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Activists clash with Japanese Whaling Fleet

26.12.2005 06:47

Greenpeace activists hindering whaling in the Whale Sanctuary In the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary around Antarctica anti-whaling activists in three ships, the Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise from Greenpeace, and the Farley Mowat from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are shadowing a five ship Japanese Whaling fleet in an attempt to stop illegal whaling activities. Greenpeace activists on the 21 and 22 December clashed with the Japanese whaling fleet. [ Report 1 | Report 2 | Greenpeace Videos ].

While the Australian Government has refused to take action against Japanese Whaling, storms and high seas have hampered whale hunting over Christmas. Further clashes are forecast, with Captain Paul Watson of the Farley Mowat threatening a showdown with the Japanese fleet to "do everything we can with the resources at our disposal to shut down their illegal slaughter of these gentle and intelligent creatures.", including sustaining damages to their ship if necessary.

Perth IMC | Melbourne IMC | Greenpeace Ocean Defenders Blog | Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Israeli Army Dismantles Bil’in Peace ‘Outpost’

Israel IMC, 23.12.2005 11:55

Wednesday morning a group of Bil’in villagers, supported by Israeli and International activists, established an ‘outpost’ on lands recently cut off from the village by construction of ‘separation barrier’ in the West Bank. The ‘outpost’, permitted by Bil’in’s council and slated to serve as a peace center, was located only 100 meters from Matityahu East neighborhood of the illegal Israeli settlement Upper Modi’in. This evening the Israeli army dismantled the peace ‘outpost’ only 48 hours after it's establishment, contradicting it's accommodation of Israeli settlements and sparking a national discussion about apartheid. Seven activists arrested during the dismantling were later released after waiting for hours due to their refusal to sign orders preventing them from entering Bil'in for the next 15 days.

Dr. Berhanu Nega faces death penalty in Ethiopia for protesting elections

22.12.2005 03:50

Dr. Berhanu Nega, a democracy activist, was jailed by the Ethiopian government several weeks ago following his involvement in mass protests over election irregularities in Ethiopia. Nega and 57 other democracy activists have been imprisoned on charges of treason, a crime punishable by death in Ethiopia. Human rights group Amnesty International has declared Nega and the other arrestees "prisoners of conscience," or prisoners imprisoned solely for the peaceful expression of their beliefs.

What you can do

Photos | News | Press Release | Media | Email

MST Initiates Hunger Strike

Savanna, 22.12.2005 06:48

Hunger strike responds to proposed eviction of the Chico Mendes occupation in Taboão da Serra.

In response to the repossession of the Chico Mendes occupation, (Taboão da Serra) which was scheduled to begin on Wednesday, December 21, activists from the Roofless Workers' Movement (MTST) occupied the headquarters of the CDHE on Saturday, 12/16, and initiated a hunger strike on Sunday 12/18 in front of the home of President Lula in São Bernardo do Campo.

Over the the course of two and a half months, the Chico Mendes occupation used every form of resistance as it sought to fulfill the social function of the property. It demanded the right to housing from public authorities, using mobilizations, symbolic actions, cultural activities, communications responding to attacks leveled by the mass media, vigils in front of the mayor's office, and every possible legal resource. After the repossession, the lot will return to what it was before: a space for rapists and murderers and once again an abandoned lot at the mercy of real estate speculation.

Send messages protesting the eviction of the Chico Mendes occupation

On Line Petition

[Links] Photos of the Hunger Strike | [MTST]-Hunger Strike: A Hungry Christmas Because of Homelessness | Photos of the CDHU occupation |2

[Editorial Antigo] Imminent eviction of the Chico Mendes Occupation

[Link Externo] MTST Website (in Portuguese)

Mass Graves from War Era Unearthed in Lebanon

Indymedia Beirut, 20.12.2005 18:50

The Lebanese authorities have discovered mass graves near the town of Anjar in the Beka'a Valley over the past week. The discovery of this site, along with another one discovered last month in the Ministry of Defense compound, have sparked a series of speculations and condemnations.

