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Armenian Journalist Hrant Dink is Assassinated

25.01.2007 03:50

More than 100,000 people attended Tuesday's protest and funeral.

Armenian origined Turkish citizen and journalist Hrant Dink, the executive editor of AGOS Newspaper, was shot to death on Friday, January 19 in front of the newspaper building. The murderer(s) had ran away after the killing. AGOS is published weekly in both Turkish and Armenian. We, the Indymedia İstanbul volunteers damn this attack, and against the hatred that is trying to be agitated between nations, we are screaming once more: "Long live the brotherhood of people."

After the killing, a group of people gathered in front of the newspaper building and started marching to Taksim Square with slogans. Later the same evening, 10,000 people processed from Taksim Square to AGOS Newspaper in Şişli behind a banner which read: "Everyone of us is Hrant Dink." The signs in the photo read "We are all Armenian; we are all Hrant" in Turkish and Armenian.

The funeral, held on January 23, drew more then 100,000 people. A march began at the newspaper office and proceeded to the Meryemana Church in Kumkapı. After the funeral ceremony in the church, Hrant Dink was buried in Balıklı Armenian Cemetery. Ongoing coverage from IMC-Istanbul and IMC-Cyprus ||| Video from Funeral ||| Testimonies: Sera's eyes ~ Hrant Dink lives | "I lost a friend yesterday..."

2 anarchists still on hunger strike (Tarasio Zadarozni &amp; Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos)

21.01.2007 20:26

20 people were arrested, after the riots that erupted during the European Social Forum march in Athens, in 6th May 2006. 17 of them have been charged and await trial for multiple felony charges. 3 of them have been detained since May 2006, while the two of the detainees have been on hunger strike for more than one month, protesting for their ongoing 8-month imprisonment. As they denounce, their arrest was made a lot of time after the end of the demonstration, and there has been no evidence provided, apart from some obscure testimonies by police officers.

Tarasios Zadorozni, an anarchist immigrant from Ukraine, began a hunger strike on November 29th and Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos, the other detainee, began a hunger strike on December 15th. Due to serious health problems, they have been moved initially to the prison hospital (middle December) and finally to Nikaea General Hospital (early January).Health Update:They both suffer of orthostatic hypotension; Zadarozni has lost 15 kg, already has got a muscular atrophy and bradycardia while Kyriakopoulos (who began the hunger strike already missing one kidney and his spleen, from previous injury) has lost 5kg, has nose bleeds and is showing signs of gallbladder dysfunction due to the fasting

Letters from prison: Tarasios' Zadorozni [en], [el], Gerasimos' Kyriakopoulos [en], [fr], [el]. 17/1: Letter by the hunger strikers from the General hospital of Nikaea:[en], [es], [el]

Indymedia radio support for WSF 2007 from Kenya

18.01.2007 15:34

This project has taken off, with your help it will get a lot bigger: Turn on, Tune in, speak out

Several IMC members are traveling to Narobi, Kenya this month to support an Indymedia convergence during the seventh annual World Social Forum which runs January 20-25th. Media activists from Africa and around the world will be reporting in the World Social Forum, providing hands-on media production workshops, building two low-power radio stations in Kenya, and creating dialogue and cooperative production across borders.

Other IMC members are not traveling to Narobi but are staying at home to support the network by attempting to widen the discussion with the Global Listening Nodes project: a proposal to Syndicate content from different nodes in social centers and other alternative media outlets during the WSF and combine it with content from Nairobi also. A kind of global collaboration on both virtual and physical. Basically getting more social centres and other spaces to open up during WSF as local nodes around planet for people to go to to firstly listen to stuff live from kenya, but also maybe where they could have 2 way systems: being able to participate in forum without physically being there.

But the journey of the WSF has not been without its criticisms. Some claim that the Charter of Principles, which form the core of the WSF process, are not always adhered to with the result of alternative fora being created, as happened for the 2004 European Social Fora in London. Worse still is frustration with the entire social forum process, as happened at the 2002 Argentinian Social Forum because "Radical perspectives were not included within the forum's debate." But this year old and new African IMC´istas are working hard to attempt to take the WSF story to the next stage, and for that they are looking for ever more solidarity and collaboration.

