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Indymedia Paris in court

20.08.2005 23:13

A person who takes part in keeping theParis IMC website alive (as much as any person visiting it) has been served with two demands to appear in court next month. The first charge has been levelled against this person as an administrator (to be judged Sept 8th), the second as "editor in chief" (to be judged Sept 22nd).

Both cases relate to the legislation on the freedom of the press [summary in English]

The police have already heard arguments from this person; he is accused because he is the person designated as hosting the web site at http://paris.indymedia.org and so he is considered responsible for the content on the hosted server.

We wish to make it clear that :

  • the Paris IMC is part of the Indymedia network and by definition there is no "editor in chief"
  • the body that hosts the content available on the website of the Paris IMC is the IMC itself

For more info check out: Paris IMC

Gaza &quot;Withdrawal&quot; a Smoke-Screen for Military Occupation

20.08.2005 04:05

As the world's attention is turned toward the Israeli withdrawal of illegal Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the Gaza Strip, a harsh, deadly and brutal military occupation continues throughout Palestine. While the future of the border crossings of the Gaza Strip, to Egypt and to other regions of occupied Palestine remains unclear , as Israel has refused to negotiate on these key issues, which will define if Gaza will remain a large, social and economically isolated prison.

Also in the context of withdrawal from Gaza, Israeli settlers have severally escalated their attacks against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. This past week three Palestinians were killed by an Israeli settler in the West Bank, who used weaponry belonging to the Israeli military. Throughout the West Bank, Israeli military occupation continues, settlement expansion continues and the construction of the internationally condemned Apartheid Wall is ongoing. The Palestinian struggle against occupation and for liberation also continues on a daily basis. Throughout the summer of 2005 demonstrations and direct actions against military occupation and the Apartheid Wall have taken place on a daily basis , as Palestinians struggle for basic survival.

All Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip and West Bank , like the ongoing construction of the Apartheid Wall is internationally recognized as illegal, confirmed by a 2004 ruling from the International Court of Justice , which was then adopted by a majority vote in the United Nations General Assembly . While throughout the world Palestinian refugees continue to demand their right of return to occupied Palestine, from which they were displaced through the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. In Lebanon hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugee continue to live in extreme poverty in refugee camps scattered throughout the country.

For more information and background on the Gaza Withdrawal visit the Electronic Intifada and Indymedia Beirut

Encuentro International Forms Anticapitalist Bloc

Mister Lies, 18.08.2005 16:32

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Near two hundred delegates from 17 countries including Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Equator, Venezuela, US, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Turkey and Bolivia met in four commissions that treated common themes in all the countries: nationalization of the hydrocarbons, recovery of privatized businesses, land and territory, and political participation of the social organizations.

Majaz: Another Massacre from President Alejandro Toledo

Josh, 16.08.2005 04:52

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On the 1st of August, between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m., more than three thousand peasants coming from the rural communities of Ayacaba and Huancabamba (Piura) and Paicapampa and San Ignacio (Jaén, Cajamarca), occupied the Henry Hills encampment of the Majaz mine, in the north of the country. Almost three thousand campesinos had been repressed with tear gas and firearms, used by the National Special Operations Division (DINOES) in a confrontation that lasted until 1:00 pm. In the afternoon on the Corazón de Jesús hill, which is the jurisdiction of EL Tambo, province of Huancabamba, the department of Piura continued the harsh assaults on the populated areas that no longer permit mining contamination nor destruction of the land.

The bishop of Chulucanas, Daniel Turley, in radical declarations, informed that it was priority to attend to the life and health of the mobilized persons that still could be found in the highlands of Huancabamba, and that it was very probable that there were 7 comuneros killed, 40 casualties, 32 detained, and between 6 and 8 leaders that have disappeared, as a result of the police’s violent answer in defense of the mining company.

