Worldwide Protests Against Israeli Aggression


Tens of thousands throughout the world took to the street on Saturday, July 22nd, to protest against the ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon and Palestine. For the past 12 days and nights, Israeli air forces have destroyed countless civilian buildings and means of transportation in operations that have killed more than 400 people, mostly civilians, and wrecked havoc on Lebanese cities, harbours, airports and other infrastructure, leading to the displacement of more than half a million people. The International Day of Action had been called by various anti-war and solidarity campaigns.

In Israel itself, at least 5,000 Jewish and Arab peace activists marched in Tel Aviv against Israel's war crimes. Israeli police arrest 3 anti-war protesters [Israeli bombardment of Lebanon violates humanitarian law].

In Chicago, US, some 3,000 people from the Muslim, Arab and progressive community took part in one of the city's largest protests against Israeli aggression since the beginning of the Second Intifada.

In the UK, up to 30,000 marched through central London. Similar, but smaller, demonstrations took place in other cities up and down the country, including Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Other Erupoean cities also saw some big protests: Paris, Amsterdam, Bremen, Warsaw and others. Some 10,000 people had demonstrated in Madrid on July 20th, and so had people in Rome, Athens, Stockholm and Canada [report].

In Australia, thousands of people turned out at rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, while a gathering in Perth was cancelled by the police.

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También en Argentina...

Pablo Vasco (MST) 24.Jul.2006 19:47

Marcha del 6/7 en Buenos Aires.
Marcha del 6/7 en Buenos Aires.

Marcha del 6/7 en Buenos Aires.
Marcha del 6/7 en Buenos Aires.

Marcha del 17/7 en Buenos Aires.
Marcha del 17/7 en Buenos Aires.

También en Argentina nos estamos movilizando contra el criminal ataque de Israel a Palestina y Líbano. En Buenos AIres hicimos una primera marcha el 6 de julio con 500 personas y otra el pasado lunes 17 con más de 1.000 personas, convocadas por asociaciones palestino-árabes y partidos de izquierda como el MST. Protestamos ante la Embajada de Israel y exigimos al gobierno argentino que no firme el acuerdo comercial Mercosur-Israel. Entre otros dirigentes estuvo Hebe de Bonafini, líder de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo. Ahora estamos preparando otra importante movilización unitaria para este jueves 27.

Canadian demonstrations

Toban B 28.Jul.2006 10:00

Here's a list of Canadian demonstrations around July 22:
-- an incomplete list no doubt

Demonstrations are not enough

mopb 06.Aug.2006 07:22

Do you think you are doing enough by merely demonstrating while Hezbollah fighters are dying? If you do not join in the fighting there, how do you expect Hezbollah to carry on? Demonstrations are lame! Organize resistance groups. Donate money to continue funding Hezbollah's cache of missiles etc. That will trully help the cause, not your lame demonstrations!

Stubborn slogan

News from Amsterdam 10.Aug.2006 21:43