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Squat Cassa das Pombas is evicted and activists are arested

indymedia, 12.10.2007 19:05

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>>>Donations for the legal team, send an email to: casa_das_pombas @ riseup.net

The criminalization of the social movements continue with the activists related with the construction of the Social Center Casa das Pombas, in Brasilia, Brazil

There are ten activists in the jails of the Federal District (DF) of Brasil. The Cultural Center, which worked as a community space among individuals and autonomous groups from Brasilia(DF), existed for over a month already. But, at the beginning of this week, two police raids happened in the squat arresting more than 15 activists, violating many of their rights to defend themselves.

On the evening of Thursday, October 11, they were charged with the crime of formação de quadrilha (forming a group to commit a crime), they were taken to the local jail where they spent the night. Is a public knowledge that the groups who used that space had a critical ideological position on the relation established by capitalism and private property, increasing property speculation, and the power corporations have. The building where the Cultural Center existed belongs to the Banerj Bank, which was recently bought by the gropu Itaú Bank, and was abandoned for more than twelve years, with many accumulated debts of taxes not paid.

Photos of the squat | Photos of the political prisioners

Tens of Thousands of Peasants Currently Mobilizing All Over Colombia

Josh B, 09.10.2007 09:12

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Beginning the 10th of October, rural popular organizations will mobilize in particular places in Colombia. Going from their streets and villages, they aim to arrive in the capitals of their departamentos. They seek to launch a repeal of the anti-popular laws recently approved by the Congress; for example, the ill-fated Rural Statute and the reduction of transfers, that place equally in danger the campesinos and all Colombians.

These groups reject TLC (Tratado de Libre Comercio, or Free Trade Agreements) as well as the state politics of annihilation of the peasant economy and of the indigenous people. Furthermore, they propose to heighten the consciousness of the Colombian people concerning the necessity of demanding the resignation of President Uribe and his Vice-President Santos and to fight for a popular, democratic government.

The answer from the régime regarding the call to mobilization has been a brutal repression ever since the detention of four leaders of the ACVC (Asociación Campesina del Valle del río Cimitarra, or Peasant Association of the Cimitarra River Valley). That was preceded by a campaign of black propaganda against the mobilization and the organizations that motivate it, brought to the most serious level, physical threats and attacks. The low point was reached with the execution of the local communal leader of Miranda (Cauca), Carlos Alberto Urbano, and the assassination of Yovanny Pillimue, of the Association of Coffee Producers of East Caucano, acts which the peasant groups have actively denounced.

Convocatoria | Video Fumigaciones | Violencia Paramilitar en el Norte del Cauca | Intimidaciones en el Magdalena Medio | Detención en el Tolima

International Day of Solidarity Action for Burmese People: Oct 6

27.09.2007 20:11

After decades of brutal dictatorship, the people of Burma are rising up -- and they need help. On September 27, over 100,000 people are on the streets of Rangoon, with more around the country, to demand freedom from military rule. Soldiers are attacking groups of demonstrators, including shooting people in the street.

"Some people made their way to the front of the group and shouted at the soldiers to go ahead and shoot, so they did, but they were warning shots" said a local bystander on Democratic Voice of Burma. However, Burmese security forces fired directly on protesting monks and other demonstrators in Rangoon on Wednesday, reportedly killing five monks and one woman in separate Rangoon clashes, according to unconfirmed reports. On Thursday afternoon, about 10 protesters were shot by security forces trying to disperse tens of thousands of people near Sule Pagoda in Rangoon, witnesses said.

