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Building resistanc to ICE

Yolanda Alaniz, 16.07.2019 23:26

Public Speak Out
Saturday, July 27, 3:00pm doors open, 3:30 program starts
Solidarity Hall, 2122 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90018

Can Liberalism and Socialism Co-Exist? A Lesson from the New Liberals

Jack Makari, 16.07.2019 17:04

Word Count: 1366
ABSTRACT: This article was written based off a year and a half worth of research and synthesis that culminated in an award-winning senior history thesis from Brown University. Over the course of that effort, I sought for the very foundation of what being a liberal truly means. The focus on which drew me to the New Liberals, who represent an important yet often forgotten chapter in Liberalism’s modern history. A reaction to the hyper-individualism of Bentham and Mill, the New Liberals offer a powerful insight into how Liberalism has evolved so as to invoke meaningful change. Today, they offer powerful lessons for the progressive left and those anxious over the change they profess.

Numbers Crushing Working People

Bruce T. Boccardy, 14.07.2019 17:44

This is a report on the misrepresentation by the corporate media aided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in distributing basic economic numbers.

Solidarity with the Three from the park bench

anonymous, 14.07.2019 11:53

During the night of 8 July 2019, three of our friends and comrades were arrested and after that several apartments were searched.

Volver de entre los muertos no te hace un muerto viviente, Zombie

Martha Stilon, 12.07.2019 19:58

¿Qué es la muerte? ¿Cómo cobra vida la mecánica? Porque, en realidad un cuerpo es bastante mecánico, pero si se deja solo no se mueve.

Sex Trafficking, Terrorizing Children is an Aberrated way of having Pleasure

Olga Fajardo, 12.07.2019 18:17

Aberrated men so cowardly, so chicken, so scared that the only way they can have sexual satisfaction is through terrorizing children; by buying human beings who cannot defend themselves. And then abusing them with intimidation or physical violence.

The sanitation hygiene in Brazil, São Paulo

ANDEZ NIZE, 10.07.2019 21:22

Street people denounce guards for removing their blankets: "They are aggressive"
The neglect of the Tucana City Hall with the poorest, and in particular, the abandoned ones living on the streets of the city reflects not only their view of the world but above all their class consciousness.

Deputy Consul Guangzhou

anonymous, 08.07.2019 02:20

The police in Shenzhen refused to allow me a phone call to a lawyer; and illegally extended my stay in the temporary detention facility beyond the statutory limit of two weeks for foreigners. This is a major problem because the facilities are severely overcrowded and they do NOT have an infirmary, which constitutes torture on its own merit. I am also physically disabled and I informed them of that.

Marijuana: Who Needs a Human Race?

Martha Stilson, 07.07.2019 15:21

Social Engineering , Mind Control and Medical Marijuana. First, just common sense, but breathing any smoke is bad for your lungs.


ΨΙΝΑ ΙΩΑΝΝΑ, 06.07.2019 17:57

Μπάμπης ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΣ ΚΟΚΛΑΣ Κόκλας ΝΑΡΚΕΜΠΟΡΑΣ . ... Charalampos Koklas ... στο 40ο Γυμνάσιο Αθήνας, στην Γκράβα. Είμαι Πρόεδρος της Γ΄ΕΛΜΕ Αθήνας και της Αθλητικής Ένωσης Γκράβας ΠΑΙΔΟΦΙΛΩΝ ΒΙΑΣΤΩΝ ΠΑΙΔΙΩΝ
Charalampos Koklas | Facebook


ΔΟΚΟΥ ΜΑΡΙΑ, 06.07.2019 17:56

Μπάμπης ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΣ ΚΟΚΛΑΣ Κόκλας ΝΑΡΚΕΜΠΟΡΑΣ . ... Charalampos Koklas ... στο 40ο Γυμνάσιο Αθήνας, στην Γκράβα. Είμαι Πρόεδρος της Γ΄ΕΛΜΕ Αθήνας και της Αθλητικής Ένωσης Γκράβας ΠΑΙΔΟΦΙΛΩΝ ΒΙΑΣΤΩΝ ΠΑΙΔΙΩΝ
Charalampos Koklas | Facebook