WSF links : WSF official page | indymedia WSF page | WSF on wikipedia | Kenya Indymedia | Livre radio wiki | Global Listening Nodes | WSF 2007 in internatinal news : IPS | Ciranda | Lama | Demokrasia-Kenya-blog | Znet

Past IMC WSF coverage : 2006: Venezuela | Bamako, Mali | Pakistan (Znet) : 2005: Porto Alegre, Brazil : 2004 : Mumbai, India : 2003 : Porto Alegre, Brasil : 2002 : Porto Alegre, Brazil : 2001: Porto Alegre, Brazil

How you can help : Tune in: ((radiolivre)) (((imc))) International Radio Show | inform your community | make a listening node | contribute views to IMC-Kenya | Publicise locally | get local radio station to restream | donate cash to the project | tell us what else needs to be done

Clashes in the streets of Cochabamba leave 2 people dead while mayor abandons the city

13.01.2007 02:55

The streets of Cochabamba were once again the scene of clashes between social movemenents and supporters of the unpopular mayor. Peasants, natives, cocaleros (coca leaf growers) and independent groups have been protesting since the beginning of the week demanding the renunciation of mayor Manfred Reyes Vila. After violent repression during a march on Monday, the movements remained in the central square ("September 14") for a vigil. Vigils are also being held in other squares in the central area.

On Thursday, January 11, a march of the mayor defenders penetrated the police blockade in the center of the city and struck tens of demonstrators of the social movements with baseball bats, sticks, firearms and knives in an attempt to resume control of the square, September 14, where city hall is located. The police advanced using tear gas, which provoked violent clashes. There is a growing number of injured people. So far there are approximately 115 injured and two dead: cocalero Nicomedes Gutiérrez, of the Chimore Central, killed by a gunshot and Cristian Urresty, of the group Youths for Democracy, killed by strangulation.

Manfred, the mayor, abandoned Cochabamba the same morning the clash was announced, and took refuge in a hotel in La Paz. That afternoon, during the confrontations, a meeting was carried out with the mayor's allies in the cities Benji, Tarija, Santa Cruz, La Paz and Cochabamba. They agreed they would not establish a dialogue with the federal government and they would carry out actions in solidarity with the Cochabamba mayor. At night, the federal government announced that during the clash three persons were detained with firearm, all connected to the Civic Committee of Cochabamba and that the "intolerance and lack of negotiations" on the part of Manfred resulted in the serious social conflict. The social movements called for another march for Friday, January 12, in the central square of Cochabamba.

Photos:: I | II | III | IV

For more information visit:: Indymedia Bolivia | Up Side Down World

Left in the Desert: Hundreds of Refugees Arrested and Deported from Morocco

01.01.2007 19:12

last year Over 250 Sub-Saharan Africans have been arrested by the Moroccan authorities in raids that took place in different quarters of Rabat on December 23rd, 2006. Among the arrested were women and children refugees and asylum seekers. Six buses, accompanied by the army, then carried them to Oujda on the Algerian borders. At about 11pm, the buses crossed the border at 3 different points and the migrants were left in the middle of nowhere [see below for details]. Blockades by the Special Police prevented supporters from Oujda to reach the deportees and their mobile phones did not work, so they could not be contacted. There are fears that these arrests are only the beginning of a mass deportation campaign to Algeria, or even into the desert, similar to what happened in September-October 2005.

On December 25, two more buses arrived in Oujda, at the police station, with Sub-Saharan Africans from Nador (another town in Morocco). This only confirms that the 'operation' was nation-wide and pre-planned by the authorities, during a time when most of the activists were on holiday.

Reports: en & fr | fr with en summary [pdf] | es | fr | de | it | Attac Morocco statement [fr] | CEAR statement [pdf] | press release by the president of EU Parliament's Human Rights Sub-Committee [fr, pdf]

Related: Worldwide Protests Against Migration Controls | EU/Morocco: Deportation to Death [de] | European Caravan Against the Fence | Stop the Mediterranean recolonization! | Week-long Actions Against the Greek-Bulgarian Border | Links: Estrecho Indymedia | No Racism

Meeting of Zapatista and International Communities

31.12.2006 15:57

Los Pueblos Zapatistas have organized an Encounter with the Pueblos of the World, for December 30th through January 2nd in Oventik, Liberated Territory (Chiapas), Mexico.