Stanley Tookie Williams, Killed by the State of California

sfbay imc, 15.12.2005 04:54


12/13/2005: Stanley Tookie Williams III was executed early this morning by lethal injection administered by the state of California. Williams, who was weeks from his 52nd birthday, is said to have been a co-founder of the Crips gang in Los Angeles. In 1981, he was convicted of the 1979 murders of four people in the Los Angeles area. After 6.5 years in solitary confinement on Death Row at San Quentin, he renounced his past gang affiliation. He wrote several books and started programs to discourage youth from joining gangs. A film starring Jamie Foxx entitled "Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story," was made to tell his story. Williams never admitted to having committed the murders for which he was convicted. This was one reason that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cited for denying him clemency. Supporters of Williams tried to submit issues to various legal bodies in hopes of being granted a stay of execution. If a 60-day stay had been granted, it would have given time for courts to examine the legal issues that are outstanding in the case. It would have also given California's legislative bodies a chance to vote on AB 1121, the California Moratorium on Executions Act. Read more
Thousands of protesters held a vigil in front of San Quentin as Williams was killed. Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Coverage of People's Clemency Hearing and 12/12 Protests
Read More about Tookie on Indybay's Police State and California News Pages

Mass protests meet WTO in Hong Kong

Notts IMC, 12.12.2005 07:41

The 6th Ministerial Conference of the WTO has been taking place from December 13th through 18th in Hong Kong. Negotiations have been continuing on key controversial issues such as agriculture, services, and market access for industrial goods and natural resources. The meeting hoped to shape the final agreement of the Doha Development Agenda, which members hope to complete next year.

The nations agreed to cut the agricultural subsidies by the end of 2013, and terminate any cotton subsidies by the end of 2006. This breakthrough is considered to be small but essential for the trading negotiation to be completed by the end of 2006.

The Ministerial Declaration text can be found here. BRIDGES Last Issue of Daily Report is available now from ICTSD, on HK WTO MC6. Click: PDF | HTML
For more news on the draft agreements, visit Focus on Global South or Trade Observatory.

The protest of this conference turned out to be the closest protest to the venue of the conference in the WTO history, the police were forced to use tear gas to prevent the protester forced their way into the venue of WTO, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. An estimated 10,000 protesters were present in Hong Kong during the meeting and the areas around the convention center, where the meetings took place were barricaded from 6pm on December 12. During the last days of the summit, the police arrested more than 1000 people, many of whom reported police brutality and ill-treatment of prisoners. Read dispatches below for more info.

What is wrong with the WTO?

>>> Latest news: (and more from outside and inside the WTO negotiations).

Tuesday December 20th:
(i) A South Korean vice foreign minister flew to Hong Kong on Monday to try to negotiate the release of hundreds of his countrymen arrested during anti-free trade demonstrations.
(ii) There are still several (numbers unconfirmed as of now) WTO protest detainees from Africa, Latin America, North America and Europe whose status remain in question. If you have any more specific information about these people, please contact legal support at 2831-9837.
(iii) There is a rally outside the Kwuntong Courthouse to support the fourteen WTO protesters who are being charged with 'Unlawful Assembly'. Their next hearing is set for Friday. Protesters in solidarity with the incarcerated continue to hunger strike and camp outside the courthouse until the remaining detainees are released.
(iv) Confirmed: ALL Thai, Indonesian and Koreans currently incarcerated will be released by late tonight, except for eleven Korean nationals who are being taken to court.

13th: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
14th: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
15th: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
16th: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
17th: 1 | 2 | 3
18th/19th: Photogallery
Also: Photo collage | Image Pool | View Slideshow
Video: Protests on the 15th: 1 | 2 | 3 | Protesters enter conference centre [download].
Video websites: 1 | 2 | 3 | videoblog
Audio: G-20 Challenges WTO in Official Meeting | Hong Kong New Media and Social Transformation Conference | WTO and biodiversity: interview with Simone Lovera (Friends of the Earth) | Openings speech by Pascal Lamy, Director General of the WTO
Radio: People's Radio Hong Kong | Media Culture Action | Real World Radio | Forum de Radios

