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MOVE 9 Parole Hearings Set For April

10.03.2008 12:38

Almost 30 years after the Aug. 8, 1978 confrontation in Philadelphia, the eight remaining "MOVE 9" prisoners are now eligible for parole (see Philadelphia Inquirer and Metro articles). In early April, they will be interviewed by the Parole Board. With the hearings just weeks away, MOVE is asking for support by contacting the Parole Board and signing the online petition (already signed by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky) . A new video series features interviews with MOVE members Ramona Africa (the sole adult survivor of the May 13, 1985 police bombing of MOVE headquarters) and Mike Africa Jr. (the son of MOVE 9 prisoners Debbie and Mike Sr.).

In a recent interview, veteran Philadelphia journalist Linn Washington Jr. cites his sources in the police department who told him that Officer James Ramp was actually shot by police gunfire, and not MOVE. Hear the short audio clips: Was Officer Ramp Killed By Police Gunfire?; The Illegal Destruction of MOVE's House; Manipulation of Evidence and Media Bias; Ed Rendell and Prison Guard Violence Against MOVE; Unfair Parole Stipulations; and May 13, 1985.

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Photo: At Philadelphia demonstration supporting MOVE, protester holds famous photo of Delbert Africa after emerging from MOVE's house on Aug. 8, 1978. A split-second after this photo was taken, Delbert was viciously beaten by police on live television.

What’s Wrong with the 2010 Olympics?

08.03.2008 08:01

The Secwepemc have never ceded their lands to Canada or to anyone else. They have consistently affirmed their right to live as they always have, by hunting and fishing to sustain their communities. Development has slowly been eroding this way of life. Despite their recognized right to their ancestral lands, Canadian courts have sided with the province and developers in destroying their habitat as well as the habitats of many wild animals. The concerns of the First Nation peoples are not new. Naomi Klein wrote a 2003 piece for the Guardwarian entitled, “The Olympics Land Grab,” in which she described the repressive measures used by the Canadian government to enforce its presumed right to overrun native lands.

Vancouver, British Columbia (Coast Salish Territories) has been chosen for the site of the 2010 Olympic Games. To many, British Columbia seems like a great locations, with its rugged coastline, mountain ranges, pristine wilderness, and temperate rain forests. Indeed, many peaks in the Canadian Rockies are permanently snow-capped, so skiers can indulge themselves year-round.

no2010.com | 1st Issue of The Nor 'Easter, Quarterly of the Northeast Anarchist Network | BAAM's 7th Monthly Newsletter: Free!

Sea Shepherd Activists Injured As Japanese Military Open Fire

UK Indymedia, 07.03.2008 19:08

Japanese Coast Guard Throwing Grenades

A clash between the crew of the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin, who is in the Southern Ocean to fight the ongoing Japanese whaling sloughter near the Antarctic, turned violent when the Japanese Coast Guard began to throw flash grenades at its crew. Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd ship was struck by a bullet in the chest. Fortunately, the bullet was stopped by his Kevlar vest.

Other injuries were sustained by crewmembers Australian Ashley Dunn and Ralph Lowe. Dunn suffered a hip injury as he tried to get out of the way of the exploding grenades. Lowe received bruises to his back when one of the flash grenades exploded behind him. Japan is denying that any bullets have been fired, saying "warning devices" were thrown after their ship was attacked. According to the Japanese foreign ministry their coastguard on board on of the whaling ships had thrown a "baseball-sized device, which exploded near the activists' ship emitting a loud noise". However, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has posted a video on their website, clearly showing devices being thrown from the whaling ship exploding and a bullet being recovered from Paul Watson's jacket.

