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Political prisoners are on a hunger strike

05.10.2004 20:42

At 17/9 , a double solid fence was raised on the upper parts of the walls on the courtyard of the white cells in Koridalos prison, so that the horizon is invisible again for the alleged members of the "17th of November" guerilla group. They refused to allow the condition of the special wing of the prison to deteriorate and they were forced back to their cells.
At 18/9 they decided to proceed to the utter way of protesting: they would go on a hunger strike, following one another, every Saturday. Since the court refused to call the trial "political", they only demand that they should be treated as any other prisoner of the penal code -as they were tried- and stop being confined in those grey tombs with restrictions of communication even with their attorneys.
The condition of some of the political prisoners is really serious and there are many protests against the special conditions of confinment but the greek state is still playing deaf.

[ thessaloniki imc | athens imc ]

&quot;End the Lies&quot; Australians rally against the conservatives

05.10.2004 13:27

Kids lambast Australian PM With an Australian federal election looming on the 9th of October, progressive and radical groups held mass rallies in cities around Australia to demonstrate against the lies, warmongering and deceit of John Howards neo-conservative coalition government.

Community members at the rallies expressed dismay at the governments treatment of asylum seekers, participation in the illegal war on Iraq, signing of the free trade agreement with the US, destruction of the higher education system, disfiguring the Medicare universal health insurance scheme, federal and state drug policies and the governments war on welfare recipients.

Over 6,000 people attended the Sydney Rally [ Photos]. 4000 people were reported to of attended the melbourne rally [ Photos]. Adelaide reported about 300 people. "Several" hundred marched through perth. Marches also ocurred in Brisbane and in some regional towns and cities.

[Oceania Indymedia | Don't Just Vote |
Anti- parliamentary politics and the case against voting]

Genoa: is still there

04.10.2004 21:38

Genoa G8, july 2001: one person shot, hundreds of people injured, hundreds arrested even in the hospitals, an enormous demonstration which has been controlled with violence. All is still here. The examination of what happend during the G8 days in July 2001 is now being held in the court of the Italian town. The trial on 25 activist charged for sack and devastation has been opened after the summer recces. The preliminary hearings about the 29 police officer in charge of forgery and slander regarding the raid at the Diaz School started on 27 Semptember. In January there will be there will be the trial on Bolzaneto, a place where many demonstrators were temporarily detained and were heavily injured.

In each case the inquiries were made using a lot of video and photos, coming from police, but also seized from activists computers which were assembled in a not objective way, which reflects a precise intention of charge only the demonstrators as responsable of the violence of Genoa days. Since that, Indymedia Italy has created a support group for the legal team, which is helping analyzing all video, photos, documents and radio communication used by the accused, and to build up a database of all the documents.Some people are working in Genoa, many are supporting from their towns. They are trying also to recall that what happend on Genova G8 is totally different from the story that the public officers tells.

1,000+ Dead: Bringing Death and Mourning to the White House

04.10.2004 07:50

On October 2 several hundred (perhaps a couple thousand in attendence by the end) people marched from Arlington National Cemetery to The Ellipse, south of the White House. They carried many of the hundreds of cardboard coffins (the rest laid out on The Ellipse by volunteers ahead of the march) from the cemetery, across the Memorial Bridge, past the Lincoln memorial and down Constitution Avenue.

The coffins represent the American military deaths, in excess of 1,000 (cryptome.org/mil-dead-iqw, includes 56 afghan casualties, but Iraq sum still well exceed 1k and climbs ) in the Iraq war alone; without including Afghanistan, mercenaries, contractors, and those unaffiliated with the occupation but killed in war-zones with American involvement. The minority of flag-draped coffins represents the proportion of American military dead to all the other losses -- Iraqi, non-military, other military, etc, in Iraq.

A series of photos in the media gallery relating to this article can be found here.

See also: peacepledge.org/resist | www.mfso.org/

Suppress the Vote

03.10.2004 20:29

It has become clear that the Republican Party is attempting to suppress the vote of people in marginalized communities from Florida to Arizona. A Republican legislator in Michigan has said that they need to "suppress the Detroit vote"--the city of Detroit is over 80 percent people of color--while the head of (flawed) voting machine manafacturer Diebold has promised to deliver the swing state of Ohio to the Republicans.

