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Nationalization: the demand of the people for the new president

schock, 13.06.2005 15:27

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The social movements today defined their position to the new president:

- The mining cooperatives offer a truce of 10 days.

- The 20 provinces of La Paz will continue the blockades.

- El Alto will decide in the next hours.

- The MAS [Movement Towards Socialism] lifted the mobilizations.

- Last Night, Congress was able to meet when the social organizations stopped confronting the police around the plaza 25 Mayo in Sucre, after Vaca Diez and Cosio publicly announced that they would renounce their chance to be president if the Congress met and accepted the renunciation of Mesa. Congress accepted the renunciation of Mesa and also ratified the renunciation of Vaca Diez and Cosio, leaving Eduardo Rodriguez from the Supreme Court as president. He must convoke new elections.

- The social movements indicated that the objective they sought during three weeks of struggle was neither the renunciation of Mesa nor the speedup of new elections; the fight was for the nationalization of hydrocarbons and a constitution / governing assembly by the people. These demands cannot be forgotten or left to the side by the new president, they are demands that the social movements are expecting him to follow.

[more in spanish:] Movilizaciones en Cochabamba | Un cooperativista muerto en Sucre, los parlamentarios huyen! | La policía provocó la muerte del minero!

Parlamentarios quieren posesionar a Vaca Diez; sectores socialesdicen NO

09.06.2005 05:17

- Las marchas, bloqueos y cabildos se replican en todo el país. - Varios sectores sociales (entre ellos mineros, comunarios quechuas) se dirigen a Sucre, la capital, donde los parlamentarios sesionarán para aceptar la renuncia de Carlos Mesa y posesionar a Hormando Vaca Diez como presidente. Los partidos tradicionales MNR, MIR y NFR ya pactaron. - Por esta movida política, los sectores sociales afirman que impedirán la sesión parlamentaria. - En La Paz hubo marchas pacíficas de campesinos, cocaleros y vecinos. En la tarde, mineros salieron con dinamitas y fueron gasificados. Mañana, se concentran las 20 provincias del Altiplano en la zona del Cementerio para marchar hacia San Francisco. - En Santa Cruz se agudiza la violencia de la Juventud Cruceñista contra campesinos e indígenas. - En la ciudad de El Alto, se acordó la instalación de una Asamblea Popular Originaria con varios sectores. - En Cochabamba se prepara el desacato civil. La lucha del pueblo boliviano por la nacionalización de los hidrocarburos continúa. La clase política intenta maniobrar esta demanda política forzando la sucesión constitucional después de que renunciara a la presidencia, el historiador y periodista Carlos Mesa Gisbert. En su lugar, asumiría Hormando Vaca Diez, actual presidente del Congreso Nacional y representante de las transnacionales y de la oligarquía cruceña, la que pretende aplicar la “autonomía” en el departamento de Santa Cruz y apropiarse de los recursos naturales. Por todo lo que encarna este personaje de la derecha tradicional en Bolivia, los movimientos y organizaciones sociales han rechazado la sucesión porque desvía el tema de fondo por el cual se han movilizado durante ya tres semanas dejando el país totalmente bloqueado (existen 90 puntos de bloqueo).

Berlin: Yorckstr.59 evicted

09.06.2005 00:00

The collective living space 'Yorckstrasse 59' that has existed in Berlin since 1989 was evicted by police in the early morning of June 6th (pictures 1 | 2 | 3  ). A number of people were arrested, some hurt badly, when riot police cleared several hundred people off the street who blocked the entrance of the building (video) and 150 from inside the building. Several actions took place during the day: a local radio frequency was hijacked for 4 minutes to announce the eviction., a house was squatted and a demonstration of 3000 people took place in the evening. All day people gathered in different places and blocked traffic, smashed storefronts or started small demonstrations (timeline). There were also demonstrations in other German cities: Göttingen, Köln, Hamburg, Pforzheim.  Video  

60 people, amongst them 10 children, were living in the warehouse.  The building also housed several political initiatives, including the 'Antiracist Initiative', 'Poonal' - a news service on Latin America, a large space used for many parties/conferences/gatherings, the družbaR - a bi-weekly bar. The building's owner, Marc Walter, had bought the house in December 2003 and subsequently had started to harass the inhabitants (audio [de]). Posters were taken down, the use of the yard was forbidden, rooms were walled up and major reconstruction works, including much higher rents, were announced. The inhabitants refused to pay. Since the problems with the new owner began, there have been many actions in support of Yorckstr. 59, some of them as far away as Warsaw, Vienna, Malta or Uruguay.

yorck59.net [ca - fr - chin - pl] | IMC Germany | news ticker   

IMC Poland | IMC Italy | IMC Netherlands

Gas Wars Erupt Again in Bolivia

08.06.2005 22:10


In the latest phase of Bolivia's "gas wars", President Carlos Mesa resigned on June 6 under heavy pressure from social movements to nationalize hydrocarbons. Peasant farmers are taking over oil fields, transportation is paralyzed and the U.S. Embassy has begun evacuating personnel. On June 9, President of the Senate Hormando Vaca Diez declined the Presidency, making head of the Supreme Court Eduardo Rodriguez the President and automatically triggering new elections.