Video: Of the incident, made by the Sea Shepherd

On the newswire: Japanese Officials Caught Lying on Firearm Use against Sea Shepherd | Sea Shepherd: Japanese Scramble to Spin Shooting Story | Japanese Open Fire on Sea Shepherd Crew: Three Injured | Japanese Whaling Fleet Confronted By Sea Shepherd | Sea Shepherd Aussie Crew Prepared to Be Taken as Prisoners to Japan | Interview With Nottingham Activist In Southern Ocean On Board Sea Shepherd Ship | Sea Shepherd Receives Message From the Australian Government | Sea Shepherd Finds Japanese Whaling Fleet: They Are On the Run Again

Previous feature articles: Activists Held Hostage By Japanese Whalers In Southern Ocean | Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel

Links: Sea Shepherd Convervation Society | Wikipedia on Japanese Whaling

PUERTO RICO: Teachers' Assembly Agrees to Begin Strike

Toby Bartels, 07.03.2008 05:53

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- CMI-Puerto Rico

It has already been more than five days since the teachers' strike began. In this week we have been present at more than 10 arrests, two manifestations of force and more of a 80% of our schools remain paralysed.

See more (Spanish)

Photo reports- Outside Agents Invade the Picket Lines | The Strike for Education Begins | Support the Strike | The Second Day of the Strike is Successful | Alert!!! It is Most Looked for to Break the Strike in Mayagüez | The Massive March for Dignity | The Federation of Teachers is not alone. Picket Report from AAV | Conversatory: The Teacher's Strike an Example of Resistance

Videos- Police abuse tries to squash the teachers' fight (FMPR) | First week of the Teachers' Strike (FMPR) | Videos of the Strike | Video of the Teachers' March | Picket of the FMPR before the Labour Commission

Comunications- Attorneys of the Extended Front call Toledo a charlatan | Extended Front denounces media manipulation | Socialist Front denounces Aragunde's threats | Attorneys of the Extended Front consider disparate expressions from Aragunde | Extended Front denounces "carpeteo" in the Strike | The arrests are acts of terrorism by the government | Federation of Teachers makes a call to AAV

Apoyo Internacional- The FMPR receives aid from NYC | Everyone to the street in defence of the teachers' struggle! | International aid to the FMPR | A case of union colonialism: AFL-CIO and Change to Win vs. the FMPR | A Case of Labor Colonialism: AFL-CIO and Change to Win vs. the FMPR (English)

Además- Call to solidarity and note over legal representation | Strike-Breaking Contract | Open Letter to Parents and Students | Police Abuse in the Gabriela Mistral | Why should you unite with the Teachers' Strike? | Call to solidarity with the teachers | The Alphabet and las Donas | Call to unity | The strike process as school | The Strike-Breaker | Charla with Aníbal | Letter to Supervisory Interlocutors Facing a Strike | MINH between hypocrisy and falsehoods | Only days into the teachers' strike: MINH goes overboard | Teachers in the future, solidarisers in the present - Student League | Teachers: Open letter to our companions | The government and the capitalists against the teachers | Through the window… | Puerto-Rican Teachers: Universal Declaration | The teachers' strike represents the interests of the students

Related Information- Picket in Solidarity with the Suspended Teachers | Utuado on their Feet for the Fight! | The Federation of Teachers on their Feet for the Fight! | Tell me with whom you wand...The sad case of Aida Díaz | Do not buy El Nuevo Día | Assembly of Parents en Utuado rejects proposal from Aragunde

Israel keeps its promise of a 'Holocaust' in Gaza

imc-uk-features, 05.03.2008 23:33

After months of inhuman siege and daily attacks, Israel last week mounted a massive offensive against the Gaza Strip, which has claimed the lives of over 100 Palestinians, including many civilians and children. Israeli officials had threatened the Palestinians with "a holocaust" if home-made rockets fired at nearby Israeli towns did not stop. As the aggression continues, so do solidarity protests throughout the world.

Links: International Middle East Media Centre | Palestine News Network | Electronic Intifada | End Gaza Siege | Indymedia UK's Palestine topic page

Free Henry Okah of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta!

