.May.2006 03:44

I really don't know where to start. First and foremost, what you are advocating is frighteningly oppressive to the free trade of ideas. Your only saving grace is your incompetence to accomplish such a task.

Second, what do you hope to accomplish? "Shut up the voice of the right"? What if the right starts playing "Shut up the voice of the left"?
So you sink to their level? Is that your plan? (Or is it just that nobody cares about what you are saying? details.)

Third, in order to intimidate someone into silence, you must first be... what's the word... intimidating. It is hard to be the intimidating surrender monkeys, who need to form a coallition to pick on a petite asian woman.

You don't frighten us, pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottom, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, you and all your silly k-nnnnniggets. Thpppppt! Thppt! Thppt!