This is a beautiful story between a husband and his illness wife.

A couple want to divorce because one was suffers from serious illness, but some people actually to do not abandon to wife, this is dentist Zhang in Taizhong, whose wife 13 years ago suffers from the trouble illness which is “freeze person”, although wife is only the eyes and the left toe can move, but he still led wife who like travel the foreign countries. Doctor Zhang said it is very cost time and money to pay attention on the patient, especially for anyone in the married ship. However, what a wonderful memory between him and his wife that can supposes him to care his wife even though the mission is so difficult to continue. Feeds wife to eat meal, this is the work which Doctor Zhang does everyday. He does not pay attention to the outside unusual judgment. When meet any delicious food or beautiful thing, he all wants to share together with his wife. “When I was writing my dissertation, my wife replace me to work tosupport the family. Now although she has fallen ill, but because our sentiment is very strong, cannot because her falling ill, we divorce! "said Doctor Zhang. The love story total about 9 years, including go abroad to study together. Thanks wife to work support the family, helping him to complete the studies. While the enterprise achieved the peak, his wife's body actually has the unusual form. Does not give up his wife whose deeply loves the traveling to get sick surrounds, pulls wife's hand to travel around foreign countries together , flies 27 ten thousand to go all over 12 countries. Doctor Zhang also receives that attendance serious illness is the burden, actually also is the life another growth. Dentist Zhang pointed out, "no matter it is in the spirit or in the physical strength, perhaps on the money all is the very big burden, we meet very many labors, but this is laborious the springhead which is we loves." Depends on the look to select the eyebrow communication not to receive limits, the husbands and wives once faced the barriers, which changed to the power which into loves. Doctor Zhang to promise his freeze-person wife the entire life not to abandon her. Persisting this faith "To choose you to like, liking you choosing".


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