Bomb Number Five, Salaam


Two bodies aflame, after Israeli bombings in Lebanon
Two bodies aflame, after Israeli bombings in Lebanon

by Raida Hatoum, and Cyprus IndyMedia

I've lost count of the Days. And the Bombs. And the Dead

Beirut, first weekend of August

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry for not being able to respond earlier to your letters. I was hoping that you won't be worried, and that you would think about the electricity and internet problems as potential reasons for the delay.

Because of the Israeli siege the authorities are increasing the outages and rationing our electricity so it can last for the coming 15 days. As you might know, we were supposed to receive gasoline and fuel but of course Israel changed its mind and the ships carrying the fuel are now waiting in Cyprus.

And I am very grateful for your amazing efforts and courage and the work you are carrying out, all this you are doing, and your words and love are encouraging me really to survive - thus I wrote today to you despite my tiredness of writing about the war... the injured children, the sick and scared displaced children…the massacres of yesterday. And the new ones today…

I love you all please be fine and strong and we shall meet soon my dear friends.

The Israeli war of genocide, destruction and siege is now on Day 24, but for myself I lost count ...as if this is how I lived all my life. Only when the numbers of those who are killed day after day are mentioned in the media I realize that I was paralyzed or numbed... and I realize that the war has eaten up another day of people’s lives.

Till yesterday 955 were killed: 30% of them are children.
More than 3200 were injured: 40% of them are children.
The numbers of the displaced people - refugees - has reached a million.

Those 955 we refer to now as "numbers" and as "death toll"...they were people like you and me, each one of them had a name, a family, a home, siblings, partner, friends... each one of them had dreams and plans for the future. This is War: it sweeps away your face, your name, your dreams, your rationality, it kills your soul if it doesn't kill you for real.

In war there are no real survivors, no real winner and looser, the only real thing is death, violence, more death and more violence, poverty, displacement. And social, economic, psychological and physical tragedy.

Among the 3200 injured, tens of them are burnt children, women and men. Most of them are the only survivors of their families who were killed in massacres which there is no way Israel can claim to be mistakes. Please see their faces in the photos I send you.

I was watching the Israeli army officials of the so called Israeli "Defence" Forces (IDF) explaining their "operation" in Lebanon. They show images taken by their war planes: video images of cars, homes, and mini vans before, during and after they bomb. They claim that there were Hezbollah rockets in those cars, homes and minivans ... but how come there are women, children and men are being killed in those targets? These are murders in cold blood, they are massacres, crimes against humanity. They dare to say that Hezbollah fighters are using civilians to hide among them... while the Israeli army is kidnapping children and women and men and tying them to the fronts of tanks using them as human shields in the West Bank and Gaza - no?

When thinking about those who were killed and those who are still alive but enduring unbearable physical and emotional pain, I crack down.

I like to think that I am fine, despite this catastrophic situation. I cannot but be strong and rational, I don't want to fall into the trap of depression or trauma, I try not to. But I admit that I am completely tired emotionally and physically, I am scared, and I am in pain.

Some times I notice that I have been frowning all day and night, I hope I got the correct word: it is when you bring your eyebrows and eyes closer to each other when you are worried or confused and stressed. Whatever the word is now I have wrinkle - a deep one -between my eyes...

I was not able to go to my work today as we had to endure a hell of night yesterday and this morning, as you must have learned from the media.

Couldn't sleep at all although I tried to count through the bombings until I'd fall asleep, like I tell my nieces and nephew: first bomb falls and I count "one", second bomb falls and the children say in one voice "two", when we reached bomb number five I was already in tears because I feel so helpless with those children, what can I do for them? Why should they be in this situation counting bombs till they fall asleep instead of counting sheep jumping over the fence... I know that when they were counting the bombs, in their minds they were also imagining the bombs falling over homes and shelters full of people, and I wondered are they now imagining children of their own age being hit, screaming, being turned into corpses when the bombs fall over their homes, or on top of them in cars and shelters?

I am not responding to the emails I receive. I try to respond but I am drained, have no more words, no more comments, no more focus, nothing is left to be said, and all of us here are just waiting with less expectations, waiting till our murderer gets enough blood and destruction, waiting until the Israeli soldiers get tired, until Bush and Condy get bored with this genocide and decide to move to another war sponsored and facilitated by the Empire...

Some days I feel shy to write about us here because I cannot but think about the Iraqis and the Palestinians. It is amazing but, yes, in such times I am enduring I come to feel more of the pain and fear of others who have been suffering for years... and I feel shame that what is happening in Lebanon is perhaps taking attention away from what is still ongoing in Iraq, West Bank and Gaza...

Sometimes I fall in the trap of guilt, I start to think that this war and its outcome is because we who call ourselves anti-war activists, anti-imperialist activists, etc. were not effective enough, that we didn't work hard enough to stop the war crimes against the Iraqis and Palestinians, we didn't manage to make the US pay for the crimes it conducted around the world, we didn't manage to make Israel pay for the crimes that it conducted in Lebanon and West Bank and Gaza because we didn't raise awareness enough and we didn't tell enough people - or is it that the world is moving down to the darkness?

What a madness. Is no one able to stop this war? When I hear about the demos around the world protesting the Israeli aggression I cannot but remember the endless demos I participated in before the war on Iraq, during the war on Iraq, after the occupation of Iraq, during the war crimes that are still being conducted in Iraq, in West Bank and Gaza.... We march, we return home but the war is never stopped. And the occupation is still a painful fact and the conflict breeds into another conflict...

USA: what an administration, what a foreign policy, what a hell of a Government and foreign policy! How ignorant they are, how racist, greedy, criminal - what do they expect will be the outcome of all their support and active participation in and the leading of crimes all around the planet?

We are waiting for the American citizens to pressure their Government to stop the Israeli genocide of the people of Lebanon. Can they not affect their policy makers? How come then we consider the USA a democratic state? Ah, ok, this is democracy and they want to impose it on us now...

On my bedroom door there is a poster with peace and love symbol that says:
"'War, what is it good for? Absolutely Nothing. '
- Bruce Springsteen, Nationality = American.
Stop the War, Say it Loud".