Hourly News and Photos on The Irrawaddy – Independent Burma / South East Asia News | Daily Protest Synopsis | UN Security Council Expresses Concern over Crackdown | FPIF - Monks Versus the Military | Singapore Police Target Local Burmese Demonstrators | EU should boycott Olympics | Free Burma Corporate Boycott 2 | Online Petition Stand with the Burmese Protesters | National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma – exile government | Free Burma 2 | Burma net

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta Declares War

Peter Bloom (Philadelphia IMC), 26.09.2007 21:59

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) a little understood but well equipped group recently declared full-scale war against oil companies and the government if their demands of equitable development and environmental justice are not met. Since that time the MEND has destroyed nearly 25% of Nigeria's oil producing capacity, consequently pushing up gas prices worldwide. MEND Spokesperson Jomo Gbomo sent two recent communiqués to Philadelphia Independent Journalist Peter Bloom declaring "With effect from 12 midnight today, Sunday 23, 2007, we will commence attacks on installations and abduction of expatriates."

Recent Communiqués 1 | 2

Iraq Veterans Against The War Lead March and Civil Disobedience in Washington DC

17.09.2007 16:23

"We Are the Troops! Bring Us Home!"

On September 15th, tens of thousands of people rallied at Lafayette Park in Washington DC, in the United States, and then marched from the White House to the US Capitol to demand an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq. The march and rally were organized by the ANSWER Coalition, Iraq Veterans Against the War and many other organizations with the theme that: "Protesting is not enough. Come for the rally, stay for a week of direct action."

The protest culminated with hundreds of people participating in a "die-in" surrounding the Capitol. More than 193 protestors were individually arrested after crossing a short barrier surrounding the Capitol. Many members of the Iraq Veterans Against the War contingent were arrested, including family members of veterans and active duty soldiers, as well as veterans of the Vietnam War.

The civil disobedience was large enough that the Capitol police tried to stop arresting people and someone in charge yelled that the protestors had made their point. The police at the wall began to push back anyone trying to get arrested, and sprayed chemicals from a small red cannister on two people who tried, and finally succeeded, to get arrested. Capitol Police told the New York Times that arrestees will be charged with "illegally crossing a police line." The rights of protestors were trampled on throughout the day, especially at 67 K Street where the arrestees were being held.

Earlier, a single line on Pennsylvania Avenue of "Gathering of Eagles" and Young Republicans, a majority of whom never served in Iraq, yelled "traitor" at the Iraq Veterans Against the War contingent heading the antiwar march. The Iraq War veterans chanted, "We Are the Troops! Bring us Home!," while marching with flags printed with the names of big war contractors including Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, Blackwater and CACI.

Coverage: Radio Report and Photos Videos [1] | [2] | [3] Photos: [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5]

see also: Anti-war Protest in St Paul, MN | Oklahoma Says "No to Bush's War"

Marathon to Free Magdalena García Durán and Atenco Prisoners

Carolina S., 16.09.2007 01:43

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Magdalena García Durán is a defender of indigenous rights. Like many members of the Other Campaign, she went to Atenco on May 4, 2006, to show her support for the People’s Front for the Defense of the Land (FPDT), the organization under attack for courageously (and successfully) defending their lands against a major airport expropriation and for defending the right of flower vendors to work in Texcoco.

Magdalena is one of the 214 people who were cruelly tortured, raped, and arrested without a warrant by the same police who killed Javier Cortés Santiago and Alexis Benhumea that day.

Of the original number, 28 are still being held in extermination camps––19 in Molino de Flores, 6 in Santiaguito and 3 in the Altiplano maximum security prison, formerly La Palma. Those who are our on bail with charges pending bring the total to 172. Most of them, like Magdalena, are accused of “attacking a highway” and “aggravated kidnapping” although there is no evidence that proves individual responsibility. The charges are generic.

more information: Magdalena García Duran, presa de conciencia. | Pide Amnesty International a Gobierno federal investigar abusos en Atenco

Leonard Peltier: Silence Screams

Carolina, 13.09.2007 19:55

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Leonard Peltier turned 63 years old on September 12, 2007, an international day demanding the immediate, unconditional freedom of this Native American artist, writer, and activist––one of the most widely recognized political prisoners in the world.

Leonard has spent more than 31 years in some of the cruelest prisons in the United States, unjustly condemned to a double life sentence for the shooting death of two FBI agents in 1975. His situation is now aggravated by health problems.

