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Bi-Coastal Protests in the United States

06.06.2004 22:33

On the Atlantic Ocean, in Sea Island, GA, the Group of 8 (G8) Summit will bring together leaders of the world's richest nations. Behind closed doors, eight men will decide political, economic and social issues affecting more than 6 billion people. Meanwhile, civil liberties in South Georgia are being undermined by the Georgia Governor's "state of emergency" and excessive police and military build up in the area have limited the likelihood that alternative visions of social justice, such as the "Fix Shit Up Project", will be effective.

Meanwhile on the Pacific Coast, activists against biotechnology have come from all across the world to San Francisco for this years Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) meeting, stressing alternatives as they Reclaim the Commons.

MORE INFORMATION: For updates from the streets, check [ Bay Area Indymedia ] or [ Enemy Combatant Radio | TUNE IN NOW!!! ]
For in-depth coverage and analysis, check [ Biotech IMC ]

Actions of Interest

06.06.2004 21:49

[ Reclaim the Commons: San Francisco Bay Area IMC | Enemy Combatant Radio | Biotech IMC | SF ]
[ Group of 8 (G8): Atlanta Indymedia, SF ]
[ EU-LAC Updates and Solidarity: Guadalajara Indymedia ]

Josu case close to verdict in Buenos Aires

06.06.2004 20:08

On June 8th and 9th Josu's judgment will be carried out in Buenos Aires, imprisoned in this city till the resolution of the Argentine Justice about the extradition request raised by the Spanish government. The judge of his case, Claudio Bonadío, has publicly stated that he is disposed to give the extradition and even more, till now he hasn't accepted any another defense proof than the report of the Torture Relater of the UN.

Between the proofs rejected by Bonadío is the report of the human rights organization SERPAJ-Uruguay about to the case, Mikel Alberdi's letter (prisoner seventeen years for the attempt of which Josu is accused) claiming for Josu's innocence, and the summary of the Spanish Justice about the attempt (which doesn't mentions Josu).

After a strong global campaign the judge Bonadío accepted in the judgment the testimony of four Argentine citizens, between them the peace Nobel Prize Adolfo Perez Esquivel. In case Bonadío gives place to the extradition order, the defense will appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice; after this stage, it will be the Argentine government who will have to decide.

"Solidarity is the tenderness of the people" it's a phrase of Neruda mentioned by Juanita, Josu's wife, in her open letter. Every day there come new expressions of this tenderness: in Internet adhesions are gathered to a request for the freedom of this citizen, and several organizations request his political asylum.

More info: josu-askatu.org press releases of the Association Basque Diaspora [1 | 2 | 3 ] others petitions: avaeh other article Juicio de Burgos II

Bush visiting Italy and France

imc-global, 04.06.2004 21:36

Bush visted Italy, Rome on June 4th, he visted Berlusconi and the Pope. Protests were planned in Rome
Pictures [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 ] , Pink Paint Party foto [1|2]
Video [ 1 - 2]

On June 5th he went to France to be part of the commemorations of WWII in Normandie this weekend.

And Paris It was not easy to protest in France because of the huge securityrules; Paris was declared as one big Red zone
Pictures: 1|2|3|4| Video: 1
Articles(French) on police provocation/repression: 1|2|3|

Indymedia Paris, Indymedia Italy, Indymedia Rome

European march of French “sans-papiers”

04.06.2004 08:01

Since last monday, May 31st , a group of about 90 French “sans-papiers” ("illegal" immigrants) are marching from Brussels, the seat of the EU, [ 1 | 2 ] to Paris in an attempt to draw attention to their awkward situation. There they had a debate with Belgian “sans-papiers” about the struggle for regularisation in France. On june 2nd they arrived in Liège where they marched through the city to the deportation centre of Vottem, on june the 3rd they arrived in Ghent [ 1 | 2 ] From there they will march through Courtray and then on to France [Itinerary]

Their first stop in France is Lille where since the beginning of May another group of “sans-papiers” is having a hunger strike. On June 2nd this group was brutally arrested shortly after they had been admitted to hospital. The remaining hunger strikers continue their action at the “Bourse du Travail”.