* Raida Hatoum was a founding member of the Lebanon IndyMedia organization in Beirut; she is a volunteer active with the Palestinian Solidarity networks working at the Shatilarefugee camp and with the Najdeh Association; member of the group which published the Lebanese paper Al-Yasari (the
Leftist); and a committed Socialist.
Cyprus IndyMedia editorial collective

Further Resources - caution, these include very disturbing images

Raida's brother maintains a website which summarizes the atrocities against Lebanon - a tiring and difficult work:

The Civilian Casualties page, in particular, is emotionally and physically difficult to process:

A collection of photo albums published by Haitham Sabbah

Full Color Pictures of the Atrocities


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Amanda Johnson 10.Aug.2006 11:06

Yes War Is Horrible - Images are upsetting.

However your quote "They dare to say that Hezbollah fighters are using civilians to hide among them... while the Israeli army is kidnapping children and women and men and tying them to the fronts of tanks using them as human shields in the West Bank and Gaza - no?" is a pack of lies. The only people who would do something as horrific as that are the Moslem terrorists.

Remember, not all Moslems are terrorists but all terrorists are Moslems.

all terrorists are muslims

mike 10.Aug.2006 13:30

I didn't realize that Eric Rudolph was moslem.

Are you watching

Vlad 10.Aug.2006 13:31

Not all terrorists are Muslim. That is the common belief that has been served to us by media and we never question any more, because it suits us and we like to sleep easy at night. But people of Lebanon are not sleeping. They are just waiting for the next bomb, next attack, while UN gets their approval from US and Israel on releasing a “statement”. As if that is going to stop the killing of innocent children.

The real terrorists are hiding behind political positions and governments. They terrorize the people into submission with their High Terrorist Alert warnings and their code reds and yellow. And just like that out of the blue, another terrorist attack in the UK foiled, just in time for the UN vote.

World are you watching...........

Definition of Terrorist

Elke 10.Aug.2006 13:44

Amanda, I vehemently disagree with your posting. What is the definiton of "terrorist" or "terrorism"?

From dictionary.com:

The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

Now, can you think of terrorists other than Muslims? ..... I can!

terrorism is terrorism, all war is terrorism

BRIAN 10.Aug.2006 14:33

i was born in america, i left, BECAUSE I COULD NO LONGER LIVE THERE AMONST THE FLAGFUCKING TERROR SUPPORTING SHEEP,i once asked a kid who was leaving for Iraq.... why he was going, he responded "to go kill some towel heads" i have seen masive amounts of people reved up and ready to die for a cause that they cant even explain......... the majority of the americans i have talked to know absolutly nothing about the politics that has taken our world hostage, nor do they have a clue as to just how dangerous thier own government is, i was at one point living inbetween the facility they built the hiroshima bomb at which was to the northwest and one of thier many chemical weapons storage sites along the columbia river to the south i think. i was living here inbetween these two places when they started with this whole war on terrorism shit, and all the talk about WMD WOW I STILL CANT BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING STUPID........ i find it amuzing the american and the israli people allow thier media to pump out this bullshit to the entire world. and I fund it REPULSIVE that a minority of people, just a small handfull of greedy religion driven fools can destroy the lifes of so so many inocent non involved people. WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP, PEOPLE CANT YOU SEE THAT OUR WHOLE WORLD IS AT WAR AND WE ARE KILLING THE VERY THINGS THAT MAKE LIFE WORTH LIVING........... ALL THAT BULLSHIT ABOUT RELIGION AND WHO IS RIGHT, WHO IS WRONG, IT WILL GO ON TILL WE ARE ALL DEAD AND THE REST ARE IN SLAVE CAMPS, BOTH SIDES ARE NOW PAWNS IN A GAME BEING PLAYED BY THE FAT AND THE RICH WHO THINK THEY OWN THE WORLD!

Israeli terrorists hide behind civilians

rigoroz 10.Aug.2006 16:23

In the Palestinian territories IDF frequently hides behind Palestinian civilians. They grab an unarmed civilian and they force him to knock on doors of houses of other Palestinians whom the IDF wants to kidnap or kill.

Even George

rigoroz 10.Aug.2006 18:27

is moving from calling them "terrorists" to calling them "islamic fascists".

He realized too many people are calling him terrorist no. 1.

On the other hand

rigoroz 10.Aug.2006 18:31


New and unkown deadly weapons used by Israeli forces


New and unkown deadly weapons used by Israeli forces

'direct energy' weapons, chemical and/or biological agents, in a macabre experiment of future warfare

by Professor Paola Manduca
August 7, 2006

By now there are countless reports, from hospitals, witnesses, armament experts and journalists that strongly suggest that in the present offensive of Israeli forces against Lebanon and Gaza 'new weapons' are being used.

New and strange symptoms are reported amongst the wounded and the dead.

Bodies with dead tissues and no apparent wounds; 'shrunken' corpses; civilians with heavy damage to lower limbs that require amputation, which is nevertheless followed by unstoppable necrosis and death; descriptions of extensive internal wounds with no trace of shrapnel, corpses blackened but not burnt, and others heavily wounded that did not bleed.

Many of these descriptions suggest the possibility that the new weapons used include 'direct energy' weapons, and chemical and/or biological agents, in a sort of macabre experiment of future warfare, where there is no respect for anything: International rules (from the Geneva Convention to the treaties on biological and chemical weapons), refugees, hospitals and the Red Cross, not to mention the people, their future, their children, the environment, which is poisoned through dissemination of Depleted Uranium and toxic substances released after oil and chemical depots are bombed.

Right now, the Lebanese and Palestinian people have many urgent and impellent problems, yet many people believe that these episodes cannot and must not pass ignored. In fact several appeals have been launched to scientists and experts with a view to investigating the issue.

With the intent of responding to such appeals, we have set up a team to investigate the testimonies, the images, and possibly the material evidence that delegations and NGOs will be able to bring from the affected areas. We want to offer support to the health institutions of Lebanon and Palestine, which ask constantly for help and external verification and monitoring, and we are examining all available materials in order to formulate hypotheses which can be verified or disproved.