In response, thousands of activists are traveling to swing states to help protect the hard-won right of marginalized communities to vote and human-rights NGO Global Exchange is sponsoring an international team of election observers.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is conducting their own state by state campaign to keep third-party candidate Ralph Nader off the ballot.

| Indybay Coverage |

Free Radio Santa Cruz Raided by Federal Government

01.10.2004 03:49

At 8:20 AM on Wednesday, September 29, armed US Marshals and FCC Agents (the US radio police) raided the house from which Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcasts. Agents entered with guns drawn, showing the warrant to a couple of residents but not serving the warrant to anyone at that time. All residents, some wearing only their bathrobes and PJ's, were herded to the sidewalk in front of their house.

Freak Radio has been raided after almost 10 years of broadcasting for the Santa Cruz community and listeners around the world via online streaming, and has received strong support from community members, including the Santa Cruz Mayor and City Council: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in defiance of federal regulation.

[ SC-IMC: Feature and 120 photos | Free Radio Santa Cruz | Wikipedia on the FCC ]
[ Democracy Now!: FRSC Shut Down by FCC | Donate to FRSC | FRSC Press Release | audio coverage]

Members of Community Radio in Oaxaca Beaten and Jailed

30.09.2004 16:14

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At 6:13 in the morning of the 14th of september, several police units, including forces of the UPOE (Special Operations Police), policia preventiva, turism police, police of the state of Oaxaca, the Federa Agency of Investigations (AFI), and plain clothed officers numbering a sum of 200 violently evicted members of Guetza Radio and the Popular Indigenous Counsel of Oaxaca - Ricardo Flores Magon (CIPO - RFM) with tear gas, cuncusion grenades and water hoses. To this date seven people remain in jail.

The repression marks the most recent attack by the government of Oaxaca, under Governor Jose Murat, against the Indigenous people of Oaxaca and the CIPO in particular. The CIPO, with the Indigenous National Congress, recently organized the first National Encounter of Autonomies, the participants of which included student activists, labor unions and indigenous communities, in order to facilitate a discorse between the problems of each community and formulate proposals in the spirit of mutual aid. Guetza Radio transmitted and archived the encounter.

Guetza Radio, along with the CIPO, is a voice in the city of Oaxaca which continually demands justice for indigenous people and political prisoners of the region. The raid of the radio marks one more step in the history of repression against free radio in mexico. It is also part of the current political trend toward fascism throughout the country, as displayed by the examples of recent violence against demonstrators in Guadalajara and the growth of power throughout the country of the PAN, party of the ultra-right.

Guetza Radio continues transmiting from a new location and in a new frequency. They demand the following rights:
1.-immediate and unconditional liberty of all political prisoners.
2.-an end to the harrassment and repression of community radios throughout the country
3.-constitutional recognition of community radios and the peoples proposal for radio and television
4.-the return of confiscated equipment

Send letters of Solidarity to: Guetza Radio or CIPO-RFM

CIPO-RFM | indymedia mexico | Guetza Radio Raided | Summary of Events | National Encounter of Autonomies | Letters of Solidarity | Related News | Photos of the Prisoners | More Photos | flyer | More information in English

Vanunu 18th Anniversary

30.09.2004 13:23

Mordechai Vanunu

it is exactly 18 years and i am free and strong as i was 18 years ago - Mordechai Vanunu

Today (30 September) is the 18th anniversary of Mordechai Vanunu's kidnap by Israeli security forces.

Vanunu was a subordinate technician at the Dimona nuclear plant when he blew the whistle on Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons programme. Following his conscience, and believing the programme threatened another holocaust, he delivered photographic evidence of historic magnitude to the Sunday Times [the original article].

He was then lured to Italy from where Israel's secret police abducted him to Israel, in grave violation of international law. He was sentenced as a spy to 18 years in prison. The first 11 1/2 years, he spent in solitary confinement.

Three and a half years jail for refusing to go to Iraq,

27.09.2004 22:30

A greek-navy sailor was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment, as he refused to embark with the crew of the battleship "Navarino" on a mission relative to the Iraq war, during May 2003. He gave the following statement prior to his refusal:

"Acting on the basis of my conscience, I refuse to take part or contribute by any means in the relentless slaughter of the Iraqi people. I refuse to take part in a war that is not ended, as even now after its official end people and among them many children are being killed. Even if this war is officially finished, many more are to come, as war is necessary for the expansion of the dominance of the ruling powers. I declare my immediate resignation from the Hellenic Navy, which is a mechanism that promotes inhuman practices through orders and hierarchy and acts as a means of extortion and repression of the movement and the uprisings of the people. My refusal is also the minimal act of solidarity due to the Iraqi people and to the peaceful sentiments of the Greek people."