01.03.2008 16:09

Since September 3rd, 2007, Henry Okah, a respected youth leader and so called “silent player” in the Niger Delta struggle was arrested in Angola on his way back to Nigeria from South Africa. The Angolan government, likely at the behest of the Nigerian government and the multi-national oil companies operating in Nigeria, detained Mr. Okah and his fellow traveler (Capt. Edward Atatah), under dubious pretexts. These included the possession of “incriminating literature”, gunrunning and the sponsoring of a coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea. Due to the absurdity of the manufactured cases, the charges were eventually thrown out of Angolan court.

After 5 grueling months in Angolan prison, where the two were beaten and denied access to counsel, it is believed that the prisoners were secretly and illegally extradited to Nigeria on February 14th, 2008. At current their exact whereabouts are unknown. Recent attempts by legal counsel to locate Mr. Okah and company have been repudiated by the Nigerian government, and the worst is feared. In a February 29th, 2008 communiqué, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) calls on the Nigerian Bar Association and the International Community to intervene and compel the backward Nigerian government to respect the rule of law. The group has repeatedly threatened reprisals against government, military and oil installations if proof of life for Mr. Okah is not made available. Lawyers representing the two men will file a contempt suit at the Federal High court in Abuja against the Nigerian government.

Henry Okah's brother has made available the attached letters that were smuggled out of Angolan jail before Okah and Atatah’s illegal deportation to Nigeria. Letter from Henry Okah | Letter from Capt. Edward Atatah

Past Reporting on MEND: Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta Declares War

Wikileaks censored by US Court

imc-uk-features, 24.02.2008 23:18

Transparency website Wikileaks has been muzzled with a legal injunction by a US court following the publication of leaked documents about a Swiss bank implicated in alleged money laundering. The anonymous whistleblower site, devoted to battle against corruption and censorship, published several hundred documents from a Swiss banking whistleblower purportedly showing that Bank Julius Baer and its Cayman Islands subsidiary had been involved in offshore tax evasion and money laundering by extremely wealthy and, in some cases, politically sensitive clients from the US, Europe, China and Peru. Rather than ordering the removal of specific documents, however, the San Francisco District Court ordered Wikileak's DNS registrar, Dynadot, to remove all DNS hosting records for the wikileaks.org domain name and prevent it from resolving to the wikileaks.org website or any other website or server other than a blank park page. There have also been reports of attempts to lock down the site through Denial of Service attacks and threats to its DNS record.

From the imc-uk newswire: US judge arranges summary execution of Wikileaks.org | US Court order shuts down Wikileaks.org | US court attacks web freedom, enjoins Wikileaks.org out of existence | Wikileaks and Internet Censorship: a comparative study | Full correspondence between Wikileaks and Bank Julius Baer | Reports elsewhere: Indybay | Indymedia Ireland | About Wikileaks

PA Supreme Court rejects Mumia Abu-Jamal’s PCRA appeal — critics say ruling is unjust

23.02.2008 17:22

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, in a ruling unrelated to the pending US Third Circuit Court decision, The PA Supreme Court rejected Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appeal of a 2005 ruling, which had rejected his PCRA petition on grounds that it was not “timely” (see AP and Philadelphia Inquirer reports). Pam Africa, Robert R. Bryan, Dave Lindorff, Michael Schiffmann, and Linn Washington Jr. responded on Tuesday, saying the ruling was unjust.

This ruling now cuts off one more avenue of appeal for Abu-Jamal, which makes the pending federal ruling even more crucial. While planning "day after" demonstrations following the federal ruling that is expected any time, lead organizer Pam Africa criticized the corporate media and urged supporters to fight media bias by helping to publicize the new photo evidence and internet videos presenting the evidence.