We ask for the active participation of our (Italian) scientific institutions, and, following the request from medical personnel in the conflict area, we are requesting that the UN set up an international independent verification and investigation committee, with a view to facilitating entry into the conflict zone, as well as collecting material and testimonies directly in the field, and undertaking inquries and verifications concerning the various claims regarding these new kinds of weapons of mass destruction being used by Israeli forces in Lebanon. We request that such investigating teams be set up immediately, and that procedures be defined and implemented with a view to supporting future investigations. Of particular concern is the issue of how to collect and store samples from the different theatres, with a view to preserving important information regarding the various impacts of these weapons.

We ask that the international committee have access to all sources of information, that it be fully operational, while abiding by relevant investigative procedures, including cross-checking of information between different laboratories. The international committee is to report to the competent authorities, including the Human Rights tribunals and international courts, if appropriate..

As people and as scientists, we are offering our time and expertise in order to reach an understanding of the underlying facts, in the belief that a perspective of justice, equity and peace among people can be reached only with the respect of the rules defined up to now within the international community of nations. The issue pertains to the behavior of the parties in an armed conflict.

We ask that the respect of these rules be verified in the context of the present conflict.

We invite scientists to contribute to this effort by offering their specific competences. In particular we seek collaboration of toxicology experts, pharmacologists, anatomy pathologists, doctors with an expertise in trauma and burns, chemists.

They can reach the working group at the E-mail address:  nuovearmi@gmail.com Paola Manduca, Professor of.Genetics, University of Genova, Italy

Petition: International Criminal Tribunal for Israel

rigoroz 10.Aug.2006 18:32


Demand an Immediate International Criminal Tribunal for Israel to Stop Global War!

To: The United Nations General Assembly

The brutal bombings and invasion of Lebanon and Gaza are acts of Israeli state terrorism. The U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the present U.S.-Israeli threat to Syria and Iran indicate their ruthless struggle for hegemony in the oil-rich Middle East, which would escalate into a global war.

At least 900 people have been killed in Lebanon, more than one-third children, and 3,000 wounded. The number of refugees in Lebanon has already exceeded one million. Whole residential areas, roads, bridges, ports, power stations, factories and other infra-structure have been destroyed by Israeli precision bombing. Lebanon’s economic and infrastructure damage tops $2.5B as of 4 August 2006.

In Gaza hundreds have been killed. Homes, greenhouses, bridges, water and sewerage treatment plants and electricity generators have been destroyed in the latest acts of Israeli genocide sadistically code-named ‘Operation Summer Rain,’ which began on 27 June 2006. Israel continues its brutal air strikes on the Gaza Strip almost daily.

Israel must be prosecuted immediately for its war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine to stop the war escalating into a global catastrophe. Frances A. Boyle, Professor of Law, University of Illinois, has asserted the legal framework for The United Nations General Assembly to immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI).

“The United Nations General Assembly must immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a ‘subsidiary organ’ under U.N. Charter Article 22. The ICTI would be organized along the lines of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), which was established by the Security Council.

“The purpose of the ICTI would be to investigate and prosecute Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY did for the victims of international crimes committed by Serbia and the Milosevic Regime throughout the Balkans.

“The establishment of ICTI would provide some small degree of justice to the victims of Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY has done in the Balkans. Furthermore, the establishment of ICTI by the U.N. General Assembly would serve as a deterrent effect upon Israeli leaders such as Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel’s other top generals that they will be prosecuted for their further infliction of international crimes upon the Lebanese and the Palestinians.

“Without such a deterrent, Israel might be emboldened to attack Syria with the full support of the Likhudnik Bush Jr. Neoconservatives, who have always viewed Syria as ‘low-hanging fruit’ ready to be taken out by means of their joint aggression.

“The Israeli press has just reported that the Bush Jr administration is encouraging Israel to attack Syria. If Israel attacks Syria as it did when it invaded Lebanon in 1982, Iran has vowed to come to Syria’s defense.

“And of course Israel and the Bush Jr administration very much want a pretext to attack Iran. This scenario could readily degenerate into World War III.

“For the U.N. General Assembly to establish ICTI could stop the further development of this momentum towards a regional if not global catastrophe.”

We, the undersigned, demand that The United Nations General Assembly immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a ‘subsidiary organ’ under U.N. Charter Article 22 to prosecute the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel’s other top generals and war criminals for their infliction of international war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine.


The Undersigned



Massive Attack 10.Aug.2006 19:47

by Tracy Thorn/Massive Attack

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She don't believe anyone can help her
She's doing so much harm, doing so much damage
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rigoroz 10.Aug.2006 23:42

Digery Cohen writes:

«Scarlett’s WMD back

Goebbels working overtime.

It’s time to scare the people.

They can’t be allowed to watch the slaughter in Lebanon or to recall Parliament.

Get the phantom bombers out and put them on every plane.

Disrupt everyone travelling.

That should do the trick.

It usually does.»

Which is why we carry on with business as usual.





End This Tragedy Now

rigoroz 11.Aug.2006 00:40

End This Tragedy Now

Israel Must Be Made to Respect International Law

By Fouad Siniora
Prime Minister of Lebanon.

08/09/06 "Washington Post" -- -- BEIRUT: A military solution to Israel's savage war on Lebanon and the Lebanese people is both morally unacceptable and totally unrealistic. We in Lebanon call upon the international community and citizens everywhere to support my country's sovereignty and end this folly now. We also insist that Israel be made to respect international humanitarian law, including the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, which it has repeatedly and willfully violated.

As the world watches, Israel has besieged and ravaged our country, created a humanitarian and environmental disaster, and shattered our infrastructure and economy, putting an intolerable strain on our social and economic systems. Fuel, food and medical equipment are in short supply; homes, factories and warehouses have been destroyed; roads severed, bridges smashed and airports disabled.

The damage to infrastructure alone is running into the billions of dollars, as are the losses to owners of private property, and the long-term direct and indirect costs due to lost revenue in tourism, agriculture and industrial sectors are expected to be many more billions. Lebanon's well-known achievements in 15 years of postwar development have been wiped out in a matter of days by Israel's deadly military might.

For all this carnage and death, and on behalf of all Lebanese, we demand an international inquiry into Israel's criminal actions in Lebanon and insist that Israel pay compensation for its wanton destruction.

