International Civil Mission to Lebanon


Immediate cease fire-Solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine: A call for an international civil mission to Lebanon

The Israeli war machine continues to kill hundreds of Lebanese civilians and destroy Lebanon's infrastructure. The humanitarian crisis is getting worse as days go by. International community (United Nations and European Union included) is unable or unwilling to stop the massacre. Furthermore, the United States support Israeli aggression both politically ant practically. We believe that this is the time for the intervention of social movements. It is extremely important to find the way to make citizen's voice to be heard. It is critical to promote the demand for an immediate cease fire.

As we did during the siege of Arafat's compound, we propose to organize an international civil mission to Lebanon. Such a mission would express our solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine and demand the immediate cease fire.

In Greece we have already started the preparation of a civil mission. Right now it seems highly possible that the first part of the mission will arrive at the area today (Saturday 29.07.2006).

We know that activists from all over Europe are interested in participating in the project. We are sure that altogether we can construct a unified international mission.

It is time to act!

For information and contact with the delegation from Greece, please contact companero Yannis Almpanis on yannisalmpanis at or by phone to companero Guido on the following number 0030 6934564917 (speaks English, Italian and French); also 0090 6944740587.

This petition is signed by the following members of the Greek Social Forum:

Tassos Koronakis, Loukia Kotronaki, Antonis Ntavanellos, Natassa Theodorakopoulou, Yannis Almpanis, Nikos Giannopoulos, Vaggelis Karageorgos, Elthina Aggelopoulou

Updates: on IMC Beirut
See also: Daddy, why did Israel do this to us?(en) (tr) (gr)
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societies of selfish cowards

rigoroz 29.Jul.2006 23:51

Our mouths are so full bragging about our antifascism, but it's only because Hitler is dead. In reality, we are societies of hypocrite and selfish cowards, not willing to protect those marked for slaughter if this would put us or our interests in danger.

How can we keep living in this world where children are unnecessarily dying everyday from war and hunger or disease and just let it happen without doing anything about it?

We have no excuse of not knowing. It is everyone's responsibility.


captain_Mark_Doherty 30.Jul.2006 03:08

People can't get out of here you want to send more people in>?!
There's too much people and other traffic here inside so better stay out. As I've said b4. If you're a hippy, hitchhike to a desert and stay out of war zones. We don't need hippies, we need much more important things.
First of all. The borders are closed. My troops let people only out (evacuation of civilians b4 bombings, etc.)> the ones who are getting the troops in are making the situation worse. (this specialy goes for UN)
The war has (in case you haven't been informed) gone chemical. So the things needed most are chemicals for purifying water and air, medicines to enhance breathing and artillery ammo.
THERE'S TOO MUCH UN FOOD OVER HERE!!! That food is not eatable unless you're a transgenic GMO (preferably a lizzard). Water is strictly NOT for consuming.
The air temperature is unbearable! [hence-lizzards_rule:check Lebanese flag more closely.] GMOs, Transgenic, call em whatever you like, that is what we are fighting here. We are trying to get PEOPLE out of this chaos so STAY OUT!
It is not time for you to act yet to sease your bullcrap!
Hamas does not want a sease fire! They represent the military force of the Palestinian people. So please shut up!
Not only you know nothin about whats happening here, they're feeding you with stupid news reports and I'm tellin you to stay out of here since you gonna get people pissed and you gonna die.
There is no such thing as Israel! If you haven't gathered that yet, please don't emberass yourself any furhter! Since many haven't now is the time to suss it out. Gaza=Lebanon=Yugoslavia.
Iraq=Bosnia. Since Bosnia is a part of Yugoslavia get to realize Iraq as well is inside Lebanon. People died for making a map they have a full right to kill each and every one of you the minute you step the Palestinian soil, so take this as a warm warm warning advice not to play with people's hearts and stay out of this unless you want to die. (this goes for people while GMOs and AIs have absolutely no right to say, complain, suggest or contribute in any way to this since the main issue of the war is to clean the teritory from it).
No water, no food, no air, your songs are not gonna be of any help, trust me, specialy if supporting UN and objecting US (Rice_partition) actions.
You need to crack the media to get the codes.
Without it, you're not making much. Not making sense at all.
It is not Israel who is attacking yet the Attacked one!
Once attacked, it changes it's name to Lebanon.
Hezbollah is the Palestinian resistance fighting Lebanon (Israel).
The Israel who attacks Lebanon however is the real US. (not Bush! since Bush=Israel)
Hamas is the Palesninian resistance within Gaza (level 2). So Israel turns to Lebanon once the war starts. Gaza=Lebabon on level 2. And on level 3 Yugoslavia=Lebanon.
There was no map, ever. THe entire teritory got streched, distorted, the satelites couldnt help. Iraq [name of a teritory set in the media as the country that got invaded by US Bush partition in 2003] is not a big country at all. Once the distortion gets eliminated from the map. Without the distortion, it is a huge, endless desert teritory. Don't be so naive and think you can go to a bookshop and buy a map of someones land or someones country. It's distorted! Generals don't buy maps in bookshops! Armies are not tourists!
Getting a map or any country information is SPY WORK! You don't learn that on geography class, trust me.
Anyway, forget about this caravan, units and me personaly gonna get brutal and kill without hesitation. A sheep, a boy, a girl, fuckin' flower hippies I don care. Once you're in, youre dead, period. There's enough warning signs even for the illiterate ones so no arguments against my rage. Go sell your Bibles in Russia, there's a war here at large.
Over 80% of the video footage from here is designed in computer labs plus the audio. People don't speak like what you hear on tv.
We're here now and not getting out untill this area is clean. No UN or anyone standing in our way.

More commentary.

Taryn 30.Jul.2006 09:40

Alright, as far as the last comment is concerned [author being Captain Mark Doherty], that seems to make a lot of sense, however if what is being done is good and right, necessary even, why is it being covered up from the people? I tried to make sense of that slew of knowledge you presented, mixed in with it a fit. In short, I hope I did alright. Why has true knowledge only found through what you call "spy work?" You're probably right that going in to help now wouldn't do much, if anything, in the particular situation.

My sources may or may have not been accurate, but there are many civilian deaths; if innocent people are dying, how can anyone stand for this? Or are they just "inevitable casualties" while you're "killing the Hezbollah?" I haven't heard much about Yugoslavia being involved, or are you strictly talking about borders in that sense, in which case the labels truly don't matter. Regardless, people are dying. I "know" that Israel and America are working hand in hand and Hezbollah is backed by/working with Hamas...which is predominantly Iranian if we're referring to the commonly known borders...governments are working with terrorist organizations and they always have been so I don't seem much Iran plans to change their trade currency to the Euro, hence the value of the dollar is to drop. Is that why American leaders are so behind this; because otherwise the value of their precious dollar would drop? Fine, I live in America, I'm an American, etc...I would rather pay double for products than have innocent people dying. Maybe I'm naive or idealistic; no, in fact I'm sure I am, but what has made humankind so backward and selfish? Tell me that, Sir, rather than making idle death threats against people who want to help the world get better.

Why are resources being squandered on devoloping bombs and killing when people are dying of AIDS and cancer every day? Why isn't more money put towards that? Saving them rather than killing others. Or has humanity reached such vast depths of corrupt, fiscally-centered darkness that they cannot be pulled from it?

Why do you agree with this? Why are you doing this?

Well, either way and regardless, thank you for your comment, because I don't hear much from the other side when browsing through independent and mainstream news sites. For future reference, I would like to suggest a more lucid train of thought rather than random hippy-bashing mixed in.

Furthermore, as far as the news article is concerned, you wrote "ant" instead of "and" and it might be difficult to be taken seriously when your articles have mispellings.

i guess they're all nuts in IOF

rigoroz 30.Jul.2006 20:08

Actually, i'm not a hippy. Got past that in high school. Especially in regard to warcrimes and serious violations of human rights.

When I said it was everyone's responsibility I meant it is our responsibility to STOP the murder of children in Lebanon and Gaza. Each and everyone of us in his or her own way. And that includes armed struggle too, if arms are all Israelis understand.

People of conscience sometimes need to take arms in order to protect those being mercilessly slaughtered – like the Palestinian and Lebanese children today. And I'm not going to let those children die because of my pacifistic ideals.

As with Hitler, they say you had to make a choice, so today with Israel and Bush's zionist cabal, if you have conscience, you have to act in whatever way you think apropriate to stop the massacres.

re: ant

captain_Mark_Doherty 31.Jul.2006 07:17




Excellent. I see my 'wordy_bomb' has inspired some debate here which was it's second main purpose. First main purpose of the comment was to check out if anyone has riddled out the map and the agencies involved in war which am sorry to realize no one has again, as usual.
AIs and GMOs ARE NOT human, therefore cannot, may not and will not be counted in civil casualties. If you realize the AI (artificial-intelligence)[human shaped, humanoid form and Geneticaly Modified Humanoid Organisms] are Science_Fiction, in that case you are realy several steps beyond from not just understanding this warfare yet many steps beyond from understanding the globe as such and your communities which would not be surprising if to hear where you do come from.
Saying I'm from US, I'm from America means nothing. Not even a state would mean much, preferably a city, yet if so, better get to know your sector and state where you realy live, where you come from since the laws differ within partitions of a mile inside a sector. What is a sector if you wonder that, you may be even more steps beyond the reality, in short, a sector is reality you live in, the only one and REALITY is (in case you haven't yet sussed that one out) SPACE multiplied with TIME.
Hope this isn't too hard to realize. Space without a time however is a map (of other things). Together with two dimensional maps you may buy in your bookshop and point your finger at the geography class there are also 3dimensional maps which you have never seen in your life before nor would know anything about how to navigate through those. On the other hand, the gas, electricity and water systems you may see on the interfaces of the people working closely and tightly to prevent Godzilla from damaging more houses in NY are not maps yet schemes, just to make a difference as same as with the flight-control interfaces, radar systems, etc. Now, I'm glad we've come closer to defining a term MAP.
Each map (while making one) has a starting point. Starting point is usualy where you stand and you put it at the bottom of the paper since are to go more deeper to the teritory (as with early explorers of the continents). What you need to do next is to determine sides of the world. Those are North, South, East and West. Excellent! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Best way is to check out where the sun will rise since it's always the East side. Then you may start drawing your map slowly as you move through the teritory you never been @ before. Sounds extremely simple. And it was pretty simple untill 19th century and the development and the discovery of electric light and radio. Soon after that, SPACE_DISTORTION has been discovered, tested and applied. Together with that TIME_DISTORTION has also started applying. Now, back to our starting equation: REALITY=SPACExTIME , doesnt' take a genious to figure out if any of the equation particles (space, time) is distorted, it will also distort the result (REALITY). Maps reflect space, if distorted, they are useless therefore I claim once more, I swear god, NONE of you people KNOW WHERE LEBANON IS! as judging to your comments. I AM bloody sure you gonna get there though whilst there and whilst on your way back and BACK you won't know where the hell you were, what the hell you've seen and still would be writing comments, now what use will anyone have on your comments if your entire reality and expirience got twisted?!
I am not talking about the guided-'smart'-bombs, I am talking about Guided_People. Those people (which all of you will no doubt turn to once here) make NOISE. The same noise that got you to understand it all wrongly. If you would be here, and get it right, you'd be in a bad position, trust me. Dangerous one.
I am doing comparative media analysis of this area for years now. The media-chaos you deal with is enormous. There's no one sane here. The story is beyond tragedy however.
You're not able to comprehend humanoid AIs and GMOs, it' all sounds like sci-fi to you. Once you cut-open a person you spent time with and shared food or whatever, and find a CPU and a HardDrive innit!
You not ready for that obviously, Coz if you would be, you wouldnt be writing things like this.
And if you would even dare to think this is some news you are so wrong! It is happening for century at least. You people (not ma intention to offend or anything) are for instance, led by a belief that Vatican is in Rome.
Come to Rome, real rome, Italy Rome. There is NO VATICAN IN ROME.
Vatican is in Trieste, it's a italian border 'christian-theme-park' , a teritory got captured from italy after ww2 by Red_Army. They invented Jesus.
As I've said b4, turn your tv upside-down and try to realize.
Microsoft is their tool. Vatican is their intelligence agency. UN is their political force while NATO is their army.
I am a US soldier fighting (as all the others) on the side of Hamas (Gaza) and Hezbollah (Lebanon) against Israelis HOWEVER, in the media, it is twisted upside down and there's a good reason for that.
@ Beirut, the UN building got demolished by the mob. Would you think that they wanted the UN to come or Not by demolishing their building?!
So while your tv set is telling you that they want the UN, turn it upside down and it will clearly and wonderfuly tell you: NO.
This is not even the point. Taryn you sai: 'didn't know Yugoslavia is involved' while me so upside down innit all I may say: It IS Yugoslavia. It is in the same location, just different time. Takes hard work and sacrifice to realize this and yes, I know how it sounds. Sounds completely mad. How else would the truth sound today?

captain_Monkey. AsianDubFoundation on-line educator.

John Bolton

rigoroz 31.Jul.2006 18:41

They were trying to «demolish» the UN building because the UN and the «international community» let them down and put security of Israeli soldiers before the security of Lebanese and Palestinian civlians and children. Because John Bolton
( whose goal is to destroy the UN and the international law, is the UN now.

We need to abolish this security council all together. Make new United Nations where countries will be obliged to strictly respect the international law, enforce peace and be partners with equal power for the benefit of all peoples.

People need to realize that they have to rise up everywhere and confront neoconservatives and zionists in the US and Israel and their criminal policies or things are only going to get even worse.

Here is something everyone can do

rigoroz 31.Jul.2006 21:19

«The European Union, by not utilizing the human rights components of their trading relationship with Israel, is passively endorsing Israeli policy. The US, by funding and
resourcing Israel's military, is partially responsible for the actions of the state and the harm it does to innocent civilians.»

Pressure your governments to stop trade and other relations with Israel. Pressure your government and congress to stop giving political and financial support to racist Israel and stop sending weapons to Israel because it's in violation of American (as well as international) laws, the weapons being used to commit warcrimes.

Protest your government's passivity and demand that they put enough pressure on Israel in order to change its criminal policies and tactics.

What Exactly is an "Existential" Threat, Mr. Olmert?

By Am Johal

The Electronic Intifada
29 July 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, by declaring the
attack on Lebanon as an "existential" one, set forth a
dangerous series of events which will only serve to do
long-term damage to Israel. It was an overstep and
overreaction which will have profound and deep
consequences in the years to come.

It will also bolster the case of churches, labour unions
and human rights organizations which are calling for a
divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel in an
attempt to force the state to change its policies related
to the occupation.

"Existential" threats do not absolve Israel of the
responsibility to comply with international law. Carrying
out these kinds of policies is clearly an 'existential'
threat to innocent civilians.

Israel has normalized its behaviour patterns and has
created a mainstream public which passively supports these
policies in the name of security. This disconnection
between citizens and state is one of the reasons Israel
can justify violations of human rights and international
law to a domestic audience. The Israeli public, by not
speaking out against the state's policies, are passively
sanctioning the actions of the state's institutions
including the military.

There are myriad examples of the misuses of state power.
According to Reporters Without Borders, "Israel has for
years pursued a policy of assassinating its political
opponents. Because extrajudicial executions are
universally condemned, most governments who practice
assassinations surround such actions in secrecy and deny
carrying out the killings they may have ordered. Although
the Israeli government prefers to talk about 'targeted
killings' and 'preventive actions' (or 'pinpointed
preventive actions') rather than 'extrajudicial
executions', members of the Israeli government have
confirmed that such killings are a deliberate government
policy carried out under government orders.(...)."

Reporters Without Borders has added that "the
extrajudicial killings carried out by Israel constitute
'wilful killings' which constitute a 'grave breach' of the
Fourth Geneva Convention (Article 147) to which Israel is
a High Contracting Party. The comprehensive list of war
crimes set out in article 8 of the Rome Statute of the
International Criminal Court includes grave breaches of
the Geneva Conventions." Additionally, through the process
of carrying out assassinations, Israel has also killed
innocent civilians.

Only a few months ago, Israeli political leaders were
openly talking about killing Ismail Haniyeh, the
democratically elected Prime Minister of the Palestinian
Authority, in the mainstream Israeli press without any
criticism by established political leaders. Where else in
the world is this normal public discourse?

Certainly, Hamas should also be investigated for war
crimes for its role in violence which crossed the line of
resistance activities and resulted in the loss of life of
innocent civilians since the nineties related to suicide
bombings. In short, people deserve the rule of law to be
established even within the context of a conflict

Israeli political messaging and public relations which
justify such actions as the bombardment of Lebanon is an
act of violence. "Existential" threats do not absolve
Israel of the responsibility they must bear for their
actions. Israeli citizens who don't hold their government
to account for such violations of international law are
inadvertently supporting collaboration with illegitimate
forms of violence which are clearly documented.

The European Union, by not utilizing the human rights
components of their trading relationship with Israel, is
passively endorsing Israeli policy. The US, by funding and
resourcing Israel's military, is partially responsible for
the actions of the state and the harm it does to innocent

Israel is a rogue, Frankenstein state supported and
maintained by the US and Europe. By supporting Israeli
policies for the purposes of achieving regional
objectives, the US and the European Union support the war
crimes of its Israeli ally. It is in the Western orbit,
and as such, needs to be reined in by its supporters.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be a destabilizing force in the
Middle East, but denying the horrible effects of the
Israeli state is highly disengenuous.

The Israeli government has also consistently followed the
principles of collective punishment not only during the
present conflict, but throughout the occupation. Under
Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, it reads, "No
protected person may be punished for an offence he or she
has not personally committed. Collective penalties and
likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are
prohibited (...). Reprisals against protected persons and
their property are prohibited."

The principle of proportionality in international law is
complex. Determining excessive injury and damage in
relation to the 'military advantage anticipated' is
something that needs to be investigated by the UN.

Public statements from Louise Arbour are good, but not
good enough. The hypocrisy and complicity of the UN since
the signing of the Oslo Accords and its failure to respond
effectively to violations of human rights is a profoundly
embarrassing example of the ineffectiveness, arbitrariness
and bias of the present configuration of the international

International law also has language distinguishing between
legitimate targets and civilians who are not participating
in the battlefield. Dropping leaflets is not sufficient
warning to justify the use of force in civilian areas.
This too must be investigated as quickly as possible.

The failure to call and implement a ceasefire for the
purposes of giving Israel strategic and tactical
advantages in the current conflict was also emblematic of
the racist lens by which Western countries view
international relations. They essentially gave Israel the
green light to continue bombardment in Lebanon knowing
full well that innocent civilians would inordinately pay
the highest price.

The use of official language, how things are said, how
they are interpreted, has the power to kill, maim, destroy
and illegitimately sanction immoral acts - every day in
Israel is a grave act of distortion.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
in article 6(1) states, "Every human being has the
inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by
law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life."

Unfortunately, government spokespeople and mainstream
media create a language which justifies actions of
militaries and militia groups and assigns the principles
of proportionality for us. By broadcasting this view of
the conflict, they dehumanize the victims and render the
principles of international law illegitimate. War becomes
a game. We all become barbarians.

It is important to note, however, that the law of armed
conflict does not override other aspects of international

Israel has in the past and is still currently utilizing
interrogation techniques including the use of sleep
deprivation, prolonged tying, shackling to a chair in
painful positions, the use of beating, slapping and
kicking during an interrogation, forcing detainees in to a
the 'qambaz' position, exposure to articial light and by
not allowing communication with family members.

The Palestinian Authority and groups connected with it,
have also utilized similar means and methods to execute
collaborators. The Public Committee Against Torture
estimates that dozens of Palestinians are mistreated every
month by Israeli security officials.

Socio-economic discrimination and differential treatment
of Arab citizens of Israel is also well-documented.

The chill which has entered Israeli life has also now even
immersed deeper in to domestic dissent. The past few weeks
have seen dozens of non-violent protestors arrested,
aggressively pushed and detained for simply questioning
Israeli policy in Lebanon. Security officials have
attacked protestors without provocation. Israel is the
clearest example of a state where security matters precede
the importance of human rights.

The Israeli state is letting its critics know that they
will pay a high price for raising important questions and
attempting to exercise their basic, democratic rights.
Criminalizing legitimate dissent is a dangerous road for
any state to put in to practise.

It induces a kind of trauma where people spend their whole
lives getting even.

Am Johal is a freelance writer from Vancouver, Canada who
worked during 2004 in international advocacy with the
Mossawa Center, the Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens of


monkey 01.Aug.2006 06:21


Don't copy paste. Who is gonna enter a discussion on reading not even the author has read?
So it's obvious you are either sabotaging or are illiterate.
Even to state that someone wanting anyone's help should wreck that person's or org's building is pretty stupid.
However Israel (taken as what it is generaly perceived as and not in this war (being a metaphor for US troops), is known of having antennas (media) as of it most powerfull weapons. Those people actualy manage to have 10 soldiers left yet send the information out there that they are making a significant progress on the battlefield.
You are obviously simply erasing everything that is being said and brought up on the issue. At this point, you might die for that. There's a war going on. Courts do not function regularly, nor the police.
Bottom line, following this last input is, Hezbollah nor Hamas want this war to end. Simply because things are gone too far as this far even on this 'civil' level that, after it's possible end, in case Hezbollah and Hamas would, to speak so simply 'loose', the amount of prisoners and torture inside Israeli (pre_war_meaning) would drasticaly increase so this must be taken to the end. Very end of this over halfacentury opression of people.
Not all so bad abuot the war itself and not all about the chocolate and blankets. War tends to clear things out. And war is, believe it or not, LEGAL and pure. Hezba and Hamas not playing it dirty, so yes. And trust me they don't want un here, you might be tuned to a wrong channel again. Next time I would want to invite you my place for a cup of coffee I'll make sure I wreck your apartment, dear.

Israel is a racist & expansionist state

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 11:00

First, «dear», don't try telling me what to post in an open forum. Second, of course I read the article I posted. One thing I definitely would not want to do is post something that contradicts my attitudes and efforts.

The article explains the absurdity of Israel's claim it is defending itself. And points out that the US and EU are responsible for allowing Israel to carry out its warcrimes, occupation, oppression and destruction with impunity. The US and EU are also responsible for not imposing sanctions on Israel on the grounds of its racist nature.

Next, I didn't call for the UN to go inside your computer game. I have called for putting a stop to the killing of civilians using all means available, because it is my understanding that civilians and children don't want to be killed. Naturally in any conflict (or outside of it) the civilians and children don't want to get killed.

So even if Hezbollah and Hamas would really want Israel to carry on with its attrocities (which I'll leave to their spokespeople to declare), I don't care. Hezbollah and Hamas should not be their own purpose and should sacrifice their wishes if that is in interest of the people.

The «international community» has the legal and moral responsibility to stop the killing of civilians. But the «international community» has been all fucked up by the Zionist States of America for years now.

As for your claim I might die if I go to Lebanon (very probably I can't go to Palestine because Israel wouldn't let me – as Israel totally controlls Palestinian territories from the outside and imposes total isolation of the Palestinians), let me tell you that for a lot of time I had to suppress the reality of murdered children and everyday loss of life in Palestine to stay sane. In time I discovered I didn't value my life as much as I used to anymore. The everyday news of dead Palestinian children and other civilians has made me lose the meaning of the little joys of life. I am not afraid to die.

Likewise, the threat against my apartment is not going to prevent me from talking or postnig opinions and analyses about Israel's and America's crimes against humanity and their criminal policies of lying, racism and murder.

And now a song by Bush for you. It's about Qana… Sunday, bloody Sunday…

Bombing Bridges

King Amdo 01.Aug.2006 14:29

mmmm, yes well, this is exactly what the Palestinan resistance etc should have been doing all these years in Isreal itself...(aiming for the equivalent of the Uk's M25) ... as I've said many times right across the internet and as the Isreali state appears to have read. You've made one very serious mistake 'Isreal'...unlike, I think, bridge sabatarge being Mother Earth supported as in regular eco action and my proposed tribal soverignty direct action, yours, so called Isreal, will be not and is not. I quoted the Prince of Derge, a tibetan restance leader, saying that bridge sabatarge gave the chinese colonialist communists very serious problems in occupied Tibet. Now instead of doing, this so called Palestinian resistance, ...instead of doing this, what do you do? scratch the giantsback with nettles. Now for fucks sake stop pissing around with fireworks you egoising macho wankers and EIHER USE CORRECT AND EFFECTIVE MILITARY TACTICS OR DON'T FUCKING WELL BOTHER. Honestly to hear you overcool idiots in the media. WHY DON'T YOU JUST FUCK OFF AGENT PROVACATOR SCUM...beacuse thats all you are at the end of the day facing this Isreali psycosis. If you are going to poke the stick into the hornets nest, you might as well actually do some real damage TO THE FUCKING ISREALI ECONOMY ASSHOLES. Don't let them get you wound up into hate and ineffectivness and stupid actions. Use your intellegence and cost them money so they'll have no option in thae face of a collapsing ecomony to be humble and make the peace with their neighbour.

Fucking well grow up.

Nothing wrong with being a hippy!!!

King Amdo 01.Aug.2006 14:31

....Politico cases.

Made love not of war!

Jah Love

Jah Love

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 17:22

Fight Apartheid
by Peter Tosh

You in a me land
Quite illegal
You're in a me land
Dig out me gold
In a me land
Digging out me pearls
In a me land
Dig out me diamonds

We a go fight(3x) against apartheid
We got to fight(3x) against apartheid

You're in a me land
And you build up your 'partment
You're in a me land
You build up you're regimes
You're in a me land
Only talk 'bout justice
You're in a me land
Handing down injustice


You're in a me land(Precedes each line below)
You no build no school for black children
No hospital for black people
You build your prison
You build their camp


Africa's for black man
There certain place in Africa
Black man get no recognition


You cross the border
You shoot off the children
Cross the border
Shoot down women
Cross the border
You take your might
Cross the border
To beat for right


As for majority
Majority rule, yea
Who need minority
But that couldn't rule, yea


You break off
Break off from Britain
You're quite illiegal
Right where you are
You get your forces
From colonial powers
Taking my diamonds
Filling ballistic missiles


of course

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 17:42

there's nothing wrong with being a hippy, but i personnally believe that murderers of children and unarmed civilians should be shot down to prevent them from killing more people. Particularly, having in view the non-reaction, silence and approval of the «international community» which let down the Lebanese and the Palestinian people and did not protect the civilians nor remove or help removing the criminals.

«All I maintain is that on this earth there are pestilences and there are victims, and it's up to us, so far as possible, not to join forces with the pestilences.» -- Albert Camus, The Plague

«Truth, like light, is blinding. Lies, on the other hand, are a beautiful dusk, which enhances the value of each object.» -- Albert Camus, The Fall

«We all carry within us our places of exile, our crimes, and our ravages. But our task is not to unleash them on the world; it is to fight them in ourselves and in others.» -- Albert Camus, Moderation and Excess

me say justice & equal rights

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 18:02

then peace.


"Until the philosophy which holds one race superior
And another
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned -
Everywhere is war -
Me say war.

That until there no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man's skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes -
Me say war.

That until the basic human rights
Are equally guaranteed to all,
Without regard to race -
Dis a war.

That until that day
The dream of lasting peace,
World citizenship
Rule of international morality
Will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
But never attained -
Now everywhere is war - war.

And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
That hold our brothers in angola,
In mozambique,
South africa
Sub-human bondage
Have been toppled,
Utterly destroyed -
Well, everywhere is war -
Me say war.


And we know we shall win
As we are confident
In the victory
Of good over evil"

Bob Marley

they lied. AGAIN!

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 18:19

'No Hezbollah Rockets Fired from Qana'

*Inter Press Service*
Dahr Jamail
QANA, Aug 1 (IPS) - Red Cross workers and residents of Qana, where
Israeli bombing killed at least 60 civilians, have told IPS that no
Hezbollah rockets were launched from the city before the Israeli air
strike. *

The Israeli military has said it bombed the building in which several
people had taken shelter, more than half of them children, because the
Army had faced rocket fire from Qana. The Israeli military has said that
Hezbollah was therefore responsible for the deaths.

"There were no Hezbollah rockets fired from here," 32-year-old Ali Abdel
told IPS. "Anyone in this village will tell you this, because it is the

Abdel had taken shelter in a nearby house when the shelter was bombed at
1 am. When the bombings finally let up in the morning, he went back to
the bombed shelter to search for relatives.

He found his 70-year-old father and 64-year-old mother both dead inside.

"They bombed it, and afterwards I heard the screams of women, children,
and a few men -- they were crying for help. But then one minute after
the first bomb, another bomb struck, and after this there was nothing
but silence, and the sound of more bombs around the village."

Masen Hashen, a 30-year-old construction worker from Qana who lost
several family members in the air strike on the shelter, said there were
no Hezbollah rockets fired from his village. "Because if they had done
that now, or in the past, all of us would have left. Because we know we
would be bombed."

Qana had been a shelter because no rockets were being fired from there,
survivors said. "When Hezbollah fires their rockets, everyone runs away
because they know an Israeli bombardment will come soon," Abdel said.
"That is why everyone stayed in the shelter and nearby homes, because we
all thought we'd be all right since there were no Hezbollah fighters in

Lebanese Red Cross workers in the nearby coastal city of Tyre told IPS
that there was no basis for Israeli claims that Hezbollah had launched
rockets from Qana.

"We found no evidence of Hezbollah fighters in Qana," Kassem Shaulan, a
28-year-old medic and training manager for the Red Cross in Tyre told
IPS at their headquarters. "When we rescue people or recover bodies from
villages, we usually see rocket launchers or Hezbollah fighters if they
are there, but in Qana I can say that the village was 100 percent clear
of either of those."

