Israëlische invasie van Gaza/Libanon: Al meer dan 120 doden; geen einde in zicht


Nabil Abu Salmiya, zijn vrouw Salwa (beiden 39) en hun zeven kinderen Nasrallah, Basima (16), Sumayya (12), Huda (8), Eman (11), Aya (7), en Yahia (13) zijn de meest recente slachtoffers van de voortdurende Israëlische invasie van de Gazastrook. Ze werden gedood bij een Israëlische luchtaanval op hun huis op woensdagochtend 12 april. Israël zei dat de twee raketten bedoeld waren voor een leider van Hamas, maar niemand van de 9 doden en 38 gewonden is verbonden met de verzetsbeweging, en de meerderheid van de slachtoffers zijn kinderen. Sommige Israëlische militairen voelen zich ongemakkelijk bij deze massamoord en de weigering van Olmert om te onderhandelen. Israël wordt ervan verdacht chemische wapens te gebruiken bij de aanvallen, hoewel de precieze aard van de nieuwe wapens een mysterie blijft.

In het noorden van Israël hebben Hezbollah-strijders op woensdag 12 juli acht Israëlische soldaten gedood en er twee gevangen genomen. Daarop viel Israël Libanon binnen voor de eerste keer sinds 2000. Bij die inval kwamen minstens 25 mensen om het leven.

Audio: 1 -7 juli wekelijks audioverslag
Foto:"Still Life With Explosion Ejecta" - foto van een dorp in Libanon dat "ontvouwd" wordt door een immense explosie. De kleine witte blokjes onderaan de vuurbal zijn burgerwoningen.
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De familie Abu Salmiya is de tweede in een paar dagen die uitgemoord werd via Israëlische luchtaanvallen. Bij een gelijkaardige aanval op zaterdag kwamen Amna Hajjaj en haar twee kinderen om het leven en raakten vijf andere familieleden zwaargewond, onder hen ook Amna's broer, die beide armen verloor. Op maandag werden drie tieners gedood door een raket terwijl ze aan het voetballen waren in Beit Hanoun.

Vier mensen zijn omgekomen bij de grensovergang met Egypte in Rafah. Het gaat om een baby, twee tieners die terugkwamen van een medische behandeling in Egypte, en een oudere man. Vijfduizend Palestijnen zitten momenteel vast in de hitte van de woestijn aan de grensovergang. Ze kunnen niet terugkeren naar hun huis in Gaza omdat de Israëlische autoriteiten de grens gesloten houden. Heel Gaza zit nog steeds zonder stroom, nadat Israël alle elektriciteitscentrales in Gaza opblies, net als bruggen, hulpprojecten en regeringsgebouwen.

dorp in Libanon


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ihr nervt

an 15.Jul.2006 21:49

ihr nervt. die hisbollah ist eine verkackte antisemitische terrororganisation - und keine unterstützenswerte "widerstandsorganisation" - und vor allem alles andere als fortschrittlich und für linke unterstützenswert - merkt das mal!


TJH 16.Jul.2006 03:02

Islamic Terrorists killed more people in a single day in India. Where was the outrage then?

Hamas and Hizballah launched unprovoked attacks on Israel and are now reaping what they sowed.


bob dobbs 16.Jul.2006 05:13

there's just one word for your ilk: "perspective".

1. look at the stark difference of the death toll on either side
2. israel invaded ANOTHER country (again) for god's sake. (or not.. for their own selfish sake by the looks of it).
3. if someone was destroying my friends, family and community on a daily basis, i doubt id just sit and watch...


Taryn 16.Jul.2006 08:19

There's no balance in the killings. Fine, Lebannon started the war, sure, but innocent people are dying now. Naturally, the definition of innocent is debatable, but the death toll in Lebannon is much higher than in Israel. In an article yesterday, I read there were over 80 deaths, now over 120. I mean, come on! I know that throughout history, Israel has had to deal with a lot of Palestine attacks, and Lebannon did start this, but the theory of the best defense being a good offense is being taken much too far.

Silence the Canons — Start Negotiating!

yossi 16.Jul.2006 10:45

Silence the Canons — Start Negotiating!

Sunday 16.7, we will hold a protest march in the streets of Tel Aviv:

We'll meet at 19:00 on the corner of Frishmann and Chen Blvd.

No More Military Madness!

Stop the Unilateral Illusion!

Stop Killing Civilians in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza!

Start Political Negotiations!

The illusion that a 'strong and firm' Israeli government can unilaterally determine the borders and lives of Israel and its neighbors has shattered into a bloody reality. We can only expect more casualties, wounded, destruction, anxiety, economic and social paralysis for us and our neighbors are the price to pay if we continue to avoid the path of political negotiations.