[ imc Liège | imc Oost-Vlaanderen | imc Lille ]

Monsanto all around the world

02.06.2004 17:22

Monsanto, the world most prominent biotech company is facing protests all over the world. Farmers' groups on Mindano Islands (Philipines) staged a "mock trial" that proclaimed agrochemical transnational giant Monsanto Corporation guilty of promoting deadly science and other "crimes" allegedly committed against the Filipino peasantry. (read more below).

Menawhile in South Africa, the Environmental Justice Networking Forum held a demonstration against the lack of public access to information and the unwanted introduction of genetically modified (GM) foods into South Africa, and in support of Biowatch who has taken the South African Department of Agriculture and regulatory agencies to court to obtain information related to the permission for planting, growing and feeding of these crops to the public. The Department of Agriculture was joined by Monsanto, Delta and Pine Land and Stoneville Pedigreed Seed (another Monsanto spin-off, paying royalties to Monsanto) in opposing Biowatch’s action. Monsanto itself is responsible for over 90% of global GM plantings and has even greater presence here in South Africa, approaching 100%. (read more below).

In Canada, a long awaited court case concluded with the outragous decision affirming Monsanto’s right to prosecute farmers who are found to have GM crops growing on their land. The Supreme Court of Canada has announced their decision on Schmeiser's appeal by determining that Monsanto's patent is valid, but Schmeiser is not forced to pay Monsanto anything as he did not profit from the presence of RR canola in his fields. In this respect the outcome can be considered a draw, because Percy and Louise Schmeiser were about to loose their farm over this. (read more below)

[ QC Indymedia | MASIPAG | SEARICE || Indymedia South Africa | Biowatch || Vancouver IMC | Percy Schmeiser | ETC Group || Biotech Indymedia]

The Indypendent Marks a Milestone: 50 Issues and Still Going Strong

NYC IMC, 02.06.2004 06:39

Indypendent May 26, 2004 The Indypendent was launched in September of 2000 as an occasional 4-page black-and-white paper. Now a full color, 16-page biweekly, The Indypendent celebrates its 50th issue this week. Articles include Steven Wishnia's tale of his teen-age encounter with legions of pro-Nixon cops at the '72 Republican National Convention, a look at upcoming anti-G8 protests in Georgia, an unprecedented anti-Wal-Mart convergence being planned in Arkansas and Greenpeace's recent victory over Justice Department fanatics. We also take a look at struggles closer to home from Little Pakistan to Freddy's Bar in Fort Greene to a defiant march on Times Square by young people of color activists to the battle for full access to birth control. || Full PDF of Issue #50.

Aladdin Sisalem Granted 'Humanitarian Visa'

02.06.2004 02:38

The Australian Government, after stating that Aladdin Sisalem did not qualify for Australian protection, has granted the stateless, Kuwait-born Palestinian refugee a 'humanitarian visa' to live in Australia. After being ill-treated, Sisalem said he was relieved, but not excited at the prospect. "Actually, I don't know how to explain my feeling after I was given another chance in life. I feel very tired because of the time that I spent there." (Photos)

Melbourne IMC | Perth IMC | Free Aladdin

<a href="http://guadalajara.mediosindependientes.org/">Guadalajara</a> - Urgent

02.06.2004 00:00

Call to global action day 4th of June 2004: [ espanol ] [ english ] [ deutsch ] [ francais ] [ italiano ]

Updates: June 3: Yet more arrests La Jornada reported today [en] (6/3) that seven more activists have been arrested. It is unclear whether this number includes, or is in addition to, the three arrests reported above.

guadalajara.mediosindependientes.org/ June 2: More Arrests At least 3 more arrests have been confirmed in the last hours. These occured during a peaceful protest that began at 4:00 today in the plaza Governmental of Guadalajara. Soon after the first reports of the arrests, police parked and dismounted a truck in the corner in from on the Independent Media Center, blocking traffic and interrorgating bystanders. Unconfirmed reports have also been recieved that police have recieved orders for the arrests of members of the Centro de Medios Independientes.

