USA: INDYMEDIA REPRESSION and the EFF successfully fight back against bogus FBI subpoena is happy to announce that we've managed, after nearly a year of legal action on our behalf by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), to successfully fight back against a bogus subpoena request issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in conjunction with a grand jury investigation. The request demanded we turn over all IP address logs for a day in June of 2008 - not only did object to this blatantly illegitimate and overly broad request, but, per accepted Indymedia best practices, we do not keep such logs in the first place, in order to maximally ensure the privacy of our site users. Also troubling was the fact that the sysadmin who received the subpoena was also bound by its gag order provision, making her unable to discuss the legal issue with the broader network of collectives cooperating on the site. We're happy that the EFF was ultimately able to get this demand for silence shown to be illegitimate as well --- one can only wonder how many ISPs silently capitulate to similarly broad and unconstitutional requests.

More information: From EFF's Secret Files: Anatomy of a Bogus Subpoena --- How the Government Secretly Demanded the IP Address of Every Visitor to Political News Site | Interview with Indymedia sys admin Kristina Clair | Interview with EFF lawyer Kevin Bankston | List of previous incidents of legal repression of Indymedia centers | US-Behörde wollte illegal an Nutzerdaten von gelangen


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Bogus Is Right

9-11 Truth Member 13.Nov.2009 09:54

The NSA already has the IP address of every computer that is used to post to or visit any website and send or receive e-mail. From the IP address that could look like this... 208.6585.47 or any variety of numbers, the registered users name and address can be found. So I think the entire thing is bogus including the article. Could Indymedia be doing this to gather attention? If the Feds wanted to they could raid and seize the servers as I am told was done to the Indy in the UK.

I don't say this to put fear in posters, but just to say this. Do not be afraid! We as activists want the government to know what we are saying. It can inspire ex-Fed employees like Sibel Edmonds to also break their silence.

As long as you're not talking about hurting people or otherwise helping the Feds pull off another false flag operation , you have nothing to fear.


Who bogused the IMC--Canada. 13.Nov.2009 16:07

Starting with Vancouver, then Victoria, the various IMC Canada IP stations went off line and to this date have not been brought back on line. Apparently the spam was so thick and furious that no station IP could stay on-line with its alternative theory-practice. For myself I ascribe this dysfunctioning of the internet as the fascists trying to end our anti- war movement. It seems that the vast majority of people in Canada, and the U.S., and around the world do not agree with the Imperialist war programs the Pentagon has in reality got going in some sort of inclusive way. So they use the monopoly media to spread their deadly news. We do not need war. Aggressive Imperial War is not the answer to the needs of the ecological organic balance needed in the air, land, water, plants, animals, and people. Quite the contrary, we need the dismantling of the war machine, and its manufactury. That would allow us to use the technology comming into being to be used in solidarity with the life of the planet. Nay in the organic sense we could use our labour power to actually improve the living and working conditions, and thusly our joy-d'-vivre. Bon Chance to the IMC worldwide, and its unity and struggle to stay on-line and relevant to the needs of each and every community.

All laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void

Silence Dogood 21.Nov.2009 16:08

They're not the ones who can tell you what to do; you are the ones who can tell them what to do.

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." --Chief Justice Marshall, Marbury vs. Madison, 5, U.S. (1 Cranch) 137, 174, 176,(1803).

"....the government's anxiety to obtain information known to a private individual does not without more render that information public; if it did, no room would remain for the application of the constitutional privilege. Nor does it stamp information with a public character that the government has formalized its demands in the attire of a statute; if this alone were sufficient, the Constitution's privilege could be [sic] entirely be abrogated by any act of Congress." Page 57, 390 U.S. 39.

"Privilege against self-incrimination is in part individual's substantive right to private conclave where he may lead a private life. Constitutional foundation underlying privilege against self-incrimination is the respect of the government, state or federal, must accord to dignity and integrity of its citizens. Fifth Amendment provision that individual cannot be compelled to be witness against himself cannot be abridged." --Miranda vs. State of Arizona,380 US 436 (1966)

Notes from the surveillance apocalypse

riseup translations 01.Dec.2009 19:29

On January 30th, 2009, one of the system administrators for
received in the mail a US grand jury subpoena. The government asked for
the IP address of every one of's thousands of visitors on a
certain day — the IP address of every person who read any news story on
the entire site. Not only did this request threaten every
visitor's First Amendment right to read the news anonymously, it plainly
violated the legal restrictions on what types of data the government
could obtain using a subpoena. The subpoena was also overbroad and a
clear fishing expedition: there's no way that the identity of every
Indymedia reader of every Indymedia story was relevant to the crime
being investigated by the grand jury in Indiana, whatever that crime may
be. To add insult to injury, it required an illegal gag order that the
recipient could not speak of this subpoena.

Most of a year later, and through the legal work of the Electronic
Frontier Foundation (the kick-ass legal civil libertarians of the
internet), both the legal subpoena and the gag order have been dropped.
For lots more information, go to--

=================== castellano ===================

Notas desde el apocalipsis de la vigilancia

El 30 de enero de 2009, una de las administradoras de sistemas para recibió en su correo una citación del Jurado de Acusación
de EE.UU. El gobierno pedía la dirección IP de cada una de las miles de
visitantes de en un día particular – la dirección IP de
cada persona que leyó cualquier noticia en toda la página web. No sólo
hicieron esta petición amenazando el derecho a la Primera Enmienda de
todas las visitantes de, a leer las noticias de forma
anónima, sino que violaron completamente las restricciones legales sobre
qué tipo de datos el gobierno puede obtener usando una citación. La
citación también era muy amplia: es imposible que identificar cada
lectora de Indymedia de cada noticia de Indymedia fuese relevante para
la investigación del crimen por el Jurado de Acusación de Indiana,
cualquiera que fuese el crimen. Para colmo, lanzaba una orden ilegal de
censura para que la destinataria no hablase sobre dicha citación.