Solidarity actions: Paris | Reading (Read report) | Germany (Berlin) | Portland (US) | New Delhi | Lahore, Pakistan | Online demonstration | New Zealand

From UK Indymedia newswire: Take Action: 100's of protesters still detained in Hong Kong | Stop the WTO Negotiations! Save Jobs! | Kong Yee Sai Mau (No to WTO): The Battle of Hong Kong | Police brutality and inhumane treatment of prisoners at WTO summit in Hong Kong | NO-WTO! REPORT OF READING SOLIDARITY DEMO | Migrant Workers Strike against Poverty Wages and WTO | Inspiring photos from the WTO summit in Hong Kong | Fisherfolks Murdered By Drowning, Suspect 6th WTO | pics from the WTO Hong Kong | Insurgent Zombies Occupy Paris Supermarket in WTO Protest | NO-WTO: DEMO SAT 17TH DEC, READING | WTO Protests – You Cannot Speak If You Wear Too Little | WTO - HK05 - Images of Resistance | WTO Protests in Hong Kong - Day One report | Report on the WTO Conference Day One Protect Actions | A list of sites with news on the WTO protests. (with links) | anti wto HK site | Philipinos protest WTO | KONG YEE SAI MAU! - Protest against the WTO! | Peaceful direct action violently oppressed by HK media | Free Trade Endangers Jobs Worldwide

Dispatches from Hong Kong
Dispatch 1: As The Tide Rushes In: Four Days Before the WTO in Hong Kong
Dispatch 2: Raids Target Migrant Workers as WTO Summit Nears
Dispatch 3: WTO 6, Day 1: Just The Beginning
Dispatch 4: WTO MC6, Day 2: Face-Off at the Barricades, Stand-Off at the Summit
Dispatch 5: Celebrating Resistance Art and Culture at the Peoples Camp
Dispatch 6: Hear the Silent Majority Speak!
Dispatch 7: “Toxic Hotspot” - Kerala Activist Challenges Industrial Pollution Exacerbated by Intensive Globalisation and WTO
Dispatch 8: Low Wage Workers and Migrants Lead Opposition to GATS and Imperialism
Dispatch 9: Farmers Procession Sways Hearts and Minds at WTO Protests in Hong Kong
Dispatch 10: Hong Kongers hunger strike in support of Korean farmers against the WTO
Dispatch 11: Respect the Rights and Dignity of Our People!
Dispatch 12: WTO Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity at Rural Peoples Tribunal
Dispatch 13: WTO Out of Agriculture !
Dispatch 14: WTO MC6, Hong Kong, Day 4: “We’re Hungry. We’re Angry.”
Dispatch 15: Agricultural Workers of the World Unite!
Dispatch 16: Asian Farmers Condemn TRIPS as One of the Worst Agreements this Century
Dispatch 17: Rice Farmers Want WTO Out Of Agriculture!
Dispatch 18: Why We Do This: One Story from the WTO Protests in Hong Kong, December 17
Dispatch 19: A statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) about police brutality.
Dispatch 20: Release Those Fighting to Save their Livelihoods from the WTO!
Dispatch 21: WTO FIASCO: Lamy Spins Deception Deal at Hong Kong
Dispatch 22: La Via Campesina Delcaration on Farmers Protest March
Dispatch 23: DRAFT Timeline of Events, Dec 17th - 18th 2005 Hong Kong WTO
Dispatch 24: Target: WTO condemns Police Brutality - Drop Charges NOW!
Dispatch 24: Kong Yee Sai Mau: The Battle of Hong Kong
Dispatch 25: Focus: Off the Hong Kong road and back on the streets Number 10, 19 December 2005
Dispatch 26: “The Struggle Continues: Protesting Around the Clock” – Report from Dec 17/18 Battle for Hong Kong
Dispatch 27: Human Rights Abuse by Police on WTO peaceful occupiers
View more dispatches here.

