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We are all 129a!

z921, 07.08.2007 15:52

&quot;everyone who reads this is a terrorist&quot;

Four German activists have been arrested on suspicion of being members or supporters of an alleged 'terrorist organisation' [lawyers' press release | de]. The German federal police suspect that Militante Gruppe (MG or Militant Group) was behind several arson attacks against police and army vehicles since the group surfaced in 2001 [Federal Prosecution's press release]. The direct actions are said to have included an attack on German federal police vehicles to protest against their involvement in immigration deportations and another in response to the G8 raids earlier this year. If found guilty, the four could face up to 10 years in prison. Another three men have been accused but not arrested.

Since May 2007, there have been several raids as a result of four preliminary investigations in Berlin, Hamburg, Strausberg and Bad Oldesloe, using Section 129a of the German Criminal Code, which prohibits "the founding of, membership in or support of a terrorist organisation" [background in de | special issue of the German Law Journal (pdf in en)]. Section 129a investigations are typically used by the federal police to gather information about activists and protesters, as well as to intimidate them. Only 2% of all Section 129a investigations have ever resulted in convictions.

A number of solidarity actions have already taken place, including a demo in Berlin last Wednesday (August 1st) and another at the prison where the four are held on Sunday (August 5th). A Germany-wide protest against police repression is planned for September 15th [call], while many solidarity protests and actions are expected throughout the world.

For more information, check this new solidarity blog [en] and Indymedia Germany.

RESEÑA Y MATERIAL del II Encuentro entre los Pueblos Zapatistas y los Pueblos del Mundo

CMI Chiapas, 06.08.2007 07:53

Tendrían que haber muerto. En el futuro que les había diseñado el Banco Mundial, ése era su destino. Un porcentaje altísimo debió haber padecido diarrea, fiebres, tristeza crónica y todo tipo de enfermedades curables. Muchos debieron esfumarse en el olvido antes de cumplir cinco años. Muchas tendrían que haber transpirado desnutrición por el resto de sus vidas. Ése era su destino. Pero sus abuelos y sus abuelas, sus padres y sus madres, tenían otros planes y el 1 de enero de 1994 los echaron a andar. leer más

Material multimedia de Oventic - Regeneración Radio

Promotores y promotoras de comunicación: Mesa de educación | Inauguración | Mesa 3 | Mesa de Mujeres | Llegada al caracol de Morelia

AUDIO: Representantes de Comunidades de Oventic - Julie Webb (grabación) Warwick Fry (producción) | Mesa en CIDECI e inicio del Encuentro - Radio Insurgente | Entrevista con alumnos de la secundaria de Morelia - CML-DF | Reportaje sobre el Encuentro - Radio Zapatista

FOTOS: Oventic 1 | Oventic 2 | Oventic-Morelia-Realidad | Morelia | Morelia-Realidad | Realidad 1 | Realidad 2 | Realidad 3 | Realidad 4

Para más información visita CMI Chiapas

Oaxaca Lives, the Struggle Continues

sjt, 07.08.2007 20:15

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The struggles that are taking place today in Oaxaca, are a result of a historical continuity of the people’s resistance in this Mexican state, which has shown different stages of dignity and courage when it comes to challenging of power.

From June 2006, the struggle initiated by the Oaxacan teachers, spread very quickly to all sections of the population, who despite the hard and brutal repression have been able to create a continuity through their actions.

Dozens of popular fighters, social activists, women and men, have been jailed, persecuted, disappeared and assassinated, in an attempt to stop the acts of resistance against the repressive neoliberal politics of Fox and Calderon, and attempts to oust Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, the state’s governor and representative of the political clientelism in the country.

A particular target of this campaign of intimidation has been the independent journalists and media. This situation worsened in July after the active mobilization during the Guelaguetza Popular, generated as an expression of Oaxacan creativity and popular struggle. This campaign was designed to silence the social movements and the media outlets that are trying to inform about the reality lived in Oaxaca today.

