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Aristide Supporters Demonstrate in Haiti

14.08.2004 05:32

From August 12 to August 14, supporters of democratically elected Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide—-removed from office by a joint US-French-Canadian supported coup d’etat—-will risk their lives to publicly demonstrate on the anniversary of the beginning of the Haitian Revolution in 1791. A delegation of international observers has traveled to Haiti to accompany these demonstrators, including several media folks.

In the towns of Cap-Haitian and Milot, demonstrators will be leading a Caravan of Justice in which people will place candles at sites of military attacks and human rights violations committed by anti-Aristide forces supporting the coup government of Gerard Latortue. The cycle of protests will conclude with non-violent marches in both Cap-Haitian and Port-au-Prince on August 14.

Venezuela - Between Revolution and Empire

13.08.2004 17:00

On Sunday, August 15th, a national referendum is scheduled to take place in Venezuela to decide whether democratically-elected president Hugo Chávez should remain in office. The outcome of this referendum, while significant, is only a fragment of a much larger and longer tale of class struggle in Venezuela, where 80% of the population lives in poverty and the richest 20% control the majority of country's natural and human-produced resources. Far from being simply an electoral process determining the destiny of a leader, many in Venezuela understand the current struggle as a confrontation between the popular movements of the Bolivarian revolution against the Capitalist Empire. Media activists on the ground in Venezuela describe the situation as a potential brink of class war. The organized poor are prepared to protect, by any means necessary, the revolutionary processes they have been building at the grassroots level even before Chavez took office.

For More Information:
Venezuela Analysis [en]
Aporrea.org [es] UK-IMC [en] Brasil-IMC [pt] El Libertario [es] El Libertario [en] Contrapoder [es]

LISTEN: Live election day coverage on Pacifica, Sun. Aug 15 4:00-6:00pm PST

Continuous coverage posted by media activists in Venezuela on Puerto Rico IMC

Behind the olympic spectacle

13.08.2004 16:00

Creating a glossy Athens image, hiding the reality of the people On Friday 13th of August, an estimated 4 billion people will watch the opening ceremony of what is the biggest spectacle of our times: the Olympic Games. However, this incredible amount of people will not have the opportunity to find out how we got here.

How many of those 4 billion will ever know that it took at least 15 dead workers for the 'miracle' (finishing the stadiums in time) to happen? and how many of the show commentators will mention the disappearing of Athens' beggars and drug addicts?

The Orwellian nightmare does not stop here, as the security plan for the Games has turned Athens into an occupied city: 70-80.000 police and security personel on duty, helicopters, special forces, two surveillance zepelins, NATO forces and a $300m electronic surveillance system have made the much-advertised olympic truce sound like a bad joke.

This is why it is hardly suprising to see that the Games are unpopular and that olympic volunteerism is considered to be just another big fraud.
Together with the rest of the athenian and greek population, we will leave the spectacle to the bosses and the multinationals. These Games are for the rich and the few. These Games repress the majority of Athens' population.
These Games aren't ours!

[The latest actions against the Games | Indymedia Scotland feature | An olympic trivia ]

A Wave of Activists Assassinations in Colombia.

12.08.2004 23:56

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Extra-judicial executions by the police, paramilitary groups, paid assassins... anything goes when exterminating union activists and peasant or indigenous leaders.

Popular organisations have suffered a bloody week in Colombia: various organisations of unionists, peasants and human rights workers have established - using totally reliable sources - that on the morning of the 5th of August in the village of Cano Seco (Fortul, Arauca region) the army extra judicially executed 3 prominent social leaders from the region: Alirio Martínez (president of the Regional Association of Peasants), Leonel Goyeneche (teacher and member of organising committee of the Unified Confederation of Workers, Arauca), and Jorge Prieto (member of organising committee of the Health Workers of Colombia and of the Unified Confederation of Workers CUT). On the 2nd of August in the city of Valledupar, paramilitaries assassinated the indigenous leader Freddy Arias, human rights coordinator for the indigenous organisation Kankuama; Freddy">a href="http://colombia.indymedia.org/news/2004/08/15381.php">father was also assassinated 3 years ago after being tortured horribly. Thousands of people attended Fredy's burial. 92 kankuamos have been assassinated since the start of the Uribe Vélez government. After being detained by members of the intelligence service DAS on the 26 of July, the kokonuko indigenous leader Mauricio Tote Yace was executed. On the 15th of July Carmen Elisa Nova (nurse, and lawyer for Sintraclinicas) was assassinated. Camilo Borja Pérez, USO affiliate and active participant in the 35 day strike in Ecopetrol was executed 3 days later. And as occurred after the assassination of Miguel Espinoza, the ex president of the regional CUT, Barranquilla became uninhabitable for unionists. In Cali, they even kill the unionist's bodyguards. The dismissal of dozens of activists from Sintraemcali has been accompanied by death threats to union leaders and their families. The threats to unionised teachers have also increased. The Unified Confederation of Workers CUT and the peasant convergence Black and Indigenous have called for a national mobilisation on the 16th of September and a general strike on the 12th of October, in order to protest against the assassinations, defend democratic rights and oppose the proposed laws and constitutional reforms that would eliminate the rights remaining for workers and citizens.