War Resisters' International calls for letters of protest (en) to the Greek authorities, and Greek embassies abroad (en). Send a protest email (en)

[Thessaloniki IMC | Athens IMC | Istanbul IMC Feature | Melbourne IMC Feature]

Stateless and Deported: A Popular Mobilization Against Palestinian Deportations in Montreal

26.09.2004 03:32

On Saturday September 18th more than 1000 people took the streets of downtown Montreal under the banner of "Stateless and Deported" to illustrate the growing popular support for the struggle of Palestinian refugees fighting deportation in Canada, within the context of the Palestinian solidarity movement worldwide.

The lively and spirited demonstration was also held to commemorate the thousands of Palestinian refugees who lost their lives in the September 1982 massacre of Sabra and Chatila during the Israeli invasion of Beirut.

Currently in Canada there are 100 Palestinian refugees facing deportation in the coming months. Most of the refugees are from the refugee camps of Lebanon and from Occupied Palestine. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has systematically rejected Palestinian refugee claims since September 11th. This past Saturday's demonstration highlighted the political importance of the struggle of Palestinian refugees in Montreal and throughout Canada who continue to struggle against deportation and fight for their status.

Photos, video and written reports from the 'Stateless and Deported' demonstration in Montreal: [ Indymedia Quebec | Electronic Intifada ]
More information on the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees website

Feminist Resistance Days

21.09.2004 11:16

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For four days, the Feminist Resistance Days against violence against women, racism and social cuts took place at the Schlossplatz, right in the middle of Berlin (Germany). About 250 to 300 womyn, lesbians and transgenders (Frauen, Lesben und Transgenders, FTL) from Germany, Italy, France and Sweden gathered for discussions and actions on issues like violence against womyn (especially the threatening plans to close down womyn's centres and shelters), racism (like the situation of female and male migrants, and effects of social cuts on them), social cuts (like Hartz IV) and neoliberalism (GATS, privatization, the significance of 'quality assurance, war etc).

In decentralised actions, the entrance for members of the parliament was blocked to point out how current social changes and cutbacks (Hartz IV), reforms of the health care system, laws on benefits for refuges and migration politics affect womyn. In a 'cleaning action' some 60 womyn with apron, scarves and buckets went through the city, cleaning everything in cafe's, McDonalds and in the the underground, including tables that were set. Flyers were handed out to describe the working conditions of illegalized migrants. Other action included renaming streets, adbusting, and putting tags clothes in shops like H&M to make the buyers aware of the working conditions under which these products are made. Last but not least, postcards were handed out with a quiz on working conditions that should be sent to the Minister of Economics; main prize: unpaid overtime or salary cuts...
All in all the reactions of the public were surprised and positive, while the attention of the main stream media was (yet again) close to non-existing.

[ Complete feature in German, English translation | Jingle | contributions of Radio Z | photos | manifest | speech: GATS: Privatisation and its consequences for women (de) | review by Radio Z (41 min, de) ]

Final Declaration of the II Continental Summit of Indigenous People of Abya Yala

19.09.2004 22:45

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We denounce the national governments of the Americas who are employing ever more violent repression characterized by the violation of our human rights and our rights as pueblos; the criminalizing of our acts of defense of life and our spiritual ceremonies; paramilitarization; evictions from our lands and military occupations; the co-optation and corruption of local authorities and leaders; the promotion of projects which attempt to "compensate" the harm which transnational corporations are committing; the supposed profit-sharing; forced migration; and promoting the division and armed confrontation between communities in order to impose their exclusive, racist, and oppressive policies.

