Mothers Protest Family Separation, De-Valuing of Caring Work

On Saturday, March 13, mothers and those who depend on them held simultaneous protests in ten cities around the world in honor of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. Called by the Global Women’s Strike, the events united under the call to “Invest in Caring, Not Killing,” beginning with payment for the first carers: mothers. Marchers also demanded resources for family reunification and protested the mistreatment of undocumented domestic laborers.

In Guyana, coastal women of African, Indian and Mixed descent travelled to the interior to join with their Indigenous sisters demanding clean potable water, electricity, housing, money for carers, protective rape law, and an end to racial and domestic violence. This historic unity was front page news in the national papers.

In India, Tribal and Dalit women from rural Chhattisgard assembled to demand equal rights to land and property; ration cards for mothers below the poverty line; higher pensions for single, widowed and divorced women; and compensation for mothers and children released from bonded labour.

In Los Angeles, about 150 people led by women and Aztec dancers marched to the Department of Children and Family Services to protest children being unjustly taken from their mothers because of racism, poverty and other discrimination. A similar protest was held in Philadelphia — due to heavy rains the group gathered inside the Arch Street United Methodist Church to dialogue and view a preview of the documentary, “DHS: Give Us Back Our Children!” produced in cooperation with the Scribe Video Center Community Visions Project.

Events also took place in Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Turkey and Venezuela, as well as in the Strike headquarters in London.

The Strike began working to revive International Women's Day in 2000. Their webpage explains: "We all know that the survival of the human race depends on the caring work of mothers. Mothers have the longest working day and the lowest incomes. On top of caring we’re expected to work for the lowest pay to feed our families. We get no recognition or support, only blame when things go wrong. And in times of wars or even ‘peace’, mothers are to the most dedicated campaigners for justice for our loved ones – an extension of our caring work."

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educations of hate

ss 03.Apr.2010 17:31

thier is a dilemma in the u.s. where mothers raise their children to hate white people cuz they are to blame for evertything. stop the uncles and felons from miss guiding youth...

Easy Solution

typhonblue 21.Apr.2010 19:26

Here's a fantastic solution.

If being a child care taker is an undervalued position in society, maybe women should start giving the position to their husbands/boyfriends/etc. and going out to paid work? That way men end up 'ghettoized' in child-care and women make more money!

BTW, if you mothering your own kid is supposed to be some sort of social service to me(ie. as a childfree adult tax payer) then I demand the right to evaluate you and have some sort of oversight over your performance. Screaming two year old in a restaurant? No Christmas bonus for you! Create yet another 'client' of the criminal justice system? You should be held financially and legally liable! Just like any other civil servant that creates a lethal mess through their negligence while on the job.

Ladies, your position is bullshit. Your histrionics make good mothers(which every mother involved in this nonsense is not) everywhere look bad.


'Oded Qedem 27.Apr.2010 08:46

Indeed, breaking Families apart, to satisfy some dark beliefs of some fascist social-workers, must be considered to be a crime against Humanity - since to throw children out of their natural Homes and into some concentration-camp-like "institution" = where they're BOUND to be subjected to mental and emotional mistreatment, if not worse - is one of the worst atrocities imaginable - and I'm talking as a survivor.

In fact, one of the most horrible wrongdoings of the Leftist forces in the World, is to support social-workers = the agents of pure evil.

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