ΔΟΚΟΥ ΜΑΡΙΑ, 06.07.2019 17:54

Μπάμπης Κόκλας ΝΑΡΚΕΜΠΟΡΑΣ . ... Charalampos Koklas ... στο 40ο Γυμνάσιο Αθήνας, στην Γκράβα. Είμαι Πρόεδρος της Γ΄ΕΛΜΕ Αθήνας και της Αθλητικής Ένωσης Γκράβας ΠΑΙΔΟΦΙΛΩΝ ΒΙΑΣΤΩΝ ΠΑΙΔΙΩΝ
Charalampos Koklas | Facebook


ΨΙΝΑ ΙΩΑΝΝΑ, 06.07.2019 17:52

Μπάμπης Κόκλας ΝΑΡΚΕΜΠΟΡΑΣ . ... Charalampos Koklas ... στο 40ο Γυμνάσιο Αθήνας, στην Γκράβα. Είμαι Πρόεδρος της Γ΄ΕΛΜΕ Αθήνας και της Αθλητικής Ένωσης Γκράβας ΠΑΙΔΟΦΙΛΩΝ ΒΙΑΣΤΩΝ ΠΑΙΔΙΩΝ
Charalampos Koklas | Facebook




ΔΟΚΟΥ ΜΑΡΙΑ, 06.07.2019 17:50

Μπάμπης Κόκλας ΝΑΡΚΕΜΠΟΡΑΣ . ... Charalampos Koklas ... στο 40ο Γυμνάσιο Αθήνας, στην Γκράβα. Είμαι Πρόεδρος της Γ΄ΕΛΜΕ Αθήνας και της Αθλητικής Ένωσης Γκράβας ΠΑΙΔΟΦΙΛΩΝ ΒΙΑΣΤΩΝ ΠΑΙΔΙΩΝ
Charalampos Koklas | Facebook

The United States Fights the Unemployment Crisis with New Jobs.

Olga Fajardo, 06.07.2019 14:50

The month of June 2019 reported statistics showing that more than 220,000 new jobs have been generated! This is good news!

The Tampa Bay Volunteer Ministers giving away help!

Olga Fajardo, 05.07.2019 21:33

Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tampa did great at the Big Top in our big yellow tent!

Estados Unidos combate la crisis del desempleo, nuevos trabajos.

Olga Fajardo, 05.07.2019 18:31

El mes de junio 2019 reportaron las estadísticas donde se han generado más de 220.000 nuevos empleos, son buenas noticias.

Community clean-up Tampa

Martha Stilson, 01.07.2019 00:21

The Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology of Tampa

Are children disposable?

Martha Stilson, 30.06.2019 15:18

In todays world we have sentiment towards the infant, the toddler, and even the unborn.
And in our society we seem ready to throw away youth at the age of 18. When we look to the care of children without parents,
what then are our emotions? What is our analytical viewpoint of care?

¿Los niños son desechables?

Martha Stilson, 30.06.2019 15:02

En el mundo de hoy tenemos sentimientos hacia un bebé, un niño pequeño y hasta él no ha nacido. Y en nuestra sociedad parece que estamos dispuestos a tirar fuera de casa a los jóvenes a la edad de 18 años. Cuando nos ocupamos del cuidado de niños sin padres, ¿cuáles son entonces nuestras emociones? ¿cuál es nuestro punto de vista analítico sobre cuidarlos?

Conferencia en el día internacional del abuso de drogas y el tráfico de personas fue organizada por la Iglesia de Scientology de Tampa.

Olga Fajardo, 30.06.2019 14:15

Miércoles 26, la Iglesia de Scientology de Tampa recibió a más de 50 personas que se reunieron y participaron en este evento para obtener las últimas noticias sobre todas las actividades de prevención y educación a las personas sobre los hechos y la verdad sobre las drogas.