We oppose emphatically the establishment of plans such as the Regional South American Infrastructure Integration (Integración de Infraestructura Regional Sudamericana -- IIRSA); the Plan Puebla Panamá (PPP); the Plan Patriota; Plan Colombia; Plan Dignidad, Plan Andino, the creation of military bases; as well as the establishment of the FTAA and other Free Trade Agreements, which are propelled under the mark of the World Trade Organization and for the extractive countries of the world; the only thing they intend is the creation of infrastructure for the circulation of their merchandise, the extraction of natural resources of our lands and territories, and protection of the transnationals. We characterize this as plans of invasion for plundering, destruction, and death.

read the full declaration | photos: I | II | III | Abya Yala Indigenous Forum | indymedia ecuador | audio

Argentine Workers March for Expropriation Law

16.09.2004 07:36

On 14 September 2004 a delegation of workers from some of Argentina's roughly 200 re-occupied factories marched in Buenos Aires. They demanded that the government definitively legalize the expropriation of factories and other bankrupt enterprises which were abandoned by owners and run under direct workers' control after the collapse of the country's economy in December 2001.

A delegation of 170 activists – 100 workers from Zanon ceramics factory and 70 from social movements supporting the factory – arrived in the morning in Buenos Aires to march to a local court and national congress in defense of a possible government eviction of Zanon [en] [de]. Workers from Chilavert printing factory, Bauen Hotel, Brukman suit factory, Conforti printing factory, Renacer electronics from Usuhia, Junin health clinic, Ados health clinic, Gattic shoe company, Sasetru pasta company, and various unemployed workers organizations participated in the march.

After the crisis of December 19 and 20, 2001, the Argentine government gave many workers occupying businesses temporary permits to function inside offices and factories. However, these agreements had a two year limit. Some of the permits are set to expire before the end of 2004. It is uncertain how the current government will negotiate the conflict.

[ Photos: 1 | 2]
[ Argentina Indymedia Fatures in Spanish, English | Revolutionvideo.org/alavio/ | Zanon | WorkersWithoutBosses.net | The Take | Znet ]

Major Indigenous March Launches Month of Intensive Social Mobilization in Colombia

14.09.2004 12:52

On Monday September 13 the Nasa indigenous peoples of Colombia launched a big three-day march and mobilization against war, neoliberalism, the FTAA, and constitutional counterreforms planned by the government. The march marks the beginning of a whole month of intensive social mobilization in Colombia. The Nasa are known as dreamers, and they have become the ethical guides of Colombia's social movements. They can trace their resistance back to rebellion against the Spanish colonizers hundreds of years ago through to a strengthening of their movement in the past few decades.

With the help of IMC Radio Network and ARLA, and in coordination with the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC), the march is being streamed and broadcast around the world. The radio transmission will start from the "radiocicleta" -- an adapted bicycle equipped with a radio transmitter and antenna that will accompany the big march -- and from indigenous community radio stations in Colombia. It is likely no coincidence that on Friday Septemer 4, the indigenous community station Radio Nasa was shut down by the government of Colombian president Alvaro Uribe.

Updated Information: Colombia Indymedia | Background Information: Z Net

People's Caravan For Food Sovereignty Sweeps Through Asia

10.09.2004 16:06

Hundreds of peasant organizations and support NGOs, representing millions of poor Asian farmers, are currently participating in the People’s Caravan 2004 for People’s Food Sovereignty that is sweeping through 15 countries across Asia and Europe. After a first caravan in 2000, this year's caravan bears the theme "Asserting Our Rights to Land and Food" and will culminate in Nepal with a public rally and the Conference on Alternatives to Globalization on September 30.
The People's Caravan 2004 kicked off in Malaysia. While two legs are heading through Sri Lanka and India, the third is covering several South East and Central Asian countries and is now in the Philipines. In addition, a small group travels through Europe where they will attend the protests against the Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference in Cologne (12-13 Sept) among others.

PC2004 aims to raise awareness on the issues involved in food sovereignty, including the World Trade Organization (WTO), genetic engineering (GE), pesticides, agrochemical transnational corporations (TNCs), workers' rights, and the promotion of sustainable agriculture. [ Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Asia Pacific | Resist Agrochemical TNCs | Indymedia Biotech | IMC-QC (Philipines) | radiomundoreal Spanish Radio Coverage ]

Alternative Remembrances of September 11

09.09.2004 04:45

Sept 11 Families for peaceful tomorrows

The dictum "Remember 9/11" has been emblazoned across t-shirts, signs and bumperstickers across the U.S, ever since the horrific day in which four airplanes were hijacked and thousands of U.S. civilians were killed. While September 11 may be nearly impossible to forget, the right-wing in the U.S. has seemingly dominated the significance of that memory, equating it with the imperative to invade and occupy other countries, and to maim, torture and kill civilians abroad.