Special Coverage of the First Anniversary of the Birth of the Zapatista Caracoles and the Formation of the Councils of Good Governments

12.08.2004 23:00

Special coverage from the anniversary parties that are taking place in the five zapatista caracoles...

Live Stream of the Celebrations! | IMC Chiapas

Water protest against the 2004 Forum

Ozone, 10.08.2004 11:20

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"Invaded by sea, land, and air.”

the controversy over the "Peace, Culture, and Sustainability Forum” has been constant since before it’s inception. Groups against the urban project, squatters, and other collectives of the Catalan city raised an aquatic protest with small boats, whose objective was to denounce the speculation and the lack of dialogue with the neighbors who surround the event.

The Boat Display , in allusion to the boats "that cross the strait of Gibraltar looking for a better world”, reunited hundreds of people ready to enter the enclosure, vessels constructed with cans,wooden boards, recycled plastic" and other materials. A large security force wasn’t able to put the brakes on the aquatic protestors.

The protest started on the Nova Mar Bella beach in a festive atmosphere. The boats entered in the water surrounded by different vessels of the Civil Guard which together with the swell made many of these vessels sink, and the protest continued with them swimming, while the Civil Guard told them: “break it up, the state of the sea and the waves is dangerous.” Helicopters observed the vessels from a distance.

WTO July Package Fails Global South

07.08.2004 15:38

On July 31, past midnight, the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) General Council reached an agreement in Geneva on a number of controversial trade issues. The corporate media was quick to hail the "July Package of Framework Agreements" as a breakthrough for the World Trade Organization's Doha Round of negotiations that had been stalled after the failed ministerial meeting in Cancun, Mexico last year. However, NGOs monitoring the negotiations and some delegates of poor countries criticized the agreement for betraying the poor and stressed that the rich countries were able to get what they wanted through bullying and intimidation of the delegations from the south.

[ "No Boost for Development" | Focus on the Global South ]

Peace Pilgrimmage arrives at Hiroshima

06.08.2004 03:28

International Peace Pilgrimage In Japan After eight months and 4,500 km of walking since Roxby Downs Uranium Mine in South Australia, the International Peace Pilgrimage (IPP) arrives at Hiroshima Peace Park on August 6. The walk joins the commemorations at the Atomic Dome, to remember the hundreds of thousands of people who were killed by the atomic bomb on this day in 1945, and acknowledge the millions of others who continue to be affected by the nuclear industry globally. Australian Aboriginal Elders are presently touring Japan and will Speak at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In Patriotic Correctness: the Hiroshima cover-up read how the U.S. government and corporate media concealed the effects of the atomic bombings of Japan from the U.S. population, not only then, but up to the present.

[Japan IMC | Melbourne IMC | International Peace Pilgrimage (IPP)]

State Repression in Moldova

05.08.2004 02:36

Moldova protest The conflict between staff and management at Moldova state television and radio began in November 2003 after a legal amendment broke up the existing company and created a new 'public service.' Many voiced concern about the one-third cut in staff and the new company's lack of independence from the dictatorial government. On 27 July, 70 salaried staff formed the "Committee for the defense of Human and Professional Values" and began a non-stop strike, calling for the resignation of their bosses. The police responded to the legally authorized demonstrations with savagery, attacking children and beating one woman unconscious.

[ Romania IMC ]

Native Americans protest at Scottish Power annual shareholder meeting for river restoration

combination, 04.08.2004 06:35

Bush kills salmon!

A broad umbrella group of 26 people from various environmental, academic and economical organisations and members from four Native American tribes, travelled to Scotland from Southern Oregon and Northern California to lobby, protest at and negotiate with Scottish Power, the parent company of PacifiCorp, which is responsible for the negative impacts of several dams on the Klamath River, its water quality, salmon population, surrounding environment and neighbouring communities.