Migrant Workers Celebrate 200 Days of Sit-In Struggle in Seoul

31.05.2004 10:16

Sunday marked 200 days of struggle in the heart of Seoul by the migrant workers of Myoung Dong Sit-In Struggle Collective, whose demands are: Stop Crackdown! Legalize all Migrants! Koreans are also currently protesting against a proposed US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, against the government's decision to send S. Korean troops to Iraq, against plans for another US military base in S. Korea, and against a nuclear dumping facility.

[ migrant.nodong.net/sitin | jinbonet | sarangbang | anarclan | KCTU ]

Fighting Palestinian deportations in Montreal

30.05.2004 09:41


Throughout the past year the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees has led a Montreal based campaign to fight the deportation of more than 100 Palestinian refugees from Canada. A majority of the pending Palestinian deportations are slated for the coming weeks and months, so there are a series of actions and events, which are being organized to build support for the fight against Palestinian deportations.

The political power of collective action and popular support for the Palestinian refugees was clearly illustrated this past month with the case of Osama Saleh. After a persistent political campaign, Osama's pending deportation to the West Bank was halted by a Canadian Federal Court Judge. The Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees continues to highlight the case of Khalil Ayoub, 67, Nabih Ayoub, 69, and Therese Boulos Haddad, 62, three Palestinian refugees from the refugee camp of Ein El-Helweh in Lebanon who have taken sanctuary in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Church since the 30th of January 2004 in order to escape deportation.


linkmeister, not a translator, 30.05.2004 02:37

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The Third Summit of Governments and Heads of State of Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union (ALCUE III) concluded with a smooth and indirect condemnation of the American military torture in Iraq, trade agreements without popular endorsement, violence against demonstrators at the end of the general march and around 100 detained and disappeared. 30 were hurt during the previous night, which was passed in a tense atmosphere.

Report from the Guadalajara Mobilization

Civil Liberties in a State of Emergency

29.05.2004 13:28

Crunch! The US State really doesn't want protests to take place this summer.

Activists in Georgia, Boston and New York are facing unparalled obstacles to organizing against the G-8, the DNC and the RNC. In the same week that U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that "al-Qaida plans to attempt an attack on the United States in the next few months," we have witnessed:

The GA state of emergency went into affect on Monday, May 24 and runs through June 20, 2004. Though a few permits were recently issued for G-8 demonstrations they could be revoked under the state of emergency, thus creating a situation where all assemblies are declared unlawful. In addition, the state of emergency could allow for:
  • Martial rule to be declared
  • Curfews to be imposed
  • Military units to "guard" the streets
  • Detention and arrest of demonstrators until the "emergency" is over
  • Escalation of use of force with limited accountability
For more information on these attempts to suppress dissent:

[ Atlanta IMC | Boston IMC | NYC IMC | Save Our Civil Liberties Campaign | United for Peace and Justice | Black Tea Society | RNC Watch ]

Who usurps from whom?

28.05.2004 08:32

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What began as a trial against the Mapuche for land usurpation ended today with the questioning of the historical legitimacy of the Company of Southern Argentine Lands, in the hands of the Benetton multinational.

The proceedings against the Curiñanco-Nahuelquir family showed the obvious: there were never any real motives to initiate a penal judgement for territorial "usurpation." The indictment of the Attorney General, the accusing party, paradoxically showed that none of the factors which make up the indictment corresponded with the facts under judgement: deception, abuse of confidence, secrecy, threats and violence.