Israel seems to think that its attacks will sow discord among the Lebanese. This will never happen. Israel should know that the Lebanese people will remain steadfast and united in the face of this latest Israeli aggression -- its seventh invasion -- just as they were during nearly two decades of brutal occupation. The people's will to resist grows ever stronger with each village demolished and each massacre committed.

On July 25, at the international conference for Lebanon in Rome, I proposed a comprehensive seven-point plan to end the war. It was well received by the conference and got the unanimous and full backing of the Lebanese Council of Ministers, in which Hezbollah is represented, as well as of the speaker of parliament and a majority of parliamentary blocs. Representatives of diverse segments of Lebanese civil society have come out strongly in favor, as has the Islamic-Christian Summit, representing all the religious confessions, ensuring a broad national consensus and preserving our delicate social equilibrium.

The plan, which also received the full support of the 56 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, included an immediate, unconditional and comprehensive cease-fire and called for:

· The release of Lebanese and Israeli prisoners and detainees through the International Committee of the Red Cross.

· The withdrawal of the Israeli army behind the "blue line."

· A commitment from the U.N. Security Council to place the Shebaa Farms and Kfar Shouba Hills areas under U.N. jurisdiction until border delineation and Lebanese sovereignty over them are fully settled. Further, Israel must surrender all maps of remaining land mines in southern Lebanon to the United Nations.

· Extension of the Lebanese government's authority over its territory through its legitimate armed forces, with no weapons or authority other than that of the Lebanese state, as stipulated in the Taif accord. We have indicated that the Lebanese armed forces are ready and able to deploy in southern Lebanon, alongside the U.N. forces there, the moment Israel pulls back to the international border.

· The supplementing of the U.N. international force operating in southern Lebanon and its enhancement in numbers, equipment, mandate and scope of operation, as needed, to undertake urgent humanitarian and relief work and guarantee stability and security in the south so that those who fled their homes can return.

. Action by the United Nations on the necessary measures to once again put into effect the 1949 armistice agreement signed by Lebanon and Israel and to ensure adherence to its provisions, as well as to explore possible amendments to or development of those provisions as necessary.

· The commitment of the international community to support Lebanon on all levels, including relief, reconstruction and development needs.

As part of this comprehensive plan, and empowered by strong domestic political support and the unanimous backing of the cabinet, the Lebanese government decided to deploy the Lebanese armed forces in southern Lebanon as the sole domestic military force in the area, alongside U.N. forces there, the moment Israel pulls back to the international border.

Israel responded by slaughtering more civilians in the biblical town of Qana. Such horrible scenes have been repeated daily for nearly four weeks and continue even as I write these words.

The resolution to this war must respect international law and U.N. resolutions, not just those selected by Israel, a state that deserves its reputation as a pariah because of its consistent disdain for and rejection of international law and the wishes of the international community for over half a century.

Lebanon calls, once again, on the United Nations to bring about an immediate cease-fire to relieve the beleaguered people of Lebanon. Only then can the root causes of this war -- Israeli occupation of Lebanese territories and its perennial threat to Lebanon's security, as well as Lebanon's struggle to regain full sovereignty over all its territory -- be addressed.

I believe that a political resolution rooted in international law and based on these seven points will lead to long-term stability. If Israel would realize that the peoples of the Middle East cannot be cowed into submission, that they aspire only to live in freedom and dignity, it could also be a stepping stone to a final solution of the wider Arab-Israeli conflict, which has plagued our region for 60 years.

The 2002 Arab summit in Beirut, which called for a just, comprehensive and lasting peace based on the principle of land for peace, showed the way forward. A political solution cannot, however, be implemented as long as Israel continues to occupy Arab land in Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights and as long as it wages war on innocent people in Lebanon and Palestine. As Jawaharlal Nehru said, "the only alternative to coexistence is co-destruction."

Enough destruction, dispossession, desperation, displacement and death! Lebanon must be allowed to reclaim its position in this troubled region as a beacon of freedom and democracy where justice and the rule of law prevail, and as a refuge for the oppressed where moderation, tolerance and enlightenment triumph.

The writer is prime minister of Lebanon.

Lebanon is reaping what it has sown

Shadow Merchant 11.Aug.2006 02:52

Israel withdrew its troops from south Lebanon years ago. What was their reward? Nothing but dozens of rocket attacks and kidnappings.

The people of Lebanon allowed murderous Islamic filth like Hezbollah to live among them and launch unprovoked attacks on Lebanon, then they deserve all they are getting and then some.

If they are tired of being bombed and shelled, they have only to stop firing rockets into Israel, and release Israel's citizens who have been kidnapped. Their children will sleep in undisturbed peace on the first night after this is done.

Until then, I say THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL, GO ISRAEL, and kill as many Muslims as it takes to bring peace, even if that is every last one of them.

What is an Islamist Fascist?

Dickos Fortuna 11.Aug.2006 06:40

Amanda Johnson, you are an ignorant, bigoted idiot, and I have no respect for you in the least. You have obviously never researched (outside of the Fox Network) anything to do with the Middle East crisis. When you actually talk to people who have lived or spent time in Palestine you realise that what the mainstream media tells us and what is really happening every day are two very different things. I'm not going to carry on, because you are a stupid gullible (probably) american. Your attitude only illustrates how successfully your people have been brainwashed by your disgusting media. Perhaps that makes me an Islamist Fascist. I couldn't give a damn, I'm actually a secular New Zealander, and I speak for many people from many governments when I say that we are sick of your governments manipulation, oppression, hypocrisy and unabashed Orwellian double-think and State Terror.
I have just launched a blog @ kazaamblam.blogspot.com if you're interested in commenting or finding out more. I want it to be an open forum on all this. And I mean ALL this. All thoughts and comments welcome.