Read More: The police attack alternative Guelaguetza in Oaxaca | Radio Universidad Reoccupied in the City of Oaxaca

For more information, visit: APPO | Indymedia Oaxaca | Mal de Ojo TV | Nodo de Derechos Humanos | Indymedia Chiapas | Centro de Medios Libres | Narco News | South Notes | El Enemigo Común

The Port of Mar de Plata has been paralised for the last 14 days

Wavey Davey, 31.07.2007 20:33

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The conflict between the port workers and the Valastro group has kept the port of Mar de Plata (Argentina) paralised for the last 10 days. While the workers demand the normalisation of their posts, the local businessmen who control the fishing industry have chosen to ignore the problem and criminalise the protest through the Port authorities. After evasions from the SOIP (Workers Union of the Fishing Industry), the representatives won through and decreed a 48 hour strike. Meanwhile, university students, along with social, political and human rights organizations, declared a mobilisation on Friday (27/07) in solidarity with the fishing workers under the banner "If the port workers win, we all win"

For 15 years over 8000 workers (fileters, packers and labourers) have been exploited by shadey cooperatives legalized by the provincial and national government. The workers do not have guarantied working hours and as they lack union representation they can be fired without notice, often violently if they try to reclaim their rights. Between the owners of the businesses are circulated "black lists" in order to avoid conflicts within the plants and to hush any protests.

For more information visit Indymedia Argentina

Global climate change protests to target world's worst emitters

30.07.2007 16:20

This August thousands of protesters will target the aviation, coal, nuclear, mining and natural gas industries on both sides of the Atlantic during coordinated Camps for Climate Action.

Taking place in London (1), Washington State (2) and North Carolina (3), the camps will bring climate change campaigners together with local communities for a week of education, sustainable living and direct action against the root causes of climate change.

‘Climate change is here, and more and more people are refusing to sit by, waiting for governments to act and watching them fail. The camps are part of a new wave of direct action against the causes of climate change, a global protest movement mobilising in response to this global threat,’ said Jess Lawson from the UK camp.

The location for each camp has been strategically chosen to work in solidarity with surrounding communities already fighting climate-destroying industries.

Aracruz Cellulose criminalizes activists in the Network Alert Against Green Deserts

27.07.2007 02:21

In Brazil, the judiciary power is often used in an attempt to criminalize activists within social movements and their supporters, trying to coerce and restrain them both politically and socially. This is a way for the multinational corporation Aracruz Cellulose to take advantage of it's economic power, by abusing this restrain instrument in an attempt to dismantle those who dare to oppose it's wicked development logic.

The priest Emil Schubert, union leader Luis Alberto, professor Elza and radio broadcaster Ligia Sancio have been targeted by the corporation, which has decided to open a lawsuit against them to demand reparations to the company for moral and physical damage if they do not cease their political protest. This means that Aracruz is trying to stop them, using a judicial measure, from expressing themselves against the irresponsible social and environmental practices of the company.

In October 2005, indigenous Tupinikim and Guarani occupied Aracruz factories in the state of Espírito Santo, after trying every bureaucratic way to claim back their ancient land currently occupied by Aracruz. The activists were present during the action to witness the reaction of the Brazilian State, which has shown itself to be excessively violent against many social movements. In one example of such violent actions, the Federal Police, a couple of months after an indigenous protest in January 2006, destroyed two villages and injured thirteen indigenous people. The police action was condemned by the Organization of American States (OEA) as well as several international groups.

Previous Features: Aracruz uses media and billboards to get local population against indigenous | Aracruz Cellulose is accused of racism by Tupiniquins and Guaranis, Brazilian indigenous of Espírito Santo | Aracruz logs Atlantic Forest revegetation area in Espírito Santo

Newspaper "O Independente (The Independent One)": Interview about Aracruz Celulose with the Newtork Alert Against Green Deserts (in portuguese)

For more information visit Indymedia Brazil

Activist Killed As Nazis Attack Anti-Nuclear Camp In Siberia

22.07.2007 04:33

Ilya Borodaenko

In the early morning of 21st July, neo-nazi skinheads launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on a non-violent anti-nuclear protest camp in Angarsk, Siberia, Russia. The nazis violently attacked activists in their sleeping bags and tents with iron rods, knives and air pressure guns. 21 year old Ilya Borodaenko from Nakhodka suffered a head-fracture during the attack and later died in hospital from his injuries. At least nine others have been reported to be seriously injured, one of which has had both their legs broken. Tents were set on fire and several belongings were stolen.