Barak unilaterally stopped the peace process with Syria and preferred a unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon, without negotiations or agreements. Israel was left with the Golan Heights and with an armed Hizbollah on the border. We are now paying the price.

Barak and Ben-Ami, Sharon and Ben Eliezer, Mofaz and Peres, and now Olmert and Peretz gave up negotiating with the Palestinians and tried, and are still trying, to withdraw from some of the territories while maintaining the occupation in the rest of the territories.

Now it is clear:

No fence and no wall will protect Israel from hostile neighbors. The IDF has failed and will keep losing in the battle against guerilla forces. Technological and instrumental superiority allows one to spy, destroy, liquidate, but it cannot prevent injuries in the border or the home front, among civilians and soldiers.

After the long years of the failed military attempt to overcome guerilla forces in Lebanon, how can we think that the current use of force will solve anything? We've been in this situation before!!!

The only true defense, the only way to guarantee a different future, a future of peace and security, is to resolve the source of the hostility, to solve the conflict through negotiations, through compromise, by ending the occupation and establishing a relationship of equality and respect between Israelis and Palestinians and between Israelis and the neighboring nations.

Does it sound crazy? It is the sane thing to do. The sounds of explosion, the smell of burning and the rivers of blood are the crazy things.

Does it sound difficult? It is. We have realized already that the negotiations won't be simple, that the conflict is complicated, that both sides will be required to make big and painful concessions. But does anyone seriously think that military solutions are possible?!

i find it funny (though telling)

tagmata 16.Jul.2006 14:11

that the most vitriolic comnments come from people who have no on-the-ground knowledge, whereas the only contribution from the region itself is this call for protest that shows that some people who are more directly involved are able to see things far less black-n-wide than outsiders.

It is irritating and morally repugnant that the Near East conflict serves much more as a focal point for self-aggrandization of some people who consider themselves Left than (in the worst case) a study piece on how to deal with terrorism, unsuccessfully (so far, and if history teaches us anything, the Israeli operations won't achieve their goals - they nevert really did even when more experienced people called the shots), or (in a less worse case) serving to point out social issues that need to be solved in the Israeli and neighboring Arab societies for peace to come to the region at last.

The whole thing reeks, to this writer, highly of automatism. But this is definitely not the right time for this. No serious leftists wants to see bloodshed and war, and no serious leftist wants to see Islamist fundamentalism triumphant. But these appear to be the mid-term consequences of this ill-fated adventure Hamas/Hezbullah and the Israeli government seem to be undertaking. It could be argued that Olmert/Peretz are running straight into a trap that nobody even set up for them (the soldiers were not abducted to behead them if they are not bought free as would happen in Iraq, but as tactical bargaining tools, and in itself, this is nothing unusual or unprecedented). If so, it begs the question: why?

At any rate, up to today, the situation has been developing beyond the wildest dreams of Shi'a extremists. Hezbullah has not really been hit, but they've been hitting back all the time; civilian deaths mount; the IDF suffered some painful snubs; Syria publicly offers material and logistical assistance to the fundamentalists, seeing their star rise again in Lebanon after Hariri. And all the time the IDF is busy killing, in a nutshell, mostly civilians, and hitting far too many civilian-only infrastructure.

This is not, I repeat: NOT a development any left-winger should cheer.

Oh, and about the C-weapons claim:
Guys, do some basic research. Please. The statements are so ludicrous, it's amazing. Couldn't have laid it on a bit less think, eh? The torching of a refugee (read: suspected terrorist) minibus by an Israeli copter (apparently using nothing more drastic than 30mil chaingun tracer) is not enough, or what am I supposed to make of this? The claims of "novel "dirty" weapons" employed by Israel are even less plausible than the Israeli claim that Lebanese or even Iranian military technicians helped the Hezbullah to cripple the Hanit (or was it the Hanit? People who seem to know say it was.) by giving the presumed C802 a guidance uplink from coastal radar (which a C802, being an inertial/TAR homer, does not need and probably even can't process in the first place, as well as the missiles' apparent trajectory strongly suggesting they were launched bearing-only with autonomous terminal lock-on).
So, people, whenever you want to claim that somebody (presumably Israel or the US) uses dirty weapons, please make it plausible. If you manage to fool me, you're an asshole, but at least you'll get my respect. such cheap attempts to spoof the gullible - bah. Unworthy. We're not living in the 20th century anymore.

Go on ISRAEL get this bearded commi Nasrala off my TV

George 16.Jul.2006 23:18

Aren't you tyred of this wineing sheiks talking about human rights when they got no f**king idea what it is ? when they are the one invading another country and looking for every reason to start a war in every ocasion as its' there only reason d'etre. making war a religion , and never leting the simple people of the midlle east trying to find concrete solutions as life is stronger than any barrier of nation language or religion.I'm glad that is Israel is taking care of this son of a bitch. probablly you dont like it , as indymedia liek hizbalah instead of beeing fair and just ended as being hating israel writen all over it's not so preety face. just look whom you choose as your allies.