Hundreds Walking From Alcatraz to D.C. in the &quot;Second Longest Walk&quot;

17.02.2008 18:29

On February 11, 2008, more than two hundred participants of the Longest Walk 2 embarked on a five-month journey on foot from San Francisco. They plan on arriving arriving in Washington, D.C. on July 11, 2008. Native American tribal leaders, religious groups, environmentalists, teachers, students, and people from throughout the world are joining the walk with its "peaceful and spiritual call to action to protect Mother Earth and defend human rights."
Audio: Native Americans Begin the Longest Walk 2

A rally and press conference was held at the University of California Berkeley, to commence the Longest Walk 2. Photos at the Tree Sit

Nottingham Hosts UK Indymedia Gathering

Notts Indymedia Features, 16.02.2008 21:38

On February 9th and 10th, Nottingham hosted a national gathering of the UK Indymedia network, bringing together around 40 people from as far afield as Scotland and Bristol.

A whole host of issues were discussed, such as the future of Indymedia, developments on the startpage and calendar, and aspects of moderating the site. A range of viewpoints on the role of Indymedia were expressed, and a number of proposals to take the project forward will be implemented as a result of the gathering.

Audio: Interviews At UK Indymedia Network Meeting

Articles: Notts Indymedia Launches Radio Show | Where Do We Go From Here? | Indymedia contributor comments on alternative media and Schnews gathering | Mexican Indymedia Activist Speaks In Nottingham | Introducing IMC-UK-PHOTO

Documentation: UkNetworkMeeting2008 | UK Indymedia startpage changes (2008)

Solidarity wins, for now

02.02.2008 22:55

Last week the city of Patras lived through some unprecedented events, some events that could potentially change dramatically the relationship between the local society and the city's huge wave of recent migrants. Newly-formed Indymedia Patras reports:

In the past few years, thousands of migrants (primarily of Afghani and Kurdish origin) amass at the gates of the port of Patras in the hope of clinging on the back of one of the lorries boarding the vessels to Italy (brief history). In a most dramatic depiction of fortress-Europe, the migrants are constantly faced with unbearable living conditions in shanty town-type settlements, humiliation and prosecution by the "welcoming" authorities of the city.

On the weekend of January 19th/20th the migrants were handed an unsigned "final warning" by the local authorities, asking them to leave their settlement. A day later, the settlement was surrounded by the police. Solidarity demonstrations in the next few days did not deter the authorities from knocking down part of the settlement on January 23 (photographs from the settlement on the day). Yet no-one could have predicted what was to follow. On Thursday, 29th of January, in an unprecedented move, the vast majority of the settlement's residents (over 1,000) joined in the solidarity demonstration and demanded their rights to dignity and asylum (full report and photos from the demonstration | more photos). The demonstration took the authorities by surprise and local mass media report that in its light, the knocking down of the remainder of the settlement is to be postponed. For now, solidarity has won in the city of Patras.

Pip Starr - Australian Video Activist and Filmmaker

01.02.2008 00:48

Pip Starr, activist documentary filmmaker Pip Starr, documentary maker, video activist and great companion, passed away on Tuesday the 22nd of January 2008. Pip had worked closely within the Australian activism community for 10 years as an independent journalist, reporter, and film maker who documented anti-nuclear, climate change, globalisation, indigenous and many other social justice movements in Australia and the Pacific, working with Indymedia, Friends of the Earth and Community Television such as Ska TV and Bent TV.

His seminal video activism on climate change brought the plight of the Carteret Islanders, who are suffering the devastation of rising sea levels caused by global warming, to world attention with his video, photos and activist reporting, such as in this September 2006 report on Carterets to be Evacuated.

Read More : Sydney IMC Obituary | Pip Starr Pictures
Videos by Pip: on Engagemedia.org, Youtube
Interview: Pip Starr on Beyond TV (UK - December 2007)

Director of Obscure Police Agency Assassinated in Oaxaca City

31.01.2008 03:16

In the morning of January 30th, Alejandro Barrita Ortiz, director of the Auxiliary, Industrial, Banking and Commercial Police, was assassinated in Oaxaca City at “El Tequio” sports park near the international airport. Two versions of the assassination have surfaced, one which claims the assassins used a 380 and 9mm handguns, and another which claims AK-47s were the weapons of choice. The second version further states that the assassins fled the scene in a red pickup and a black Dodge Stratus.