The camp started last week and is aimed at protesting against a planned centre of uranium enrichment in Angarsk. Ever since the arrival of the activists, the police have tried to intimidate them and have entered the camp in an attempt to gather information about planned actions. The organisation who planned the camp, the 'Ecological Wave of Baikal', had planned various rallies in the surronding area to inform locals about the plans and drum up support for the campaign. [Read More on UK Indymedia]

Photos: The Camp before the attack | And after...
Links: Indymedia Siberia | Russia Indymedia | Ecological Wave of Baikal | Announcement of the Camp
Articles in English: [1] | [2] | [3]
Articles in Russian: [1] | [2] | [3] | Translation-tool

Week of Direct Action in Iceland as Arms-Connections of Aluminium Industry get Exposed

21.07.2007 17:27

The resistance against heavy industry and large dams in Iceland has heated up, and not just because of global warming. The week began with Reykjavik's first Reclaim the Streets on the 14th of July, where a rebel clown army raved in opposition to aluminium. The day after a public meeting was held with the people of Thorlakshöfn (named as a site for two new aluminum smelters) and activists from anti-heavy industry struggles in South Africa and Trinidad. On Wednesday the 18th, Saving Iceland closed the supply road to Century Aluminum's Grundartangi Smelter and the Icelandic Alloys steel factory. On Friday, Reykjavik Energy was targeted and a huge banner was raised accusing the electricity company of supplying energy to war-mongering corporations ALCAN-RioTinto and Century-RUSAL. That morning, the Icelandic consulate in Edinburgh, Scotland was painted red under the slogan 'Iceland Bleeds', and locks were glued.

Much of the aluminium produced goes directly to the war efforts of the US, Russia and others. Aluminium is the single most important bulk metal for modern warfare (1). It is the most important bulk metal for missiles, tanks, fighter planes, and nuclear weapons. It's as if Iceland is organizing a competition which company - ALCOA, Alcan/RioTinto or Century/RUSAL - has committed the most human rights and environmental crimes to decide who to sell energy," says Saving Iceland.

IMC Sverige | IMC UK | Frettir | Videos | Photos

EarthFirst! Defeat NATO in the Netherlands

20.07.2007 06:22

For two years GroenFront! - Dutch & Belgian EarthFirst! - have been fighting with the local community in Schinveld, in the southeast of the country, to preserve a forest that would be destroyed for the sake of the NATO airforce base across the German border. A direct action camp was evicted in January, and 15 acres were destroyed, but 35 acres saved. GroenFront! was preparing to reoccupy the woods awaiting the final outcome of a legal battle between the local council and national government, but now to great surprise, the protestors have been vindicated and the forests are definitely saved from NATO's bloody claws. On July 18th the Dutch highest administrative court ruled that the logging of Schiveld forest is illegal. This means the ministry of defence cannot continue the logging of the forest as requested by NATO, it also means the logging of the first six hectares in January 2006 was illegal. The forest would need to be destroyed to allow AWACS radar planes to lift off with more fuel in order to fly directly to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Indymedia Netherlands | GroenFront!

Police Attack Oaxaca’s Alternative Guelaguetza

17.07.2007 15:04

One Person Confirmed Dead, 62 Detained, Disappearances

On July 16th in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, a confrontation between the APPO (Popular Assembly of The Peoples of Oaxaca) and security forces of the State of Oaxaca as well as Federal Preventive Police has left at least one movement participant dead as a result of police violence, at least 62 detained, and an unknown number of people disappeared.