Another Red Cross worker, 32-year-old Mohammad Zatar, told IPS that "we
can tell when Hezbollah has been firing rockets from certain areas,
because all of the people run away, on foot if they have to."

While IPS was interviewing people in Qana at the site of the shelter
Monday, Israeli warplanes roared overhead. Vibrations from nearby
bombing rattled many buildings. At least three villages in southern
Lebanon were attacked in Israeli air strikes Monday.

Following the international outcry over the air strike, Israel declared
a 48-hour cessation of air strikes in order to carry out a military
probe into the Qana killings.

Despite the false Israeli statement that it was halting its air strikes,
Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon told Army Radio that the stoppage
"does not signify in any way the end to the war."

Israel has rejected mounting international pressure to end the
20-day-old war against Hezbollah. The United Nations has indefinitely
postponed a meeting on a new peacekeeping force for southern Lebanon.

While defending the Israeli air strike on the civilians in Qana,
Israel's ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman told the UN
Security Council that Qana was "a hub for Hezbollah", and said that
Israel had urged villagers to leave.

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres said in reply to questions in
New York Monday that the bombing was "totally, totally its (Hezbollah's)

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Lebanese Red Cross Repeatedly Targeted

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 19:55

Lebanese Red Cross Repeatedly Targeted

*Inter Press Service*
Dahr Jamail

*TYRE, Aug 1 (IPS) - Israeli warplanes are attacking the Lebanese Red
Cross repeatedly, members of the medical aid group say.*

"The night of July 23 we were called to rescue a family whose home was
bombed," Kassem Shaulan, a 28-year-old medic with the Lebanese Red Cross
in Tyre told IPS. "Just as I finished loading the three injured people
in my ambulance, it was struck by a rocket and all of us were injured."

The ambulance, now parked outside of the Red Cross headquarters in this
coastal city, had a hole through the centre of the red cross painted on
its roof. The inside was heavily damaged and pieces of the metal frame
of the van hung limply, riddled with shrapnel holes.

The Red Cross worker had several wounds on his body, and stitches on his
chin and leg. He said he could not hear very well any more.

"There was an old man on a stretcher in the ambulance who lost his leg
from the bomb," Shaulan said. "And a child with us is now in coma. The
third person is critically injured."

Shaulan, who has worked with the Red Cross for 13 years, is also
training manager at the headquarters. He said that minutes after his
ambulance was bombed, another ambulance nearby that was collecting
injured people was also bombed.

Nobody seems to feel safe anywhere any more. During the brief let-up in
air strikes after Israel's disastrous strike on a shelter in Qana that
killed at least 60 civilians - more than half of them children --
villagers are fleeing their homes in southern Lebanon by the tens of

The United Nations World Food Programme and other relief agencies have
been working tirelessly to take advantage of the short window to ferry
truckloads of aid to stranded civilians.

The brief halt also revealed more death and destruction. Members of the
Lebanese Red Cross in Tyre told IPS that their rescue workers retrieved
more than 30 bodies from destroyed homes, streets, cars, gardens and
ditches as they began their search. They continued to receive calls
about the dead and injured from villages throughout the south.

Shaulan said his headquarters had received calls from Qana pleading for
rescue assistance at 5 am on the morning of the Israeli strike. The
shelter was bombed at 1 am.

"Immediately after we got the call we took three ambulances and headed
to Qana," he said. "But three bombs nearly hit our first ambulance, so
we turned back."

They attempted to head out to Qana a second time, but again their
ambulances were attacked, and they returned to base. "They were keeping
us away," Shaulan said. They succeeded a third time, just before 9 am.

"You can see here that everyone the Israelis are attacking are civilians
and the Red Cross," Shaulan said. "And now we are having trouble
reaching villages to collect bodies because they've bombed most of the
roads and bridges before they told people to leave their homes."

Mohammad Zatar, who has been working for the Lebanese Red Cross in Tyre
since 1993, said he had never before seen attacks on rescue workers.

"As a Red Cross volunteer I need to be very clear that we are not
political -- we rescue anyone who needs help," the 32-year-old Zatar
told IPS. As a colleague unloaded bodies from bloody stretchers, Zatar
said "whether they are civilian, a resistance fighter or an Israeli
soldier, our policy is to help any human who needs help. But the
Israelis seem to be attacking us now."

Zatar said that most of the bodies they were picking up were of women
and children. "Sometimes we pick younger or middle-aged men, but that is

Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz told the Israeli Parliament Monday
that Israel plans to "expand and strengthen" its attack against
Hezbollah. "It's forbidden to agree to an immediate ceasefire," he said.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said there would be no ceasefire, and
that Israeli forces will continue fighting from the air and sea and on
the ground in Lebanon.

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Do remind me

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 19:57

of another country (if you know any) that is known to deliberately bomb red cross and frequently shoot at ambulances.

I'm saying – this is unacceptable to the civilized world. If we allow this to pass without any consequences for those responsible, we're all barbarians.

Pressure your governments to stop the Israeli aggression and warcrimes now! Pressure them to cut ties with Israel and isolate it and/or to send intervention forces to halt the Israeli attacks.

IT IS YOU, CITIZENS OF EU AND US, WHO CAN SAVE THE LIVES OF LEBANESE AND PALESTINIAN CHILDREN AS SOON AS TODAY BY making it known to your politicians that you will NOT TOLERATE the Israeli slaughter of innocent civilians!

«Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.» -- Albert Camus

countries blocking ceasefire

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 21:42

EU countries that currently oppose immediate ceasefire:

Protest their support of Israeli warcrimes. Even if you are not a citizen of these countries, send emails demanding immediate ceasefire to their officials.

Send a message to stop the killing

rigoroz 01.Aug.2006 23:11

I just sent the following message to Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, the Czech government and some members of the UK parliament. You may copy-paste if you wish.

Subject: STOP the SLAUGHTER of Lebanese and Palestinian CHILDREN

Dear [name and/or position]

I write to protest your government's support for Israeli collective punishment and other warcrimes in Lebanon and Palestine and request that you immediately take measures to rein in Israel and make it comply with international law.

Lebanese and Palestinian civilians deserve security and protection against the barbaric army killing their children and destroying their lives, property and entire infrastructure of their countries.

I also protest current impunity with which Israeli warcriminals walk free and demand that they be brought to justice for crimes they ordered or committed.

How can you allow these massacres to go on?

[your name, country]

Send your messages to:

1. Tony Blair

2. Angela Merkel

3. Government of the Czech Republic

4. You can also send emails to individual MPs of the British Parliament at:

5. Forward widely…

Tony Blair is a Zionist

rigoroz 02.Aug.2006 11:58

Today I read Tony Blair's explanation of «the battle in the Middle East» in which he claimed sth like this: that moderate Western values are fighting the values of extremist and fundamentalist Islam in the Middle East. I immediately sent the following message to him. I suggest you (and particularly the British) do the same.

For the attention of:
Prime Minister Tony Blair

Dear Prime Minister,

If the battle in the Middle East is one between «Western modernism» (Israel and US) and «Islamic extremism» (Lebanese and Palestinian civilians and children) I SIDE WITH «THE EXTREMISTS». And so do all normal people with a conscience.

Why do you support Israeli warcrimes and crimes against humanity in Lebanon and Palestine?



yes Ok I know this is primarily a (leftist type) political forum

King Amdo 02.Aug.2006 12:32

...and not even really anatrchist let alone hippy, but lets just look at this statement:

"there's nothing wrong with being a hippy, but i personnally believe that murderers of children and unarmed civilians should be shot down to prevent them from killing more people."

...the problem is the cycle of violence of a start...and also one should keep ones mind on the solution, the aim...peaceful consciousness...personal and collective. So the hippy type 'happening' is actually, belive ir or not a total nightmare for a state that lives on vamparism and fear control. For the peaceful happening type thing to happen...their construct of a so called society is broken, and so the power abusing hierarchy goes into instant karma/Exodus, whatever you wanna call it, and for them this is a very serious real time psyco spiritual nightmare. I've seen this happen. massive disrespect to Alex so called Donga and the rest of the silly fucking ego clique for contrl tripping this (UK) 'peace convoy' style possibility out of existance at Eithinog/Brewery fields protest camp in North Wales (UK) a few years ago. Again this was kinda depressing (as regards a positive outcome for the people).

I shouldn't really have started promoting the idea of bridge sabatarge because thats not really even what I belive myself...not really my dreamquest...but as you all know, there are some very very annoying jerks on the internet! and many of them are isreali nazis and their US born again christian supporters. I do belive in direct action, don't get me wrong, in fact I know (from my own experience , I really probably have sabatarged more machines than anyone else on this planet (despite the negative psy op.... yes I'm really am not a child abuser/mentally ill etc etc, but in fact a total and incredible hero).....that many forms of direct action are not only goddess supported but goddess directed. Its a state of empowerment that needs to be community wide, and is attacked by many assholes - basically channelling babylon ritual child abuse vampire system. The so called (UK) Dongas just cannot seem to accept this reality of the british state etc....or even the statement of fact regarding the ritual abuse eveidence. At best I'm a 'sick puppy', at worst a projecting mentally ill pedo. I say again. This attack is from within the eco scene...which is very depressing really! A distinct lack of anarchists!


This really is the way the western reality/consciousness is made, and is why the west sees fit both to rape the Mother Earth, and Indigenous people. (and the individual 'programming' of the avaerage dumbed down asleep westerner. It is by the way important to rememebr that the western reality is a total and complete anomaly, it should not exist and is like a vaccum in air. It is a tiny tiny tiny part of the univereses...and wont exist for much longer either way. This is who the politico so called zionists have sold out two. This total scum energy of total and complete evil. Babylon system. So the cause is bad ritual, and so the solution is good magic. I.e hippy style inter communal love man! (and again this is what 'they' really hate' stay cool politcos don't get lost in their negativity...stay focused and use your intellegance as regards direct action).


Nice one by the way for putting up the Peter Tosh material...

King Amdo 02.Aug.2006 12:43

...I've just read 'Catch a fire' by Tomothy White...Bob Marley's autobiography...worth getting from the library. Not that I think that the Jamacan slaves were a lost Jewish tribe...but the Rastas did very well to suss out a/the auspicious version of christianity etc, having being contained within the scorcery of the ritual child abusing western blag masons. They are of course black africans from west africa from a pagan/animaist tradition (who you really are is always better than an illusion, however nice that is...which just shows actually one of the dangers with can quite easily get an illusionary result rather than real truth channel or whatever. (anyone anyway who uses cannabis in a non ritual/magical way is dancing with disaster. The drug is a occult 'opener', and it is this quality, rather than the drug itself really, that is important, so it is what you invoke, be it Lord shiva, a tree spirit, jesus or whatever that you become, and so go to a mega level of consciousness. If you use cannabis a liot, at some piouint your mind will open to all this magic, or perhaps open to babylon vampuir syustem and then you'll go mad and end up contained in a pyscriatric trip...and, of course, many of the facsist scum out there know this, and will try and trigger this negative opening).


The real Mount Zion

King Amdo 02.Aug.2006 12:49

Jah Shaka meets Aswad in Addis Ababa studio

Truely spiritual its 'enchanted'...spooky...check it out!

Anyone can be part of the Eithiopian Coptic hristian church!

OM COMPASSION! (you've a lot to learn isreali nazis)



Ratko_Radman aka monkey 02.Aug.2006 13:17


Dear rigoroz, I am not trying to tell you what to post here. I am telling you what not to post. Not even remotely in connection to censorship, yet basic net-culture. No copy-pasting since it is an equivalent to noise.
Israel controls my ass, literally. I’m a prisoner. At the moment, they would gladly let you in. However, I might not be so kind with you as being kind to advise you not to go here.

Hi King Amdo.
Korse nothing wrong with hippies until they turn an entire discussion about Lebanon into poetry exchange.
Try word search for this thread you’d see rigoroz loves to use combinations of children, children, more innocent children together with Zionist this and that.
I like your fireforx remark. That is what I’m tryin to bring up. Rules of warfare. As I was saying: ‘there’s nothing wrong (illegal) with warfare’ was on that track, not any other as might could be read wrong from the side of some ‘copy-paste-hippies’.
Then again, using Israel as the pre-war allegory this time, the fact they holding TENS OF THOUSANDS of innocent, completely innocent and/or if you will political prisoners inside their prisons says a lot about not only how they respect law during war time yet during the times of ‘peace’ as well. So does not come as a surprise and is pretty much irrelevant to mention.
Wanted to discuss more on the media-portray of the war (children, children, more innocent children, etc.) and some crucial facts; been bringing them on: ISRAEL STEPS UP ATTACKS ON GAZA, beginning of July , about the ‘captured’ Israeli soldier being a US soldier in fact.
You DO REALIZE I may work bit harder in this room and make a news report on just about anything. Yes, graphic card industry has gone that far ages ago… my crew doesn’t even mention these things while ‘rigoroz’ for instance, thinks I’m talking about a computer game (?!)

No one would argue both Bush and Blair need to be shot if not put into prison. However, they don’t represent their countries. There’s other fractions, suchas, as I’ve mentioned it before, Condoleeza Rice US fraction. And, to realize through and see through that, you’d see the only power G.Bush has is to create an illusion of unity in between them and twist the media allegories you people still not realizing pre-war and present meaning of a WORD ‘Israel’.
Also, I am pretty sure, I am absolutely sure that public school system, public education gives none or minimal knowledge about what history is as such, as opposite to set of facts for you to memorize.
History is changing. Take your computer history for instance. This month you have been browsing for Palestine, Israel, white house, etc. while last month you might have got yourself a pet and browsed pet stores, and pet discussion groups which sets you (on the first look) for a completely different user profile. Same as with both national and world history, those information may easily be distributet within an area or a sector and spread as such, of course with a giant help of skool system, and you’d get people, who still think that Vatican is in Rome. People would think that Jews have been oppressed, etc.
None of you people, including me has ever lived to see world war two. The information we would get on that, however, are post-war manufactured. People know this. Ask Zapatistas why they always bring down the antennas first before they go and educate the people about their roots to draft for refreshing the resistance?
Just please, how the hell can you ensure anyone, who is human, and literate, about wrecking someone’s building is a callout for those people to help?
You only may censor and persuade about it being whatever the hell you may come up with in case you rule the media.
As rigoroz is pushing the story about this Bolton Zombie, who was on some position and now he isn’t or vice versa, complete crap.
Oh, children, children, those innocent children… Let’s all hug each other and weep by the bonefire on bad ganja.

King Amdo

rigoroz 02.Aug.2006 14:20

I do agree with you re the hippies and anarchists, the Rasta etc… and in general I like to convey messages of peace and peaceful disobedience and non-violent resistance. And communication.

I used to be 100% like that, believing that it is possible to stop the violence and warcrimes only with non-violent methods. In the long term it is the only and the right way. And it is possible – for example, if enough Americans would get out in the street and stop as much traffic, offices entrances etc as they can. But the truth is – IT AIN'T HAPPENING ON SUCH A LARGE ENOUGH SCALE TO PREVENT THOSE CHILDREN FROM DYING NOW.

Look at the Palestinians. They've been waiting for the hippies since 1948. The Palestinians were using non-violent tactics for decades. And they did get one of the most beautiful people - Rachel Corrie. And Tom Hurndall and the International Solidarity Movement, but at the end of the day, Rachel Corrie was crushed by the bulldozer, Ton Hurndall was shot dead and the Zionists are still killing those children. Every day!

If you've ever seen war from real real close, you know that many ordinary people who can shoot a gun feel this urge in themselves to protect those being mercilessly slaughtered (as is the case with the Palestinian and Lebanese children and civilians at the moment). They rise up and take up arms to stop the one who is killing them. I'm not suggesting to start bombing Israel or Israeli civilians. I'm not in favour of the indiscriminate rockets that hit civilian targets. But I will never deny anyone the right to legitimate self-defense and defense and liberation of their country.

I'm sorry. I don't think that these and new children should be sacrificed while we're waiting for Bush or Israelis and Americans to become enlightened.

Naturally injustices and warcrimes do happen on all sides in a war. The thing is just that usually there are graver and more numerous warcrimes on one than on the other side…

I'm just being honest. Normally I'm a totally non-violent person. I'm not going to hit a racist because he thinks all Chinese are terrorists. I'm just not going to have any polite conversations with him anymore. I don't even know how to shoot. But with these zionists nowadays, i'm thinking maybe I should learn.

Re the zionist provocateurs –funny thing is how they can incite violence, hatred and issue threats with no consequences at all, while at the same time using false accusations of «anti-semitism» against anyone who dares to criticise warcrimes and racist policies of the Israeli governments and regimes.

Re Bob Marley – and reggae in general, I like a lot… I have tons and tons of stuff… haven't read the book, but i watched documentaries and concerts, but mostly just listening to reggae music…

Babylon System

We refuse to be
What you wanted us to be;
We are what we are:
That's the way (way) it's going to be. If you don't know!
You can't educate I
For no equal opportunity:
(Talkin' 'bout my freedom) Talkin' 'bout my freedom,
People freedom (freedom) and liberty!
Yeah, we've been trodding on the winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!
Yes, we've been trodding on the winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!

Babylon system is the vampire, yea! (vampire)
Suckin' the children day by day, yeah!
Me say: de Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
Suckin' the blood of the sufferers, yea-ea-ea-ea-e-ah!
Building church and university, wo-o-ooh, yeah! -
Deceiving the people continually, yea-ea!
Me say them graduatin' thieves and murderers;
Look out now: they suckin' the blood of the sufferers (sufferers).
Yea-ea-ea! (sufferers)

Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth right now!
Come on and tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;
Come on and tell the children the truth.

'Cause - 'cause we've been trodding on ya winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!
And we've been taken for granted much too long:
Rebel, rebel now!

(Trodding on the winepress) Trodding on the winepress (rebel):
got to rebel, y'all (rebel)!
We've been trodding on the winepress much too long - ye-e-ah! (rebel)
Yea-e-ah! (rebel) Yeah! Yeah!

From the very day we left the shores (trodding on the winepress)
Of our Father's land (rebel),
We've been trampled on (rebel),
Oh now! (we've been oppressed, yeah!) Lord, Lord, go to ...

Bob Marley

a world that forces lifelong insecurity

rigoroz 02.Aug.2006 14:28

By Bob Marley

How can you be sitting there
Telling me that you care -
That you care?
When every time I look around,
The people suffer in the suffering
In everyway, in everywhere.

Say: na-na-na-na-na (na-na, na-na!):
Were the survivors, yes: the black survivors!
I tell you what: some people got everything;
Some people got nothing;
Some people got hopes and dreams;
Some people got ways and means.

Na-na-na-na-na (na-na, na-na!):
Were the survivors, yes: the black survivors!
Yes, were the survivors, like daniel out of the lions den
(black survivors) survivors, survivors!
So I idren, I sistren,
A-which way will we choose?
We better hurry; oh, hurry; oh, hurry; wo, now!
cause we got no time to lose.
Some people got facts and claims;
Some people got pride and shame;
Some people got the plots and schemes;
Some people got no aim it seems!

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na, na!
Were the survivors, yes: the black survivors!
Tell you what: were the survivors, yeah! - the black survivors, yeah!
Were the survivors, like shadrach, meshach and abednego
(black survivors),
Thrown in the fire, but-a never get burn.
So I idren, i-sistren,
The preaching and talkin is done;
Weve gotta live up, wo now, wo now! -
cause the fathers time has come.
Some people put the best outside;
Some people keep the best inside;
Some people cant stand up strong;
Some people wont wait for long.

(na-na-na-na-na!) na-na-na, na-na-na na!
Were the survivors
In this age of technological inhumanity (black survival),
Scientific atrocity (survivors),
Atomic misphilosophy (black survival),
Nuclear misenergy (survivors):
Its a world that forces lifelong insecurity (black survival).

Together now:
(na-na-na-na-na!) na na-na na na! (na na-na na na!)
Were the survivors, yeah!
Were the survivors!
Yes, the black survivors!
Were the survivors:
A good man is never honoured (survivors)
In his own country (black survival).
Nothing change, nothing strange (survivors).
Nothing change, nothing strange (black survivors).
We got to survive, yall! (survivors) - /fadeout/


rigoroz 02.Aug.2006 15:34

I know about Aswad too… I listen to a lot of music, can't really recall Aswad exactly right now… Like Asian Dub Foundation also…

Thanx anyway…

As for Ratko Radman Monkey, the American Hezbollah and Hamas fighter in Yugoslavia, I might talk to you more later after I send more letters to UK MPs, but I am actually quite busy and not at all interested in the UN building in Beirut.

War crimes in Lebanon and Palestine

rigoroz 02.Aug.2006 17:08

Israeli government and army
UN Security Council
US Government and Congress
Great Britain government and parliament
EU countries governments and parliaments

Israeli government and army
UN Security Council
US government and Congress
Great Britain government and parliament
EU countries governments and parliaments
Governments and parliaments of other countries around the world who did not work to stop this
Citizens of Israel who did not work to stop this
Citizens of US who did not work to stop this
Citizens of EU who did not work to stop this
Citizens of the world who did not work to stop this


rigoroz 03.Aug.2006 09:02

We should all mobilize to immediately establish this court.

Prosecuting Israel


08/02/06 "Information Clearing House" -- -- The United Nations General Assembly must immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a "subsidiary organ" under U.N. Charter Article 22. The ICTI would be organized along the lines of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), which was established by the Security Council.

The purpose of the ICTI would be to investigate and prosecute Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY did for the victims of international crimes committed by Serbia and the Milosevic Regime throughout the Balkans.

The establishment of ICTI would provide some small degree of justice to the victims of Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY has done in the Balkans. Furthermore, the establishment of ICTI by the U.N. General Assembly would serve as a deterrent effect upon Israeli leaders such as Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel's other top generals that they will be prosecuted for their further infliction of international crimes upon the Lebanese and the Palestinians.

Without such a deterrent, Israel might be emboldened to attack Syria with the full support of the Likhudnik Bush Jr. Neoconservatives, who have always viewed Syria as "low-hanging fruit" ready to be taken out by means of their joint aggression.

The Israeli press has just reported that the Bush Jr administration is encouraging Israel to attack Syria. If Israel attacks Syria as it did when it invaded Lebanon in 1982, Iran has vowed to come to Syria's defense.

And of course Israel and the Bush Jr administration very much want a pretext to attack Iran. This scenario could readily degenerate into World War III.

For the U.N. General Assembly to establish ICTI could stop the further development of this momentum towards a regional if not global catastrophe.

Francis A. Boyle, Professor of Law, University of Illinois, is author of Foundations of World Order, Duke University Press, The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence, and Palestine, Palestinians and International Law, by Clarity Press. He can be reached at: FBOYLE @ LAW.UIUC.EDU

paying for Israel's destruction

rigoroz 03.Aug.2006 11:36

Isn't it interesting how the West (EU in particular) always rushes in and promises to rebuild damages Israel has done. EU tax payers obviously don't realize that if EU would cut economic and diplomatic ties with Israel and isolate it, Israel might reconsider the arrogance with which it destroys other people's property, institutions and infrastructure.

Not that I don't want the Lebanese and the Palestinians to get aid to help them resume normal life as soon as possible. But it's a repeating pattern. Israel destroys and murders, creates refugees – the world pays for it in order to preserve status quo so Israel could continue to be a racist and expansionist state committing warcrimes every day.

I hope Lebanon will sue not just the warcriminals but also the state of Israel for the destruction it's responsible for.

Too bad the lost lives and limbs can't be rebuilt.

EU contributes to the collective punishment of the Palestinians

rigoroz 03.Aug.2006 11:59

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Press Release

Ref: 81/2006
Date: 3 August 2006
Time: 10:30 GMT

European Union Monitors at Rafah Contribute to the Strangulation and Deprivation of Gaza Strip Civilians
PCHR is dismayed by the role of the European Union Monitors at the Rafah Crossing, which contributes in imposing collective punishment of the civilian population. The Centre calls upon these monitors to respect the rights of the Gaza Strip population to travel through the Rafah Crossing. The Centre calls upon the monitors to return immediately to the Crossing to reopen it for travel.

PCHR is dismayed by the position of the European Union (EU) monitors at Rafah International Crossing Point (Rafah Crossing) on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. This position falls in line with the Israeli position of imposing collective punishment on the civilian of the Gaza Strip by preventing travel in and out of the Strip. The Centre is worried that their role could lead to an escalation of violations of the rights of Palestinian civilians, especially their right to movement and travel in and out of the Gaza Strip. The Centre calls upon the monitors to immediately return to the Rafah Crossing, and to work towards reopening the crossing for Palestinians wanting to travel out of the Strip and for the thousands of Gaza Strip residents who want to return home. PCHR calls upon the EU to refrain from being a party to any actions that are forms of reprisals or collective punishment against the civilian population. These actions are serious violations of International Humanitarian Law, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention.

It is noted that the borders agreement between the Palestinian National Authority and Israel, reached on 15 November 2005 with American mediation, stated that the Palestinian side and EU monitors are responsible for opening and operating the Rafah Crossing starting on 25 November 2005. Live camera feeds are transmitted from all Rafah Crossing rooms to a control room in the Karm Abu Salem crossing. A Palestinian security officer and an Israeli security officer watch the camera feeds. At the time, PCHR expressed concern that the borders agreement will lead to the continuation of Israeli control over the movement of Palestinians in and out of the Gaza Strip. On 25 November 2005, EU monitors started to fulfill their mission in operating the Rafah Crossing with the Palestinian side. The operation of the crossing was conducted without significant problems. However, the monitors withdrew from the Rafah Crossing or did not arrive on several occasions due to tips by Israel that there are security warnings of potential threat to the monitors. However, these alerts were proven to be false; and monitors resumed their work without being subjected to any form of threat.

PCHR's documentation indicates that the Rafah Crossing has been closed since 25 June 2006 after the military operation conducted by Palestinian resistance factions near the Egyptian-Israeli border, southeast of Rafah. The operation resulted in the death of 2 Israeli soldiers, capturing a third soldier, and the death of 2 Palestinian activists. The closure of Rafah Crossing has resulted in a catastrophic humanitarian situation for thousands of Palestinians stuck on the Egyptian side of the border and for hundreds of travelers stuck in the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing. Five patients, 2 women and 3 children, died due to deterioration of their health conditions and the inability to return to the Gaza Strip, and the inability to refer them for treatment abroad.

It is noted that nearly 7,000 Palestinian travelers are forced to stay in Egypt, including 400 in the exit terminal at the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing. Five hundred Palestinians returned to the Gaza Strip in exceptional circumstances when the border fence was breached on 14 July 2006. And nearly 6,000 travelers returned to the Strip on 18 July 2006 when Israel allowed the temporary opening of the Rafah Crossing for returnees only.

Thousands of Palestinians are suffering due to the closure of the Rafah Crossing. Nearly 15,000 Palestinians are waiting for the reopening of the Crossing, including hundreds of families that live abroad and are in the Strip for family visits. The face the threat of losing their residency visas in the countries where they work and live. In addition, hundreds of patients are awaiting the reopening of the Rafah Crossing in order to travel for treatment in Egyptian hospitals for ailments and conditions that cannot be treated in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of students are waiting for the reopening of the Rafah Crossing in order to resume their studies abroad. And hundreds of recent secondary school graduates who want to pursue university studies abroad are also waiting for the reopening of the Rafah Crossing. The work of governmental and civil society organizations was affected by the closure, especially the areas that require external travel and coordination.

Thousands of Gaza Strip residents who traveled abroad before the closure are forced to wait for the opening of the closure in other countries, especially Egypt.

PCHR condemns the position of EU monitors in the Rafah Crossing. The Centre calls upon these monitors to return immediately to conduct their mission at the crossing so as to facilitate solving the humanitarian problems arising from the closure of the crossing. PCHR calls upon the EU monitors to pressure Israel to allow the immediate opening of the Rafah Crossing. The Centre calls upon the monitors to cease taking part in the collective punishment against Palestinian civilians and the transformation of the Gaza Strip into a large prison for nearly 1.5 million Palestinians.


Public Document
For more information please call PCHR office in Gaza, Gaza Strip, on +972 8 2824776 - 2825893
PCHR, 29 Omer El Mukhtar St., El Remal, PO Box 1328 Gaza, Gaza Strip. E-mail:, Webpage

If you got this forwarded and you want to subscribe, send mail to
and write "subscribe" in the subject line.

history repeating

rigoroz 03.Aug.2006 13:55

I didn't see this at once, but now I saw it feel I have to react… re the history. I must say I agree a lot of stuff is lacking or twisted in history books – like atomic bombs on Japan or what the US did in Latin America and even how Israel was created or what US did in Iran. (just some things I remembered, I'm sure there are many more...)

But I have pretty solid reasons to believe that Jews were oppressed in WWII and that they were in fact exterminated in some areas of Europe. Jews in Europe during WWII were victims of genocide and racism.

My dillema is – like I said – when a racist thinks or says to me that all Chinese are terrorists, I don't hit him. But what do I do when the racist starts killing or beating the Chinese? Do I shrug my shoulders? Or do I do something about it? Do I hide the Chinese? Do I shoot the racist?

This is precisely why I'm making the comparison with the treatment of the Jews in WWII and the Arabs today. If we really believed NEVER AGAIN when we say it, we wouldn't be allowing the slaughter of Arabs to take place every day.

Why do you use the example of the chinese?

King Amdo 04.Aug.2006 08:41

...many Tibetans and others were driven pretty desperate by the chink commy invasion of Tibet :~

Looks like the isreali headcases are bombing bridges again...really Palestinian resistance etc, if you wanna play poker you should hit them in the same way. I realise that in practical terms this might be tricky...but if you can infiltrate sucide bombers into Tel Aviv...