Mariano Alberca Caucha, president of the Environmental Defense Front of Paicapampa (Ayabaca), in declarations from El Carmen, said that there is an undetermined number of disappeared and that the following leaders were found in detained condition: Mario Tabra, leader of the Community of Yanta; Julio Vásquez, corresposal for Radio Cutivalú; Félix Calva Guerrero, comunero leader from Jaén; Pedro Aponte, of Huancabamba; Elizabeth Cunya and Mario Pintado, of Ayabaca, among others. By this date they have already been released, and no one has been charged for the murders.

Links: Informacion de Protestas | 7 asesinados en protestas contra minera en Piura | Tres mil comuneros toman campamento minero de Majaz | Gobierno mata pobladores | Detienen periodista que cubría enfrentamientos contra Majaz | Ultimo reporte que transmitió | Liberan periodista de Radio Cutivalú | Testimonio de Periodista | Relación de heridos, desaparecidos y detenidos | Miles de ronderos marchan en Huancabamba | Liberan a 27 detenidos y denuncian maltratos durante su cautiverio | Peru IMC

Zeb Mountain Destruction Halted by Escalating Anti Mountain Top Mining Campaign

15.08.2005 09:38

As dawn approached this morning (15 August, 2005), activists stood on an ancient Appalachian mountain in a dramatic protest against mountain top mining. This is the first time a mountain has been taken over in the struggle to protect the Appalachian Mountains from the devastating practices of mountain top mining. Dedicated citizens are blockading National Coal's strip mine in scenic Campbell County, Tennessee, United States to halt the destruction of Zeb Mountain. Activists affiliated with MountainJusticeSummer.org and Katuah Earth First! are using creative non violent tactics to bring attention to the modern atrocity of mountain top mining.

In an unprecedentated non-violent intervention, individuals are blockading the entrance to the mine by locking themselves to a car on the haul road and sitting in a tripod to prevent access to the mine. Other activists have locked themselves to drilling equipment. Citizens are using their bodies to create a giant “no blast” zone across the mountain. These drastic tactics are being used because strip mining companies are not allowed to use explosives when unauthorized people are nearby. “Coal companies bend and break laws in order to blow apart Tennessee's mountain headwaters. Since regulatory agencies refuse to protect our mountains, non violent citizen intervention has become necessary. We stand for the preservation of the mountains, water, forests, and communities of Appalachia” said Maria Johnson of Kingsport, TN.

[ Timeline of events: Updated Hourly | Previous Actions ]

German police raid activists' house for using 'Yomango' on website

Notts IMC, 14.08.2005 15:24


From 5th to 13th August, over 100 activists gathered for a week of discussions, socialising and action at Prekär Camp 2005, an action camp raising issues of precarity, and its impact on daily life and social movements, near Lüchow, north east of Hamburg, Germany.

On Wednesday 10th August, activists evicted the executive of the social benefits office in Lüchow", who is according to activists "well known for his strict and inhuman interpretation of the new German labour and social security benefit laws". The following day, police raided and searched a house for an alleged call for criminal offences on the precarity camp's website. It has now become clear this was in relation to the use of the word 'Yomango' on the website.

The offices of 'Anti-Atom-Aktuell', a monthly grassroots magazine on anti-nuclear issues, were also affected by the raid. They have given out a statement, explaining they are unable to work as equipment and papers have been seized. Some people say the police intentionally raided the offices of the magazine in an attempt to repress media activists. Furthermore, Anti-Atom-Aktuell being a prominant source of information within the anti-nuclear movement, the repression against the "anti-atom-aktuell", located in the region of the Castor-Protests, is considered by some as an attack on the movement in general. Early July, german police also raided the offices of LabourNet; a German website adressing issues of (un)employment and precarity.

Websites: Precarity Camp | Anti-Atom-Aktuell | Yomango | LabourNet | Photos benefits office eviction

Stopping Climate Change in its Tracks

13.08.2005 15:21

The Save Happy Valley Campaign has taken the fight against Solid Energy to a new level. In a carefully planned protest, three activists ‘locked on’ to train tracks at about 11.50am today preventing Solid Energy’s coal trains reaching Lyttelton port [first press release]. Two were locked onto the track directly and a third was hanging from a tree 30m up with his support rope connected to the track.

