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&quot;Media Monopoly Overturned - For Now...&quot;

imc-features, 29.06.2004 17:52

On June 24, a federal appeals court rejected the Federal Communication Commission's controversial deregulations scheme to further enable monopolistic media in the United States. The Third Circuit Court ruling in "Prometheus Radio Project v. FCC" especially took issue with the FCC's rule changes which allowed for "cross-ownership" of newspapers and broadcast stations, and the concentration of broadcast ownership, in local markets. Together, these rules would have allowed one corporation to own three TV stations, 8 radio stations, and the monopoly newspaper in a single market. The court has ordered the FCC to revise the regulations or give a better justification for their necessity. In the meantime, media reform groups such as Free Press are encouraging people to demand a public hearing in their city - and take back their media! Sign the Free Press Petition | SFBay IMC Feature

Globally, public media control looks just as grim, with media moguls such as Italy's Berlusconi and Canadas's Leonard Asper owning over half of the media landscape and taking advantage of the power of censorship. Public media warriors Adbusters are taking on the global media elite with the Media Carta Manifesto. Sign the Media Carta
Reclaim the Media | Free Press | Prometheus Radio Project | Adbusters | Media Alliance | Media Reform Information Center

Ireland-Turkey: protests against Bush, NATO

imc-features, 28.06.2004 17:02

On Thursday 24 of June, a peace-camp opened up in Shannon. Pictures: 1
On June 25th it was raided by police who found... balloons
About 10.000 protested in Dublin and 500 at Shannon against the visit of Bush in Dublin on June 25th

Pictures: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7] Press-images: [1 | 2]

Feature on Indymedia Ireland | Indymedia Ireland

On 28-29th of June Bush will attend the NATO-summit in Istanbul. The past weekend there was already protest against Bush, the NATO-summit, and war. Pictures: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10]
Pictures of June 28: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Indymedia Istanbul | Resistanbul 2004

Gay Power Continues to Fight For Rights Across the Globe

Sunny, 28.06.2004 16:57

Gay Pride 2004 - Brussels In the last month, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and non-gender identified people have marched and demonstrated in the streets to continue the fight for the human rights to live and love. From San Francisco to Berlin and the United Kingdom, millions of people demonstrated for everything from the right to marry to the right to avoid persecution from their governments based on their sexuality. The gay power movement began out of the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969, but today many gay activists express outrage over the commodification of queer culture into a giant target market. This year, COORS was dropped as the sponsor of many parades, based on its anti-gay policies.

GLAAD | Gay Rights Info | Human Rights Campaign | IGLHRC | OutRage! | Gay Shame | Queer Youth Alliance | National Youth Advocacy Coaltion | SFBay IMC LGBTQI Page

The Government on trial

a, 25.06.2004 14:38

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On june 26, three years after the italian G8 in Genovain Genova will be held the prelimirary hearing on 29 policemen charged on brutality, defamation and perjury. In the mean time the trial on 25 activists is prosecuted of devastation and sack is still being on course.

Higher officiers that were present in via Battisti, have to aswer about the violent incursion in the Diaz-Pascoli school, during the night of 21 july 2001. In this occasion, 93 people were beaten with brutality and then arrested and charged of various crimes that were after " officially confermed as inconsistent . In this occasion the media center and legal team computer were destroyed, and important hardware and files were kept without any legal mandate.

Those years of inquieries showed a truth of false evidences and lies made by policemen, which anyway did not stop their brilliant carreer even if the trial still are going on. The victims can take an active role in asking for payment of damages and in participating in the preliminary hearing.

Imc Italy did not forget what has happened in Genova.

Read the entire feature Imc Italy.

Call for help: italian | french | spanish | german

Issue #51: Bedtime For Bonzo

NYC IMC, 23.06.2004 14:31

Indypendent June 15, 2004 While the rest of the media was busy eulogizing the Gipper, the NYC IMC's Indypendent was exposing his real legacy. Articles include: We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes || Born in the USSR || Reagan's America: Not Colorblind, Just Blind || Legacy Lunacy || When I Liked Ronnie.

Download a pdf of issue #51.

Three activists in court - 28th June

22.06.2004 02:01

On the 1st June 2003, an affinity group of 17 activists blockaded a motorway in Aubonne, Switzerland to prevent delegates from reaching the G8 summit in Evian. Two climbers hung suspended as counterweights from one rope that crossed the motorway bridge over the aubonne valley. Others held banners and blockaded the traffic. Despite being informed about the nature of the action, police cut the rope causing one climber to plunge 20 metres, while the other was saved just in time by her friends.
Pictures: 1 | 2 Video

Three activists in court 28th June.

