Egypt: System change

Tens of thousands on the streets say down with the regime


Cairo protesters suffer water cannon during afternoon prayer
Cairo protesters suffer water cannon during afternoon prayer

In a day of anger at the Mubarak regime hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Port Said and in many Egyptian towns and cities in one of the biggest protests seen so far in the country and with intense confrontations with state security forces. Major protests started on January 25. Hundreds were wounded during street battles with the police with fifty three confirmed deaths from Friday's protests.

The protests came after the protests that led to the fall of the Tunisian government and the ousting of Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, driven by poverty, high food prices, autocratic governments, high levels of corruption for many years, and the absence of political freedom.

Ramy Raoof Cairo photos | Youtube videos of Intense street confrontations 1, 2 with security forces.

The government blocked the internet (1 | 2), mobile phone and SMS services, with the hope of stopping demonstrations and shouting information.

The NDP headquarters has been torched and destroyed. Several police stations and NDP party offices have been attacked and put on fire. People have ignored the curfew that nominally came into effect at 6pm and continue to invade the streets.

Expression of solidarity and solidarity protests are happening around the world:


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Clearly a Majority Revolution for Genuine Governance For, By, and of the People.

Linco 31.Jan.2011 19:17

U.S. Citizens and Canadian Citizens are being flown out, which is a sure sign that Mubarack is planning something that does not bode well for the vast majority. There is a peoples saying about sinking ships here but best not say anything lest they disinform the real meaning and tortue the journalists to death in a stinking C.I.A. dark spot. No, the fact that the U.S. and its flunkey Canadian Conservative-Liberal puppet regime start spying on its citizens who are inquiring why the death of lincoln by the slaveholder class brought to power not the liberation of reconstruction but the slaveholders again. This breath of fresh air from the proletariate, should wake the world to the necessity of change that the world so dearly needs. The red guard will defend the workers and their allies, while reaction headed by Mubarack will be supporting the Imperialist Camp and its reconquest of the working classes. Plus and minus, so which side are you on? Workers of the world, unite!!

get rid of the drug pushing zealots

aa 31.Jan.2011 20:57

all the bin laden family loyalist bring in drugs and laundering money .....

protests in Italy

Imc italy 02.Feb.2011 14:38
31 january, Milano, in front of Egyptian consulate