All terrorists are NOT Muslims

Mollie Kidari 11.Aug.2006 07:40

I am not a Muslim, but I think it is terribly ignorant to make statements like the one about all muslims being terrorists... Firstly, ALL of any one culture, religion or race is not any particular thing... we are all human beings on this planet. That we do have in common. The color of a person's skin or his religious beliefs don't put him in any special category. Terrorists make up about 2 1/2 per cent of the world's population. They are suppressive people that want to hurt others to make themselves feel more powerful. A good portion of them are American, unfortunately. If it makes you feel SAFER or MORE SECURE to find a religous group to tack the blame on -- I guess that is your right. Check out Youthforhumanrights.org -- the UN gave us 30 rights (ALL of us--ALL people of earth) -- they are not being upheld. It would not hurt you to review the human rights. Innocent until proven guilty -- (not proven "guilty" in a kangaroo court)

Israeli Soldiers use civilians as Human Shields in Beit Hanun

Dominique, Switzerland ! 11.Aug.2006 14:05

Even B'tselem, the israeli center for the human rights in the Palestinian territory say at Israël use civilians as human shield !
An Israeli Arab Member of Knesset say the same: Israël use civilians as human shieled !

Israël use war weapons against civilians: exactly as the nazis was doing in WWII !

Israël use collective punishments against civilians: exactly as the nazis was doing in WWII !

Israël is doing military operation in the Gaza guetto: exactly as the nazis was doing in WWII in the Varsovie guetto !

Israël is kidnapping civilians: exactly as the nazis was doing in WWII in the Varsovie guetto !

Israël is a shame for humanity !

As said Madonna, I am not a christian, I am not a jew, I am not a muslim either, I am just living out of the american-zionist dream of bombing every independant country !

Stop the war ! Stop the killing !

Live the solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese martirs peoples !

Live the boycott of the zionist state of Israël !

Live the boycott of the American upholders of the zionist state of Israël !

Live the solidarity with the Iraki and Afgani martirs peoples !

Live the boycott of the fascist American state !


U2 11.Aug.2006 14:17


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Love a higher law
Love is a temple
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One love
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Carry each other
Carry each other



@Dominique, Switzerland ! 11.Aug.2006 14:05

maja 11.Aug.2006 16:00

With your desasterous ignorant and really unbelievable statement, you don`t unmask the Israeli people to be comparable with the Nazis, but unmask yourself of being antisemitic and facist as the Nazis were. And standing in the same tradition, it is equally foolish and a sign of little intellect to judge a whole people for their governence you accuse of being agressive against another people.
Doing such a comparison is disrespectful and violating to all the human beings who have suffered from the Nazi-terror.


rigoroz 11.Aug.2006 16:57

I'm from Europe, but I hope Hezbollah destroys Israel's war criminal army. Brave Hezbollah. Zionists are just a bunch of well-armed lying crybabies.

Computerised weaponry and high morale

By Conal Urquhart in Metulla

The Guardian
11 August 2006


Israeli forces have been astonished at the discovery of
networks of bunkers and computerised weapons in Hizbullah
positions, according to officials. Troops have found
air-conditioned bunkers 40 metres (125ft) below the ground
and anti-tank weapons that originate in France, the US and
Russia in southern Lebanon.

Many of the tactics and weapons employed by Hizbullah have
neutralised Israel's military superiority and made a
complete victory difficult to achieve.

Hizbullah's use of rockets to attack Israel was not
unexpected but the Israeli armed forces have been
repeatedly surprised since they went on the offensive a
month ago.

The first major shock was when Hizbullah narrowly missed
sinking an Israeli destroyer with a Chinese shore-to-sea
missile. Four were killed in the attack.

"There were some weapons we did not know about," said
General Ido Nehushtan. "There were others such as the
unmanned aerial vehicles which we had detected before."

The revelations have increased since Israeli ground forces
invaded southern Lebanon. "The main threat is the use of
sophisticated anti-tank weapons against our armoured
vehicles. One of the most effective is the Kornet which
was supplied by Russia to Iran and then to Hizbullah,"
said Lieutenant Colonel Olivier Rafowicz.

"We have been very surprised by the quantity of weapons
and the building that has been carried out in the last six
years. We knew they were preparing for war but we did not
realise to what extent."

Soldiers have discovered bunkers with listening and
observation devices working in tandem with computers.

The bunkers meant that Hizbullah fighters could shelter
from Israeli air and artillery bombardment and then
surprise advancing Israeli forces. Often the bunkers were
so well hidden that fighters could wait until the soldiers
had passed and then attack them from behind.

Israel has so far lost more than 80 soldiers in combat.
Its highly mobile armour and air support is less effective
against guerilla fighters, and its armour has been
neutralised by Hizbullah's acquisition of state of the art

Hizbullah's older anti-tank weapons have been effective
against armoured personnel carriers and buildings used by
soldiers for shelters. Its newer weapons such as the
Russian Kornet and US TOW missiles have been highly
effective succeeded in piercing the armour of Israel's
main battle tank, the Merkava, reputedly one of the
best-defended tanks in the world.

One member of an Israeli tank crew who had just left
Lebanon told the Guardian: "It's terrible. You do not
fight anti-tank teams with tanks. You use infantry
supported by artillery and helicopters. Wide valleys
without shelter are the wrong place to use tanks."

Although he said Hizbullah's weapons had been supplied by
Iran, Lt Col Rafowicz admitted the militants' prowess also
stemmed from its morale and organisation. They are very
keen to engage our forces. They are not wearing suicide
bomb belts but they are not afraid to die, which makes
deterrence very difficult."

Gen Nehushtan said: "We have to recognise that we will be
dealing with new definitions of victory. There will be no
white flags being raised on this battlefield," he said.

To Maja

rigoroz 11.Aug.2006 17:30

If you know nothing about what the reality in Palestinian territories is like, you should not talk about it or insult other people.
Get informed about the everyday life of the Palestinians and also about the history and context of the conflict.
Get informed about all the countless crimes committed by the Israeli governments, armies and settlers against the Palestinians.

I suggest following sources:

The comparison with nazis is correct, except that maybe we could say genocide is still to come. I view the deteriorating economic and social conditions of the Palestinians leading to extreme poverty, mal-nourishment of children and humanitarian catastrophe as slow genocide. By working against zionism, you could still prevent the zionists from attaining their final nazi characteristic -- complete anihilation of those to whom they consider themselves superior.

Dominique, thanks for providing the link on zionist soldiers hiding behind civilians. Keep on with the good work.


Palestinian deaths rise amid fear of worse to come

rigoroz 11.Aug.2006 17:37

Palestinian deaths rise amid fear of worse to come

By Nidal al-Mughrabi/Reuters

The Guardian
11 August 2006


Last month was the deadliest in the Gaza Strip for nearly
two years, a Palestinian research group said yesterday, as
Israel's six-week offensive against militants in the
territory led to a surge in killings. The Palestinian
Monitoring Group said 151 people were killed in the strip
in July, the highest total since October 2004, when 166
people died. The majority of those killed were civilians.

