Rape or racism - Case of Anand Jon: Innocent Victim of Conspiracy, Fraud, Judicial Corruption & Injustice


Anand Jon
Anand Jon

BEVERLY HILLS, LA (Tue. Mar 20, 2007) : Anand Jon Alexander stood in the court on Monday stripped bare of all his accolades and titles and has earned an overnight change in his status from a star fashion designer to a rapist, child molester and sexual pervert.

In the issue of November 3, India Post carried an article on Anand Jon being voted as "India’s 50 most beautiful." If we were to believe the twenty counts that Anand is being charged with, then beauty surely seems just skin deep. Anand was brought into court wearing an orange prisoner’s uniform of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The look on his face was blank and he acknowledged his mother, sister Sanjana and brother in law sitting in the court room. Judge Elden S Fox began the court proceedings by asking defense attorney Ronald Richards to present his side of the case. Richards, a young dynamic upcoming attorney began the trial by showing the Judge, Anand’s original immigration card which had a valid work visa up to 2008. He then proceeded towards the first victim Natalie P, who claimed to have been raped by Anand on or about October 19, 2004.

Richards told the court that this charge should have been dismissed at the same time on grounds of insufficient evidence. His argument was that if the prosecution was bringing up such old complaints, how come these so called allegations were not proved correct at that time in court? He also objected at the method at which these allegations had been entered the plea at this time and said it was done only to magnify the existing case.

Now it was very difficult to prove or gather evidence for such crimes at a later date. There were no rape kits, no toxicology report and to cream it all up, the victim had said that she was abusing drugs and was not forced into having sex as alleged.

Other defense statements made were:

1) As Anand has gained celebrity status in Hollywood and the fashion industry, it is not uncommon for the likes of the said victims to give consensual sexual favors in lieu of a vested interest, failing which they would not hesitate in maligning him for not having got what they expected out of him.

2) That Anand has been living in the same apartment for the last four and a half years, speaks of his credibility of a good citizen in a good neighborhood.

3) The upcoming LA Fashion Week was to have Anand launch his private label and this is perfect timing for some people with ulterior motives to have him in custody and frame him on such charges.

4) That Anand had no prior criminal record in this court or any other since his arrival in the country. This again goes in favor of his innocence.

5) That Anand is a family man and has complete family support- the mother having flown down from India, the sister and brother in law being present in court to show family solidarity and support.

6) Keeping in mind the above, Ronald Richards requested the Judge to reduce the bail amount from $1.36 million to $ 200,000 which seemed appropriate and in line with the seriousness of the nature of allegations. Public Prosecutor Mara Mcilvain stated that the people want to increase the bail amount in line with the added allegations and the calculation of the bail amount was made based on the bail schedule as prescribed by the court system and keeping in mind public safety.

She then pleaded that the bail amount be increased to $ 2.35 million. Her arguments that substantiated this were:

1) The seriousness of the offence – rape, sexual assault and child molestation.

2) Various courts in USA have complaints of child molestation, rape and assault by Anand.

3) There are some cases yet under investigation and likely to be added soon.

4) Public safety is an issue in such cases and hence an increase in the bail amount would ensure that Anand would refrain from misbehavior or misdemeanor of sorts.

5) There seems a pattern emerging in the misconduct of the alleged and hence an urgent need to levy the hefty bail as is appropriate. Judge Fox, after having heard both sides, passed the court order pertaining to bail amount as being at $1.36 million. He also ordered that Anand had to surrender his passport and not leave the country or state without prior permission. This was only if he could pay the bail amount.

Till such time, he would remain in custody. After the court hearing, Jane Robison, the press secretary from the media relations division of the DA’s office informed the press that the charges being multiple and serious, the bail amount could not be reduced. She explained that Anand Jon has been charged on twenty serious counts, seven reported victims and this put together surely increased the seriousness of the charges and hence the appropriate bail amount.

The seven victims are Autumn A , a fifteen year old child, Natalie P, Jessie B, Lindsay B, Avery G, Amanda C and Ashley R. Some members of the community think that Anand has been framed and that these charges are fabricated. So, is this actually rape or racism? We await the next trial date to see where this leads us.

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