For ongoing and archived coverage, see: Narco News(en), The Democracy Center(en) and CMI Bolivia(es).


For background, see: "Huyaco en los Andes"(es), "Bolivia on the Brink"(en), "New Uprising in Bolivia"(en) and ZNet's BoliviaWatch(en)

The Movement Against Bus Fare Increases calls for decisive mobilisation

08.06.2005 16:00


Protests against increases of 8.8% for bus fares in Florianópolis, south of Brazil, have now reached their second week. The city has the most expensive tickets in the country, costing around R$ 2,08 (US$ 1)

The City Hall of Florianópolis and the Santa Catarina State Government have been trying to criminalise the movement by arresting more than 70 activists during the demonstrations, with 19 of them facing criminal charges. Human Rights Groups have denounced the police abuses and compared them to the ones committed during the military regime in Brazil.

The majority of the population has now joined the student movement and the political organizations in their support of the struggle for the reduction of the bus fares. On June 6th, around a thousand people spontaneously blocked the most important avenues of the city. The  movement will continue to mount demonstrations and are calling for a big action on the
9th of June, as an ultimatum for the Mayor to suspend the readjustment.

<a href=" http://brasil.indymedia.org/media/2005/06/318144.avi">Watch the video</a>

Fotos: <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/318827.shtml">
Public Transportation Workers Strike</a> | <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/318833.shtml">People setting up  blockades</a> | <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/318842.shtml">Blockades</a> | <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/318868.shtml">Police repression during the blockades</a> | <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/319038.shtml">People marching at downtown</a> | <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/319050.shtml">Blocking the Paulo Fontes Av.</a> | <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/319066.shtml">Protest in front of the Governor´s house</a> | March at the night of June 7th <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/319105.shtml">I</a> | <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/319121.shtml">II</a> | <a href="http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/06/319129.shtml">III</a>

Send messages condemning the police violence and the imprisonment of the militants to:

Public Security - Ronaldo Benedet
Phone: 55 48 251-1113
Fax: 55 48 251-1120

Governor - Luiz Henrique da Silveira
Phone: 55 48 221-3186
Fax: 55 48 221-3137

Mayor - Dário Berger
Phone: 55 48 251-6064
Fax: 55 48 251-6067

Report: 4032 killed, 44,666 injured in Palestine since September 2000

03.06.2005 23:49

The Palestinian National Information Center reported that the Israeli army killed since the beginning of the Intifada in September 29, 2000, 4032 residents, and injured 44666, excluding 8435 residents who received treatment by field medical teams. The total number of Palestinian children killed during the Intifada arrived to 750, in addition to 732 residents, including 262 females, who were killed when the army shelled Palestinian homes.

Also, Israeli soldiers killed 344 members of the Palestinian security, and 817 school students and teachers. According to the report, the army killed 325 Palestinians in extrajudicial assassinations.

[ International Middle East Media Center ] I [ read the full article ]

Witch Hunt in Italy

02.06.2005 21:15

An intense action initiated by the ROS (Carabiniere / Italian Police) and DIGOS (a special police force used to repress social and political movements) has been carried out against anarchist collectives in several regions of Italy. As of May 19th, over 50 people have been arrested and face accusations such as being part of a "Subversive Organization."

The stated reason for the detentions is article 270 bis (social reactions are seen as subversive association, subversive propaganda and eversion), from the Italian penal code, which has frequently been used by the Italian state against every form of dissident in the last few years. This allows the Italian government to make accusations, without any "proof," only because they are suspected of being involved in supporting the group that may have commited a crime.

People reacted with two big demonstration helded on Saturday, May 21st in Lecce and Bologna, and May 28th in Cagliari. The charges are related to the letter bomb sent to Prodi, the European parliament member in December 2003 and assigned to Federazione Anarchica Informale. It is the same charge thought to have been used by the FBI for the seizure of Indymedia servers hosted by Rackspace, in October 2004.