The two climbers (who were nearly killed by the police) and one of the local Swiss activists are in court in Nylon (15 min from Geneva) charged with blocking the road and endangering the lives of the motorists.

[English | Français | Català | Castellano | Deutsch | Italiano ]

Ten STILL Imprisoned for Anti-G8

imc-global, 20.06.2004 10:24

G8 Solidarity arrests

Despite ending with promises of democracy, the 2004 G8 Summit hosted by the United States, on Sea Island, Gerogia, has left behind 10 activists in the Glynn County Jail for exercising what they believe to be their First Amendment right to speak out regarding the grievances they hold with their government (most recent statement).

There are still 10 people imprisoned, 9 males and one female. Four of the Brunswick Ten have begun a hunger strike and are demanding that the charges for all 15 arrested on Thursday's walk to Sea Island be dropped. [PRESS RELEASE]

The Brunswick Ten are still being denied access to the press, visitation from friends and family, and the ability to meet with their lawyers as a group which is hindering their legal preparations. [PRESS RELEASE] [UPDATE] Daily vigils outside the Glynn County Jail are being held. The preliminary hearing for the Brunswick Ten is scheduled for next Thursday, June 24th.

The arrestees who have been separated out and sent to "population" have issued another statement. Check out the audio blog to hear the latest message from the arrestees! And read more on the G8 Protests and the Brunswick Ten at Atlanta IMC!

Flotilla prepares to enter Fortress Nauru

19.06.2004 16:56

Hungerstrike on Nauru Crews of the Eureka and One Off prepare to confront an Australian Police blockade of Nauru. In a letter Nauru public relations spins intention to blockade flotilla. Previously, the Nauru Government signalled its intention to suspend the Conventions of the Law of the Sea by seizing the Flotilla boats and imprisoning its crews. The Flotilla of Hope have sailed 4,000 kms to Australia's internment camp on Nauru to protest against the Australian Government's detention of those who arrive in Australia by boat and without papers. Imprisoning asylum seekers is costing the Australian taxpayer $400,000 per day.

On Nauru seven Iraqi Asylum seekers are on hunger strike. They have been admitted to hospital and for rehydration and have since rejoined the strike. The hunger strike has now been going for seven days.

In a statement for World Refugees Day, June 20th, the flotilla crew brings messages of hope and teddy bears for the asylum seekers on Nauru, which includes 74 children. Read Stavros Logs: 19 June, 12 June, 30 May, Ruth and Nerida's Log 18 June, Ruth's Log 11 June.

Melbourne IMC Migration Issues | Perth IMC | Brisbane IMC | Sydney IMC Flotilla 2004

Protests against WEF meeting in Seoul show Asian peoples' opposition to imperialist globalization

QC, 18.06.2004 08:04

On June 13, some ten thousand people marched to the posh Shilla hotel in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in an attempt to thwart the World Economic Forum's "Asia Strategic Insight Roundtable." They denounced the imperialist policies that are advocated by this exclusive business organization.

Filipino migrant workers (photo) joined delegations from other Asian countries and Korean contingents from trade unions, farmers' organizations and NGOs. The militant but peaceful mobilization was blocked and violently attacked by anti-riot police, which was present in huge numbers to defend the WEF summit from the people's anger.

The WEF is composed of some 1,000, mainly US, European and Japanese, corporations with annual revenues of at least USD 1 billion. The organization brings together the leading business elite with their counterparts from politics in Davos, Switzerland and in regional meetings. Through the meeting in Seoul, the WEF sought to tighten monopoly capital's stranglehold on the peoples of East Asia.

Related links: QC indymedia | KCTU | Anti-WEF

Time to Fight for Papers! Sin Papeles Actions in Barcelona

imc uk, 17.06.2004 19:02

On Saturday 5th June, more than 2000 'sin papeles' (immigrants without papers) occupied Barcelona Cathedral and the church Santa Maria del Pie [pics]. They are calling for unconditional recognition and that the authorities take responsibility for their unstable situation [Manifesto es | en | fr].
Although police violently evicted the Cathedral [reports] and 25 immigrants are facing certain deportation, the Assembly for Regulation Without Conditions is calling for further actions [1 | 2], supported by many civil society organisations and demonstrations all over Spain.
While Barcelona’s ‘Cultural Forum 2004’ (sponsored by multinationals) appears to celebrate culture, peace, and sustainability, it remains obvious that some are not welcome. Many immigrants living ‘illegally’ in squatted abandoned buildings have been evicted and the buildings demolished to make room for housing developments connected to the Cultural Forum [article].

