Human Rights: Belgian activist is dying in prison

Karl Zéro, famous French journalist for BFM – TV, interviewed, on June 10, 2009, Serge Garde, reporter and writer of the book 'Book of shame - the pedocriminal networks', about the detention circumstances of the Belgian anti-child-porn activist Marcel Vervloesem in Bruges prison. Belgium is seated along with the US in the VN-Human Rights Council...

Brussels, 16.6.2009

The activist of the Morkhoven Group, Marcel Vervloesem who is in a quasi final stage, has been refusing his medication and medical treatment for over a month, and continues to vomit blood. Professor Giorgio Gagliardi, medical doctor, psychologist, former mayor of his town, and expert for Italian and Portuguese tribunals, has visited him on June 15 in Bruges prison and made a medico-psychological expertise.

The Belgian minister of Justice, Stefaan De Clerck, has informed Marcel Vervloesem’s lawyer months ago by letter that he would order an investigation from the ‘Central Commission of Supervision within prisons’ onto his inhuman detention conditions. Nothing further was heard or seen of the minister’s investigation. It simply was not done.

Minister De Clerck and various members of his cabinet received several mails and letters regarding this situation, but have not answered. The minister has not reacted since his first, and maybe last 'answer' of April 30, 2009, not even to an open letter delivered to his cabinet. He has received a registered letter of the Morkhoven Group’s president on June 6, 2009, in which he was asked to find a solution for the Vervloesem case in emergency.

Serge Garde, who has written a book about the child pornography case Zandvoort, “The Book of shame - child porn ring”, wanted to interview the Belgian minister of Justice, for a 90 minute television report about the case. One of Minister De Clerk’s spokesperson, Lieselot Bleyenberg, answered in a Flemish slang: “Sir, we do not communicate about Mister Vervloesem”.

Minister De Clerck, who wishes to buy a part of the Tilburg prison in Holland, to deport hundreds Belgian prisoners, has pleaded at the Dutch government that the Belgian prisons are overpopulated. He all the same maintains a person as sick as Marcel Vervloesem, to die in prison. He covers his website of ‘fair an human justice’ and 'Masterplan 2008-2012 for with ‘human prison structures and conditions’, but his real ‘reform policy’ clearly do not match his words.

The Ministry for Justice has been requested for years to ensure Marcel Vervloesem to be judged on a full dossier, but in vain. Minister De Clerck continues the policy of his predecessors. He refuses to answer on the investigation request regarding the child pornography case Zandvoort shown by Marcel Vervloesem, on the disappearance of Marcel Vervloesem’s court files exempting pieces from the office of Turnhout’s Public Prosecutor or the disappearance of child pornography cd-roms of Zandvoort file from the Court of Appeal in Antwerp.

The question is raised on whether the minister is under pressure of Belgian magistrates, who are mainly controlled by the Christian-Democrat party. The same situation occurred in the Fortis affair, where judges complained of pressures, in short to cover-up the sale of a major Belgian bank for peanuts.

The Belgian reality sounds unreal, especially for a Christian-Democrat constitutional state, at the heart of Europe.

The Flemish Christian-Democrats, who has been politically dominant for decades, have carried on dominating the political power, even when they where not part of the government. They win the voters’ hearts by sweet-talk and hypocritical statements on Christian and democratic values since the creation of Belgium, in 1830, but keeping their promises is the least of their worry. The Flemish Christian-Democrat Party is actually more of an economical and financial lobby, at the Belgian and European level, in which corruption is widespread.


Here’s a list of emergency admittances and operations of Marcel Vervloesem

1) malicious cancer - St H. Hart Lier - 2 times
2) kidneys - 5 times - Sint Elisabeth Herentals
3) pancreas - 2 times - 1x in H Hart Lier, 1x in UIA Antwerp
4) intensive care pancreatitis 2 - H. Hart Lier - Sint Elisabeth Herentals
5) intensive care pancreatitis 1 - UIA ziekenhuis Antwerp
6) intensive surgery, Fabiola hospital Sambre Ville - St Elisabeth Herentals - 11 times
7) blockage of the kidneys - Gasthuisberg hospital Leuven - 2 times
8) disfunctions of the heart, operations AZ Imelda Hospital Bonheiden - 3 times
9) intensive care, diabetic blockage - H. Hartziekenhuis Lier - 4 times
10) kidney blockage - H. Hartziekenhuis Lier - once
11) heart operation - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - once
12) kidney dialysis - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - 5 times
13) internal bleeding - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - once
14) operation - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - once
15) surgical placement of kidney dialysis tubes - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - once
16) intensive emergency care, cardiography - Sint Elisabeth Turnhout - once
17) intensive emergency care, leucemia - Sint Elisabeth Turnhout - once
18) intensieve emergency care, insuline coma - Sint Elisabeth Ziekenhuis Herentals - once
19) heart operation - AZ Sint-Jan Brugge
20) Since May 14, 2009 he should again urgently have been admitted to the AZ Sint Jan Brugge, because of new heart problems due to a lack of medication and inadequate treatment, however exactly 1 day before he would be admitted, the director of prison came with a negative report wherein was stated that, amongst other things, his requests had been denied…


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Do not hesitate to send Marcel Vervloesem a postcard, as it will releif him to know that his life was not shortened in vain:
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The Belgian minister of External Affairs Karel De Gucht, met the American State- Secretary Hillary Clinton in March 2009. Belgium is seated along with the US in the VN-Human Rights Council after De Gucht said he was prepared, along with other European countries, to ‘take on’ Guantanamo-prisoners.

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