The fact is that isreal is a more western style economy and would be in very very very very serious trouble if their motorway network was severly disrupted. The cfact is also that traditional tribal cultures and systems provide solution sto the malase and sickness of western society that is reflected by the devouring and pollution of the Mother Earth that is resulting in catastrophic global warming that is happening RIGHT NOW. So either way you lose isreal. YOUR FUCKED.

By the way Isreali state fildth, I know that you'll be reading this, and I have to tell you again that you will face Judgement for this entire colonialist insult to Mount Zion.

Egoising ****'s

dezionification of Israeli society?

rigoroz 04.Aug.2006 10:30

I'm using the Chinese for no special reason, except that it actually happened to me a week or 2 ago, that an educated person pronounced this sentence in front of me. The Chinese because Chinese are becoming an economic power and taking over business.

Another racist example from the same day by a different person – «Jews are a damned people because they killed Jesus and this is why this is all happening.»

Fact is that a large majority of people seem to be too stupid, limited and uneducated. And of course selfish. They read and watch the media that are distorting their limited understanding and perception but they are convinced they know everything about politics, while in fact all their «knowledge» consists of is a bunch of false prejudices.

And here prophecies of Nostradamus and Revelation find their audiences. Western «civilization» consists predominantly of racist (some only subconsciously) idiots who think they know everything, but don't even realize the meaning of their own words.

Which is why Ahmadinejad would do well to watch what he is saying. Because when he says Jews should go to Europe or that Israel should be wiped off the map (even though one really wonders what he means and in what way – a referendum could wipe Israel off the map), he is being perceived as a threat by these illiterate and stupid masses who are waiting for the second antichrist or Hitler that Nostradamus told them would be born in Persia. (this is also from another conversation i had yesterday) It doesn't matter that he doesn't have an A-bomb and Bush does. It doesn't matter that Israel has an A-bomb and Iraq didn't. It doesn't matter that Israel is racist towards the Palestinians and that the Western idiots are racist towards everybody else. They belive a new Hitler will be born in Persia.

And anyway, he should not make such statements as a head of state. The Jews are not going anywhere. They are going to live together side by side, house by house, inside same families with the Palestinians, as equals, in a country they will be calling Israel and the Palestinians will be calling Palestine. For that we absolutely need to remove the racists in the Israeli politics and wider. It would be best if the Israelis themselves would do it.

I must advise against suicide bombings (even though a bridge is not a civilian target, hopefully). But i find it wrong even to send young men or women to death like this. I don't know what a successful tactic is. Especially since US is helping the Israelis:

This makes them militarily participate in Israeli warcrimes, doesn't it?

I think maybe we should concentrate all our forces on the Israeli society. Explaining that they will never know real peace and security if they continue to perpetuate these injustices. Even if no desperate indiviudals would go on a killing spree inside Israel, they will know deep down in their hearts that what they are doing is wrong and they will keep on being paranoid. The world can't tolerate such discriminatory states. Explaining that the only reason they think they can't live together with the Palestinians is because the fucked assholes in US military industry and other war related businesses want to get richer and greedy Israeli politicians want to rule a country (they have no right to) apart.

I wonder if the media will ever get their share of trial for disinforming, covering up crimes and inciting hatred. Maybe after this war, we will include it on the list of war crimes.

re Tibet

rigoroz 04.Aug.2006 13:08

It's true that I'm a leftist because various leftist ideas appeal to me more than any others. But I am not a denier of crimes committed in the name of «communism». As you can see I have quoted Albert Camus, one of my favourite philosophers and writers and he condemned Soviet gulags, as any person with common sense would. For me ends don't justify the means. And I do like Buddhists and Rastas:)

Viva Venezuela!!!

rigoroz 04.Aug.2006 13:24

Chavez withdraws Venezuela ambassador in Israel

By Anthony Boadle

4 August 2006

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo
Chavez said on Thursday he ordered the withdrawal of
Venezuela's ambassador in Israel in protest against
Israeli military actions.

Chavez, a vocal critic of the U.S. government, has
condemned Israeli incursions into Gaza and Lebanon, and
frequently expresses support for the Palestinian people.

"I have ordered the withdrawal of our ambassador in
Israel," Chavez said during a speech in western Venezuela.
He said the move was in response to "our indignation at
seeing how the state of Israel continues ... bombarding,
killing, quartering."

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez smiles during a welcome
ceremony in Mali's capital Bamako August 1, 2006. Picture
taken August 1, 2006. Chavez said on Thursday he ordered
the withdrawal of Venezuela's ambassador in Israel in
protest against Israeli military actions.
(REUTERS/Miraflores Palace/Handout) Chavez has accused the
U.S. government of fomenting violence in the Middle East,
and recently blamed an "Israeli elite" for the armed
conflict in Lebanon.

The Lebanon war, which erupted after Hizbollah snatched
two Israeli soldiers in a raid across the border on July
12, has coincided with an Israeli offensive in the Gaza
Strip to recover another captured soldier and halt
Palestinian rocket fire.

Venezuela is the world's No. 5 oil exporter and a key
supplier of oil to the United States.

Western values

rigoroz 04.Aug.2006 18:01

defended in the Middle East every day by proud promoters of «freedom and democracy»: Israel, US and the EU

Millitary might
Ethnic cleansing

western values

King Amdo 05.Aug.2006 07:50

...come on down from me mounatin stronghold to chat to you good people again!

...are inherently evil due to the dodge ritual foundations of their reality...I found it easier to see this from outside the west...a few months in India especially. The problem ultimately is bad ritual, the solution thus is good magic, or natural magic. Their game is fear separation and thus punterworld/money. If their was no separation we'd share with each other. The problem with maoism and communism is that is is athisteic and anti magic...possibly a understandable reaction to the misuse of ritual of the western masons, but not really ultimately a solution. In turn the problem in the real world is ofculising this consciousness/reality change...evenm those the ritual child abuse capitalist 'order' is an aberation, and should not exist...its such evil fucked up karma, its kinda like a reality trap...that we, the people, have ended up being stuck in. This is why primal forests and untouched tribal people etc are so valuable....these entities are outside of their perverted touch and represent purity and healing. I love the ancient woodland here in the weald of kent/sussex (UK)...the birdsong, the real pagan magic. This magic is blocked from the peoples consciousness by the western masonic programming.

Even though I know from the India trip that I'm a reincarnated Tibetan, and especially following a visit to Dharamsala and communicating with refugess and survivor of masoist and communist torture and abuse, I can see why people see cuba etc as solutions...but remember if you are homosexual or transvestite in cuba you live in danger...and I'm the sort of person who cant play their games and probably would be in mental hospital in cuba.

Urgh anyway, I'm talking about something I'm not really feeling at the moment (foculising community wode consciousness/reality change)..but again this really is the solution to the palestine problem...rather than a two state thing...but a mass consciousness change and genuine peace and reconciliation process. I mean somewhere like indemedia we all know that...the border controls and pathetic military trips...its ridiculas, sick and sad....all the nationialism and the rest of it.

Jah Love.


rigoroz 05.Aug.2006 10:25

Communism has some quite negative sides – like no freedom of expression, organizing etc.
But people are taken care of and don't risk starving, being unemployed or living in the street. People's existance in communism/socialism is secured and they can't lose their pension because of Enron. Children all have their places in kindergartens (state paid), schools (state paid), universities (state paid) = they have equal opportunities. Health care is paid by the state.

In capitalism money and business are more important than human life or wellbeing. Which is why we have thousands of children dying of hunger in Africa every day. I would be glad if the state would take more of my (and everyone's) money every month and feed the children in Africa.

Now the EU has maintained a very high level of social state and a high standard of living for its own citizens. But outside of the «West» capitalism is destroying people's lives every day.

As for religion, I don't agree with any oppression of people because of their beliefs. I myself have no religion but am probably what people call agnostic. I see religion as positive when it helps people deal with their problems and fears, when they find real spiritual comfort in it. But I see religion as extremely negative when it is used to manipulate people and when it meddles into state politics. Also I see religion as something allegoric, not to be taken literally.

For Israel

rigoroz 05.Aug.2006 10:33

The West has not been working in the interest of the Israeli Jews all these years. By helping the Jews to conquer and ethnically cleanse Palestine in 1948 and afterwards and to maintain a racist apartheid system the West has created a monster whose destruction/elimination (in the sense of eliminating the system, not the people) is inevitable. Or there will never be no peace. Hopefully, people will come to their senses.

Racist Israel=War and Conflict

Multinational Democratic Israel=Peace and Prosperity

If the West truly cared for the Israeli Jews they would never have allowed the present situation on the ground. Now the West is still supporting Israel in its crimes and destruction. But one day the tide will turn. And then the Jews will really be forced to go back to Europe and it will be West's fault. Because the West did not work for the best and only possible solution for all.

I can't believe the Jews are not aware of this. Maybe all these polls are totally fabricated.

I can't believe they don't see the wall on other people's territory is not the answer to anyone's problems. I can't believe they approve of violating Geneva conventions – those same treaties and international law that were created after the horrible WWII to protect people from exactly the same crimes their own people were victims of. I can't believe they find nothing wrong with their army destroying Lebanon and Gaza. I can't believe they don't undestand that Lebanon and Gaza too have the right to defend themselves and that the Lebanese and the Palestinians are entitled to the same security the Israelis claim for themselves.

How can anything good come out of so much evil?

If the west cared for the Israeli Jews it would work with them and the Palestinians and establish a democracy where everyone's human, civil, social, religious etc. rights would be fully protected.

But the West is working for the conflict.


Of course the problem is that Saudi Arabia's royal family is quite happy doing business with the West. It must be because Saudi Arabia is SO-O-O MODERATE. Come to our beautiful country of moderate Islam where the women don't drive cars, little girls have to stay in a burning building because they're not wearing scarfs and where we indulge in corporal and other cruel punishments, preventing any dissent or secularism.

All of this doesn't matter because the CNN (not Nostradamus this time) told us Saudi Arabia is a moderate country and first and foremost a US ally.


Come on, for Christs sake, it's summer. We won't die of cold. HIT US WITH THE OIL BOYCOTT NOW!!!

But obviously in Iran and Saudi Arabia too, money is more important than people's lives to those who have the power…


King Amdo 05.Aug.2006 12:46

I think religions are suppost to be magical of magical practice that produce real time consciousness and reality changes around one. Systems to advance and improve consciousness to transcend material karma (or facism) and move to a more cosmic type level of reality...and not to become ossified into rules and regulations that control individuals and societies. (nodding/cloths on heads/porkmeat aversion...I mean its all rather silly isn't it? satire-ised in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy). The western blag masons are uniquely horrific..there was no intention of anything benefical right from the was always a totally evil blag. (almost certain of this one). I think the masons (temple builders primarily of the psyco-spiritual-magical construct and not the bricks and motor so to speak)...of the Eithiopian coptic christian church are sound and real christians. Jah Love. The problem with communism is that is trys to kill all religion, following the rejection of the western vampire hierarchy masons....and thus this potential.

Any anarchist must know what I'm talking about in the real know the way mainstream western society is. This is not the place to shout KOOK! I should be able to say this here and people relate it to real world experience. (but the fact is that I've been censored off the moderated UK indemedia forums for saying this...censored off in a dodgy way, by very silly and immature idiots). So I like this unmoderated forum...likewise usenet. I don't like web forums because they are always moderated and I cant swear if I wanna or whatever.

Skitz and scism and scapegoat of relevent targets..homeless, real dreads, etc etc is the way of the mainstream west...the frightening thing is this real time scapegoating of this ritual child abuse 'power'...lots of middle class type new age scenes are still contained within their senario. Something that would never happen in a real new age senario. (where the middle class new agers would be floundering in ego attachment)...basically they are not sharing, thats the problem, they haven't really transcended....and thats always the result of any real auspicious consciousness work. They do stuff like threatening to call out the cops (threatening perople with the police state, i.e. in effect the ritual child abuse pathogen is totally and compleetly out of order) order to retain control rather than free consciousness breaking out!

The state of Isreal?...boring colonialist straight mainstream rubbish.

Jah Love

Jah Love

rigoroz 05.Aug.2006 19:13

Hmm, yes I think you're right about the consciousness stuff. I like what you said.

I'm not very familiar with Ethiopian Coptic Church. But I like this «Almighty God is a living man». If that's related…

I was never a member of any religion. For a while (14-18) I was considering becoming Catholic because Catholicism is predominant religion where I live and I liked Jesus. But it just wasn't pressing. I even went to several masses because I wanted to make sure I want this. But they did nothing for me. Like you say – just a lot of nodding etc.) In time I realized that there are some views of the Catholic Church that I could never accept – like their view of homosexuals or their political views were too rightwing for me. Or John Paul II's approval of US attack on Afghanistan. Now I feel I don't need any religion. I am curious to know them though. As litterature and philosophy. For instance, I have read the Bible. I intend to read Qur'an and other stuff too.

As for Israel being a mainstream distraction. I know there is much suffering everywhere in the world. A lot of it unknown to us. And that politicians and media divert people's attention from thinking about the real problems with various unimportant topics. But Palestine and Lebanon today is not a diversion, it is part of the suffering. And I have become attached to the Palestinians in April 2002 and I have since been unable to abandon them. I have become aware of their oppression and the fact that they are not only fighting Israel, but also UN and US as well as EU. And that the Arab countries around them are not really totally their friends either. I think I will never abandon the Palestinians until they are free as a people or else I die.

Or else - Lebanon is distraction from what is going on in Palestine. Everything in the middle east is a distraction from the unexisting negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and evacuation of ALL of the settlements in the West Bank.

Lacking religion, I have been very influenced by music at first – by hippies and later Bob Marley and Reggae (i like most types of music – ethno/world music very much). And also a great influence on me was that I had to read a lot of French litterature, like Stendhal, Balzac, Hugo, Zola, Malraux, Saint-Exupery, Sartre, de Beauvoir, Camus,etc and in their works I found many ideas I agree with. One of the most important – solidarity and action to free not only yourself but others too. I believe that I have to act against things I find are oppressing my brothers. Our freedom is worthless, if we are surrounded by those who are enslaved. As I already said, I find my life totally absurd, if Palestinian and Lebanese children are being killed with impunity. Equally my life is totally absurd, if African children are dying of hunger.

This is why I feel I can't just «live and let live», but I have to act to make changes – hoping to make them always for the better…

Jah Love

King Amdo

rigoroz 05.Aug.2006 21:46

Of course ritual child abuse is a horrible crime. If this isn't a crime against humanity, I don't know what is. (I must admit, I didn't open your link until now, because I'm always on the watch from the zionist or other disrupters. trying to avoid problems with viruses.)

Any abuse or torture of a child is a horrible crime. Making a child cry is already a sort of a crime, I think.

Hi rigoroz

King Amdo 06.Aug.2006 20:38

Amdo by the way means shroud in Welsh and kinda the positive opposite in Tibetan! I see this a innvocation of the death of the 'old age' of scism and rape and the subsequent folding out of aupsicious and cosmic bliss!

...specifically the death of the ritual child abuse paradym. I realise this thsis might appear kookish, urgh, fits with the empirical evidence of anti tribal/ anti Mother Earth psycosis, and the religious/magic reality. I'm in a slightly complicated situation personally where I'm posting from here...I really try very hard not to hang out with people that think I'm mentally ill...but that can be difficult if the people are your parents! ...specifically my stuck in material/no magic way of thinking...totally blocked to the goddess aspect. Looks at me in a distressed/totally crazed way when I where the tied dyed dress made by, in fact, the survivor of ritual child obviously he gets stressed because hes blocking the truth, and then he tries to project this stress onto me saying that I'm mentally the extent of attending a 'transactional analysis stress managment workshop' for carers'!!! (just found the workshop notes hidden away somewhere)...thus taking what originates as an energy founded in this abusive ritual and tring to maintain this illusion by these various facist head game...some of which he's not even aware of...its like facist programming. I'm committed to being here...just been growing a large amount of cannabis for free distribution here this year, (I didn't realise he was in so deep) ...and so I have to be here...but its annoying because the evidence and so the headfuck (from the ritual child abuse case) is actually true, and I do need my Mother at this time. Honestly babylon system! To fucking much huh? keep up the Jah works,


Arabic culture....

King Amdo 06.Aug.2006 20:58

...back to the attempts of destruction of Arabic culture by the isreali psycos, I got these two CDs somewhere on the interent. Very authentic, very much the vibe in Morocco from what I remember...woooo! sends shivers down me spine!

Mohamed Abdel Wahab

The CD's I have r,

Min Gheyr Leh


Don't listen to this material if you are afriad of your own emotions.


I just wanna say also that I believe birdforms to be sacred beings....

King Amdo 06.Aug.2006 21:03

...because of their beautiful singing and that they can fly...and I will not eat them or their eggs. (sorry for expressing more 'illness' in public)


King Amdo 06.Aug.2006 21:38

...dig this stuff also....


Lebanese oppress palestinians more than Israelis

You people are idiots 07.Aug.2006 07:25

Maybe someone here should check lebanese law and see how many professions Palestinians cannot participate in BY LAW. ?You may be surprised to find out that Lebanon is more like Nazi Germany than even (will I say it?) South Africa. Yes, Palestinians have very few rights in Lebanon, even though they were invited in by the lebanese after Jordan kicked them out. As far as I'm concerned, thePalestinians in Lebanon should have full rights. Unfortunatley, Sheikh Nasrallah disagrees and is one of the people who writes racist laws to make Palestinains the impoversihed force they are in Lebanon. What a great guy.

And an even better question is how a multiracial people like Palestinians (or Lebanese, or Syrians, etc, etc) can be indigenous. The existence of multiethnicity sort of contradicts any notion of indigenous, but then I wouldn't expect the racists on this website to have critical minds. You people after all are the problem. Violence for you is somehow apropos to Bob Marley, in a twisted, stupid way.

As far as anyone on this site is concerned, america is the first country in the history of the world where people immigrated. Your ignorance of history is astounding. You do know that Arabs controlled a huge part of the world, which was taken from the Greeks, the romans, etc, etc, etc.. Populations have been shifting in the middle east for thosuands of years. Why are you people so fucking stupid? How is the world going to improve with so many assholes in it?

Hi King Amdo

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 10:26

Thanks a lot for the music. I'll make sure to check Mohamed Abdel Wahab. I like Arab ethno music. More and more I find I like things coming from the East. Or Africa, Latin America. The West is so totally boring.

As for the birds, I eat the eggs of those who can't sing and fly:) No, seriously, I find proof of God's existence in rich variety, beauty and complexity of the creatures living on Earth.

It's good not to eat birds. I'm a vegetarian, except I eat eggs and fish. I have a natural all-meat aversion.

In a crazy world, those who are normal seem insane:)

To You people are idiots

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 11:03

The Palestinians are not supposed to be refugees in Lebanon or Jordan. They are supposed to be citizens of Palestine or Israel with full rights.

Maybe you should provide some material on how the Lebanese are oppressing the Palestinian refugees from Israel. I'll provide material how Israel is oppressing the Palestinians – in the West Bank, it occupies, for instance. I'm sure the Palestinians in Lebanon don't have to pass through so many checkpoints when going to farm their land or visit a doctor?

The Palestinians were natives in 1948. The Zionists expelled hundreds of thousands of them. By terror and terrorism and with the help of «international community». As, btw, they continue to do until this very day.

The creation of Israel did not occur because the people there voted in a referendum. It occured by force, ethnic cleansing. Illigitemately and artificially. Imposed by the «international community».

I am mentioning Bob Marley in regard to the resistance to oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel and the West. In regard to apartheid and colonialism that Palestinians are subjected to by Israel.

I don't get the part with america? Oh – under emigrated you mean – conduct genocide of the Indians first. And the buffaloes. Conquistadores? Is that what you mean? Is that something positive to you?

Yes… well thousands of years ago we were all barbarians. And we moved and were conquering territories with military might. Murdering and expelling entire populations. But then after WWII and the genocide against the Jews we wrote laws and treaties to prevent such barbaric behaviour. They were called International Law and Geneva Conventions. Also humanitarian law, laws of war ... And according to them THERE IS NO MORE CONQUERING OF TERRITORY BY MILITARY FORCE. ETHNIC CLEANSING AND GENOCIDE ARE ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. AND WARCRIMES ARE ALSO PROHIBITED AND MUST BE PUNISHED. SETTLING THE OCCUPIER'S POPULATION ON OCCUPIED LAND IS EQUALLY PROHIBITED.

It is totally unacceptable today to claim that the Palestinian refugees have no right to return to their homeland. Or to insist on keeping settlements on other people's territory. Israel would want us return to the Middle Ages…


Israeli treatment of Palestinians

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 11:07

Qalqilya: Palestinian Grandfather Killed by Israeli Checkpoint


Today, July 26th at 8:30pm at Azzun checkpoint near Qalqilya, Palestinian Grandfather Mahmood Ahmed Sumha, 68 years old from the village of Jayyous died from complications resulting from heart disease. He was on his way to hospital when the ambulance he was in was stopped by the Israeli army at one of their checkpoints. Contrary to international law, soldiers at the checkpoint refused to let the ambulance pass.

According to official Israeli army policy, "the checkpoint commander will allow a person to cross the checkpoint (including entry into Israel) to obtain medical treatment, even if the individual does not have the requisite approval, if an urgent medical emergency is involved." See B'Tselem website, "Infringement of the Right to Medical Treatment" (1) Mahmood's ID number was 929535110.

Mahmood was placed on a stretcher and those with him attempted to cross the checkpoint on foot. Once again, they were blocked from doing so by soldiers.

Mahmood died shortly afterwards.

For more information, visit the ISM website at

Is it worse in Lebanon?

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 11:09

Palestinians Open Checkpoint by Laying down on Settler Road

by Ali Omar and Raad

Today, July 26th, at 5pm, the IOF closed Yesthar checkpoint (west of Nablus) in all directions for all Palestinian and settlers passing on the road. They re-opened it at 7pm for just the settlers, while there were dozens of Palestinians waiting to go back to their homes.

Previously the road was only for settler use, but was opened for Palestinians in 2004 after it was closed since the beginning of the Intifada.

Opening the checkpoint just for the settlers made the Palestinians very angry and they responded by having a completely non-violent direct action by lying down on the road and closing it with their bodies. The army responded with excessive violence by beating the people and throwing sound grenades at the crowd. This violence wasn't helpful to evacuate the crowd who continued chanting songs of the Intifada and refusing to move.

After the failure of the IOF troops to open the way for the settlers who were stuck waiting, the settlers began threatening the Palestinians with their machine guns, waving them at their faces. The soldiers did nothing to stop the settler's threats.

The army failed to evacuate the Palestinians who occupied the checkpoint from 7pm until 9pm and so the army was forced to open the checkpoint for all.

Lebanese Racist Practices in Amnesty, HRW

Will the dummies care? 07.Aug.2006 13:28

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon live in overcrowded refugee camps, struggling to fulfil basic human needs. They do not have the right to work in dozens of professions or to receive social security. They do not have the right to own or inherit property

Some of the Palestinian refugee camps in the south of Lebanon might easily be mistaken for military zones. The camps are isolated from the outside word by fences and are guarded by Lebanese soldiers that control and vet access to and exit from the camps. Once you pass the Lebanese soldiers, another layer of armed soldiers, this time Palestinians, is in place. Many armed political factions compete for control of the camps and factional fighting is a common feature of life in some of the camps

Life inside the camps is harsh. Additional rooms have been added to existing buildings, often to the detriment of the narrow alleyways between them, often blocking the sun. The sight of sewage waters in the streets of a camp is commonplace. Palestinian children have to learn to live in this environment, for this may be the only home they will ever have. And they are the lucky ones when compared to the thousands of Palestinian families who live in "unofficial" camps.

( But they fight for Palestinians against Israel. They're so good!!!)

Here's HRW:

"Lebanon continued to ban Palestinian refugees from several professions, including medicine, law, journalism, and engineering. Previously, Lebanon had prohibited non-Lebanese from working in more than 70 skilled professions, with no exception for refugees, and a 1964 law imposed a reciprocity condition on membership in professional syndicates – a precondition for employment in professions such as law, medicine, engineering, and journalism that also effectively excluded Palestinians. As the MOU did not include the right to work, non-Palestinian refugees had no option to work legally except by applying for permission as a foreigner. Under the legislative decree regularizing the work of foreigners in Lebanon, all foreigners required the prior authorization of the Ministry of Labor to work, authorization which the Ministry rarely granted. The law also required foreigners to be experts or professionals in a field where no Lebanese candidates were available, resident in Lebanon before 1954, or working in companies for at least nine consecutive months during the year. A foreigner could also obtain a work permit if he had been married to a Lebanese woman for at least one year, had a Lebanese mother, or was a Lebanese descendant."

But some racism is good. After all, we are CORRECTING an injustice done to the Palestinians.


rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 14:39

It is praiseworthy that you concern yourself with the conditions in which Palestinian refugees in Lebanon live. I consider it a meaningful activity to lobby Lebanese government and work to improve the conditions and rights of these people.

However, Lebanon can never be more responsible for the suffering of these refugees than Israel who expelled them, stole their property and made them refugees in the first place. After all – the refugees are in Lebanon and not in Israel where they are not allowed to return. So I choose my activities to target Israel and the support it is getting from the West – which is the source of their misery.

Individually, it would be better for these people to have dispersed around the world and lived in countries where they could maybe obtain citizenship. And there are many who have. But the reality is these in Lebanon haven't. REGARDLESS, all of them, including those who live around the world have the right to return to Israel/Palestine, which right Israel has been denying them to this very day.

No racism is ever good.

I hope to find something on the Israeli Arabs later, I'm quite busy now…

Also Gaza collective punishment - where we have one large prison (not even a refugee camp).

Racism inside Israel

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 15:31

«Unlike any other country in the world, Israel does not define itself as a state of its residents, or even a state of its citizens, but as a state of all the Jews in the world.»

Racism Inside Israel
Phyllis Bennis is interviewed by Max Elbaum

«PB: From its origins in the 19th century, Zionism centered on the idea of creating a specifically Jewish state in which Jews would be protected and privileged over non-Jews.

Zionist occupation of Palestine was at first meager, amounting to about 10 percent of the population by 1900. By 1947, Jews were still only about 30 percent of the population of Mandate Palestine and owned only six percent of the land, but the UN Partition Resolution that year still assigned 55 percent of the land to a new Jewish state. However, by means of the 1947-48 war, Israel took over even greater expanses of land and forcibly expelled about 750,000 Palestinians. This travesty was the basis for the official founding of the Israeli state in 1948.

CL: In this latest intifada, there have been numerous protests by Arabs living within the pre-1967 borders of Israel. What are their numbers and their conditions of life?

PB: Inside what is called the "Green Line"--the unofficial borders of Israel before the 1967 war--there are still about one million Palestinians, just under 20 percent of the total Israeli population. Most Palestinians are Muslim, some are Christian.

From 1948 to 1966, the Palestinians within Israel lived under explicit military rule.

They were considered a military threat to the Israeli state, and they were ruled under a completely different set of laws than the Jewish population.

After 1966, military rule was lifted, but it was replaced by a set of Jim Crow-like laws designed to discriminate against Arabs in Israel. According to Adalah, an Arab rights organization, today there are at least 20 laws that specifically provide unequal rights and obligations based on what the Israelis call nationality, which in Israel is defined on the basis of religion.

Israelis must carry a card which identifies them as either a Jew, a Muslim, or a Christian. All non-Jews are second class citizens. The Israeli Supreme Court has dismissed virtually all cases which dealt with equal rights for Arab citizens.

CL: Can you be more specific about how this discrimination works and what it means?

PB: All Israeli citizens, including Palestinians, have the right to vote in elections for members of the Knesset (parliament) and for the prime minister. But not all rights are citizenship rights. Other rights are defined as nationality rights, and are reserved for Jews only. If you are a Jew, you have exclusive use of land, privileged access to private and public employment, special educational loans, home mortgages, preferences for admission to universities, and many other things.

Many other special privileges are reserved for those who have served in the Israeli military. And military service is compulsory for all Jews (male and female), except for the ultra-Orthodox who get the same privileges as other Jews, but excludes Palestinians, who do not.

Over 80 percent of the land within Israel that was once owned by Palestinians has been confiscated. All told, 93 percent of Israel's land can only be leased or owned by Jews or Jewish agencies. Moreover, despite Israel's booming economy, Palestinian unemployment is skyrocketing--Adalah says it is about 40 percent. In 1996 twice as many Arab citizens (28.3 percent) as Jewish citizens (14.4 percent) lived below the poverty line. Less than five percent of government employees are Arab. And eighty percent of all student drop- outs are Arab.

There are also vast disparities between Arab towns and Jewish towns in government spending on schools, medical systems, roads and electricity, clean water, and social services.

Unlike any other country in the world, Israel does not define itself as a state of its residents, or even a state of its citizens, but as a state of all the Jews in the world.

Jews from anywhere in the world, like me, can travel to Israel, declare citizenship, and be granted all the privileges of being Jewish that are denied to Palestinians who have lived in the area for hundreds of years.

CL: You are painting a picture of an Israeli government, with the support of a substantial part of its Jewish population, which aims toward permanent subordination of Palestinian Arabs within its borders, along with domination over something that might be called a Palestinian state but what would really amount to a dependent Bantustan.

Essentially the same vision that motivated apartheid South Africa.

PB: Yes. And there are even more complexities. Within Israel there are really four levels of citizenship, the first three being various levels of Jewish participation in Israeli society, which are thoroughly racialized. At the top of the pyramid are the Ashkenazi, the white European Jews. At the level of power the huge contingent of recent Russian immigrants--now about 20 percent of Israeli Jews--are being assimilated into the European-Ashkenazi sector, though they are retaining a very distinct cultural identity.