Eventually, the website of Crocenera on the filiarmonici server (two mirrors are on riseup.net and on squat.net) and two of their mail accounts on inventati, were seized under the charge of having sent press releases of the FAI. Crocenera is mainly dedicated to seizures of people, detainee's problems and jails situation. Links:

Demonstrations to reduce the cost of bus fare are strongly repressed

01.06.2005 18:21


Since the 30th of May people are demonstrating against the increase of the bus fare at the city of Florianopolis in the south of Brazil. Florianopolis has the most expensive tariff of the country, where some tickets are costing R$3,00. The minimum wage in Brazil is R$300,00(around US$100)

Santa Catarina's State Government are treating the movement with a lot of repression. The police are attacking people with teargas bombs, rubber bullets and pepper spray. Three militants from the Movimento pelo Passe-Livre (Free Pass Movement) were arrested and they were only liberated after paying a bail of R$4.500,00 (around US$2.000). Even so, they are still facing charges.

The Passe Livre Movement started years ago demanding free transportation for students. In 2004 it led to ten days of demonstrations where tens of thousands of citizens blocked the streets of Florianopolis to oppose the rise in bus fares. Demonstrations will continue throughout the week.

<a href=" http://brasil.indymedia.org/media/2005/06/318144.avi">Watch the video</a>

Send messages condemning the police violence and the imprisonment of the militants to:

Public Security - Ronaldo Benedet
Phone: 55 48 251-1113
Fax: 55 48 251-1120

Governor - Luiz Henrique da Silveira
Phone: 55 48 221-3186
Fax: 55 48 221-3137

Bilbao Viscaya Bank attacks zapatistas communities

( ( i ) ), 29.05.2005 00:59

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On 19th may, the Bilbao Viscaya Bank (Mexico) notified the “Associação Enlace Civil AC” that their bank accounts would be cancelled on June 19th. The Enlace Civil's activities in support of the Zapatista communities are legal and transparent, and have been properly documented and registered with the Government Departments, which has never given them permission to receive donations without having to pay taxes. This legal status means the Enlace Civil is subjected to rigorous and permanent financial surveillance by the Mexican authorities.

When questioned about the imposition made by the BV Bank, the manager refused to give an explanation, and only answered that the bank should protect ifself from money laundering, and he was doing what he had been told to do. About a month ago the Bank did the same thing with the Maia Health Indigenous Organization of Chiapas State (OSIMECH), a civil organization that promotes health in the indigenous communities in Altos de Chiapas: without no reason or explanation they were told that there bank accounts was going to be shut down.

The action of the BV Bank, together with the paramilitaries and the political and economical elite of Mexico, is part of the silent battle against the zapatistas communities. The Enlace Civil organization calls on everyone who is in solidarity with the zapatista movement to publicly denounce the BV Bank action, in Mexico and in the world, to make sure that they know that we refuse to permit them to abet conquest, racism, disregard for humanity, and the war of annihilation (against the indigenous peoples of Mexico)

[Sites]: Bilbao Viscaya Bank | Enlace Civil | EZLN | FZLN | Rádio Insurgente Voz do EZLN | We have intelligence and capacity to decide over our own destiny |

Cameroon Police and Paramilitaries Killing Ambazonian Student Strikers

john duda, 26.05.2005 01:03

students &quot;armed&quot; with placards, police armed to kill

On April 26th, students at the University of Buea in Ambazonia went on strike to protest a 100% increase in fees. Rather than dialogue, they were met with brutal violence, with 2 students, Gilbert Folem and Embwam Aloysius, shot to death by police on April 28th and a third, Allain Amoh, shot and killed on May 25th.  Many others are seriously injured, with reports of  rape and beatings of students by police.  

The strike continues.  

More info: Ambazonia Indymedia  [Transcript of indymedia interview with lawyer of striking students | Full text of court case filed on behalf of the students ]

Radio: Interview with student leaders on the killings pt 1 | pt 2
Video: [Gilbert Folem in the Buea mortuary | Day 3 of the Strike


June 10-12, 2005 &quot;Weekend of Resistance&quot; for Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

25.05.2005 18:32

In June 2001, 23 year-old forest defense activist Jeffrey "Free" Luers was sentenced to 22 years and 8 months in prison for the burning of three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV's) in Eugene, Oregon. To make a statement about global warming, Jeff and his codefendent, Craig 'Critter' Marshall, set fire to 3 Sport Utility Vehicles at a Eugene car dealership. Their stated purpose was to raise awareness about global warming and the role that SUVs play in that process. No one was hurt in this action nor was that the intent. An arson specialist at trial confirmed that the action did not pose any threat to people based on its size and distance from any fuel source. Despite the fact that this action hurt no one, caused only $40,000 in damages and the cars were later resold, Jeff was sent to prison for a sentence considerably longer than those convicted of murder, kidnapping and rape in Oregon state. Jeff is recognized as a political prisoner by the Jericho Movement and the Anarchist Black Cross Network and Federation and continues to write and agitate for his release while imprisoned at Oregon State Penetentiary. His appeal was filed in January 2002. You can read the latest on his appeal here.