More links: No WTO Hong Kong Wiki | People's caravan aims for WTO and Hong Kong | Direct Action Against the WTO | Go Media (videos) | People's Radio Hong Kong | Indymedia.org article | Stop the New Round Coalition | Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO | Transnational Institute: Beyond the WTO | Global Exchange's WTO Page | International Forum on Globalization | Peoples Global Action | Global Issues article | SEATINI - WTO and Africa | Media Culture Action (South Korea) | Stop WTO Video Blog | Hong Kong Independent Media | Vatican Releases Guidelines for WTO Summit

Protesters Against High-Speed Train Brutalised by Police

09.12.2005 21:43

A hundred people protesting in Venaus, Val di Susa Italy, against the high speed railways (Tav) whose construction is scheduled for the next years, were attacked and beaten by 900 policeman on the night of December 5. Two people were seriously wounded. The protest against Tav started many years ago, and in the last days many people came in the valley to support it. People who live there think that the new project is an unsustainable one. In addition, they are afraid that the excavation of a tunnel hole may cross a layer of asbestos. Locals are proposing alternative ways to support human and trade transport. Thousands of people of all ages were participating in the last months, in a permanent action, trying to stop the bulldozer. The recent efforts to reach an agreement with local government gave hopes of a different future. The brutality on December 5 shows a diffferent perspective of the Italian government, the same government who, in 2001, decided to raid the Diaz school during Genova G8. Protests are spreading all over Italy, and will reach Turin on December 17.

Land occupations labelled as terrorist acts in Brasil

pvh &amp; aline, 09.12.2005 22:07

On the 29th of November 2005, the National Congress of Brasil approved a report by Abelardo Lupion(PFL-PR) that labelled land occupations as "terrorist acts", amongst other absurdities. This report (produced by the commision of enquiry into rural violence) was supported by politicians representing the interests of rural landlords. A previous report by João Alfredo (PSOL-CE) was rejected by 13 votes to 8.

Alfredo's report had emphasised that rural reform is necessary for democracy, social justice and peace, since the concentration of land in the hands of landlords is one of the main causes of rural povery and misery. In addition, the report noted that the violence in rural areas is largely the responsibility of the UDR (Democratic Rural Union). In contrast, Lupion's report claimed that Alfredo's "threatened private property", and Lupion called for action to be taken against 11 rural activists. The Lupion report was passed with 13 votes to 1 (as 7 deputies walked out in protest).

With this, the landlords' supporters in the National Congress showed their power once again, and approved the criminalisation of the social movements and the defence of rural priviledge, in a country where 1.6% of landowners own almost 50% of all land in Brazil. Once again those inflicting violence enjoy impunity: according to João Alfredo, the violence of land concentration adds to the physical violence of which almost 1400 workers, lawyers, trade unionists and clerics have been victims. Only 70 of these cases have been investigate.

For more info check Indymedia Brasil

Police crush World Aids Day march in Zimbabwe, activists arrested

imc-sa, 02.12.2005 05:17

HARARE, ZIMBABWE, 1 DECEMBER 2005 - In an act of outrageous barbarism the Zimbabwe Republic Police descended on today's World Aids Day march and ordered the marchers to disperse. As we publish this five of the organizers of today's protests are still in police custody since midday. These are Munyaradzi Gwisai of International Socialists Organisation, Mao Nyikadzino (National Constitutional Assembly), Sostain Moyo (Zimbabwe Activists Against Aids), and Anna and Gladys from the Women Aids Support Network (WASN).

The sad irony of the matter is that the police had given clearance for the World Aids Day march and the gathering in the Africa Unity Square only to turn around and say the proceedings can not go ahead and worse still arrest people. This is clearly a matter of setting up a trap and waylaying people on the way.

The success of today's action is very inspiring. Hundreds of us marched on the streets of Harare singing and raising our banners for over 30 minutes. People carried banners demanding access to ARVs and demands from the Action Against Poverty. These included living wage for workers, fuel, affordable sanitary pads and baby milk and reduction of taxation. People were also calling for transparency on the AIDS levy to which workers painfully contribute but some heartless regime bureaucrats are looting. There was also significant presence of NCA activists calling for a new people driven constitution.

