Sucre, Bolivia: Human Rights

US References Supposed Human Rights Violations in Bolivia

La Paz 26 Feb. (CMI Sucre).- According to the Annual Report on Human Rights by the US Department of State, presented by Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of that country, there have been problems with respect to human rights in Bolivia. According to the report indications of human rights violations have "been detected," mentioning "arbitrary" detentions, threats to civil rights, attacks by the executive branch on judicial power, and poor jail conditions, amongst others in the government of President Juan Evo Morales Ayma.

The document mencions that the government of Bolivia has respected human rights in general, but according to the report there existed some problem areas such as: "abuses on the part of security forces; rough jail conditions; arbitrary arrests and detentions; attacks on judicial power on the part of the executive branch; threats against civil liberties, including legal rights and the freedom of the press; excessive use of force and other abuses during internal conflicts; corruption and lack of transparency in the government; discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation; trade and traffic in humans; child labor; forced labor or labor under coercion; [and] deplorable conditions in the mining sector."

Audio Viceministro de Coordinación con los Movimientos Sociales: Sacha Llorenti -

This report came to light when the president of Bolivia began to denounce the influence of the CIA in the internal affairs of Bolivia specifically in the state petroleum company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales de Bolivia (YPFB), mentioning involvement in acts of corruption by its president Santos Ramírez. He called attencion to the threats of ex-US ambassador Fillip Golbert who was expelled from the country by the president after it was proved that he met with directors of the so-called "media luna" and other opposition groups which had intended to kick off a civil disturbance. Said disturbance came to a head with the massacre of rural peoples one Thursday, September 11 of 2008, in the pueblo of El Porvenir in the department of Pando.

For his part the Viceminister of Coordination with Social Movements, Sacha Llorenti, classified this document as inadmissible, rude and biased, "the report is inadmissible for the government of Bolivia, as it is a gross simplification of the national reality that is politically motivated and biased." He also mentioned that the government of the United States can talk about Human Rights when it expels Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada from its country.

He reminded that this ex-president of Bolivia is accused by victims and social organizations in accordance with the Committee to Bring to Justice Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada and his collaborators, for the massacres in September and October of 2003, that resulted in around 60 dead and more than 400 wounded in Bolivia. The ex-president is being protected by the US, particularly by the State Department, who supported a proposals by ex North American ambassadors, September 19th of 2008 that allowed Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada to evade justice in the US for the October Massacre of 2003.

Moreover, directors of social organizations within the deparment of Chuquisaca have said with respect to this annual report that, "[The} US does not have the moral imperative to discuss human rights and less so justice," bringing up the cases of: Tipton Three, British citizens who went to Pakistan for a wedding the day before a western attack on the Taliban, crossed the border with Afgahnistan with the vague intent of helping other muslims, and were detained at Guantanamo as have potential ties to Al Qaeda , o los 5,000 children in Pennsylvania who were convicted of unproven minor crimes, and the 2,000 of whom were placed in juvenile detention by corrupt judges that were receiving bribes from the builders and owners of these private jails, and tying them to the incredibly deficient administration of justice in their own country.

With regards to the human rights violations of Guantanamo, as a counter point to the, yet fulfilled, promises to close the prison at Guantanamo, that the US government has almost finished the extensions of the jail of Bagram in Afghanistan, where there are around 600 people illegally detained, according to human rights organizations.

Finally he stressed the report of a three year investigation by a panel of eight international judges, pertaining to the anti-terrorism effort led by the United States after the attacks of September 11, that mentioned a series of human rights violations that included: torture; forceful kidnappings; secret and arbitrary dententions without guarantee of justice, pursued with impunity over several years by the US government.

Confronted with these things, human rights organizations question the legitimacy of the US State Department's annual report on Human Rights, particularly with regards to Bolivia, where it has only been two decades since the United States ended the so-called Plan Condor, in alliance with the de facto military governments.

Source: CMI Sucre.

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"Derechos y humanos"

AuKa Kapak 02.Mar.2009 12:15

Claro, ellos pontifican acerca de lo que "hacen bien o hacen mal" el resto de los gobiernos en tal o cual materia, pero miran para otro lado cuando los que hacen las cosas mal son ellos (léase administración irresponsable de finanzas, violaciones sistemáticas -ya al punto de estar socialmente arraigadas- a los DDHH, intromisión en los asuntos de otros países, etc)

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no mas muchos horas 04.Mar.2009 00:44

stop the shareholder of mining and gas that always fails the people when they take drugs and invest further in the demise of the innocent with sexploitation.

What gall!

Diet Simon 13.Mar.2009 03:45

What gall for the US of all states to carpet anyone for human rights abuses. I don't know whether to throw up or laugh so hysterically that they pick me up.

accusations of unreliability in US reporting of human rights abuse

Finrandojin 18.Mar.2009 11:30

It seems to me that people are dismissing this report out of hand just because it has been authored by the US state department. It's as if people are blind to the fact that the US has been a champion of human rights for most of the 20th century up to this point I'd rather that you be sceptical of the reports of the UN human rights council that is primarily made up of failed states with very poor records on human rights.
The relentles campaing to portray the US as a fascist nation with poor human rights is nothing but way for the real bad guys to draw attention away from their misdeeds.

Yes we can, torture

ratatatatatata 19.Mar.2009 14:38

Finrandojin you forgot to say that USA is the champion and the best country on the world, by the grace of God (and all kinds of opression to poor countries).

I call bullshit

Kaze no Kae 21.Mar.2009 01:37

Finrandojin: For all of its 232-year history, the US has stood against oppression - both real and fabricated - only when and where it has stood to make a profit by doing so. If you can name one single occaision where the US government has taken the side of the oppressed without a glaringly obvious ulterior motive for doing so, I will be very impressed. I'm not dismissing the accusations, and I fully understand that Morales' government is not all its sometimes cracked up to be, but until I see some actual evidence or at least corroboration by a more trustworthy source, I'll trust Morales' government which - Hillary Clinton's accusations notwithstanding - at least attempts to defend and further the freedom of its people before I'll trust a major stockholder in Wal-Mart and someone who has on record threatened genocide against the people of Tehran.

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its prelude

memecaster 03.Apr.2009 18:06

there are human rights violations everywhere, of course. So lets zero in on why we are mentioning the problem in Bolivia. Follow the resources/money:

Bolivian salt flats are the new oil. if you have read the long articles about Lithium deposits you understand the problem with our resource on their soverign real estate.....

So of course we shine the light, even if its "arbitrary" and self serving---as usual. Lets get on with "fixing" this nasty commie scum dictatorship. lets make it sfe for corporate greed and internationalist tech investment.


Thomas Pearce 05.Apr.2009 15:51

Bizzzzzare, who cares what the US says about Evo Morales. Let's see how do we define inhumane treatment to the bastards that have exploited the indigenous people of Bolivia and murdered them and raped them. If these punks are breathing and eating they are lucky.

So what is the response to the charges?

Miguel 07.Apr.2009 20:28

So what is Sacha Llorenti's response to the alleged human-rights violations? Of course the U.S. is a human-rights abuser, but that's besides the point here. Why doesn't he answer to the substance of the charges, for example widespread lynchings? Here is the direct link to the Dept. of State's report:

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