The next level down, which is now probably the largest component of the Jewish population, is the Mizrachi or Sephardic Jews, who are from the Arab countries. At the bottom of the Jewish pyramid are the Ethiopian Jews, who are black. You can go into the poorest parts of Jewish West Jerusalem and find that it's predominantly Ethiopian.

This social and economic stratification took shape throughout the last 50 years as different groups of Jews from different part of the world came, for very different reasons, to Israel. So while the divisions reflected national origins, they play out in a profoundly racialized way.

The Yemeni Jews in particular faced extraordinary discrimination. They were transported more or less involuntarily from Yemen to Israel. On arrival they were held in primitive camps, and many Yemeni babies were stolen from their mothers and given for adoption to Ashkenazi families. In the early 1990s a high-profile campaign began to try to reunite some of those shattered families.

Beneath all these layers of Jews come the Palestinian citizens.

A rigid hierarchy, highly racialized both within and between religious or national groups, orchestrates Israeli social life.

Much of it is legally enforced. The most significant difference between this scenario and other similar ones is in the world's perception of the Israeli reality. For the overwhelming majority of the world's population, South Africa was always considered a pariah state. But Israel is not in that position. Israel is given a pass, if you will, on the question of racism.


Israel's Marriage Law

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 15:48

Israel's Marriage Law
by Justin Huggler
August 02, 2003
UK Independent
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Israel's Parliament has passed a law preventing Palestinians who marry Israelis from living in Israel. The move was denounced by human rights organisations as racist, undemocratic and discriminatory.

Under the new law, rushed through yesterday, Palestinians alone will be excluded from obtaining citizenship or residency. Anyone else who marries an Israeli will be entitled to Israeli citizenship. Now Israeli Arabs who marry Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza Strip will either have to move to the occupied territories, or live apart from their husband or wife. Their children will be affected too: from the age of 12 they will be denied citizenship or residency and forced to move out of Israel.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch sent a joint letter to the Knesset, Israel's parliament, urging members to reject the bill. "The draft law barring family reunification for Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens is profoundly discriminatory," Amnesty said in a statement. "A law permitting such blatant racial discrimination, on grounds of ethnicity or nationality, would clearly violate international human rights law and treaties which Israel has ratified and pledged to uphold." B'Tselem, an Israeli human rights organisation, joined in the criticism of the law. Yael Stein, a spokesman, said: "This is a racist law that decides who can live here according to racist criteria."

In the occupied West Bank

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 16:10

Forbidden Roads: The Discriminatory West Bank Road Regime


B'Tselem's investigation indicates that the roads subject to the regime may be classified into three categories based on the severity of the restrictions on Palestinian travel on these roads: completely prohibited, partially prohibited, and restricted use roads.

Completely prohibited roads - The first category consists of roads for the exclusive use of Israeli citizens. This includes what the IDF calls "sterile roads" where the prohibition against Palestinian travel is explicit and obvious: Israel places a staffed checkpoint through which only Israeli vehicles are allowed to pass. This category also includes roads on which travel is not possible, or pointless, because the access roads leading to and from Palestinian villages are blocked.

Partially prohibited roads - The second category includes roads on which Palestinians are allowed to travel only if they have special permits issued by the Civil Administration, or if the identity cards of the driver and passengers indicate that they are residents of villages entirely dependent on the road on which they are traveling.

Restricted use roads - The third category includes roads on which Palestinian vehicles are allowed to travel without a special permit, but access to the roads is restricted by concrete blocks and other obstacles. In most cases, a driver who wants to get onto the road has to go to an intersection where soldiers check the vehicles and persons wanting to use the road.

The roads regime is enforced through a variety of means: an aggressive and discriminatory enforcement of the traffic laws against Palestinians only, prolonged delays of Palestinians, and confiscation of Palestinian vehicles with no due process. As a result, many Palestinian drivers refrain from using even those roads nominally open to them.

Issuance of permits

The Civil Administration and the District Civil Liaison offices (DCLs) are responsible for providing Palestinians with the permits they require to travel on various roads. This bureaucracy lacks all transparency and acts in a patently arbitrary manner. There are no fixed criteria for granting or rejecting requests for permits, so the decision is based solely on the discretion of the DCL staff.

Also, notice of rejection is given verbally and without explanation. Requests by Palestinians who are considered "prevented for security reasons" are automatically denied. Only the General Security Service can remove this ground for rejection. This being the case, the GSS exploits the applicants' need for the permits and pressures them to serve as collaborators.

Disrupting All Aspects of Life

The forbidden roads regime has forced West Bank Palestinians to use long and winding routes rather than roads that lead directly from one town or district to another. Travel on these alternate roads disrupts all aspects of daily life in the West Bank, in such areas as the economy, health, and education, and gravely affects social and family life. In addition, Palestinians suffer the insult and humiliation that are part and parcel of the measures used by Israeli security forces to enforce the discriminatory roads regime.

Israel constructed an extensive road network in order to serve the Israeli settlements. To justify expropriating privately owned Palestinian land for these roads, Israel argued that the roads would also benefit the Palestinian population. Now these same roads are completely off-limits to Palestinians.

Time to grow up

Iraq + Lebanon + Sudan +..= Arab Intolerance 07.Aug.2006 16:26

The weight of evidence shows that intolerance of different ethnic/religious groups in the muslim world is the real problem.

The Palestinian refugee problem was the result of civil war and regional war. Creating another ethnic conflict by pouring Arabs into Israel means more suicide bombings and indiscriminate murder. There is no evidence to the contrary. I think Iraq and Sudan clearly illustrate muslim intolerance of differing ethnic and religious groups.

No one here cares about the 100 people killed a day in Iraq or Sudan, but its so obvious that a solution in those places means separating populations and drawing new maps. Israel is no different. Palestinains and Israelis do not get along, and they cannot be forced to do so.

The way to avoid bloodshed is not to fire missiles into Israel or kidnap its soldiers. Why don't people here suggest the return of the Israeli soldiers? Because its worth the fighting. I believe everyone here believes that holding those soldiers is actually worth the war. So why complain? Why be so dishonest. Say "We will ruin lebanon before we return those soldiers or stop firing rockets." You love war against Israel, and in some ways, you love the war in Iraq, and the war in sudan. You are intolerant people.

In the West bank and in Israel

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 16:34

Israeli Apartheid:
The South African Comparison

There are two different groups of Palestinians living under Israeli apartheid: Palestinians who are citizens of Israel and Palestinians living under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Palestinians living under occupation do not have citizenship in any country nor do they have voting rights in Israel, but they are subject to the laws and policies of the Israeli government and its military. Since the occupation began in 1967, Israel has been constructing "colonies" for Jewish Israelis throughout the West Bank and Gaza, and the pace of construction doubled in the 1990s. There are now 205 Israeli "settlements" and 74 "outposts" in the territories; 15 new settlements have been approved since March 2001 ii. These colonies are completely off-limits to Palestinians. There is an entire network of high-quality roads that connect the various settlements, which Palestinians are also banned from using. These roads isolate Palestinian communities from each other and, along with the time-consuming and humiliating checkpoint system, make traveling even short distances a grueling process.

These colonies, bypass roads, and checkpoints have effectively created an Israeli version of the South African Bantustans. …

The isolation of the Palestinians in the occupied territories will be almost complete in June 2003 when Israel finishes the first phase of its "apartheid wall" along the Green Line (Israel's de facto border with the West Bank). The wall, re-enforced with trenches, electric fences, and security patrols, will be 72 miles (116 kilometers) long in the first phase and will eventually run the entire 217-mile (350-kilometer) length of the West Bank. The construction of the wall has destroyed numerous Palestinian homes, expropriated land in the occupied territories, and separated Palestinians from their farmland. The district of Qalqilya in the northern West Bank, for example, will be completely encircled by the wall, with only one guarded entrance and exit iii. Although Israel claims it is building the wall to secure its own borders, the wall will literally imprison hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank, creating a physical manifestation of Israel's apartheid.

Life in a Jewish colony in the West Bank or Gaza Strip is vastly different from life in a Palestinian town. The colonies expropriate a large amount of water, filling family swimming pools while Palestinians struggle to get drinking water, take showers, and water their crops. Each Israeli in Israel consumes as much water as do four Palestinians; each Israeli settler in the occupied territories uses as much water as do seventeen Palestinians iv. Thirty percent of the Israeli colonists living in the territories also own a home in Israel, and nearly all of them have an income significantly higher than that of the average Israeli, although their tax burden is significantly lower because of government grants and tax breaks v. The disparity in living standards between the Israeli occupiers and the Palestinians living under the occupation is inexcusable and dangerous. Palestinians are justifiably resentful as they watch luxurious settlements spring up around them, funded by the Israeli government, while their homes are bulldozed because Israel refused to issue them the required building permits.

Palestinians within Israel constitute 18% of the population (1,057,800 out of a total population of 5,757,900). Although these Palestinians have Israeli citizenship, the government only guarantees equal rights for citizens (and non-citizens) with "Jewish nationality." In fact, all people with this "Jewish nationality" can automatically become citizens, even if they have never stepped foot in Israel. On the other hand, Israel's stated policy is to never grant citizenship to non-Jews who wish to immigrate to Israel, automatically banning all of the Palestinians who fled during the establishment of Israel but desperately want to return to the land they lived on for generations.

Palestinian neighborhoods receive less than one fifth of the budgeted municipal services that their Jewish counterparts receive. In many cases, especially in Bedouin communities, Israel simply refuses to recognize the existence of the Arab communities. Because the government denies the legality of these villages, it refuses to issue permits to build or repair homes and does not provide electricity, water, health services, education, roads, or any other infrastructure. The results of this policy are embarrassing for such a highly developed country: in the Negev, for example, 70% of Bedouin infants are not fully immunized and one third must be hospitalized within their first year of life.

Palestinian-Israelis have little recourse within the "democratic" system to challenge the blatant, institutionalized discrimination against them. Any political party that calls for full and equal rights for Palestinian-Israeli citizens is actually banned from running in Knesset (parliament) elections vi. Socially, Palestinian-Israelis are shunned by the Jewish majority, sent to separate schools, and discriminated against in both admissions to universities and in employment. Jewish Israelis have made it clear that non-Jewish citizens are unwanted and have no place (beyond performing menial labor) within Israeli society. This position is no more defensible than that of the segregationist American south before the civil rights movement, the apartheid government of South Africa, or any other racist regime.

Get your facts straight

If its in print, it must be true 07.Aug.2006 16:43

The defense minster of Israel is a moroccan jew, and the chief of staff is Persian. How can one possibly claim that a hieracrchy exists in Israel that divides the sephardic and ashkenazi the way Phyllis Bennis - whoever that is - claims. There is no parallel in Israel to the Lebanese civil war or the civil war in Iraq. Cases of real ethnic discrimination are obvious in Syria (the alowite rule) or Jordan (the Hashemite rule). I wonder if the Hashemite kingdom of jordan has preferential laws for hashemites?. Hashemites aren't even from Jordan but the Hejaz - but that's not about Jews, is it? What aboput the Coptics in Egypt, the indigenous Egyptians. Well, fuck them, they're not arabs, either.

If you want to argue about Israeli law, find a link to an Israeli law. They're on line. All laws in Israel are accessible. Heresay from a bull dyke English reporter means nothing.

At any rate, the question of why so many Jews in Israel are from Arab countries actually raises important questions about Arab tolerance towards jews. Gee, why did Jews have to flee their homes in Arab countries? Maybe because of Arab violence (did I say arabs commit violence?). Blaming Israel only goes so far.

As for south africa, Arabs were behind the trans-atlantic slave trade, and if they want to hide behind a black face, they should stop slavery in Sudan and Mauritania and end the massacres in Sudan. However cute they are with kafiyyas and AK-47s (and they are so adorable!)

of war and peace

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 17:29

Injustice and crime feed intolerance. So do the racist politicians and media.

But ordinary people, neighbours - the Jews and Arabs can get along just fine – as demonstrated by numerous examples around the world. Ordinary people have no argument among each other if they're treated equally and fairly. The solution is not separation and creation of ethnically clean states. It is arresting and trying criminals and racists and establishing a trully democratic country with full and equal rights for all.


Israeli soldiers??? Why, they're the occupiers. Go Hezbollah go, against the Israeli solidiers and not civilians!!!

(i know individually every loss of life is tragic, but excuse me – I'm glad there will be less occupiers and murderers of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians.)

I do not condemn Hezbollah's capture of Israeli soldiers, because Israel is still occupying Sheba Farms and keeps Lebanese prisoners and because Hezbollah's capture of Israeli soldiers (if they are treated humanely) is not a war crime.

Some of you zionists have really totally lost touch with reality, haven't you? Is it from propaganda or do they put something in your food? Since when is a soldier's life worthier than life of a civilian or a child?

Besides, why don't you Israelis swap prisoners with Hezbollah instead of completely destroying anohter country and killing such a large number of civilians.

No I don't love war, but I think some wars are just and necessary (although they always include warcrimes and destruction). It is just for Hezbollah to kill your soldiers, when you kill Lebanese children. Furthermore, Lebanese Government is obliged to protect their citizens from Israeli attacks.

No, I don't love war, I was against Bush's attack on Iraq and its occupation and still am. (particularly if you take into account that the «intelligence» was fabricated by pro-Lykudnik neo-cons tied to Bush administration) Nor do I approve of genocide in Sudan. But again the international community is more concerned with Israeli soldiers, than women and children in Sudan.

The defense minster of Israel is a moroccan jew

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 17:43

Yes… Amir Peretz… and who else? Who else from the mizrahis is in your government and political parties?

And actually I'm talking about the Palestinians. Not the Arabs in general or other crisis areas in the world.

Post material about Arab ethnic cleansing of the Jews?

You invited them to come and promised them better lives because they were Jews and you are always in desperate need for more Jews in order to be demographically stronger than the Palestinians who are procreating faster, RACIST SICKHEADS!!!

Are you serious?

Jews Are Life 07.Aug.2006 18:11

"Besides, why don't you Israelis swap prisoners with Hezbollah instead of completely destroying anohter country and killing such a large number of civilians."

How can you ask such a question? Do you seriously believe Hezbollah is on par with Israel because it can kidnap a soldier or fire a missile? Because Hezbollah is destructive and inflicts casualties, it in any way approaches the flip side, that Israel has created a high standard of living for its citizens (including Arabs), or is preeminent in every field of science, medicine, agriculutre, literature, chemistry, philosophy, linguistics or any other discipline of science, medicine or economics in the world? The entire contribution of all Arab countries in the last hundred years and the next thousand will never compare to the good Israelis have created and dissmeninate throughout the world in the last fifty. No serious person who understands the state of the world will deny the contributions of Israel and its great people. They don't need fake accomplishments like ambushes and Iranian missiles to feel good about themselves (although beating Arab armies can only help). This is why they defeat the Hezbollah in every conflict. They have mastered science and engineering, and have fully integrated their warfare. Watch the rest of the world study their battle strategies.

Israel is a great nation, far greater than anything near it, and greater than most European nations. Its universities rival those in America. What ahve arabs contributed? What good have the Arabs done? What good for themselves? Nothing. They are failures who talk about their sour grapes. You know what sour grapes are? Aesop, an ancient greek, wrote a collection of fables, in one of which a wolf jumps at grapes in a tree, which he cannot take. Finally, he gives up and says, "well, those grapes were sour anyway." so it is with the Arabs. They blame their failures on anything but themselves.

Israel will crush the Hezbollah now. They have already destroyed most of Hezbollah in South Lebanon and the Bekaa, and the grand finale will be wehn they recover the captured soldiers using commandos. Hezbollah will be revealed for what it is, a band of stupid villagers propped up by Iran and Syria, two faggot bitch countries notable for almost nothing.

And if you're unhappy with your own life, because you type on a computer you don't understand (invented by a jew), and have to settle for second rate accomplishments and cause celebres, know that millions of Israelis have passed you. They are better educated, they have better health insurance, and their contributions to this world will be better and longer lasting than anything you will produce. They don't blame the Arabs for their failures, though the vast expense they have paid for endless wars would suggest it. Can you imagine what that must feel like? A lot better than your silly hatred.

a racist

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 20:01

and proud of it, eh?

Arabs have contributed a great deal, but an etno-centric brainwashed person like you wouldn't know about it. they have also contributed to the beauty and richness of the human civilizations and cultures.

I don't believe there is any point in having discussions with convinced racists, so I bid you farewell. I'll post my stuff when I'll have a spare moment and when I feel like it.

The Case for Boycotting Israel

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 22:51

"Israel is already the only sovereign power in Palestine: what fragments are left to Palestinians cannot make a state. The question now is not whether there is one state, but what kind of state it comprises. The present version is apartheid, and it must change. However difficult to achieve, and however frightening to Jewish Israelis, the only just and stable solution is full democracy."

The Case for Boycotting Israel

Boycott Now!


5/6 August 2006

Johannesburg, South Africa.

It is finally time. After years of internal arguments,
confusion, and dithering, the time has come for a
full-fledged international boycott of Israel. Good cause
for a boycott has, of course, been in place for decades,
as a raft of initiatives already attests. But Israel's war
crimes are now so shocking, its extremism so clear, the
suffering so great, the UN so helpless, and the
international community's need to contain Israel's
behavior so urgent and compelling, that the time for
global action has matured. A coordinated movement of
divestment, sanctions, and boycotts against Israel must
convene to contain not only Israel's aggressive acts and
crimes against humanitarian law but also, as in South
Africa, its founding racist logics that inspired and still
drive the entire Palestinian problem.

That second goal of the boycott campaign is indeed the
primary one. Calls for a boycott have long cited specific
crimes: Israel's continual attacks on Palestinian
civilians; its casual disdain for the Palestinian civilian
lives "accidentally" destroyed in its assassinations and
bombings; its deliberate ruin of the Palestinians'
economic and social conditions; its continuing annexation
and dismemberment of Palestinian land; its torture of
prisoners; its contempt for UN resolutions and
international law; and especially, its refusal to allow
Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland. But the
boycott cannot target these practices alone. It must
target their ideological source.

The true offence to the international community is the
racist motivation for these practices, which violates
fundamental values and norms of the post-World War II
order. That racial ideology isn't subtle or obscure. Mr.
Olmert himself has repeatedly thumped the public podium
about the "demographic threat" facing Israel: the "threat"
that too many non-Jews will--the horror--someday become
citizens of Israel. It is the "demographic threat" that,
in Israeli doctrine, justifies sealing off the West Bank
and Gaza Strip as open-air prisons for millions of people
whose only real crime is that they are not Jewish. It is
the "demographic threat," not security (Mr. Olmert has
clarified), that requires the dreadful Wall to separate
Arab and Jewish communities, now juxtaposed in a
fragmented landscape, who might otherwise mingle.

"Demographic threat" is the most disgustingly racist
phrase still openly deployed in international parlance. It
has been mysteriously tolerated by a perplexed
international community. But it can be tolerated no
longer. Zionist fear of the demographic threat launched
the expulsion of the indigenous Arab population in 1948
and 1967, created and perpetuates Israel's occupation of
the West Bank and Gaza Strip, inspires its terrible human
rights abuses against Palestinians, spins into regional
unrest like the 1982 attack on Lebanon (that gave rise to
Hezbollah), and continues to drive Israeli militarism and

This open official racism and its attendant violence casts
Israel into the ranks of pariah states, of which South
Africa was the former banner emblem. In both countries,
racist nationalist logic tormented and humiliated the
native people. It also regularly spilled over to
destabilize their surrounding regions (choc-a-block with
"demographic threats"), leading both regimes to cruel and
reckless attacks. Driven by a sense of perennial
victimhood, they assumed the moral authority to crush the
native hordes that threatened to dilute the organic
Afrikaner/Jewish nations and the white/western
civilization they believed they so nobly represented.

A humiliated white society in South Africa finally gave
that myth up. Israel still clings to it. It has now
brought Israel to pulverize Lebanon, trying to eliminate
Hezbollah and, perhaps, to clear the way for an attack on
Iran. Peace offers from the entire Arab world are cast
aside like so much garbage. Yet again, the Middle East is
plunged into chaos and turmoil, because a normal existence
-- peace, full democracy -- is anathema to a regime that
must see and treat its neighbors as an existential threat
in order to justify the rejectionism that preserves its
ethnic/racial character and enables its continuing
annexations of land.

Why has this outrageously racist doctrine survived so
long, rewarded by billions of dollars in US aid every
year? We know the reasons. For too many Westerners,
Israel's Jewish character conflates with the Holocaust
legacy to make intuitive sense of Israel's claim to be
under continual assault. Deep-seated Judeo-Christian bias
against Islam demonizes Israel's mostly Muslim victims.
European racist prejudice against Arabs (brown-skinned
natives) casts their material dispossession as less
humanly significant. Naive Christian visions of the "Holy
Land" naturalize Jewish governance in biblical landscapes.
Idiot Christian evangelistic notions of the Rapture and
the End Times posit Jewish governance as essential to the
return of the Messiah and the final Millennium (even
though, in that repellent narrative, Jews will roast

All those notions and prejudices, long confounding
international action, must now be set aside. The raw logic
of Israel's distorted self-image and racist doctrines is
expressed beyond confusion by the now-stark reality: the
moonscape rubble of once-lovely Lebanese villages; a
million desperate people trying to survive Israeli aerial
attacks as they carry children and wheel disabled
grandparents down cratered roads; the limp bodies of
children pulled from the dusty basements of crushed
buildings. This is the reality of Israel's national
doctrine, the direct outcome of its racist worldview. It
is endangering everyone, and it must stop.

Designing the Campaign

Much debate has circulated about a boycott campaign, but
hitherto it has not moved beyond some ardent but isolated
groups. Efforts have stalled on the usual difficult
questions: e.g., whether a boycott is morally compulsory
to reject Israel's rampant human rights violations or
would impede vital engagement with Israeli forums, or
whether principled defense of international law must be
tempered by (bogus) calls for "balance". Especially,
recent debate has foundered on calls for an academic
boycott. Concerns here are reasonable, if rather narrow.
Universities offer vital connections and arenas for
collaboration, debate, and new thinking. Without such
forums and their intellectual exchange, some argue, work
toward a different future is arguably impeded.

But this argument has exploded along with the southern
Lebanese villages, as Israeli university faculties roundly
endorse the present war. As Ilan Pappe has repeatedly
argued, Israel's universities are not forums for
enlightened thought. They are crucibles of reproduction
for racist Zionist logics and practice, monitoring and
filtering admissible ideas. They produce the lawyers who
defend the occupation regime and run its kangaroo
"courts"; the civil planners and engineers who design and
build the settlements on Palestinian land; the economists
and financiers who design and implement the grants that
subsidize those settlements; the geologists who facilitate
seizure of Palestinian aquifers; the doctors who treat the
tortured so that they can be tortured again; the
historians and sociologists who make sense of a national
society while preserving official lies about its own past;
and the poets, playwrights, and novelists who compose the
nationalist opus that glorifies and makes (internally, at
least) moralistic sense of it all.

Those of us who have met with Jewish Israeli academics in
Israeli universities find the vast majority of them,
including well-meaning liberals, operating in a strange
and unique bubble of enabling fictions. Most of them know
nothing about Palestinian life, culture, or experience.
They know strangely little about the occupation and its
realities, which are crushing people just over the next
hill. They have absorbed simplistic notions about
rejectionist Arafat, terrorist Hamas, and urbane Abbas. In
this special insulated world of illusions, they say
nonsense things about unreal factors and fictionalized
events. Trying to make sense of their assumptions is no
more productive that conversing about the Middle East with
the Bush administration's neo-cons, who also live in a
strange bubble of ignorance and fantasy. Aside from a few
brave and beleaguered souls, this is the world of Israel's
universities. It will not change until it has to--when the
conditions of its self-reproduction are impaired and its
self-deceptions too glaring.

The Real Goal: Changing Minds

The universities represent and reproduce the bubble world
of the Israeli Jewish population as a whole. And no people
abandons its bubble willingly. In South Africa, Afrikaners
clung to their own bubble--their self-exonerating myths
about history, civilization, and race -- until they were
forced by external sanctions and the collapsing national
economy to rethink those myths. Their resistance to doing
so, while racist, was not purely vicious. Many kind and
well-meaning Afrikaners simply didn't believe they had to
rethink ideas that manifested to them as givens and that
shaped their reality. (One valued Afrikaner friend here
recalls her life during apartheid South Africa as being
like The Truman Show, a film in which a man unknowingly
grows up in a television show, set in an artificial dome
world designed to look like a small town.) When their
reality fell apart, suddenly no one would admit to ever
having believed or supported it.

The Zionist worldview is an even more complete system. All
historical and geographic details are provided to create a
total mythical world, in which Jews have rights to the
land and Palestinians have none. It is a fully realized
construction, like those Hebraized maps carefully drawn by
the Zionist movement in the 1930s to erase the ancient
Arabic landscape and substitute Hebrew biblical
references. It is also very resilient. The "new
historians" have exposed the cherished national historical
narrative of 1948 and 1967 as a load of fictions, but the
same fictions are still reproduced by state agencies to
assure Israeli and diaspora Jews of their innocence and
the righteousness of their cause. The vast majority of
Israelis therefore remain comfortable in their Truman Show
and even see any external pressure or criticism as
substantiating it. We need no more graphic evidence of
that campaign's success than the overwhelming support
among Israeli Jews for the present catastrophic assault on
Lebanon, reflecting their sincere beliefs that
nuclear-power Israel is actually under existential threat
by a guerrilla group lobbing katyushas across the border.
Staggering to observers, that belief is both sobering and

To force people steeped in such a worldview to rethink
their notions, their historical myths, and their own best
interests requires two efforts:

(1) Serious external pressure: here, a full boycott that
undermines Israel's capacity to sustain the economic
standards its citizens and corporations expect, and which
they associate with their own progressive self-image; and

(2) clear and unwavering commitment to the boycott's goal,
which--in Israel as in South Africa--must be full
equality, dignity, safety, and welfare of everyone in the
land, including Palestinians, whose ancestral culture
arose there, and the Jewish population, which has built a
national society there.

That combination is essential. Nothing else will work.
Diplomacy, threats, pleading, the "peace process,"
mediation, all will be useless until external pressure
brings Israel's entire Jewish population to undertake the
very difficult task of rethinking their world. This
pressure requires the full range of boycotts, sanctions,
and divestment that the world can employ. (South African
intellectual Steven Friedman has observed wryly that the
way to bring down any established settler-colonial regime
is to make it choose between profits and identity.
Profits, he says, will win every time.)

What to Target

Fortunately, from the South African experience, we know
how to go forward, and strategies are proliferating. The
basic methods of an international boycott campaign are
familiar. First, each person works in his or her own
immediate orbit. People might urge divestment from
companies investing in Israel by their colleges and
universities, corporations, clubs, and churches. Boycott
any sports event that hosts an Israeli team, and work with
planners to exclude them. Participate in, and visit, no
Israeli cultural events--films, plays, music, art
exhibits. Avoid collaborating with Israeli professional
colleagues, except on anti-racist activism. Don't invite
any Israeli academic or writer to contribute to any
conference or research and don't attend their panels or
buy their books, unless their work is engaged directly in
anti-racist activism. Don't visit Israel except for
purposes of anti-racist activism. Buy nothing made in
Israel: start looking at labels on olive oil, oranges, and
clothing. Tell people what you are doing and why. Set up
discussion groups everywhere to explain why.

For ideas and allies, try Googling the "boycott Israel"
and "sanctions against Israel" campaigns springing up
around the world. Know those allies, like the major
churches, and tell people about them. For more ideas, read
about the history of the boycott of South Africa.

Second, don't be confused by liberal Zionist alternatives
that argue against a boycott in favor of "dialogue". If we
can draw any conclusion from the last half-century, it is
that, without the boycott, dialogue will go nowhere. And
don't be confused by liberal-Zionist arguments that Israel
will allow Palestinians a state if they only do this or
that. Israel is already the only sovereign power in
Palestine: what fragments are left to Palestinians cannot
make a state. The question now is not whether there is one
state, but what kind of state it comprises. The present
version is apartheid, and it must change. However
difficult to achieve, and however frightening to Jewish
Israelis, the only just and stable solution is full

Third, be prepared for the boycott's opposition, which
will be much louder, more vicious, and more dangerous than
it was in the boycott of South Africa. Read and assemble
solid documentable facts. Support each other loudly and
publicly against the inevitable charges of anti-Semitism.
And support your media against the same charges. Write to
news media and explain just who the "Israel media teams"
actually are. Most pro-Israeli activism draws directly
from the Israeli government's propaganda outreach
programs. Spotlight this fact. Team up to counter their
pressure on newspapers, radio stations, and television
news forums. Don't let them capture or intimidate public
debate. By insisting loudly (and it must be sincere) that
the goal is the full equality of dignity and rights of
everyone in Israel-Palestine, including the millions of
Jewish citizens of Israel, demolish their specious claims
of anti-Semitism.

Finally, hold true to the principles that drive the
boycott's mission. Don't tolerate the slightest whiff of
anti-Semitism in your own group or movement. Anti-Jewish
racists are certainly out there, and they are attracted to
these campaigns like roaches. They will distract and
absorb your energies, while undermining, degrading, and
destroying the boycott movement. Some are Zionist plants,
who will do so deliberately. If you can't change their
minds (and don't spend much time trying, because they will
use your efforts to drain your time and distract your
energies), denounce them, expel them, ignore them, have no
truck with them. They are the enemy of a peaceful future,
not its allies--part of the problem, not the solution.