Unofficial reports have surfaced indicating that a phone call was made to the local emergency services hotline by someone claiming to represent the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR), and that the caller clarified there were “two more left to go”. Barrita, director of the obscure police agency, had been identified as a key player in police operations during and immediately after the 2006 Oaxacan popular uprising. He was accused of illegal detentions of activists, as well as coordinating extra judicial operations against the popular social movement.

At the very least, his assassination represents serious ideological provocation against members of the peaceful popular social movement of the Oaxacan People’s Popular Assembly (APPO). Police operations are underway throughout the city, and the military has cordoned off the area of the assassination.

WSF Global Day of Action: “Act Locally, Think Globally”

28.01.2008 23:52

WSF Global Day of Action: “Act Locally, Think Globally” The Global Day of Action called by the World Social Forum this past January 26, 2008, was carried out successfully in every continent with as many as 900 simultaneous actions proposed as an alliance of movements against neo-liberal globalisation, war, patriarchy, racism, colonialism, and environmental disasters.

That same weekend, mobilizations across the world erupted to protest the blockade of Gaza and in support of human rights and the end of occupation for Palestinians. In the United States , protests were held in a number of cities and towns calling on Israel to end the imprisonment of 1.5 million Palestinians inside Gaza. Among those who participated in the various rallies were Palestinian-Americans, human rights activists, Jewish supporters of Palestinian rights and many others.

Following a central idea of “act locally, think globally,” the WSF global network gives visibility to struggles around the world and an ever-growing web of people who believe in making another world possible. From New Orleans to Kenya, from Pakistan to Colombia, from Greenland to Australia, people all over the world participated in the Global Day of Action as a representation of their daily successes in building alternatives to a corporate-centric world.

Indymedia Coverage: Wereld Sociaal Forum ook in Brussel from Belgium Indymedia | World Social Forum Global Day of Action: Bay Area Residents Demand Justice in New Orleans! from Indybay.org | WSF Global Day of Action: People Mobilize Locally and Globally for a Better World from Boston Indymedia | FSM26 de enero from Colombia Indymedia | Pós em Juventude promove debate no Dia de Mobilização e Ação Global from CMI Brasil | Global Day of Action - An Opportunity to Localise a Global Movement from Ireland Indymedia.

TERRAVIVA COVERAGE: Global Day of Action including India, Mumbai, Montreal, Atlanta, Santiago, Beirut, Davos, Rome, Nairobi, and more.

VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Ciranda offered server space for video upload and streaming, as well as photos and radio.

WORLD SOCIAL FORUM: Visit the main WSF web site for a listing of actions posted for the Global Day of Action 2008.

Budryk Miners appeal for support!

23.01.2008 21:01

Budryk coal miners have been on strike since 17 December 2007 and appeal for your help. The miners are fighting for equal pay with other miners. Miners in Poland have for a long time been legally recognised as doing work "which is significantly harmful to one's health or onerous" (pl) (many miners die in accidents or die young due to the long term health effects of mining). They are compensated for this (with early retirement etc.), in line with the participatory economics (parecon) principle of "remuneration according to effort and sacrifice". Because the miners' situation is in opposition to the official TINA (There Is No Alternative) economic ideology, successive post-communist governments have been doing their best to crush the miners.

In this case, the Budryk miners' state-owned mine is going to be merged with a larger state-owned group, JSW (pl), one of the largest coal producers in Europe. Despite the fact that the Budryk workers are extremely efficient, they found out their salaries would be up to 200 euros less per month than their colleagues at JSW.