The EZLN, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, has welcomed thousands of visitors to Oventik to celebrate the new year (and the 13th anniversary of their armed uprising) with workshops & meetings designed, in the words of Teniente Coronel Insurgente Moises, to 'speak on the experiences we have had these past years with our autonomous governments; the challenges and problems that we have faced constructing this anti-capitalist project and we will try to, with humility and respect, to respond, speak, and exchange, and above all, share our errors and stumblings, and also our modest achievments.'

An important aspect of this encuentro has been the workshop on Autonomy and an Other government with the five Juntas de Buen Gobierno with the following themes: What does it mean to govern autonomously? What are the challenges? What does autonomy mean for the Zapatistas? What does it mean to command by obeying? Challenges and horizons.

In the words of Moises once again, 'It is time to organize ourselves and to see how together, we will confront this evil that is Neoliberalism and which attacks humanity.'

More information and independent media from this four day Encuentro is available at Chiapas Indymedia, Enlace Zapatista and La Zezta Internazional.

Audio: Listen to the live transmission from the Encuentro

From the newswire: Preparations and Schedule (en) | Boletin Informativo (es) and (en) | Himno Zapatista | Erase una vez una pajarita... | Palabras de bienvenida de la Junta de Buen Gobierno del Caracol de Oventic | Discurso Inauguracion del: Comandante Javier, Comandante Felipe and Teniente Coronel Moises | Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

After Nally's Acquittal: Vigil for Travellers' Rights

23.12.2006 22:07

Images of Tuesday's vigil at the steps of the Four Courts "If Pádraig Nally had been convicted and received a suspended sentence at least that would have been some acknowledgment of the hurt inflicted on the extended Ward family, and indeed the Traveller community. But Padraig Nally's acquittal means that no wrong or hurt has been done and that is just not acceptable. We are angry and we have every right to be." -Martin Collins, Pavee Point

For more information, see the Full story on Indymedia Ireland

Navajo Police Attempt To Dismantle Desert Rock Barricades

marco, 22.12.2006 03:30

Sithe Global & DPA are proposing to build the Desert Rock power plant , a 1,500 MW Coal Fired plant in the Four Corners area on the Navajo Reservation. This is an area already polluted by 2 other major coal power plants ( Four Corners and San Juan power plants ). Local Navajo residence and community members oppose this project for many harmful reasons!! This Desert Rock power plant is still in the environmental review process and has NOT yet been permitted.

However, Desert Rock company trucks have began moving onto the backyard of Alice Gilmore, an elderly Navajo woman, and her family on Wednesday to begin drilling efforts. Desert Rock officials and police have not shown any documents or permits to the local residents stating their purpose or permission to be there. Dine supporters and community members have joined Alice and her family to blockade the road. They are elderly women and youth, and they have been camped out on the road over night since Tuesday! Desert Rock trucks have repeatedly rushed them and have almost run-over people a number of times as they attempt to get by. Desert Rock power company is violating the lease rights of the local Navajo residences and is harassing elderly Navajo women and youth! This is an urgent time and support is needed!!!

UPDATE: Navajo elderly served with restraining orders | More Updates from Desert-Rock-Blog.com | Initial AZ-IMC Newswire Story | Infoshop.Org Story | UN Observer Account | Video: Making A Stand | Audio From Firstvoicesradio.org Interview by First People's Radio

The people of Oaxaca take the streets again - International solidarity mobilizations set for Dec.22

j_law, bradley, onto, 18.12.2006 05:00

December 22 - World Mobilization for Oaxaca In defiance of severe repression brought by federal and state authorities, hundreds of thousands of Oaxaqueños took to the streets Dec. 10 for the international day of action for Oaxaca and the Eighth Megamarch. Demanding the freedom of 138 political prisoners, live presentation of disappeared individuals, the immediate exit of federal police forces and governor Ulises Ruiz from Oaxaca, 385,000 people filled the main avenues of Oaxaca city.