D3: International Day of Action on Climate Change

http://www.climateimc.org/, 01.12.2005 18:50


On November 28th the signatories to the Climate change Convention begin meeting in Montreal - The United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The Montreal meetings are being accompanied by worldwide protests on December 3rd. People will be mobilising in thousands of locations around the globe to call on governments to take real action on climate change.

Find an action in YOUR area:
Global Climate Campaign | Montreal March on the UN Climate Change Conference [en, fr] | US Marches | Oceania - Walk Against Warming | UK | The Rest of the World | Climate Change Independent Media Centre

Most countries at the UN Climate Change Conference will be signatories to the Kyoto Protocol, a plan to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions of industrialized countries by 5.2% (compared to 1990 emissions). Only the United States (highest emissions globally) and Australia (highest emissions per capita), have refused to sign. Despite it's flaws, many countries threatened by climate change see the signing of Kyoto as an important first step.

But government's rarely reflect what their citizens want. People from the US and Australia have created their own "People's Ratification of Kyoto" to send a message to George W Bush and John Howard and the rest of the world that "it is our duty to respond". And the protests around the world on December 3rd will call for a stronger emissions reduction treaty to prevent dangerous climate change.

US People's Ratification of Kyoto www.kyotoandbeyond.org | Australian People's Ratification of Kyoto sign it here

Stop the Mediterranean recolonization!

., 26.11.2005 17:02

PosterBerlusconi, Mohamed VI, Zapatero, Mubarak, Blair -as temporary president in the European Union-, Bouteflika... will be in Barcelona November 27th and 28th because of the Euromediterranean Economical Summit for business leaders, Barcelona +10! A economic-govermmental meeting with the aim to relaunch the so called Barcelona process: an initiative that serves the financial elite and european multinationals interests that search markets and natural resources in the mediterranean south bank. A process that legitimates dictatorial regimes and violates human and cultures rights.

[26Nov] 12h : Palestina Critical Mass + 17h : Protest Action: To nail against the door of the Catalan Parlament "The Open Letter" with measures against real-state and urbanistic violence ->> Pester to the Parlament and shack contruction + 18h : Debate Conferences + 19h : Starts: audio stream (cancelled) from a shack + 20h : Video projections about urban conflicts + 22 h: Concert (video stream cancelled)
[27Nov] 12h : Protest + 15h : Support to shacking BCN + 16h : Protest

follow up :: sms cast : bcn+10 -- shaking_txabolear [ca, es, en] video : One nit in the Opera withOvidi -- Shacking_Txabolegem BCN fotos : One night in the Opera with Ariadna Pi -- One night in the Opera: Photos from squating the Liceu -- Come wht us -- BuyNothingDay difussion of Txabolear stream : Streaming from Txabolear? -- explanation of problems with the stream emission (ca, es, en) galeria : >>>real state speculation and squating
noticies relacionades :: Ariadna Pi expropiates the Liceu -- The Liceu expropiated by Ariadna Pi -- fine to people tha cooked in txabolear -- HomelessmobileHouse:From Poblenou to Arc d Triomf -- finded black and red sac in txabolear -- Building shacks

+info:: imc-barcelona + Stop the Mediterranean recolonization! + Stop Barcelona +10! (català, español, english, arab) + chabolear.blogspot.com

World's first Starbucks strike in Aotearoa

24.11.2005 23:26

NZ starbucks protest Workers from stores across Auckland walked off the job on November 23rd to join the world's first Starbucks strike, held on Auckland's counter-culture café strip, Karangahape Rd, Aotearoa/New Zealand. What began as a small protest by workers from one store became a city-wide strike when Starbucks workers heard that managers would be brought in to cover the shifts of the striking K'Rd workers. More than 30 workers spontaneously walked out from 10 different Auckland Starbucks stores to join KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds employees, and around 150 other supporters outside the K'Rd store. [ Unite! press release ]

"Our campaign isn't just about fair pay at work, it's about social justice. Poverty-wages are increasing the gap between rich and poor and increasing other social inequalities. The majority of low paid and minimum wage workers are women, Maori, pacific islanders, disabled, youth, students and new migrants," said a union organiser.