[ Fotos: Ceremonia previa | Juicio | Marici Weu | Overview of articles: Entrevista a Rosa y Atilio | Crónica de un día de victoria | Vísperas | Desde Esquel | Solidaridad desde Gulumapu | Acción en Grecia | Mass media: Página 12 | Clarín | La Nación | Crónica ]

New book advances case for Bush regime complicity in 9/11 attacks

imc, 27.05.2004 04:00

911 visibility project As the so-called 9/11 Commission continues its investigation of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the U.S., a new book bringing together many of the previously published alternative theories (some of which we've linked to at Indymedia) and unanswered questions on 9/11 is stirring up controversy. "The New Pearl Harbor : Disturbing questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11" by David Griffin, a reputable scholar, lays out some striking and credible information indicating U.S. government complicity in the attacks.

Trapped in Urbani's wire

IMC Italy, 25.05.2004 02:31

On May 18th, the Italian Senate approved the Urbani Act This is a new regulation on intellectual property and piracy repression, aiming to punish free information flow and clearly made up to imitate American fellows. From now on, every "creative work" released through the Internet or any other electronic network should be accompanied by a virtual license ("a virtual button") of the Italian Association of Editors and Authors (SIAE), certifying its compliance with the copyright laws and informing about the penalty for breaking such an act.

The rule applies to every intellectual work "inserted on the net": webpages, shared files, e-mail…: and what about text messages? Infringing the Urbani Act is a crime. Downloading even a single mp3 with the purpose of "taking advantage" from it (the act purposely employs such a blurry and wide formula, the former act read "market purposes") is now punished by the seizure of all hardware and media, a fine of up to 1500 euro and 4 years in prison.In addition, the Urbani Act increases taxes on hardware support and devices such as cd, dvd and cd-dvd burners, a racket run by the SIAE. The only good news is that internet service providers will not be forced to pass personal data of their users to authorities, as it was initially proposed.

The approval of the act did not meet any strong opposition from the left-wing parties. Only associations for digital rights (the Green party, AsSoLi and the Linux Users Group) organized a demonstration in front of the Senate on the day of the approval of the act.

The Urbani act, like many other norms of this kind, is based on an unrealistic vision of Internet communication and not even Urbani himself will be able to put the "virtual button" on his e-mail. As a matter of fact, it will impossible to effectively enforce such an act, since too much information should be processed. Therefore, the Urbani Act will only result in the prosecution of a few unlucky people which, in Urbani's sick mind, will hopefully intimidate everyone else.

A strike by ADSL users is going to happen on May 25th from 9 -12pm (Italian time).

Continue on IMC Italy cyberights category

Anti-Walmart Movement Heating Up This Summer

24.05.2004 17:11

Wal-Mart is the largest company in the world and employees over 1.3 million people. Based out the the southern United States, Wal-mart dominates the retailing world and profits greatly from Americas love affair with consumerism. The company is known for it's trendsetting poverty level wages, sale of GM foods, and bully tactics in dealing with everyone from labor to local people who don't want a Walmart store invading their community.

Wal-Mart has been steadily drawing mainstream media attention with a rejection of a proposed WalMart in Inglewood, California as well as exploitation of illegal immigrants. However, those on the frontlines of the battle against corporate America have always known that Wal-Mart has no respect for workers, the communities they locate in, and has no problem getting rich while employees are cheated out of their already low wages. Also veterans of the fair trade movement know that Wal-Mart is the posterchild for companies exploiting free trade deals.

However, not everything is rosy for the world’s largest company and employer. Resistance is blooming in Wal-Mart’s home region of Northwest Arkansas. A coalition of labor, human rights, environmental, peace, and hometown activists have forged the Against The Wal Coalition, which has steadily been planning for a convergence and march on the Wal-Mart Shareholders convention June 4th and 5th. The Against The Wal Roadshow is traveling the mid-south this month spreading the word with teach-ins about Wal-Marts new world paradigm and encouraging concerned people to attend the convergence. The local organizing coalition has secured Hog Ridge Hollow Amphitheatre for the convergence spot and camping for all activists. An Alternatives to Wal-Mart Village will be set up at the convergence spot with an ongoing DIY skill-sharing festival. Local musicians and artists will be performing all day long, and there will be free camping and food provided by good-hearted hillfolk.