"The spiralling civilian casualties caused by Israeli
actions throughout the region serve to strengthen
extremists, weaken peace advocates and exacerbate the
conflict," said the chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb
Erekat, commenting on the findings.

From late June, when Israel launched its offensive, until
August 8, at least 170 Palestinians were killed, of whom
138 were civilians and a quarter children, the monitoring
group said. Other reports have put the death toll at 200.

When the offensive was launched, Israeli warplanes bombed
and partly destroyed Gaza's only power plant and also hit
several bridges. The flow of fuel, food and other
essential supplies was also repeatedly interrupted. The
United Nations says the densely populated territory is now
facing some of the worst humanitarian conditions in years.

In a report this week the UN said more than 70% of the 1.4
million population was reliant on emergency assistance to
meet food needs and the price of essential goods, such as
flour and sugar, had risen by between 15% and 33% this
year. Waste treatment in the northern strip has reached a
"critical point", threatening to flood populated areas
with sewage and spread infection.

Exactly as the nazis did

rigoroz 11.Aug.2006 19:10

Plain genocide

By Erica Silverman

Al-Ahram Weekly
10-16 August 2006


Seven weeks into Israel's offensive on Gaza finds the
civilian population desperate, isolated, and defenceless
before Israeli massacres, Erica Silverman reports

"There was no resistance, only open fields, and we were
told via loud speaker to evacuate our home," said Salan
Jibara, a 35-year-old farmer from As-Shoka now living in a
makeshift tent along his family of seven with no access to
food or water. The Red Cross was trying to make its way
into Rafah Saturday with emergency supplies for refugees.

Across the board, the misery index is rising as thousands
from the Rafah district were forced to flee their homes
under Israeli fire, taking refuge in UNRWA schools and
tents, while the residents who remain are without water
and electricity in sweltering summer heat. The economy has
come to a grinding halt. The only sound in the street is
the drumming of Israeli drones and funeral processions.
Rafah is under siege.

Israeli tanks plowed into Rafah Thursday, beginning an
incursion that claimed the lives of 17 Palestinians,
including five children (one, a three-day-old baby) and
wounding 50, half of them children. The operation first
swept through Gaza's defunct airport, then on to the
As-Shoka district and along the outskirts of Rafah, all
strategically located areas west of Kerem Shalom crossing
-- the point from which Israeli forces enter Gaza.

Israel is trying to avoid a redeployment of troops along
the Philadelphi corridor between Gaza and Egypt, fearing
that it will be perceived as a re-occupation of Gaza.
Israeli forces easily swept As- Shoka, an open area
comprised mostly of farmland. Infantry soldiers conducted
house-to-house raids throughout Rafah, scores of residents
taken for interrogation.

On Saturday, Israeli missiles killed seven Palestinians in
As-Shoka, five of them civilians, including a 16-year-old
girl, Kifah Natour, and her brother Amar, 15. Sunday
morning Israeli forces again fired a missile at a civilian
home in As-Shoka killing 13-year-old Ibrahim Ermeilat and
wounding four others. Israeli forces withdrew from
As-Shoka later that day, prompting residents -- mostly
farmers -- to return to their property, only to find
bulldozed homes, razed crops and crushed infrastructure.

An-Najar Hospital in Rafah is a gruesome sight as staff --
short on basic supplies like X-ray film and antibiotics --
are trying to cope with an unprecedented number of
amputees amongst the steady stream of victims of Israeli
state terrorism. "Whole parts of the body are cut: legs,
heads, even entire bodies cut in half," said Samir Judah,
emergency room manager since the start of the second
Intifada. "Israel is using a new kind of weaponry that
burns the bodies, cuts like a knife. It enters the body
and rips organs apart," continues Samir, holding large
jagged pieces of burnt shrapnel removed from one victim's

Samir and hospital staff visited the scene of an Israeli
attack Thursday night. Israeli forces targeted a vehicle
they allegedly believed to be carrying militants, but the
missile exploded before impact and everyone within 300
meters was ripped apart by shrapnel, explained Samir.
Larger pieces (some over a foot long) tore clear through
those who were near, while smaller pieces embedded inside
civilian victims.

Shelling, rather than gunfire, killed all victims,
reported hospital director Dr Ali Mousa. For two nights
the hospital itself came under Israeli fire. "Victims
commonly suffer massive aerial burns and tissue damage,
and amputations resulting in infections and
complications," said Mousa. When admitted, the clothes of
the injured or dead are burned to their bodies. Mousa
states that as hospital director since 2000 he has never
seen such a large number rendered handicapped as a result
of Israeli aggression.

Dr Juma Al-Saqqa, head of public relations at Al-Shiffa
Hospital, the main medical centre in Gaza City, also
asserts that a more powerful type of weaponry has been
employed by Israel against Palestinians during "Operation
Summer Rain". A walk through the recovery unit is proof
enough. At 20 years old, Hysan Gelease has lost both his
legs and his left hand to Israeli shelling while standing
in the doorway to his home in Beit Hanoun. Thick bandages
hold his chest together, ripped apart by burning shrapnel.
Hysan's bed is the first in a row of young amputees; their
skin covered in back craters where white-hot iron
penetrated their bodies.

Al-Shiffa's pharmacy is missing 30 basic medications while
hospital staff resort to scavenging local chemists in
search of basic supplies. Funds from the EU Temporary
International Aid Mechanism were supposed to begin flowing
to healthcare facilities at the beginning of August, yet
Al-Shiffa and Al-Najar are still in crisis. Gaza's UNRWA
director, John Ging, said a team of UN officials is
investigating. "Health risks from the amount of solid
waste strewn about Gaza are mounting," reports Ging. There
are still massive fuel shortages in Gaza, leaving garbage
trucks non-operational. Diseases in small children are
increasing due to their contact with street waste, coupled
with a lack of clean water, according to UNICEF special
representative Dan Rohrmann.