Three trains were forced to stop and police quickly turned up [second press release]. Those locked-on refused to move and police were forced to dig up the concrete that been laid to remove the two directly connected. The third in the tree took longer for the police to get down. In all, the protesters held up the coal trains for just under 4 hours.

All three have been arrested and released. They have been charged with trespass at this point but more serious charges are expected to follow.

Solid Energy has been pushing very aggressively to destroy Happy Valley, a beautiful area of native bush, fragile wetlands and a thriving ecosystem of native birds and animals located on the West Coast of New Zealand, with an open-cast coal mine and have just recently cleared the neccessary legal hurdles. The mine will not only destroy the valley and the surrounding area, but further add to climate change which is expected to have devastating global consequences if left to continue unabated.

For more info check out Save Happy Valley | Aotearoa IMC

Akha Activist, Wife of United States Citizen, and Mother of Four Denied US Visa

12.08.2005 17:19

An Akha woman activist who opposed the US War on Drugs in Thailand that saw many of her people brutally murdered and is married to Oregon activist Matthew McDaniel of the Akha Heritage Foundation has been refused entry into the US. They have four children. Together the six of them are on the run in South East asia. Her spousal visa was applied for in Jan of 2005, they have been married more than five years. Their four children have US passports and are residents of Oregon as American Citizens. But without their mother they will not come to the US.

After a silence of seven months US Immigration finally said there was not enough evidence of marriage. However, the Akha woman was married in a traditional village ceremony, and witnesses at that ceremony filed a notarized statement to their marriage. A woman with a Thai passport will loose her right to land if she marries to a foreigner, so few marry officially in Thailand. The Akha do not register their marriages with the Thai government.

US Immigration is claiming they are not retaliating against anyone. They said that since there isn't sufficient proof of marriage, kids are not enough, that they must remarry somewhere and file again for a spousal visa and pay a new fee and wait all over again.

related: The Akha Heritage Foundation | Akha and Indymedia Activist, from Salem, Arrested in Thailand (20.04.04) | American human rights activist from Oregon arrested in Thailand (20.04.04) | Thailand. Salem, Oregon anti-drug-war activist detained. Akha hill tribe defender. (18.04.04)

Direct Action to Stop Alcoa Dam in Iceland

08.08.2005 16:09

Activists from Iceland and around the world have setup a direct action camp in eastern Iceland to stop the construction of a hydroelectric mega-dam. The Karahnjukar project would destroy a large swath of highland icelandic wilderness. The sole purpose of the dam is to provide power for aluminum smelter to be built by Alcoa, a multinational company with a long record of abusing the environmental, human rights, and it's workers.

Protesters have organized a camp and setup a blockade which included the first ever lock-down in icelandic history. Police arrived on the scene and ordered the workers to use the heavy equipment which would cause direct injury to the activists. Several activists where violently arrested and some face deportation. Activists also occupied the Alcoa aluminum smelter site slowing down construction.

Solidarity protests have been held in London and international activists are invited to join the camp which will continue until early september.

More Coverage: Radio Reports & Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
For more information go to: SavingIceland.org