The June 10-12th Weekend Of Resistance is three weeks away. Events for 2005 have already been planned in North America and around the world. Check out the Ideas for Action to plan an event in your community. Read about last year's June 12 Day of Action here and the FBI and Fox News' lies here.

Audio interviews with supporters of Jeff 'Free' Luers: 1 | 2

Chemicals and Small Bullets Used to Disperse Thousands of Indigenous in Bolivia

AC Sandino Segundo y ~Bradley, 25.05.2005 05:33

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Thousands of villagers from the 20 provinces of Altiplano arrived at the government center at noon; they were "boxed-in" and dispersered by enormous amounts of gases and small bullets.

Together, miners carrying dynamite tried to enter the Murillo Plaza. From the repression, at least five people were wounded or held prisoner, including Roberto de la Cruz, a councilmember in El Alto.

In El Alto, the second day will be accompanied by various blocked zones.

[ Bolivia IMC || Narco News || Educational Radio of Bolivia (ERBOL) - Listen (.pls) ]

Housing protests set Cape Town ablaze

indymedia south africa, 24.05.2005 06:44

Burning tires in Gugulethu as residents protest over lack of housing Housing protests in Gugulethu and Khayelitsha set Cape Town ablaze today (Monday 23 May 2005) as residents burned tires in Landsdowne Road, Khayelitsha as well as Gugulethu. In Gugs, the whole of NY1, the township thoroughfare, was blockaded every 100 metres with piles of burning tires. Residents were expressing anger at the lack of service delivery in terms of houses as well as water and electricity for informal settlements.

These protests follow similar actions over recent weeks in Port Elizabeth, and have been further inflamed by the "N2 Gateway" housing project that plans to build 16 000 houses in Cape Town in the coming years. Long time shack dwellers and backyard residents are incensed that residents of shacks that burned down in the Joe Slovo informal settlement in Langa are going to be housed before people who waited for housing much longer than them.

The surface story of rivalry over a waiting list, however, hides a much deeper vein of anger that comes from grievances that today, 10 years after the first democratic elections in South Africa, people still have to be exploited by backyard-landlords, walk kilometers for water even in the cities and shit in a hole in the ground (or a bucket).

Photos: 1 | 2 from IndyMedia South Africa

Police detained an independent journalist and charged him with assaulting a police officer!

19.05.2005 15:18

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On Mon 16th May in Warsaw, during politicians' talks during the third summit of the Council of Europe, demonstrations organised by grassroots citizens' movements from around Poland. The demonstrators protested against the hypocrisy of Council of Europe politicians and the inclusion of states in which human rights are violated (e.g. Russia and Turkey) and whose leaders are responsible for the war in Iraq.

After the demonstration, a conflictual incident with the police occurred. The full events were reported live by Independent Media - INDYMEDIA POLAND. When protesters started leaving to go home, police started checking people's identities and detained a selected number of people (see the film at indymedia poland).

Tuesday 17th May: International Day Against Homophobia.

17.05.2005 02:55

The International Day Against Homophobia "will articulate action and reflection in order to struggle against all physical, moral, or symbolic violence related to sexual orientation or to gender identity. It intends to inspire, support, and coordinate all initiatives contributing to the equality among citizens in right, as well as in fact, and to achieve this in all countries where action is possible.

What is Homophobia? | The Fear Behind The Hatred | The Emotional Origin of Homophobia | Sexual Prejudice - Understanding Homophobia and Heterosexism | Towards an international recognition of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Trans People

Activists Detained at Council of Europe Meeting

17.05.2005 01:01

The Third Summit of the Council of Europe is being held in Warsaw Mon-Tue 16-17 May 2005, allegedly in favour of human rights. However, a grassroots, alternative human rights conference was held in Warsaw 14-15 May by the Anarchist Federation (Praga), followed by many street demonstrations and protests. Police have detained 11 activists, including Indymedia activists and members of Amnesty International, picking them out of the crowd of around 1000 people which left Plac Zamkowy. As a result of the day's events, one woman demonstrator is now in hospital.