Updates: APPO | Chiapas IMC | CML | Indybay | NYC IMC | El Enemigo Común

The EZLN, which has just wrapped up its national listening tour, has called for international mobilizations in solidarity with Oaxaca on Dec. 22

Over 300 Arrested in Ungdomshuset Defense, Copenhagen

18.12.2006 04:00

Start of the Saturday Demonstration More than 300 demonstrators were arrested and at least two activists seriously injured in the Danish capital on Saturday after violent clashes between police and young people who were protesting against the planned closure of the Ungdomshuset youth centre at Jagtvej 69, Copenhagen. See the latest breaking news at Indymedia Denmark.

More Information: Ungdomshuset.Info (da) (English Version) | Ungdomshuset on Wikipedia | Ungdomshuset on Infoshop | Legal Update Jan. 3 | Solidarity Demo in Barcelona, Jan. 12

250th day of Behiç Aşçı's Hunger Strike

Indymedia Istanbul, 15.12.2006 01:07

A lawyer, Behiç Aşçı, protesting the silence of the state as well as NGOs and public may soon die for he is on a hunger strike. All of us who have been silent regarding the case will bear the burden of this action if Behiç Aşçı turns out to be just another in more than 120 persons who died/was killed in protest of F-type prisons since 1996 in Turkey. On 13th of December, it was 250th day of Behiç Aşçı's strike, and we do not want this beautiful man to pass away.

Full Coverage at Indymedia Istanbul

After occupation, brazilian indigenous get hearing with Justice Minister

14.12.2006 02:43

On tuesday morning (12th), around 200 indigenous, Tupinikim and Guarani, from Aracruz city, in Espirito Santo State (ES), occupied the facilities of the Aracruz Cellulose harbour. Their aim is to put pressure on the brazilian government so that it fulfils its constitutional duty and mark out, once and for all, these peoples’ traditional lands. It comes to 11.009 hectares of land invaded by Aracruz Celulose. Many social organizations and movements, as MST (Landless Rural Workers Movement) are backing the initiative.

A comission of Indian chiefs and Tupinikim and Guarani leadership evaluates that the deadlines put up by the government itself in a recent meeting are not being kept, and that actions like these became necessary in order to put pressure on their procedures.

On the the afternoon of Wednesday (13th), Brazilian native communities and Guarani left the the multinational harbour voluntarily. After a meeting with representatives of the FUNAI, the indigenous have accepted the proposal of have a hearing in Brasilia, next monday (18th) morning, with the Minister of Justice, Márcio Thomas Thick.

Groups in support of the indigenous struggle in Germany, Netherlands, United States and Norway are organizing protests on the brazilian embassies, so that Tupinikim and Guarani territories in Aracruz district get demarked.

Previous Features: Aracruz uses media and billboards to get people against indigenous | Aracruz Cellulose is accused of racism by Tupiniquins and Guaranis, brazilian indigenous of Espirito Santo | Aracruz logs Atlantic Forest revegetation area in Espírito Santo

Photos of the occupation: 1 | 2
Photos of the protest around the world

For more information check out Indymedia Brasil

Human Rights Day: a Time to Take Stock

13.12.2006 23:00

Greek Police look at a body's outline, a protest after a migrant's 11-22 death "Pinochet's greatest legacy may be the wake-up call ... he provides for dictators everywhere," said Jose Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch. Yet state violence in Chile continues with the December 7th police shooting of Mapuche comuneros, in which ten were wounded (es). Even as Human Rights Day was celebrated worldwide on December 10th, campaigns for public accountability must battle the growing "normalization" of torture.


Detention Watch Network | Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International

25 Years Later, Mumia Abu-Jamal's Best and Last Chance, as French Supporters Face Charges

08.12.2006 08:10

Oral arguments are expected any month as supporters organize mass demonstrations at Philadelphia City Hall and in New York City for December 9.