Government of the United States Releases Documents Related to Server Seizure

brian, 10.08.2005 16:50

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08 Aug 2005 13:53 GMT
In response to a freedom of information act request by Indymedia and the Eletronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the government of the United States partially released some documents relating to the seizure of an indymedia server in 2004. On October 7, 2004, an indymedia server in England was seizied by the American FBI, taking offline about twenty Indymedia sites. The seizure included a clause of secrecy that forbade the company which housed the server to comment on the case and the content of the seizure order. Indymedia thus has its server seized without any knowledge of who ordered the apprehension and why. After an international campaign by groups that defend the freedom of the press and the civil laws, the server was returned without any information being given on the reason for the seizure or the restitution. After a judicial battle that lasted almost a year, Indymedia and the EFF, an organization that defends civil liberties on the InterNet, obtained the partial release of documents relating to the case. The reason for the seizure, now divulged, was the inquiry of the Italian government into a letter bomb sent to the European Commission President Romano Prodi in December of 2003. Apparently, many indymedia websites are being investigated for having published the manifesto of a supposed Informal Anarchist Federacy that assumed responsibility for the attempted attack. The documents also disclose that www.squat.net and www.alasbarricadas.org are being investigated for the same reasons.
The attempted attack on Romano Prodi and claim of the authorship for the Informal Anarchist Federacy is viewed with distrust by the anarchist community of Italy, which was completely unaware of the groups that composed the supposed federacy. Many Italian anarchic organizations had published declarations repudiating the act, classifying it as "vanguardist" and suggesting that the supposed anarchist attack on Prodi is being used as an excuse for the persecution of militant radical groups.

World's first open-source Point Of Sale system tested at People's Food Co-op

07.08.2005 07:23

This past weekend People's Food Co-op in Portland, Cascadia made history. During a conference with tech and IT folk from co-ops around the united states these uber-geeks assembled and successfully rang out items on the world's first entirely free, open-source point-of-sale system. A point-of-sale system (or POS) is the software needed to run a cash register and manage the pricing of all the items in a store.

It all started several years ago when Tak Tang, the Technology Coordinator at The Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis, MN got frustrated at his stores POS system because of his inability to get the information out of it that would really be useful to the store. Like most proprietary software POS systems have a locked core that prevents anyone from copying the source code and also prevents anyone from getting inside to mine data that the software wasn't designed to spit out. Not being able to get inside of the software means expensive service calls to vendors when something goes wrong. It also means having to wait to purchase the next version for new features and bug fixes.

Well all of this was really cheesing Mr. Tang off so he decided to go ahead and write his own POS system. And he DID! IS4C (Information Systems 4 Co-ops) was born.

Ahimsa server seizure: Documents unsealed

02.08.2005 09:41

On 1 August, 9 months after Indymedia's Ahimsa server was seized by the FBI in October 2004, a US court unsealed documents about it, including the subponea.
All material is available at the EFF website.

A more details and analysis will follow shortly...

[ Ahimsa Seizure | EFF | The Register ]

Czech freetekno party ended by police assault

gnd, 31.07.2005 19:10


A 'Freetekno' Party was stopped during the weekend by a series brutal and irrational actions of the Czech Police. Around 6000 people were attacked by the riot cops while having a party. The Highway was blocked and people entering the Czech Republic were turned away at the border, discriminated against on the basis of their looks.

Governor Ulises Ruiz; 6 months of harvesting terror in Oaxaca

25.07.2005 17:11

Since being sworn into office on the first of January, 2005 Oaxaca, México’s governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), has been making good on his promise to “do away with the social problems” (i.e. popular resistance) in the state. Returning to the old, brute tactics of his party, the governor has been utilizing his power to stifle any group or community which opposes his rule.

After only two weeks in office, he ordered the arrest of over 150 activists and organizers. In what can be described as a labyrinth of repression, the governor and his party are supporting paramilitaries and their reign of terror throughout the state. Autonomous and rebel communities face the constant threat of violence and death as massacres, brutality and politically motivated detentions have become commonplace. Members of atx indymedia have been in Oaxaca the last two weeks documenting government support for paramilitaries and the revocation of constitution rights throughout the state.


Venezuela Launches Latin American TV Network

25.07.2005 03:52

Televisora del Sur (Television of the South), or Telesur, began broadcasting from Caracas on July 24, the day South American independence leader Simón Bolívar was born. Telesur was created by the Venezuelan government in association with the governments of Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay to provide a counterweight to corporate channels such as CNN and Univision. The station will draw on material produced by independent mediamakers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for much of its programming.

According to its director, Telesur "was born out of the need to give voice to Latin Americans confronted by an accumulation of thoughts and images transmitted by commercial media and out of the urgency to see ourselves through our own eyes and to discover our own solutions to our problems."