Imc Barcelona [es | en] | Imc Estrecho [es] | Sin Papeles Updates | Plan Gotta [es] | Papeles Para Tod@s 2003 | Barcelona Forum Parody Page

European Sans-Papiers March from Brussels to Paris

imc uk, 17.06.2004 17:58

More than 80 "sans-papiers" from France are walking from Brussels, Belgium (headquarters of the European Union) to Matignon (residence of the French Prime Minister in Paris) to protest against the policies of Fortress Europe and to inform the people they meet on their way about the situation of sans-papiers in Europe.

More info in French: [ Imc Liège | Imc Lille 1 | 2 | Imc Paris ]
More info in Dutch: [ Imc Oost-Vlaanderen | Imc West-Vlaanderen ]

Greenpeace activists locked to 3-ton container on logging road in Southern Oregon

17.06.2004 12:04

In a peaceful protest to challenge the assault on U.S. public lands by the Bush administration, Greenpeace activists put their bodies on the line today in the ancient forests of Southern Oregon.

A three-ton cargo container with two people locked to the inside and one attached to the outside, was placed between chainsaws and some 236 acres of old-growth forest at the SouKow timber sale outside of Glendale, Oregon.

[ Indymedia Rogue Valley | Last news from the lockdown ]

5000 protested Bolkestein in Brussels(Europe) on June 5

imc.be, 14.06.2004 17:22

The European Commission wants to liberalize Europe's service sector. Trade Unions and NGO's say that the directive 'Bolkestein' (the name of the ultra-liberal Dutch European Commissioner) threatens - even more radically than the GATS of the World Trade Organisation - all kind of social and legal protection for those who work in this sector. Saturday the 5 th of June, Belgian NGO's, trade unions and social movements organised a first manifestation against these plans.

First protests against Bolkestein in Brussels

Brutal murder of wellknown Zapatista in Zona Norte, Chiapas

11.06.2004 15:11

On Monday, 7th of june 2004, the Zapatist Eduardo Vázquez Álvaro was murdered in bright daylight in the middle of the city centre of Chilón. The 50 year old indigenous activist was imprisoned for several years in the prison Cerro Hueco and as such member of the zapatista prisoner organisation "The voice of Cerro Hueco". In liberty again since 2001, he lived again in Chilón (near Palenque).
This Monday the indigneous Chol Eduardo has been attacked by five men with two cars. They shot him three times, in the skull, the breast and the abdomen, injured him with a machete when he was lying on the ground and drove the cars over the liveless body of Eduardo.
On Tuesday a demonstration took place in Chilón by hundreds of Zapatistas and sympathisers, who accused the local great land owners of being the manipulators of the murder of Eduardo. A caravan of police and military units, which wanted to patrol the village, had to withdraw under the hail of stones by the demonstrators, reported by Expreso Chiapas. The brutal murder of Eduardo unfortunately shows once more that in Chiapas the great land owners and their pistoleros can still commit their crimes in broad daylight.

[Chiapas Indymedia | Indymedia Germany | Mexico Indymedia | Guadalajara Indymedia]

June 12 Day of Solidarity for Eugene Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

pdx imc, with revisions, 11.06.2004 07:14

June marks four years that Jeff "Free" Luers has been imprisoned and held captive by the state. Sentenced to 22 years and 8 months for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene, Jeff has continued to be politically active in prison. He expects to go to court to appeal his conviction later this summer. But his supporters are not waiting. They have organized a global day of action and solidarity, with events around the world on June 12. In response, the US federal police force (FBI) has issued a warning to local law enforcement.

Listen to a recent interview with Free.
More information
Sign-on Letter of Support for Jeff Luers

Anti-G8 Protests in US, Small but Lively

10.06.2004 17:40

The neoliberal policies of the G8 have faced popular protest ever since US President Clinton instigated its formation in 1997. This year's summit on Sea Island, Georgia, was accompanied by state-imposed martial law, including a federal takeover of security throughout coastal Georgia. These orders are probably the reason protests were so small, but still activists came together in Brunswick, Savannah, and St. Simon's Island.
PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 AUDIO: 1 VIDEO: 1

On the other coast, in San Fransisco (1 | 2), a group called West Coast G8 called for a regional anti-G8 mobilization in San Francisco. There was a massive display of multi-agency overtime, city, state and federal police forces effectively shutdown the West Coast anti-G8 message and reasserted their hold on SF's main thoroughfares, at least for today.

[PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

{ VIDEO: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]

Protests Disrupt Biotech Industry Convention

09.06.2004 05:32

Amidst convention-goers and lines of riot police, hundreds of protesters disrupted the Biotechnology Industry Organization's (BIO) annual convention this morning in San Francisco, USA. Among the large variety of messages demonstrators brought to the conference, many demanded an end to corporate control of genetic code as "intellectual property". Protesters also held up wealth distribution, poverty and lack of access to basic medical care and nutrition as problems not being solved by Big Biotech's expensive products and R&D. Others railed against the loss of biodiversity, genetic contamination, unsafe food, and cancer-causing chemicals produced by the biotech industry, and the lack of labeling, safeguards or accountability in many sectors of the industry.

Protesters locked down in the street, formed a gauntlet outside the convention center, debated convention attendees, and in one case even darted under a bus of attendees, where the heavier-set officers were unable to extricate them. Attendees were escorted into the halls by riot cops who pushed and shoved activists out of their way. As police gave protesters free rein in the streets, demonstrators danced and chalked their messages for biotech junior executives peering down from the windowed convention hall. 32 arrests have been reported so far today, with 5 arrests in the previous days.

BREAKING NEWS: June 8th | June 7th | June 6th | June 5th
PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
MORE INFORMATION: SF Bay Area IMC | Biotech IMC | Enemy Combatant Radio | LISTEN NOW

Long live

07.06.2004 21:28

&lt;predator&gt; 1971 - 2004
Broadcast message from root at pred:
Sending all processes the TERM signal.

Thus ends Predator's blog. At 02:15 on 5 June 2004, the messages finally reached the processor: Predator was no more.

Who was he?
In 1997, Predator helped set up Catalyst, a radical community activist tech collective in Sydney, Australia. They went on to provide information technology services for a wide range of activist and commmunity based organisations around both Sydney and Australia. In the process, knowledge was shared, skills were learned and taught - from building and maintaining hardware to writing computer code. It was from this original initiative that an open-posting model of web publishing was developed for the J18 protest that occured worldwide in 1999. The codebase was named 'Active' and went on to power the first Indymedia site. As they say, "the rest is history."

However, Predator's influence extended further. An Urban Explorer, he was a part of the Cave Clan - whose membership extends around Australia and internationally - and found the Sydney Cave clan branch. The tribe has, over the years, explored literally thousands of miles of underground passage ways, drains, mines and other components of the urban vasculature. Amongst other things, Predator was also a dumpster diver, anarcho syndicalist, molecular biologist, squatter, and well known good guy.

With the realisation that he had a fatal illness, Predator did not stop, but continued to play an active role in all spheres of his life - until the very end. Predator is dead, but his legacy lives on.

[ Predator: photos ( 1, 2 | 3 ) | homepage | blog ]
[ Catalyst | Cave Clan | Sydney IMC ]
[ Tributes: Sydney | Perth | Aotearoa ]

Hugo Chavez to face referendum, amidst rising tensions

www-features, 07.06.2004 13:44

Chavez supporters take streets following referendum announcement

Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) announced on Thursday that opposition leaders have collected enough signatures to bring Hugo Chavez' term of office before a referendum as early as July. This process is in accordance with the conditions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela's new constitution, written under the direction of Chavez' government in 1999.

Riots broke out in Caracas on the day of the announcement, heightened by clashes between supporters and opponents of Chavez. Thousands gathered outside the presidential palace where Chavez announced his acceptance of the referendum. Supporters of Chavez' government remain divided about whether the referendum should be accepted at all.

www.aporrea.org [es] | www.venezuelaanalysis.com [en] | IMC-Colombia | Account from IMC-Puerto Rico [es]

Ronald Reagan, Former US President, Dead at 93

NYC IMC, 07.06.2004 08:10

Ronald Reagan, President of the US from 1981-1989, died June 5 after a long battle with a degenerative brain disease. While corporate media have unleashed a torrent of paeans hailing him as a great leader, he is remembered by many for a political career spent attacking activists and the working class and spreading militarism around the world.

For more on the Reagan legacy, see the following articles and discussions:
DC IMC: "Reagan rides off into sunset - Neo-con revision fest at hand"
SF Bay Area IMC: "Putting Ronald Reagan in Perspective" and "Criminal acts in the life and times of the 40th U.S. president" [with Video and Timeline]
NYC IMC: "Ronald Reagan, dead"
RNCwatch: "Ronald Reagan 1911-2004" [focusing on the effect on the election]
Infoshop: "Good riddance, Ronald Reagan!"

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