The minimum wage is now the most important determining factor for low paid workers. Raising the minimum wage to $12 NOW, removing youth rates, giving secure hours and other minimum entitlements would be the first step towards reclaiming what entitlements workers have lost and alleviating poverty and inequality.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3

Twenty Thousand Gather at the Gates of Fort Benning to Shut Down the SOA

24.11.2005 23:02

On the morning after a record crowd of 16,000 (Columbus Police estimate!) attended Saturday’s rally at the gates of Ft. Benning to protest the School of the Americas\Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation, an early morning crowd waited with anticipation for an even larger turnout expected at the annual vigil and civil disobedience. About 100 members of Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans for Peace marched in chanting an antiwar cadence to open the ceremonies. They were followed by a group from a Buddhist dojo that had been walking from Atlanta to Ft. Benning since Nov. 12.

Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

[ Tennesseans Gather at the Gates of Fort Benning to Shut Down the SOA || A Former Fort Benning Ranger Renounces Violence at the SOA || Close the School of Assasins! || New Yorkers Join Thousands in Ft. Benning ]

Brutal suppression of the Equality March in Poznań

22.11.2005 12:42

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"Zomo! Gestapo!" cried the participants of the Equality March in response to the brutal intervention of the police. First of all, youths from the Młodzież Wszechpolska [extreme right youth organisation associated with political party LPR] and neofascists threw eggs against the protestors, and then the police, kicking and twisting arms, detained the demonstrators sitting on the ground. 68 people were detained.

video (32Mb, .asf) | photos [1] [2] [3] [4] | solidarity: protest letter (en) - (pl) | the Equality March keeps going!

Sofia: Protest against the disposal of US military bases in Bulgaria

22.11.2005 05:35

On 12 November a protest against the US military bases, which are going to be situated near the villages Novo Selo, Bezmer and near the Burgas' port, took place in Sofia (Bulgaria's capitol). More than 500 people marched through the central streets of Sofia, expressing their stand against all military bases. The protest ended in front of the National Theater "Ivan Vazov". In the protest took part the anarcho-block of autonomous antiauthoritarian group "AnarchoResistance" (around 60 people). Few nationalists form BNS (Bulgarian National Union) were also there but left quickly after the demo.

On the evening of 10 November two activists were arrested and brutally beaten by the police, while they were sticking posters for the protest near the Synagogue. The cops said that Vladimir Trichkov and Stefan Andonov were sticking the posters on the Synagogue's wall (which is a complete lie!) and they resisted the arrest. Their presence in the area of the Synagogue was used by the police to paste words like "anti-Semite" and "nationalist" about them (which is also a complete lie!). From 12 November the two are on hunger strike after the refusal of medical help and meeting with their families. They are sued by the quick procedure. The Minister of Interior, Rumen Petkov, awarded in the weekend the two cops, who arrested Vladimir and Stefan, for the "perfect work" and put with that pressure on the court for convicting the two activists "guilty".

Pictures from the protest: 1 | 2
Articles about the arrest (in bulgarian): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

World Summit On Information Society - Part II

18.11.2005 22:00

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The second part of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will be held from November 16 to 18 in Tunis, Tunisia. The first part of the UN-sponsored event was held in Switzerland in December 2003, where people from all around the world gathered for meetings and actions during the official meeting in Geneva expressing protest under the slogan 'WSIS - we seize'.

The choice of place for the second part of the WSIS - Tunis - is more than hypocritical for a summit on information society: While Tunisia is catching up economically with the capitalist North, it is far from any information society if you are talking about the freedom of information (report). Furthermore - and different to 2003 - it seems almost impossible to express protest against this summit. Nevertheless some initiatives and organisations have called for alternative meetings. Some Human Rights Groups take part in the "Citizens Summit on the Information Society (CSIS)". Others try to bring in their ideas within the WSIS itself.