On July 20, before Telesur even began broadcasting, the lower house of Congress in the United States passed an amendment to finance radio and TV broadcasts to Venezuela intended to counter Telesur's "anti-americanism".

Ni represión ni ocupación: autodeterminación para el Sáhara YA

jrgruff, 28.07.2005 16:45

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Nos encontramos en un punto de inflexión del largo proceso de descolonización, empezado por España hace 30 años, con su precipitada salida de la colonia firmando el acuerdo tripartito de Madrid por medio del cual se "entregó" el Sahara a Marruecos y Mauritania. Marruecos invadió, ocupó y exilió a un pueblo, violando sin miramientos los derechos humanos. 30 años es mucho tiempo: un tiempo muerto o un tiempo-de-muerte que liga tres generaciones de saharauis.

A finales del verano pasado pareció reactivarse la actividad diplomática española que tanto echábamos en falta (Los intereses económicos con Marruecos, y el complaciente protocolo diplomático parecían ser un impedimento para que el gobierno español tomase una una posición digna ante esta situación vergonzosa). Tambien se alzó con fuerza, apoyada desde la ONU, la petición de un referéndum de autodeterminación en el Sahara.

Las protestas iniciadas recientemente en el mes de mayo, brutalmente reprimidas por el gobierno marroquí son la expresión de un pueblo que no está dispuesto a esperar más, que pide una solución inmediata, que conoce la astuta política de retardo y dilación del gobierno alauí. Es la expresión de la tercera generación , ese futuro del pueblo saharaui que ya no puede ni quiere permanecer en silencio, cueste lo que cueste.

El gobierno español tiene una responsabilidad. Como ciudadanos debemos presionar para que de nuevo no sean los intereses económicos en ultima instancia los que decidan las posiciones de los estados.

Irish Government Creating 'Facts On The Ground' At Tara Hill Complex Despite Huge Opposition

24.07.2005 17:44

Despite widespread opposition from hundreds of academics worldwide, from the Director of The Irish National Museum and from those activists bringing upcoming legal challenges to the routing of a new tolled motorway through the Tara-Skryne complex, the Irish Government is creating facts on the ground by pushing ahead with hasty and crude excavations of the many sites of archeological interest on the proposed route.

The Tara-Skryne Valley Group, the main activist group opposing the planned motorway have called on the government to halt their pre-emptive work and to stop wasting Irish taxpayers money on wanton destruction of  a whole area which they believe should be protected as a National monument.

Meanwhile the mainstream media in Ireland looks away and has failed across the board to let the people who according to a recent poll are absolutely against this motorway of the country know that digging at the Tara  complex has already begun. Most Activists who are involved in the campaign link the issue to peak oil and criticise the insanity of massive private investment in tolled motorways at the expense of public transport which is severely underfunded in Ireland at the present time.

Activists believe firmly that corrupt officials and property speculation are behind this almost unbelievable slicing up of one of the most ancient and key symbols of the Irish nation. Anyone who is concerned about this please contact journalists, archeologists and Irish embassies in your countries, spread the information and if you feel like doing so - make your displeasure clear.

RELATED STORIES: Washington Post Article On This Issue | Possible Halliburton Involvement

EU co-ordinated deportation of Afghani refugees

24.07.2005 17:34

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On Monday July 25th or Tuesday 26th, young failed asylum seekers from Afghanistan will be put on a charter plane at one of the London airports. The charter will then travel to Paris, pick up more young failed asylum seekers from Afghanistan in France for onward transit to Kabul. At least 60 Afghans are expected to be on board.

Reports by Lille Indymedia tell of widespread repression in the form of mass arrests and detention of Afghani refugees since July 14th ahead of the chartered flight. According to Lille Indymedia, a significant number of Afghani refugees have attempted to flee France to seek sanctuary in England. There are also reports of a hunger strike by 51 detained Afghanis that has since been broken up by the French authorities.