World-renowned black death-row prisoner and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of killing white Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in a 1982 trial that Amnesty International has deemed unfair (see report). His court case has now hit the fast track with oral arguments beginning any month. Supported by the NAACP, NLG, UK Lawyers, and The German Parliament, Philly Journalists Linn Washington and Dave Lindorff have optimistically written of Abu-Jamal's chances for a new trial. In April, longtime French support (2005 photos) continued when the Paris suburb of St. Denis named a major street after Mumia (see video) and was quickly condemned with government resolutions in the US (pdf booklet), while local media continued a long history of bias. In November, Philadelphia Republicans (radio interview) filed criminal charges against St. Denis and Paris for allegedly "glorifying" a "cop-killer". Abu-Jamal's support network is organizing a mass demonstration at Philadelphia City Hall and in New York City on December 9 -- the 25th anniversary of Abu-Jamal's arrest. Also, German author Michael Schiffmann just released a new book on Abu-Jamal.

related links: Philly IMC journalist's series on Mumia | Trial Transcripts (on anti-Mumia site) | Mumia on Oaxaca | New Philadelphia Inquirer article | New Linn Washington interview

One Year Later: Oppose the Green Scare!

08.12.2006 03:30

December 7th is the one year anniversary of the FBI’s first arrests in “Operation Backfire,” a multi-state sweep targeting radical environmental activists with charges of conspiracy and arson, threatening them with life in prison. This rise in systematic criminalization of dissent has been dubbed the Green Scare because of its use of tactics reminiscent of the Red Scares of the early twentieth century -- including grand juries, specialized legislation, and paid agents provocateurs. Today, people all over the world will be organizing and participating in educational events and protests to raise awareness about the Green Scare and show solidarity with those targeted by it. [Portland, OR | San Francisco & Fresno, CA | Santa Cruz, CA | New York City]

Worcester Reportback: Congressman McGovern Commits to Work to Repeal AETA
On November 29th protesters in Worcester, Mass scored a major victory in the fight to defend civil liberties against Green Scare tactics. Dozens rallied outside of Representative James McGovern’s in protest of The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) -- a law passed on November 27th that exposes animal rights activists to massive fines and jail time for being involved in nonviolent civil disobedience. After about an hour and a half outside, the group went into the office and presented McGovern's staff with a letter, petition, and proposed repeal bill. They were then able to speak to the Congressman via speakerphone. He subsequently released a statement agreeing to further dialogue with the activists regarding the AETA at a meeting in January and hopes to address the problems with the law. Read more >>

More Action Reportbacks: Durban, South Africa | New York City | Austin, TX

| Portland, OR | Washington, DC | San Diego, CA

Resources: cldc.org | olycivlib.org | Green is the New Red | Portland IMC green scare topic page | Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network | ELP Network USA | Jeff "Free" Luers | greenscare.org | fbiwitchhunt.com

Some Non-cooperating Greenscare defendants who have websites: Briana Waters | Daniel McGowan | Eric McDavid | Josh Wolf | Rod Coronado | SHAC 7

Sagada Backpackers Struggle for Freedom Continues and Intensifies

05.12.2006 13:53

10 (ten) months had passed since the young backpackers and FoodNotBombs volunteers were illegally arrested, tortured, detained and charged with fabricated crimes by Philippine Authorities. The quest for their freedom continues, this includes a minor victory that helped 2 among the 11 detainees pulled-out from jail for being minors. Yet the struggle continues until everyone is free and until every one of us is free.

ON November 17th and 20th, International Action Day for the unconditional release of the illegally detained Sagada-bound backpackers was held, targeting Philippine Embassies and Consulates.

