Moscow, May 22. Voina group action against the prosecution of Andrei Erofeev


The truck with Voina activists crashed in front of the Prosecutor's Office
The truck with Voina activists crashed in front of the Prosecutor's Office

All were set to support the prosecuted art critic - Andrei Erofeev
All were set to support the prosecuted art critic - Andrei Erofeev

"Censorship SUX" being spelled out
"Censorship SUX" being spelled out

Urban militants exercising and chanting their slogans
Urban militants exercising and chanting their slogans

Moscow, May 22 – activists of the Voina group have staged an action outside the Prosecutor’s Office against the prosecution of the contemporary art critic and curator Andrei Erofeev charged with inciting hatred and religious enmity after organizing an art show.

March 2007, which featured Christian symbols, obscene slang and images critical of the Russian police and army.

During the exhibition a number of right-wing groups and politicians associating themselves with the “Orthodox community” have repeatedly attacked the art show demanding it’s organizers to be brought to trial. Investigators in the Prosecutor’s Office in today’s Russia do not deny that they are acting on orders from top government officials.

On May 13 2008 Yury Samodurov, the director of the Sakharov Center, has been summoned for questioning and criminal indictment.

The renowned contemporary art curator Andrei Erofeev appeared before the Prosecutor’s Office to be questioned regarding his charges on May 22.

As he approached the building a truck appeared from the sidestreet across with two dozen of sport suit wearing Voina group activists in the trunk. Reaching the middle of the driveway the truck hits a passing car. A weirdly dressed bearded man with a loud speaker appeared. The two vehicles blocked the rush hour traffic – amidst the road chaos the activists jumped off the truck and went under the command of the bearded man in a top hat to block the driveway. While actively exercising the group, resembling a team of urban militants, started to loudly chant the following slogans:

“Censorship SUX”
“Cop in a churchies cassock”
"The feds don't fuck us - we fuck the feds"
“Bad ‘n stinky, ye grey cloudy face”
"Orthodox folk - make love with thy art"
“Fuck culture – hail the nasty judge”
“Higher, higher with the black flag - the state’s our main foe”

Upon completing a round of exercises and seeing off Andrei Erofeev make his way through the crowd for his interrogation, the activist team formed their ranks for a dash around the building of the Prosecutor's Office.

Police enforcements arrived on scene late to find a crashed truck and it’s sides decorated with the action mottos: “Eternal disgrace to oppressors of Sots-art” and “Censorship’s bitchy, the creator is cool”.

VIDEO:, Artist's account
PHOTO: Photoshare
Reports with photos: Plucer, Kassian
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In their previous action activists of the Voina group have demonstrated how paralyzed and ineffective the Russian police may be when faced with the intimidations of a state ideology. Justice is yet to be brought to this country.

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"Forbidden Art 2006" - art prosecution in Russia

anonymous 27.May.2008 18:15

more on the case against the organizers of the "Forbidden Art 2006"

Censorship SUX! action

anonymous 13.Sep.2008 17:01

The action was apparently dubbed the "Censorship SUX!" road-accident picket.