Five Years Too Many!! the US anti-war movement steps it up

On the 5th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, anti-war protesters across the United States stepped up actions of civil disobedience to make their voices heard. From Washington, DC to San Francisco to Boston, hundreds of people were arrested while blockading streets; targeting federal buildings, corporate headquarters and military recruitment stations; and participating in walkouts. Thousands more participated in vigils and support demonstrations. See Below for Roundup of Actions.

These actions followed what is probably most significant and underreported anti-war action in the last 5-years — the Iraq Veterans Against the War's "Winter Soldier" hearings. For four days in Washington, DC, former US military who were in Iraq and Afghanistan testified about US war crimes in the two wars and dramatically condemned the Bush administration and Pentagon for starting the wars. "Winter Soldier" hearings were first held in 1971 in DC by the Vietnam Veterans Against The War and were pivotal in bringing the Vietnam War to an end. This year's hearings were broadcast live on the internet and they were seen by the public at many locations organized by anti-war activists in multiple states; however, the IVAW Winter Soldier was largely ignored by most corporate media. Coverage from Washington DC | NYC | Boston | Rustbelt Radio | Indybay | Baltimore

The last few weeks also saw scattered nationwide protests against the war on International Women's Day. These mass actions follow a year of innovation in the anti-war movement, including the successful targeting of military recruitment centers, corporations and war shipment operations in port cities; as well as the continual gathering of thousands of weekly and monthly peace vigils nationwide (see Eagle Rock, CA, Washington County, OR).

The latest poll in March showed that 65% of Americans are opposed to the war in Iraq, yet coverage of the anti-war movement by corporate media has continued to decline. Organizers and independent media workers are working to counter that silence. A statement released by students in Portland, OR, reads: "We as students also believe that anti-war efforts have been too moderate and passive to make a difference." Related: The Warmongers Fear US: PR and 5 Years Too Many in Iraq | Iraq Winter Soldier Hearings: Victory for Independent Media | The Indypendent's Anti-War Issue

Roundup of Actions:

» Ashland, OR: Candlelight vigil on the Plaza
» Austin, TX: A Thousand Spirited Protesters Fill Streets of Austin
» Boston, MA: Boston Unites for Peace | Harvard/Boston Protests | Residents Shut Down Tremont Military Recruiting Station | Good Friday Anti-War Vigils
» Chicago, IL: Chicago to warmongers: five years of war is five too many | Marches and Civil Disobedience Part of Week of National Resistance to U.S. War Policies in Iraq | Video by CIMC and Labor Beat | Dispatches from M20 day of creative actions | No! To Five Years of Illegal War - Protest and March in Chicago
» Denver, CO: Cost of War Rally
» Houston, TX: Rice for Peace marks 5th anniversary of US invasion | Voices from the Bridge
» Los Angeles, CA: Protests Mark Five Years of US War on Iraq
» Miami, FL: Arlington South: Iraq War 5th Anniversary Memorial Service-Candlelight Vigil
» Minneapolis/St. Paul: Photos from MPLS Antiwar Demos, 3-15-08
» New York, NY: Raging Grannies Knit-in | Pics from 3 protests | Eight Activists Arrested in War Profiteer Blockade
» Philadelphia, PA: Moratorium to commemorate Fifth year of Iraq War
» Portland, OR: M19: Funk The War | M20 Student Walkout: 1 | 2 | Washington County Peace Vigil
» Rochester, NY: Arrests at Antiwar Demonstration
» San Francisco Bay Area, CA: Reports from Direct Action to Stop the War | Community Protests Chevron's Role in War, Warming, Toxics and Human Rights | Students Demand a Democratic UC Board of Regents and No More Nuclear Weapons; 12 Lockdown | Marine Recruitment Protests Continue in Berkeley
» Seattle, WA: Female and Fearless Against War: Blockaders of Military Shipments Speak Out | VIDEO-Recruitment Center Shut Down!
» Tacoma, WA: Video: Report Back From Recruiting Center Action
» Washington, DC: 5 Years of War and Occupation Brings Resistance in the Streets of DC, March 19 | Five Minutes of Stillness Remembering Five Years of War | One M19 Participant's Impressions
» Worcester, MA: Five Activists Arrested at Federal Building | Anti-War Youth and Student March Takes The Streets

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