According to an APPO press statement released the same day, the police launched “a broad offense” against the people of Oaxaca who were celebrating an alternative Guelaguetza. The APPO announced two days previous that it would hold an alternative cultural festival in the main Guelaguetza auditorium, located in the Fortin Mountain outside of the city.

Federal Preventive Police and State police surrounded the perimeter of the Guelaguetza auditorium in order to prevent people from entering the festival. A caravan heading to the festival, tailed by 10,000 people, arrived to the auditorium, and in that moment the police attacked the crowd with tear gas, rocks, sticks, and explosive projectiles. People retreated, and the police advanced, beating and arresting people. Three photographers were reported to have been beaten. Countless others were tossed into the back of police pick up trucks with serious injuries.

Video, Lunes del Cerro, by Mal de Ojo TV: part I | part II

APPO's Press Room | Indymedia Oaxaca | Mal de Ojo TV | Nodo de Derechos Humanos | Indymedia Chiapas | Centro de Medios Libres | Narco News

Injustice in Jena, Louisiana, USA: The &quot;White&quot; Tree

16.07.2007 00:00

In a small, still mostly segregated section of rural Louisiana, an all-white jury heard a series of white witnesses called by a white prosecutor testify in a courtroom overseen by a white judge in a trial of a fight at the local high school where a white student who had been making racial taunts was hit by black students. The fight was the culmination of a series of racial incidents starting when whites responded to black students sitting under the "white" tree at their school by hanging three nooses from the tree. The white jury and white prosecutor and all white supporters of the white victim were all on one side of the courtroom. The black defendant, 17 year old Mychal Bell, and his supporters were on the other. The jury quickly convicted Mychal Bell of two felonies - aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery. Bell, who was a 16 year old sophomore football star at the time he was arrested, faces up to 22 years in prison. Five other black youths await similar trials on attempted second degree murder and conspiracy charges. Mychal Bell is scheduled to be sentenced on July 31st. If he gets the maximum sentence he will not be out of prison until he is nearly 40. Read More

Nooses and White Supremacy (Revolution) | The Jena Six (Democracy Now!) | Looking for Justice (CounterPunch) | Jena Six.... (Indymedia.org) | Video (blip.tv) | Friends of Justice (Support Blog) | Online Petition

Spirit World Greets Corbin Harney

13.07.2007 09:28

Corbin Harney, Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation, crossed over at 11:00 a.m. in the morning of July 10th, in a house on a sacred mountain near Santa Rosa, California (Turtle Island). He dedicated his life to ending nuclear testing and dumping. That battle claimed his life through cancer.

Before he passed, Corbin said to remember:

"We are one people. We cannot separate ourselves now. There are many good things to be done for our people and for the world. It is important to let things be good. And it is important to teach the younger generation so that things are not lost."

Read More | Audio Report | Corbin's Water Song (mp3) | Shundahai Network

Summer of Dissent in Iceland

13.07.2007 07:41

In Iceland a summer of dissent against heavy industry and large dams has begun. In a much disputed master-plan, all the glacial rivers and geothermal potential of the largest wilderness of Europe would be harnessed for aluminium production. Activists from around the world have gathered to protect Europe's largest remaining wilderness and oppose Rio Tinto/ALCAN, ALCOA, Century/RUSAL and other transnational companies.

Icelanders were joined by activists from Africa, South and North America and Europe for an international conference 'Global consequences of heavy industry and large dams' organized by Saving Iceland. "Progress is painted by some as huge projects, large scale development. In all our countries, these have become disasters, socially, ecologically and economically. Progress is a plenitude of small solutions. We should let a thousand flowers bloom," states a declaration from the conference, formulated by consensus by participants.

The conference looked at the effects of large dams on ecosystems, climate and communities, on the role of aluminium in the arms industry and military and on 'green-washing' strategies of large corporations. Activists also recognized the remarkable similarities in corporate strategies between their different countries and continents, on how communities and governments are manipulated and environmental impacts covered up.