Meanwhile, Israeli tanks have taken position along the
border of Beit Hanoun in north Gaza for over two weeks,
conducting frequent incursions. Thousands have been forced
to evacuate their homes, most fleeing to Jabalyia camp
where four UNRWA schools have been converted into
shelters, housing 1,753 refugees and counting. Miriam, a
23- year-old mother of three, is hurrying across a
deserted street, seeking shelter after Israeli forces gave
her 15 minutes to evacuate her home. She and her children
escaped with only the clothes they were wearing, while her
brother and sister-in-law fell victim to Israeli shelling.

Nearby Mohamed Abu Oda is attending his 24-year-old son
Mahmoud's funeral. He and his family refuse to evacuate.
An Israeli sniper killed Mahmoud, a father of two, while
trying to restore electricity to their home from the
rooftop. "This government, Hamas, is suffering the same
assaults as our previous government. Nothing has changed.
The occupation is still the only problem," says Mohamed.
The following day Israeli forces leveled his home.

The past week of violence is the latest onslaught in a
seven-week long Israeli incursion into Gaza, purportedly
aimed at halting the launching of Qassam rockets into
Israel and to recover a soldier captured by Hamas
resistance fighters. Yet Israel's offensive on Gaza has
been overshadowed in the media by its offensive on
Lebanon, leaving Gaza's population even more isolated and
vulnerable to Israeli massacres. So far, Israeli forces
have destroyed three major bridges, along with roads,
crops, and infrastructural piping crushed by Israeli

Gaza's main power station was destroyed on 28 June leaving
households, businesses and hospitals across the Strip
without electricity and water, while sanitation systems
have collapsed. "People's whole existence has been pushed
to a new low of basic survival," says Ging. During this
period Israeli forces have killed 190 Palestinians,
including 56 children, leaving over 800 injured, including
300 children, according to the office of President Mahmoud

"The Israeli aggression is relentless, and Israel benefits
from Lebanon, in that the world is not paying attention to
Gaza," said Interior Minister Said Syiam in Gaza City. "I
appeal to the world to pay attention."

I just read something I find EXTREMELY interesting

rigoroz 11.Aug.2006 19:32

«The awkward fact for Israel is that Hizbullah, in its long
war against Israel, never made a policy of targeting
civilians, except in retaliation for Israel's targeting of
Lebanese civilians. Throughout the 17 years of its fight against
the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, Hizbullah killed only
20 Israeli civilians as opposed to the thousands of
Lebanese killed by Israel. Even in the current war the
ratio of Israeli military to civilian deaths has not
fallen below 60 per cent, whereas the number of Hizbullah
fighters who have died in battle is less than 10 per cent
of the thousand Lebanese dead. This is not to mention the
million Lebanese who have been driven from their homes and
who will find no villages to which to return following
Israel's orgy of destruction.»

Self-fulfilling prophecy
By Azmi Bishara

I'm starting to like Hizbullah even more. I see I have some catching up to do… I'm sorry to say but I'm not very familiar with Lebanon and the past conflict.

Global Day of Action against Apartheid Israel’s war crimes

rigoroz 11.Aug.2006 20:29

Campaign Head Office: +972-2-2971505
Campaign Fax: +972-2-2975123
Campaign E-Mail:  Mobilize@StopTheWall.org

12th of August

Global Day of Action against Apartheid Israel’s war crimes

An international campaign for the 12th August - the global Day of Action against the Israeli Aggression on Palestine and Lebanon – is gathering momentum.

In over a dozen countries, people are preparing to fill the streets to condemn the Zionist crimes in Lebanon and Palestine. They will be out to pressure their governments to take concrete steps against the war crimes of the Israeli Occupation. Organizers of the various events are accusing the international community for supporting – either actively or tacitly – the destruction of Lebanon and Palestine and are calling upon governments to stop arms trade with the apartheid Israeli regime.

The crimes of the Israeli war machine based, on its racist quest for a Palestine without Palestinians and a Middle East under its control, have not moved the international community. On the contrary, they fit smoothly within the US project for the “New Middle East”.

It is the people of the world and not their governments that are standing up in solidarity. Since the beginning of this month dozens of mass protests in over 24 countries all around the globe have preceded this mobilization.

The call for a global day of action was first issued by the US ANSWER coalition. The international civil society delegation on a solidarity mission to Beirut as well as members of the International Council of the WSF have taken up this call for mobilization.

For a full list of mobilizations on the 12th of August, see:

For a summary of global action since the 1st of August, please see:

For calls and statements from Palestine, Lebanon and global solidarity, please see:

StopTheWall.org - Visit the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign web site.

Corruption of the West

rigoroz 12.Aug.2006 09:34

They don't represent us, the corrupted western politicians. They represent Israel and its warcriminals and racism and the US and its greedy capitalism. They say the elections in the Arab world are not fair, but there is no difference. In Europe we go to the polls and have to choose between evils and worse evils and after the elections they work for other people's interests and not us.

EU has lost its credibility as «human rights guardian», as they like to call themselves. First with the unfair isolation of Hamas government, while at the same time continuing to cooperate with the Israelis, ignoring the warcrimes and apartheid in the OPT and now here too.

I am so ashamed of being European. We have lost our soul… if we ever had any. I can quite relate to what Brian wrote here. I wish I wasn't tied up here. I wish I could leave this sick continent…

Israel defeated at UN Human Rights Council

At the end of the discussion, Israel suffered a bitter but expected diplomatic defeat, with 29 countries voting in favor of the resolution proposed by the Arab bloc, which includes Algeria, Djibouti, Morocco, Tunisia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Twelve countries opposed the resolution, including the European Union countries, Switzerland and Japan. The rest of the countries abstained.

These countries make the Human Rights Council:
The first election of members was held at the General Assembly on 9 May 2006.[1] The successful candidates were:
African States: Algeria, Cameroon, Djibouti, Gabon, Ghana, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia and Zambia.
Asian States: Bahrain, Bangladesh, People's Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Sri Lanka.
Eastern European States: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation and Ukraine.
Latin American & Caribbean States: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.
Western European & Other States: Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Their terms of office began on 19 June 2006. On 19 May it was announced that Mexico would serve as the Council's chair during its first year of existence


rigoroz 12.Aug.2006 10:01

I realize now that I sent the wrong link, of a previous vote by the council re israeli warcrimes in OPT. But a vote DID take place yesterday – for investigation of warcrimes in Israeli-Lebanon conflict – and the decision passed, but the Western countries voted against it.