From his cell in the federal prison at Lewisberg, Pennsylvania, he keeps right on struggling for the rights of indigenous people. He’s contributed to the establishment of libraries, schools, scholarships, and battered women’s shelters among many other projects. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and again in 2007.

“My crime’s being an Indian. What’s yours?”

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee | West Philadelphia Demonstration for Leonard Peltier, The Cuban Five, The SF 8, Mumia Abu-Jamal, The MOVE 9, and all political prisoners | Photo Essay

Actions in Auckland against US/NZ Partnership Forum

11.09.2007 23:31

auckland Around 100 people marched down Queen Street in Auckland to protest against the NZ-US Partnership Forum. The forum, which brings together representatives of the two governments as well as from major US and NZ corporations to work on tightening the economic and political links between the two nations, was moved in the last minute from the Auckland Museum to the Hilton Hotel.

The protests had begun earlier in the day with a picket at the road corner by approximately 20 people. The main march started at 12 noon, with protesters taking the street, setting off flares and chanting all the way to the Hilton. Upon arrival at the Forum venue, a stand-off began with the police. Scuffles erupted when the police attempted to allow vehicles to enter and exit the hotel. Three people were arrested and several injured.

Links: Our World Is Not For Sale campaign | Protest Timeline | Our World Is Not For Sale Press Release | Pre-Protest Feature | Pre-Protest police repression | Protest Reports: 1 | 2 Images : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Video : 1

Thousands Protest APEC in Sydney despite Police Intimidation

10.09.2007 03:45

New South Wales Police State Ten thousand people gathered in Sydney on Sept 8 to protest and march against the war in Iraq, US president Bush, climate in-action, and the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum leaders meeting. There was a heavy police presence with many streets barricaded by Police buses and police lining the approved route to Hyde Park North. Despite the heavy police presence and provocation the rally and march was largely peaceful.

Saturdays' protest was a culmination of a week of protests against the 21 heads of State of APEC, which included a student strike on Sept 5, the Bums not Bombs protest, Aboriginal Tent Embassy, solidarity protests in Melbourne, Perth, and Alice Springs near the infamous Pine Gap US base.

See also: Police Violence at a Park Meeting, Rally Numbers, Burning the US Flag, Police remove badges - more Police violence, Media Coverage

Photos: Collage of Rally, Rally photos on Perth IMC
Videos including Speeches 1, Speeches 2, Rally and March, Police at APEC, Water Cannon Inaction

48 hours: 3 blows to the Paraguayan people

Rhodes, 09.09.2007 14:46

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Three decisions emphasize with clarity the empire of the agrobusiness, impunity and the injustice in Paraguay.

In less than 48 hours the national congress rejected a law of regulation of agrotóxicos (chemical substances including herbicides, chemical pesticides, hormones and seasonings), at the same time, the military justice released to an ex- general coup participant and civil justice released to one of the main defendant by the death of 400 people in the fire of the supermarket Ykua Bolaños. All these factors, in the present Paraguayan conjuncture, culminate in the maintenance of the structures of being able dominant, of a corrupt and authoritarian state, imposed by a policy that has already lasted more than 60 years.

Editorial in the site Indymedia Paraguay || Law of plaguicidas is blocked by agricultural exporters in Paraguay || Paraguay: rejection of the social organizations to the visit of Rodriguez and the Inter-American Commission of the Ethanol || OFFICIAL NOTICE: CONAMURI goes to the public opinion - REMIANDU PRAYS || OFFICIAL NOTICE: It is enough already of impunity to the agronegocios

Indymedia Newsreal Needs Your Videos

Indymedia Newsreal, 08.09.2007 02:07

The Indymedia Newsreal is a monthly TV program that has been underway since 2000 and now needs your assistance. Each episode of the show covers actions taken in local communities, by ordinary people, to address critical issues locally and globally. This coverage is undertaken by independent videographers from around the U.S. and the world, who produce and send in segments. An editor then puts together contributed segments every month to create a thirty-minute program.