Repression of West Papua Activists

12.07.2007 07:20

Eight West Papuan men and women were arrested at a Tribal Congress as West Papuans continue to assert their cause of independence from Indonesia and protest the invasion and colonisation of Papua by Indonesia resulting in the sham "Act of Free Choice in 1969".

U.S Congressman Eni Faleomavega, from American Samoa, was banned by Indonesian Authorities from visiting West Papua and attending the Tribal Congress. In Yogyakarta the Indonesian police, military and local government have teamed up with Islamic militias and hardline nationalist groups to crack down on West Papuan activists. Forty-five student leaders in Yogyakarta have fled their dormitories, left their studies and gone into hiding following statements issued by hardline Islamic and nationalist organisations. (Report - Jakarta IMC (id))

This repression comes after a damning report by Human Rights Watch accusing Indonesian police of endemic abuse and violence in West Papua.

Sydney IMC | Perth IMC | Jakarta IMC
West Papua News | West Papua Information Kit

II Encounter of the Zapatista Peoples with the Peoples of the World

10.07.2007 04:57

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As was announced at the First Encounter of Zapatista Peoples with the Peoples of the World (held in January of this year), the Second Encounter will be held in this month of July. The objective of this encounter is that persons, groups, collectives, and organizations that struggle against neoliberalism, in Mexico and all over the world, hear directly the word of the EZLN’s bases of support on the process of the construction of autonomy in the Zapatista indigenous communities of Chiapas.
For this reason, the EZLN, through its Intergalactic and Sixth Commissions, convokes...

The Second Encounter of Zapatista Peoples with the Peoples of the World.

More information and independent media from this four day Encuentro is available at Chiapas Indymedia, Enlace Zapatista and La Zezta Internazional.

Daily Routine of Violence in the Peripheries of Rio de Janeiro Increase with Pan American Games

04.07.2007 09:01

The Pan American Games began on June 13th in Rio de Janeiro. Since last year a big media show was put together around the event, such as an election to name the mascot of the Games and daily segments on every TV show in Brazil. But quite on the contrary of what has been promoted, the Pan American Games have not brought only parties and sport to the city. The problems regarding the realization of the Pan are countless and they are more connected to the life of the residents of the slums and poor communities of the city than to the delay of the infrastructure works.

The security has been the most important issue, not only for the organizers of the event, but mainly for those who have a long history of suffering from billionaire investments: the slum's residents. Since the beginning of the year, the operations of the Military Police have increased, with the support of the National Security Force that came specially for the Games. An example - not the only one, but the one that has been most publicized by the media, is the case of the German Complex (see photographs I | II | III), where classes on local schools of the area were shut down and more than 20 people already died. On June 27, a police operation executed 19 people in the area, the police had been ordered not to take any prisoners. But on the contrary of what the corporate media has been saying, the police blockades of the area do not intimidate the traffic, but it punishes the communities. Without prisoners or apprehensions of weapons or drugs, so far the only thing achieved were local victims of 'stray bullets'.

Related Article: Police execute 19 people in German Complex and State government approves action - in English and Spanish

Photos: Denounces of the Pan American Games at the G8 in Germany | Police blockades don't intimidate traffic but punishes local communities | Routine of Violence in the German Complex | Daily routine in the German Complex

For more information check out Indymedia Brasil

White Whale forces Military Retreat in US-Australian War Games

29.06.2007 06:50

Migaloo, the white humpback whale, is forcing the USA and Australian military forces to reconsider using the Great Barrier reef for war games. The USA and Australian Defence forces have faced down a civil disobedience peace campaign against their Talisman Sabre War Games, from June 19 to July 2, at Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, only to come up against the white whale!

Hundreds of people protested outside the restricted area near Rockhampton, Queensland, with many attempting to enter the area, several actually succeeding (Video) and evading capture for a number of days. (Audio reports: 1, 2, 3) But still the military exercise continued, although possibly in a slightly subdued form. Now the combined military forces are facing another threat - a very rare and distinctive white humpback whale by the name of Migaloo has been sighted heading towards the exercise area, and the miltary are being forced to back off from endangering this beautiful creature.