Boycott the Hegemon

This is the moment to turn international pressure on the
complicit US, too. It's impossible, today, to exert an
effective boycott on the United States, as its products
are far too ubiquitous in our lives. But it's quick and
easy to launch a boycott of emblematic US products,
upsetting its major corporations. It's especially easy to
boycott the great global consumables, like Coca-Cola,
MacDonald's, Burger King, and KFC, whose leverage has
brought anti-democratic pressures on governments the world
over. (Through ugly monopoly practices, Coke is a nasty
player in developing countries anyway: see, for example, Think you'll miss these foods
too much? Is consuming something else for a while too much
of a sacrifice, given what is happening to people in
Lebanon? And think of the local products you'll be
supporting! (And how healthy you will get).

In the US, the impact of these measures may be small. But
in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Arab and Muslim
worlds, boycotting these famous brands can gain national
scope and the impact on corporate profits will be
enormous. Never underestimate the power of US corporations
to leverage US foreign policy. They are the one force that
consistently does so.

But always, always, remember the goal and vision. Anger
and hatred, arising from the Lebanon debacle, must be
channelled not into retaliation and vengeance but into
principled action. Armed struggle against occupation
remains legitimate and, if properly handled (no killing of
civilians), is a key tool. But the goal of all efforts, of
every stamp, must be to secure security for everyone,
toward building a new peaceful future. It's very hard, in
the midst of our moral outrage, to stay on the high road.
That challenge is, however, well-known to human rights
campaigns as it is to all three monotheistic faiths. It is
what Islam knows as the "great jihad"--the struggle of the
heart. It must remain the guiding torch of this effort,
which we must defend together.

Virginia Tilley is a professor of political science, a US
citizen working in South Africa, and author of The
One-State Solution: A Breakthrough for Peace in the
Israeli-Palestinian Deadlock (University of Michigan Press
and Manchester University Press, 2005). She can be reached

In the Gaza Concentration Camp

rigoroz 07.Aug.2006 23:00

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights


Ref: 42 /2006
Date: 7 August 2006

PCHR Publishes a New Report Titled “Reprisals against Civilians”

PCHR has published “Reprisals against Civilians: Report on Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Violations against Palestinian Civilians in the Gaza Strip in the Period from the Palestinian Paramilitary Operation on 25 June 2006 until 31 July 2006.”

The report highlights all military operations carried by IOF in the Gaza Strip, which have included: imposing a total siege on the Gaza Strip and isolating it from the outside world; obstruction of the flow of food and medical supplies; destruction of the civilian infrastructure, including the main electricity generation plant, roads and bridges; bombardment of governmental buildings, including the office of the Prime Minster and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior; bombardment of educational institutions; extra-judicial executions of activists of the Palestinian resistance; threats to assassinate senior leaders of Hamas, including the Prime Minister and ministers; limited incursions into Palestinian areas, which have left hundreds of civilian casualties and the destruction of houses and agricultural land; and arresting members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, ministers and political leaders representing Hamas in the West Bank.

Based on investigations conducted by PCHR, the report concludes that military operations that have been conducted by IOF in the Gaza Strip for more than one month, in response to an armed attack by Palestinian militants against an IOF post can only be classified as reprisals and collective punishment against Palestinian civilians not justified by any military necessity. These operations constitute flagrant violations of international humanitarian law, particularly the 1949 Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

PCHR has expressed deep shock by the international silence and inaction towards crimes being committed against Palestinian civilians, especially the positions of the Swiss government, the depository of the Geneva Conventions, and European countries. PCHR has also strongly condemned the US position, which has encouraged IOF to commit more crimes, through providing a legal and political cover for Israel. PCHR has further called upon the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and UN bodies to immediately and effectively intervene to stop grave breaches perpetrated by IOF against the Palestinian civilian population.


The full report is available online at:
html format:

pdf format:

Public Document
For more information please call PCHR office in Gaza, Gaza Strip, on +972 8 2824776 - 2825893
PCHR, 29 Omer El Mukhtar St., El Remal, PO Box 1328 Gaza, Gaza Strip. E-mail:, Webpage

If you got this forwarded and you want to subscribe, send mail to
and write "subscribe" in the subject line.


For assistance:

Now Arabs are South Africans, i.e., blacks

The Arab Face Behind Slavery 08.Aug.2006 05:17

Since its so important to Arabs to be South Africans in the PR war, i.e., not terrorists, let's see where their dirty little history leads..

From UNESCO (i.e.. not some leftist writer)

"Central and East Africa was one of the main areas where the slave hunters and traders, most of them Arabs made their shade deals. They caught their victims e.g. in some areas which is today parts of Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Western and Central parts of what is today Tanzania. The Slaves were brought to the coast and from there to the spice island of Zanzibar and many were sold further to the Arab countries, Persia, and India, Mauritania and Reunion. Officially, the slave trade was forbidden in 1873 under British pressure, but it went on secretly for several years."

Does anyone think the Africans deserve compensation from their new "brethren", the good old Arabs?

Stop Israeli apartheid

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 09:02

I am talking about the present. You are talking about 19th century? Of course the victims of slave-trade and their descendents deserve compensation.

What about the Palestinians? What do they deserve? You've killed thousands of them, hundreds of their children, maimed thousands, imprisoned thousands, hundreds of them children and you have totally destroyed their economic and social infrastructure. You have destroyed the Palestinian society. You have ethnically cleansed them from Israel and you control every aspect of their life in the occupied territories. You expropriate their land, destroy their farms and build ugly walls on their land. And inside Israel, you dare to tell them who to marry and forbid them to say «we want to be equal with the Jews».

Re the leftist writer – 2 points:
1 – the Israeli propaganda is shamelessly spreading all sorts of lies and distortions. Like rockets in Qana
«The type of missiles being fired by Hizbullah at Israeli cities cannot be fired from within houses, mosques, hospitals or even UN facilities as has been suggested by the IDF. Due to the massive "back-blast" caused by the rocket launchers of these missiles, they can only be fired from open ground. To fire them from within a building would result in the instant death of the missile crew and probable destruction of the missile before launch. Most of the missiles are truck-mounted and are fired - on open ground - from the backs of flat-bedded trucks or larger four-wheel-drive vehicles.

When fired, these missiles generate an enormous flare of light, heat and sound energy - a heat and light signature which is readily detected by IDF target-acquisition systems. Accurate retaliatory fire can be directed at Hizbullah launch sites by IDF aircraft and ground artillery in seconds. Such a reaction would be considered by international military norms to be proportionate and within the general "rules of engagement".

In these circumstances, having fired their missiles, Hizbullah tends to disperse as rapidly as possible. It is unlikely that a flat-bedded truck with a multilaunch rocket-system mounted on it could be easily and rapidly hidden in a village as small as Qana. Nor is it likely that such a truck-mounted weapon or four-wheel-drive vehicle could easily be hidden in a house such as the one targeted by the IDF yesterday.»

2 – Amensty International (and other human rights orgs) also condemned your racist marriage law.

You need to immediately stop terrorizing the Palestinians and the Lebanese and work with them to achieve peace. You have to give equal rights to the Palestinians and dismatle your racist system. You have to try your warcriminals and criminal racist ideologues and remove them from power. You have to pay reparations to the Palestinian and Lebanese victims and repair their infrastructures. You need to end the occupation, evacuate the settlements in the West Bank and immediately start working on planning and executing the return of the Palestinian refugees. You have to allow the freedom of movement of the Palestinians and give them control of their borders and economy.

But why should you, when it's easier to wage war and destroy other people's lives and countries, all paid for by the US taxpayers and approved by the EU.

Israel's living a lie

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 09:40

The reason your soldiers and civilians are dying today is because you do not want to accept the truth which is that institutionalized racism as well as warcrimes are unacceptable. Your politicians lie to you about evil inhuman terrorists, but your victims are for the most part civilians and entire societies.

The reason you undertake military actions is to create new problems and draw attention away from a deal with the Palestinians. Because you do not want to end your occupation and apartheid practices imposed on the Palestinians, you want to annex more land to Israel. More Palestinian land with no Palestinians on it, to be more precise.

The Jews in Israel live with myths

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 12:15

Interview with Ilan Pappe, an Israeli-born professor at Haifa University

«Israel has its own plan for imposing its will and this is in Palestine. It wishes unilaterally to annex large parts of the areas it occupied in 1967 and to imprison the Palestinians in small Bantustans and by that destroy the Palestine will and aspirations. Only two movements, Hezbollah and Hamas, and only two states, Syria and Iran, oppose this scheme.»

«As far as the Palestinian problem is concerned, which is the heart of the matter, Israel has first and foremost end immediately the military occupation of Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank. Then as part of a reconciliation process Israel will have to face boldly the ethnic cleansing it committed in 1948 when it dispossessed half of Palestine's population and destroyed half of its villages and towns. It should acknowledge the crime and accept the right of the refugees to return. In return, the Palestinians, the Arab world and the Muslim world should accept the right of the Jewish community in what is Israel today to become a legitimate part of the Middle East. My own personal view is that only one state for both people would provide the solutions for the conflict. It may be a utopia at this stage, so we can go first through a two states solutions, although we may have missed the train on such a possibility giving the extend of Israeli annexation and settlement in the occupied Palestinian areas.»

‘The Jews in Israel live with myths (*)’

‘I think there are 3 main myths that inform mainstream Israeli Jewish society. A lot of them still believe, because that’s the way they have been educated, that Palestine had been empty when the Jewish settlers came there in the late 19th century. There is still a feeling there that basically the Palestinian inhabitants of Palestine are either a nuisance or newcomers, or irrelevant. They are an obstacle, but not people with rights or indigenous rights. The second myth is more directly connected to 1948. Most Israeli Jews believe that the Palestinians left voluntarily in 1948. They are not aware, or do not want to be aware of the fact that an ethnic cleansing took place in 1948. And the third myth concerns the Occupation. Very few Israelis would call it an Occupation at all. Very few relate to any of the Palestinian demands to end the Occupation, and most Israeli Jews would regard the war against them not as a war of liberation or a war against Occupation, but as part of the more general scheme by Arabs or Muslims in general to destroy the Jewish State.’

re: noise

Ratko_Radman_aka_captain_monkey 08.Aug.2006 13:32



Yourself as objecting Israeli politics does not in any possible way make you sounding in favor for either Hamsa or Hezba, nor quoting popular lyrics, which, in case you do know, makes your life harder within every second. Sometimes you jus love globalization and global communications.
Now youre not that important, it's not a presedane. Many people have lost their lives like this. Korse, the show entitled 'I was misbehaving on net and posting noise before I got shot' HASN'T been broadcasted on your cable. Let me see your photograph. Trill us all here. (you wouldnt think theres' only 3 of us here?) :
You may notice a christian burial artefact behind me. I am... started this undertaking business. Together with your name, send me your measures as well, as you may see, there is some spare wood behind me for 'corrections'.

You are ridiculous

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 15:07

if you think that I'm going to shut up, while the brave Ilan Pappe is talking.

Hizbollah Is Not A Terrorist Organization

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 15:10

George Galloway - Hizbollah Is Not A Terrorist Organization

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter

George Galloway has spoken out in support of Lebanon, saying he believes Hizbollah is justified in defending Lebanon against Israeli attacks . The Respect MP also lambasted media coverage of the war and said the UN resolution means nothing.

Watch the 9 minute video here:

Hezbollah is a Homosexual Organization

Arabs R Gay 08.Aug.2006 15:48

Israel says it will kill UN workers

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 15:50

Bloody night in Beirut as Israel intensifies aerial
bombardment; IDF warns UN troops will be attacked if they
repair bridges

By Clancy Chassay in Beirut, Conal Urquhart in Metulla and
Jonathan Steele in Tyre

The Guardian
8 August 2006,,1839442,00.html

Israel inflicted one of its deadliest attacks on Beirut
last night when an air strike on a southern district
killed at least 15 people, just hours after the departure
of a delegation from the Arab League.

At least 30 were injured in the strike, which capped
another day of violence in Lebanon in which more than 50
people died, including three Israeli soldiers.

As night fell, Israel declared a curfew in southern
Lebanon, warning that all vehicles apart from humanitarian
traffic would be at risk. Ground forces continued to run
into fierce resistance in southern Lebanon. Hizbullah
militants fired more than 100 rockets into northern
Israel, wounding at least one.

But the Beirut attack was the day's bloodiest episode.
Last night, local residents and rescue workers scrambled
through the rubble and debris in the dark as the insides
of an eight-storey building spilled out into a narrow
street. Water from a burst pipe in a building opposite
sprayed out a fine mist across the wreckage. Neighbouring
residents, now stuck in teetering buildings, peered out of
the back half of their sitting rooms as splintered
furniture dangled out on the street below. A women in her
nightdress on the sixth floor tried to retrieve something
on what was left of her balcony as a chunk of her front
room crashed down on to the street. An ambulance worker
said he had counted 10 bodies so far. At least two were

Lebanese officials said there were many reports of other
casualties throughout southern Lebanon but rescue workers
were not able to reach the sites because of continued
Israeli airstrikes. Israel also threatened to attack UN
peacekeepers if they attempted to repair bomb-damaged
bridges in southern Lebanon. UN officials contacted the
Israeli army to inform them that a team of Chinese
military engineers attached to the UN force in Lebanon
intended to repair the bridge on the Beirut to Tyre road
to enable the transport of humanitarian supplies.

According to the UN, Israeli officials said the engineers
would become a target if they attempted to repair the

Senior UN officials reacted angrily to the destruction of
a temporary causeway over the Litani river overnight. "We
must be able to have movement throughout the country to
deliver supplies. At this point we can't do that," said
David Shearer, the humanitarian coordinator for Lebanon.
"The deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure is a
violation of international law."

Every day in Palestine: Occupation Checkpoints

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 16:50

Israeli Soldiers Treat Palestinians like Animals at Beit Iba Checkpoint
On August 5, seven Palestinian men were caged in a detention structure at Beit Iba checkpoint outside of Nablus. They included 6 students and one assistant dean from Al-Najah University. All 7 men were given no reason for their detention, and had been in detention ranging from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours in duration. The assistant dean was placed in detention after objecting to an Israeli soldier describing the Palestinians waiting to pass through the checkpoints as “animals”.

Action Taken Against Two Israeli Checkpoints that Close Nablus
Yesterday, August 2nd, hundreds of people waited for hours at Huwarra checkpoint, which is the main entrance to Nablus from the south and one of the most restrictive in all of the West Bank. Everyone was packed into the terminal, while soldiers allowed one to pass at a time, after undergoing humiliating searches and questioning. Yesterday, the average waiting time at Huwarra was over two hours.

Palestinians Demonstrate at Checkpoint Near Tulkarem
Yesterday, 26th of July, the Israeli military set up a so-called “flying checkpoint” - made up of three jeeps and a couple of cement blocks - on the busy road from Ramallah to Tulkarm between the villages of Beit Iba and Beit Lid.

They refused to let any Palestinians pass going in both directions starting from two o’clock in the afternoon. After many hours standing in the sun, some of the people got so frustrated they initiated a spontaneous demonstration. The Israeli army responded to their peaceful act of defiance by shooting massive amounts of tear gas into the crowd, followed by live ammunition fired above people’s heads.

Amidst the chaos, Shadi Takhsin Abu Aidi, from Beit Lid, was grabbed by the army, blindfolded and thrown into a jeep.

The army escorted settlers- headed for one of the many settlements and outposts around Nablus- past the mile-long line of Palestinian vehicles, ambulances and buses loaded with wedding guests, students and children.

A group of women students from Jenin, one of whom was severely ill, had been told that they were not to be allowed to pass, even though the alternative way to Jenin was also blocked. When
asked whether they were supposed to sleep beside the road, one of the Israeli soldiers replied that the women could pass but not their male driver. “They can walk to Jenin”, he said and turned his back on them.

At about ten o’clock in the evening, the Israeli military started letting Palestinian vechicles pass.

This is in no way an isolated incident. The Israeli army regularly prevents the passage of Palestinians to school, work and during medical emergencies. Currently there is a closure of Northern cities and villages of the West Bank, where checkpoints are completely closed for many hours of the day for no reason other than to restrict movement.

Map of Israeli military checkpoints in the West Bank


Nasrallah: IDF to Give Us "Stiff Fucking"

AFP 08.Aug.2006 16:57

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, terrorist leader of the Hezbollah organization, eagerly described the fucking Israel is to provide his men.

"They'll rip our assholes wide open" He declared with his famous gay-ass smile and faggotty look. "They gonna fuck our asses hard."

Nasrallah then proceeded to finger his own asshole, holding up a bloody finger.

"This is the kind of fucking we can all expect. It is a joy to be fucked stiffly for allah."

Nasrallah was greeted by cheers from his bitch brigades. The Lebanese prime minister made a cameo weep of joy, and then cried in sorrow. "Its a shame to have a bunch of faggots in your country," he explained. "The Hezbollah won't be happy till this whole country is totally fucked"

Every day in Palestine: Restrictions on movement

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 17:05

Forbidden Checkpoints and Roads

Israel enforces severe restrictions on the freedom of movement of Palestinians in the West Bank through a system of staffed checkpoints and physical roadblocks. There are now some forty checkpoints that are permanently staffed and fifteen that are staffed intermittently. These numbers do not include the checkpoints along the Green Line or the last control point between the West Bank and Israeli sovereign territory. In addition, Israel blocks access to main roads with various physical obstacles, such as dirt piles, concrete blocks, iron gates, and trenches. The number of staffed checkpoints is fairly constant, while the number of physical obstacles often changes, depending on the political and security situation. In the beginning of 2006, there were about 470 physical obstacles blocking roads.

The physical obstacles, which completely prevent vehicles from passing, divide the West Bank into separate areas. To go from one area to another, Palestinians have to cross a staffed checkpoint. The severity of the restrictions on persons wanting to cross differs from checkpoint to checkpoint and from time to time:
At almost all the checkpoints, people have to show their identity cards, and soldiers often search the vehicles and the passengers' belongings;
At some checkpoints, Israel prevents men of a certain age group, usually 16-35, from crossing. This restriction is especially common at the checkpoints in Nablus District;
From time to time, Israel places a sweeping restriction prohibiting residents of a particular district from crossing staffed checkpoints by foot, or, alternatively, from crossing by vehicle. Restrictions of this kind are common in the Jenin and Nablus districts;
At certain checkpoints, vehicles are allowed to cross only if they have special permits, which are generally given only to public-transportation vehicles and commercial vehicles;
At some checkpoints, Israel has a fixed practice of completely prohibiting the crossing of Palestinian vehicles, regardless of the circumstances.

The checkpoints divide the West Bank into five areas, with movement from one to the other severely restricted, and sometimes impossible. The five areas in the West Bank are the North (Jenin, Nablus, and Tulkarm districts), the Center (Salfit, Qalqiliya, and Ramallah districts, and the Jericho enclave), the South (Bethlehem and Hebron districts), the Jordan Valley and the northern part of the Dead Sea (except for the Jericho enclave), and East Jerusalem.

This system enables Israel to designate use of some of the roads in the West Bank for the primary or exclusive use of Israelis, mainly settlers living in the West Bank . Israel prohibits Palestinian vehicles even from crossing certain roads, which also restricts access to roads that they are not prohibited from using. As a result, travelers in Palestinian vehicles have to get out, cross the road by foot, and find alternate transportation on the other side.

Prolonged checks and searches carried out by soldiers at the staffed checkpoints and the accompanying degradation and long lines deter Palestinians from using even some roads that are open to them. Consequently, there is light Palestinian travel on some of the main West Bank roads, and these roads are essentially used only by settlers.

Israel 's policy greatly affects all areas of life for Palestinians in the West Bank and makes it impossible for them to live a normal life. Simple actions, such as shopping, visiting relatives, and going to classes at the university, have become a complicated, and at times impossible, task. This policy also impedes Palestinians' access to medical care. Village residents, who constitute about one half of the population of the Occupied Territories , suffer the most from this lack of access because most medical services are provided at hospitals and clinics in the cities. The restrictions on movement make it difficult to market goods inside the West Bank and thus harm the Palestinian economy (the marketing of Palestinian goods in Israel has also sharply declined since the outbreak of the second intifada).

The restrictions on movement are not set forth in military legislation or in any official document. In response to B'Tselem's inquiry on this point, the IDF Spokesperson's Office responded that the restrictions are based on "oral orders" issued by soldiers. This lack of transparency adds a dimension of uncertainty to the policy and makes it difficult to criticize it and challenge its legality.

One of the main purposes of the movement restrictions policy is to protect Israeli settlers. Given that the settlements are illegal, the policy only aggravates the situation: it comprehensively and disproportionately impedes the freedom of movement of an entire population in order to perpetuate the settlement enterprise. If the restrictions were intended to prevent attacks inside Israel , and not in the settlements, the policy would still be illegal because it is sweeping and disproportionate, giving it a semblance of collective punishment, which is forbidden.

Furthermore, Israel 's policy is based on the assumption that every single Palestinian is a security threat, thereby justifying restrictions on his or her freedom of movement. This assumption is racist, and leads to sweeping violation of the human rights of an entire population on the basis of national origin. As such. the policy flagrantly violates international law.

War criminals

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 17:21

Lawyers should file lawsuits against Israeli warcriminals in all countries where this is possible. Preventing them from travel will greatly contribute to the boycott of their racist policies.

Moroccan Jews ask court to try Amir Peretz for war crimes

Associated Press
3 August 2006

Three Jewish Moroccans have submitted Rabat's high court
with a petition against Defense Minister Amir Peretz,
accusing the Moroccan-born Israeli of war crimes.

Leftist activist Abraham Tsarfati, author Amran al-Malich
and human rights group official Zion Asidon claim Peretz
may be tried in their country due to his Moroccan

"The criminal terrorist, Zionist Amir Peretz, has retained
his Moroccan citizenship and is still registered in
Morocco's census," the three told reporters during a press
conference. "Moroccan law allows the trial of any Moroccan
national who has committed war crimes in or out of the

Lawyer Abd al-Rahim Ga'ami, who represents the three,
said: "Amir Peretz's political statements and the orders
he has issued to his soldiers have brought about crimes of
war and massacres against innocent civilians."


Ratko_Radman_aka_captain_monkey 08.Aug.2006 17:23


rigoroz, look!
goddam, she hot, innit?

Israel's grotesque apartheid wall

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 21:34

Israel/Palestine: Listen to the children on Israel's wall

Two years after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) advised that Israel’s separation wall should be taken down, two members of the International Save the Children Alliance working in the Occupied Palestinian Territories report that Palestinian children still fear the wall and talk forcefully about its negative impacts on their lives.

The Israeli government began construction of the wall five years ago. Built almost entirely on West Bank lands, the wall is over twice as long as the 1967 border with Israel. Snaking around populated areas along the border, the Wall encroaches upon nearly 22 kilometers of Palestinian land in the West Bank. The wall is eight metres high, twice the height of the Berlin Wall, and made of cement. In other areas it is an electrified metal fence with trenches, patrol roads, razor wire and motion sensors on each side.

Palestinian children have told Save the Children that the wall prevents them from going to school, from seeing their family and friends, and from getting health care. They said they feel insecure and afraid of it, and that their families are poorer and have lost their lands because of it.

In Nazlet Issa, a village in the northern part of the West Bank, children have been experiencing the impact of the wall since 2002. The wall was constructed in the middle of the village, separating families and neighbours, preventing people from going to work, and children from going to schools.

14-year-old Basma said: "This wall takes away our simple rights. There are many children who have these rights, but we don't have the right to visit family or people outside the village, or go to parks or the zoo or to the pool. Our life starts to look like wishes…".

Palestinian children call on the world to "remove this wall because it steals our freedom". On the two-year anniversary of the ICJ ruling, members of the International Save the Children Alliance urge the Israeli government to heed the experience of Palestinian children, and to act on the advice of the ICJ to immediately stop construction of the wall and dismantle the sections already in existence.

To view drawings by children affected by the presence of the wall, please visit

Remember these children

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 22:40

Remember these children
«IN ANY CONFLICT, the death of innocent noncombatants is deplorable, and lamented by all. It is the death of children, however, that troubles us the most, for children are seen to be innocent in a way adults are not.

Since September 29, 2000, when the current Palestinian intifada erupted, through June 15th, 2006, at least 763 Palestinian and 121 Israeli youth under the age of 18 have become victims of the violence in Israel and the occupied territories.

Remember These Children lists each of these 821 deaths. Arranged chronologically by date of death, each entry includes the child’s name, hometown, how the child was killed, and, where available, the location of the fatal injury. The documentation, though painful, conveys the personal reality of these terrible statistics. The waste in human life—of hope and future promise—is almost too great to contemplate.

Too many of these children died in the course of what should have been normal childhood pleasures—playing soccer, eating pizza, shopping for candy, or going to or from school. Others were at home, looking out their window, eating dinner or playing in their front yard.

Even infants and the unborn have not been spared. In two days in February 2002, three pregnant women were shot: two Palestinians trying to pass Israeli roadblocks to reach the hospital in Nablus, and an Israeli settler in Sour Bethlehem traveling on a West Bank road. Twelve Palestinian mothers were stopped at Israeli-manned checkpoints and prevented from reaching hospitals to deliver their babies.

Tragically, the violence that took these lives has not abated. According to the Associated Press, 115 unarmed Palestinians under 18 years of age were killed in 2002—an increase of more than 50 percent from the year before. In the first two days of March 2003 alone, Israeli troops shot and killed three Palestinian children. Because peace has not been realized, Israeli children find themselves vulnerable to random acts of Palestinian violence.

None of the children on these pages presented a danger to their killers, whether they were Israeli soldiers or Palestinian militants. We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of every child who has been killed.

While it is not possible to reclaim these lives lost to their families and to the world, it is all the more imperative to ensure that no more Israeli and Palestinian children meet a similar fate. Nor is it sufficient simply to keep these imperiled children alive. Many are suffering psychological trauma, and, according to Shafik Masalha, a clinical psychologist at Tel Aviv University, some 15 percent of Palestinian children say they want to become “martyrs.” “I believe that the motives are the terrible lives that the children live daily,” Masalha said. “This should be a warning not only to Israeli but also to Palestinian society [about] what they are doing to the next generation.”

We ask you to add your voice to the call for an end to the killing of children, for a just peace in the region, for a fair resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. You might wish to call for an end to Israel’s 37-year illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Or you might invoke international law, U.N. resolutions, or the Geneva Conventions. At the very least you might wish to support the deployment of international observers in the region. We are confident that, in your own way, you will want to save these children whom the world appears to have forsaken.

Do Your Part

«Now that you’ve seen the faces, read the names and personal details in this collection, tell your elected representatives and administration officials that the killing must end.

When I call them, I think of that young Lebanese boy who showed my wife his shrapnel wounds, and I tell my elected representative I don’t want more kids being killed or wounded with American-supplied weapons, paid for with my tax money.»

Terrorists Are People, Too

A Reminder 08.Aug.2006 22:57

Just because a person kills 20-30 people in a suicide bombing, does not mean he can't love or enjoy a book or a good conversation. Up until an Arab terrorist kills you or seriously injures/maims, he's a perfectly nice guy. Arabs love each other a lot. They treat each other well, and always have.

For example, the Hezbollah give kids plastic guns so they can have fun pretending to be terrorists. That's a nice thing to share with your kids.

Hezbollah also has a free tv service where they show pictures of war and people fighting and dying. You can see lots of corpses on al-Manar. They also have nice shows on history and religion. Not much porno, too, which might be offensive to some people. That's considerate. Hezbollah caeres about its viewers.

Similarly, both Hezbollah and the Palestinians will hand out candy after a suicide bombing, because it brings them together, and makes them feel good. That's kind of nice. One suicide bomber had dinner in the restasurant where she killed 30 people. It must have been nice to share a meal with the people she killed, for allah and the ummah.

So before you go judging homicidal civilizations, think about the little stuff that makes them endearing. Think about the martyr poster they will have made, so people can admire them. That's a very human thing to want, to take a picture. Also, there may be a video where they hold an RPG or machine gun. That looks cute, seing an Arab look mean on camera. Sort of like a prom video for those who can't relate.

So when you see an Israeli, tell them how wrong it is, that they aren't more considerate of their terrorists, like the people here. Remind them that although the ANC in South Africa never used terror, they're really like the Palestinians. Remind them that though the Arabs even today plunder Africa and steal its wealth, that Arabs are really africans. Remind them that though Arabs kill and murder in the most indiscriminate way imaginable, they are victims. Remind them that Terrorists are people, too.

Thank you "civilized" west

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 23:17

Watch Out - Sensitive Pictures Below

"Thank You" UN, USA, Europe, Canada, France & The "Arab World"

Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition

rigoroz 08.Aug.2006 23:18

Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition


rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 00:11


998 dead

3 493 injured

915 762 displaced

Premier Siniora’s Seven-Point Plan

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 00:14

Premier Siniora’s Seven-Point Plan

Premier Siniora’s Seven-Point Plan

An immediate and comprehensive cease-fire and a declaration of agreement on the following issues:

1. An undertaking to release the Lebanese and Israeli prisoners and detainees through the ICRC.

2. The withdrawal of the Israeli army behind the Blue Line, and the return of the displaced to their villages.

3. A commitment from the Security Council to place the Shabaa Farms area and the Kfarshouba Hills under UN jurisdiction until border delineation and Lebanese sovereignty over them are fully settled. While in UN custody, the area will be accessible to Lebanese property owners there. Further, Israel surrenders all remaining landmine maps in South Lebanon to the UN.