Free access to knowledge for everybody is not the goal of WSIS, and the summit organizers' plan is to concentrate on governmental and corporate use of information and communication technologies. This approach fits the choice of place. Yet, the summit does not only give legitimacy to a repressive regime, its focus also ignores the social and technological situation in the Magrebh region. The majority of people in this part of the world do not have access to communication tools and the authoritarian regimes in the region are reliable allies to the european governments in supressing freedom of movement.

2005:'Tunisia and WSIS' dedicated page of the WSIS CS Human Rights Caucus| CSIS Website | IP Justice | from the region(fr):tunezine |nawaat | reveiltunisien | Wikipedia On WSIS | IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group | Heads on Fire Rwport | Some Blogs: one | two | three | four | five (de) | video (7.1Mb) one

2003: Feature on the WSIS 2003 at Indymedia UK | World Forum on Communication Rights in Geneva 2003 | Some IMC UK articles on 2003:one | two | three | four | five |

RedeTV! goes off air and human rights groups ask for your collaboration

Josh, 19.11.2005 04:57

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On the 14th of November, Rede TV, the Brazilian open broadcasting channel, had its signal cut after ignoring the Brasilian Justice. This was a consequence of a public civil action signed by the Federal Public Ministry and by six entities in defense of human rights against the broadcaster. RedeTV, during the the program Tarde Quente ("hot afternoon") exhibited humurous elements offensive to blacks, homosexuals, women, the handicapped, among others.

Beyond suspension of the program, the ruling gave a right allowing for 60 days of alternative programming. In the place of Tarde Quente, programs that uphold human rights will be permitted to be shown. RedeTV did not obey the ruling, and the signal was cut by ANATEL (National Agency of Telecommunications). In due course of all this, the broadcaster resolved to enter in an accord with the entities that brought the suit. It was agreed that the human rights groups will have 30 hours, distributed in 30 days (one hour per day) to occupy the programming of RedeTV. Groups, collectives, and other entities are being invited to participate in the programming, a historic event without precedent in Brasil.

Links: Help promote Human Rights on RedeTV! | | Rede TV! goes off air for ignoring the Justice Dept. Ruling
For more information access: Indymedia Brasil | Intervozes | Human Right's Comission (CDH)

Dutch activist murdered

clara, 18.11.2005 19:22

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This is the statement of the friends and family of Dutch activist Louis Séveke, who was shot dead by an unknown gunman in his home town Nijmegen, the Netherlands on 15 November.

"We are deeply shocked by the death of our brother, brother-in-law and friend Louis Séveke.

We know Louis as a committed and dear person of great integrity. He expressed his dedication to social issues sharp and direct. But, his passionate way of discussing was always accompanied by respect and a consideration. His death leaves us deeply hurt. ...

[ Indymedia.nl | Overview of Louis Seveke's articles ]

Government Terror Caught Red Handed in Şemdinli

15.11.2005 17:11

On 9 November 2005 Wednesday, Mehmet Zahit Korkmaz was killed and 6 injured in a attack on Umut Bookshop in Hakkari.

The bomber, an ex PKK member turned informant, was contracted to work for the Turkish government whilst serving time in prison. Waiting in a get away car were two non-commissioned gendarme officers, Ali Kaya and Özcan İldeniz, on "duty".

It is believed the bookshop bombing was motivated by owner Seferi Yılmaz's involvement with the Kurdish National Struggle, and his previous PKK membership.

People who had gathered immediately after the bombing succeded to catch and stop the bombers, with Police struggling to remove them from the angry crowd. There has been no confirmation of the arrest of the two gendarme officers, and no information as to where the bombers are now.

Following the bombing 6 people were wounded, with Ali Yılmaz later dying in hospital, after a a civil car, with civilian plate 42 (Konya), opened gunfire on the crowd. People had refused to leave the bomb scene, whilst the district attorney made investigations after the bombing.

The people of Şemdinli were gathered on the morning of 10 November Thursday, to protest against the provocative terrorist assaults by JIT members. A police control point placed in the exit of the town was burnt by molotov cocktails. Tension in the area is still strong.

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