On September 11, 2004, actions will be held in various cities in the U.S., resisting the notion that the memory of September 11 legitimizes State-led and corporate-sponsored terror.

"Alternative remembrances" and a Day of Resistance will be held throughout the U.S. this Saturday, with actions taking place in Austin, Buffalo, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and elsewhere.

Click Read more below for a summary of the day's events.

Related sites: Interfaith Communities United for Peace and Justice | MotherSpeak | September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Racist violence in Greece

07.09.2004 13:37

The lights of the Olympic Games are off now in Greece. All the world is happy with the success of the Games. However, only a week after the closing ceremony racist violence against Albanian immigrants was spread around the country, following the defeat of the Greek by the Albanian national soccer team.

Before the soccer match between Greece and Albania in Tirana mass media in Greece made an effort to provoce racism. Images of crazy Albanians ready to kill all Greeks appeared in the TV news. Before and during the game there were also several acts of provocation from Albanian nationalists in Tirana.

After the match thousands of Albanian immigrants went to the streets of Greek cities to celebrate peacefully the victory of the Albanian team by 2-1 (exactly like the Greeks in Portugal when Greek beated Portugal in the final of the EURO 2004). The reaction of Greek nationalists was immediate: they organized themselves into groups and they start beating every Albanian they found. This happened in more than 10 cities of Greece. The result: 1 Albanian immigrant (Gramos Paluci) murdered by a Greek - american (Panagiotis Kladis) in the island of Zakinthos and at least 50 others wounded in several incidents on Saturday evening!


Indymedia Thessaloniki | Indymedia Athens

RNC Protest Coverage from New York

07.09.2004 13:15

An alternative media mobilisation was providing ongoing coverage of the Republican National Convention in New York(August 30 through September 2, 2004)- see: NYC Indymedia

All kinds of reports(picture, audio, video) can be found on the URL's below:

Gov't Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs - Service Provider Refuses | Photo Summary of A29 in NYC | RNC Protests Begin With Largest Ever NYC Critical Mass

Call to all 8/31 arrestees: The RNC legal team needs your info! | Various Media Photos/Videos of RNC Protests, Police Tactics, etc.

Portland IMC Coverage | Grassroots Media | CounterConvention | RNC Not Welcome | RNC Watch |Team Cascadia | No RNC! - survival

VIDEO: [ Paper Tiger.org | Manhattan Neighborhood Network ]

AUDIO: [ A-Noise / NoRNC Sound Coalition | Critical Mass Radio Network

REPORTS IN SPANISH: Two Puerto Rico IMC volunteers were in New York and posted Spanish reports here | More info(ES) here

Monday Protests in Germany

05.09.2004 22:53

For several weeks, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets every Monday against drastic social cuts. On Monday, September 6, protests are planned in about 223 cities in Germany, as well as solidarity rallies in Paris and Vienna. On Monday, August 23, 120.000 to 200.000 people participated, the largest rallies being in Leipzig, Berlin, and Magdeburg.

indymedia Germany | protest reports | labournet Germany

Government Abortion

04.09.2004 13:10

The ship Borndiep, used by Women on Waves (WoW) tryed to anchor in Portugal from August 29th to September 12th, as a way to remind that Portugal (where there an extimate of 20,000 to 40,000 illegal abortions every year and where more than 5,000 women suffer serious health problems from abortions made without any safety or hygiene conditions) is a country with the most restrictive legislation (and its enforcement) in Europe, together with Poland, Ireland and Malta.

Although there were given tranparency garantees by WoW, the right wing government decided, on August 27th, to inform the Borndiep that it could not enter portuguese territorial waters . The boat must not get any nearer than 12 miles from the Portuguese coast. To reinforce the decision, Paulo Portas, (the populist ministry of defense) sent two war ships to monitor the boat movements.

Links: [ The boat as seen by someone that makes illegal abortions [pt] | WoW calls for the international community against the Portuguese government [pt] | WoW The boat is staying [pt] | Petition against the boat block [pt] | Whem fanatics rule [pt] | Sampaio is not unhappy [pt] | Around 200 people demonstrate against government block [pt] | Miguel portas about the boat [pt] | Government refuses to talk about Borndiep [pt] | WoW Portuguese Diary [pt] | Doctors are indignant [pt] ]

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