4.The Lebanese government extends its authority over its territory through its own legitimate armed forces, such that there will be no weapons or authority other than that of the Lebanese state as stipulated in the Taef national reconciliation document.

5. The UN international force, operating in South Lebanon, is supplemented and enhanced in numbers, equipment, mandate and scope of operation, as needed, in order to undertake urgent humanitarian and relief work and guarantee stability and security in the south so that those who fled their homes can return.

6. The UN, in cooperation with the relevant parties, undertakes the necessary measures to once again put into effect the Armistice Agreement signed by Lebanon and Israel in 1949, and to insure adherence to the provisions of that agreement, as well as to explore possible amendments to or development of said provisions, as necessary.

7. The international community commits to support Lebanon on all levels, and to assist it in facing the tremendous burden resulting from the human, social and economic tragedy which has afflicted the country, especially in the areas of relief, reconstruction and rebuilding of the national economy.

Re your bubble

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 00:35

«the Hezbollah give kids plastic guns so they can have fun pretending to be terrorists»

the westerners buy their kids plastic guns for Christmass.

«You can see lots of corpses on al-Manar»

are you implying the corpses are fake or are they real? Where do the corpses come from?

It is good to look at the horrors of war in their reality, so you know what happens to a child when he or she gets bombed by your government's missiles. Not like American and Western purified and adjusted phoney images of war. I guess that is why the Americans think war is like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. It makes it easier to sell a war to people, if they don't see the real horror and evil of it.

«So when you see an Israeli, tell them how wrong it is, that they aren't more considerate of their terrorists»

The children are not terrorists. Neither are civlians or pregnant women rushing to hospital to give birth.

4,151 Palestinians and 1,084 Israelis have been killed since September 29, 2000.

30,646 Palestinians and 7,633 Israelis have been injured since September 29, 2000.

1 Israeli is being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 9,599 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.

121 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 763 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.

So, who is the real terrorist? Or do you mean that we should all fight Islamists and the populations of countries they happen to find themselves? And why exactly should we fight Islamists and not racist Israeli zionazis who, after all, ARE occupying other people's land and causing more victims and suffering?

Oh, I know. It's because you do actually believe that Jewish life is more worth than an Arab life. After all to you, there is nothing wrong with the racist expansionist Israel.

One of your problems

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 00:58

besides being a racist is, that you don't understand that collective punishment is prohibitted under international law. No person can be punished for something he or she is not responsible for.

And you imply that Israel's punishment and plundering of the Palestinian population, as well as racism is somehow justified because some other people, who happen to be Arabs plunder Africa or because some paramilitary Palestinian factions commit warcrimes against Israelis (albeit on a much smaller scale than your government and although it just so happens that Hamas has refrained from suicide attacks for 19 months now, which can't be said for Israeli government committing warcrimes in Palestine and Lebanon daily as demonstrated in the media and elsewhere…)

I think your bubble is thicker than I originally thought.

Moral Relativism and Stupidity: Using Numbers

Who Values Life? 09.Aug.2006 02:00

Numbers are so important: How many dead, how many injured. If Israel foils most Arab attacks, should that inflate Israeli casualties? Clearly, the Arabs are not successful and preventing Israeli attacks. Therefore, because Israel can prevent Arab attacks, it's casualty and fatalty numbers must be much higher. Since Israelis built bomb shelters, they've probably reduced their casualties by 99 percent, so that we should multiply their casualties by about 1000. That means more Israelis technically were killed by Hezbollah than Lebanese killed by Israel - I'm multiplying the 100 dead now by 1000, so that means 100000 Israelis were killed in this war.

On the other hand, Hezbollah has quite good bunkers for its missiles. Supposing they put the lebanese in those bunkers, they probably would have save about eighty percent of their casualties. Since half the lebanese casualties are Hezbollah, that means 400 * 0.2 = 80 dead Lebanese. Of course, Hezbollah would never use its bunkers to protect civillians, since no one expects them to - the Israeli govenrment has to answer to its people, and has no choice! - but if they did, that could reduce the (innocent) Lebanese dead to under 100. But if they didn't kill10 soldiers and kidnap 2, no one would have died (think of that). But then, how would you pass your day if you had to DO something.

So, we have either 100000 dead to 1000 dead, or 100 dead to 80 dead. Either way, the Lebanese seem to have less dead than the Israelis, if we're being intelligent about our counting. Aren't you proud of killing so many people? You are an outstanding Arab. When the Nobel prize for terrorism is created (which means an Arab will win a Nobel prize), a lebanese may get it!

And as for land and occupation, just whose land is being occupied. I know its Arab land (since land has ethnicity), but I thought land in Arab countries has private owners. There are no Arab communist countries. But hey - this is all really bullshit from you people anyway. You don't give a shit about dead civillians or road blocks. If you did, you'ld stop the killing in Iraq and Suddan and everywhere else the Arabs deal out there notions of 'justice' .

Samir Kuntar: Portrait of a Lebanese "Hero"

Best of the Best 09.Aug.2006 05:47

The hero of Lebanon, Sanmir Kuntar. Worth the price of > 1000 lives by people on indymeida

On April 22, 1979, Samir Kuntar led a group of four who entered Israel from Lebanon by boat. They belonged to the organization PLF under the leadership of Abu Abbas. Around midnight they arrived at the coastal town of Nahariya about six miles south of the Lebanese border. The four killed a policeman who ran across them and were able to break into the apartment of the Haran family before police reinforcements had arrived. The unit took 28-year-old Danny Haran hostage along with his four-year-old daughter Einat. The mother, Smadar Haran, was able to hide in a crawl space above the bedroom with her two-year-old daughter Yael. Kuntar's group understood that there were more people in the house and went around looking for them, shooting rounds and throwing hand grenades.

Apparently, this is the best Lebanon can produce - and they love him. A close second - Hezbollah. Last place - the lebanese people AKA cannon fodder

Say NO to apartheid say NO

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 10:02

First, we are not going to multiply anything. You fucking die, if you want to be counted, ok? Before that I advise you consider making an appointment for a check-up in a mental institution, the absurdity of your writing is worrying.

Your numbers are worth shit. They are not real and come out of your twisted head. My numbers are results of esteemed people's research and hard work.

Yes well, really too bad the Lebanese are not so privileged as the Israelis to receive annual military aid in billions of dollars from US tax payers.

Half the Lebanese casualties are not Hezbollah. They are overwhelmingly civilian. And more than a third are children.

You are occupying the West Bank and East Jerusalem. You are also invading Gaza again. These territories were not given to you by the UN. There are UN resolutions you must comply with by withdrawing from these territories. Than there is also the matter of the refugees who have to return to their homeland inside Israel proper. Private owners??? Like your fucking Jewish fund? Tell me who owns the land in Israel?

Surprising as that may be to you if a piece of land in France is owned by a Hungarian, it is still a part of France??? (bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…. plop, plop)


The Israeli propagandists are used to lying lying lying and making the others believe their lies. But this era has now come to an end. FROM NOW ON, WE SPEAK TRUTH LOUDER THAN YOU CAN SHOUT YOUR LIES!

As for the people you suspect of committing crimes – why don't you talk to Lebanon and if you are unable to resolve the problem in this civilized way (by a fair trial in Lebanon), try another civilized way – sign ICC and have a trial at the international criminal court?

But no, Israel does not believe in international justice. Israel believes in violence, «retaliation», revenge, murder, occupation, torture, racism and oppression as ways to solve its problems and grievances.

Now, let me tell you that your Amir Peretz, Ehud Olmert, Shaoul Mofaz and other such creeps have killed more people and destroyed uncomparably more lives than the man you mention.

Today, when I have some free time, I'll post stuff on your illegal Jewish settlements on the Palestinian land – a war crime under international law…

Take a look at Siniora's plan. IF by some chance your aggressive government refuses this plan, BE SURE THE RADICALISATION OF PEOPLE IS GOING TO BE EVEN MORE FELT. You do see posters of Nasrallah in the peace and anti-war marches on the streets of Europe and US, don't you?

Israeli war crimes and destruction of Lebanon

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 10:19

Graphic images depicting the reality and horror of Israel's Invasion and destruction of Lebanon.

Red Cross: Israel denying safe passage

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 10:23

See why sending humanitarian aid is not enough? We need a regime change in Israel.

Red Cross: Israel denying safe passage
Associated Press

TYRE, Lebanon - The Israeli military has denied permission for aid groups to move food and medicine to besieged villages in southern Lebanon for two days, the Red Cross said Monday.

Without guarantees of safe passage, the Red Cross has been unable to move supplies beyond the port city of Tyre to towns and villages south of the Litani River, where thousands of people are believed trapped, said Richard Huguenin, a spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Litani runs roughly parallel to the Lebanese-Israeli border, about 20 miles to the north. The area between it and the border has been the site of the heaviest Israeli bombardment and ground fighting with Hezbollah guerrillas.

"It is now a question of the humanitarian consequences of what is looking like a blockade," Huguenin told The Associated Press in Tyre.

"At night we ask for permission and in the morning we get either a red light or a green light and for the past 48 hours it has been red," he said.

The Israeli army told the AP Monday that humanitarian agencies wishing to send convoys into the area should coordinate with the military in advance as they have in the past. The army said that in the past, it has been necessary to deny permission for military operational reasons, but no convoy had ever been hit.

A Greek ship loaded with Red Cross supplies had been due Monday but was denied permission to dock in Tyre and was diverted to Sidon, north of the Litani, Huguenin said. Israeli warships have blockaded ports since the conflict began, only letting aid ships into Beirut and occasionally into the southern ports.

"It seems the military buildup has really begun in the last two days. It has certainly been a lot noisier," he said of the aerial bombing of areas around Tyre and south on the road to Naqoura.

The Red Cross estimates there are still 100,000 people south of the Litani. Among them are 27,000 in Tyre, 40,000 Palestinian refugees living in four camps that surround the city and 33,000 in villages.

Huguenin said the Red Cross has distributed aid throughout Tyre and has some supplies meant for villages south and east of the city, but is unable to deliver them.

"What do we do next?" he said. "We are getting phone calls from isolated areas in the south close to the border from people who need food and medicines."

He said people who did not leave during last week's pause in Israeli air assaults were among the most vulnerable - the poor, sick and those without vehicles. He spoke to elderly "who said if they were going to die, they wanted to die in their homes."

The Red Cross said it was not seeking a halt to the fighting but asked that at least one route be designated safe to allow aid through.

"The lifeline must be made to this part of the country. It is under blockade, no ships coming in, and the roads are blocked," said Huguenin.

Sidon, Lebanon's third-largest city, is now home to some 50,000 refugees. Last weekend, Israel dropped leaflets warning residents to flee, but Huguenin said there have been no reports of people leaving Sidon.

Annick Bouvier of the ICRC said in Geneva the relief agency had planned to reach some villages in southern Lebanon, "but due to the level of hostilities, it's impossible for us to proceed."

A Red Cross convoy did bring supplies to Marjayoun from Beirut on Monday, but it was the only convoy able to reach cities south of Sidon, an ICRC statement said.

The World Health Organization warned that 60 percent of the hospitals in Lebanon would have to close unless fuel was delivered this week.

"We urge all parties to ensure safe passage of fuel supplies to hospitals," said Dr. Ala Alwan of WHO.

100 000 in London march to say NO TO YOUR WAR

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 10:53

Fury at Blair as 100,000 take to the streets over Lebanon

Some 100,000 protesters took to the streets of London on Saturday to demand an end to Israel’s assault on Lebanon and Gaza - and to express their fury at Tony Blair’s refusal to call for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

The emergency demonstration, called by the Stop the War Coalition at a week’s notice, attracted a broad range of people. Many had decided to come along at the last moment, after the march was featured on the front page of the Independent newspaper.

Protesters booed as they filed past the US embassy in Grovesnor Square. They left 1,500 pairs of children’s shoes outside Downing Street to symbolise the children Israel has killed in Lebanon and Gaza.

The demonstration’s anger was not just directed at Israel, but also at the US and British governments for their complicity in the carnage now engulfing the Middle East.

The march showed a significant widening of the movement, even in the time since the previous London protest two weeks ago. This was true both in the size and diversity of the march and in the speakers in the rally in Parliament Square. Six members of parliament spoke, including Respect MP George Galloway. The leaders of three major trade unions also addressed the rally.

Many speakers argued that Israel’s onslaught had to be understood as part of the wider “war on terror” and George Bush’s plans for a “new Middle East”.

“First it was Afghanistan and Iraq, now it’s Lebanon - this is another imperial war,” said Soumaya Ghannoushi from the British Muslim Initiative. “This is not just an Israeli war, and Bush and Blair are not just giving Israel a green light. They are partners in war crimes.”

Blair’s complicity was also highlighted by Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS union. “Why did our foreign secretary tell the media that she did not know that US planes taking bombs to Israel were refuelling at Prestwick airport?” he asked. “When faced with protests, they had to stop these flights - this shows that if we protest we can make a difference.”

Left wing Labour MP John McDonnell, who is standing for the leadership of the party, lambasted the prime minister for “travelling to the US to perform for Rupert Murdoch” while ignoring demands for him to condemn Israel’s hostilities.

While the march encompassed all those opposed to Israel’s aggression, those speakers who declared their solidarity with the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine received huge cheers.

“They sought to divide the Middle East - but in fact they have united Muslim and Christian, Sunni and Shia, Islamist and secular,” said Daoud Abdullah from the Muslim Council of Britain. “This war has given birth to millions of resistance fighters across the region.”

John Rees from the Stop the War Coalition stressed the urgency of the situation now facing the Middle East. “If we don’t stop this war, there will be a general war across the region that will make what is happening now pale into insignificance,” he said.

“Only the peace movement can destroy the power behind these wars. That’s why we must demonstrate in Manchester on 23 September outside the Labour Party conference - and demand an end to this government steeped in blood.”

© Copyright Socialist Worker (unless otherwise stated). You may republish if you include an active link to the original and leave this notice in place.

Samir Kuntar: Portrait of a Lebanese "Hero"

Kuntar is the Lebanese Prisoner 09.Aug.2006 12:09¬Found=true

The World Should Know What He Did to My Family

By Smadar Haran Kaiser
Sunday, May 18, 2003; Page B02


Abu Abbas, the former head of a Palestinian terrorist group who was captured in Iraq on April 15, is infamous for masterminding the 1985 hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro. But there are probably few who remember why Abbas's terrorists held the ship and its 400-plus passengers hostage for two days. It was to gain the release of a Lebanese terrorist named Samir Kuntar, who is locked up in an Israeli prison for life. Kuntar's name is all but unknown to the world. But I know it well. Because almost a quarter of a century ago, Kuntar murdered my family.

It was a murder of unimaginable cruelty, crueler even than the murder of Leon Klinghoffer, the American tourist who was shot on the Achille Lauro and dumped overboard in his wheelchair. Kuntar's mission against my family, which never made world headlines, was also masterminded by Abu Abbas. And my wish now is that this terrorist leader should be prosecuted in the United States, so that the world may know of all his terrorist acts, not the least of which is what he did to my family on April 22, 1979.

The Post's opinion and commentary section runs every Sunday.

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It had been a peaceful Sabbath day. My husband, Danny, and I had picnicked with our little girls, Einat, 4, and Yael, 2, on the beach not far from our home in Nahariya, a city on the northern coast of Israel, about six miles south of the Lebanese border. Around midnight, we were asleep in our apartment when four terrorists, sent by Abu Abbas from Lebanon, landed in a rubber boat on the beach two blocks away. Gunfire and exploding grenades awakened us as the terrorists burst into our building. They had already killed a police officer. As they charged up to the floor above ours, I opened the door to our apartment. In the moment before the hall light went off, they turned and saw me. As they moved on, our neighbor from the upper floor came running down the stairs. I grabbed her and pushed her inside our apartment and slammed the door.

Outside, we could hear the men storming about. Desperately, we sought to hide. Danny helped our neighbor climb into a crawl space above our bedroom; I went in behind her with Yael in my arms. Then Danny grabbed Einat and was dashing out the front door to take refuge in an underground shelter when the terrorists came crashing into our flat. They held Danny and Einat while they searched for me and Yael, knowing there were more people in the apartment. I will never forget the joy and the hatred in their voices as they swaggered about hunting for us, firing their guns and throwing grenades. I knew that if Yael cried out, the terrorists would toss a grenade into the crawl space and we would be killed. So I kept my hand over her mouth, hoping she could breathe. As I lay there, I remembered my mother telling me how she had hidden from the Nazis during the Holocaust. "This is just like what happened to my mother," I thought.

As police began to arrive, the terrorists took Danny and Einat down to the beach. There, according to eyewitnesses, one of them shot Danny in front of Einat so that his death would be the last sight she would ever see. Then he smashed my little girl's skull in against a rock with his rifle butt. That terrorist was Samir Kuntar.

By the time we were rescued from the crawl space, hours later, Yael, too, was dead. In trying to save all our lives, I had smothered her.

The next day, Abu Abbas announced from Beirut that the terrorist attack in Nahariya had been carried out "to protest the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty" at Camp David the previous year. Abbas seems to have a gift for charming journalists, but imagine the character of a man who protests an act of peace by committing an act of slaughter.

Two of Abbas's terrorists had been killed by police on the beach. The other two were captured, convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Despite my protests, one was released in a prisoner exchange for Israeli POWs several months before the Achille Lauro hijacking. Abu Abbas was determined to find a way to free Kuntar as well. So he engineered the hijacking of the Achille Lauro off the coast of Egypt and demanded the release of 50 Arab terrorists from Israeli jails. The only one of those prisoners actually named was Samir Kuntar. The plight of hundreds held hostage on a cruise ship for two days at sea lent itself to massive international media coverage. The attack on Nahariya, by contrast, had taken less than an hour in the middle of the night. So what happened then was hardly noticed outside of Israel.

One hears the terrorists and their excusers say that they are driven to kill out of desperation. But there is always a choice. Even when you have suffered, you can choose whether to kill and ruin another's life, or whether to go on and rebuild. Even after my family was murdered, I never dreamed of taking revenge on any Arab. But I am determined that Samir Kuntar should never be released from prison. In 1984, I had to fight my own government not to release him as part of an exchange for several Israeli soldiers who were POWs in Lebanon. I understood, of course, that the families of those POWs would gladly have agreed to the release of an Arab terrorist to get their sons back. But I told Yitzhak Rabin, then defense minister, that the blood of my family was as red as that of the POWs. Israel had always taken a position of refusing to negotiate with terrorists. If they were going to make an exception, let it be for a terrorist who was not as cruel as Kuntar. "Your job is not to be emotional," I told Rabin, "but to act rationally." And he did.

So Kuntar remains in prison. I have been shocked to learn that he has married an Israeli Arab woman who is an activist on behalf of terrorist prisoners. As the wife of a prisoner, she gets a monthly stipend from the government. I'm not too happy about that.

In recent years, Abu Abbas started telling journalists that he had renounced terrorism and that killing Leon Klinghoffer had been a mistake. But he has never said that killing my family was a mistake. He was a terrorist once, and a terrorist, I believe, he remains. Why else did he spend these last years, as the Israeli press has reported, free as a bird in Baghdad, passing rewards of $25,000 from Saddam Hussein to families of Palestinian suicide bombers? More than words, that kind of cash prize, which is a fortune to poor families, was a way of urging more suicide bombers. The fortunate thing about Abbas's attaching himself to Hussein is that it set him up for capture.

Some say that Italy should have first crack at Abbas. It had already convicted him of the Achille Lauro hijacking in absentia in 1986. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi now wants Abbas handed over so that he can begin serving his life sentence. But it's also true that in 1985, the Italians had Abbas in their hands after U.S. fighter jets forced his plane to land in Sicily. And yet they let him go. So while I trust Berlusconi, who knows if a future Italian government might not again wash its hands of Abbas?

In 1995, Rabin, then our prime minister, asked me to join him on his trip to the White House, where he was to sign a peace agreement with Yasser Arafat, which I supported. I believe that he wanted me to represent all Israeli victims of terrorism. Rabin dreaded shaking hands with Arafat, knowing that those hands were bloody. At first, I agreed to make the trip, but at the last minute, I declined. As prime minister, Rabin had to shake hands with Arafat for political reasons. As a private person, I did not. So I stayed here.

Now I am ready and willing to come to the United States to testify against Abu Abbas if he is tried for terrorism. The daughters of Leon Klinghoffer have said they are ready to do the same. Unlike Klinghoffer, Danny, Einat and Yael were not American citizens. But Klinghoffer was killed on an Italian ship in Abbas's attempt to free the killer of my family in Israel. We are all connected by the international web of terrorism woven by Abbas. Let the truth come out in a new and public trial. And let it be in the United States, the leader in the struggle against terrorism.

Smadar Haran Kaiser is a social worker. She is remarried and has two daughters.

Israel's final solution to the refugee problem

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 12:10

Bomb them out of existance. Refugees are also Israel's "existential threat".

Israeli gunboats hit Palestinian camp


Associated Press
8 August 2006

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israeli gunboats shelled Lebanon's
largest Palestinian refugee camp early Wednesday, killing
at least one person and wounding three others, Lebanese
and Palestinian officials said.

The shelling was the first time Israel attacked the camp
since the fighting between the Jewish state and Hezbollah
began more than four weeks ago.

Israeli gunboats fired two shells. One landed in the Ein
el-Hilweh camp, located on the outskirts of the southern
port city of Sidon, and the other slammed into the city's
amusement park, the officials said, speaking on condition
of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to
the media.

Hospitals in Gaza overwhelmed and running out of supplies

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 13:22

Hospitals in Gaza overwhelmed and running out of supplies

8 August 2006

Hospitals in the Gaza Strip have seen a significant
increase in war casualties with severe injuries over the
past month and are running out of medical supplies, Merlin
said today. After a recent attack in Gaza City, 75 per
cent of war-wounded patients admitted at one hospital
needed amputations, Merlin's emergency assessment team was

In the past six weeks, doctors at this hospital have
carried out amputations on more than 50 patients and have
been forced to cancel 800 routine operations in order to
deal with the rising number of emergency cases.

Merlin's team also visited a hospital in Rafah - an area
that has suffered heavily from Israeli incursions - which
reported receiving casualties every day since 50 tanks
moved into the town's disused airport last week.

British nurse Paula Sansom, who led Merlin's assessment in
Gaza, said: "At the hospital in Rafah, many casualties
they receive have chest injuries but doctors are
struggling with a lack of surgical instrument sets.

"Power supply is also a major constraint: the hospital
only receives four hours of mains electricity a day, and
the back up generator is not sufficient for a busy
emergency facility. The doctors have to choose between
running the operating theatre or the X-ray machine.

"These hospitals in Gaza urgently need specialist nurses
to assist staff in intensive care units, as well as
surgical and diagnostic equipment and supplies. Merlin is
aiming to provide this support as soon as possible."

In Lebanon, Merlin is aiming to provide mobile medical
teams for thousands of displaced people who have moved to
Beirut and the Mount Lebanon region and are sheltering in
schools or with local families. Working with local
agencies, Merlin also aims to distribute medical supplies,
hygiene kits and clean water.

Re Samir Kuntar

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 15:12

I have read your article.

I do not approve of warcrimes or murder and believe all accused should be tried in impartial and fair trials and those convicted held in prisons in human conditions.

Of course criminals should not be exchanged as POWs. Criminals must stay in prison. In regard, to the Lebanese prisoners, however, I would prefer they be in Lebanese or International prisons, since Israel is known to torture prisoners.

«As I lay there, I remembered my mother telling me how she had hidden from the Nazis during the Holocaust. "This is just like what happened to my mother," I thought.»

Yes, and its just what IOF is doing to the Palestinian families in occupied Palestine. Only IOF never end up in prison and you object when we call them terrorists or nazis.

«By the time we were rescued from the crawl space, hours later, Yael, too, was dead. In trying to save all our lives, I had smothered her.»

Yes, an extremely tragic story. Exaclty like what happened to a Palestinian mother the other day, when she dropped her baby while trying to run away from Israeli army.

All criminals should be tried in fair trials and all should be imprisoned in human conditions, including Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz, Shaul Mofaz and other Israeli army commanders who have violated international law and committed warcrimes.

«And let it be in the United States, the leader in the struggle against terrorism.»
The United States president and his pro-zionist neo-con cabal are the biggest world's terrorist today. The trial should be in an international impartial court and should be for all of his crimes, not just for the American.

Palestinian children prisoners

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 16:04

How about these prisoners? How many have been tried for "crimes they committed"?

April 17, 2006

DCI/PS call to action on Palestinian Prisoners' Day

It is a sad irony that Palestinian Prisoners' Day comes this year as massive numbers of Palestinian children are being arrested and detained by Israeli forces. In the first quarter of 2006 alone, some 350 children were arrested – compared to around 700 child arrests in the whole of 2005. The vast increase in arrests is in turn leading to overcrowding in prisons as record numbers of juveniles are being held in unsuitable and unhygienic conditions.

Since the beginning of this intifada in September 2000, Israeli forces have arrested around 4,000 Palestinian children, 400 of whom are still in Israeli prisons and detention centres. The process of arrest and detention of Palestinian children is a process of systematic abuse and mistreatment which flouts international legal standards and denies the basic human rights of detainees first as children and secondly as prisoners.

In affidavits and interviews with DCI/PS lawyers, children have told how they are handcuffed and blindfolded, humiliated and threatened and often beaten and kicked from the moment they are arrested up to and often throughout their interrogation and detention. They are deprived of sleep, food and access to the bathroom until so-called confessions are coerced out of them and only then are most children allowed to see their lawyer. Such interrogation is aimed at extracting quick confessions from children to prosecute them and others before military courts, which themselves strive to provide a legal veneer to the illegitimate practices of the Israeli military.

Even after sentencing, the pattern of violence and abuse does not stop. While it is a widely recognised principle that the deprivation of liberty is itself the penalty for perpetrating certain offences, Israel continues to actively punish Palestinian children during their incarceration. The punishments imposed are disproportionate to the alleged offences and seem intended not to reform or rehabilitate prisoners, but to humiliate and intimidate the children and, on as broader level, break the spirit and resistance of the Palestinian community.

Ultimately these Israeli practices against child prisoners contravene a vast array of human rights instruments including those to which Israel is a state party, such as the UN Convention Against Torture and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, article 37 of which requires states parties to ensure that:

(a) No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Neither capital punishment nor life imprisonment without possibility of release shall be imposed for offences committed by persons below eighteen years of age;

(b) No child shall be deprived of his or her liberty unlawfully or arbitrarily. The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be in conformity with the law and shall be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time;

Given the maltreatment of Palestinian child detainees, the institutionalised discrimination against them, and the absence of appropriate legal guarantees, Defence for Children International/Palestine Section urges the UN, the Secretary General and all the UN bodies, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the High Contracting parties to the IV Geneva Convention to insist that the Israeli government respects and abides by its commitments and obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law.

On the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners' Day, DCI/PS also asks all parties to prioritise the issue of child prisoners and put their immediate and unconditional release at the top of the agenda of any future discussions and to insist that Israeli occupation forces cease at once further arrests of Palestinian juveniles in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Palestinian prisoners

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 16:28

“Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories in 1967, over 650,000 Palestinians have been detained by Israel. This forms approximately 20% of the total Palestinian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).” – Palestine Monitor

Current number of Palestinian Political Prisoners

As you can see at least 775 of them are held without charge or trial.

Data by Mandela Institute for Human Rights

Number of Prisoners is 9599 in the following detention types (APR. 30 2006)*:
Central Prisons: # Prisoners: 8461
Detention Compounds: # Prisoners: 820
Interrogation & Holding Centers: # Prisoners: 318

9599 Prisoners includes*:
Juvenile: # Prisoner: 342
Women: # Prisoner: 122
Administrative Detention: # Prisoner: 775
Solitary Confinement: # Prisoner: 117

The Infinite Violation of Human Rights

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 16:31

The Infinite Violation of Human Rights

Throughout the decades of Israeli military occupation, Palestinians from all walks of life have been illegally detained by Israel. Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories in 1967, over 650,000 Palestinians have been detained by Israel. This forms approximately 20% of the total Palestinian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). Considering the fact that the majority of those detained are male, the number of Palestinians detained forms approximately 40% of the total male Palestinian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

The arrest and detention of Palestinians living within the OPT is governed by a wide-ranging set of military regulations that govern every aspect of Palestinian civilian life. There are now over 1,500 military regulations governing the West Bank and over 1,400 governing the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military commander of the region issues military orders, and the issuance of new orders often remains unknown and become apparent when they are implemented, as the military commander may issue new military regulations at any moment.

Palestinians are tried within Israeli military courts located within Israeli military centers in the OPT. These military tribunals are presided over by a panel of three judges appointed by the military, two of who often do not have any legal training or background. These tribunals rarely fall within the required international standards of fair trial.

In addition to the over 5000 Palestinians who were being held in Israeli prisons by the end of 2002, a large number of Palestinians have been wallowing in Israeli prisons for a number of years prior to this. For example, Ahmed Ibrahim Djbara, Abu Sukker, is 65 years old and the father of six grown children. He has spent the last 26 years of his life in prison. His crime was to fight to bring an end to the occupation. Wives and children of these men, as thousands of others before them, live now in constant fear and agony.

For every Palestinian arrested, the story of a life is torn apart and an entire family broken. Yet the international community remains relatively silent in the face of Israel's illegal detention of Palestinians and the fact that these detainees are often subjected to torture. There is no doubt that peace in the region will never be attained as long as Palestinians are continuously denied their inalienable, fundamental rights. It is difficult to imagine that the sons and daughters of these thousands of Palestinians will one day forget what they suffered when their loved ones were thrown behind prison bars.

