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Hillsborough COAD

Martha Stilon, 16.08.2019 19:36

On 14 August 2019 Hillsborough County formed a New Coalition to address Disaster Response

Chaos and despair is a business that gives a lot of money

Olga Fajardo, 16.08.2019 18:04

Do you think you live in a dangerous environment?
Missiles being launched into heaven just to prove the power of a nation, threats to withdraw from a peace treaty to conduct nuclear tests, five mass shootings (massacres) in two weeks as part of internal terrorism, as part of a legislative sabotage for disadvantages or political advantages. Just to give rise to creating new laws on arms control and involuntary arrest of the "mentally ill."

Salud Mental impuesta por el gobierno te matará. Estados Unidos

Martha Stilon, 16.08.2019 17:15

"Vienen a llevarte lejos…" En las últimas décadas se han hecho algunos progresos en este campo, pero ahora los partidarios de la “Institucionalización Involuntaria” están en lugares de poder, o en los hombros de los mismos.

Los ministros voluntarios de Scientology agudizan sus habilidades capacitándose en RCP (reanimación cardiopulmonar)

Glendy Goodsell, 16.08.2019 14:37

El sábado 3 de agosto, los Ministros Voluntarios de Scientology organizaron una clase de RCP para 30 madres en el centro de Clearwater. La clase fue impartida por Jason Haynor, un bombero a tiempo completo y entrenador certificado de RCP, para que las madres supieran qué hacer en caso de una emergencia en el hogar.

Caos y desesperación es un negocio que da mucho dinero

Olga Fajardo, 16.08.2019 14:17

¿Crees que vives en un entorno peligroso?
Misiles siendo lanzados al cielo solo para probar el poder de una nación, amenazas de retirarse de un tratado de paz para hacer pruebas nucleares, cinco tiroteos masivos (masacres) en dos semanas como parte de terrorismo interno, como parte de un sabotaje legislativo para desventajas o ventajas políticas.

Being Ready for Disaster Response: FL VOAD meeting of 17 August 2019

Martha Stilon, 09.08.2019 19:55

On Wednesday 17 August 2019, the Florida Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters met in Naples, Florida to continue their job of coordinating and unifying the disaster response community. This will create faster response time and groups that can operate together smoothly, without the delay of a "courtship" period.

Terrorism made in America

Olga Fajardo, 09.08.2019 18:42

Terrorism redefined and orchestrated in the most "American" style, "Mass Shooting" or as is the real name; Massacre, a term borrowed from French; “butcher”. A tough level that goes beyond the imagination of a good Machiavellian cocktail of leaders and presidents who have massacred entire nations.

Terror manso en Estados Unidos

Martha Stilon, 09.08.2019 18:25

En una civilización que afirma valorar la vida y la familia, habla de los valores familiares como parte de los requisitos necesarios para obtener un cargo público a través de elecciones, hacemos un trabajo pésimo en orden de ayudar a los niños. Estoy hablando de los Estados Unidos.

Terrorismo hecho en América (Estados Unidos)

Olga Fajardo, 09.08.2019 15:53

Terrorismo redefinido y orquestrado al más puro estilo “Americano”, “Mass Shooting” tiroteos masivos, o como es su nombre real: Masacre, termino prestado del francés; carnicería.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Study Technology in Tampa Bay

Glendy Dooley, 07.08.2019 20:49

On Saturday, July 27th, the Volunteer Ministers held their weekly English as a second language class with the Technology of study, delivered workshop with the help of volunteers who did one-on-one non-English peaking people with pronunciation

La Presión Pública Decapitó a un Gobernador de Puerto Rico

Olga Fajardo, 07.08.2019 20:47

Dar por sentado la opinión publica es una error básico y serio para cualquiera y en la política. Si trabajas en un puesto donde las Relaciones Publicas son las que mandan, te puede costar tu puesto de trabajo y ha pasado muchas veces.

Governor of Puerto Rico Decapitated by Public Pressure

Olga Fajardo, 07.08.2019 20:45

Taking public opinion for granted is a basic and serious mistake for anyone and especially in politics. If you work in a position where Public Relations professionals are the ones in charge, it can cost you your job.