The Board at Budryk announced on New Year's Day that it sent a letter to the state security agency and the prosecutor's office about the strikers. They claim that the strikers are causing financial losses for the state treasury and have committed "crimes" during the strike.

As of Sun 20.01.2008, 150 Budryk miners are continuing their strike 700 metres below ground level and 22 of them are hunger striking at 1000 metres below ground level.

Please show your solidarity with the striking miners by sending a solidarity letter.

Lo que Mumia Abu-Jamal nunca aprendió

Carolina, 20.01.2008 06:24

En vísperas de la proyección del documental En Prisión Mi Vida Entera en el Festival Sundance, la batalla por la vida y libertad de Mumia Abu-Jamal se intensifica en los medios de comunicación y en las calles de ciudades lejanas mientras él espera un fallo crítico de un tribunal federal y prepara para publicar su sexto libro desde el corredor de la muerte. Mediactivistas difunden evidencia fotográfica que refuta el caso contra él.

La vida al borde de la muerte de Mumia Abu-Jamal sigue siendo una amenaza para el Estado que pretende ejecutarlo y un reto para el movimiento que busca su libertad. Ahora se espera un fallo crítico en el caso de este preso político injustamente condenado a muerte por el asesinato del policía Daniel Faulkner el 9 de diciembre de 1981.

¡26 años tras las rejas y casi 25 en el corredor de la muerte! ¡26 años de no poder tocar a sus seres queridos! ¡26 años desafiando los esfuerzos de las autoridades a castigar, intimidar, aislar y humillarlo! ¡26 años! ¡Una vida entera para muchos jóvenes que lo apoyan hoy día! De ahí, el título del nuevo documental In Prison My Whole Life (En prisión mi vida entera), en el cual el joven William Francome, nacido la noche del asesinato de Faulkner y del encarcelamiento de Mumia, habla con Ramona África, Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Pam Africa, Robert Bryan, Amy Goodman, Mos Def, Snoop Dog, Steve Earle, y otras personas sobre el caso, su apoyo por Mumia Abu-Jamal y su oposición a la pena de muerte. Después de su estreno en Londres y Roma en octubre, el documental se presentará por la primera vez en Estados Unidos en el Festival Sundance el 20-25 de enero.

After 95 days of hunger strike, Mapuche political prisoner is hospitalized

João X.M.Santos, 20.01.2008 00:08

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In an operation that began at 5:00 today [January 15], using a helicopter and coordinated by the police, Patricia Troncoso Robles, a political prisoner in hunger strike since October 10th 2007, is being transferred to a hospital. Patricia, condemned by the Antiterrorist Law, has spent five years in prison and will spend other five to serve her 10-year term, due to the irregular judgment of the case "Poluco Pidenco". After undergoing a cardiac decompensation, Patricia Troncoso was transferred to Chillán Hospital. This was also done with an intention of dispersion, trying to isolate the political prisoner from those who show solidarity to her.

Although the Government continues to insist that she does not present risk of death, doctors do not discard a transfer to a well equiped center that fulfills the requirements of the case.

We insist on maintaining our solidarity, and we demand the actual government to stop sending the tycoons messages that torture the Mapuche people and, as the family of Patricia Troncoso said, we ask "doctor" Michelle Bachelet Jeria to keep her oath to save lives or instead to leave her profession.

Numerous were the calls to solve the situations of the political prisoners and of the Mapuche community, made both by diverse sectors of the civil society and by international organisms. These calls have not been considered by the regime of Bachelet.

The stubborness of the Chilean president has rendered her the title of "the new Iron Lady", in a clear reference to Margaret Tatcher, an admirer of Pinochet who tried to isolate, criminalize, put in jail, and subjugate the population of Northern Ireland, causing an outbreak in the country's conflict that caused many deaths, and only ended after a peace accord signed between the new authorities and the independentist movements.

