SHU CPN experience camp

It is about a college association is going to hold acamp.

SHU is famous for college of journalism and communication. And the associations of the newspaper is very active, one of the association is CPN that is going to make an arrangement which is called “CPNEWS experience camp”. They invite big-name anchors to teach the freshman about the skill of journalism.
This camp addressed the freshmen to be held. CPN formulate lots of actions and games included the experience sharing, party night perform of predecessors. In order to abate the gap between everyone and accelerate the sense of identification, CNP decide to have a barbecue after the camp.
Lots of cadre members of the association are my classmates. I know that they want to arrange the camp favorably at the cost of their sleeping time and rollick. I believe that they can get not only the sense of achievements but also the membership and learning more and more methods for dealing with all the thing.
I thought the freshmen in SHU are very lucky. It is hard to have the chance to come into contact with the actual experiences. If they can take advantage of the opportunities, they are able to learn more professional skills early, it must be helpful in the future.


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