Democratic debate fights with economic powers and conflicting positions

Olga Fajardo, 30.06.2019 14:03

Questions, conflicting positions, hot topics and topics that will never be mentioned in the public light, neither by one party nor by another, because it is a knife for the throat. We can sit down and try to debate, accuse and explain issues as long as the pockets of powerful economic interests won’t be touch.

Conference for International Day Against Drug abuse and Trafficking was Hosted by the Church of Scientology of Tampa

Olga Fajardo, 30.06.2019 13:45

Wednesday, June 26, the Church of Scientology of Tampa Hosted more than 50 people who gathered to get the latest news on the actions to prevent drug abuse and to keep people informed about the facts and truth about Drugs.

Επώνυμη καταγγελία για δηλητηριασμό από την Ελ. Αστυνομία

Μιχαήλ-Ρωμανός Παπαλάμπρος, 29.06.2019 05:41

Η Ελληνική Αστυνομία μου έβαλε δηλητήριο για να με σκοτώσει.

La Iglesia de Scientology de Tampa se unió a los Ministros Voluntarios de Florida para realizar el primer Festival del Día del Niño en Clearwater.

Martha Stilson, 14.06.2019 21:39

8 de junio de 2019 ¡unimos a la comunidad y a jugar! Organizado por los Ministros Voluntarios de Scientology del área de Tampa Bay, cinco organizaciones no lucrativas se reunieron para tener un verano familiar estadounidense, con música y juegos, magia y pintacaritas.

In these days of division and disharmony the Chuch of Scientology of Tampa joined Volunteer Ministers of Florida sponsored the first ever Children's Day Festival in Clearwater:

Stilson Martha, 14.06.2019 21:02

8 June 2019 we played! Hosted by the Tampa Bay area Scientology Volunteer Ministers, five more non-profits gathered to have a classic American family summer part, with music and games, magic and face painting. There was a crowd of 302 people, almost all children.

Almas gemelas; ¿Vale la pena?

Martha Stilson, 14.06.2019 19:43

Algunas personas tocan tu alma más directamente que otras. Los afortunados tienen estas conexiones en abundancia.

Children and Citizens of Florida USA Labeled as Dangerous.

Olga Fajardo, 14.06.2019 17:55

The Florida Mental Health Act, commonly known as the Baker Act. It’s description allows for involuntary psychiatric examination.

World Environment Day 2019

Martha Stilson, 13.06.2019 14:06

The Way to Happiness Foundation invited the City of Tampa and The Sustany Foundation to educate Tampa Bay residents in the causes and handling for everyday waste and pollution to mark World Environment Day.

Personas de Buena Voluntad

Olga Fajardo, 13.06.2019 14:02

Fue llamado a actuar públicamente en un asunto de Derechos Humanos

Despair can take you to Total Inaction

Olga Fajardo, 09.06.2019 14:13

Dream is completely vanished to enter total and complete darkness, despair has arrived.

La Desesperanza puede llevarte a la inmovilidad total

Olga Fajardo, 08.06.2019 13:17

Se desvanece por completo ese sueño anhelado para entrar en total y completa oscuridad, ha llegado la desesperanza.

Ordenado por Dios para amar, creamos la guerra: ¿por qué?

Olga Fajardolga Fajardo, 01.06.2019 14:18

Un gran humanitario, L. Ronald Hubbard, lo expresó de esta manera: "La tolerancia religiosa no significa que no podamos expresar nuestras creencias. Sí significa que tratar de minar o atacar la fe y las creencias de otro siempre ha sido el camino más corto para las dificultades."


Alexis Adarfio Marín, 31.05.2019 04:03

Estamos luchando por la liberación de la Piedra Kueka, una gran piedra de Jaspe que unos alemanes le robaron a los indigenas Pemon de la Gran Sabana Venezolana.


Alexis Adarfio Marín, 31.05.2019 03:36

Luchando por la repatriación de la Piedra Kueka, la gran piedra de Jaspe que los alemanes le robaron a los indígenas Pemon de la Gran Sabana venezolana

Los Fantasma de Ybor City en Tampa van a la TV

Olga Fajardo, 24.05.2019 21:39

Ybor City centro histórico de la cuidad de Tampa una de las atracciones de este casco histórico son los tours de Casas Embrujadas.