Newsreal is viewable every month in a variety of ways: via satellite to a potential 11 million subscribers on Free Speech TV, downloadable on the internet at a variety of locations, shown locally at public screenings by subscribers, and shown on various local cable access stations around the United States.

Recent episodes of Newsreal have covered a variety of issues, including anti-war protests, border activism, police brutality, labor struggles, cruelty to animals, the G8, media consolidation, endangered species, and much more, from a variety of communities including Seattle, Berlin, New York, Oaxaca, Arizona, California, Ohio, New Orleans, Portland, and many more.

September 2007 Indymedia Newsreal

Download recent episodes (these .mp4 files are over 100 MB): September | August | July | June | May | April

Climate Change protests start APEC meeting in Sydney

03.09.2007 12:15

Action on Climate Change

Climate Protests in Newcastle and regional Victoria have kicked off the 2007 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum meeting being hosted by conservative Australian Prime Minister John Howard in Sydney 2-9 September 2007, and being attended by USA President George Bush, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Hu Jintao and other Pacific rim leaders. Much of the northern CBD of Sydney including the famed Opera House has been contained by a nine foot high concrete and wire security fence, dubbed unofficially the Great Wall of APEC and signals the rise of military urbanism in Australia.

An initial protest by Greenpeace in the world's biggest coal port of Newcastle has highlighted the Australian Government addiction to the coal lobby which is behind its spoiler role in international negotiations on climate change. A second action in the State of Victoria shut down the Loy Yang Coal Power plant (Video) for 5 hours on Monday as a direct action message to the leaders of APEC to take concrete action on climate change. An Aboriginal Tent Embassy has been established to highlight the genocidal policies of succeeding Australian Governments. Further protests are set to occurr over the next week.

Sydney Indymedia | Climate IMC | Perth Indymedia | Real Action on Climate Change | Greenpeace on APEC

Kenneth Foster Jr's Death Sentence Commuted

30.08.2007 02:35

The state of Texas has commuted the sentence of Kenneth Foster Jr., also known as Haramia KiNassor, whose case has sparked a reckoning across the United States because he has never killed anyone. He was going to be executed because one of the passengers in the car he was driving committed a murder. The best friend of the victim, the confessed killer, Former Bexar County District Attorney, former US president Jimmy Carter, and South African archbishop Desmond Tutu all stepped forward to decry the execution.

The Board of Pardons and Parole was set to respond to the appeal on August 29, but they put off their decision until August 30. Subsequent to their announcement, Foster was moved to Huntsville Prison, where the executions were set to take place. Foster's supporters were unsure how to interpret these events and asked that faxes and phone call continue. Local protests wee planned at prisons in Huntsville and Livingston and at the governor's mansion in Austin.

Foster's execution was scheduled one day shy of a year after the execution of his close friend and comrade Hasan Shakur. Both Shakur and Foster became activists on death row, struggling to uplift the human dignity of those caught in a system that many liken to modern day lynching. Texas recently executed its 400th prisoner since resuming the practice of state-sponsored killing in 1982. Three other executions are scheduled for this week alone.

Read dispatches by onsite reporter Walidah Imarisha: Aug29: 4pm | Aug29: 11pm | Aug30 6pm

Kenneth Foster Jr's Death Sentence Commuted!

Past Indymedia Coverage: Aug23: Sit In | Aug12: Last Appeal Denied | Aug11: New Developments | July30: Organizing for KF | July24: Execution plans highlight Texas use of Law of Parties | July21: Statewide march for KF | July18: Stop the execution of innocent man and death row activist

Related: DRIVE movement | freekenneth.com | savekenneth.blogspot.com | How We Will Protest Our Executions by Kenneth E. Foster and John Joe Amador | 8/22 letter from Rob Will of the DRIVE movement on Foster's Case | Amnesty International Statement in Support of Kenneth | AUDIO: Kenneth's Daughter on Democracy Now | VIDEO: Protest at Gov. Perry's Church to Support Kenneth Foster, Jr. | Deutch: Mitgegangen, mitgehangen? | Francais: Au Texas, Kenneth Foster au bout du couloir de la mort | Italiano: Giovane. Nero. Innocente. Ma deve morire | Espanol: "La muerte en Tejas: El caso de Kenneth Foster, hijo" por Mumia Abu-Jamal | Espanol: Resistencia a la máquina de muerte tejana: Kenneth Foster y John Joe Amador en huelga de hambre

Greece is on fire: Statists, capitalists, murderers!