Stay tuned to Arkansas IMC for coverage of the Against The Wal Mobilization and ongoing investigation into the largest company ever.

[ AgainstTheWal Coalition | Sprawl Busters | Arkansas IndyMedia | More Wal-Mart Links | Alternatives To Wal-Mart DIY Skill Sharing Festival ]

Torture in Iraq - &quot;What did they leave for the devil to do?&quot;

imc, 24.05.2004 04:00

no more torture The leaked photos of tortured prisoners in Iraq that U.S. military and government officials are now forced to deal with are truly horrific. As one Iraqi put it: "What did they leave for the devil to do?" While an increasing part of such illegal and immoral military activities are contracted out to private companies who employ ex-military personnel, there's plenty of blame to go around within the U.S. government. As military tribunals are gearing up to prosecute the lowest ranking reservist MP’s that appeared in the gruesome photos, high-ranking government sources confide that the torture was part of a top secret ‘black ops’ program to elicit information from Iraqi prisoners by subjecting them to extreme humiliation and sexual abuse. According to these sources, the program was approved by U.S Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and overseen by his protégé, Stephen Cambone, the Under-Secretary for Intelligence. In addition, there are recent [corporate media] reports that Gen. Sanchez, Commanding General in Iraq, was involved in abuse.

Colombia Rises Against Free Trade Agreements

22.05.2004 20:13

Thousands of workers marched in all the large cities of Colombia Tuesday during the national strike, called by the Comando Unitario de Trabajadores (CUT).

In Cartagena 15,000 demonstrators were violently repressed by the forces of order. On the other side of the country near the Ecuadorian border, in Pasto, thousands were attacked by the police but resisted against those in uniform. In Bucaramandga, Cali, Popayán and many other countries the workers began a 24 hour strike and left their places of work to take to the streets. More that seven million students attending public schools were left with out classes when 300,000 teachers joined the strike.

The common call was: "NO TO THE FTA - NO TO THE FTAA!"

RELATED STORIES: [ DECLARACIÓN DE LA ASAMBLEA FRENTE AL ALCA Y EL TRATADO BILATERAL CON ESTADOS UNIDOS | Policía agredió a No amigos del TLC | FOTOS | In Colombia nobody wants the FTA with United States ]

Protests greet Halliburton Shareholder Meeting

20.05.2004 23:11

500 pig-snout wearing activists raised hell at Halliburton's annual shareholders meeting in Houston, Texas, USA on May 19. Chanting "corporate invasion is not liberation" and "Halliburton, Kellogg, Brown and Root, Go to Iraq and Loot, Loot, Loot" they disrupted the Halliburton meeting to send a message that not all North Americans support the war profiteering and corporate favortism that Halliburton epitomizes. Halliburton is U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's former company and has been the number one financial beneficiary of the war and occupation of Iraq with $9 billion on contracts.

A 25-foot inflatable pig called "Hallibacon" greeted shareholders as they entered the Four Seasons Hotel for the shareholders meeting, and anti-Halliburton banners were dropped all over Houston, including one from a Four Seasons Hotel window. Activists on the street outside the Four Seasons hotel conducted a blockade of the driveway and held a die-in at Halliburton's headquarters just two blocks away from the shareholder meeting. Five activists handcuffed themselves to railings inside the hotel and shouted "your profits are bloody and your hands are too" at the shareholders until they were arrested for trespassing.

Photos 1, 2, 3, 4 | listen to audio reports from KPFT news and Free Speech Radio News | watch video of Houston Police riding horses into protestors | Download the new report, "Houston We Have a Problem", on Halliburton by Corpwatch and Global Exchange

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