Disproportionate force

Buster Jig 17.Jul.2006 04:11

I am sick and tired of Israel using disproportionate force against Muslims.

Given the differences in population, they should be killing at least two hundred ululating kaffiyeh-clad baboons for every Israeli life lost.

Get busy Israel! Avenge your dead properly and proportionately.

Let's get straight on the facts of this conflict.

Matthew T. 17.Jul.2006 08:32

Those of you following the latest in the Israeli conflict (one of the many euphemisms for "Israeli Brutality Within and Without Its Borders") who believe that the latest activity is best explained as Israeli defensive retaliation against unprovoked anti-Israel owe it to yourselves and your country to read this and consider it. If you don't agree, or become angry, or do agree and want to confer feel free to email me at I'll try to be judicious to those against me, but I do ask that you don't just cuss me out.

It is imperative that you do not depend utterly on newspapers and broadcasts of American origin, and additionally necessary to be discerning on what other sources you use. Frankly, the long-standing debate on the justness of the state of Israel and its mechanizations is impossible to consider rationally if one’s information is limited to sources that are under a wide sphere of influence that dictates self-censorship as a remedy to censorship from more drastic institutions. (The most notorious to my knowledge being the AntiDefemation League.) To escape this phenomenon it is unfortunately necessary to put in some effort. Obviously, it is easy to look to agencies hostile to Israel for “other versions” of coverage ongoing events and of recent relevant history, but this method is not in itself sufficient for obvious reasons.

The evidence, where it exists as such, demonstrates as matter of public record that :
- Israel is the notorious aggressor in its conflicts.
- That the tactics employed by its political regimes and military apparatus are brutal to the point of matching and often exceeding the worst of its people’s infamous sufferings in the last world war.
- Israel’s citizenry and daily affairs are less afflicted by the hostilities.

Moreover, when one focuses on Israeli political history, one finds a highly unique example of statecraft wherein the overt intention of the political structure is to promote the favoritism of a specific pseudo-ethnic religious identity above all others. In its promotion of this agenda, Israel consistently excuses itself from adherence not only to international law, and its own treaties, but also from nearly universally accepted principles of human dignity and justice.

Far from the characterization many of us are exposed to in our own media and schools of a state designed to rescue an abused and downtrodden people barely surviving the ravishes of a world war in which its people played a central role, Israel is best described as a pariah state. A state notorious for its brutality and unscrupulous implementation of violence and propaganda well on par of the ethical abandon which it accuses, often rightly, of WWII era states and political parties. One easy example of this lack of moral principle is Israel’s acceptance of American aide of all sorts, when America absorbed so much of the Nazi intelligence apparatus into its own ranks to thwart the advances of communist forces, much of that threat owing a great deal to Jewish communities and individuals for its own successes.

Some of the political crimes established by the public record include:
- Complete refusal to implement or recognize judgements, resolutions, and treaties by international bodies such as the UN and human rights organizations despite its legal obligations to do so.
- Overt promotion of its own “right” to pursue and execute individuals without any judicial process of any sort at home or abroad, of individuals it identifies as enemies, even when these individuals are so hunted and killed on sovereign foreign territory, like that of the U.S.
- Violation of human rights within territories of Israeli control or responsibility. (The list of such rights would be too extensive to list, but the apartheid style wall, home demolishings, shelling of civilians, assassination of political and cultural leadership, deprivations of schooling for children and even sustenance for people, and many others come immediately to mind.)
- Assassinations of non-combatant foreign visitors of all sorts including non-compliant journalists and peace keeping organizations, individuals like Rachel Corrie from the ISM, and basically any foreigner come to see the conflict who does not espouse the “approved” versions of events.
- The most egregious and outrageous hostile espionage campaign against the United States since Stalin’s preemptive espionage strike against the U.S. immediately following WWII, which quite literally caused the Cold War. This category in itself requires extensive listing of examples, fortunately they are easy to come by. Isreal is almost never punished when its spies and their illegal activities are exposed. The U.S. government has long since been proven to be unwilling or unable to even limit the scope of Israeli spying, despite strident efforts by outraged patriots within elements of our government. The sheer magnitude of sabatoge, blackmail, outright theft, political murder, and subversion of American foreign policy around the globe is stunning. Studying this history in itself goes a long way towards explaining how America and Israel were able to be essentially hostile to one another while nevertheless engaging in a perfect alliance…that is, neither state can afford to quit now. One particularly interesting saga in this history is that of the Venona Project which, once declassified, gave incredibly vivid accounts of Communist espionage in America. Of course, Isreal is implicated in these activities when one reviews the Zionist role in Bolshevik enterprises. What would be conjecture is confirmed by contemporary publicly known accounts of modern Isreali/Zionist espionage.