Expulsions to Kabul, be ashamed! | NCADC response and model letter | Deportation Alliance

Ouspoken Haitian Priest and Democracy Activist Assaulted by Mob and Arrested for Murder

23.07.2005 19:22

On Thursday July 21, 2005, Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste went to St. Pierre's Catholic Church to be one of the priests participating in the funeral of Haitian journalist Jacques Roche. Fr. Jean-Juste is a cousin of the Roche family and members of the Roche family protected him from a mob earlier in his life. He went to express spiritual comfort and reconciliation to the family.

Fr. Jean-Juste went to the funeral expressly to pay his respects to the family and express his open remorse and opposition to any killing of anyone, no matter their political affiliation. When Fr. Jean-Juste walked out, people started yelling at him in the chapel. They called him "assassin" and "criminal" and yelled out to "arrest and kill the rat."

Fr. Jean-Juste has been publicly accused in the last several days of "a plot against the security of the state," smuggling money and guns into the country, and of being behind all the kidnappings. All clearly false charges but widely reported by unfriendly press.

related: Jean-Juste Free, For Now I Father Jean Juste speaking in Berkeley, CA January 2005

past stories: UN "peacekeepers" step up the violence in Haiti I Continuing crisis in Haiti exemplified by plights of imprisoned Prime Minister, Yvon Neptune, and singer So Anne | A Mother's Day Call for Justice in Haiti's Prisons | Police Brutality in Port au Prince puts UN Mandate to the Test (2005.03.25 - multi language) | Walking a Tightrope Between Hope and Fear: Northern Haiti One Year after the Coup (2005.03.17) | Lavalas Officials throughout Northern Haiti Forced into Hiding (2004.12.24) | Community Schools in Northern Haiti: A plea to the international community (2004.12.23) | Peaceful Demonstration in Cap Haitien a Success despite Ongoing Repression / Beloved Mayor Continues to Serve his Community from Hiding (2004.12.21 - multi language) | The Politics of Injustice in Haiti: The Cases of Auguste and Chamblain (2004.09.01) | Hard hit Municipalities:The Attempt to Destroy Lavalas and the Consolidation of the Coup (2004.08.21) | The Dismantling of Popular Education Under the new U.S-backed Regime in Haiti (2004.08.21) | Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup (2004.08.21) | Aristide Supporters Demonstrate in Haiti (2004.08.14 - multi language)

More info: [ HaitiAction.net ]

Palestinians in Lebanon: the Right to Work, Refugee Camps &amp; Emigration

23.07.2005 19:09

In June 2005 Lebanon's Labour Minister proposed changes to the countries labour laws. If implemented the changes will grant the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees there the right to work in certain professions, through applying for foreign work permits, for employment in manual and clerical positions. Although still the proposed changes will barring many professionals from working in their fields of expertise including, medicine, law and engineering.

Currently Palestinian refugees in Lebanon do not have the right to work in over 70 professions, while broader laws and regulations of the Lebanese state, undermines the basic survival of Palestinians. They are forbidden from owning property, the majority living in refugee camps throughout the country, which are surrounded by Lebanese military check-points. Legally defined as foreigners, Palestinians live in Lebanon as second-class citizens without any basic social or political rights. According to UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees) an estimated 60% of Palestinians in Lebanon live below the poverty line, a situation which has forced thousands of Palestinian refugees to flee the country .

In April 2005, Syria complied with U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559 and withdrew upwards of 15 000 troops from Lebanon. In this political context, the shadow of Resolution 1559 hangs over the camps , as included in the resolution is the demand for the disarmament of all Palestinian resistance organizations in Lebanon.

Social and political pressure also forced from Lebanon, tens-of-thousands of Syrian workers from the country. Many Palestinians in the camps express skepticism regarding the economic motives for this change regarding their right to work. It has been argued that Palestinian refugees can now fill the cheap-labour vacuum, left by the withdrawal of Syrian labour force.

Visit recent IMC Beirut photo essays of Burj el-Barajneh and Ein el-Hilweh refugee camps: Burj-el-Barajneh I Ein-el-Hilweh
related: From Montreal to Ein el-Hilweh: Deportation, Destitution & Dignity

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