26.08.2007 22:20

Only a few days after the most recent wave of fires, remaining forests fell prey to yet more of them, once again set by arsonists. The country is heading to a snap election and the government's proclamations of de-commissioning forest areas (thus allowing for building construction to take place) gave a golden opportunity to private capital and its arsonists to burn whole areas down to the last leaf.

This frenzy of burned forests has already left 62 dead, tens injured, missing, homeless; hundreds of thousands of burnt acres of land in the Peloponnese, Western Greece alone. The prefectures of Ilia, Arkadia and Messinia are still being destroyed by the fire. Up to this moment there are many still raging fires in the prefectures of Korinthia, Lakonia and Evoia.

The already extremely limited and hence priceless patches of green of Attica did not escape these "accidental" fires (including the neighborhoods of Cholargos, Papagou and Galatsi). Satellite image by NASA.

For more information, see Athens IMC in English

The lights of Xanica, Oaxaca

Carolina, 24.08.2007 17:43

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The road to Xanica climbs up from Huatulco through a beautiful forest. It’s rough and unpaved, but the driver of our wooden-railed pick-up knows all the ruts and curves, even in the rain. He’s lived there all his life. His name is Isaías.

He talks to the two of us, who were lucky enough to be riding up front, about the woods and the deer and possums and armadillos that live there. Then he says, “See those lights? They’re the lights of Xanica.” On our two-hour ride they look really distant, then closer, then even further away, but there they are, shining clearly through the mist, always visible in this part of the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca. Isaías answers our questions and tells about the state of siege in his town.

Only later did I learn that he’s one of eight people from Xanica with warrants out for his arrest.

Earthquake in Peru: informations and call for help

Julie Faveur, 23.08.2007 12:58

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Following a flying visit to Chincha, one of the regions most affected by the earthquake, we decided to share our impressions about what we saw there at the end of this week.

The earthquake mainly contributed to unveil crucial underlying problems such as poverty, exclusion, injustice and inequality. In that sense, there is nothing natural about natural disasters, but naturally, they always affect poor people more drastically than wealthy ones and the state always favours the interests of the latter rather than those of the former. Just the fact that there exists poor and rich people in itself seems completely artificial, but who else can we blame but ourselves. If the earthquake can be accused of being the cause of today's state of emergency, poverty still remains the true culprit behind the present catastrophe. Promoting "solidarity" by distributing a few basic products until the situation gets better is like giving a plaster to someone with tuberculosis after he's broken his leg: his bones might heal but it won't stop him dying from tuberculosis. Read more

A few photos of Chincha

Undocumented immigrants hunger-strike in Lille, France

Lille Indymedia, 21.08.2007 23:33

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During the end of April and the beginning of June, the Comité des Sans-Papiers 59 (CSP59 : "Undocumented Immigrants Committee of Nord" (french department number 59)) organized a campaign to make visible their fight for regularization. They occupied several key-sites (Law faculty, House of business rulers, etc.), being systematically and violently evicted by the police.

Summary of the events, visual and audio documents

On June 16, during their last occupation the police arrested 60 undocumented immigrants and put them in retention camp.

On this day they decided to go on hunger-strike to demand a collective regularization. Since then, the police have been constantly harassing them: arresting them in the hospitals (13/7), massive eviction and arrest at the Union house (1/8), bullying in the police stations and in the retention camp, refusals of the right to be admitted to hospitals, deportation to several neighboring cities and several others far away in France (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Rennes, Calais, Paris).