Sydney IMC | Peace Convergence | Migaloo website

Presidents Summit and Summit of the People of the South

Ellis (Indymedia Paraguay/US), 28.06.2007 21:30

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On Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th of June, 2007 the President´s Summit will be held in Asunciòn, Paraguay, bringing together the collective group of countries that makes up MERCOSUR. This Summit marks the transition of presidency in the regional group and occurs at the crucial moment when the expansion of countries like Venezuela and Bolivia is taking shape. The Summit works to implement and reinforce an integrational program in South America in a moment when the presidents respond to the social movements and mandates, however, they also plan an appropriately designed integration in the interest of the corporations. On this occasion, the topic of energy is essential, as the leaders of Venezuela and Bolivia are promoting the construction of gas and oil pipelines in the south of the region. Meanwhile, those from Brazil and Argentina are the top producers of biofuel in South America.

On the other hand, at the same time that the Presidents Summit is taking place, also in Asunciòn, is Summit of the People of the South which has come together once again to continue the discussions and dialogues planted in past popular summits. The Summit was founded with the hope of generating an expanded alliance between the social sectors and organizations of the people as well as to elaborate on the discussions of the fixation of sovereignty of the region, all organized by NGO´s, social entities, unions, as well as farmworker´s and indigenous organizations. On Thursday the 28th there will be 7 panels functioning simultaneously covering the topics of discussion, and on Friday the 29th there will be a multitude of culminating marches celebrating the international summit of social movements.

Audio: Radio Sapukái (Listen to the Transmission) | Communiqué in Spanish and in Guaraní

More information: Summit of the People of the South | Communiqué and program in Spanish and English

National High School Mobilization in Santiago, Chile

braulio, 26.06.2007 06:56

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In spite of rain, repression and disinformation on the television channels, there was a call for a national high school mobilization against the General Law of Education (LOCE) and the Law of Youthful Responsibility, in addition to the state-ownership of the municipal colleges and the gratuitous scholastic tariff.

There was a good response in the I, III, V, VII and VIII regions, as well as the Metropolitan Region, where most of the municipalized colleges have mobilized with the taking of establishments and marches from distinct points of the capital, such as the Alameda and Vicuña Mackenna.

Also universities in the capital regions were part to these diverse mobilizations, including the taking of the central house of the University of Chile, University of Valpo, University of Conce and UFSM of Concepción.

Video: Revolución Pinguina 2007

More information and photos: Toma de la Universidad Federico Sta Maria de Concepción - U de Concepción Movilizada - [ 1 ] - Paro Nacional - Funa en la UTEM Vidaurre - Desalojo UFSM de Concepción - Declaración Pública FEUT Arica - Blog estudiantes Movilizados - Paro Nacional Secundario - Paro Nacional desde la periferia - [ 1 ]

&quot;Democratic&quot; Greek police caught on video, torturing detainees

IMC Athens, 18.06.2007 15:23

Greek Police Tortures Migrants

Watch the video on Athens IMC

On the 24th of June 2006, at least four policemen tortured two migrants in the police station of Omonia in central Athens. They forced them to beat each other, beat them both and captured the torturing on a mobile phone camera. For nearly a year, that footage was circulated amongst policemen via mobile phones. On the early hours of the 16th of June 2007 the video was uploaded to a commercial video sharing service and from there, to Athens Indymedia. A few hours later it featured as breaking news in Greece's major media outlets, forcing prime minister Karamanlis to issue a statement condemning the incident.

So far, PM Karamanlis supports Polydoras (his Minister of Public Order) and ignores the increasing amount of voices demanding Polydoras to resign. But why should he? Torturing of civilians in police stations and even inside the police's headquarters, so-called "accidental" shootings, beatings, kidnappings and humiliation of migrants, plots against those who resist the brutality of the greek state: all comprise a concrete reality for the greek police today, with its actions being fully backed by the conservative government.

"We Won't Forget, We Won't Forgive": An ex-detainee's statement | Police response to the publishing of the torturing video on Athens Indymedia | Full coverage on Athens IMC

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