+info (in Spanish): Traslado | Criminalizacion del Movimiento || Acciones Mundo: Argentina | Grecia | Bélgica || Videos: Traslado | Matías Catrileo | Protesta por Asesinato de Joven Mapuche | Acciones solidarios | Entrevista a Padre de Patricia Troncoso || Poesía: Décimas para Matías Catrileo

Activists held Hostage for Two Days by Whalers in Whale Sanctuary

18.01.2008 05:26

During the early hours of January 15th, two crew members of the Sea Shepherd vessel, 'Steve Irwin', were taken hostage by the Japanese harpoon vessel 'Yushin Maru No. 2', which is now nominally owned by the Japanese government through the "Institute for Cetecean Research" (ICR). The incident occurred in the area of 60 Degrees South and 78 Degrees East about 2500 miles southwest of Fremantle, Western Australia and 2800 miles southeast of Cape Town, South Africa. Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane boarded the vessel to deliver a letter to the Japanese captain stating that the whalers were in violation of international conservation law by targeting endangered species in an established whale sanctuary and in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling. They also notified the captain that Australia had just passed a court ruling barring Japanese whalers from the Australian Antarctic Economic Exclusion Zone.

The hostages were released from the Yushin Maru No. 2 and transfered to the Australian Customs vessel Oceanic Viking on January 17th. The two men were then transferred to the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin where they resumed chasing the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Oceans. Both men reported that although they were roughed up when they first boarded the whaling ship, that they were treated well during their time onboard. The only injury was a bruised wrist suffered by Giles Lane.

“Although we appreciate the concern that people have expressed for our welfare, it is important to remember that this is not about us.” said Giles Lane. “It’s about stopping this cruel and illegal whale hunt. The treatment that we received was trivial in comparison to the suffering that the whales experience at the hands of the Japanese whalers. They may have been rough with us but at least we were not harpooned, electrocuted and mutilated. This is not about us, it’s about the whales.”

Sudanese Journalist Tortured While Hundreds of Protesters are Arrested Demanding Guantanamo Prison Shut-down

16.01.2008 03:56

January 11 -- As thousands from around the world were about to take to the streets to call for the shut-down of Guantanamo, for the reinstatement of Habeas Corpus, the US constitution and international covenants for the treatment of prisoners of war, I spoke with and interpreted Mr. A'asim El-Haj, the brother of Sami El-Haj (the Al-Jazeera camera-man held in Gitmo), who describes here what happened to his brother… Full Report with Audio by Ryme Katkhouda of DC Radio Coop

Pictured: Protesters block Market Street in San Francisco

More Coverage: Protesting Torture in Front of the CIA from DC-IMC | Candlelight March to Shut Down Guantanamo from Indybay | CodePINK Says Close Gitmo! from LA IMC | Banners Mark Six Years of Guantanamo Prison Camp from Colorado IMC | Trampled Beneath Bush’s Policy of 'Endless War' from Philly IMC | Activists Disrupt Supreme Court Demanding Trials for Guantanamo Detainees from Richmond IMC | “We Will Not Stand Idly By:” Vigil Marks Guantanamo Day of Awareness and Action from New Orleans IMC

Related: From Chile to Guantanamo: A Survivor of Torture Speaks Up from Boston IMC

Update from Kenyan Post-Election Crisis: Ten Things You Can Do

04.01.2008 01:34

Five days ago, on the 27th of December, I stood in a queue for six hours - from 5.30 AM to 11.30 AM, waiting for my turn to cast a vote in my country Kenya’s presidential, parliamentary and civic elections. When the votes were counted later that night, Raila Odinga, the opposition leader, began taking a near-unassailable lead. At one point, he led with almost one million votes. But somehow, Mwai Kibaki the incumbent president squeezed through a disputed victory. I can live with that. What I can’t live with, is that in the last three days, more than 200 Kenyans have lost their lives because of this disputed election results. Read full dispatch by John Bwakali

Listen to John's Audio Report for Free Speech Radio News

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