Casi un año después, y gracias al trabajo legal de la Fundación Frontera
Electrónica (la patada en el culo libertaria en internet), ambas la
citación y la orden de censura han sido retiradas. Para mucha más

=================== deutsch ===================

Notizen aus der Überwachungsapokalypse

Am 30. Januar 2009 erhielt einer der Systemadministratoren von eine Vorladung zur Anklagejury. Die Regierung verlangte die
IP-Adresse sämtlicher der tausenden Besucher_innen von an
einem bestimmten Tag – die IP-Adresse jeder Person, die an diesem Tag
irgendeine der unzähligen Nachrichtenmeldung auf der gesamten Site
gelesen hatte. Nicht nur, dass diese Forderung die Grundrechte (nach dem
1. Zusatz der US-Verfassung) aller Besucher_innen von
bestritt, die Nachrichten anonym zu lesen, sie setzte sich außerdem grob
über die rechtlichen Grenzen dessen hinweg, welche Art von Daten die
Regierung mit Hilfe einer Vorladung einholen darf. Zudem war die
Vorladung übermäßig weit ausgelegt und eine klare Schnüffeltour: es ist
nicht möglich, dass die Identität aller Indymedia-Leser_innen sämtlicher
Indymedia-Artikel für die fragliche Straftat von Bedeutung sein konnte,
wegen der die Ermittlungen der Anklagejury in Indiana durchgeführt
wurden, ganz gleich worum es bei dieser Straftat gehen möge. Um die
Sache noch schlimmer zu machen, enthielt die Vorladung eine illegale
Knebelanordnung, die es dem Empfänger verbat, über die Vorladung zu

Fast ein Jahr später und durch die Rechtshilfearbeit der Electronic
Frontier Foundation (die tollen Rechtshelfer_innen und
Bürgerrechtler_innen des Internet) wurden sowohl die Vorladung als auch
die Knebelanordnung fallen gelassen. Jede Menge weitere Informationen
gibt es unter

=================== polski ===================

Notatki na temat Inwigilacyjnej Apokalipsy
30 stycznia 2009, administratorka otrzymała sądowe wezwanie
do sądu najwyższego. Rząd zażądał adresów IP każdego, kto odwiedzał
stronę w ciągu danego dnia - adres IP każdej osoby, która przeczytała
jakąkolwiek wiadomość na całej stronie. To żądanie nie tylko łamało
wynikające z pierwszej poprawki [konstytucji USA] prawo do anonimowego
czytania wiadomości, łamało też dozwolone wykorzystanie wezwań sądowych,
ustanowione przez sam rząd. Samo wezwanie było przesadzone i wyraźnie
było kierowane nadzieją znalezienia czegoś więcej; w żaden sposób
identyfikacja każdego czytelnika indymediów, każdego artykułu na
indymediach nie mogła pomóc w jakimkolwiek śledztwie które akurat
prowadził sąd w Indianie. Dodając zniewagę do krzywdy, wezwanie
zawierało nielegalny nakaz milczenia na jego temat.

Prawie rok później i dzięki pracy Electronic Frontier Foundation
(zajebistym legalistycznym internetowym wolnościowcom), tak wezwanie jak
i nakaz milczenia zostały wycofane. Pełna informacja na ten temat --

=================== português ===================

Notas do apocalipse da vigilância
Em 30 de janeiro de 2009 uma administradora do recebeu um
mandado do grande juri dos EUA. O governo pediu os endereços IP de todos
os milhares de pessoas que acessaram o site em um determinado dia. O
endereço IP de todas as pessoas que leram alguma notícia no site
inteiro. Esse mandado não só feria os direitos dos leitores do site
garantidos na primeira emenda da Constituição dos EUA de lerem notícias
anonimamente, ele também violava as restrições sobre quais tipos de
informações o governo pode obter com um mandado judicial. O mandado era
extremamente amplo e uma clara “expedição de pesca”, não há como a
identidade de todos os leitores do Indymedia serem relevantes para uma
investigação no estado de Indiana, qualquer que seja o crime cometido. E
para piorar o mandado requisitava de forma ilegal que a pessoa que o
recebeu não falasse nada sobre ele a qualquer pessoa.

Quase um ano depois e através do trabalho da Electronic Frontier
Foundation (ONG dos EUA que luta pelos direitos civis na Internet),
tanto a requisição dos registros quanto o sigilo foram retirados. Mais
informações em

===== русский язык =====

Известия об апокалипсисе тотального контроля
30 января 2009 года один из системных администраторов американской
Индимедии получил письмо с повесткой в суд. Правительство
попросило IP-адрес каждого из тысяч посетителей в определённый день —
IP-адрес каждого человека, который читал любую новость на всём сайте.
Это требование не только угрожает гарантированному Первой Поправкой к
Конституции США праву каждого посетителя читать новости
анонимно, оно прямо противоречит установленному законом ограничению на
типы данных, которые правительство может потребовать по суду. Судебное
требование, кроме того, слишком расширительно и представляет собою явную
попытку забросить удочку: нет способа сопоставить, насколько каждый
читатель каждой статьи Индимедии имеет отношение к преступлению,
рассматриваемому судом присяжных штата Индиана, каким бы ни было это
преступление. Помимо прочих несуразностей эта повестка требовала
противозаконной подписки о неразглашении информации, чтобы её получатель
не мог говорить об этой повестке.

Спустя почти год юридической работы Фонда электронных рубежей
(Electronic Frontier Foundation, клёвые либертарные юристы интернета) и
повестка, и подписка о неразглашении информации были отменены. Намного
больше информации об этом деле можно найти на странице