Meeting of Zapatista and International Communities

Los Pueblos Zapatistas have organized an Encounter with the Pueblos of the World, for December 30th through January 2nd in Oventik, Liberated Territory (Chiapas), Mexico.

The EZLN, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, has welcomed thousands of visitors to Oventik to celebrate the new year (and the 13th anniversary of their armed uprising) with workshops & meetings designed, in the words of Teniente Coronel Insurgente Moises, to 'speak on the experiences we have had these past years with our autonomous governments; the challenges and problems that we have faced constructing this anti-capitalist project and we will try to, with humility and respect, to respond, speak, and exchange, and above all, share our errors and stumblings, and also our modest achievments.'

An important aspect of this encuentro has been the workshop on Autonomy and an Other government with the five Juntas de Buen Gobierno with the following themes: What does it mean to govern autonomously? What are the challenges? What does autonomy mean for the Zapatistas? What does it mean to command by obeying? Challenges and horizons.

In the words of Moises once again, 'It is time to organize ourselves and to see how together, we will confront this evil that is Neoliberalism and which attacks humanity.'

More information and independent media from this four day Encuentro is available at Chiapas Indymedia, Enlace Zapatista and La Zezta Internazional.

Audio: Listen to the live transmission from the Encuentro

From the newswire: Preparations and Schedule (en) | Boletin Informativo (es) and (en) | Himno Zapatista | Erase una vez una pajarita... | Palabras de bienvenida de la Junta de Buen Gobierno del Caracol de Oventic | Discurso Inauguracion del: Comandante Javier, Comandante Felipe and Teniente Coronel Moises | Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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gracias por su trabajo

imu 01.Jan.2007 22:09

estoy muy agradecida por la transmisión es un trabajo increible y para mi que esta vez no puedo estar con ustedes, es como estar cerca de todas las voces que allí se dierón reunión.
Se ve que esta vez existe un mejor trabajo de organización, escuchando a los compas zapatistas, ya nadie nos volverá a poner la venda en los ojos. bueno es como le sdecía un trabajo fenomenal el que hacen con esta paginita.........FELIZ AÑO NUEVO..contra la injusticia y por la EZLN

Propuesta para Dia de Acción Global y Campamentos Contra Fronteras

campamentos contra las fronteras 06.Jan.2007 00:45

Propuesta para Dia de Acción Global y Campamentos Contra Fronteras

Proposal for Global Day of Action & No Border Camps

Red Star = Nazi Swastika

King Amdo 29.Jan.2007 10:57

(third time post here)

...stop using it, it is misuse of the Sacred Goddess Pentagram, and bad karma. Just because the western Masons misuse the pentagram doesn't mean that you have to also. So put your pens, pencils, rubbers rulers down, and listen and take on board this message please kids.

Thank you.

Blessed be.