Last week, the police violently deported seven of them to Conakry via Morocco. And 22/8 in the morning, the police arrested 42 refugees which were not in hospitals. They were put in the retention camp near Lille and Paris.

Historical record of the hunger-strike | radio program special about the hunger strike

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

UK Camp for Climate Action Targets Aviation Industry

imc-uk-features, 19.08.2007 06:10

Between 14 and 21 August, climate activists are meeting for the 2007 Camp for Climate Action, next to London's international Heathrow airport, UK. The weak and limited injunction sought by BAA, the company that runs Heathrow, was unable to deter the gathering.

Actions so far have included the occupation of Carmel Agrexco, XL Airways, the Department of Transport, and Heathrow's World Freight Centre. Local workers at Nippon Express Cargo have also called a strike which was supported by Climate Camp activists. Solidarity actions have been launched at a number of local airports throughout the UK, including Bristol, Biggin Hill and Farnborough.

More mass actions are expected on Sunday and Monday. Besides the protests, the Climate Camp aims to be an example of a low-impact living with hot showers run by solar panels, a grey water recycling system and compost toilets. Indymedia UK reports on the latest news about the Climate Camp and have setup up a field IMC on site, powered by wind generators and solar arrays.

Check the up-to-the-minute Indymedia UK Ticker (also by SMS, mobile or phone on 0207 043 3783).

Related U.S. Climate Convergences: West Coast Convergence for Climate Action | Southeast Convergence for Climate Action | Protesters Lockdown at PacifiCorp, Demanding Energy Justice | 5 arrested protesting Bank of America’s investments in coal and climate change

Bush, Harper and Calderon meeting in Montebello, Quebec - Scrap the SPP!

14.08.2007 23:19

From August 20-21, 2007, George Bush (President of the USA), Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada) and Felipe Calderon (President of Mexico) will be in Montebello, Quebec, just 90 minutes from Montreal.

They are meeting at the Chateau Montebello, as part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), also known as the "Three Amigos," Summit. They claim to be talking about security and prosperity, but many critics are calling the SPP “NAFTA on steroids”.

The People’s Global Action Bloc (PGA-Bloc) is a coalition of various anti-capitalist groups from Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver who will be organizing actions in Montebello and across Canada from August 19-21 to show their resistance to the SPP.

related links: Schedule of Events | PGA-Bloc | PGA Bloc, Ottawa | Stop the SPP Coalition, Ottawa | Block the Empire Montreal | People’s Global Action | IMC Montebello | CKUT community radio, Montreal | Centre des Medias Alternatives du Quebec

Activists Protest Occupation of Tibet on Great Wall of China

08.08.2007 04:44

Free Tibet Protest Marks Beijing Countdown at the Great Wall

Six Tibet independence activists from the UK, US, and Canada were detained after rappelling from the top of the Great Wall of China with a 450 square foot protest banner reading "One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 2008" in English and Chinese. The dramatic action took place on the eve of the one-year countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Chinese authorities removed the activists after two hours; their current whereabouts are unknown.

"The Chinese government is exploiting the Olympics to gain acceptance as a world leader. By protesting at the Great Wall, the most recognizable symbol of Chinese nationhood, we’re sending a clear message that China’s dream of international leadership cannot be realized as long as it continues its brutal occupation of Tibet," said Tenzin Dorjee, Deputy Director of Students for a Free Tibet. "We’re appealing to the international community to shine the light of scrutiny on China in the coming year," added Dorjee. "The Olympic dream of Tibetans is freedom by August 2008, and we call on the IOC and the global community to help us make this a reality." [Read more at SF Bay Area IMC] [UK Indymedia Report][Photos (Flikr) | Video (Youtube)]

Sydney IMC: Australian Film Crew questioned by Chinese Military in Tibet
Amnesty International: The Olympics countdown – one year left to fulfil human rights promises
Human Rights Watch: China and Tibet

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