I can't find anything on it on the net though...

Zionist terrorism fully supported by the official west

rigoroz 12.Aug.2006 12:37

The UN SC resolution imposes arms embargo against Lebanon, but not Israel.

What a hipocrisy. A country occupying others' lands and committing such grave violations of human rights and geneva convetions every day gets to keep being armed by the "democratic" west. A country holding hundreds of children in its prisons, deliberately shooting at ambulances, red cross and UN gets to keep being armed.

I think that the countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia should cooperate with each other and start implementing a boycott sort of, against US and the rest of the west.

Today it's Lebanon, tomorrow it might be you.

Today it's oil. Tomorrow it will be something else. They are planning on expanding everywhere anyway.

Damn western hypocrites! They are all murderers of Qana.

not in my name

hajomi 13.Aug.2006 03:51

Salaam Raida
there are no words for me, only tears.


udo 13.Aug.2006 12:35



Raya Cupler 13.Aug.2006 22:12

Amanda, I'm sorry that the only thing you have been exposed to is the media of your government, but i find it quite ignorant that you come onto this site to post you're views without doing any research on terrorisim or even news from other countries. I am lebanese and am working with groups to protest and inorm people on whats going on however I do go onto isrealy media sites to research what they are saying if only to counter arguments made to us by isrealis. Isreal has terrorised lebanon and palestine by launching bombs 24/7 as well as isolating them from anything, the same way the states has terrorised countries, isn't that why usa is considered a superpower ? because no one dares to defy them in fear of being destroyed.
Isreal says that they have told the lebanese to leave, what right do they have to tell them to leave their homes, and further more telling them to leave is enough to convince the media but they are not letting them leave, seeing as roads are destroyed.
Another thing, the isrealis are using PRECISION MISSLES then why are they hitting civillians?
how do you call the massacre of women, men and children a tragic mistake after the fact ?
why is it that they can get away with killing hundreds with excuses that consiste of "our intelligence was wrong"?
do some research, talk to some people, learn something new, and then respond to me but not before because i do not have the tolerance for ignorance.

All terrorists are moslems.....

Marjan 15.Aug.2006 00:20

Congratulations! You have won the award for the most ignorant and uneducated quote of the day. What little intelligence you must have to believe that although not all Moslems (the correct spelling is actually MUSLIM)are terrorists, all terrorists are Moslems. The first question that comes to mind is what is your definition of terrorist? Would you consider the bombers of the Oklahoma Federal Building terrorists? If so, I am pretty sure they were NOT Muslim. If not, then what would you classify them as? Mass murderers perhaps? What about memebers of the Irish Republic Army (IRA) their car bombings in England have killed many, are they Muslim? Don't think so. So before you post a comment consider what you are implying and who you are defending and whom you are offending.


rigoroz 15.Aug.2006 12:52

I don't know how many of you followed my plea to write to members of UK parliament, but i can tell you they're reading. Even my letters, considering I'm not from the UK... I've received several real (non-automatic) replies. And i haven't even written to all of them...

OHH!!!DEAR ohh dear,,,,,,,,,

salim 17.Aug.2006 17:08

I really can't believe how ignorant some people are......(Amanda Johnson..??)
I guess only in america one can expect that total lack of....." intelligence ".
Anyway, better keep our eyes on mighty US because is the nation that trained and supported some of the worst "terrorist-dictators- warmongers"....for as long as i've been alive but of course 74% of americans wouldn't even believe that.
Most people in the US don't even know about the SOA (School Of Americas...or School Of Assassins)......
GO AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK, YOU MORONS.......( or does it hurt when you try to think??).

Poor Amanda

Not working for Pentagon 22.Aug.2006 23:08

Silly things like what Amanda says may be illegal in UK as inciting racism.
He or she could be locked up.
I read a report presented to CIA recently... 2 recent Palestinian "terrorists' were actually Xtians.

Israelis were terrorists too when they attacked Arabs and Brits to get Israel.

Nous vous soutenons !

Ginie 23.Aug.2006 12:03

Je me suis permise de mettre un lien sur mon blog pour ce post que tu viens de laisser. C'est terrifiant mais comme tu le dis si bien, que pouvez-vous faire mis à part attendre que le déferlement cesse... Mais sache que nous sommes nombreux à nous mobiliser pour que ce carnage s'arrête au plus vite ! Mais comme tu le dis aussi, que faire face à ce gouvernement américain uniquement guidé par son instinct de pouvoir et de destruction ? Le peuple d'Amérique doit se réveiller !!!
Et vous, peuple français, n'attendez pas qu'il soit trop tard ! Ce que fait Bush, si nous ne controns pas Sarkozy, c'est à nous que ça va arriver ! Et je ne sais pas ce que tu en penses, mais, pour moi, c'est hors de question !

Sad pictures.....

Rene 29.Aug.2006 18:13

These are, indeed, sad and difficult pictures.
War is always like that. When Israel was attacked by the Hezbullah, it responded in war, after years of missiles on the north of Israel, even though Israel has left Lebanon in 2000.

Ask the people who are to blame for this war, the Hezbullah, to bare responsibility.
Stop blaming Israel when ever something happens in the middle east. Stop being blind!

I suggest you go and visit  http://www.lebanonsvoices.com/ and see what the people who live in the south of Lebanon experienced and have to say. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


NONA 10.Sep.2006 15:51

I feel saddened that these souls will be lost from our world forever. I pray that Raida gets to experience PEACE whilst volunteering; what a wonderful effort even if if it is to report such atrocity; you are an extremely brave and precious spirit. I hope that mankind will someday resolve its quest for material wealth, power and landrights and learn to coexist within a peaceful within our global environment.Why should we not as humans and individuals have the right to live side by side no matter what beliefs we have or where we place our faith? The other issue here and I maybe wrong however I have always felt if the governments of the world injected money into natural energy then maybe just maybe this would not be happening now.

Possibly the Amanda person should have a good look at what is really going in the world before uniformed comments are made, such malicious comments just continue to provide fertile ground for hatred.