Previous reports:
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Audio reports:
[ interview with scientist | interview with Klamath Tribe | interview with sociologist | Interview with commercial fisherman | interview with Yurok tribe | Environmental Racism Conference 1 | Environmental Racism Conference, Eugene, January 2004 ]

Sherman Austin Freed, Sort of...

29.07.2004 12:00

Sherman Austin Sherman Austin, former webmaster of RaisetheFist.com, was released from prison on July 12 and left Arizona for a halfway house in his home of Los Angeles, California. Under the sentencing guidelines of the USA PATRIOT Act, he was facing over twenty years in prison for bomb-making recipes posted on another site, which he linked to and was hosting, and decided to plea-bargain for a year in jail and 3 years of probation. The actual author of the post has not been prosecuted.

The nightmare hasn't ended for Sherman, however. He will serve the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house until August. In addition, Sherman will be serving a sentence of federal probation for the next three years, under which he will not be allowed to use a cell phone, computer or other digital device unless approved by the government. Furthermore, Sherman has been forbidden any contact with "anarchist groups," who the federal government maintains "advocate violence as a means of disrupting order and achieving social, economic and political change."

| Read about Sherman's case | An interview with Sherman | www.freesherman.org

The Fear Factor

28.07.2004 10:27

As the Republican National Convention rapidly approaches, New Yorkers are being taught to fear protesters. Local residents are being advised to stay indoors during the convention, the NY Daily News dropped an unsubstantiated front-page fear-bomb claiming that "internet-using anarchists" were planning to fool bomb-sniffing dogs into sounding the alarm and a local paper even wrote an editorial equating direct action with terrorism. This is only the latest chapter in a long history of fear-mongering by the corporate press prior to major protests. ||An analysis of the politics of fear

But while many New Yorkers may now fear protesters, more hate the Republicans. And the recent resistance of a festive Union Square crowd to cops suggest that New Yorkers may refuse to be forced into a Boston-style "free-speech zone" come the RNC. Local activists are currently laying the groundwork for a number of decentralized actions.

| www.RNCnotwelcome.org | www.counterconvention.org | www.RNCwatch.org | The People's Guide to the RNC |

Government Admits Investigation Against Indymedia and Petros Evdokas Initiated by US Intelligence

28.07.2004 03:01

The scandal is unfolding in gigantic proportions... and we can hardly keep up with the developments.  Responding to a publicity and solidarity campaign by Indymedia, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has been forced to admit that they were acting under orders from the US Government to carry out an intelligence investigation of Cyprus Indymedia and of one of its founding members, Petros Evdokas, in order to assess whether he "constitutes a threat to US interests." 

After a series of Government lies and denials about the case collapsed, Members of the Parliament, the ruling Party, and member Parties of the ruling coalition were drawn into the public dialogue and shamed into taking a position on the issue. The Union of Editors - the most influential institution of establishment journalism - issued a rare and scathing critique of the way the affair is being handled demanding an investigation and response from the Government.
And now the Minister of Justice and Public Order has been shamed into issuing a written statement admitting to the facts, including a directive to the Police in polite words which are equivalent to "get back on the leash", instructing them how to handle issues revolving around the right to free expression. 

Social Justice Activists to March 258 miles from Boston,MA to NYC

27.07.2004 07:22

Nearly one hundred activists committed to countless social justice causes will take to foot, leaving the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Boston on July 30 and walk 258 miles, crossing 4 states and arriving in New York City on August 26 just in time for the Republican National Convention (RNC), which takes place, Aug 29 to September 2. They will arrive in Providence, Rhode Island on August 2, enter Connecticut on August 5, spend 2 days in Hartford, CT and will have an event with the Stonewalkers-9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows on Aug. 16-17 in New Haven.

One hundred sixty miles of the journey will be through Connecticut and the Mad Hatters Independent Media Center of Danbury, CT will be doing widespread coverage, including a daily update from the walkers' travels, throughout the entire journey.

Seeds of Peace, with their biodiesel bus will be accompanying the walkers, feeding them throughout the walk. Participants will be sleeping at parks and churches and local progressive organizations will be co-sponsoring programs at most stops.

The route will enter New York State on August 23 and will end in New York City at an undisclosed location as of late, but will be accompanied by a bike bloc, organized by Time's Up, an environmental, direct action organization.