Discurso presidencial en Estados Unidos. Libertad religiosa o libertad Política…

Martha Stilson, 07.08.2019 20:42

¿Puede la libertad religiosa coexistir con la libertad política en nuestro clima actual?

Speech; Religious Freedom or Political Freedom

Martha Stilson, 07.08.2019 20:40

Can religious freedom coexist with political freedom in our current climate?

Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tampa World Humanitarian Day event

Glendy Goodsell, 07.08.2019 19:15

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, August 6, 2019 Scientology Volunteer Ministers of
Tampa will hold a free public event on August 20th at the Church of
Scientology Tampa in Ybor Square to recognize World Humanitarian Day.

The Situation In Tibet

freetibet, 04.08.2019 12:49

A brief introduction to some of the issues in Tibet

Donación de Sangre Ministros Voluntarios de Tampa salvando más de 1500 vidas para Blood Drive

Judy Fagerman, 26.07.2019 20:13

Se han recogido más de 500 pintas de sangre, salvando más de 1500 vidas.

Bericht über die Pro Choice Demo und anschließende Aktionen anlässlich des christlich-fundamentalistischen „1000 Kreuze Marsches“ in Salzburg

Pro Choice Gruppe Salzburg, 26.07.2019 19:00

Am Donnerstag den 25. Juli 2019 fanden in Salzburg vielseitige Proteste gegen den von HLI und Euro Pro Life veranstalteten sogenannten „1000 Kreuze Marsch“ statt, bei dem christlich fundamentalistische AbtreibungsgegnerInnen gegen das Recht auf Selbstbestimmung und einen freien Zugang zu Schwangerschaftsabbruch weiße Holzkreuze durch die Stadt tragen.

El sexo sin fe te lleva a las lágrimas y destruye vidas

Martha Stilon, 19.07.2019 23:18

¿Cuál es realmente, el problema con la falta de fe?

The Fight of the Millennium: “Mental Health", the hidden threat.

Olga Fajardo, 19.07.2019 20:43

Along with actual news and events, the most mentioned phrases in the any media whether printed press, TV, radio or social media, the news of that is trending, that is Hashtag (#), fashionable, in Vogue and in the mouths of many prominent personalities and important people is: "Mental Health".

La pelea del Milenio, “Salud Mental” secreto oculto

Olga Fajardo, 19.07.2019 18:12

¿Qué significa toda esta propaganda? ¿Qué hay de tras de todo este movimiento de marketing y promoción “Salud Mental”?

Defend and Protect Academic Whistleblowers

Ann L. Berrios, 18.07.2019 18:16

My husband reported scientific fraud and unknowingly sacrificed his career, reputation and marketability. The person who committed the fraud received full free of charge protection. He is still gainfully employed while my husband lost his job and all hope for a new job. He died this past winter as a result of the stress caused by fighting for his career and his family.

Building resistanc to ICE

Yolanda Alaniz, 16.07.2019 23:26

Public Speak Out
Saturday, July 27, 3:00pm doors open, 3:30 program starts
Solidarity Hall, 2122 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90018

Can Liberalism and Socialism Co-Exist? A Lesson from the New Liberals

Jack Makari, 16.07.2019 17:04

Word Count: 1366
ABSTRACT: This article was written based off a year and a half worth of research and synthesis that culminated in an award-winning senior history thesis from Brown University. Over the course of that effort, I sought for the very foundation of what being a liberal truly means. The focus on which drew me to the New Liberals, who represent an important yet often forgotten chapter in Liberalism’s modern history. A reaction to the hyper-individualism of Bentham and Mill, the New Liberals offer a powerful insight into how Liberalism has evolved so as to invoke meaningful change. Today, they offer powerful lessons for the progressive left and those anxious over the change they profess.

Numbers Crushing Working People

Bruce T. Boccardy, 14.07.2019 17:44

This is a report on the misrepresentation by the corporate media aided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in distributing basic economic numbers.

Solidarity with the Three from the park bench

anonymous, 14.07.2019 11:53

During the night of 8 July 2019, three of our friends and comrades were arrested and after that several apartments were searched.

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