Raytheon's "Pain Ray": Petition against use


Vehicle used for shooting "pain ray"
Vehicle used for shooting "pain ray"

The U.S. government has deployed a very dangerous new form of weapon in Iraq, apparently without congressional approval. The California Center for Strategic Studies (CCSS) has been gathering additional evidence. We were originally led to believe that the deployment of the "pain ray" by U.S. forces in Iraq was "indefinitely delayed" and that a moratorium was put in place. Now we doubt that.

One of our CCSS analysts working on our project researching this new generation of "direct energy weaponry" – weaponry based on lasers, microwaves, and in the case of ADS: millimeter waves – has discovered an Italian documentary film from last month (16 May 2006) that is more shocking than probably anything I have ever seen.

(Viewed discretion advised – graphic footage, graphic content, extremely frightening implications – even as a national security expert and former professor for the U.S. Naval War College, this is way beyond my comfort zone.)

This film can be viewed in English, Italian or Arabic by clicking on
and locating the appropriate icon on the right side of your screen. It takes a few minutes to download. (A short summary and the written text of the documentary appears at the bottom of this message below the asterisks.)

There is considerable evidence contained in this documentary to indicate that the U.S. military has deployed a new generation of weaponry in Iraq for which adjectives such as "nightmarish" and "horrific" fall far short. The comments by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and General Myers are especially revealing.

I suggest more than one viewing (approx. 24 minutes in length); it took four or five viewings for me before I began to realize everything I was seeing and hearing. For example, there appear to be definite war crimes committed by U.S. forces, civilians and children among the casualties. Judging from the effects of the weaponry in question, it must include "speed of light" weaponry that defies the generic term "laser" and it is my professional opinion that it also likely includes micro-wave weaponry, judging from the descriptions of bodies that seem to have inexplicably exploded. And I cannot imagine what made the bodies that were struck by bullets after being exposed to some sort of ray SHRINK TO THE SIZE OF APPROXIMATELY ONE METER IN LENGTH: beyond my "security clearance" I suppose.

Also surprising was the inclusion of footage, albeit very brief, near the end of the documentary of the "pain ray" being tested on a person described as an American soldier. The person obviously experienced excruciating pain.

We have now set up an online petition calling on the U.S. Congress to oppose the development and deployment of the "pain ray" and the "death ray":


The petition also serves as a rough draft for prospective legislation.

Enclosed at the bottom of this email is an op-ed I've written which is going out all across the country next week. It will fill you in on most of the details. Thanks to our efforts, this story is probably going to be VERY BIG very soon.

Over the past week I've placed a number of phone calls to my usual contacts on Capitol Hill, and several key congressional staff members are interested in setting up a joint meeting for me to brief them on these issues. (We've worked with many of these same staffers on previous legislation.)

We believe there is a very good chance we can introduce legislation right after the August recess, but it's very important that we get the ball rolling SOON.

A few on the Democratic side of the aisle also believe this could become a very big issue in the November elections, for all the obvious reasons: mismanagement of the war in Iraq, a dangerous new precedent, etc.

(That's not to say this should be a "political issue" – but the reality is, in Washington everything is political to some extent.)

Opportunities like this to make a real difference in the course of Human Events are the primary reason why we launched our think tank 7 years ago. Since we are a small tightly-run organization, we rely almost totally on contributions from regular people like you – that means we do not have any funds set aside to pay for this trip to Washington.

Please consider making a contribution today, so that I can begin making all the necessary travel preparations to go to Washington (booking a flight, lodging, etc.) as soon as possible.

Please don't wait for someone else to help us – we need you!

You can make a tax-deductible online contribution to help out with our efforts by clicking on:


Or by mailing your tax-deductible contribution to:

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