What is important to understand is that the same mechanism that enabled a foreign nation (The Soviet Union) to find such fertile recruiting grounds for spies – that is, many Americans were ideaologically inclined to support communism at that stage, the evil of that particular mannefestation of anti-bourgeios revolution had not yet been exposed – has enabled Isreal from its modern birth to the present day to find ideal conditions for espionage. Many Jews, Zionists, and Christian supporters identify with the spiritual or religious rightness of Israel’s fight, and experience a sort of duel loyalty between that for their country and that for their spiritual quest for “justice”. It is interesting to note that for the longest time it was precisely this fear of duel loyalty that plagued Catholics in America, since in theory they are answerable religiously to the Pope. The Pope, however, has not taken the Vatican Guard and ordered the ethnic cleansing of surrounding Rome from non-Catholics.

Another source of confusion for many people is the fact that the jingoistic fervour exhibited by Jewish communities in America is not nearly representative of that in local Isreali communities. That is to say, many Israelis (Jewish and otherwise) actually living in the middle east are highly vocal in their criticism of Zionist aggression and the atrocities of the IDF. The best examples of this are actual conscripts from IDF service who risk everything to expose the illegal, horrendous activities in which they are forced to engage. Even aside from this, there is simply a more accurate, more clinical understanding of the conflict for local Isrealis. Their media are not nearly as highly filtered as those in America. In Israel, the papers from right and left accurately quote official accounts, not to mention render them in the same language. When a government official advocates or denounces the demolishing of homes in Gaza because of the need for the Wall, or to punish a neighborhood collectively for accusations of individuals, the Israeli public knows much better than we what has occurred and what is disputed.

You have to remember that those who speak out and oppose Zionism in practice or theory often risk being identified as “race traitors”. The penalties for being so-called range from petty violence to political or social excommunication. The only thing akin to this person risk for dissidents in America is witnessed in the rare event of a public personality deriding the cruelties of Isreal in print or TV. Behold the hammer-like demolition of such individuals…the cease to be heard from in the public. Noam Chompsky is the easiest example of such censorship.

Nevertheless in Israel there is much vocal opposition. There are simply to many informed Israelis who cannot in good conscience support methods and mechanations akin to those their ancestors too recently withstood from forces such as the Nazi’s SS and fascist forces throughout Europe. Especially not in their name.

Many of these dissidents are responsible for dissemination damning evidence of Israeli crimes. Some of these critics expound, “They have gone too far!”. This does not go far enough, for it is not even fair (or balanced) to say that Israel has been “too violent” in promotion of its cause. Israel, the modern state, was a crime at its inception and this status has continued unabated to this day.

The moral high ground was lost when the belligerents of WWII baited the Jewish Community (in the broad strokes) by brokering a deal with the Zionists to partition Palestine. In this, they were bargaining with the devil. They would receive tacit political support for a ethnocentric state in accordance with Zionist ideals, and among other things this was to have “solved” the Jewish “problem” for war ravaged Europe. Palestine was rightfully the sovereignty of Muslims, Jews, and Christians all of which include Arabs within the ethnitities they encompass. Now it is for no one, for it has become in a very real way, Hell On Earth. This was done for the least noble of reasons, and this is all a matter of record.

Another very relevant principle for the opposition of the Occupation and military recklessness and abuse is the observation that whereas in all conflicts (to my knowledge) atrocities are committed and then rationalized as having been “unavoidable”, “unfortunate but grimly necessary”, or some such; Israel invokes no rationale for atrocity. That is, Israel implements illegal, inhumane atrocities of all scales and extremes including outright ethnic massacres (try to assemble a complete list on that one, while you’re at it)…and she does so out of policy.

America is not unique in having its population be so ill informed of the realities of this horrible conflict. Though many would argue that the distortions are no worse elsewhere and in many places less severe. America does however bear the distinction of being the financial and technological savant for Israel and its activities. Your tax dollar is used less for buying textbooks for your children than it is used to purchase munitions for the IDF and bulldozers for village-razing.

As a loyal American, that loves my people and my country, I feel obligated to thwart the most abominable alliance we’ve made to this date. Disinvestment cannot happen quickly enough. It is through the fruit of American labor that Israel enjoys invincibility from political arenas, funding for its jingoistic endeavors, and arms for its self-defense and massacres of enthic/political rivals.

Access to oil is that important to us. I however, will not sell my soul to these devils.
-Matthew T.


proud jew 17.Jul.2006 21:21

Hooray for Israel! You will win every war brought against you by Jew/Israel-haters spread across this planet!