The Geneva Conventions, the International Convention for Political and Civil Rights and the Convention against Torture and Cruel and Inhuman Treatment, all prohibit the use of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, without exception. Israel has consistently violated international laws in this regard. Detention conditions enforced by Israel do not conform to the UN Minimum Standard Rules of the Treatment of Detainees, nor to the Principles of the Protection of all persons under all form of detention or imprisonment, or the Basic Principles of Treatment of Prisoners. These legal instruments bind Israel as they form regulations to treaties to which Israeli is a signatory. Instead of applying these laws formed by the community of nations, Israel blatantly continues in its systematic policy of torture of Palestinian detainees. Rather than hide this fact, it openly discusses it within its parliament, the Knesset. In addition, Palestinians are tried in military tribunals in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, according to military regulations governing the area, often by soldier judges who do not hold adequate legal experience.

In November 2001, UN Committee Against Torture reminded Israel that there is no justification for the use of torture in any circumstances. Use of torture is an grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention (articles 31-32, 146-147). Furthermore, the 4th Geneva Convention forbids the transfer of detainees outside the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Article 76 states that "all protected person accused of an offense must be detained within the occupied country and if they are sentenced, they have to serve the sentence within it." However, Israel has continued to detain Palestinians in prisons throughout Israel, far from their families, who almost never obtain the necessary permits to leave the Occupied Palestinian Territories, which have become a large prison for the entire Palestinian community.

Thousands of Palestinian men, women and children are in prison because of their refusal to accept foreign occupation. They must be released and allowed to rejoin their families in order to reintegrate their political and social life within the Palestinian State-to-be. Anyone who holds that 'reforms' or political negotiations can be effective without including all sectors of the Palestinian society fool themselves into missing a historical opportunity to allow for real, lasting reforms in Palestinian society. The time has come to open the prison gates, and allow Palestinians to decide their own future.

more >>

"crimes" of Palestinian POLITICAL prisoners

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 16:39

Description of offenses

In addition to administrative detention allowing in practice the detention of every Palestinian, to the free interpretation of " security reasons " and the application of the law ruled by arbitrariness, acts defined as crimes in Israeli legislation also provide wide possibilities for sentencing and imprisonment. For example, participating in an exhibition to benefit a charity organization linked to Hamas is a crime of " terrorist association ". Carrying or placing a Palestinian flag is a crime in itself. Removing the rubbish put in the middle of a road by Israeli soldiers after they have left is another crime. Fire in the air during a wedding, as is the tradition, constitutes a danger for Israel's national security, although it happens in the autonomous territories (area A). A student of a Hamas Koranic school can be sentenced to 14 months of prison for his participation at the lesson. Participation in a demonstration is a case of disrupting public order. Pouring coffee for a member of a declared illegal association is support to a terrorist organization. Palestinian national security forces are an illegal association.

Western media biased non-covering of the Palestinian suffering

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 17:31

Nigel Parry, The Electronic Intifada (9 August 2006)

As the Israeli war on Lebanon continues to dominate world
headlines, Israel's ongoing war against Gaza seems to be
taking place in a relative media blind spot. United Nations
humanitarian agencies estimated on August 3rd that 1,050
Israeli artillery shells were fired into Gaza in the
preceding week[1], and:

...since 28 June, 175 Palestinians have been killed,
including approximately 40 children and eight women, and
over 620 injured in the Gaza Strip. One IDF soldier has
been killed and 25 Israelis have been injured, including
11 Israelis injured by homemade rockets fired from the
Gaza Strip. Palestinians have fired on average between 8-9
homemade rockets per day towards Israel (319 in total) and
the Israeli military has fired on average 200-250
artillery shells per day into the Gaza Strip and conducted
at least 220 aerial bombings.[2]

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights, based in Gaza,
reported on August 5th that:

In the pre-dawn hours of Friday, 4 August 2006, IOF planes
bombed two civilian houses in Gaza, destroying them
completely. In both incidents, the house owners received
calls to their mobile telephones from Israeli intelligence
telling them to evacuate the house, which will be
bombarded. The warning preceded the bombardment by no more
than 45 minutes.[3]

It is obvious that these demolitions by missile are a form
of collective punishment. Even if one accepted Israel's
'security' rationale for such acts, clearly phone warnings
undermine the notion that the airstrikes are fulfilling
any effective military objective against Palestinian

Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem reported on
August 5th that:

In July, the Israeli military killed 163 Palestinians in
the Gaza Strip, 78 of whom (48 percent) were not taking
part in the hostilities when they were killed. Thirty-six
of the fatalities were minors, and 20 were women.[4]

On August 7th, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights
published a report on Israeli reprisals against civilians
in Gaza between June 25th and the end of July, which
shines a searing light on the extent of violence against
civilians and the wilful damage to Gaza's civilian

The individual stories are painful. On August 8th,
Mohammed Omar wrote of the story of a 13-year-old from
Gaza, Tar'er, and how he woke up in a hospital bed to
discover that he had no legs.[6]

Hospitals are overwhelmed with casualties and are running
out of medical supplies. UK-based Medical Emergency Relief
International reported on August 8th that after one recent
attack in Gaza City, 75% of the patients admitted needed
amputations. Due to the destruction of Gaza's power plant,
hospitals are receiving only 4 hours of grid electricity a
day, and backup generators are not able to cope with the
demands of the crisis situation. Doctors are being forced
to make choices between running the operating theater or
the x-ray machine.[7]

The bird's eye view of the humanitarian situation in Gaza
is similarly bleak. The UNDP estimates $15.5 million
dollars in damage to Gaza's civilian infrastructure
excluding the damage caused to the power plant. Sewage
plants are overwhelmed as a result of destruction of the
infrastructure, and 3,400 Palestinians have fled Israeli
attacks to seek shelter in UN facilities.[8]

While Israel's war on Lebanon is getting the media focus
that it deserves, Gazan civilians remain in equally grave
danger, not least because of the larger conflict eclipsing
eclipsing their plight to the north.

Nigel Parry is a cofounder of the Electronic Intifada.

* BY TOPIC: Israel invades Gaza (27 June 2006)


1. "UN reports increase in Israeli shells fired into
Gaza", UN News (3 August 2006)

2. "UN Agencies: Deeply alarmed by continuing violence in
Gaza", UN humanitarian agencies (3 August 2006)

3. "More children killed in Rafah", PCHR (5 August 2006)

4. "Almost half the fatalities in Gaza in July were
civilians", B'Tselem (5 August 2006)

5. "Reprisals against Civilians: Israeli violations in
Gaza, 25 June-31 July", PCHR (7 August 2006)

6. "Israel's rain of missiles on Gaza and Tae'er's legs",
Mohammed Omer, Live from Palestine (8 August 2006)

7. "Hospitals in Gaza overwhelmed and running out of
supplies", Merlin (8 August 2006)

8. "'Sharp decline' in the humanitarian situation in Gaza
after six weeks of siege", OCHA (7 August 2006)

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economic, political, legal, and human dimensions of
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Jim Sheridan resigns

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 17:34

Brittain's Labour MP Jim Sheridan has resigned from his defence post over the government's policy on the Middle East.

International Criminal Tribunal for Israel

rigoroz 09.Aug.2006 20:25


Demand an Immediate International Criminal Tribunal for Israel to Stop Global War!

To: The United Nations General Assembly

The brutal bombings and invasion of Lebanon and Gaza are acts of Israeli state terrorism. The U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the present U.S.-Israeli threat to Syria and Iran indicate their ruthless struggle for hegemony in the oil-rich Middle East, which would escalate into a global war.

At least 900 people have been killed in Lebanon, more than one-third children, and 3,000 wounded. The number of refugees in Lebanon has already exceeded one million. Whole residential areas, roads, bridges, ports, power stations, factories and other infra-structure have been destroyed by Israeli precision bombing. Lebanon’s economic and infrastructure damage tops $2.5B as of 4 August 2006.

In Gaza hundreds have been killed. Homes, greenhouses, bridges, water and sewerage treatment plants and electricity generators have been destroyed in the latest acts of Israeli genocide sadistically code-named ‘Operation Summer Rain,’ which began on 27 June 2006. Israel continues its brutal air strikes on the Gaza Strip almost daily.

Israel must be prosecuted immediately for its war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine to stop the war escalating into a global catastrophe. Frances A. Boyle, Professor of Law, University of Illinois, has asserted the legal framework for The United Nations General Assembly to immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI).

“The United Nations General Assembly must immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a ‘subsidiary organ’ under U.N. Charter Article 22. The ICTI would be organized along the lines of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), which was established by the Security Council.

“The purpose of the ICTI would be to investigate and prosecute Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY did for the victims of international crimes committed by Serbia and the Milosevic Regime throughout the Balkans.

“The establishment of ICTI would provide some small degree of justice to the victims of Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY has done in the Balkans. Furthermore, the establishment of ICTI by the U.N. General Assembly would serve as a deterrent effect upon Israeli leaders such as Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel’s other top generals that they will be prosecuted for their further infliction of international crimes upon the Lebanese and the Palestinians.

“Without such a deterrent, Israel might be emboldened to attack Syria with the full support of the Likhudnik Bush Jr. Neoconservatives, who have always viewed Syria as ‘low-hanging fruit’ ready to be taken out by means of their joint aggression.

“The Israeli press has just reported that the Bush Jr administration is encouraging Israel to attack Syria. If Israel attacks Syria as it did when it invaded Lebanon in 1982, Iran has vowed to come to Syria’s defense.

“And of course Israel and the Bush Jr administration very much want a pretext to attack Iran. This scenario could readily degenerate into World War III.

“For the U.N. General Assembly to establish ICTI could stop the further development of this momentum towards a regional if not global catastrophe.”

We, the undersigned, demand that The United Nations General Assembly immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a ‘subsidiary organ’ under U.N. Charter Article 22 to prosecute the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel’s other top generals and war criminals for their infliction of international war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine.


The Undersigned


(repost from beirut indymedia) 09.Aug.2006 23:47


from Hanady -


One suggestion I need any of you to transmit to the Israelis: I offer you all of us. Our flesh, our scalps, our inner parts to exhibit live on TV screens, our bare feet eaten by wolves during the night in ex- villages, our blood flooding in the streets, our kids, our mothers, our fathers , our brothers, sisters, grandparents , every single one of us. KILL US ALL. You can be selective if you wish. Leave those who like you, believe in you, to prosper by you side in the new whatever hell you would like to have.


Blood is all what you have to offer, it has always been that way. Blood you shall have. As much blood as you planes can get. As much blood as your fantasies imply. As much blood as there is in our veins.

Did you have enough blood for today? Only in the afternoon, in Ghazyeh, in Ghassanieh, in Houla, in Britel, in Chmestar, in Ali Nahri, in Hezzine, in Tyre, in Bayyada, in Qassmieh, and those you killed a few minutes ago in Shayyah, in the southern suburb, the Hezbollah stronghold as your reporters label it. In this Hezbollah stronghold, my colleagues fail to mention, hundreds of POOR families live, and today most of them are refugees from other parts of the country.

Kill as much as you can.

Your smart planes and smart rockets and smart asses and smart allies: kill us all. This is not just another war. This is extermination. This is another fun game, the way the Israelis like them, played with US made arms, funded by YOUR MONEY, justified by YOUR PRESS, encouraged by YOUR ELECTED POLITICIANS.


Over here in Europe we have

rigoroz 10.Aug.2006 12:12

Total media blocade of the events in Lebanon by the alledged terrorist plot in UK.

Al-Qaida is a great enemy. Always jumps in when you need it… And it never attacks Israel.

Weekly report: Israeli warcrimes in Palestine

rigoroz 10.Aug.2006 15:57

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Escalate Attacks on Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)

25 Palestinians, including 6 children and an old man, were killed by IOF.
17 of the victim, including two children, were killed.
3 of the victims were extra-judicially executed by IOF in the West Bank.
59 Palestinian civilians, including 26 children and women, were wounded by the IOF gunfire.
IOF launched a series of air strikes on a number of houses in the Gaza Strip.
3 houses were destroyed after their residents were warned that the houses would be attacked.
IOF have continued to shell the northern Gaza Strip and al-Shouka village near Rafah, and many families were forced to leave their homes.
IOF conducted 38 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank, and moved into several areas in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah.
IOF destroyed 41 houses and razed at least 557 donums[1] of agricultural land in Rafah.
IOF arrested 44 Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and 20 others in the Gaza Strip.
IOF have continued to impose a total siege on the OPT; IOF have imposed a tightened siege on the Gaza Strip and there have been shortages of foodstuffs and fuels; IOF positioned at a checkpoint in the West Bank arrested a Palestinian civilian.
IOF have continued to construct the Annexation Wall in the West Bank; they confiscated areas of land in Hebron and burnt at least 100 donums of agricultural land in Tulkarm.
Israeli settlers have continued attacks Palestinian civilians and property in the OPT; a Palestinian civilian was killed and his son was wounded by settlers.


As the international community has remained silent, IOF have continued to wage a full scale offensive on the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip. During the reported period, IOF have waged a media war against Palestinian civilians. They have dropped leaflets in streets and on roofs of houses, phoned civilians threatening to destroy their houses if they helped Palestinian resistance activist, and ordered a number of Palestinian resistance activists through phone calls on their mobile phones to evacuate their houses, which would be destroyed. IOF have further continued their Operation Grasshopper, under which they move in a certain area, commit crimes there and then redeploy outside it. They then move into another area and do the same.

PCHR, monitoring with utmost concern the developments of this offensive, calls upon the international community, particularly the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and United Nations, to immediately intervene to force IOF to stop this offensive and allow the passage of foodstuffs, medical supplies and fuels into the Gaza Strip.

The outcome of crimes committed by IOF since 25 June 2006:

200 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 44 children and 10 women, have been killed by IOF.

At least 779 Palestinian civilians, including 218 children and 24 women, have been wounded by the IOF gunfire.

At least 205 air-to-surface missiles and hundreds of artillery shells have been fired at Palestinian civilian and military targets in the Gaza Strip.

Buildings of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National economy, the office of the Palestinian Prime Minister and a number of educational institutions have been destroyed.

The electricity generation plant, providing 45% of the electricity of the Gaza Strip, was destroyed, and electricity networks and transmitters have been repeatedly attacked.

6 bridges linking Gaza City with the central Gaza Strip and a number of roads have been destroyed.

Hundreds of donums of agricultural land and dozens of houses have been destroyed.

Hundreds of Palestinian civilians, including 8 ministers and 26 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council have been arrested.

The Palestinian governmental compound in Nablus has been destroyed.

Many families in Rafah, Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia have been forced to leave their houses.

IOF intelligence has warned some Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip by phone to evacuate their houses, which would be attacked.

15 houses belonging to activists of Palestinian factions were destroyed by IOF warplanes.

IOF have imposed a strict siege on the OPT, and have isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.

Israeli violations of international law continued in the OPT during the reported period (3 – 9 August 2006):

Killing: During the reported period, IOF killed 20 Palestinians, including 12 civilians, in the Gaza Strip. The victims included 6 children and an old man. In addition, civilian died from a previous wound he had sustained last month. It is noted that 17 of the victims were killed during a 3-day IOF incursion into Rafah. This number includes two brothers, who were attacked by an IOF drone while they were fleeing from the area together with their mother and brother, who were also wounded. It also included a 3-day-old baby, who fell from the hands of her mother who was fleeing from the area, as IOF shelled it. Most of the victims were killed by IOF air strikes. The remaining 3 victims, other than those who were killed in Rafah, were two members of the Palestinian resistance and a 3-yea-old child. The two members were killed by a missile fired by an IOF warplane, whereas the child died when she fell from the roof of her family’s house due to the heavy explosion caused by the missile.

In addition, 45 Palestinian civilians, including 18 children and a woman, were wounded by IOF shelling. Thus, the number of Palestinians killed by IOF in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of “Operation Summer Rains” on 25 June 2006 has increased to 181, including 100 civilians. These civilians have included 42 children and 10 women. In addition, 693 others, mostly civilians, including 188 children, 24 women, 4 paramedics and 4 journalists, have been wounded.

IOF also launched at least 12 air strikes on a number of targets in the Gaza Strip, including 3 houses belonging to Palestinian resistance activists. These houses were destroyed, and a number of neighboring houses and civilian facilities were severely damaged. IOF intelligence officers ordered owners of these houses by phone to evacuate their houses. The targeted houses were not located in confrontation areas, or in areas used to fire rockets. They were distributed in different parts of the Gaza Strip. In addition, they were multi-story apartment structures. The destruction caused fear among the civilian population. The destruction of houses is based on intelligence reports, which can be inaccurate or out of date and often do not justify attacks on civilians and their property. Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the destruction of real or personal property, “except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.”

In a further escalation, IOF fired dozens of artillery shells at Palestinian residential areas and agricultural land in the Gaza Strip. A number of Palestinian civilians were killed or wounded and a number of flats were damaged. Hundreds of families have been forced to leave their homes due to the IOF shelling. In Rafah, IOF have repeatedly shelled the electricity network, cutting electricity off from the whole town.

In the West Bank, IOF committed two extra-judicial executions, which left dead 3 members of the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad. On 6 August 2006, IOF extra-judicially executed one of these Palestinians in Seilat al-Harthiya village, southwest of Jenin. An IOF sniper fired at the victim who was hiding on the roof of his house. On 9 August 2006, an IOF helicopter gunship fired 3 missiles at a house in Jenin refugee camp, killing two Palestinians. IOF had used helicopter gunships in military operations for the first time since Operation Defensive Shield in 2002. In addition, 12 Palestinian civilians, including 7 children and a girl, were wounded by IOF gunfire.

Incursions: During the reported period, IOF conducted a 3-day incursion into al-Shouka village in Rafah. During this incursion, IOF destroyed 42 houses, in which 285 people (42 families) lived. They also razed 557 of agricultural land, and damaged the civilian infrastructure of the village. IOF conducted 4 incursions into areas in the Gaza Strip. They destroyed civilian property and shelled residential areas. Dozens of families were also forced to leave their houses due to the intense IOF shelling.

In the West Bank, IOF conducted at least 38 military incursions into Palestinian communities, during which they raided dozens of house and arrested 44 Palestinian civilians, including a woman, 3 children and the Speaker and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Restrictions on Movement: IOF have continued to impose a tightened siege on the OPT and imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including Occupied East Jerusalem.

Gaza Strip

IOF have imposed a strict siege on the Gaza Strip. They have closed its border crossings as a form of collective punishment against Palestinian civilians.

IOF have closed Rafah International Crossing Point, even though they do not directly control it. They have prevented European observers working at the crossing point form reaching it. On 18 and 19 July 2006, IOF permitted reopening the crossing point partially, with the presence of EU observers and in agreement with the Egyptian side, for travelers wishing to come back to the Gaza Strip. IOF have closed commercial crossings of the Gaza Strip, especially al-Mentar (Karni) crossing. As a consequence, the economic situation inside the Gaza Strip has further deteriorated and many goods have been lacked in markets. IOF have also continued to close Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip. In addition, IOF have prevented Palestinian fishermen from fishing.

West Bank

IOF have tightened the siege imposed on Palestinian communities in the West Bank. They have isolated Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank. IOF positioned at various checkpoints in the West Bank have continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians. IOF have continued to separate between the north and south of the West Bank. During the reported period, IOF positioned at various checkpoints around imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians. On Friday, 4 August 2006, IOF prevented Palestinian aged below 45 from going to the al-Aqsa Mosque for the Friday prayer. Additionally, IOF established a new checkpoint at Jaba’ intersection, northeast of Jerusalem, only two kilometers way from Qalandya checkpoint, which has been transformed into an international crossing point.

Annexation Wall: IOF have continued to construct the Annexation Wall inside the West Bank. On Sunday, 6 August 2006, IOF issued a military order confiscating dozens of donums of agricultural land in the west of Beit ‘Awa village, southwest of Hebron. Also during the reported period, IOF burnt at lest 100 donums of agricultural land in Far’oun village, which has been isolated behind the Wall, south of Tulkarm.

Illegal Settler Activities: Israeli settlers in breach of international humanitarian law continue to reside in the OPT and have launched a series of attacks against Palestinian civilians and property. On Sunday evening, 6 August 2006, a number of Israeli settlers traveling in a civilian car opened fire at a Palestinian truck that was traveling before them near Douma village, southeast of Nablus. As a result, Hussein Fahmi ‘Ali Mardawi, 48, from Habla village southeast of Qalqilya, was killed by two live bullets to the heart, and his son, 17-year-old ‘Ameed, was wounded by shrapnel to the left hand and shoulder.

Israeli Violations Documented during the Reporting Period (3 – 9 August 2006)

1. Israeli Offensive on the Gaza Strip

For the fifth consecutive week, IOF continued their open-ended offensive on the OPT, especially in the Gaza Strip, after Palestinians had captured an IOF soldier from a military outpost on 25 June 2006. Since then, IOF have been perpetrating war crimes and serious violations in several areas in the Gaza Strip. These crimes have included willful killing, disproportionate use of lethal force; destruction of civilian infrastructure, including electricity and water networks; large scale destruction of public and private property; air strikes and mock air raids on civilian targets, including educational institutions; governmental compounds; and training sites and activists of Palestinian resistance organizations.

In addition, IOF have targeted journalists and media crews covering the events on the ground. PCHR believes that attacks against journalists aims at hindering journalists from conducting their professional duty of sending the picture of crimes perpetrated by the Israeli government to world public opinion.

The military escalation has been accompanied by the complete closure imposed on the Gaza Strip since 25 June 2006, and the subsequent severe humanitarian and economic conditions. IOF have closed border crossings, keeping thousands of Palestinians at the Egyptian side of the Rafah International Crossing Point, and preventing the flow of food, medicines and fuel through commercial crossings. As a result, the Gaza Strip is on the verge of a humanitarian and environmental disaster.

Thursday, 3 August 2006

In another crime of disproportionate use of lethal force, IOF have killed 9 Palestinians, including 6 unarmed civilians (one of them a child), and injured 20 others (5 of them children) in land and aerial bombardment. The bombardment accompanied a land attack on El-Shoka community that started during pre-dawn hours. PCHR's fieldworker in Rafah reported that most of the victims were torn and charred. The Centre is very concerned over this Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) escalation, which is part of an open aggression on the Gaza Strip that started at the end of June. Hundreds of Palestinian civilian casualties fell during this aggression. In addition, IOF have caused extensive damage and destruction to civilian property and infrastructure.

At approximately 23:30 on Wednesday, 2 August 2006, tens of IOF armored vehicles supported by helicopters and drones moved nearly 3 kilometers into al-Shouka, east of Rafah. IOF armored vehicles opened fire indiscriminately during their advance. This incursion continued until Sunday morning, 6 August 2006.

At approximately 00:00, an IOF drone fired a missile at a group of civilians who gathered near the building of al-Shoka Municipality. As a result, Ziad Salman al-Sheikh ‘Eid, 22, was killed instantly, and 2 others were seriously wounded. One of the wounded, 19-year-old ‘Adnan Bassam Abu Lebda, died laterfrom the wound he sustained in the attack.

• At approximately 02:40, an IOF drone fired a missile at a group of Palestinian resistance activists on Salah al-Din road. One of them, 24-year-old Wa’el Mohammed Younis, was killed instantly, and two others.

• At approximately 03:10, an IOF drone fired a missile at a group of Palestinian resistance activists near ‘Aamer housing project intersection on Salah al-Din road. One activist, 21-year-old Mahmoud Anwar Killab, was killed and another one was wounded.

• At approximately 04:00, an IOF drone fired a missile at civilians who gathered near Mohammad Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in al-Junaina neighborhood in Rafah. Two civilians were seriously wounded. Less than an hour later, IOF warplanes fired two missiles at the Hospital's prayer hall. Three civilians were wounded, including a 5-year old girl who was sleeping inside her house near the hospital.

• At approximately 07:30, IOF warplanes fired 2 missiles at a group of civilians in al-Shouka village. As a result, 12-year-old Anis Salem Abu ‘Awad was killed. Eight others, including 4 children, were wounded.

• At approximately 09:30, Palestinian medical crews retrieved the bodies of 2 civilians killed in al-Shouka village at the beginning of the IOF incursion:

1. Yousef ‘Abdullah Abu Mour, 22; and

2. ‘Abdul Rahman Ahmed Abu Sunaima, 42.

The two civilians were killed by a missile fired by an IOF warplane.

• At approximately 09:45, three civilians who were wounded in al-Shouka village were evacuated to Mohammad Yousef al-Najjar Hospital. They were wounded by shrapnel from IOF artillery shelling.

• At approximately 11:00, medical crews found the body of Suliman Mahfouz al-Rumailat, 55, from al-Shouka village, torn into pieces by IOF artillery shelling.

• At approximately 21:50, an IOF drone fired a missile at a number of Palestinian resistance activists in al-Tannour neighborhood, west of al-Shouka village. A resistance activist, 22-year-old ‘Izziddin Sameer Abu Jazar, was killed, and another one, 21-year-old Ahmed Mohammed Abu Jazar, was seriously wounded by shrapnel throughout the body. The victim’s body was found on the following day morning.

• In other areas of the Gaza Strip, at approximately 13:00, IOF positioned at the border to the east of Beit Hanoun. As a result, 13-year-old ‘Aamer Salem Abu Shallouf, was wounded by shrapnel to the limbs, when he was near his house.

Friday, 4 August 2006

• In the early morning, an IOF fighter jet fired a missile at a house belonging to ‘Omar ‘Arafat al-Khatib, 32, in which 6 people live, in Block I in al-Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City. The house was destroyed. The owner was informed by IOF intelligence by phone that his house would be attacked only 10 minutes prior to the attack.

IOF continued their offensive on al-Shouka village, east of Rafah:

• At midnight, Palestinian civilians fled their homes in al-Shouka due to the intensity of IOF shelling. A baby, 3-day-old Shahed Saleh al-Sheikh ‘Eid, fell from her mothers arms. She suffered bruises and internal hemorrhage. She was pronounced dead at Mohammad Yousef al-Najjar Hospital.

• At approximately 06:30, an IOF warplane fired a missile at a group of Palestinian resistance activists in al-Tannour neighborhood, west of al-Shouka village. One of them, 26-year-old ‘Essam Yousef al-Bashiti, was killed instantly, and another one was seriously wounded. After the strike, Ahmad Mohammad Shaheen, 21, went out of his house in the area to save the wounded. IOF troops fired at him. He was killed by two live bullets to the chest.

Saturday, 5 August 2006

• At approximately 00:00, IOF widened the scope of their aggression on al-Shouka, advancing towards al-Tannour neighborhood and ‘Aamer housing project, nearly 4 kilometers away from the border with Israel. IOF completely destroyed the remaining parts of the Sa'ad Sayel Barracks of the National Security Force, which had been targeted during the al-Aqsa Intifada. IOF took position nearly 600 meters away from Mohammad Yousef al-Najjar Hospital, and fired indiscriminately at the area.

• At approximately 00:30, an IOF drone fired a missile at a group of civilians trying to flee their houses in Tannour neighborhood. The missile hit al-‘Oroba Street in the neighborhood in the midst of a fleeing family. Two children were killed: ‘Ammar Rajaa’ al-Natour, 17; and Kifah Rajaa’ al-Natour, 15. Their mother, 44-year-old Huda ‘Eissa al-Nouri, and their brother, 13-year-old Na’el Rajaa’ al-Natour, were seriously wounded. The child’s right leg was amputated.

In his testimony to PCHR on this attack, an eyewitness, Eyad Hafez Abu Shabana, 39, said:

“At approximately 02:30 on Saturday, 5 August 2006, I was standing in front of my house with my brothers. We were watching the people fleeing their homes in al-Shouka village, al-Tannour neighborhood and ‘Aamer housing project. They were fleeing towards the center of Rafah and towards al-Junaina neighborhood because of the Israeli attack. They were passing through al-‘Oroba Street on their way. As I was watching the flight of the people, I heard an explosion approximately 45 meters away from where I was standing. The explosion caused panic among the people in the area. Many of them fled the area. I walked up carefully to the area of the explosion. I got up to about 5 meters away from the place of the explosion. I saw a woman and three children (two boys and a girl) lying on the street. Smoke and the smell of burns arose from amongst them. I heard the moaning of one of the children and the woman. The other two children were motionless. As I was viewing the scene of the explosion, my friend Sobhi Abu Dahi called me on my mobile phone. I asked him to call for ambulances and report the targeting of a family by a missile fired by a drone that was hovering in the air over the area. Then, I started to call for help from others around me. People were afraid to come near, out of fear that they might be targeted by a second missile. My brother Yahia answered my calls along with a neighbor from the Abu Taha family and a taxi driver from the al-Shawi family. We tried to take the woman to a car; however, we could not because of the burns she sustained. We tried to take the 13-year old boy. While carrying him, I noticed that his right leg was cut off. We went to the hospital. An ambulance arrived after we had left and took the women and the two motionless children to the hospital. At the time of the incident, I did not know the identities of the woman and her children, but after a few hours, I knew from hospital sources that they were from the al-Natour family.”

• At approximately 02:00, an IOF drone fired a missile at a group of Palestinian resistance activists in al-Tannour neighborhood, west of al-Shouka village. One of them, 22-year-old Mohammed Salah al-Khawaja, was killed instantly, with his head severed from his body. A few minutes later, another missile was fired at a second group of resistance activists in the area, killing another resistance activist, 23-year-old Sharif Saber ‘Ayyash. His body remained in the area for 4 hours before Palestinian medical crews were able to retrieve it.

• At approximately 19:00, two Palestinian civilians were wounded by the IOF gunfire in al-Shouka village:

1. ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Abu Snaida, 18, wounded by a live bullet to the left knee; and

2. ‘Abdullah Jamal Nasser, 18, wounded by shrapnel to the back.