In Tokyo, young autonomous activists called for “Free Sagada 9” and “Stop Oppressing All Political Activists”.[ Read Story Here | And Here ]

In Wellington, New Zealand “the protestors handed a staff member (Philippine Embassy) a letter calling on the government to immediately release the Sagada 11.”
[ Photos and Story Here ]

In Brighton, U.K., "about a dozen people visited the Philippines embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens to highlight the case of the Sagada 11".
[ Read Here ]

In Berlin, Germany “some people attacked the ambassador of the philippines in berlin with color, besides they sprayed the slogan: freedom for the sagada11”.
[ Read Here ]

In Baguio, Philippines “Friends and families of the nine punks still languishing at the Benguet Provincial Jail in La Trinidad gathered at the Baguio Justice Hall grounds to dramatize their protest and attest their incessant support to their colleagues.”
[ Read Here ]

In Cyberspace, an online Direct Action or better known as Virtual Sit-in has resurfaced targeting once more the Philippine National Police website.
[ Take Here | And Here | Manila Autonomous Media ]

For offers of international support

Cameroon Forces Slay Ambazonian Students Again

03.12.2006 20:37

Exactly a year and 6 months after Cameroon forces shot dead 3 students at the University of Buea-Ambazonia (UB) in an attempt to stop the prolonged sit-in by students protesting an increase in school fees, the lack of basics like drinking fountains in school and the right to operate a Student Union on campus; Cameroon forces again opened fire at students of UB on November 29th, 2006, killing two students (1 | 2) and injuring 3 others.

The students had started a protest action on November 27th, 2006, over the fixing of the results of an entrance exam to the newly opened Faculty of Medicine at UB by Cameroon officials. Cameroon officials in the Ministry of Higher Education had forcefully included the names of some 26 French Cameroon students to the original list of 127 students who had passed the entrance exam and were supposed to come in for the oral part of the entrance.

Photos on Ambazonia Indymedia

Demonstration commemorating 1973 student uprising in Greece brutally attacked by police

Athens Indymedia, 28.11.2006 02:06

November 17th is commemorated annually as the day of the student uprising against the military junta in Greece, in 1973. In the weeks leading to this year's demonstrations mass media had been creating an atmosphere of fear, in a concious attempt to limit the public's participation to them. Contrary to their efforts and predictions, the demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki were amongst the largest of their kind in recent years. Unfortunately, several people were severely injured and some dozens were arrested, resulting from the police brutality against the demonstrators.

Oaxaca’s Popular Movement Suffers Yet Another Brutal Day

27.11.2006 11:19

APPO and PFP battle in Oaxaca After March

After peacefully protesting the presence of federal police forces in Oaxaca City on November 25th, 2006, the people of Oaxaca were blitzed by police agents and paramilitaries. The low-intensity warfare experienced by the Oaxacan people intensified to a new level as police and paramilitaries coordinated together to open gunfire at protesters. Hundreds of people have been arrested, disappeared, wounded and are hiding in houses for fear of their lives. Terror permeates the city as the popular movement of Oaxaca regroups for another day of struggle and the exit of Ulises Ruiz. Read more

There are reported to be 4 different armed groups operating in Oaxaca City at the moment, PRI backed paramilitaries, the Federal Preventative Police (PFP), the state police and the Federal Investigative Police (AFI). PRI radio stations have been provoking attacks by broadcasting the streets and neighborhoods where demonstrators were hiding. They have also been encouraging attacks on foreigners in solidarity with APPO. Read More

Minute to Minute / Minuto a Minuto: Nov. 26 (en) || 26 de Nov. || Nov. 25 (en) || 25 de Nov.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

[ Arrested || Injured || Disappeared ]

News and Solidarity: Radio APPO || Indymedia Oaxaca || CMI Chiapas || Centro de Medios Libres || Narco News || Oaxaca Revolt || Indybay || El Enemigo Común

Pro-Democracy Riots in Tonga

26.11.2006 00:29

Revolutionary not Evolutionary Pro-democracy movement leaders in Tonga say the system needs to change, according to a report (with photos) by indymedia activists. This comes after riots broke out in Tonga's capital, Nuku'alofa, on November 16 resulting in 8 deaths and many businesses set ablaze. The riots occurred after a demonstration of 800 people marched to parliament with banners calling for immediate reform. Other banners attacked public figures, and another labeled the current structure a "deadly virus".

Australia and New Zealand have dispatched troops to Tonga to shore up the corrupt rule of the Tongan Monarchy. The Australian government has intervened as part of its pro-market agenda for its Pacific sphere of influence. Wellington protest. Auckland protest callout.

Aotearoa IMC

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