[ IMC BOSTON, IMC NYC, Mad Hatter IMC | DNC2RNC | peaceful tomorrows | Counter Convention | RNC Not Welcome | RNC Watch ]

Undaunted, SONA Protesters Drive the Point Home

26.07.2004 19:33

More than 2,000 rallyists braved heat this morning and, in the afternoon, raging rain to protest President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address (SONA).

For the protesters, Arroyo’s fourth SONA (her first as elected president since she first assumed the presidency as the constitutional successor of an ousted president) is nothing but a big mass of recycled lies. They raised their eyebrows at the theme of this year’s SONA, which is that of putting the people first. And for good reason.

[ Pictures by QC Indymedia: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Pictures by kux: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4]

Our Media

., 26.07.2004 06:23

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From 22 to 25 of July, IV conference NostrosMedios/OurMedia/NossaMídia is taking place in Porto Alegre, Brazil to The conference is composed of debates, presentations and offices, and of meetings of academics, NGOs and media activists of media to contstruct alternatives in communication - OUR Media. In OurMedia meeting, activists from Indymedia, from the free net of radios and from others alternative groups of communication are promoting a big laboratory for the qualification and change of experiences: the Polymedia. During the four days of the meeting, the participants of the Polymidia publish matters multimidia with the output of the meeting.

[ Diary of OurMedia | Diary PolymediaLab | Diary of Video | Video Start Polymedia | Video Room 213 | Video about radio | IMC Brasil ] | WikiPage OurMedia | Oficial Page OurMedia | IMC Brasil ]

The Fightback Begins

24.07.2004 02:42

Sling shot

The summer is heating up as the Democratic National Convention(DNC) and the Republican National Convention(RNC) approach. Activists are being harassed in New York, Boston and the Midwest, but they continue to organize.

The police are doing their best to create a climate of fear in Boston, blanketing the city with surveillance cameras, preparing to arrest 2500 people, conducting random searches of passengers on public transportation and trying to make protesters gather in a "free-speech zone." The FBI is even claiming that a "domestic extremist group" is planning to attack news trucks. But local activists refuse to be cowed.

Anti-DNC action kicks off July 23 with the Boston Social Forum andcontinues with a "unwelcoming party", direct action and the "Really Really Democratic Bazaar." | Download a PDF of Indymedia's anti-DNC paper, The Independent

Farouk Abdel-Muhti, Recently Freed Palestinian Activist

23.07.2004 21:13

Farouk Farouk Abdel-Muhti died of a heart attack July 21. He was 56 years old.

Farouk was released from jail on April 12, 2004 after being held for two years without charge by US immigration officials. He was subjected to extensive interrogation, frequently put in solitary confinement, and sometimes denied food.

One mourner writes, "Farouk will be missed by all of us who were inspired by his resiliency in the face of so much suffering done to himself and his people. As a man born in pre-occupation Palestine, a judge ruled him to be a man without a country. But for those of us inspired by him, he died a citizen of the world."

Teamsters Strike at Coca-Cola

23.07.2004 21:08

Teamsters in San Diego, California, who produce and distribute Coca-Cola products for Coca-Cola Enterprises went on strike today to protest the company's demand to dramatically increase workers' health care costs.

"Coke's greed has put nearly 500 San Diego families in jeopardy," said Jack Cipriani, International Vice President and Director of the Teamsters Brewery & Soft Drink Workers' Conference. "It is unconscionable that Coke would turn on the very people who work so hard to make the company the number one selling soft drink brand in the United States. Paying for those health benefits would have cost CCE less than what the company earned in 17 minutes last year."

The World Social Forum declared tomorrow, the 22nd of July, as an International Day of Action against Coca Cola. Organizers are encouraging schools and organizations to stop stocking coke machines and are asking individuals to refrain from buying Coca Cola products. In the US the campaign to boycott ‘Killer Coke’ is spreading across college campuses and communities around the country. The boycott was launched last year by the Colombian food and beverage workers’ union, SINALTRAINAL, to bring attention to the murders of Coca-Cola trade unionists there that they believe were executed by company-hired death squads in a country often described as the world’s most dangerous place for labor activists.

[ killercoke | San Diego IMC ]

25th Anniversary of Sandinista Revolution

21.07.2004 17:10

July 19 marked the 25th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua. Despite fierce US opposition, the Sandinistas ruled Nicaragua from 1979-90, peacefully giving up power when they lost the 1990 election. They are still the major opposition party in Nicaragua. Read an interview with a New York Sandinista and the analysis of Sandinista ambassador Alejandro Bendana

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