• At approximately 23:50, an IOF drone fired a missile at a number of Palestinian civilians in al-Salam neighborhood to the west of al-Shouka village. As a result, Ibrahim Suleiman al-Rumailat, 13, was killed by shrapnel to the back and shoulder. Three other civilians were also wounded by shrapnel throughout their bodies:

1. Yousef Mohammed ‘Abdul ‘Aal, 17;

2. Mohammed Hamdan al-Soufi, 54; and

3. Mohammed Ejmai’an al-Soufi, 30.

The indiscriminate shelling and shooting by IOF in Rafah wounded 8 Palestinian civilians, including 6 children.

IOF raided a number of houses to the east of Rafah, and arrested 7 Palestinian. IOF took over a number of houses and transformed them into military outposts to protect their troops. Electricity has been cut off Rafah since the start of the aggression. In addition, IOF have cut off transportation between Rafah and Khan Yunis on Salah al-Deen Road.

The IOF offensive resulted in a harsh humanitarian situation. Approximately 400 families of 2560 members were forced to flee their houses, and take refuge in emergency shelters provided by UNRWA in two schools.

• In the central Gaza Strip, at approximately 04:00, IOF positioned at the border with Israel, east of al-Maghazi refugee camp, opened fire at Palestinian agricultural land. As a result, Bassem Mohammed ‘Aabed, 24, from Khan Yunis, was wounded by shrapnel to the neck, when he was working at a bird farm, nearly 350 meters away from the border.

• In the northern Gaza Strip, at approximately 07:30, IOF fired a number of artillery shells at the east of Beit Hanoun. A shell fell near houses, wounding 14-year-old Sa’ed Khaled Musleh, seriously with shrapnel to throughout the body.

• At approximately 16:25, IOF fired an artillery shell at al-Hawouz area, west of Beit Hanoun. As a result, Mohammed Akram Abu Shabab, 16, was wounded by shrapnel to the chest.

Sunday, 6 August 2006

• At approximately 01:00, IOF redeployed in Rafah. They moved out of various areas they had encroached into in the preceding days, towards Gaza International Airport, southeast of al-Shouka village. The outcome of the IOF offensive on al-Shouka village was:

v 17 Palestinians, including 5 children, one of whom was a 3-day-old baby, were killed.

v 37 Palestinians, including 16 women and children, were wounded.

v 20 Palestinians were arrested.

v Large areas of agricultural land, a number of houses and the civilian infrastructure were destroyed.

v At least 100 shells were fired by IOF following their redeployment from the area.

• At approximately 01:30, medical sources at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City declared that Mohammed Ahmed Abu ‘Amra, 65, from Gaza City, died from a wound he had sustained on 17 July 2006. He was wounded by shrapnel throughout the body, when IOF warplanes attacked the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in al-Remal neighborhood in the west of Gaza City.

• At approximately 19:00, IOF moved again into al-Shouka village, east of Rafah. They besieged a 350-square-meter house belonging to Yasser Mahmoud ‘Abdul ‘Aal near Rafah International Crossing Point. They forced the family out. They then planted explosives and destroyed the house. IOF also razed 20 donums of agricultural land near the house.

Monday, 7 August 2006

• At approximately 01:00, an IOF fighter jet fired a missile at a 500-square-meter, two-storey house belonging to Khaled Mohammed al-Shurafa, in which 34 people (4 families) live, in al-‘Atatra area, west of Beit Lahia. The house was destroyed and two neighboring houses were severely damaged. Al-Shurafa told PCHR that he received a phone call on his mobile phone from the IOF intelligence, informing him that his house would be shelled. He immediately vacated the house. When he came back to the house to take some documents, he received another phone call, ordering him to leave the house immediately and he did. IOF attacked the house a few seconds later.

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

• At approximately 12:10, IOF positioned at the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, north of Beit Lahia, opened fire at a number of Palestinian children in the Bedouin village, nearly 300 meters away from the border. One of the children, 14-year-old Ibrahim Shihda Abu Jarad, was wounded by a live bullet to the right knee.

Wednesday, 9 August 2006

• At approximately 20:00, an IOF warplane fired a missile at a tract of agricultural land in the est of Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in the north of Gaza City. Four members of Salah al-Din Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, who were unarmed, were on the land. Two of them were instantly killed: Ahmed Hussein al-Mis’hal, 18; and Ramadan Majdalawi, 30. The two others were seriously wounded. As a result of the heavy explosion, 3-year-old Rajaa’ Salam Abu Sha’ban, fell from the roof of her family’s house, nearly 100 meters way. She instantly died because of a fracture to the skull. In addition, one civilian was wounded.

2. Incursions into Palestinian Areas and Attacks on Palestinian Civilians and Property in the West Bank

Thursday, 3 August 2006

• At approximately 00:30, IOF positioned at the eastern entrance of Beit ‘Awa village, southwest of Hebron, raided a house belonging to ‘Awad ‘Abdul Mahdi Maslama. They forced the family out and searched it. A number of IOF soldiers also violently beat the owner’s son, 16-year-old Mexher, and his daughter, 19-year-old Hala. The two sustained serious bruises and the daughter lost conscious for a few minutes. This raid on the house had been the fifth in less than one month.

• At approximately 01:00, IOF moved into Beit Kahel village, northwest of Hebron. They raided and searched a house belonging to Ussama ‘Abdullah ‘Asafra, 30, and arrested him.

• At approximately 01:30, IOF moved into Yatta village, south of Hebron. They raided and searched a house belonging to the family of ‘Abdullah Mohammed Shuraitah, 22, and arrested him.

• At approximately 02:00, IOF positioned in the south of Hebron raided and searched two houses near the Ibrahimi Mosque, and arrested two Palestinian civilians:

1. ‘Omran Mohammed al-Muhtasseb, 19; and

2. Saqer Mohammed ‘Obaidu, 19.

• Also at approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Jenin town and refugee camp. They patrolled in the streets and opened fire. No casualties or arrests were reported.

• At approximately 02:30, IOF moved into al-Bireh. They raided and searched a house belonging to Ziad Abu Daya, 41, member of the Municipal Council of the al-Bireh, and arrested him.

• At approximately 03:40, IOF moved into Qalqilya through its eastern entrance. They raided and searched a house belonging to the family of Yasser Isma’il Badra, 27, a member of the Palestinian National Security Forces, in al-Naffar neighborhood, and arrested him.

• At approximately 21:30, IOF moved into the southwest and west of Hebron. They raided and searched a shop belonging to the family of Zaidan Na’im al-Natsha, 29, and violently beat him. They then handcuffed and blindfolded him and out him in a military jeep. An hour later, they pushed him out of the jeep. He sustained bruises throughout the body. IOF claimed that al-Natsha did not obey their order to open a coffer in the shop.

Friday, 4 August 2006

• At approximately 02:20, IOF moved into Nablus and the neighboring Balata refugee camp. They raided and searched a number of houses, and arrested two Palestinian civilians:

1. Bahaa’ Smeeh Hashash, 20; and

2. Fathi al-Qaddoumi, 27.

• At approximately 02:30, IOF moved into ‘Ein al-Sultan refugee camp, northwest of Jericho. They besieged a house belonging to Ibrahim Abu Sharar. They ordered residents through megaphones to get out, and they did, excluding the owner’s son, 29-year-old Yasser. Immediately, IOF fired sound bombs inside the house. As a result, the son sustained burns to the left leg. He got out of the house at 04:30, and IOF arrested him.

• At approximately 04:00, IOF moved into al-Fundoq village, east of Qalqilya, and imposed a curfew. According to eyewitnesses, IOF soldiers stopped and checked Palestinian civilians who were on their way to mosque for the Dawn Prayer.

• At approximately 13:15, IOF moved into the north of Hebron. Following the Noon Prayer, IOF stopped 5 prayers and summoned them to the IOF intelligence. No arrests were reported.

Saturday, 5 August 2006

• At approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Tulkarm town and refugee camp. They patrolled in the streets. They then moved into Thinnaba suburb, east of the town. There, they raided and searched a house belonging to Shadi Fu’ad Qara’en, 21, and arrested him.

• At approximately 21:00, IOF moved into al-Duhaisha refugee camp, south of Bethlehem. They stopped and checked passing Palestinian civilians. A number of civilians gathered and threw stones at IOF vehicles. Immediately, IOF soldiers fired at these civilians, wounding two of them:

1. Ahmed Sa’id Salem, 17, wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet to the chest; and

2. ‘Atallah Zahran, 20, wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet to the shoulder.

• At approximately 21:30, IOF moved into Tubas village, southeast of Jenin. They stopped and checked a number of Palestinian civilians, and arrested 16-year-old Sa’ad Ibrahim ‘Abdul Raziq.

Sunday, 6 August 2006

• At approximately 00:00, IOF moved into Ramallah, and besieged a house belonging to Dr. ‘Aziz al-Dweik, 58, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), in al-Masayef neighborhood. IOF ordered the al-Dweik through megaphones to get out and surrender. He got out of the house and IOF arrested him. IOF had earlier tried to arrest him during a detention campaign against PLC members and cabinet ministers. It is noted that Dr. Dweik was elected as the PLC Speaker on 18 March 2006. He was arrested by IOF 5 times in the past, and spent 4 years in IOF prisons. He was also deported to Marj El-Zohur for a year at the end of 1992 with other Hamas and Islamic Jihad activists.

On 29 June 2006, IOF arrested 8 Cabinet Ministers and 21 PLC members from Hamas. In addition, IOF arrested Hamas political activists during the same campaign. On 6 July 2006, IOF arrested the second deputy speaker of the PLC, Dr. Hasan Khuraisha at al-Karama International Border Crossing. He was released on 30 July 2006 after posting a 10,000 New Israeli Shekel bail. It is noted that IOF released the Minister for Prisoners' Affairs, Mr. Wasfi Qabha, last weekend, but most cabinet ministers and PLC members have remained in custody.

• At approximately 01:30, IOF moved into Nablus. They raided and searched a number of houses, and arrested two Palestinian civilians:

1. Nidal Habiba, 26; and

2. Mujahed al-Ma’lawani, 29.

• At approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Bethlehem. They raided and searched a number of houses, but no arrests were reported.

• Also at approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Nablus. They raided and searched a number of houses, and arrested 20-year-old Mohammed al-Tubasi.

• At approximately 03:30, IOF moved into Jenin town and refugee camp. They raided and searched a number of houses. Before their withdrawal at approximately 11:00, IOF arrested 3 Palestinian civilians, including a child:

1. Mahmoud Hussam al-Tubasi, 17;

2. Ra’ed Mahmoud al-Noubani, 20; and

3. Mohammed Hisham Tabeekh, 19.

• IOF moved into various areas in the north of Hebron. They erected a number of checkpoints at the main intersections. They stopped and searched dozens of Palestinian civilian vehicles. A number of IOF soldiers raided an internet café belonging to Eyad Fathi Jamjoum near Hebron University. They checked and interrogated a number of young men who were in there. No arrests were reported.

• At approximately 22:30, IOF moved into Ramallah. They raided and searched a houses belonging to Fadel Saleh Hamdan, 52, a PLC member representing Hamas, in the center of the town, and arrested him.

Monday, 7 August 2006

• At approximately 01:00, IOF moved into al-Shyoukh village, northeast of Hebron. They raided and searched a number of houses, firing live bullets and sound bombs. They also forced Palestinian civilians out of houses and damaged the houses. IOF soldiers violently beat Reema Ameen ‘Ayaida, 24, when she protested against their behavior. She sustained bruises throughout the body. At approximately 03:30, IOF arrested ‘Abdul Nasser Mar’ei Ziadat, 27, claiming that he is a member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fatah movement.

• At approximately 13:50, an IOF undercover unit moved into ‘Azzoun village, east of Qalqilya, traveling in a civilian car with a Palestinian registration plate. The car stopped near a house belonging to Shaker Mahmoud Radwan, 32, a member of the Palestinian Preventive Security Service, and the unit besieged. Soon, IOF military vehicles moved into the village to reinforce the undercover unit. They ordered Radwan through megaphones to get out of the house and surrender, and he did. Immediately, IOF arrested him.

• At approximately 21:30, IOF moved into Kufor Dan village, west of Jenin. They opened fire at houses. They erected a number of checkpoints, and stopped and checked Palestinian civilians. No casualties or arrests were reported.

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

• At approximately 01:00, IOF moved into Sourif village, northwest of Hebron. They raided and searched a number of houses, and arrested two Palestinian civilians:

1. Mohammed Ahmed al-‘Er’er, 20; and

2. Anas Mohammed Khdair, 19.

• At approximately 01:30, IOF moved into al-Duhaisha refugee camp, south of Bethlehem. They raided and searched a house belonging to the family of Nader Mohammed ‘Abed Rabbu, 27, and arrested him.

• Also at approximately 01:30, IOF moved into Jenin town and refugee camp. They opened fire at houses and patrolled in the streets. No casualties or arrests were reported.

• At approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Yatta village, south of Hebron. They raided and searched a number of houses, including a two-storey house belonging to Younis Khalil Zain. IOF soldiers severely damaged the house and its furniture.

• Also at approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Beer al-Basha village, south of Jenin. They raided and searched a number of houses and arrested Sami Ibrahim Ghawadra, 20.

• At approximately 01:30, IOF moved into Taqqou’ village, southeast of Bethlehem. They raided and searched a number of houses and arrested 5 Palestinian civilians:

1. Islam ‘Aadel Jaddou’, 21;

2. Murad Sami Jebril, 19;

3. ‘Awad Dakhlallah Jddou’, 19;

4. Samer Salim Jebril, 18; and

5. Rabee’ Yousef Abu Mefreh, 17.

• At approximately 03:00, IOF moved into Nablus and the neighboring Balata and ‘Ein Beit al-Maa’ refugee camps. They raided and searched a number of houses and arrested 3 Palestinian civilians, including a woman whose husband has been detained by IOF:

1. Rowaida ‘Owaijan, 25, Samer ‘Owaijan’s wife;

2. ‘Azzam Marwan Barakat, 21; and

3. Maher Ameen Sallam, 18.

• Also at approximately 03:00, IOF moved into Roujib village, east of Nablus. They raided and searched a number of houses and arrested Ma’rouf Sadiq Dwaikat, 24.

• At approximately 07:00, IOF moved into Qabatya village, southeast of Jenin. They besieged a house belonging to the family of Mahmoud Adeeb Hanaisha, 24. They fired live bullets, sound bombs and tear gas canisters at the house, and ordered its residents through megaphones to get out, and they did. IOF then arrested Hanaisha and his brother, 22-year-old Waleed. They also arrested Mahran Mousa Hanaisha, 20. Hanaisha’s mother suffered from tear gas inhalation, and his sister was hit by a sound bombs. Soon, a number of Palestinian civilians gathered and threw stones at IOF vehicles. Immediately, IOF fired the these civilians, wounding 5, including 3 children:

1. Eyad Mahmoud Nazzal, 26, seriously wounded by a live bullet to the eye;

2. Ahmed Bassam Zakarna, 22, seriously wounded by a live bullet to the head;

3. Ameen Mohammed Zakarna, 14, wounded by shrapnel to the body;

4. Mohammed Subhi Hanaisha, 12, wounded by a live bullet to the thigh; and

5. Mohammed ‘Emad Abu al-Rub, 13, wounded by a live bullet to the foot.

• Also at approximately 07:00, IOF moved into the south and southwest of Hebron. They raided and searched a number of houses and arrested two Palestinian civilians:

1. Shareef Salah Mahfouz, 23;

2. Ra’ed Akram Abu Sunaina, 26.

• At approximately 15:00, IOF moved into Tubas village, southeast of Jenin. A number of Palestinian children gathered and threw stones at IOF vehicles. Immediately, IOF soldiers fired at the children, wounding 3:

1. Mahmoud ‘Aaref Abu al-Huda, 16, wounded by a live bullet to the right leg;

2. Nayef Nidal al-Kharraz, 16, wounded by a live bullet to the right foot; and

3. ‘Ammar Nidal al-Kilani, 17, wounded by a live bullet to the right thigh.

Wednesday, 9 August 2006

• At approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus. They raided and searched a number of houses and arrested 4 Palestinian brothers:

1. Hani Shaker Abu ‘Ayash, 18;

2. Mohammed Shaker Abu ‘Ayash, 20;

3. Hussein Shaker Abu ‘Ayash, 22; and

4. Jihad Shaker Abu ‘Ayash, 35.

• At approximately 02:30, IOF permanently positioned ion the center and south of Hebron arrested Fadel Amjad Dandis, 33, who is disabled.

3. Extra-Judicial Execution

• On Sunday evening, 6 August 2006, IOF extra-judicially executed a member of al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, in Seilat al-Harthiya village, southwest of Jenin.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 13:00, IOF moved into Seilat al-Harthiya village, southwest of Jenin. They took position in al-Tahaina area in the northwest of the village. A number of IOF soldiers took position atop of a number of houses. IOF besieged a 3-storey house belonging to Sami Najeeb al-‘Emari. They ordered the residents to get out of the house, and demanded the owner’s son, 24-year-old Rashed, to surrender. At approximately 19:00, an IOF sniper opened fire at Rashed who was hiding on the roof, killing him. An IOF soldier then fired at his body from a pistol. IOF soldiers then took the body into the house and left the area. The victim was hit by 4 live bullets to the head and the chest. IOF claimed that he was wanted for being a member of the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad.

• On Wednesday morning, 9 August 2006, IOF extra-judicially executed two members of the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, in Jenin refugee camp.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 09:00, an IOF helicopter gunship fired 3 missiles at an uninhabited house belonging to Mazen Farid Hawashin in al-Samran quarter in Jenin refugee camp. One of the missiles went astray, while the other two hit the house. As a result, two Palestinians, who were hiding inside, were killed:

1. Mohammed Majed Ahmed ‘Ateeq, 26, from Bouqin village southwest of Jenin; and

2. Amjad Sa;id Ahmed al-‘Ajami, 22, from ‘Attel village north of Tulkarm.

IOF had not used helicopter gunships in military operations in the West Bank since Operation Defensive Shield in 2002.

4. Continued Siege on the OPT

IOF have continued to impose a tightened siege on the OPT and imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including Occupied East Jerusalem.

Gaza Strip

Following an attack launched by Palestinian militants on 25 June 2006 near the Israeli-Egyptian border, southeast of Rafah, which left two IOF soldiers and two of the attackers dead and a third IOF soldier missing, IOF have closed all border crossings of the Gaza Strip:

• Rafah International Crossing Point: Rafah International Crossing Point on the Egyptian border is the sole outlet for the Gaza Strip to the outside world. IOF have closed Rafah International Crossing Point, even though they do not directly control it. They have prevented European observers working at the crossing point form reaching it. PCHR has always warned following the agreement reached between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, which was brokered by the United States and the European Union, that IOF have complete, even though indirect, control over the crossing point. Thousands of Palestinian civilians have been stuck at the Egyptian side of the crossing, and hundreds of others have been deprived of their right to receive medical treatment abroad. During the reported period, the crossing point was completely closed. The crossing point was partially reopened on 18 and 19 July 2006 to allow thousands of Palestinians stuck at the Egyptian side to cross towards the Gaza Strip. Thousands of Palestinians visiting the Gaza Strip from other Arab countries have been stuck inside the Gaza Strip.

• Beit Hanoun (Erez) Crossing: IOF have completely closed Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, which links the Gaza Strip with Israel and the West Bank. Before this latest closure, IOF had prevented Palestinian workers from reaching their work places inside Israel through Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing since 12 March 2006. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip had been prevented from traveling through this crossing. IOF had allowed international workers and Palestinian National Authority officials who have VIP cards to pass through the crossing, but without their private cars. With this closure, Palestinian patients have been prevented from traveling to hospitals in Israel and the West Bank.

• Al-Mentar (Karni) Commercial Crossing: IOF have closed the crossing, which is the main commercial crossing for the Gaza Strip. As a consequence, the economic situation inside the Gaza Strip has further deteriorated and many goods have been lacked in markets. On 16 August 2006, IOF partially reopened the crossing and allowed the importation of some goods from the Gaza Strip, for the first time in 3 months. During the reported period, the crossing was partially reopened for a few hours to allow the flow of foodstuffs into the Gaza Strip, whereas Nahal Ouz crossing was opened for a few hours to bring fuel into the Gaza Strip.

The closure of border crossings deprives the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip of their right to freedom of movement, education and health.

IOF have continued to impose severe restrictions on fishing in the Gaza Strip. Following the attack on IOF on 25 June 2006, IOF prevented fishing. Approximately 35,000 people in and around Gaza’s coastal communities rely on the fishing industry, including 2,500 fishermen, 2,500 support staff and their families. Fishermen have been subjected to intensive monitoring by IOF, which use helicopter gunships and gunboats to monitor the fishermen. On a number of occasions, IOF has opened fire against the civilian fishermen in order to enforce the 9 nautical mile limit imposed on them. The Oslo Accords make provision for Gaza’s sea to be fished to 20 nautical miles.

The West Bank

IOF have imposed a tightened siege on the West Bank. They have continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians and imposed curfews on a number of Palestinian communities.

• Jerusalem: IOF have continued to impose a strict siege on the city. During the reported period, IOF established a permanent checkpoint at Jaba’ intersection, northeast of Jerusalem, nearly two kilometers away from Qalandya crossing that links between the west and south of the West Bank. PCHR had always warned of establishing a new checkpoint in the area after IOF had transformed Qalandya checkpoint into an international crossing point. On Friday, 4 August 2006, IOF imposed additional restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians, especially in the old town. According to eyewitnesses, IOF prevented Palestinians aged below 45 from praying at the al-Aqsa Mosque.

• Ramallah: IOF have continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians. During the reported period, IOF reinforced their presence at ‘Attara checkpoint, north of Ramallah, and at Qalandya checkpoint, south of the town. IOF positioned at ‘Attara checkpoint imposed additional restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians.

• Hebron: IOF have imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians. They have closed a number of roads and entrances of some neighborhoods. IOF have also patrolled in streets. Additionally, they have imposed additional restrictions at permanent checkpoints.

• Tulkarm: IOF have continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians. On Thursday, 3 August 2006, IOF positioned at ‘Ennab checkpoint, east of Tulkarm, and at Wad al-Teen checkpoint, south of the town, continued to prevent Palestinians aged below 35 from passing through the two checkpoints. They stopped and checked Palestinian civilians. on Friday, 4 August 2006, IOF followed the same procedures of the preceding day at ‘Ennab and Wad al-Teen checkpoints. They also erected a checkpoint at Bala’a intersection on Tulkarm – Nablus road. They stopped and checked Palestinian civilians. They chases Palestinian civilians who resorted to alternative dirt roads, and held them for several hours under the sun. on Saturday, 5 August 2006, IOF prevented Palestinians aged below 35 from crossing all checkpoints around Tulkarm. They also erected a checkpoint at the entrance of Beit Leed village. They stopped and checked Palestinian civilians. IOF soldiers chased young men who resorted to alternative branch roads, and held dozens of them for several hours under the sun. On Sunday, 6 August 2006, IOF continued to prevent Palestinians aged below 35 from crossing checkpoints, and expanded this age category to include medical crews. On Monday, 7 August 2006, IOF closed all alternative dirt roads near Wad al-Teen checkpoint, south of Tulkarm, and near ‘Ennab checkpoint, east of the town. They continued also to prevent Palestinians aged below 35 from crossing checkpoints.

• Nablus: IOF have continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians. At approximately 17:00 On Saturday, 5 August 2006, IOF closed all checkpoint erected at the entrance of Nablus, and erected a number of checkpoints at the entrances of villages near Nablus. At approximately 08:30 on Monday, 7 August 2006, IOF closed Beit Eiba crossing, west of Nablus, for no apparent reason. On Wednesday morning, 9 August 2006, IOF erected a checkpoint at a bypass road to the southwest of Nablus, and closed the road. They also erected another checkpoint at “Yitshat” intersection on Nablus – Ramallah road.

On Thursday morning, 3 August 2006, IOF positioned t al-Karama International Crossing Point on the Jordanian border arrested Mohammed Fattash al-Fattash, 17, from Salfit villag southwest of Nablus, when he was on his way back to the West Bank.

• Jenin: IOF have continued to severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians. On Thursday morning, 3 August 2006, IOF erected a checkpoint at al-Shuhada intersection on Jenin – Nablus road. They also erected another checkpoint at the southern entrance of ‘Arraba village, southwest of Jenin, and prevented Palestinians aged below 45 from crossing it.

5. Construction of the Annexation Wall

IOF have continued to construct the Annexation Wall inside West Bank territory.

• On Saturday noon, 5 August 2006, IOF burnt at least 30 donums of agricultural land in Far’oun village, which has been isolated behind the Wall, south of Tulkarm. IOF did not allow fire engines to reach the area for a long time. On Monday morning, 7 August 2006, IOF burnt 70 donums of agricultural land located in the same village.

• On Sunday, 6 August 2006, IOF issued a military order confiscating dozens of donums of agricultural land in the west of Beit ‘Awa village, southwest of Hebron, on both sides of a settler bypass road that links “Ngahot” settlement with the Green Line, for the purpose of the construction of the Wall.

6. Settlement Activities and Attacks by Settlers against Palestinian Civilians and Property

Israeli settlers (living in the OPT in violation of international humanitarian law) have continued their attacks against Palestinian civilians and property:

• On Sunday evening, 6 August 2006, a number of Israeli settlers traveling in a civilian car opened fire at a Palestinian truck that was traveling before them near Douma village, southeast of Nablus. As a result, Hussein Fahmi ‘Ali Mardawi, 48, from Habla village southeast of Qalqilya, was killed by two live bullets to the heart, and his son, 17-year-old ‘Ameed, was wounded by shrapnel to the left hand and shoulder. The victim’s nephew, 15-year-old Ahmed Khaled Mardawi, who is dumb and was accompanying his uncle, survived the attack.

In his testimony to PCHR on the attack, ‘Ameed Hussein Fahmi Mardawi, the victim’s son who was wounded in the attack, said:

“At approximately 22:00 on Sunday, 6 August 2006, I was traveling with my father from Jericho back to our village, in a truck. My father was driving the truck. My cousin, 15-year-old Ahmed Khaled Mardawi, who is dumb, was sitting near me. When we were near Douma village, the driver of a car that was traveling behind us turned the lights on, as a sign that he wanted to bypass us. My father opened way for him. As the car was traveling parallel to us, two persons took their heads out of the windows and opened fire at our truck. I was able to discover that the car was black and has an Israeli registration plate. My father stopped. I was wounded, and I thought that my cousin was also wounded. Soon, my father made a strange sound. I turned the internal light on. I found my father bleeding. I phoned my relatives and Palestinian security services in Qalqilya. Nearly an hour later, an ambulance of Palestine Red Crescent Society arrived at the area, and evacuated us to Rafidya Hospital in Nablus. On the following day, I asked about my father, and I was told that he was dead.”


Recommendations to the International Community

1. PCHR calls upon the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their legal and moral obligations under Article 1 of the Convention to ensure Israel's respect for the Convention in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. PCHR believes that the conspiracy of silence practiced by the international community has encouraged Israel to act as if it is above the law and encourages Israel continue to violate international human rights and humanitarian law.

2. PCHR calls upon the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to convene a conference to take effective steps to ensure Israel's respect of the Convention in the OPT and to provide immediate protection for Palestinian civilians.

3. PCHR calls upon the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to comply with its legal obligations detailed in Article 146 of the Convention to search for and prosecute those responsible for grave breaches, namely war crimes.

4. PCHR recommends international civil society organizations, including human rights organizations, bar associations and NGOs to participate in the process of exposing those accused of grave breaches of international law and to urge their governments to bring these people to justice.

5. PCHR calls upon the European Union to activate Article 2 of the Euro-Israel Association Agreement, which provides that Israel must respect human rights as a precondition for economic cooperation between the EU states and Israel. PCHR further calls upon the EU states to prohibit import of goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements in the OPT.

6. PCHR calls upon the member States of the EU, and all other states, to adopt a voting pattern at the UN bodies, particularly the General Assembly, Security Council and Commission on Human Rights which is keeping with international law.

7. PCHR demands that the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion be immediately implemented by the international community.

8. PCHR calls on the international community to recognize the Gaza disengagement plan, which was implemented last year, for what it is - not an end to occupation but a compounding of the occupation and the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

9. In recognition of ICRC as the guardian of the Fourth Geneva Convention, PCHR calls upon the ICRC to increase its staff and activities in the OPT, including the facilitation of family visitations to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

10. PCHR appreciates the efforts of international civil society, including human rights organizations, bar associations, unions and NGOs, and urges them to continue their role in pressuring their governments to secure Israel's respect for human rights in the OPT and to end its attacks on Palestinian civilians.

11. In light of the severe restrictions imposed by the Israeli government and its occupying forces on access for international organizations to the OPT, PCHR calls upon European countries to deal with Israeli citizens in a similar manner.

12. PCHR reiterates that any political settlement not based on international human rights law and humanitarian law cannot lead to a peaceful and just solution of the Palestinian question. Rather, such an arrangement can only lead to further suffering and instability in the region. Any peace agreement or process must be based on respect for international law, including international human rights and humanitarian law.

[1] 1 donum is equal to 1000 square meters.


Public Document

For further information please visit our website ( or contact PCHR’s office in Gaza City, Gaza Strip by email ( or telephone (+972 (0)8 2824776 – 2825893).

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King Amdo 12.Aug.2006 20:16

I realise the dumbed down and very shallow thinking, and safely
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