Tampa Bay la temporada de huracanes está aquí

Martha Stilson, 17.05.2019 21:46

El Océano Atlántico ya es cálido a lo largo de la costa de Florida. El verano está aquí y con él el comienzo de la temporada de huracanes.

The Women of Alabama

Lloyd Hart, 16.05.2019 18:08

The KKK wet dream going on in Alabama can be traced back to the arrest and conviction of Governor Donald Eugene Siegelman in a corrupt twist of law led by the White House in 2003. The usual suspects were involved from the Bush administration including Carl Rove. Alabama's KKKers wanted to repeat in Alabama what Bush and Rove had pulled off nationally and in the state of Texas.

Pipeline-Baustelle besetzt – Protest gegen Erdgas in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Verstopfen, 16.05.2019 05:03

Eine Gruppe von Aktivist*innen besetzt seit 5:35 Uhr eine Gaspipeline bei Wrangelsburg
(Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), um deren Bau zu verzögern und auf Klimaschäden durch Erdgas
aufmerksam zu machen. Es befinden sich Personen in den Rohren und auf dem Baugelände. Die
Bauarbeiten mussten angehalten werden

Social Media is Hurting College Students Mental Wellness

Aliya Conway, 14.05.2019 21:27

Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are affecting more and more college students due to the daily use of social media. These social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter pressure college students to constantly post and showcase their everyday lives. Being consumed by this pressure to post on social media is making many college students more depressed and lonely.

Portland Metrozine Debuts Online- Global literary journal anchors in Portland, OR

Joseph Corrado, publisher Portland Metrozine, 09.05.2019 19:59

PMLogo-2019-JKC3.jpg (Portland, OR, May 2019) The Portland Metrozine has published its first online issue: Spring 2019 ( ). This literary zine aims to showcase the work of writers, artists, and deep thinkers in a global creative community.

Call for participation - OurMedia 12 - Brussels

OurMedia, 09.05.2019 13:00

OurMedia/NuestrosMedios is a network of scholars and activists discussing and promoting more democratic media.

After the last massive shootings

Olga Fajardo, 04.05.2019 12:00

After the last massive shootings, Florida returned to the Wild West by LAW

Students’ Health Endangered by Sonoma State University Administration

Diane Cruz, 02.05.2019 22:15

It was irresponsible that SSU administrators failed to warn students about contaminated water as a result of a broken well pump.

Support Rojava, Fuck Erdoğan

NⒶme not found, 27.04.2019 09:18

Am Abend des 25.04.2019 überklebten besonders freche Aktivist*innen die Stationsschilder der Berliner U-Bahn Station Bayerischer Platz. Statt dem Namen der Station steht auf den Schildern nun „Support Rojava“ und statt der entsprechenden Fahrtrichtung „Fuck Erdogan“. Somit wird der kapitalistische Alltag der Passant*innen, der Weg zur Arbeit, zum Shoppen, zum Jobcenter unterbrochen um auf das Schicksal der Menschen in der autonomen Region Rojava aufmerksam zu machen. Warum?

There are many forms of Non-violent activism that do not get utilized as much as they should

Jose Cervantes, 24.04.2019 20:07

This article is about nonviolent activism and the different ways we can promote our cause. You will read about other forms of nonviolent activism that you might not have known about.

Give Nonviolence A Chance

Lauren Trettin, 24.04.2019 04:58

This article discusses some things that can help you help the world become a less violent place.

Criminal Russian officials hide crimes of the gang who killed my daughter

Margarita, 22.04.2019 19:24

Russia is a country where you can safely kill non-Russians ...
In 2012, in Moscow, they killed their daughter and took shelter
For 7 years, I can not prove anything
All Russia hides the crime of supporting the bandits
because it’s not a Russian killed ..