Help needed:
Please urgently telephone (any of +48-22-603-60-95, +48-22-621-89-09, +48-22-603-70-55, +48-22-603-70-56) or email the police krp1warszawa@policja.waw.pl insisting that they release all 11 human rights activists. You can also contact Prime Minister Belka and President Kwaśniewski and put pressure on your local Polish embassy.

The fascists stab and the democrats shoot

Athens IMC, 15.05.2005 23:57

On May 10, two ex-ministers of the socialist (now opposition) party, PASOK, attended a book-launching ceremony inside the National Technical University of Athens. In a blatant contempt of the academic asylum the ex-ministers ordered their armed police guards to enter the university grounds. Academic asylum is part of Greek law since 1973, when military tanks of the then-ruling junta rammed the gates of the very same university.

At the same time anarchists were converging to the university returning from their mayday demonstration (this year, mayday coincided with orthodox easter and the bank holiday moved to May 11). The anarchists were quick to spot the armed guards and try to expulse them from the university grounds. Guard Christoforos Patsias shot against them at least 15 times - one of the bullets injuring a 28-year old anarchist at his leg. His comrades instantly occupied the campus, demanding the name of the policeman who shot, a condemnation of the shootings by the university's senate and an assurance that they could leave the campus safely.

All three of their demands were met; mainstream media however were once again quick to accuse the anarchists of violence and chaos while hushing the fact that for the first time since the end of the military coup the cops shot fire on university grounds. On leaving the campus the anarchists formed a spontaneous demonstration chanting anti-statist slogans, the most prominent being "the fascists stab and the democrats shoot": a direct reference to recent fascist attacks against leftist and anarchist activists.

[Links: A statement written by the comrades within the campus | Athens IMC]

MinuteMen Wrap-Up

11.05.2005 01:36

The rugged Arizona desert dominated the media spotlight throughout April when hundreds of Minuteman Project volunteers organized to close a 23-mile stretch of the border with Mexico with 24-hour monitoring and at times, aiding US Border Patrol by apprehending undocumented migrants. In response, the American Civil Liberties Union organized volunteer legal observers to monitor and document all interactions between the MMP "vigilantes" and immigrants. While the Minuteman Project was quick to declare the project a success, US Border Patrol believes that migration was just deterred to other parts of Arizona where migrants now face greater danger: a harsher terrain and more miles to walk under the inclement desert sun. Border activist and humanitarian groups chose to ignore the MMP and rather organized a month of unity events, celebrating the borderlands.

In May, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that the MinuteMen were doing a "terrific" job and proposed that California fund its own state border police unit. In response the MinuteMen Project announced plans to come to California in June. Also in May, the SWARM the MinuteMen project was announced. Meanwhile, the REAL ID act is set to pass the House and Senate and planning continues on borderHack 2.005.

Stories: Arizona: [ MinuteMan Project Invades AZ | First 10 Days | Border Patrol Smuggling | MinuteMan Misconceptions ] San Diego: [ Arizona Dream | A Rising Movement ]
Photos: Arizona: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] San Diego: [ 1 ] - Video: [ Arizona | San Diego ] - Audio: [ 1 ]

Anarchist Killed by Police in Colombia

09.05.2005 21:54

Today the doctors announced the death of Nicolás David Neira Alvares, a 15 year old who was marching in the anarchist block the past 1st of May. Like never before in the past few years, many young people decided to come together to protest against capitalism. The huge demonstration which included union workers, farmers, students, unemployed people and activists, marched in a non-violent manner on one of the main streets of Bogotá. The demonstration not only remembered those who were killed by the State in Chicago, but also denounced the current precarious economical and social conditions of Colombia, demanded a halt to the Free Trade Treatise and made public the atrocities that are being committed by the current fascist government.

Pictures from the demo and the repression: [1 | 2 | 3 ]
For more info, visit: in Spanish Colombia IMC | Nodo50
in English article on Portland

Mexican legislators open the door to genetic privatisation

topito, 06.05.2005 10:23

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During the media screen generated by the presidential succesion, on the 27th of April the Mexican Senator opened the door to the privatisation of genetic resources by means of the unanimous approval of the "Initiative of federal law for access and exploitation of biological and genetic resources", which will no doubt gravely affect, amongst other things, the food sovereignty of Mexico, as in the case of corn which has already been contaminated from its center of origin.

This is a legal proposal originally presented by senator Jorge Nordhausen of the far-right and governing Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) party in 2001 and was suspended in 2004. Amongst his "motives" Nordhausen put forward that: (...) For living beings and their derivatives to be transformed into resources with economic and social value, the constant contribution of relevant knowledge is necessary.

This initiative was approved at the "last minute", as is common for mexican legislators before the end of their legislative period.

Links Mexico IMC | Biotech IMC

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