Fernando Rendón, 22.04.2019 18:22

1.720 poetas de 170 países demandan de los líderes del mundo paz, libertad, justicia y respeto a los derechos humanos en una Tierra sin muros ni opresión, a través de una Campaña adelantada por el Movimiento Poético Mundial durante marzo y abril de 2019. El documento ha sido suscrito por el Comité Coordinador del Movimiento de los poetas del mundo, que integran entre otros el norteamericano Jack Hirchman, el griego Dino Siotis, el turco Ataol Behramoglu, el chino Jidi Majia, la hindú Rati Saxena, el ruso Vadim Teresim y el colombiano Fernando Rendón, y por otros destacados poetas de cinco continentes, entre ellos: Nguyen Quang Thieu (Vietnam), Paul Muldoon (Irlanda), Tahar Bekri (Túnez), Ghassan Zaqtan (Palestina), K. Satchidanandhan (India), Jan Erik Vold (Noruega), Chris Abani (Nigeria), Lorna Shaughnessy (Irlanda del Norte), Ashur Etwebi (Libia), Tulasi Diwala (Nepal), Gustavo Pereira (República Bolivariana de Venezuela), Quincy Troupe (Estados Unidos), Claudio Willer (Brasil) y C. K. Stead (Nueva Zelanda). La Carta Abierta busca disminuir las tensiones en un tiempo turbulento y hostil a la vida, pleno de conflictos militares y civiles y peligro nuclear, de altas cifras de miseria y de elevado riesgo para la supervivencia humana, además, por el proceso de fractura en la naturaleza.

Eigenes Potenzial

J.-P.B., 22.04.2019 11:29

Ich glaube daran, dass jeder "Gedanke", ein "Gefühl" auslöst, und so zu einer "Aktion" führt."

..Aktionen ...wie Taten, Glaube, Meinungen, Eindrücke,
..Gedanken ...wie Sätze, Wörter, Mimik? Sinne?
..Gefühle ...wie Angst, Schuld, Liebe, Ärger, Freude, Glück.

zum Beispiel:

Er schreibt: Mehr sollte dich nicht interessieren

U.S. Opioid Epidemic is of Our Own Making

Spenser Rey, 20.04.2019 18:07

The opioid epidemic had to start somewhere and unlike the crack epidemic in years past, we cannot so easily criminalize the victims of this unfortunate situation. The current focus is on help and that these people are sick, so we must look into who put those opioids in their hands in the first place--drug companies.

Unkenrufe von der Klassenfront

Antifa Kritik & Klassenkampf, 15.04.2019 11:58

Vor kurzem haben einige Linke zu einer kritischen Beteiligung bei den Wiesbadener „Gelbwesten“ aufgerufen. Dass deutsche „Gelbwesten“ bislang vor allem deutsch sind und mit einer „sozialen Bewegung“ nicht viel gemein haben, kritisiert die Antifa Kritik & Klassenkampf in ihrem Gastbeitrag.

Push is on to approve Adani coalmine before federal elections

By Margaret Gleeson at GreenLeft Weekly, 30.03.2019 06:58

Adani has launched another public relations’ offensive in a bid to secure its last approvals before it can start work on its Carmichael coalmine in central Queensland before the federal election in May and the right-of-centre coalition government is keen to help it along.

Life as hell for refugees in Germany also not the worst!!

Erica, 27.03.2019 10:49

Hello, this is Erica. I am a political activist and had to leave my country because of political persecution. I have been living in Rauchhaus for about two years, more or less. First I was a guest, at times when I didn’t have papers or money or anything else, a friend of mine helped me to get a room there. After that I applied for asylum. The first court decision denied me asylum in Germany, but I appealed. My case is still pending and the outcome is unsure. I started to be part of the community in Rauchhaus and did Vokü/ Küfa(cooking food) to support my self as well. But since I started to be part of the community, some people from the house started to show hate, I don’t know for what reason, then some of these people started to make things difficult so I can’t support my self anymore and then I stopped doing Vokü/ Küfa. I tried to make an open mike project, but many German people in the house refused it, because I wrote a text that tells everything that happens in the refugees’ camps. I specifically wrote about how these camps are ex-military places/ -prisons/ -mental hospitals/ and easily can be ex-

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